September 12, 2023

Exploring the 20 Best Brunch Spots in Anchorage

Discover the best brunch spots in Anchorage, Alaska! Enjoy mouthwatering dishes, cozy atmospheres, and exceptional service. From classic eggs benedict to hearty Alaskan seafood, there's a delicious treat for everyone. Indulge in an unforgettable food adventure in the heart of the Last Frontier.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Exploring the 20 Best Brunch Spots in Anchorage
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Venture into the captivating and wild beauty of Anchorage, Alaska and you will be pleasantly surprised by its burgeoning brunch scene. The city offers a plethora of diverse eateries that boast unique and mouth-watering brunch menus. From traditional Alaskan fare cooked with locally-sourced ingredients, hearty American classics, to innovative dishes with global influences, Anchorage is undeniably a paradise for brunch lovers. Let's dive into the city's best spots for a sublime mid-morning meal.


333 W 4th Ave, Anchorage

(907) 277-7332

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Biscuitclub in Anchorage is an amazing place serving delectable biscuits that are wonderfully crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I personally loved the egg and cheese biscuit, especially with the added grilled jalapeños. My husband was a big fan of their biscuits and gravy. Apart from the food, the artwork and the friendly staff add to the charm of this place. Though there is room for improvement in their tea, everything else is spot-on. I would definitely recommend trying the BENNY, a fluffy biscuit with bacon and a scrambled egg, all bathed in gravy. Although access to the restaurant requires a slight detour, the quality of food and service more than make up for it. Definitely, recommend it for a breakfast stop when in Anchorage. It's also worth noting that it's a local, woman-owned business, which we were happy to support. However, the biscuits were slightly bread-like and were priced a little on the higher side. But overall, we enjoyed our meal and the welcoming staff.

Judy's Cafe

11620 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage

(907) 349-5500

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My visit to Judy's Cafe in Anchorage was beyond delightful, perfect for taking my visiting friend on a quintessential Alaskan brunch adventure. We were greeted by a friendly local artist, which set the tone for a genuine and warm local experience. Despite a little wait, the bustling vibe radiated a sense of community, which we appreciated and savored over their strong, good coffee. The meals we chose, the 2x2x2 and the waffle platter, were generously proportioned and absolutely delicious. The service was commendable, with our pleasant waitress enhancing the overall brunch experience. I am particularly excited for my next visit to try their Sunday special, eggs Benedict and biscuits with gravy. I believe that the authentic Alaskan vibe and great service combined with the undeniable delicious food makes Judy's Cafe one of the best breakfast spots in the US. While we didn't taste their coffee, we witnessed continuous refills and courteous attention from the servers. The popularity of this gem was clear, as it was packed even mid-morning, yet the efficient service had us seated in no time. Overall, if you love the charm of mom and pop diners with great food and portions, you will love Judy's. The cash/check only policy is something to bear in mind and they conveniently have an ATM on-site if needed. I can confidently assert that Judy's Cafe is worth every visit on a trip to Anchorage, guaranteeing a solid start to your day.

Kriner's Diner

2409 C St, Anchorage

(907) 929-8257

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Kriner's Diner in Anchorage is the very embodiment of the American Dream. The family-run diner serves sizeable, delicious portions and their commitment to family and faith is palpable. The reindeer sausage skillet made for a delightful breakfast, and the menu, cleverly presented as a newspaper detailing the restaurant's history, added a unique touch to the dining experience. The sourdough bread is a recommended must-try. Although the diner might not be the most aesthetically modern, it provides a hearty meal at a reasonable price. Despite some minor cleanliness issues, I intend to return to Kriner's for their delectable breakfast fare during my next visit to Anchorage.

Snow City Cafe

1034 W 4th Ave, Anchorage

(907) 272-2489

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Snow City Cafe in Anchorage is a local favorite, serving up delicious and hearty brunch options. The eatery is bustling but maintains a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Their range of dishes, from classic eggs Benedict to avocado toast and stuffed French toast, are all delicious and satisfying. Their friendly staff and efficient service enhance the dining experience. The cafe gets busy during summer, but their live waitlist update feature helps manage your time better. Although prices may seem a tad high, with a breakfast plate being over $20, it is well worth it considering the quality of the food. Parking options are available nearby, but plan ahead as there can be a crowd. Overall, an enjoyable brunch experience at Snow City Cafe is a must when in Anchorage.

White Spot Cafe

109 W 4th Ave, Anchorage

(907) 279-3954

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The White Spot Cafe in Anchorage is a hidden gem serving up wholesome, delightful meals in a warm, friendly atmosphere. The reindeer sausage breakfast is a must-try, boasting perfectly cooked home fries and fluffy eggs. The Halibut fish sandwich, a signature dish, was notably fresh and flavorful without being overly heavy. The Smoked Salmon Chowder is another standout, offering a comforting, hearty dish in colder months. The staff are welcoming, knowledgeable, and add to the restaurant's homey vibe. With unique memorabilia decorating the walls and a communal seating arrangement, this cafe offers a charming and inviting dining experience. The unforgettable homemade jams and the clean, well-maintained environment add to the appeal. A visit to The White Spot Cafe is highly recommended for a satisfying food adventure in Anchorage.

Midnight Sun Cafe

245 W 5th Ave STE 106, Anchorage

(907) 743-0572

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Midnight Sun Cafe in Anchorage is a wonderful spot for brunch, with an array of drink options including delightful matcha and a unique 'drink of the month', this time being a captivating blueberry white mocha. The option for gluten-free bread is a big plus, with the sandwich being quite tasty although simple. The location and working hours are both convenient. The cafe's ambiance is boosted by local art adorning the walls and upbeat music that sets a fantastic mood. The staff is quite courteous and friendly, making the overall experience all the more enjoyable. The quality of both the food and coffee is simply amazing. I would highly recommend Midnight Sun Cafe for brunch and am looking forward to my next visit!

South Restaurant + Coffeehouse

11124 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage

(907) 770-9200

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South Restaurant + Coffeehouse in Anchorage is a charming spot with an accommodating staff and top-notch cuisine. Even though the choice was limited when we visited, everything we tasted was phenomenal - from the French dip and mac n cheese with bacon to the cauliflower steak on zucchini noodles. Besides their substantial brunch, we also had a satisfying dinner experience, where we got to sample properly cooked local salmon, fresh vegetables, and even a special off-menu mac and cheese dish. Although the ciopinni soup fell a little short in comparison to the other dishes, their attentive staff immediately offered a replacement. One definite highlight was the "sourdough" gin and tonic made with Alaskan gin, undoubtedly the best one I've ever had. Overall, I'd rate this as a 5/5 meal experience and recommend it for both brunch and dinner. This place also has an interesting layout with the addition of a coffee shop and lounge seating, and I'd love to try out the chef's seating area in the future. A definite gem in Anchorage!

Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant

4333 Spenard Rd, Anchorage

(907) 243-2090

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While my visit to Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant wasn't perfect, it was certainly a positive experience overall. The service was friendly and accommodating, even in those moments when delays occurred. The ambiance of the place was truly appealing, taking you back in time to the charm of Old Alaska. The food was good, though some dishes definitely stood out more than others. While my French toast was a bit lacking in thickness, my partner's reindeer Philly hit all the right comfort food notes, and the pancakes I saw at other tables looked impressively thick and fluffy. I'd recommend the steak for the meat-lovers, despite the accompanying potatoes being instant. The portions are generous to say the least - I couldn't even finish my side of reindeer sausage! While it’s not exactly fine dining, Gwennie's delivered on the promise of satisfying, hearty meals. Next time I find myself near the Anchorage airport with a big appetite, I'll definitely be heading back to Gwennie's for brunch – and I'll be sure to order those pancakes.

Harley's Old Thyme Cafe

7550 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage

(907) 349-8878

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I had an exceptional brunch experience at Harley's Old Thyme Cafe in Anchorage. The food was spectacularly good, with my favorite being the tender and perfectly cooked prime rib and eggs. The service was top-notch with polite and attentive staff. The environment was cozy and welcoming, making our dining experience really enjoyable. My family and I were impressed by the decent prices and generous portion sizes, which ensured we had tasty leftovers to take home. I would highly recommend Harley's Old Thyme Cafe for a satisfying and value-for-money brunch. You definitely won't be disappointed.

Spenard Roadhouse

1049 W Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage

(907) 770-7623

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Spenard Roadhouse in Anchorage provides an excellent brunch experience. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet clean and inviting, with a music selection that enhances the overall environment. The service is delightful and accommodating, allowing guests to feel comfortable conducting work or simply enjoying their meal. The food is above average, offering a diverse menu. Standouts include the veggie Benedict, spare rib hash, reindeer scramble, and particularly notable tator tots. Additionally, the calamari and fried chicken sandwich are must-haves. For a lighter option, the strawberry balsamic salad, which can be topped with any protein, provides a fresh, summer-ready flavor profile. Don't leave without trying the delectable peanut butter pie! Overall, Spenard Roadhouse is a hidden gem in Anchorage for brunch and a place I will definitely visit again.

Jackie's Place Restaurant

2632 Spenard Rd, Anchorage

(907) 274-3211

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Brunch at Jackie's Place in Anchorage was an absolute delight. Despite the initial slow service and minor hiccup with the salty waffles, the food was generally good, with the coffee being particularly enjoyable. The women staffed here were attentive and made it a point to refill our cups regularly, ensuring we were never left wanting. Other standout dishes included the succulent crab legs and the enjoyable seafood chowder. The calamari was also a hit. For breakfast lovers, I highly recommend the Portuguese sausage. I also indulged in a build-your-own omelet which was impeccable, and they even offer the unique option of reindeer. Despite the restaurant being crowded, which is a testament to its local popularity, the service was efficient and friendly. Even though everything is cooked to order, the waiting time wasn't excessive. Prices were reasonable, considering Alaskan standards, and the ample parking is an added bonus. The charming no-frills environment is a true reflection of Jackie's Place's unpretentious and welcoming approach to dining. As a beloved institution in the community, there's no doubt that dining here is not just a meal, but an experience. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Jackie's Place and it's clear why this restaurant holds such a revered place in the Anchorage dining scene.

Kava's Pancake House

100 Muldoon Rd, Anchorage

(907) 332-5282

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Kava's Pancake House in Anchorage offers a variety of unique dishes that are worth every penny. From the huge portions to the super friendly staff, this place is a brunch delight. The standout dishes included the dessert-like stuffed french toast and the flavorful breakfast fried rice. While the nachos could be less greasy and the chips fresher, other dishes like breakfast Beef Teriyaki Fried Rice, Loco Moco versions, and their pancakes make up for it. The Mikes Irish omelette was a delightful treat, with the hash browns, bacon, and mushrooms excellently cooked. Toe-tapping tunes from the '50s to '80s added to the warm, family diner atmosphere. Our server, Ari, was particularly sweet and welcoming. You can expect a solid breakfast and a lovely experience at Kava's Pancake House. Highly recommended!

The Pantry Café

939 W 5th Ave, Anchorage

(907) 276-2219

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The Pantry Café in Anchorage is my favorite breakfast spot offering a strong, non-bitter coffee and a delectable menu featuring real sourdough pancakes, the fantastic paleo eggs, an assortment of omelets including the king crab one, the eggs benedict, and the avocado toast. The service is phenomenal, the workers are friendly and efficient, providing a great haven for a peaceful conversation. The sunlit café also offers a great view of people strolling past the hotel. Notable mentions include delicious egg white omelette with reindeer sausage and slightly undercooked blueberry pancakes. The bacon may be a bit overcooked at times and the fried food smell from the kitchen may be a bit overpowering, but overall, the Pantry café is a beautiful establishment with excellent service and a great breakfast menu, certainly worth a visit. And do ask for Karen if you can, her excellent service and a wonderful attitude are sure to make your breakfast experience even better!

Middle Way Cafe

1200 W Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage

(907) 272-6433

Reviewed by:

I would highly recommend Middle Way Cafe as a brunch destination in Anchorage. Despite its vast size, it maintains a cozy atmosphere with plenty of seating options and a sunny deck for outdoor dining. The menu offers an array of fresh, flavorful options such as the Avocado spring rolls and the vegan Ruben, which remained delightfully crunchy throughout the meal. The soup of the day may vary in taste, but the BLT was solid and satisfying. Pastries were also a delightful treat. The cafe also offers an impressive range of vegetarian and vegan options that are not only delicious but also leave you feeling healthy and satisfied. It's a place that caters to differing dietary needs without compromising on taste. In fact, I found their vegan options to surpass those I've tried in major cities. Overall, Middle Way Cafe is a charming spot for brunch that serves high quality, thoughtful food in a comfortable setting. I left eager to return and explore more of their menu.

Waffle Rush

3048 Mountain View Dr #101, Anchorage

(907) 444-1229

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Waffle Rush is by far the best place for Brunch in Anchorage. With their selection of chicken and waffles (ranging from Tennessee hot to Southern Comfort), you're sure to find something that hits the spot. The owners' passion for their small business is evident in the quality of the food - from the chipotle butter on the Southern Comfort waffles to the perfectly cooked chicken in the Pecan Honey Chicken waffles. Everything seems to be made from scratch, including their buttery and flaky biscuits and gravy. And let's not forget about their dessert option, The Boss, a sweet waffle topped with chocolate, strawberries, and whipped cream. Despite the plastic cutlery, the food is simply divine and worth taking home to enjoy a lovely Sunday Brunch on your own plates. Waffle Rush has the best chicken and waffles and is an absolute must-visit while in Anchorage. Thank you, Waffle Rush, for putting so much love and care into your food.

Sami's City Diner

3000 Minnesota Dr, Anchorage

(907) 277-2489

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Sami's City Diner in Anchorage offers a hearty and diverse brunch menu that caters to all appetites and food preferences. We indulged in everything from a traditional breakfast and a build-your-own omelet, to a huge breakfast burrito. Unique items such as reindeer sausage added to the overall experience, providing a flavorful delight. The service was commendable; despite a slight miscommunication with my order due to my own onslaught of questions, they were quick to rectify it and I was left completely satisfied. The ambiance is reminiscent of a 50s diner, providing a charming escape into yesteryears, amplified by the spotless environment. A slight lack of seating space was the only downside, but overall, it's a definite must-visit place if you're in the area. Their swift service, welcoming staff, notably Samantha, and competitive prices solidify its position as a reliable brunch spot for locals and tourists alike.

Peggy's Restaurant

1675 E 5th Ave, Anchorage

(907) 258-7599

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Peggy's Restaurant in Anchorage is a treasured local spot that offers great value, hearty portions, and an unbeatable diner vibe. Their menu presents a good range of typical American food which, although not overly innovative, remains very tasty. The chef salad, sandwiches and soup fell slightly short of excellent, however, their signature pies absolutely stole the show. A fantastic array of daily specials and mouthwatering pies make it my top choice for lunch. The atmosphere at Peggy's is warm and inviting, with friendly and attentive waitstaff, especially the exceptional Suzi who stands out for her phenomenal customer service. However, a slight understaffing problem was noticed during my visit, which did marginally impact the dining experience. Breakfast at Peggy's is worthy of a special mention. Their delicious spread of eggs, pancakes, biscuits, hash browns, sausage, and bacon was satisfying, with a special commendation for their house-made rhubarb jelly. Despite a few minor hiccups, Peggy's remains an unmissable gem in Anchorage, and I have every intention of returning.

Leroy's Family Restaurant

2420 C St, Anchorage

(907) 279-6162

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My visit to Leroy's Family Restaurant in Anchorage was an absolute delight. Amidst its old-school charm and warm hospitality, particularly from our server Chrystal, this local spot provided a refreshing break from the typical tourist trap eateries. The Philly Cheese sandwich I had for lunch was enjoyable, although I’d recommend the breakfast selections which appear to be their forte. The fries were an absolute treat - perfectly crispy and flavorful. Despite its 'dive' nature, Leroy's has a cozy "Cheers"-like atmosphere that would definitely make it a regular spot if I lived in Anchorage. The staff treats you like a regular, even saying "see ya tomorrow" as we departed. The breakfast we had was satisfying, and the service was top-notch with attentive staff ensuring our coffee cups were always filled. My main criticism would be the quality of the coffee and the somewhat bland biscuits and gravy. But don't let that deter you, as the overall fare was commendable. It's a classic Alaskan diner with generous portions and is quite wallet-friendly, though it currently doesn't operate 24 hours as advertised, closing at 11 instead. In short, Leroy's Family Restaurant offers genuine Alaskan hospitality, a charmingly retro atmosphere, and satisfying comfort food. It's an ideal spot to enjoy a laid-back brunch off the beaten track in Anchorage. I would definitely return to this charming establishment. Four stars.

Village Inn

1130 E Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage

(907) 279-6012

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Despite a few cleanliness issues, my overall experience at Village Inn in Anchorage was positive. With its quaint 70s vibe and consistently pleasant staff, it's certainly a place where you can feel at home. The food was warm, delectable, and reminiscent of other familiar diners like Dennys or Ihop. However, Village Inn stands out from the rest with their exceptional biscuits and gravy - the best I've had since leaving the South! We have made this our new go-to for satisfying morning meals. To mention one server in particular, Leif showcased dedication and attentiveness, embodying the warm and hospitable attitude we've come to love from the staff here. Although there's room for improvement in cleanliness, the fantastic service and delicious food more than compensate for it. I look forward to becoming a regular patron at Village Inn.

Cafe Amsterdam

530 E Benson Blvd #3, Anchorage

(907) 274-0074

Reviewed by:

My trip to Cafe Amsterdam for brunch was nothing short of delightful. Friendly staff, delicious food, and a cozy atmosphere made for a truly memorable meal. A highlight was the Bavarian apple cake that achieved a perfect balance of sweet and tart. The safety protocols in place were commendable and assured us of our well-being. The venue is also conveniently located with ample parking. Though the prices are a bit on the higher side, the quality of food and service justifies it. A must-try is their croissant-based dishes like Croissant Beatrix and Cordon Bleu, perfectly portioned and absolutely delicious. Their excellent service sealed the deal for me and I can't wait to revisit Cafe Amsterdam.

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