September 12, 2023

Exploring the Top Brunch Spots in Akureyri

Bite into the deliciousness of Akureyri's top brunch spots! Discover a blend of traditional tastes and innovative cuisine, all served with a side of incredible Icelandic scenery. No fluff, just fantastic food!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Exploring the Top Brunch Spots in Akureyri
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Welcome to Akureyri, the hidden gem nestled in the heart of Iceland, where the mornings are as crisp as the perfect bacon strip and every brunch eater’s dream turns into reality! No matter if you're an early bird catching the worm or a late riser who likes to ease into the day, the 'Aku-raring-to-eat' city promises a delightful mix of lox, fluffy waffles, perfectly poached eggs, and artisan coffees. Take the edge off your hunger and treat yourself to the 'pure-Akure-yumminess' served at the very doorstep of the Artic. Akureyri's brunch hotspots will convert even the most committed lovers of lunch and dinner into devout disciples of distinct


Kaupvangsstræti, Akureyri

Reviewed by:

Rolando Greene

I recently visited Ketilkaffi for brunch during my stay in Akureyri and I must say, it's a great little breakfast spot! Trying their brunch platter, lemon cake, and Frida coffee, I found each item to be delicious. The cafe's location is perfect too, allowing us to visit the art museum right after our meal. The cafe is cute and clean, offering a peaceful ambiance, perfect for enjoying breakfast or a morning cup of coffee or tea. The staff are kind and helpful, making our visits even more enjoyable. In fact, we found ourselves returning multiple times during our stay, mainly because of their early opening hours (7:30am), which perfectly fitted into our hiking schedule. It was quite heartwarming to notice that the place wasn't just popular among tourists but locals as well. On one occasion, I ordered a drip coffee which tasted great. The comfortable seating area, coupled with some local artwork for sale, added to the overall pleasant experience. The fun, colorful painting on the sidewalk outside was a nice touch, adding to the cafe's charm. Situated within the art museum building, this aesthetic and cozy cafe makes for a delightful visit. With interesting books and artwork to view while waiting for our order, it was never a dull moment here. We also tried their brunch platter and avocado toast, both of which were tasty and reasonably priced. Non-coffee options like smoothies were available too, much to my liking. Overall, I'd definitely recommend a visit to Ketilkaffi when in Akureyri.

Kaffi Ilmur

Hafnarstræti 107b, Akureyri

680 5851

Reviewed by:

Judy Kimery Iii

My experience at Kaffi Ilmur in Akureyri was absolutely wonderful, from the warm and helpful staff to the delightful and reasonably priced food. I was so taken with the Dutch pancakes with cheese and ham that I asked for the recipe, to which the chefs responded by cheerfully cooking an extra batch for me to take on the road! The atmosphere was enriched by lovely Icelandic music and the friendly staff. Just a tip, the waiting time post-ordering can be a bit long, so avoid if you're in a hurry. But if you're craving some scrumptious homemade cakes, this place is highly recommended! And the best part? They can even personalize your cake! The owners, an Icelandic and Dutch family, are incredibly amicable. As a fan of gluten-free options, I was ecstatic to find a cake made with dates, chocolate, and cream - it's my new favorite! The pear cake didn't disappoint either, with a moist sponge base and non-greasy chocolate cream. The traditional lamb soup I tasted was fantastic, arguably the best in all of Iceland. Displaying their kindness, the owner even added a little extra to our order for free! I'd recommend Kaffi Ilmur to anyone passing through Akureyri.

Bláa Kannan Cafe

Hafnarstræti 96, Akureyri

461 4600

Reviewed by:

Victor Garcia-Silverio

During my visit to Akureyri, I discovered this fantastic little café, Bláa Kannan Cafe. It's a relaxed, cozy spot with a warm atmosphere. The friendly staff all speak fluent English, perfect for any American or British visitors stopping by. This is an ideal place for a break from shopping or sightseeing, especially if you're a fan of sweets. I would often order their pies, which are absolutely delightful. The baristas are friendly and helpful, adding to the overall positive experience. I particularly enjoyed their chocolate cake and espresso, which I can vouch for as being truly delicious. The café also offered a lovely setting for a quiet dinner with my wife. We arrived around 7:15 pm, and it wasn't too busy. I suspect it's busier during the morning and afternoon for their coffee, pastries, and midday breaks. The service was quick, and our waitress was not only friendly but also proficient in English. She promptly answered our queries and executed our order perfectly. My pepperoni panini served with a small garden salad was delightful, topped off with a cold beer. The café itself is located in a beautiful building right in the city center, offering a cosy atmosphere and a pleasing interior. It's a great spot for indulging in sweet treats, flavorful coffee and hot chocolate, with alternatives for milk available. In short, a visit to Bláa Kannan Cafe was indeed a highlight of my visit to Akureyri. I would happily return and recommend it for its fantastic food, impeccable service, and delightful atmosphere.

EAtalian Ehf

International Akureyri's Airport, Urðargil 15, Akureyri

625 7818

Reviewed by:

Sujit Thompson

I recently visited this adorable little food stand, EAtalian Ehf, in Akureyri and the experience was quite unique. The owner was very warm and welcoming, making me feel right at home from the moment I walked up. Now, I will note that the dishes were on the smaller side and it seemed like they were heating up individually packaged frozen portions. They did taste like ready meals, which was a bit of a disappointment. Out of all the dishes we ordered, I would have to say the fusilli pasta fell short in terms of taste and texture due to over microwaving, I believe. But the Neapolitan lasagna at EAtalian Ehf was an absolute delight, with robust flavors and a lovely oven-baked crust. Even though the place could use some improvement in terms of decor if you're planning to eat in, the food certainly makes up for it. The sandwiches they make are top-notch - while they might be a bit too cheesy for some, it's a minor issue and overall, they're a fantastic grab-and-go option. One of the standout moments from my visit was hearing American pop music playing as I tucked into my delicious Italian lasagna, right here in Iceland. I never would have imagined such a combination, but it worked! If you find yourself wandering around downtown Akureyri, I strongly recommend stopping by this food stand. Particularly, don't miss out on their Lasagna Neapolitan - it's well worth a try. The owner, Lello, went over and above to provide excellent service, offering us food recommendations and even joining us for a meal. His food stand may be small, but it has two tables where you can sit and enjoy your Italian feast. All in all, if you're in the mood for some Italian cuisine in Akureyri, EAtalian Ehf is a place I'd highly recommend. It's great food and service with a personal touch!


Skipagata 14, 5th floor, Akureyri

462 7100

Reviewed by:

Enrique Spring

My trip to Strikið for brunch in Akureyri was nothing short of fantastic. As a Californian food enthusiast, I didn't expect to be swept off my feet in this Icelandic restaurant, but I was. The food was scrumptious beyond belief. We went there every day for lunch and no dish left us disappointed. A special shoutout to the beetroot burger that took me by surprise with how good it was. Even though we were a party of 5, they managed to squeeze us in without reservations, which was a very positive point. As a group, we decided to sample several appetizers. My personal favorite was the bacon-wrapped dates, but all were good in their own right. On a scale of 1 to 5, I'd rate the Langoustine Maki and Spiced Lamb a 4, while the Grilled Beef Tenderloin surpassed the scale at 7/5. The beef was cooked immaculately and there was an intriguing Asian influence to the seasoning that I found wholly delicious. The Avocado Fries, Bacon Wrapped Dates, and Tuna Tartare each earned a 4/5 - tasty, but not particularly special. The Surf & Turf My Style, however, was a bit of a letdown, with its overpowering sauce and hard beef tartare. But the Eplasopi made up for it, with its refreshingly unique whiskey apple flavor balancing out the sweetness quite nicely, resulting in a satisfying buzz. Service was exceptional beyond expectation, with a score of 10/5. Molly, our server, provided excellent service and another staff member, a red-headed lady (apologies for forgetting her name), was also very friendly and attentive. The location of the restaurant was perfect with a wonderful view, enhancing the dining experience. Though the food was slightly on the expensive side, the overall experience was worth every penny. The only slight downside was that the sauces accompanying the lamb and beef were a bit too robust for my liking. To wrap it up, I had an overwhelmingly positive experience at Strikið. The food was delicious, the service was top-notch, and the location was perfect. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Akureyri.

Cafe Berlin

Skipagata 4, Akureyri

772 5061

Reviewed by:

Adam Moreno

I had a wonderful brunch experience at Cafe Berlin in Akureyri! The cafe has a really nice interior and gives off a cozy vibe. The staff is incredibly friendly, which adds to the overall great atmosphere. I ordered a waffle with cream and fruits, which was absolutely amazing, very reminiscent of what my grandma used to make. My friends had the BBQ chicken and a sandwich, both of which were well-prepared and quite delicious. The coffee was good, and what's best is that the servings are generous and the prices very affordable. We had an overall fantastic lunch at Cafe Berlin. I can't recommend this place enough! The breakfast plate was delicious and I particularly enjoyed the waffle with caramel sauce and whipped cream, being the sweet tooth that I am. The place was a bit crowded, but not overwhelmingly so. The meal offered quality ingredients, including fruit and avocado, which I appreciated. The waffle was hands down the best I've ever had, and the toast was equally enjoyable, served on thick, hearty bread. To top it all off, the amazing staff accommodated my dietary needs by modifying the eggs and providing gluten-free toast. They even offered me a complimentary waffle which, although I couldn't eat due to my dietary restrictions, was a kind gesture that made my day. If I was in town for longer, I would definitely return to Cafe Berlin every day!

Backpackers restaurant

Hafnarstræti, Akureyri

571 9050

Reviewed by:

Maria Camarena

My time at Backpackers restaurant in Akureyri was a delight. Their burgers are absolutely to die for - positively unmatched from what I can tell. The friendly and inviting staff contributed heavily to the welcoming, cozy atmosphere. The restaurant provides a perfect setting for both dining and relaxation. During our visit, we decided to stop by unexpectedly for dinner, drawn in by the rave reviews. The ambiance of the place alone is worth the visit, enriched with a multicultural vibe and acting as a wonderful spot to grab a drink. As for the food, it was decent. We ordered the chicken tacos and the Backpacker Burger with an extra serving of confit onions. While the tacos and the burger were satisfactory, the potato wedges could use some work – some were overcooked while others were mushy. Despite being a backpackers spot, the prices are on par with other restaurants, which was unexpected considering the restaurant also runs a hostel upstairs. Overall, while the food was decent, it's the drink options and the ambiance that truly make this place stand out. Sadly, I must admit, there were aspects that could have been better. The prices were steep for a backpackers pub and the beer could have been better. The burger recipe could use a bit of refining too. Additionally, the staff's attitude could sometimes come across as less than friendly. Lastly, I was disappointed with the fish burger, which didn't seem fresh and our wait of 40 minutes didn't justify it. The classic cheeseburger was tasty though, but the potato wedges were either overcooked or excessively oily. Despite the negatives, I look forward to dining at Backpackers restaurant again the next time I'm in town. The positives of this place outweigh the drawbacks, making it a favorable spot to visit when in Akureyri.

Aurora Restaurant

Þingvallastræti 23, Akureyri

518 1000

Reviewed by:

Monika Carranza

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Aurora Restaurant in Akureyri as part of my tour with Overseas Adventure Travel. The experience was wonderful, with top-tier service that was both friendly and professional. The ambiance was serene, providing a comfortable and relaxing setting for a great meal. The highlight of the meal was the lamb dinner, which was accompanied by a delicious salad to start and a scrumptious dessert to finish. A perfect glass of wine was the cherry on top of this delightful food experience. In terms of value for money, I found the rates to be reasonable, especially compared to what one might pay in London. I opted for the 4-course Icelandic meal, which, aside from the slightly bland overall taste, was thoroughly enjoyable. The presentation was immaculate, and the staff was nothing but warm and attentive. While the lamb here might not have been the absolute best I've had in Iceland, it was certainly tender and tasty. The Aurora Restaurant in Akureyri is definitely a place I'd recommend to anyone seeking a high-quality meal in a relaxed environment.

Centrum Kitchen & Bar

Hafnarstræti 102 600, Akureyri

666 6078

Reviewed by:

Carlos Ryker

I recently had the pleasure of dining at the Centrum Kitchen & Bar while visiting Akureyri and I have to say, it was an incredible experience. We walked from the port where our Disney cruise ship had docked, finding the restaurant bustling with fellow tourists. Despite being quite packed, the service was impressively efficient, although they were clearly very busy. Without overstating it, I had the best burger of my life here! Every bite was a taste sensation and I know for a fact, all future burgers will be compared to this one. Now, it wasn't cheap by any means, costing around $45 CAD, but it was worth every penny. They also have a great selection of beers on tap, reasonably priced, and my husband was quite taken with their raspberry cocktail. The lobster linguine I also sampled was fantastic, and my husband praised the tacos. Both dishes are highly recommended. The spot itself is wonderful, with great outdoor seating that lets you soak in the atmosphere of the city. The only slight hiccup was a delay after we received our menus, but given the quality of the food, this was a minor inconvenience. In addition, I had the chance to try their langoustines waffle with avocado, chilli, tomatoes and yuzu dressing, and it was a unique and delightful treat. The seafood soup was also delightful. In summary, if you find yourself in Akureyri, you absolutely cannot miss a chance to dine at Centrum Kitchen & Bar. Despite a little hiccup, the incredible food and wonderful location make it a must-visit spot. Great food, great service, and a great experience overall!


Glerárgata 20 600, Akureyri

460 1600

Reviewed by:

Martin Harris

I had a great dining experience at Greifinn in Akureyri. The staff were friendly and helpful, adding to the overall positive experience. The food was largely impressive, with a few standout dishes. The lobster soup was a new and interesting offering, perfect for a cold winter. The lamb was tender and fresh, a dish I definitely recommend. I also ordered a special mushroom soup and vegetable risotto, both of which were fantastic. The crispy chicken burger and the 10" pan pizza were also good and awesome respectively. However, the cod was a bit too salty for my taste and the repetition of side dishes could have been avoided. But overall, the food and the overall restaurant ambiance was remarkable. The modern, cozy decor and the courteous staff elevated the experience to an A+. Their lobster soup and cheese pillows were particularly outstanding. A fantastic menu indeed.

OAT Breakfast Bar

Tryggvabraut 22, Akureyri

462 2245

Reviewed by:

Joseph Gold

I recently had the pleasure of dining at OAT Breakfast Bar for brunch while visiting Akureyri and boy, was I impressed! The delicious oat bowls on offer were not only tasty, but were also excellent value for money. With a myriad of options available, variety was certainly not an issue and I found it hard to pick just one. Besides the stellar food, the service was top-notch! Quick and efficient, I was served up my meal in no time at all, which was a delightful surprise. To top it all off, the staff was incredibly friendly and made me feel right at home. In a nutshell, OAT Breakfast Bar is a real gem in Akureyri. From their tasty oat bowls and great prices, to the fast and friendly service, this place has it all. A must-visit for brunch, if you ask me.

Bautinn Restaurant

Hafnarstræti 92, Akureyri

462 1818

Reviewed by:

Boota Kleinsorge

I recently enjoyed a brunch at Bautinn Restaurant in Akureyri. The menu was diverse, offering a good variety of options. I tried both the rib eye steak and a double cheeseburger. The cheeseburger was tasty and almost too large to bite into, while the steak was middling - though I had asked for it medium, it arrived well done. The restaurant is situated in a touristy location and offers average quality food. If nearby restaurants are busy, Bautinn is a decent option as they seat you quickly, quicker than promised in fact. The staff were particularly commendable; they were friendly, helpful, and provided good service. The lamb was somewhat overcooked and the fish was average. On the pricier side overall, but they do offer vegan options like the vegan burger, vegan tacos and veg pasta (which was requested without chicken and bacon). While the food was decent, it wasn't the best I've had in Akureyri. That said, the mango and coconut lemonade was refreshingly unique. Despite being a very busy restaurant, all our dishes were delicious and served promptly. The staff's friendliness, attentiveness, and speed were particularly noteworthy. If you're in the area, I'd recommend giving Bautinn Restaurant a try.


MWJ6+66F, Hafnarstræti, Akureyri

575 7575

Reviewed by:

Rosa Bergren

What a cool place! I was particularly impressed with their BBQ chicken wings, incredibly crispy and slathered in sauce. Their pizzas were also enjoyable, though a touch more sauce wouldn't hurt. The burgers were delightful, especially the sweet potato fries on the side. The staff were warm and accommodating, contributing to the overall pleasant atmosphere. I opted for the lamb burger while my partner chose the nachos. Surprisingly, the nachos were quite good! But what truly stood out for me was the vegan options. This place deserves a shoutout for how they accommodate vegan diets - all burgers can be adapted into vegan, meaning every item on the menu has a potential vegan version. I tried the BBQ and cheese burger with the vegan option and it did not disappoint! The vegan "meat" was quite an interesting experience, very chicken-like in texture. The BBQ sauce, fries, and salad were also top-notch. I also enjoyed my iced coke, served in a classic Coca Cola glass. The overall cost was reasonable too. This place has certainly broadened my perspective on how versatile a traditional restaurant menu can be when it comes to catering to vegans. I highly recommend this place, not just for the vegan options, but for the overall dining experience.

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