September 12, 2023

Brunching in Arlington: Your Guide to the Best Mid-Morning Eateries in Texas

Explore the finest brunch spots in Arlington, Texas. Discover where to savor delicious breakfast-lunch blends, from classic comfort food to innovative fusion cuisine. Your guide to the ultimate Arlington brunch experience.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Brunching in Arlington: Your Guide to the Best Mid-Morning Eateries in Texas
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Texas is known for its diverse food culture, and Arlington is no exception. Nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington offers a rich culinary scene that showcases a blend of traditional southern comfort foods, innovative fusion cuisine, and internationally inspired dishes. Brunch, that joyous meal that combines the best of breakfast and lunch, is a particular standout in this vibrant city. Whether you're craving a hearty stack of pancakes, a healthy avocado toast, or a succulent BBQ Benedict, Arlington's brunch spots have got you covered. This guide explores the best brunch places in Arlington, Texas, offering unforgettable dining experiences to suit every palate.


506 N Center St #7145, Arlington

(817) 801-5541

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Restaurant506 in Arlington is a hidden gem with a beautiful setting and incredible food. From the moment you walk in, the staff provides excellent service and attention to detail. The Chef's brunch is a must-try with wonderful dishes such as crab cakes, angel hair pasta with scallops and shrimp, and pork tenderloin. The bread pudding and Creme Brulee are also not to be missed. The outdoor dining area near the grand courtyard is a perfect location for a romantic dinner or special occasion. Although there was a mix-up with one order, the staff did their best to accommodate gluten-free needs. Overall, diners will have a lovely experience at Restaurant506 and may even return for more.

Bay34th Street Diner

3330 Matlock Rd #100, Arlington

(817) 375-5998

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Bay34th Street Diner in Arlington is a must-visit for brunch. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. The fries are a standout, perfectly seasoned and the chocolate chip banana pancakes are a must-try. The portions are big, so it's perfect to share. The staff is friendly and hardworking, and although the dining room is small, it is definitely worth the wait. The waffle deluxe with strawberries and blueberries is a delectable treat, and the beef bacon is perfect for anyone who is allergic to pork. The fries are hot, fresh, and seasoned, although not necessarily world-famous. Overall, Bay34th Street Diner is a hidden gem in Arlington and highly recommended.

Skillet & Grill Inc

1801 W Division St, Arlington

(817) 795-8682

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Skillet & Grill Inc in Arlington is a great place for brunch. The big open dining room offers table and booth options and the service is quick, friendly, and great. The portions are big and everything tastes great. The prices are reasonable and the portions are very large. The servers offer awesome service and the teddy bear for the kids is a great touch. It is a family-owned and run business. Although there are some minor issues with bacon and pancakes, the overall experience is positive and customers are sure to come back for more.

Pioneer Restaurant

306 109th St, Arlington

(817) 633-4433

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The Pioneer Restaurant in Arlington is a top notch breakfast diner where old school meets great food. The friendly staff and homemade taste of the food make it a must-visit place. The biscuits and gravy, as well as the fried egg sandwich, were exceptional. With affordable prices and large portions, it's a great value for the money. The only downside is that it closes early, so make sure to get there before 2pm for breakfast or lunch.

Division Street Diner

1800 W Division St, Arlington

(817) 274-1606

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Division Street Diner in Arlington is a hidden gem that offers a truly Southern breakfast experience. The servers are warm and friendly, and the clientele is mostly older folks. The food is delicious and comes in large portions at affordable prices. The all-you-can-eat brunch buffet is a must-try, offering a variety of options including eggs benedict, fried fish, ham, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and more. The chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken are cooked to perfection and highly recommended. Overall, Division Street Diner is a great choice for a casual and cozy dining experience.

Oldwest Cafe Of Arlington

4650 Little Rd, Arlington

(817) 563-4778

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Oldwest Cafe of Arlington is a must-visit for anyone in the area looking for a comforting and delicious brunch experience. The portions are large and worth every penny, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. The pancakes are huge and the French toast is the best, along with other delicious breakfast foods. The restaurant is always crowded, but the wait time is not long and the bathrooms are clean. Overall, a great place worth returning to.

First Watch

5001 S Cooper St #101, Arlington

(817) 962-3007

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First Watch in Arlington is a great spot for brunch. The restaurant offers a wide variety of options, including turkey and chicken sausage, gluten-free options, sandwiches, salads, and more. The service is exceptional, with friendly and attentive staff. The atmosphere is bright and cheery, with a diverse group of customers. The food is plentiful, fresh, and beautifully presented. The menu is large and stuffed full of REAL food, including cage-free eggs, multigrain bread, and fresh preserves. The restaurant is tastefully decorated in a modern farmhouse style. Overall, First Watch is a fantastic spot for brunch and definitely worth a visit.

Good Day Cafe

6204 S Cooper St #132, Arlington

(817) 375-8662

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Good Day Cafe is a fantastic home-style cooking restaurant with a fun family atmosphere. Service is fast and the waitstaff is friendly and amusing. Their desserts are unique and delicious, especially the fresh and juicy chocolate strawberries. Although the coffee could be improved, the food is well worth the price, and the portions are generous. A great spot for family and friends, the chicken fried chicken is particularly delicious. The wait staff is courteous and the overall experience is very positive. Highly recommended for brunch in Arlington!

The Tipsy Oak

301 E Front St, Arlington

(817) 962-0304

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The Tipsy Oak is an excellent brunch spot in Arlington with a great atmosphere, delicious food, and fantastic drinks. The lobster rolls were a particular favorite, and the Orange mule mocktail was fabulous. The service was exceptional, with a standout server named Anastacia. The outdoor area is also a highlight, especially the fire pits for colder weather. While there were some minor issues with cramped restrooms and slow service, overall The Tipsy Oak is a cute little spot that's definitely worth a visit.

The Porch Arlington

2504 Little Rd, Arlington

(817) 653-4700

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The Porch Arlington offers a nice, quiet, and cozy atmosphere with friendly and professional staff. The food is tasty and filling, with options for both brunch and lunch. The blackened fish tacos and porch club sandwich are highly recommended. The Bacon Cheeseburger was good, although the kitchen was a bit stingy with the bacon. The presentation of the fries and pancakes was impressive. Overall, The Porch is a great place to enjoy a meal with family and friends and is highly recommended by Arlington foodies.

Mimi's Cafe

301 E Interstate 20, Arlington

(817) 466-3212

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Although there were some negative experiences at Mimi's Cafe for brunch Arlington, overall there were positive experiences as well. The food was delicious and the customer service was great from some of the wait staff members, such as Nestor who was helpful and attentive. However, some diners experienced poor service and felt that the prices were too high for the portions served. Despite these mixed experiences, the efficient table cleaner was a standout positive aspect of the visit.

Lone Star Cafe

1001 NE Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington

(682) 321-7999

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Lone Star Cafe is a charming and welcoming restaurant with excellent service and a diverse menu. While the food wasn't perfect for every dish, overall the meals were delicious. The gravy and fresh fruits were standouts, and the corn beef meal and chicken and waffles were enjoyed by the group. The only drawbacks were overcooked scrambled eggs and rubbery egg mixture on French toast. Despite this, the hospitality and family atmosphere received high praise. Overall, Lone Star Cafe is a great spot for brunch or lunch in Arlington.

Jay Jay Cafe

1001 S Bowen Rd, Arlington

(817) 861-1060

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Jay Jay Cafe in Arlington is a must-visit for anyone who loves comfort food and great customer service. Their chicken fried chicken and chicken fried steak are standouts, while the Nutella crepe could use a bit less filling. The restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes to satisfy all tastes, and the strawberry lemonade is a must-try. Their homemade hamburger buns and authentic pies add to the charm of the place. COVID protocols are in place to ensure a safe dining experience. While the overall cost is reasonable, the food can be hit or miss, but it's definitely worth a visit for the gems on the menu.

The Biscuit Bar

1707 N Collins St #101, Arlington

(817) 873-6330

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The Biscuit Bar in Arlington is a great spot for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The location is convenient, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The food is bursting with flavor and is reasonably priced. Although the reviewer wasn't blown away by the intensity of the flavors, they appreciated the variety of dishes available. The outdoor seating is a bonus and the drinks at the bar are fun and unique. The staff is friendly, making for an enjoyable dining experience. Overall, The Biscuit Bar is highly recommended for anyone looking for a tasty and casual meal.

Rise & Shine

1815 W Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington

(817) 277-3201

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Rise & Shine offers a great brunch experience with excellent service and delicious food. With over 50 omelet combinations to choose from and homemade biscuits, there is something for everyone. The friendly servers, such as Gwen, make the experience even more enjoyable. The reasonable prices and hometown atmosphere make this a great spot for breakfast. However, it is noted that some updates may be needed. Overall, highly recommended for a satisfying brunch.

Breakfast Brothers

130 E Bardin Rd STE 128, Arlington

(682) 323-7584

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Breakfast Brothers in Arlington is a small, but delicious black-owned brunch spot that is worth a visit. The food is flavorful and seasoned to perfection, especially the shrimp and grits and the red velvet waffles. The chicken wings were also a hit. The service is friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is comfortable. The strawberry mimosas are a must-try. While the prices may be a bit steep, it's worth every penny. Plan ahead as the wait for a seat can be 20-30 minutes, but it's worth the wait. Everyone deserves to try the food at Breakfast Brothers at least 10 times!

la Madeleine

4201 S Cooper St Suite 731, Arlington

(817) 417-5100

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La Madeleine in Arlington is a great place for brunch. The staff is friendly and dedicated to upholding the French facade. The gluten-free options are marked on the menu, and the quality and quantity of the food are worth the price. The ambiance, with a lovely fire, adds to the experience. While there may have been a staffing problem on one occasion, the yogurt parfait and Country French Breakfast are always good. However, it's disappointing to hear about mold in the fruit tart and the inconvenience of driving back for a refund. Overall, La Madeleine is a good brunch spot worth checking out.

Egg Bar Brunch

457 E Interstate 20 #121, Arlington

(682) 347-4048

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Despite some negative reviews, Egg Bar Brunch in Arlington has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied customers. Many visitors have raved about the food, which is consistently described as delicious and well-prepared. The menu selection is also praised for its variety and quality. In addition to the food, many customers have praised the service, with particular shoutouts to waitstaff members like Lacey who provide excellent customer service. While some have experienced minor issues with service, the overall impression is that the staff is friendly, attentive, and professional. The restaurant itself is inviting and comfortable, with a full bar and patio seating available. All in all, Egg Bar Brunch is a great choice for anyone looking for a tasty and enjoyable brunch experience.

The Social House

1705 N Collins St #101, Arlington

(682) 276-3830

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The Social House in Arlington is a great spot for brunch with friends. The food is delicious and portions are generous. The Onion Strings appetizer and shrimp and grits are particularly noteworthy. The wait staff is attentive and friendly. The drink options are varied, with frozen drink flights being a highlight. The atmosphere is lively and fun, perfect for a get-together with friends. Overall, highly recommended.

Eso Mimosa Bar

2150 E Lamar Blvd Suite 120, Arlington

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Despite some initial hiccups with seating, the ESO Mimosa Bar in Arlington offers a great vibe and amazing food. The music is lively, and the salmon sliders are particularly noteworthy. While some may find the noise level and party atmosphere a bit much, it's a perfect spot for those looking for a mid-day turn up. The automatic 20% gratuity and use of plastic flatware and glasses may catch some off guard, but the bartenders and servers are incredibly friendly and accommodating. All in all, it's a great place to check out if you want to kick back and enjoy some good food and drinks with friends.

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