November 28, 2023

Best Brunch Places in Austin [2023]

Explore Austin's best brunch spots with this guide, offering a variety of mouth-watering dishes to suit every taste and preference.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Best Brunch Places in Austin [2023]
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When it comes to brunch, Austin has an abundance of options that cater to every taste and preference. From classic Tex-Mex breakfast tacos to indulgent French toast and everything in between, Austin's brunch scene has it all. In this guide, we will take you through some of the best brunch places in Austin that will leave you wanting more!

Corner Restaurant

110 E 2nd St, Austin

(512) 608-4488

Reviewed by:

David Touloute

I had the pleasure of dining at Corner Restaurant for brunch during my visit to Austin and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the experience. The restaurant itself is wonderfully decorated, oozing sophistication and charm. Although I initially felt that the menu didn't quite match the grandeur of the setting, I was proven wrong as soon as the food arrived. The service was outstanding, from the get-go. My server Matt was incredibly gracious and helpful, guiding me through the menu and offering spot-on recommendations. I was urged to try the cornbread skillet, which turned out to be an absolute delight. The customer service was top-tier, easily one of the best I've experienced. The shining star of my entire visit, however, was the food. Everything was served promptly and tasted divine. I tried every appetizer on the menu and was impressed by each one. The standout dish for me was the burger, cooked exactly to my preference - medium rare. I would highly recommend not overlooking this gem simply because it's attached to a hotel. I became a fan of their brisket tacos during my first visit and they were just as mouthwatering this time around. The outdoor seating adds another layer of desirability to this already appealing venue. In conclusion, Corner Restaurant provided a fantastic brunch experience. From the delectable food to the top-notch service, everything was spot-on. Next time I'm in Austin, you'll definitely find me re-visiting this place!

Corinne Austin

304 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin

(737) 787-7018

Reviewed by:

Geo Thornton

My first visit to Corinne Austin was a delightful experience. Our server, Sarah, was the epitome of professionalism. She was warm, friendly, and proved to have a deep knowledge of the menu. The service, from start to finish, was seamless and made our dining experience feel very personal. Our previous dining experience that day had been disappointing, but upon setting foot in Corinne, we felt immediately uplifted. The food was incredible, particularly the scallops which Sarah had recommended we add to the pasta dish. They were so good that the chef made a point to come out and introduce us to the line cook who'd prepared them. I enjoyed Corinne so much that I went back the following night. The food and service remained consistently top-notch. The bread pudding and the key lime pie both came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We did, however, find that the dishes were served all at once, which was somewhat amusing rather than a big concern for us. The overall quality of food was good, though some dishes like the mashed potato which came with the braised wagyu were a bit too salty for my taste. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Corinne Austin. The food, service, and atmosphere exceeded our expectations. Hats off to Sarah and her team for making our dining experience so memorable.


621 Congress Ave. Suite 101, Austin

(512) 982-6766

Reviewed by:

Jorge Johnson

I had a fantastic brunch experience at Caroline with my daughter amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy Sunday during the Austin Film Festival. Despite the adjacent civil march, the restaurant stood as a cosy refuge from the cold wind that day. The unique smoky espresso roast at Caroline made for an exquisite burnt marshmallow latte and a delightful regular cappuccino. My choice of 'eggs your way' with accompanying smashed potatoes and toast was satisfying, while my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the peppery crispy chicken with sweet waffles and maple syrup. Despite the crowd, the atmosphere was cosy rather than crammed. Our table was only cleaned upon our arrival, and our diligent waitress made sure our experience was smooth, with the food being served directly by the kitchen staff. Future visits to Caroline are definitely on the cards. The breakfast options here are quite appealing. Notably, their avocado toast, breakfast tomatoes, and heirloom tomatoes are worth trying. The coffee here is also top-notch. All in all, the charm of Caroline is complemented by their quality menu and attentive staff, particularly our waiter, Aaron, who was professional and prompt. I've found myself continuously returning to Caroline during my mornings in Austin this week, and it's safe to say I plan to continue my visits. The great menu offers a good variety but isn't overwhelmingly vast. The outdoor patio seating is really beautiful and adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Caroline for anyone looking for a lovely breakfast/brunch spot in Austin.

Stella San Jac

310 E 5th St., Austin

(512) 792-5648

Reviewed by:

Philip Dmom

I recently had brunch at Stella San Jac in Austin, Texas and I was greatly impressed. Starving and ready for a hearty meal, I was delighted by the flavorful fried avocado salad and salmon dip. The staff was very professional, allowed me to work for hours and kept my water filled even after closing my tab. The atmosphere was bright and appealing, decorated with a touch of greenery, and the menu revealed a modern take on Southern cuisine with its carefully crafted recipes. The dishes were packed with flavor and the drinks were well-made. Our server, Logan, was attentive and ensured that our coffee was always filled. For brunch, I highly recommend their lemon pancakes and the salmon Benedict. Logan suggested we pair it with avocado - a suggestion that turned out to be fantastic. The pancakes were well made, though I personally prefer traditional maple syrup and a generous helping of butter. The salmon Benedict, on the other hand, was simply perfect. The coffee wasn't my usual choice - it was Starbucks - but it was quite good. The hashbrown was a standout, with a delightful cheesy flavor, thick and perfectly cooked. The overall experience at Stella San Jac was simply amazing. The food and wine were top-notch and the service was exceptional. Our server offered useful recommendations and was very friendly. This place is a must visit and I am certainly going back the next time I am in Austin.


1203 E 11th St, Austin

(512) 270-9980

Reviewed by:

Carlos Guerra

Paperboy is certainly worth the hype and the advanced reservation. The food both looks fantastic and tastes amazing. The hash browns are worth a try, unique in their gourmet McDonalds-like quality. It's a popular spot, so try to book early or you may miss out on some of the mouth-watering pastry options. I loved the diverse and reasonably priced menu, filled with Mexican-inspired dishes. I tried the seasonal toast, fried chicken, and the classic eggs and bacon breakfast, all of which were delightful. I'd advise a visit in the late morning on the weekends to avoid a long wait. I particularly enjoyed dining on the second-floor patio, which offers a relaxed outdoor environment complete with sun umbrellas and cooling fans. It's a bit of a small spot though, so keep that in mind if you're planning a group brunch. The steak and eggs with the cheddar hash brown were fantastic, the steak perfectly tender. The wait for our food was a little long but the end result was well worth it. As a lovely surprise, we were given complimentary rice crispy treats at the end of our meal. Lastly, don't miss out on the fried chicken. Crispy, with a savoury hot honey sauce, it's arguably the best in Austin. I'd definitely recommend making a reservation, but you can always try your luck with a walk-in. The wait times can vary, but trust me, it's worth it!

Another Broken Egg Cafe

8012 Mesa Dr, Austin

(512) 842-4022

Reviewed by:

William Javali

My visit to Another Broken Egg Cafe for brunch in Austin was an overall pleasant experience. Upon our arrival, we were immediately seated and offered a complimentary appetizer due to being first-time guests. Our server, Suzi, provided us with excellent and prompt service. The menu was a bit on the pricier side, averaging about $36 per person, but the quality of the food was worth it. I particularly enjoyed the fresh fruit and the perfectly cooked hash brown Benedict. One notable aspect was their ability to accommodate a large family gathering of 21 people. Instead of the initially offered three reservations for seven people each, they managed to arrange a table for 13 and another for 8, maintaining a gap for the walkway. This adjustment was a nice touch that contributed to a smooth brunch. The food was truly delicious. I had the shrimp and grits along with a coffee, both of which were extremely tasty. The place was a bit crowded, and the lobby area was small, but the staff was able to handle the rush efficiently. What stood out to me was the variety of menu options, especially the numerous Benedict variations and the seasonal menu. There's something for everyone's palate, along with a good variety of drinks. The staff were super friendly and attentive, adding to the overall positive environment. I found that the cafe tends to get busy in the morning, so early arrival is recommended to avoid the wait. Over the course of my family's frequent visits, this place has never failed to impress us. Their Benedict burger and Strawberry pound cake French toast, along with their good quality Colombian coffee, are some of our favorites. In conclusion, Another Broken Egg Cafe is indeed a brunch heaven, and I would definitely recommend joining their waitlist at least 30-40 minutes ahead on busy weekends. Looking forward to our next visit!

Phoebe's Downtown

408 W 11th St, Austin

(512) 359-8338

Reviewed by:

Steven Rodriguez

If you're in need of a killer breakfast spot, I'd highly recommend giving Phoebe's Downtown in Austin Texas a try. I visited for brunch on a Tuesday morning and found the place to have a clean, modern aesthetic that was incredibly pleasing. Our waitress was welcoming and had fantastic suggestions. We started with the South First Tots, Corn Bread, and The Cheeky Monkey - all of which were terrific. I also opted for the Deep Fried French Toast - a delightful choice I would highly recommend. There's a certain charm to Phoebe's that resonates throughout your entire visit. The staff are all friendly and the service is top-notch. I particularly enjoyed the Chunky Monkey and banana nut bread French toast - but I think the winner of the day has to be the French toast. The coffee with ice cubes was an exceptional touch, and the enchiladas were heavenly. Seating was efficient thanks to their online waitlist and once we were settled, the staff were quick to recommend the best deals on drinks. Our order was diverse, from the slab bacon, biscuits and gravy, to the chorizo hash and Phoebe’s Benedict. The bacon is a must-try, and while there were a couple of inconsistencies with the biscuits, the food was overall excellent. In my opinion, Phoebe's Downtown offers good value for the fantastic food and service they provide. Next time I'm in Austin, I'd love to return. It's a great spot if you're in the mood for a hearty brunch or a quick, delectable breakfast.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

1700 S Lamar Blvd Suite 301, Austin

(512) 428-8444

Reviewed by:

Linda Kuritz

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery in Austin, was a must-try place recommended by my friends and family when I visited the town. Although the wait was a bit long, the fantastic food made it well worth it. The restaurant had a cool, classic atmosphere with a diverse music selection that perfectly matched the vibe. The food was nothing short of amazing with both taste and presentation being utterly on point. I sampled a variety of dishes as I was dining with my family, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. While service could have been a bit quicker, the waitress was very pleasant. The dishes we tried were the French toast and pork belly Benedict, with the latter being a first for my friend. His reaction to the Benedict was priceless, a simple "oh my god". The use of fresh ingredients and the love and care put into the preparation of the food were evident. The menu had an extensive selection of dishes, and I eagerly look forward to trying more on my next visit. Waiting times can be variable depending on the day, so I would suggest getting there early to enjoy the wide array of delicious food on offer. I personally recommend trying the Spuds Deluxe and a Pancake flight for a truly 'Snooze' experience. Over the years, I have tried different items on the menu and I've never been disappointed. I've been a loyal fan of Snooze for many years now, and I always make it a point to split the Spuds Deluxe and a pancake flight with my dining companions because the hash browns and pancakes are absolutely delicious and the portions generous. Not to mention, I adore their coffee mugs, I just wish they were for sale! In conclusion, Snooze is a place that consistently delivers on service and food quality. If you're in Austin and craving a delectable breakfast or brunch, it's a place I highly recommend visiting.

Arturo's Underground Cafe

314 W 17th St, Austin

(512) 469-0380

Reviewed by:

Lisa B Markowski

I've been to Arturo's Underground Cafe a few times now and it's been wonderful every time. My favorites are the Scrambles, the Benedicts, and the Migas - not to mention the fantastic French toast. The queue tends to move quickly and there's both underground and outside seating, providing a comfy, snug atmosphere. The staff are always friendly and attentive, making it the perfect brunch spot in this part of town. The cafe is a cozy, hidden gem just a short walk from campus. I stopped in while visiting for a Longhorns game and wasn't disappointed. The wait time, even when busy, isn't bad at all. Inside seating involves heading down a flight of stairs, creating a real underground vibe with speedy, amiable service. On top of their scrambles and signature dishes, I highly recommend the French toast. Tucked into midtown, the cafe sits in an old brick building, serving up sandwiches, tacos, and an amazing weekend brunch. All of their food is creatively designed and consistently delicious. One of my favorites is the BLT, served on jalapeño sourdough - it has just the right amount of kick. It's so good that's all I get from the brunch menu. Their breakfast tacos are another solid way to start the day. The staff is always friendly, treating customers with kindness and enthusiasm. I was extremely satisfied with their mocha coffee and breakfast tacos, plus their iced coffee was a pleasant surprise. Despite the kitchen being on the main floor, the staff was dedicated to bringing our food directly to our table, making for an even more enjoyable dining experience. The underground seating really adds to the ambiance, making Arturo's Underground Cafe a unique and delightful spot for brunch.

Sawyer & Co

4827 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin

(512) 531-9033

Reviewed by:

Natasha Abdur

I had an incredible brunch experience at Sawyer & Co in Austin. I was part of a large group, yet the service was top-notch. The brunch and drink menus are extensive, with lots of options to choose from. For drinks, I recommend their Bloody Mary's - they come oversized with a biscuit and a large piece of bacon on top. As for the food, the servings are generous - classic diner portions. The interior is mid-century modern, which perfectly blends with elements from the original 1940s building. Our server, Jess, was friendly and well-informed about the menu. The food here is simply fantastic, especially the Louisiana Cajun dishes. Be warned, the cocktails are potent, but the food is even better! I arrived around 8 pm after finding De Nada packed to capacity. I sampled a few dishes, but my favorites were the fried pickles and chicken fried chicken NOLA style - absolutely delectable. I am already eager to return! This spot provides a unique local 'diner' experience. One time, I sat at the counter and ordered the ½ Fried Catfish Po-Boy Sandwich. The food came out quickly, it was hot and delicious, especially the bread they used for the sandwich. The general mood here is always great. I would highly recommend Sawyer & Co, whether you're looking for breakfast or lunch.

Magnolia Cafe

1920 S Congress Ave, Austin

(512) 445-0000

Reviewed by:

Clarisa Pawlusiak

My first time at Magnolia Cafe was an absolute delight! Despite a bit of a wait due to its popularity, there was plenty to keep us occupied nearby and the time passed quickly. Our server, John Mark, greatly enhanced our experience with his humor and attentiveness. The food was scrumptious. We started with the artichoke dip and queso with beans, both packed with flavour. For the main course, I enjoyed some hearty breakfast tacos that left me perfectly satisfied. And the variety offered by the rest of the group's orders was impressive! The weekend rush might necessitate a bit of a wait but trust me, it's worth it. Their benedicts and omelets are foolproof options, as well as their breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal and pie. Plus, they have daily specials so make sure to check the board for those hidden gems. On a final note, their Bacon Swiss and Voodoo Spice burgers left a lasting impression with their juicy and well-seasoned meat, paired with their perfectly seasoned home fries. All in all, I can't wait for my next visit to Magnolia Cafe and I highly recommend it for a great brunch spot in Austin!

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

3800 N Lamar Blvd Suite 120, Austin

(512) 410-0670

Reviewed by:

Jack Williams

From the moment I walked into Snooze, an A.M. Eatery in Austin, I was met with friendly and welcoming staff. The food was thoroughly enjoyable, with the exception of my wife's meal arriving slightly cold. Service was prompt and we didn't have to wait for an extended period of time, which was a pleasant surprise. As far as the food goes, the French toast was delightful - it was a perfect balance of sweet but not overly buttery. A pleasant surprise was their fried rice with pork, which was more than satisfactory. Although the ambiance was modern and appealing, I must admit I was somewhat disappointed with the coffee, which tasted a bit watered down and I could taste the filter paper. But don't let my high coffee standards discourage you, as I consider myself quite the coffee connoisseur. For a better coffee experience, I recommend trying Another Broken Egg's single origin coffee. In spite of the coffee, the overall experience was positive with decent food. Be prepared for it to be busy during weekends, so I suggest booking or joining the waitlist in advance. In terms of rating, the food was top-notch, especially the pancakes, French toast, and Bravocado toast - I would rate them a 5 out of 5. The ambience was also pleasant, scoring a 5. However, the service, albeit satisfactory, was slightly slow earning a 4 out of 5. I would recommend Snooze for a hearty brunch but be prepared for a potentially cold atmosphere and average coffee.

Josephine House

1601 Waterston Ave, Austin

(512) 477-5584

Reviewed by:

Michael Lefont

I recently had an absolutely delightful brunch at Josephine House in Austin. This place is like a fancy farmhouse with its delicate interior decor and the elegant ambiance truly enhances the overall dining experience. One must not miss out on their delicious mimosas and the lemon ricotta pancakes which were incredibly good. The service here is notably amazing, although make sure you have a reservation as this popular spot fills up quickly. I appreciate the fact that they even have outdoor seating which is dog-friendly. When it comes to the menu, their unique dishes truly stand out, offering a genuine taste of the local atmosphere. From pancakes to huevos rancheros, every dish was tasty. Though the prices are a bit on the higher side, the quality of the food and the overall experience makes it worth it. The space is bright, airy yet homely. I visited with a group of 8 and they accommodated us comfortably, following a reservation made a couple of weeks in advance. We enjoyed mimosas made with fresh orange juice and some mouth-watering pastries. A special mention goes to the burrata and melon salad which was a hit amongst all. We chose to Uber as only street parking is available. The patio is shaded, adding to the relaxed feel of the place. This restaurant offers more than just brunch. We had dinner here and it was a fantastic experience. The service was top-notch, the food delicious and a half-price wine bottle offer was a cherry on top. The ambiance, complete with nice heaters for sitting outside, was just perfect. Without a doubt, I will be coming back to Josephine House again!

Pacha Organic Cafe

2915 Guadalupe St, Austin

(512) 420-8758

Reviewed by:

Maria Smith

I was really impressed by the charming yellow building of Pacha Organic Cafe. The staff was helpful and the brunch menu was quite interesting. I tried their salmon plate, which had lots of sides but could use a bit more salmon. I also tried their unique pear bacon scallion - the portion size was generous but the textures were not quite to my taste. However, the vanilla hazelnut latte, recommended by the cashier, was simply delicious! Their pancakes are surprisingly large and the Bacon Cheese Pancake, despite being $10, was worth every penny. I also found their hot sauces to be a great addition. Their French Toast was pretty good too, especially with the maple-pecan-espresso butter, and the quiche was delightful. And, they have self-serve drip coffee which was really good. However, the seating and parking is limited, so bear that in mind. They do have a few patio tables outside though. The breakfast options were great and cater to different dietary needs. My son enjoyed his omelet and their espresso drinks are superb. Truly, my cafe experience couldn't have been better. The service was fantastic and the ambience was really relaxing. I would highly recommend this spot for a relaxing brunch.

Counter Cafe

1914 E 6th St, Austin

(512) 351-9961

Reviewed by:

Ann Cargo

My brunch at Counter Cafe in Austin was a delightful experience. The ambiance was quaint and charming, and our server was attentive, although the wait time for food was a tad lengthy. I indulged in the honey butter chicken biscuit and its freshness and crunchiness were amazing. Add a dash of honey, and it was simply divine! The French toast special was hands down, the best I've ever tasted. Counter Cafe captures the essence of a classic diner with its table service and fantastic breakfast. Its Counter Burger is unrivaled and the diverse mix of people, both staff and customers, added to the lively atmosphere. However, the service could've been better with more frequent check-ins and a more pleasant attitude from our waitress. Despite the minor hiccups in service, the food was consistently appetizing. The discovery of tomatoes in my sandwich, even after specifying my allergy, was unfortunate, but didn’t detract from the overall taste. Observing the open kitchen prepare my meal was an added perk of sitting at the counter. While the coffee options were limited to drip coffee, the fresh-squeezed orange juice more than made up for it with its refreshingly tangy burst of flavor. Their biscuits and gravy are a personal favorite, and their Bloody Mary was a treat. If looking for a cozy spot for breakfast or brunch, Counter Cafe could be your new go-to place in Austin.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

1109 E 5th St. Suite 180, Austin

(512) 886-1550

Reviewed by:

Seth Ghazal A G

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery in Austin and it was a splendid experience. The service was efficient and the staff was a delight – they were friendly, accommodating, and truly helpful. The food was simply fantastic, with the burrito being an absolute standout. Despite its impressive size, I couldn't resist finishing it. The restaurant was bustling and had a lively atmosphere with an upscale vibe and some great music. I must say, being a popular spot for brunch, there’s usually a wait but, thankfully, the line moved at a decent pace. But still, I’d recommend getting on the waitlist online to save some time. In terms of the food, the menu was packed full of quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients, reflecting the business’s commendable progressive mission. My coffee was decent, and I heard great things about their smoothies too. What stole the show, though, were the pancakes which were worth every penny, despite the prices being on the higher side. And I can't recommend the pancake flight enough – perfect for sharing with your table. On a different visit, the Benedict was perfectly cooked, and their burgers and hash browns were extremely tantalizing. One thing to note though is that the hash browns have a strong onion flavor, something to be aware of in case that's not your preference. All said and done, Snooze proved to be an excellent choice for a Saturday brunch during my Austin trip. This place is definitely worth the wait, I can't recommend it highly enough.


605 Davis St, Austin

(512) 476-4755

Reviewed by:

Braulio Brant

Geraldine's absolutely nailed brunch. The French toast towered on my plate and every bite was a dream, with the green juice proving to be a refreshing accompaniment. The place itself is a visual treat with options for indoor and outdoor seating, the latter offering a poolside view. The bar area is also noteworthy, boasting a myriad of delectable cocktails. And if you're lucky, your meal might just be accompanied by some live music! The service was commendable, though the brunch menu did seem a tad limited. I had a minor complaint about a blueberry muffin that only had one blueberry in it. I pointed it out, only to be served another muffin with just three blueberries. It was far from a dining disaster, but surely a bit more attention could have been paid to detail. Despite that minor hiccup, I would still highly recommend Geraldine's for brunch. The chilaquiles were to die for. The beverages we tried, the Brunchelada and Morning Joe, were picture perfect and tasted even better. Our Friday night dinner was visually appealing but left a bit to be desired. The appetizers were decent, but the main course was lukewarm and the side of grits rather bland. The nightlife vibe and the drinks were the saving grace of the evening. So if you're considering a visit, I'd say go for the brunch.

Café No Sé

1603 S Congress Ave, Austin

(512) 942-2061

Reviewed by:

Lexie Davis

I had a wonderful brunch experience at Café No Sé on Congress! Whether you're in need of a quick bite or looking for a relaxed, family-friendly venue, this café ticks all the boxes. Our server, Hari, was fabulous! I had the ham and cheese croissant paired with their tomato soup - a delightful combination on a chilly day. Plus, their in-house baked fresh pastries are simply to die for. I can't wait for my next visit. Their kouign amann and morning bun are both worth trying, but I'd say the mains like the lemon hotcakes and cowboy breakfast plate can be given a pass. The bonus? They offer parking validation! I must say the service was quite disappointing. After seating us, our server was hardly to be seen. We had to go out of our way to get her attention for anything from ordering food to clearing our table. The time taken for the check and payment process was downright tedious. Regardless, it's the splendid view of South Congress that truly sets the tone for a great brunch or dinner with friends. While the food may be average, their drinks are commendable. If you ask me, their bakery definitely outshines their kitchen.

First Watch

2525 W Anderson Ln. Bld 3, Ste. 140, Austin

(512) 452-3447

Reviewed by:

Freesha Vitteri

My recent visit to First Watch in Austin for brunch was fantastic. The service was significantly improved, with an attentive and friendly server named JR who went the extra mile to ensure a delightful dining experience. The food was delicious, offering a wide variety of breakfast options with great attention to detail. Unlike my previous visit where the wait time was longer, this time the food arrived promptly, adding to a smoother dining experience. Moreover, the cleanliness issue I had referred to in my previous review was completely resolved, rendering the restaurant spotless. The standout, though, was the waffles and chicken omelette I ordered, both of which tasted great. I even tried the "Morning Meditation" drink and found it to be the best beverage I've had at a brunch place so far. I highly recommend First Watch to anyone seeking a outstanding breakfast. Thank you First Watch for a wonderful experience!


1900 Rio Grande St, Austin

(844) 720-1497

Reviewed by:

Juan Keller

I ended up at Goodall's after finding The Parlor was not yet open, and I am glad we did. Our server, Maddi, was very friendly and made us feel at home. We each had a cocktail, and when one of my friends didn't like hers, Maddi handled the situation professionally and with empathy. She took it off our bill and arranged for a different drink to be made. I had some concerns about an unlisted ingredient in one of the drinks which could pose a problem for those with allergies, but overall, I was impressed with how they handled the situation. Goodall's definitely earned its four stars. The ambience was lovely and two out of three of our cocktails were perfect. The replacement drink for my friend's initial order was also enjoyable. The food we had for our Thanksgiving meal was incredible and I appreciated the chef introducing himself to us. Despite its location in a part of town that is lacking in options, Goodall's stood out for its character and historic setting. On the downside, the menu was a bit confusing, and I was disappointed that the shrimp and grits I had seen before were no longer available. The cost was a little high for a Tuesday brunch, and charging $4 for a cup of coffee seems excessive. But, the food, especially the chicken breast sandwich and the adventurous mushroom omelette, was absolutely delicious. Attached to a lovely hotel, this hidden gem is worth the find for its unique, tasty dishes and charming atmosphere. I will definitely be back soon!

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