October 27, 2023

New Jersey Eatery Introduces a DIY Bloody Mary Experience!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan

Image credit - @tapandbitters

Brunch enthusiasts, rejoice! Tap & Bitters, a trendy hotspot nestled in the heart of Warren, NJ, is elevating the traditional brunch affair with a game-changing culinary innovation – the 'DIY Bloody Mary Cart.' Gone are the mundane mornings of pre-mixed concoctions, as patrons bask in the thrill of engineering their bespoke Bloody Mary creations, infusing a dash of dazzle into their weekend rendezvous!

Brace yourselves as this quintessential brunch sanctuary, renowned for its homage to the vibrant New Orleans spirit, serves up an interactive spectacle. Imagine a bar cart replete with an arsenal of garnishes, spices, and all the trimmings, maneuvering its way to your table. It's a symphony of clinking glasses as brunch-goers are handed the reins to their cocktail destiny, embellishing their beverages with an array of accouterments from spicy Cajun shrimp and crispy bacon to the classic olives and celery.

Co-owner and seasoned restaurateur, Rafi Hasid, said to Forbes, "The Bloody Mary cart is a guest favorite. Everyone loves to customize their creations with all the different toppings. There’s no brunch in New Orleans without a Bloody Mary, and as a restaurant inspired by the Big Easy, we knew we had to find a fun way to bring that to New Jersey."

So, here's to spicing up those laid-back weekends – whether you're amidst the vivacious buzz of Tap & Bitters or clinking glasses in your cozy abode. Cheers to a Bloody Mary masterpiece that's as unique as your brunch tales!

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