January 26, 2024

Anaheim-mazing Brunch Spots: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Mid-Morning Eats!

Get the scoop on top spots in Anaheim serving up drool-worthy dishes that'll kick your taste buds out of bed.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Anaheim-mazing Brunch Spots: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Mid-Morning Eats!
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Anaheim is a true home away from home, especially for the avid brunch connoisseur. Here, in the heart of Orange County, we've brewed a perfect blend of cozy diners, chic cafes, and gourmet restaurants, all serving up innovative and comforting brunch offerings.

The Brunch Café

3100 E Miraloma Ave #110, Anaheim

(714) 603-7622

Reviewed by:

Alfredo Tariq

Absolutely adore The Brunch Café in Anaheim for its impeccable brunch offerings! From the standout breakfast burrito loaded with ham, eggs, shredded potato hash browns, cheddar cheese, and the zesty kick of pico de gallo, to the scrumptious sausage, egg, and cheddar cheese bagel sandwich, every bite is a delight. The sides don't disappoint either; the hash brown potatoes were the perfect crispy complement to the meal. The quality extends beyond the food – the café serves up hot coffee, fresh OJ, and a refreshing raspberry tea that completes the brunch experience. It's clear why this place is a staple for the community. The ambiance is welcoming and beautifully crafted, ensuring a comfortable dining experience that feels both luxurious and homely at the same time. Each visit to The Brunch Café guarantees not only great food but also kindness and attention from the staff. It's not just an ordinary café; it's a place that Anaheim should be proud of, a true standout. The owners, Luis and Miriam, always add a personal touch, making the cob wrap a must-try. They've maintained their grace and hospitality even through tough times like the pandemic, proving their dedication to serving the community. If you're longing for a local spot that serves hearty meals with a heartwarming smile, you can bet on The Brunch Café for an experience that feels like home. The food, crafted with love and care, is a testament to the café's commitment to freshness and quality. Plus, you can't beat the prices for the value you receive. Looking forward to my next visit, and I'm beyond excited to recommend this wonderful place to anyone in search of a satisfying and delightful brunch experience in Anaheim. It's not just a café; it's a gem with a big heart and an even bigger flavor.

Willy's Eatery

2101 E Ball Rd, Anaheim

(714) 535-6713

Reviewed by:

Tyler Arias

We headed to Willy's Eatery in Anaheim for brunch and it was an experience worth sharing. From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere was inviting and we were quickly able to place our order. The menu had something for everyone – I went with the Fancy French Toast while others in my party enjoyed the Denver Omelette and the kids were thrilled with the Blueberry Fancy pancakes customized with strawberries and whipped cream. The fresh squeezed orange juice was a hit – so refreshing! The service was top-notch; you could really tell the staff were attentive and aimed to please. And the cleanliness of the restaurant didn't go unnoticed. When the food arrived, the expectations we didn't even know we had were exceeded. The portions were generous and every dish was a burst of flavor that danced on the palate. The willingness of the kitchen to tweak dishes to to our liking was a testament to their customer service. Topping off the meal with a complimentary baklava was an unexpected and delightful treat. This local restaurant is definitely a cut above the rest. It's been my go-to place for the longest time, especially for the eggs Benedict – they have a knack for making it to perfection, and the variety is impressive. Despite the challenges restaurants have faced recently, the quality here has remained steadfast. Great food, fantastic service, and a cozy setting make Willy's Eatery a must-visit for anyone in search of an exceptional brunch destination in Anaheim. Whether you're going for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, this place is a hidden gem that will not disappoint. The care put into each dish is evident, and it all tastes homemade. If you've not yet been, take the time to try it out – it’s a decision you'll be glad you made.

The Original Pancake House

1418 E Lincoln Ave, Anaheim

(714) 535-9815

Reviewed by:

Dorothy Luca

As a frequent traveler and breakfast enthusiast, stumbling upon The Original Pancake House in Anaheim for brunch was a delightful surprise. It's not just the food that makes this place shine, but the overall experience. The pancakes, the star of the show, were incredibly fluffy and more generous in size than I could handle alone – a testament to the value they offer. Despite its popularity, the interior manages to feel spacious, allowing for a comfortable dining experience. While parking can be a challenge, the ample street parking nearby resolves that minor inconvenience. Outdoor dining options are available, though I didn't need to venture out, thanks to the ample indoor seating. The service impressed me the most; the staff members were both friendly and efficient, ensuring that my coffee cup remained full throughout the meal and packing up leftovers without hesitation. From the hash browns to the strawberry crepes, waffles, and the stand-out thick-cut bacon, every item was cooked to perfection. Simplicity done right is what you can expect here; good food, quickly served, and reasonably priced, even when the restaurant is bustling. Recommend arriving early, particularly before 7:30 am on weekends, to avoid the long waits. The bustling crowds serve as a testament to the quality of this establishment. Overall, The Original Pancake House in Anaheim is a must-visit for anyone looking for a hearty, satisfying brunch. It's clear why locals flock here, and I'll certainly be back for more the next time I'm in town.

8th Haus Cafe

656 S Brookhurst St, Anaheim

(714) 774-8013

Reviewed by:

Ashli Sando

8th Haus Cafe in Anaheim is truly a special spot for brunch that I had the pleasure to visit. The fantastic food and service set this place apart as a gem in the area. Visiting from out of state, I relied on Google reviews to guide me to the best eateries nearby, and I couldn't have been more satisfied with my choice. The food was remarkable from start to finish, and the ladies working there provided kind and sweet service that added to our experience. I was particularly impressed with the presentation of each dish. It happened to be my son's birthday, and the staff surprised us with a bowl of ice cream, which made his day even more memorable. That thoughtful gesture warmed our hearts and made us feel truly valued as customers. Despite driving from Ontario and facing a one-hour wait, our experience at 8th Haus Cafe was well worth it. The impeccable service and outstanding food are compelling reasons to make a return visit. Each dish we tasted was delicious, and I'm eager to try more of their offerings. Don't be deceived by the cafe's unassuming appearance; the culinary delights here could rival those of Michelin-starred establishments. The menu at 8th Haus Cafe is creatively different, and every item we tried was a hit. The Chorizo Avocado Toast was a standout for me, with a flavor profile that balanced the spiciness of chorizo with the coolness of avocado. Even the sprinkle of hot chito dust was a delightful touch. My Bolgulgi Benedict was an adventurous choice that paid off, featuring tender seasoned beef, perfectly poached eggs, and kimchi. While I would have preferred the kimchi to be warmed, the dish was still a festival of flavors worth recommending. My companions enjoyed the chilequiles and SoCal Benedict, and both dishes were met with rave reviews. To sweeten our meal, we shared a Red Velvet Waffle, which was exceptional, although we were told not to miss out on the Ube Waffles next time. Overall, 8th Haus Cafe proved to be a must-visit in Anaheim. If I ever find myself back in the area, there's no question that I'll return to this breakfast haven. The service was swift and friendly, and the offerings were delightfully satisfying, ensuring a memorable brunch experience.

Country Family Cafe

1736 S Euclid St, Anaheim

(714) 956-5341

Reviewed by:

Luis Fernando Castillo

Absolutely thrilled with my brunch experience at Country Family Cafe in Anaheim! The Menudo was excellent, truly reminiscent of homemade cooking, and the coffee was just as delightful. It's a must-visit spot if you're in the vicinity of Disneyland - a quick 5-10 minutes drive and well worth it. The food was not only made fresh but tasted as if it had come straight from a family kitchen. For those who enjoy a bit of spice, they have a superb spicy habanero salsa that complements their dishes perfectly. I'm already looking forward to trying more from their menu. We planned ahead and called to check on seating availability, arriving to find the cafe comfortably accommodating. The staff, especially our server Sophia, ensured our experience was nothing short of excellent. The spinach, mushroom, and cheese omelette I ordered was generous in portion and flavor, matched by my partner's chorizo and eggs, which boasted a freshness akin to market-bought meat. The in-house habanero sauce, a family recipe, was a highlight for its authentic kick. Cleanliness and friendly service only added to the charm of this place, making every dollar spent here feel justifiable. We're already planning our next visit when in Anaheim. And the ambiance? Purely welcoming, with a staff that not only serves with a smile but engages in friendly conversation. This hidden gem deserves your visit, especially before a day out at Disneyland. Between the delectable food and the top-tier service, it's an establishment that calls for a return. Trust me, try this place out – your taste buds and your family will thank you.

The Scratch Room

2415 Lincoln Ave, Anaheim

(714) 236-5613

Reviewed by:

Livi Kazemi

I decided to try out The Scratch Room for brunch while in Anaheim and I couldn't be more pleased with my choice. The atmosphere was bustling with energy, and despite the crowd, we were seated in just 10 minutes. From the attentive staff to the quick service, everything was top-notch. The menu offered a variety of options, and I went for the bacon and egg breakfast with the loaf, while my husband chose the Chile Verde omelette with biscuit and gravy. Both dishes were exceptional. For those with a sweet tooth, the loaf is a must-try, and if you're leaning towards savory, the biscuit will hit the spot. The portions were generous and definitely worth the price, signaling that this may just become our regular breakfast haunt once we settle in Anaheim. Each staff member we interacted with was friendly and helpful, adding to the positive experience. Although it was quite loud inside due to the diner being full, it didn't detract from the enjoyable meal. The daily "loaf" option, banana bread on this occasion, was a delightful addition to the meal. We also tried the veggie omelet, the 'hungry men' eggs and bacon, and the veggie hash, all of which were served promptly and cooked to perfection. While I found the hashbrowns a little bland for my taste, the overall quality of the food was impressive. On a previous visit, I had an unfortunate experience with finding hair in my banana bread, but I decided to give The Scratch Room another shot. Although history repeated itself with the banana bread, I still enjoyed my breakfast burrito. Despite the issue with the bread and the over-salted guacamole, the main components of the burrito were tasty, and the roasted potatoes were satisfactory. Despite the hiccup with the banana bread, The Scratch Room's positive aspects are worth noting. The service was commendable and the rest of the meal enjoyable. It might not be in the cards for me to return, but I would suggest that others give it a try as they might have a flawless experience at this bustling Anaheim brunch spot.

The Cafe Krave

2400 E Katella Ave # 175, Anaheim

(714) 634-8201

Reviewed by:

Ashley Haydel

Great place for brunch! The Cafe Krave in Anaheim offers a fantastic selection of fusion food that's perfect for a morning or early afternoon meal. While they might not have the traditional brunch items, their doors are open bright and early. The dishes are absolutely delicious. My favorites were the bulgogi and chicken sandwich; it's probably the most fusion-oriented cafe I've visited so far. Everything tasted fresh and perfectly prepared. There's plenty of parking available right in front of the cafe, but make sure you notice the sign at the entrance that directs you to turn right; otherwise, it's easy to miss the spot and end up elsewhere in the complex. The Basil Breakfast Sandwich I tried was scrumptious. Although I'm not a fan of runny eggs and would skip them next time, for those who do enjoy them, it's a treat. The skillet was spot on – exactly what you'd expect from a great brunch spot. I even took some food home, like the berry French toast, which was incredibly tasty. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to try something new. It's a hidden gem that I stumbled upon accidentally when the restaurant I was originally looking for was closed. What a happy accident it was! The ordering process is smooth – you order at the counter and they bring your food to your table. The seating area is cozy, with enough room for about 30 people, making the space feel intimate and comfortable. And if you're a coffee lover like me, try the Americano; it has a wonderfully nutty flavor. I wholeheartedly recommend giving The Cafe Krave a try for your next brunch outing.


1610 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim

(714) 776-3745

Reviewed by:

Moghis Haro

Don't be surprised to hear me rave about the atmosphere at Denny's for brunch in Anaheim. Yes, it's a diner, but it embodies that classic diner charm perfectly. The menu is what you'd expect from Denny's, and they execute it brilliantly. It's so convenient when you need a break from the park - a fantastic, tasty, and more wallet-friendly option compared to those pricey park hot dogs. Their children's menu is a bonus, and the staff here couldn't be friendlier. Service is quick, food consistently hits the spot, and it really sets the tone for a great day. The balloons add a fun touch for the kids, too! During our visits, Faustino was our server, and he nailed it. Always on point with the coffee refills and making sure we had everything we needed. The meals here are generous, easily feeding the whole family to the brim, and served as an excellent kick-off for our busy days. And it's not just about the food. Watching the kids get entertained by the talented balloon artist was an unexpected delight - those balloon characters were impressive. Positioned so conveniently for a day out at Disney or exploring LA, this spot is a solid choice for families gearing up for adventure. The balloon artist was a standout, truly skilled at his craft. Despite any minor hiccups with the food, the balloon entertainment was the silver lining of the experience.

Ruby's Diner

1128 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim

(714) 635-7829

Reviewed by:

Kayla Ngại

My brunch experience at Ruby's Diner in Anaheim was a delightful surprise. Visiting with five kids can be a challenge, but Ruby's made it a breeze. The energy of the place is vibrant, taking you back to a classic '50s diner with an atmosphere that's absolutely on point. It's also heartening to see a place that prioritizes cleanliness – it was spotless! The service was satisfactory; we were seated promptly, our server was attentive, and the food arrived faster than expected, which is always a plus when you're managing a hungry brood. For our meal, the range was pretty good – from a chicken tender salad that was fresh and tasty, to a roasted turkey sandwich that had an interesting flavor profile, although it did need a bit of extra sauce to moisten it up. The diner's milkshakes deserve a special mention – you really can't go wrong with a classic diner shake, and Ruby's didn't disappoint. Also, their Monday special is quite the steal – two burgers with two free classic shakes is a deal hard to pass up. The variety of food on the menu catered to all our tastes, with generous portions that left everyone satisfied. From pancakes to chili cheese fries, and burgers to a unique take on beignets that seemed to blend traditional elements with puff pastry, they offer something for everyone. The burrito and the solid BLTA sandwich didn't fall short either. Picking up our order was equally charming, with a kind gentleman ensuring we got everything we needed and giving that extra bit of care to our experience. His small act of kindness, advising us to support the bottom of the bag for safety, added a touch of warmth to our day. It's these little moments that turn a meal into a memory. For anyone looking for a quintessential diner experience with good food, good vibes, and friendly service, Ruby's Diner is definitely worth a visit. It gets a solid 4 out of 5 stars from me – a place where the experience matches the taste and leaves you planning your next visit.

Mimosas Kitchen and Bar

8150 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim

(714) 253-3413

Reviewed by:

Rosemary Alvarado

I just had the most delightful brunch experience at Mimosas Kitchen and Bar in Anaheim. This place is the epitome of a lively, trendy restaurant with a crowd that adds to the atmosphere. Coming here for brunch, you'll find a traditional menu that's just perfect for any celebration - be it birthdays, baby showers, or just a day out with friends. When I arrived, I was impressed by how busy the restaurant was, but thanks to their efficient and friendly hostesses and waiters, I never felt neglected. Paola, our waitress, was on top of her game, ensuring our orders were swiftly taken care of. Although the music was pumping, it didn't overwhelm our conversations. Then came Tony, who delivered our food with a smile that could light up the room. The Mimosas we ordered? Absolutely delicious. For those interested in sports, there’s a bar area where you can catch the game. Just a heads up, there aren't any gender-neutral bathrooms, but they accept Apple Pay and you can even pay via QR code – so modern and convenient! And take my advice: make a reservation to ensure you get a spot because this is one popular place. The ambiance of Mimosas is second to none. It feels like stepping into the most beautiful cafe in Anaheim, and it's instantly clear that it's somewhere you'll want to return to. The vibe is outstanding – relaxed, photogenic, and just bursting with positive energies. On to the food! The brunch menu is tantalizing, and I found the coconut jelly drink to be a unique and delightful choice. And if you're a dessert lover, be prepared for generous portions that you might just need to take home. I tried the Chilaquiles with salsa roja and no meat, while my colleague enjoyed hers with a perfectly cooked, juicy steak. We indulged in some fun drinks, with mine being the Bougie, and they were the perfect accompaniment to our meal. We visited on a Wednesday around 11 AM, and it was comfortably uncrowded. While the atmosphere and food were spot-on, our server seemed a bit reserved – not much in the way of smiles or conversation, despite us being new customers keen to engage. Nonetheless, that didn't dampen our spirits, and the rest of the staff was incredibly warm and convivial. As an Eggs Benedict aficionado, I was also thrilled with the variety on offer here – they've got an impressive selection to suit all tastes. Although the prices are a bit on the higher side, the portions and flavors justify the cost. Overall, Mimosas Kitchen and Bar is a spirited spot with a feminine touch, making it a perfect venue for gatherings that call for something extra special.

NORMS Restaurant

1125 N Euclid St, Anaheim

(714) 776-3663

Reviewed by:

Mason Bogues

Whew, brunch at NORMS Restaurant in Anaheim was quite a treat! The place was bustling when we arrived, but that's just a testament to how popular it is. We're pretty big fans of their breakfast offerings, and let me tell you, they didn't disappoint. The steak was a standout for my husband; he's pretty particular about how his meat is cooked, and NORMS nailed it to his medium-well preference. As for me, I went for the burrito and was pleasantly surprised by the flavors packed into every bite. It's clear why the spot is a go-to for many after a fun day at the amusement parks around. The Googie architecture adds to the overall cool vibe of the place, making it even more enjoyable to hang out with family or friends. I've got to give a shout-out to the waitress, Claudia. Service can make or break a dining experience, and her attentiveness along with the constant hot coffee refills really made our meal. The onion rings are a must-try here; they were delicious. We also decided to give the steak combo a shot and were happy with both the price and the taste. It's a relief when a meal is both good and wallet-friendly. Plus, the salad added a nice, fresh crunch to the meal, even if it was an extra cost. We hit NORMS during peak hours, yet the staff managed to maintain their cool and friendly demeanor. The only drawbacks were the cleanliness of the place, with tables and floors that could use a bit more attention, and the restrooms definitely needed an upgrade, or at least a more rigorous cleaning schedule. All in all, if you're looking for a solid breakfast, steak, or burger at a reasonable price, NORMS is the place to go. Just remember to save room for those onion rings!

Mimi's Cafe

1400 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim

(714) 956-2223

Reviewed by:

Richard Kaur Nimma

Having brunch at Mimi's Cafe in Anaheim was such a delightful experience. It's a charming and cozy spot, perfect for a family breakfast. The cafe is conveniently located near the park, which is great for visitors, and there's plenty of parking. Our server, a friendly guy with a man bun, was extremely attentive and even gave us drink recommendations. He could converse in both English and Spanish, which was nice. The food was delicious, and it looked as appetizing as it tasted. Plus, they had an impressive drink selection. It's situated close to the entrance of Disneyland Park, with many hotels in the area, which makes it an ideal stop for tourists. I was particularly impressed with their diverse menu that catered to all meals of the day, including some tasty options for kids. The Benedicts were some of the best I've ever had. Honestly, this place stands out, even compared to popular breakfast spots like IHOP. It wasn't crowded when we were there, creating a pleasant atmosphere for us before we headed to Disneyland on a family trip. I'm already looking forward to trying their lunch and dinner menus next time I'm in town. One minor hiccup was that the food presentation didn't quite match the menu pictures. The toast in the picture appeared jumbo-sized, but it was more like standard slices when served. However, this didn't detract from the great taste. After such a long time since my last visit, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mimi's Cafe for brunch. Even as part of a chain, the quality of their food is top-notch – the muffins are unbeatable! The overall atmosphere is solid, making it a place you should definitely check out for an enjoyable breakfast experience.

Huckleberry's Breakfast & Lunch

321 W Katella Ave Suite 444, Anaheim

(657) 208-1804

Reviewed by:

Cristina Aguayo

Absolutely love Huckleberry's Breakfast & Lunch for brunch! The vibe on a busy Saturday noon was promising with a brief 10-minute wait. Once seated, service was swift with my order promptly taken and my food arriving in less than five minutes – very impressive. My choice was the ham scramble Benedict, a delightful twist on a classic, featuring thick slabs of grilled ham topped with creamy scrambled eggs and a rich hollandaise sauce – it's a must-try. I also sampled the biscuit and gravy; the biscuit was fluffy and the gravy scored a solid 8 out of 10 in my book. The menu is packed with tempting options, making decisions tough. The atmosphere is family-friendly, with a bright and colorful interior, and the staff is attentive and considerate, even offering a complimentary breakfast to a customer who had a minor mix-up with their order – now that's outstanding service! The diner is conveniently located in the Anaheim GardenWalk mall, and they validate parking for an hour, which is handy. Despite a confusing route from the parking garage, we managed to get there without much hassle and no wait early on a Monday morning. Service was excellent; our server was knowledgeable, gave great recommendations, and expedited our order to accommodate our tight schedule. My wife enjoyed a sizable and healthy Garden skillet, while I opted for the chicken fried steak on the waiter's advice, which, although a bit on the processed side, was served with a tasty batter. With properly cooked eggs and a standard satisfying breakfast for my son, the overall experience was quite enjoyable, topped off by a great waiter and satisfying eats. Even though there might be some wait times and service hitches on a busy day, the experience is well worth it. And let's not forget about the breakfast skillet – it's one of the best out there, especially for someone who knows their southern dishes. Plus, the huckleberry Mimosa is a delightful drink that I'd definitely recommend. Huckleberry's is a standout choice for anyone looking for a great start to their day.


210 S Euclid St, Anaheim

(714) 956-9870

Reviewed by:

Ben Ortez

Had a really satisfying brunch experience at Denny's in Anaheim. The place lives up to its reputation for serving up some tasty meals. Went there craving a Moons Over Hammy and it didn't disappoint. The server we had was the highlight—so sweet and friendly that it made the meal even more enjoyable. Even though the menu seemed a bit smaller than before, everything still looked appealing. My husband opted for a Mac n' Cheese dish with brisket on top, along with a BBQ Burger that sounded interesting. Both dishes were scrumptious and definitely worth trying. I stuck to my Moons Over Hammy and added pancakes to my order, which turned out to be the fluffiest and most delicious pancakes I've had at Denny's. The ambiance of the place was neat and welcoming, with the staff always showing great hospitality. Despite this positive experience, the location does have its drawbacks with the presence of homeless folks around. However, the service and food quality more than made up for it. The night service manager was excellent—very attentive and made sure we were well taken care of. Plus, the restrooms were clean, which is always a good sign. Even though I had my reservations about Denny's in the past, I've been converted. It's an establishment I plan on returning to, and I'd definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a solid brunch spot. It's not too far from Disneyland, so it's a convenient location if you're in the area and need a good meal.

Tru Grits American Fusion Restaurant

1221 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim

(714) 758-0900

Reviewed by:

Brittany Erkert

From the moment I stepped into Tru Grits American Fusion Restaurant for brunch, I was taken aback by the unique culinary experience that awaited me. Despite being my first visit and facing a considerable wait for our party of ten, once the food arrived, I was delighted by the flavors and quality. The short ribs were the star of the show; they were absolutely out of this world delicious. Combined with impeccable service, particularly from David, who was knowledgeable and efficient, the dining experience was elevated significantly. His attention to detail made us feel well taken care of. While the wait was more prolonged than anticipated, the breakfast buffet made up for it. Not included with the room, it was still a steal at $19.00 per person. The buffet featured all the classics, from perfectly scrambled eggs to crispy bacon and sausage, fluffy waffles, and an assortment of breads and pastries. The fresh cut fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, and cereal options, along with fresh orange juice, milk, and coffee, provided a comprehensive and satisfying meal to start the day. The food quality consistently impressed me, especially considering the restaurant's location in Anaheim. The poke caught my eye with its freshness and meticulous seasoning. As for the main course, the steak was cooked to perfection, and the accompanying mash was a delight in every bite. The drinks, too, were well-crafted and complemented the meal. My experience at Tru Grits American Fusion Restaurant was a pleasant surprise. Despite the initial delays, the culinary offerings were well worth the wait. I am already looking forward to dining here again on my next work trip to Anaheim.


2005 E Katella Ave, Anaheim

(714) 634-1174

Reviewed by:

Gwendolyn Shik

Thank goodness Denny's is open 24 hours! The food here was absolutely great – hot, fast, and delicious. Especially impressive was the employee David; he was so friendly and upbeat. He checked on us multiple times and always made sure our drinks were full. After dropping off my truck for some work on the leather seats, my daughter picked me up, and we decided to head to Denny's for brunch. It turned out to be a fantastic decision. The ambiance of the restaurant was very nice – not too crowded, very clean, and the tables were well-spaced. Service was quick and friendly, adding to the pleasant experience. The pancakes were lovely, and the eggs were cooked just right. I did have a slight issue with my t-bone steak as it was rare instead of medium as I had ordered, but overall, the dining experience was very positive. However, I will say the Mac and brisket skillet wasn't to our liking; the brisket was dry and tough, which was quite disappointing. Even though Denny's isn't a place I'd go into with lofty expectations, I have to admit that the overall experience was subpar this time around – paying $20 for a dish that didn't meet the mark felt like a bit much. But what my family and I really cherished was the variety of food options catering to different dietary needs. My wife, who's watching her meat intake, opted for the Turkey Bacon while I chose the Vegetable omelette. Both of us were quite full and content afterward. The proximity to Disney and the quick seating and service were a huge plus, given how hungry we were. The food came out swiftly, meaning we could enjoy our meal and continue our day without too much of a wait. All things considered, despite a couple of hiccups, I'd recommend this place for a solid brunch experience.


2080 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim

(714) 750-5120

Reviewed by:

Ricelo Mitchell

My visit to Denny's in Anaheim for brunch was quite delightful. As a visitor to the US, experiencing this well-known American diner for the first time was on my list, and it didn't disappoint. The service was prompt and efficient, with a friendly and patient waiter accommodating our indecision over the menu choices. Although I found the prices a bit high, the overall convenience and cleanliness of the restaurant made up for it. The mozzarella sticks needed the accompanying marinara sauce to shine, but they were enjoyable once dipped. The burger was juicy and well-cooked, albeit a tad bland for my taste; however, the experience didn't deter my willingness to give the place another shot in a pinch. The ambiance was great for families, especially those visiting from out of town. It's right across the street from Disneyland, making it an easy choice for a quick meal. The food was served quickly, a testament to an efficient kitchen staff, and the waitstaff was friendly, always ensuring our glasses were full and that our needs were attended to. The Denny's experience was certainly a stark contrast to my usual dining experiences back home. It's a place I would consider revisiting, especially for the convenience it offers to guests in the area. Despite a few hiccups with the menu and service, the friendly staff and the quick service made it a positive experience overall. If you're looking for a decent meal in a clean and welcoming environment, this Denny's near Disneyland is a solid choice.


1560 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim

(714) 635-0933

Reviewed by:

Sandra Aleman

Simply great value for money and a fantastic spot for the kids to enjoy a meal. Unlimited pancakes for $7 is a steal, and the menu offers delicious options without emptying your wallet. Can't beat a T-bone with 3 fried eggs on hash browns for breakfast! The place is clean, the atmosphere is friendly, and the staff are excellent. Do watch out for the photographer selling photo packages – a phone camera can do just fine. This restaurant is a brilliant alternative to Disneyland resort dining, conveniently located just across the street. There's hardly ever a wait, and the servers are consistently friendly and attentive. It definitely earns a high recommendation. On a recent visit, the avocado toast was very tasty. Even though there was a slight disappointment with underdone pancakes and a nearby waiter's unprofessional conduct, the attentive service made up for it. This spot has become a must-go for breakfast when visiting Disney. From French toast to Pumpkin pancakes, everything tried over the week has been enticing. Despite the busyness, one never has to wait too long to be seated. The waitstaff keep drinks full and manage expectations well when the restaurant is full, yet the food arrives promptly, hot, and delicious. The portions are generous, and they're always willing to split an order with a smile. Being open 24 hours, this IHOP is perfect for a filling meal before hitting Disneyland or California Adventure, ensuring both full stomachs and savings inside the park. It's a bustling spot, yet remains clean amidst heavy foot traffic. The balloon artist is a real treat, especially for kids or a festive touch to the meal. Even though it's busy, there is a clear focus on making sure families and children have a great experience. Overall, this place has earned its spot as a favorite for a delightful brunch when the Disney adventure calls.

Brewberry Cafe

1770 S Harbor Blvd Suite 120, Anaheim

(714) 999-6888

Reviewed by:

Ray Castro

Walking into Brewberry Cafe for brunch was quite the experience. The cafe had a cozy vibe to it; it was snug but not too cramped, and although it was a bit loud due to the close seating, it was bearable. The ordering process was straightforward – place your order at the front, pay, and then the food is brought to your table. The menu selection satisfied our brunch cravings. The meat lovers and steak omelettes were packed with protein, and while the amount of cheese was a little more than preferred, it was still tasty. The gluten-free toast was a nice touch, and it paired well with the omelettes. As for my husband, he couldn't get enough of his Mickey pancake – it was not only delicious but also brought a smile to our faces with its cute presentation. During our visit, there was a fitness expo in town, which probably contributed to the cafe being busy. Yes, the wait was longer than anticipated – 45 minutes to order and then a short 10-minute wait for our food – but the staff remained courteous and efficient throughout. One of the highlights was the french toast, which had a delightful taste, although a tad overdone. The hot americano accompanied our meal perfectly, providing a warm, satisfying complement to the food. If visiting during a bustling time like we did, be prepared for a wait due to the cafe's popularity. It's located conveniently close to the Anaheim Convention Center and Disney, making it an ideal spot for a fulfilling brunch. However, if you're seeking a quiet and quick meal, you might want to consider timing your visit to avoid peak hours. Despite the longer wait to order and the lively atmosphere, the experience at Brewberry Cafe was positive overall. The staff's friendliness and the cleanliness of the tables were appreciated. The food was enjoyable – though I would have liked slightly larger portions. In essence, Brewberry Cafe is worth a visit. The tasty food with no significant wait once ordered makes it a spot you'll want to try when you're in Anaheim, especially if you're looking for a place with a bustling and vibrant brunch scene.


1840 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim

(714) 663-1600

Reviewed by:

Frez Riptoe

Absolutely love hitting up IHOP for brunch, especially when I'm in Anaheim. It's like a tradition before a fun-filled day at Disneyland. They never keep us waiting; the service is quick, and the staff is super friendly. There's something about those waffles that just hits the spot, and playing around with different syrup flavors is a blast. My wife always appreciates how attentive they are, even just in pointing out the restroom. The server we had was brilliant – knew exactly how to guide us towards the best deals, and there was no issue getting her attention for refills or anything we needed. The food, oh the food! Cooked just right and delivered fast, even when the place is buzzing. Those hash browns, sausages, and eggs combo is a winner, though personally, I lean more towards the waffles over the pancakes – they're just top-notch. And it's not just the food that's kept clean, but the whole restaurant is spotless, which is always reassuring. On a recent trip with friends, we were heading to the airport for an early flight and decided to drop by IHOP for a quick bite. Our server, Jennyffer, understood our rush and made sure to serve us quickly without compromising on the quality of our meal – talk about efficient! We went for the chicken fajita omelet and some Mexican tres leches pancakes that morning, and they were phenomenal. The omelet, in particular, was a flavor explosion with the perfect amount of chicken. Partnered with the pancakes and hash browns, it was the ideal meal to set us up for the day ahead. Sipping on the black coffee, we had a genuinely great start to the morning. From prompt and friendly service to delicious food, IHOP nails it every time. It's a reliable spot for a satisfying meal before heading out, whether it's to Disneyland or catching a flight. Definitely a must-visit.

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