November 19, 2023

Millennial Madness: Why One Woman's War on Brunch is Stirring Up Social Storms

We delve into the reasons why one woman's boycott of brunch is causing a stir, juxtaposing the bustling joy of social brunches with the serene appeal of quiet weekends at home.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan

In a shocking turn of events, Laura Brodnik, a self-proclaimed brunch defector, has caused a stir in her social circles and beyond with a bold proclamation: she's boycotting brunch! This seemingly innocuous meal, a staple of weekend socializing for millennials, has become the battleground for a lifestyle rebellion that's splitting opinion.

Brodnik's Anti-Brunch Stance

Brodnik's reasons for her anti-brunch stance are layered. It's not the food or the company she's avoiding, but rather the time slot brunch occupies in her weekends. As an entertainment editor with a hectic schedule and a challenging daily routine, her sleep patterns and personal time are precious. The early brunch hours, typically ranging from 7am to 12pm, encroach on her much-needed rest and relaxation. For Brodnik, brunch symbolizes a fast-paced lifestyle she's desperate to escape, even if it means ruffling a few feathers among her friends.

Brunch is More Than Just a Meal

But here's the other side of the toast: isn't brunch more than just a meal? It's a cultural phenomenon, a time for friends to gather and catch up, to indulge in delicious food and perhaps a cheeky mimosa or two. Brunch is the bridge between the harried workweek and the freedom of the weekend, a chance for people to slow down and savor the moment in good company.

Late Brunches Anyone?

While Brodnik laments the loss of leisurely weekend mornings and the pressure to be constantly available, she's missing out on the joys of social bonding and the simple pleasures of a good meal shared. After all, isn't life about balance? Perhaps what Brodnik and others in her boat need is not to abolish brunch but to redefine it on their terms. Late brunches, anyone?

What Do You Think?

So, dear readers, where do you stand in this great brunch debate? Is it an unwelcome demand on your weekends, or a cherished ritual that brings joy and connection? Email me at and let me know. Whatever your take, one thing is clear: brunch, with its eggs and escapades, is more than a meal—it's a lifestyle choice that's not going away anytime soon.

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