January 28, 2024

Feast Like a Master in Augusta with the City's Best Brunch Spots

Dig into Augusta's top brunch spots where the eggs are always sunny, the pancakes stack up, and the mimosas endlessly flow.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Feast Like a Master in Augusta with the City's Best Brunch Spots
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In the heart of Augusta, where the greens aren’t just for golfing, the brunch scene serves up a game of its own. Whether you're in the mood for a classic Eggs Benedict or craving something uniquely Southern, Augusta's brunch spots are on par with the best.

Cafe on 8th

226 8th St, Augusta

(706) 250-0442

Reviewed by:

Bryan Rodriguez

Service with a smile is not just a cliché here; it's a reality. From the moment of walking through the door, the warmth and friendliness of the staff were apparent. The owners themselves were incredibly inviting, not only serving up delicious meals but also recommending other must-visit eateries downtown for future adventures. The level of service was truly superb, making the dining experience all the more enjoyable. This cafe also doubles as a versatile event space, available for rent for both meetings and parties. A feature that, in my opinion, adds to its charm and utility. And let's talk about the food - especially the waffles, which are simply out of this world. Each bite of their one-of-a-kind waffles is a reminder of why this place is worth the visit. The weather had a hand in making the experience even better, as the rain meant no line to wait in. Our food was served promptly, giving us the chance to engage in a lovely chat with the owner. Between my wife and me, we tried the Low Country and the Southern Smile. Both were delightful, though we each had our preference, vowing to return and sample more from the menu. The ambiance was enhanced by the soothing sounds of Christmas jazz, perfectly setting the holiday mood. It's a haven for breakfast and brunch enthusiasts, particularly if waffles are a favorite. We couldn't settle on just one type, so we opted for three different waffles - down home, cauliflower parm, and cinnamon. Each had its unique appeal, with the cinnamon waffle being an absolute showstopper. The cafe offers a cozy setting, with quaint spots to dine both inside and out. For those in a rush, there's the convenience of placing an order ahead of time. It's an excellent spot that marries great food with friendly service, backed by reasonable prices. For anyone looking for a memorable breakfast or brunch experience in downtown Augusta, this gourmet waffle bar is a gem worth discovering.

Metro Diner

2820 Washington Rd, Augusta

(706) 750-0520

Reviewed by:

Han Borges

This morning, my husband had the bright idea to go out for breakfast super early, basically at the crack of dawn because he wanted to drop his truck off for service. We were on the lookout for places that opened early that weren't just your typical Waffle House, and that's how we stumbled upon Metro Diner. And let me tell you, we were far from disappointed! We got there a little after 8 a.m., and right off the bat, we were seated and greeted by Matthew. He was just fantastic - really attentive, made sure to ask if it was our first time there, and was super helpful in giving us recommendations. It's not every day you get service that makes you feel genuinely cared for, but Matthew and honestly, it seemed like all the staff there, really went above and beyond. We noticed that the prices were pretty reasonable, especially considering the generous portions. We even ended up taking some of our meal home for lunch later. The mimosa hit the spot, the restrooms were spotless (which is always a big plus in my book), and there was no issue with parking. Food-wise, it was a hit across the board. Everything came out fresh and hot. The pancakes were a tad chewy for my liking, but the waffle with strawberry butter was divine, and even though the chicken sandwich could have used a bit more kick, it was still tasty. The hash browns could've been hotter, but that's a minor quibble in the grand scheme of things. Despite a short wait to be seated, it was worth it. The food and service didn't disappoint, with a great variety to choose from. It was particularly busy, but we were seated in no time. My wife and granddaughter couldn't get enough of the food and the hot chocolate, and given the reasonable prices, I'm already planning our next visit to try something new. The last couple of times it was just alright - the diner vibe is strong, and there were a couple of misses with the food being a bit off in terms of texture and temperature. But with so many breakfast options out there, it's all about the overall experience to keep drawing people in, and Metro Diner certainly has its charms and strengths.

The Brunch House of Augusta

573 Greene St, Augusta

(706) 305-1508

Reviewed by:

Shawn Riggs

Today was my first visit to The Brunch House of Augusta, and it truly lived up to its reputation as the best brunch spot in town. Despite not having a reservation, our wait was short, highlighting the efficient service of the place. The ambiance was welcoming, largely due to the friendly owner, his wife, and their attentive staff. For my meal, I chose the shrimp and grits with a side of salmon croquette, which was nothing short of phenomenal. My friend opted for the grits with salmon croquette and a side of turkey sausage. Speaking of the turkey sausage, it's a must-try. You can tell it's made in-house with a lot of care and attention to detail. Every bite was a testament to the love and effort that goes into their food. What stood out was not just the quality of the food but also the reasonable prices, making it a great value for a delightful brunch experience. This spot has definitely earned a spot on my list of favorite eateries, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit. For anyone looking for a top-notch brunch experience in Augusta, The Brunch House should undoubtedly be at the top of your list.

Sunrise Grill

3830 Washington Rd #10, Augusta

(706) 228-4883

Reviewed by:

Michael Hassani

We stopped at Sunrise Grill for brunch on our way back home to Charleston, and it was a very satisfying experience. The sweet potato pancakes were a hit with my husband, embodying that genuine southern hospitality we adore. The enthusiasm we saw in the online reviews was well-founded. Staff members were exceptionally friendly, which added to the experience. The menu prices are notably reasonable, especially when comparing to other breakfast spots we've visited. Our server was outstanding, clearly passionate about ensuring guests are happy. However, it's worth noting that if you're someone who loves bold flavors and heavily seasoned food, this might not be your first choice. The cooking style seems tailored more towards those with dietary restrictions rather than those seeking adventurous flavors. We had to switch our initial order due to the lack of taste, and while the replacement was marginally better, it still didn't hit the mark for us. That said, my daughter enjoyed the continental omelet, though I found myself reaching for ketchup, black pepper, and Texas hot sauce to add some zest. Despite this, the value for money and the speed of service are points that can't be ignored. It might have been the fastest breakfast service we've ever experienced, which is saying something. Even on a busy Sunday with a wait time, we chose to eat at the counter and were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency. In summary, while the food might not dazzle those with a palate for rich, bold flavors, the affordability, quick service, and friendly atmosphere make Sunrise Grill a solid choice. The spicy patties were a highlight, and the toast was notably good. If you're in the area and looking for a hearty meal without breaking the bank, it's worth a visit.

Bodega Ultima

353 Highland Ave, Augusta

(706) 426-6661

Reviewed by:

Nylaa Guzman

Stepping into Bodega Ultima for brunch was an experience that immediately charmed me. This cute local restaurant, nestled in a nice part of Augusta, boasts a chic ambiance perfect for a relaxing weekend meal or drinks. With a rotating list of specials and a menu that prioritizes freshness, it was hard not to be intrigued. Upon arrival, the warm greeting set a welcoming tone for the visit. The service, though a tad slow at times, did nothing to dampen the spirit of the meal. Opting for a latte, which you can have with or without alcohol, I found it was quite good, perfectly complementing my choice of a Lox bagel. The bagel itself, which I admittedly dove into before remembering photos, was a delight. The capers and cured salmon were fresh, with the salty-smoky balance of the fish playing well against the crisp veggies and perfectly consistent cream cheese. Not just the food but the company of Ash, the gorgeous, well-mannered dog who seems to be part of the brand, added a unique touch to the atmosphere. It’s not every day you see such a smart and sweet dog enhancing a restaurant's vibe. The outdoor seating area, with its pretty fountain, offered a serene spot to enjoy the meal amidst minimal crowd. The cold brew latte and the serving portions did not disappoint, proving to be amazing value for the price. Returning to try more from their menu is definitely on my agenda, especially after enjoying such fresh, delicious food and receiving lovely service from the staff, including Hannah and Nico on a subsequent visit. Their skill in crafting Cortados and Lattes was evident, making each visit a pleasure. This charming spot in Augusta has successfully made it onto my list of favorites for a breakfast or brunch outing.

Toaste Augusta

1135 Broad St, Augusta

(305) 815-6728

Reviewed by:

Eva Lorraine

Oh my!!! This was the best experience ever! The food was amazing! I ended up eating mine and my daughter's meals! The shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles are to die for!!! The atmosphere was amazing, and the staff was super friendly!!! I will definitely be back my next time visiting this area… I wish I could give 100 stars. I have worked with this business to cater 3 different events, and they nailed it every time! The food was amazing, and the service was fantastic! Definitely book him and his amazing crew for your next event!!! This was the best food and service experience! The Hepsy Grits were DIVINE! The Number 1 pasta was delicious! The serving portions are more than enough to share, and the lemonades… YUM!! AMAZING EVERYTHING!! I had the shrimp grits, French toast, and rose punch. Best Shrimp and grits I have ever had IN MY 42 years. The presentation was awesome, as well as the service and atmosphere. DEFINITELY A VIBE!! If heaven had a restaurant, this would be it. If you’re ever in Augusta or looking for a delicious brunch, go here, you won’t be sorry. Also, the prices are great for the quantity; you won’t be able to finish it. Definitely recommend 10 ⭐️s.

First Watch

630 Crane Creek Dr Suite 405, Augusta

(762) 224-0022

Reviewed by:

Richard Gibson

First Watch in Augusta is a nice spot for brunch, boasting a menu with healthy options, although I find some dishes could pack more flavor. That said, the potatoes are a standout; absolutely delicious and something I find myself craving. Despite the menu being on the pricier side and not the best for those seeking lower calorie meals, the kitchen is very accommodating to substitutions, which is a big plus. The service here never disappoints, adding to the overall pleasant dining experience. Located conveniently by Sprouts, this place gets pretty busy, especially when I dropped by for breakfast. I opted for the Morning Meditation juice and the Morning Market Veg omelette. While the juice is more about health benefits than taste, the omelette was a flavorful journey with its contrasting textures, and I didn't find the need to reach for extra seasoning – a testament to its quality. This isn't my first visit to First Watch, and each time I'm impressed by the refreshing and tasty options on their menu. Even when it's bustling, the wait time is reasonable, usually under 20 minutes. However, it's worth noting that my latest visit wasn't quite up to par with previous experiences. Opting to come during a busy weekend might not have been the best decision. Dining with a group of five meant a bit of a wait for our food, about 10 minutes for us all to eat together, which was a slight inconvenience. The steak burrito I tried was a miss for me personally, with too many conflicting flavors, and the smoke salmon eggs benedict wasn't as good as I remembered, being somewhat cold. Overall, First Watch remains a decent choice for breakfast and brunch, especially if you're looking for something a bit different from the usual fare. While there might be occasional misses, the hits and the accommodating staff more than make up for it.

Edgar's Grille

3165 Washington Rd Suite E, Augusta

(706) 854-4700

Reviewed by:

Tommylee Williams

My brunch experience at Edgar's Grille in Augusta was nothing short of fantastic. The highlight of our meal were the medium rare steaks we both ordered – truly unparalleled in flavor and cooked to sheer perfection. Alongside, the Brussel sprouts managed to steal the show with their unique taste, making them a memorable part of our brunch. My husband opted for the mashed potatoes, which turned out to be exceptionally good. As for desserts, I treated myself to the best Creme Brulee ever tasted. It was a delightful finish to our meal. Our server, Sandra, who also happened to be the bar manager, provided us with outstanding service. Despite the restaurant being extremely busy, she was very attentive and ensured our brunch experience was a smooth one. We're definitely planning on coming back soon - the food here is the best in town! During a business trip to Augusta, taking a customer out to dinner at Edgar's Grille proved to be a great decision. Learning that most of their ingredients are locally sourced and a part of the bill goes towards educational programs at Helms College impressed me greatly. The meal started off on a high note with a delicious roll, and for appetizers, the Burnt Ends and Crispy Pecan Shrimp were simply outstanding. My main dish, the Pan Seared Salmon with a fig glaze, toasted almonds, and sweet potatoes, was absolutely divine. However, there was a slight hiccup as the bar service was running slow, which limited our drink orders. Besides that minor issue, the food quality was enough to make me recommend this place. There was a small mishap during our visit when celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary; my appetizer was forgotten and brought out just as our main courses arrived, which was a bit of a disappointment. Nevertheless, the gesture of a complimentary dessert was appreciated. Choosing Edgar's Grille turned out to be a very good decision, corroborating everything I had heard about the place - great food in abundance and excellent service. The only drawback was the unexpected addition of a 15% service charge to my bill, which I almost missed. It's worth noting for future visits. Overall, my experiences here have been positive, and it’s definitely a place worth visiting when in Augusta.

The Boll Weevil Cafe and Sweetery

10 James Brown Blvd, Augusta

(706) 722-7772

Reviewed by:

Cedric Beale

Went around 11 on a Saturday, and the place wasn’t too busy, which was a nice start. The server was great - attentive and friendly, making sure we were well taken care of. The selection of dishes was decent; I opted for a sandwich which, although tasty, could have been a bit larger for my liking. Accompanying it, I tried the tomato and apple soup but found it a bit lacking in flavor for my taste. However, the pasta dish I sampled afterwards was very good, and the variety of salad dressings on offer were impressive. One thing that stood out was the apple cider ale – it was so good that I couldn't resist having a second. The atmosphere of the cafe added to the experience, cozy and welcoming, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely brunch. Parking in the back was convenient at that time of day, though I can imagine it getting a bit tight during peak hours. Overall, I’m definitely planning a return visit to try more from the menu. It’s a place worth checking out for those who find themselves in the area. The food is unique and leans on the flavorful side, especially when it comes to their sandwiches and soups. With lots of choices on the menu, there’s something for everyone. The standout experience, however, was the dessert. The cake is simply amazing with the cheesecake arguably topping the list. The portions are generous, but it’s the explosion of flavors that truly impresses. Stopping by for some recommended birthday dessert, I was blown away by how moist, delicious, and beautifully presented each cake slice was. Jason, our waiter, was fantastic, going above and beyond by leading the room in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” for my dad, which was a sweet and memorable touch. The lemon blueberry cake, tropical cake, and peanut butter chocolate cake were all exceptional. It’s definitely a place I can’t wait to come back to, not just for the cozy brunch experience but for the desserts that have left a lasting impression.

Waffle House

3042 Washington Rd, Augusta

(706) 860-1888

Reviewed by:

Adrián Azmy

Three of us decided to have brunch at Waffle House, and we couldn't have been more pleased with our choice. Right from the moment we walked in, the atmosphere was welcoming. The tall cook greeted us with a friendly hello, setting a positive tone for our meal. Our waitress, Diane, was fantastic. She was attentive and friendly, always ensuring our glasses of water were full and that our orders were served exactly as we requested. It's not often you find someone so dedicated to customer satisfaction, and Diane's efforts didn't go unnoticed. The food was just perfect. All three orders were cooked to perfection and served quickly. It's refreshing to see a place that maintains high standards for both food quality and service. The menu might be simple, but it's clear they focus on getting it right every time, with very reasonable prices to boot. What impressed us the most was the staff's genuine interest in our dining experience. It’s one thing for your waitress to check in on you, but having the cook inquire about our meal was a touch of service excellence you don’t see everywhere. It was a busy morning, and the place had its moments of being loud, but that's part of the charm of Waffle House. Despite the hustle, Diane noticed our waffle was overcooked without us even mentioning it and promptly had it remade. It’s little things like that which show their commitment to quality. We ordered the BLT and the All Star Breakfast, and both were delicious and served fast. Honestly, it was probably the best food and service I've received from any Waffle House location I've visited. For anyone looking for a hearty brunch with standout service to match, I definitely recommend this place.

Waffle House

1202 George C Wilson Dr, Augusta

(706) 863-7924

Reviewed by:

Erika Riedewald

Brunch at Waffle House in Augusta was a delightful experience that I'm eager to share. The food and service truly stood out, making this visit memorable. During our stay, there was a small mishap with our order, but the way the server and cook handled the situation was admirable; their professionalism turned a potential issue into a moment of genuine human connection. It was refreshing to see that neither the staff nor the fellow customer lost their cool over the mistake. In fact, the customer's dramatic inhale, which I mistook for frustration, ended up being just a sneeze! This Waffle House is easily one of the cleanest and most professional I've stepped into. Deciding to drop in was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but based on this experience, I'm convinced that future visits are inevitable. The server and cook worked in perfect harmony, ensuring that our food was not only served quickly but was also absolutely delicious. However, despite the great experience during the visit, the aftermath left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I fell ill shortly after our meal, which was unexpected and disappointing, to say the least. It seemed like the food was rushed, as it arrived almost immediately after I returned from a quick restroom break. The taste and service were consistent with what one might expect from Waffle House, but the food poisoning that followed is impossible to overlook. This unpleasant experience suggests that this particular location might be grappling with some issues, especially since this wasn't an isolated incident for me. Overall, while the visit itself was positive, highlighted by commendable staff and a clean environment, the health concerns that emerged afterward cannot be ignored. While I hope this was just an unfortunate coincidence, it's something that certainly needs to be addressed.

Waffle House

1627 Walton Way, Augusta

(706) 434-9134

Reviewed by:

Ernesto Hunter

Love the Walton Way Waffle House for brunch in Augusta. The team members here are always so pleasant and super friendly, making every visit a joy. The food here is consistently fresh and delicious. My husband is a big fan of their grilled pork chops - they were recommended to us and truly lived up to the hype. We've visited this establishment at various times, from the early morning to late for brunch, and the staff is always quick to respond and incredibly welcoming. In all honesty, the place tends to get packed during breakfast and brunch times, which speaks volumes about its popularity and the quality of the food. Although there have been minor errors in my order a couple of times, the staff's eagerness to rectify the situation always stands out. Sure, the cleanliness could see some improvement; it's somewhat clean but has room for getting better. And yes, I've had an experience where I left due to a long wait and concerns about cleanliness, noticing areas that clearly needed more attention. However, on most visits, the experience has been pleasant. The service is quite decent, and the food, like the chicken sandwich I last ordered, meets expectations. Even when I've encountered a not-so-clean table, the staff was quick to clean it up before serving the food. The servers and other staff members are really nice, making the dining experience enjoyable. I appreciate the effort they put into ensuring customers are satisfied, which is why despite some hiccups, I would totally come back again. The quality of the food and the friendliness of the staff make it a worthwhile choice for brunch in Augusta.

That Flippin' Egg

3321 Mike Padgett Hwy, Augusta

(706) 432-9393

Reviewed by:

Max Capetillo

First time at That Flippin' Egg for brunch in Augusta and it was delightful. The diner has this funky, old-fashioned vibe that's both inviting and nostalgic. Showing up around 10:30 am meant it wasn’t crowded yet, which was perfect. Decided to go for the ham, sausage, and jalapeño omelet, and it did not disappoint—the jalapeños packed a punch, had to switch to water instead of coffee to tame the heat! The decor was spot-on for a diner like this, filled with interesting items that kept my attention. It added to the whole experience, making it feel like a step back in time to when everything just seemed a bit friendlier and more genuine. Our waitress was a gem, adding to that retro feel with her vibrant personality. Tried the biscuit and gravy as well - absolutely tasty and just the right portion size. It was enough to leave me satisfied without being overstuffed. This place really knows how to do diner food right, keeping everything clean and service friendly. It's got that cute, old-school charm down pat. The service was outstanding, attentive without being intrusive, and kept our drinks refilled. The menu had a good variety, making it hard to choose because everything sounded so good. Even the onion rings were noteworthy for their size and flavor. It’s incredibly clean and parking was a breeze, which is always a plus. Though they haven't got their license for mimosas and bloody marys yet, I'm definitely looking forward to when they do. All in all, a fantastic spot for brunch. Already planning the next visit for Sunday - this place is a must-try!

Waffle House

246 Davis Rd, Augusta

(706) 414-0709

Reviewed by:

Cristopher Morales

My brunch experience at Waffle House in Augusta was truly unmatched. From the moment I stepped in, I noticed it was the cleanest Waffle House I've ever visited. The food was simply great, hitting the spot perfectly. The service stood out for its impeccable nature – attentive and swift, which is exactly what I want when I'm out for a meal. The pricing was just right too, offering great value for the quality and quantity of food served. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. The ambiance was a bit off at first with the waitstaff and cooks engaging in inappropriate conversations, which didn't seem respectful or considerate of the customers present. It took a moment before my daughter and I were acknowledged and seated. And once we were, our waiter seemed to forget about us, only checking in once. We had to go the extra mile to ask for things, which isn't something you'd expect from such an establishment. Despite this, the food's quality cannot be denied. It was delicious, though there were some mishaps like getting the wrong order and not being offered the dark roast coffee I asked for. Also, the bacon was a bit too burnt for my taste. These issues made me reflect on other locations that seemed to maintain a higher standard of service and food preparation. Even with these points of feedback, my overall experience was positive. The clean environment and the delightful meal were the highlights. It's just a reminder that while food can be exemplary, the overall experience heavily depends on the service provided. Hopefully, Waffle House in Augusta takes this as constructive feedback to elevate their customer service to match their fantastic food quality.

Waffle House

4077 Jimmie Dyess Pkwy PY, Augusta

(706) 651-0071

Reviewed by:

Dave Miller

Visiting Augusta for the holidays, I decided to give Waffle House a try for brunch, and honestly, it was a delightful surprise. Unlike the one down the street, this place was a breath of fresh air. The staff were incredibly friendly, and the service was top-notch. Shay, my server, was amazing; he kept my drinks full and had a great attitude throughout my visit - truly made me feel welcome. This location really shattered my initial impressions. Given the area, I had my reservations, but the welcoming atmosphere created by the staff, including Savana who took my order promptly and Bryan who prepared my meal with evident care, quickly put me at ease. Observing Sequoya's interaction with a special needs customer, complete with a dance, was heartwarming and really showcased the kind-hearted spirit of the staff here. For anyone looking for a late-night meal in the area, this Waffle House is a must-visit. The recent remodel has only enhanced its appeal, with a nicely repaved parking lot to boot. It's clear that customer feedback is valued here, as I learned from the owner following a review I submitted. The positive changes made are evident. Despite a less than perfect visit on one occasion due to service delays and an unfortunate experience with a different server’s attitude on another visit, the professionalism and kindness of the staff have been consistent highlights. Even when faced with challenging customers, their composure is commendable. This Waffle House has become a staple for my visits to Augusta, not just for the food, but for the exceptional service and the evident effort put into continuously improving the dining experience. It's places like this that remind you of the importance of giving establishments another chance to impress you, as they often do.

Waffle House

3417 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta

(706) 738-0020

Reviewed by:

Sã Krum

My visit to Waffle House in Augusta for brunch was an experience worth sharing. The food was absolutely delicious and seasoned to perfection. Both my husband and I found our meals not only satisfying but also quick to arrive at our table, hot and neatly packed, which was impressive given how busy they seemed to be. There was a slight mix-up regarding the dining arrangements due to the server being the only staff member on duty. We were initially informed our meals would be packed as to-go orders, despite us dining in, which was slightly unusual but understandable under the circumstances. However, we were taken aback by an additional charge related to this setup on our bill. This was a bit disappointing, especially considering the noticeable increase in prices compared to a couple of years ago. Despite this hiccup, the food quality truly stood out. The double bacon cheeseburger and double hash browns I ordered were exceptional - hot, fresh, and made to order, exactly as I like. Our server, Lacy, was a highlight of our visit as well. Her attentive and sweet nature made our meal more enjoyable, cementing my decision to definitely return soon. The food was awesome, the service was awesome, making it a fantastic way to start the day with breakfast at this Waffle House location. Overall, despite a minor issue, the experience left a positive impression and I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Waffle House

2951 Washington Rd, Augusta

(706) 733-3211

Reviewed by:

Piers Isabella

Driving to Tennessee, we found ourselves at Waffle House in Augusta for brunch, arriving well into the night on Thursday. From the moment we entered, the welcoming greeting from the girl behind the counter made us feel instantly at home, as if reuniting with an old friend. The service we received was exceptional; it was clear that customer satisfaction was a priority here. For the first time ever, my request for “extra crispy” hash browns was met with perfection. The chef didn't just cook; he catered to our preferences by generously adding all the extra veggies we asked for. The servers weren't just serving; they were enhancing the atmosphere, cleaning while singing, contributing to the good vibes despite the early hours. Situated at a convenient walking distance from my hotel, this Waffle House offered more than just good food and service. It was a quiet oasis at 3 or 4 in the morning, a comforting pause on a long journey. Our server was particularly remarkable. She didn't just serve us; she went the extra mile for my family. Turning my daughter's waffle into a Mickey Mouse shape was a simple gesture that delighted her beyond words, and preparing a second one for her to take away was thoughtful. Her kindness and warm spirit didn’t go unnoticed; we were deeply appreciative of the loving service. Everyone working that night contributed to making our experience memorable. The food was delicious, the ambiance was friendly, and the workers were genuinely nice. For anyone looking for a late-night spot, this Waffle House in Augusta is, without a doubt, the best location.

Waffle House

1096 Claussen Rd, Augusta

(706) 733-4992

Reviewed by:

Mohamed Alcantar

I had a fantastic brunch experience at Waffle House in Augusta. Decided to go for an unconventional morning meet-up and ordered online for pickup. Although there was a mix-up with my order missing Bert's special chili on top of the hashbrowns and a wrong sandwich, I've got to say, the food itself was top-notch. The temperature of the food was just right, and everything tasted delicious, despite the little hiccup in the order. Picking up the order at 2:33 am was a bit of an adventure, with some initial confusion on arrival, but all was soon forgotten once I got home and dug into the meal. The staff, though overwhelmed, showed immense dedication, especially the cooks who managed to deliver such delightful food amidst the chaos. The restaurant may not have been in its prime condition, but the quality of the food spoke volumes. The Waffle House coffee alone was worth the trip, offering that unique comforting taste that I've come to adore. And the grilled chicken breast? Absolutely the best I've had in a long time. It's clear the kitchen staff are talented and passionate about what they serve. Despite the rocky start, this visit has cemented Waffle House as my go-to spot for brunch in Augusta. I'm already looking forward to my next visit, dreaming about steak, eggs over easy, grits, and Bert's chili all mixed together – a nostalgic dish Gordon Hwy used to make for me. Here's to hoping it becomes a new Friday tradition. The attentive staff and the remarkable flavors have made me a regular. Waffle House, you've won me over once again.

Waffle House

3164 Deans Bridge Rd, Augusta

(706) 790-4759

Reviewed by:

Lupe Amor

Food was delicious as always. Could never get tired of WAHO. My order included scrambled eggs, crisp golden hash browns, a waffle, and buttery toast. The service was great! Our server was on point and very attentive. This is one of my most favorite locations, so go see them. I opted for the all-star but swapped out grits for a waffle for just $1 extra, making my total like $13. You all better run to Waffle House and get on this. The lady with locs in a ponytail really knows her way around the kitchen! And I saw it with my own eyes! Lol. The two gentlemen working were very pleasant, greeted us upon entry, and were prompt in taking our order. The cook made sure our food was just right, and they both kept checking to see if we needed anything. Their teamwork and service were impressive. The food came out faster than expected, the service was great, and the workers were courteous and clean. Based on today's visit, this is a great location.

Waffle House

1629 Gordon Hwy, Augusta

(706) 798-5596

Reviewed by:

Arturo Jung

This Waffle House in Augusta is definitely a spot I enjoy visiting for brunch. The location is pretty great – it’s clean, comfortable, and thankfully, it doesn’t attract the late-night nightclub crowd. Whether I’m there early in the morning or making a late-night visit, the experience is always pleasant. The staff here are something special. My waiter was incredibly nice and polite, always on top of things, ensuring my drink was never empty. The food hit the spot, though I must say, the tea was a bit on the sour side and the absence of gravy was noticeable. But these are minor gripes in an otherwise lovely dining experience. I feel like I’ve become part of the Waffle House family; it’s like I’ve been adopted by them. Everyone from Maddy, Karen, Moe, Jonathan, Kevin, Chantel, KK, to Olivia on Wheeler Rd – they’ve all shown me such kindness and positivity. They’ve welcomed me with open arms and honestly, it feels like I’m the Waffle House mascot at this point! Their warmth and dedication really make each visit remarkable. Aside from the fantastic staff, the service here is quick and efficient, even when I’m ordering for a group of 7. It’s this combination of friendly, welcoming staff and prompt service that makes this particular Waffle House a favorite spot of mine for brunch in Augusta.

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