September 27, 2023

The 20 Best Barcelona Brunch Places

Calling all foodies for classic Catalan fare, bottomless mimosas, eggs benedict with a twist and sumptuous pastries!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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The 20 Best Barcelona Brunch Places
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Start your day the Barcelona way! Grab your maps and your appetite, because we're about to begin a brunch adventure right in the heart of Barcelona.

Faire. Brunch & Drinks

C/ de Girona, 81, Barcelona

617 08 65 91

Reviewed by:

Nicky Moore

My favourite brunch spot in Barcelona has to be Faire. Brunch & Drinks. I returned twice during my stay, drawn back by the delicious, fresh food. They serve a variety of vegetarian and vegan options which were a pleasant surprise. I particularly recommend their avocado and tofu scrambled 'egg', which was served generously and a wonderful way to start my day. What makes this small, cozy spot stand out from the bustling city is its warm and friendly staff. On both my visits, they were efficient and cordial, ensuring all customers were seated quickly—even during peak hours. On my second visit, I received a free cookie after paying the bill which was a delightful surprise. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to try their pancakes, avocado toast and eggs Benedict. All of which proved to be equally delicious. Additionally, their flat white was a treat and worth mentioning. The restaurant is also well-equipped with baby chairs, adding to their great service. The food at Faire. Brunch & Drinks was a highlight of my Barcelona visit. Everything was fresh, creatively presented and packed with flavour. The place is decorated tastefully, featuring kitsch vintage décor that adds an extra charm. I particularly enjoyed the Turkish eggs, while the avocado omelette toast was another hit. It's worth mentioning that the iced chai was a bit too diluted, but that doesn't detract from the overall experience. Finally, the service was top-notch. Meshi, one of the staff members, was super friendly and gave excellent recommendations. I had the pleasure of trying their toast with tofu along with the beetroot toast and the beyond burger. All were absolutely delicious. This is a place not to be missed when in Barcelona!

Morning Glory Coffee & Brunch

Carrer de la Riereta, 15, Barcelona

931 37 52 94

Reviewed by:

Amelia Fu

I stumbled upon Morning Glory Coffee & Brunch during my vacation in Barcelona and it was a truly delightful find. The atmosphere was chill with an eclectic vibe that immediately drew me in. The food and coffee/tea options were fantastic and I particularly enjoyed the iced tea of the day - which I would highly recommend! The owner knows their tea and it's clearly made with love. The dishes were equally impressive. I opted for the toast with butter and jam, a simple yet delicious choice. The cafe itself was dotted with unique artworks, adding to its charm and character. I had a lovely chat with the owner after our meal which only added to the warmth of the place. It's a family-run setup and the friendliness is palpable. I can honestly say that this is my favourite brunch spot in Barcelona. Every item on the menu is delicious and carefully curated. It's a beautiful space to hang out with friends or to spend a few hours working on my laptop. The staff were a delight, the music was on point and the patrons were great. What impressed me further was how I found the staff eating together at the end of their shift. It was heartwarming to see that they took care of each other. I loved the place so much that I ended up visiting it twice within a week. The first time, I had the eggs Benedict, which was a generous portion and absolutely top-notch, especially with the crispy potatoes. The next time, I tried the pancakes which were light, perfectly sweet and boasted a topping of crunchy granola. The welcoming ambiance, teeming with books and art, makes it a place where one could easily lose track of time. I cannot recommend this place enough - it was a fantastic brunch spot and I only wish it was closer so I could make it a regular haunt!

Little Fern

C/ de Pere IV, 168, Barcelona

Reviewed by:

Nia Tofa

I recently had the pleasure of brunching at Little Fern in Poblenou, Barcelona and I must say it was wonderfully efficient and an absolute delight. The selection was fantastic, with delicious Turkish eggs, NZ corn fritters, an iced salted caramel latte, and a nut butter smoothie that had me savouring each sip. One of the highlights was being able to order and pay from a QR code, which was incredibly quick and easy. Our server was nothing short of great and really added to the overall experience. Trust me when I say this, it is the best brunch place in the area, simplicity at its finest. Their almond smoothie was a lovely treat and the tomato salad was tangy and fresh. If you're an egg lover, you'll be thrilled to know that they cook them to perfection. And let's not forget their coffee - it is seriously good. We, unluckily, happened to visit on a public holiday and the place was bustling. Despite this, their service was prompt and they sat us down as soon as they could. The highlight of my meal? The avocado toast - it was the best I've ever had. Believe me, I've tried recreating it at home and it's never come close. The banana bread was another standout, simply amazing. I was in Barcelona for four days and, not exaggerating, I returned to Little Fern for brunch three out of those four days. The avo toast, corn fritters, harissa scramble and Turkish eggs are all a must-try. The service here is remarkable, and they are exceptionally good at handling the queue outside, so don't be put off by it. Do yourself a favour and go experience this gem. Not only is the food incredible, but the coffee is also top-notch. Definitely, a place to check out when in Barcelona.

Milk Bar & Bistro

C/ d'en Gignàs, 21, Barcelona

932 68 09 22

Reviewed by:

Euly Rohrer

I had an amazing experience at the Milk Bar & Bistro in Barcelona, highly recommended for anyone looking for a unique tapas experience. The menu is diverse but everything is delicious, especially the drunken prawns - they are a must-try! The margaritas were also some of the best I've ever had. The staff was incredibly kind and even offered us sightseeing tips for our trip. The venue is cosy and authentically decorated, adding to the overall charming atmosphere. I found the prices to be very reasonable for the impeccable service and quality of food. I was particularly impressed with our delightful server, Delilah, and the friendly chef. They made us feel right at home in the heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. I cannot stress enough how excellent the food tasted and how quickly it was served. The eggs benedicte with bacon & chorizo hash we ordered were simply divine. The decor was quirky and comfortable, which added to the lovely ambiance of the place. Even though the place was bustling when we visited for brunch, the staff made sure we were well taken care of, and the service was fast. The staff's friendliness coupled with the attractive interiors and tasty, diverse food created a wonderful vibe. It's indeed a perfect place for brunch. I'll definitely be returning if I find myself back in Barcelona, it's an absolute 10/10!

Can Dende

C/ de la Ciutat de Granada, 44, Barcelona

930 19 82 97

Reviewed by:

Sam Gonzalez

Can Dende is an amazing brunch spot in Barcelona, although it has limited seating inside and outside, making you wait a bit before getting a table. Still, the wait is totally worth it considering the quality of the food they serve. The condensed milk coffee and cappuccino are delightful, and the presentation is impressive. The pulled pork pancakes were mind-blowing - I’ve never experienced such a perfect blend of savory pancakes, juicy pork, and poached egg. I wish I'd discovered this place earlier during my visit! I thoroughly enjoyed their delicious Benedict eggs and cappuccino during my every visit. The staff is always friendly but be prepared for a small wait list line because of its popularity. Can Dende is also kid-friendly. My 4-year-old daughter absolutely loved it when we ate there. The seating outside is comfortable and the food is always fresh with unique, flavorful twists. The fried green tomatoes, pao de queijo, eggs benedict, and pancakes were all excellent. And the drinks? The pink lemonade and the turmeric and ginger one are truly refreshing. Although there was a short wait before we got a seat, it was made comfortable with the long bench out front, where we sipped on our pink lemonade and cortado. The friendly and caring service we received from Nicholas and the rest of the staff was an added bonus. The food was phenomenal, especially the fried green tomatoes and French toast! Can Dende has definitely become my new go-to brunch spot in Barcelona.

EatMyTrip - Brunch & Bakery Barcelona

C/ del Consell de Cent, 378, Barcelona

635 26 02 86

Reviewed by:

Haylee Zahn

I had a great experience at EatMyTrip - Brunch & Bakery in Barcelona. There was a short wait for a table and the meals came out super fast. The pavlova pancakes I was worried about being too sweet were actually perfectly balanced, dense yet fluffy and absolutely delicious with the berry compote. The Turkish eggs may look simple but they pack a punch in flavor with pickled onions adding a delightful twist. We loved our sweet and savory dishes and didn't leave anything on our plates. The food is served very quickly and everything we ordered was of high quality. I especially appreciated the detailed menu, which has a lot of information about gluten-free and other dietary options. The mimosas, made with high-quality orange juice, are highly recommended. The staff is cheerful and friendly, making this centrally located eatery a great choice, particularly for its quick service. The party pancakes and magic French toast are a must-try. The team made the experience even more enjoyable with their kindness and patience with our kids. We had such a lovely brunch/breakfast here. Both the design and taste of the dishes were fantastic, and I particularly enjoyed the delicious coffee. I strongly recommend giving it a try if you're nearby. The only thing that could be improved is the comfort of the chairs. Thanks, EatMyTrip, for a memorable brunch.

Restaurant SOLC

Pg. de Gràcia, 68, Barcelona

934 96 77 07

Reviewed by:

Heather Concepcion

I had a fantastic Valentine's Day celebration at Restaurant SOLC in Barcelona. The food and service were both outstanding, but I did find the portion sizes to be a little on the small side. This didn't spoil the overall experience though, as everything else was perfect! We decided to return for dinner a few days later and unfortunately, the meal didn't quite live up to expectations. As vegetarians, we were disappointed to find the restaurant didn't offer a vegetarian main course. We ordered three entrees instead, but found them to be subpar, with one notably containing sand on the mushrooms. The cost also seemed quite steep, with our meal coming to 72 euros, excluding wine. Despite this, the staff were incredibly kind and professional which was definitely a highlight of the night. It is a pricier dining experience, but the exceptional food and drink make it worth it. We ended our visit feeling completely satisfied and full. All things considered, it was one of the best experiences I've had at a restaurant! The final bill was pretty reasonable too, coming to 130 euros for the two of us.

Belliny Brunch Barcelona

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 555, Barcelona

935 39 65 20

Reviewed by:

Mitchell Johnson

My visit to Belliny Brunch Barcelona was a delightful gastronomical experience. The restaurant boasts a beautiful interior decoration and serves incredibly delicious food. I ordered pancakes and eggs rancheros, both of which were exceptionally good. I suggest ordering dishes separately if you, like me, don't have an enormous appetite, as their filling brunch menu might be a bit too much for one person. My discovery of this place was purely accidental, and what a lucky accident it was! Their service, food, and atmosphere were all commendable. I was there closer to lunchtime, so I tried the Belliny beef & chicken burger. It was succulent, juicy and the bread was moist and fresh. A little warning: the potatoes might be slightly oily for some tastes, but they were still delicious. There was still room for dessert, so I opted for a half portion of the French toast. It was good, not extraordinary, but didn't disappoint me. Complementing the great food was the outstanding service - friendly, attentive and upbeat. Belliny Brunch Barcelona is certainly a spot I recommend for anyone in Barcelona. Their eggs benedict is a must-try and they offer a variety of breakfast/brunch options. They even offer a whole menu for just under 20€ which includes coffee and orange juice. The place was buzzing with energy on a Sunday brunch and the interior has a very exotic feel to it. The Barcelona Poached eggs, Magic Pancakes, coffee, and the detox drink were all amazing. In summary, this place comes highly recommended, it's a gem for a cozy and fun brunch experience.

Eixampeling Brunch Café

C/ de la Diputació, 158, Barcelona

938 55 22 19

Reviewed by:

Azucena George

I absolutely fell in love with Eixampeling Brunch Café in Barcelona. From the moment we walked in, we were warmly embraced and well-attended to. The cafe has such a charming aesthetic that warrants a visit all on its own. But the food, oh the food! It was fresh, flavorful, and beautifully presented. Everyone in our party tried different dishes and all of us were more than happy with what we got. It is clear that this café has become quite popular among tourists, and although the prices lean towards the high side, the quality of the food and the customer service justifies it. In addition, while the queue can be overwhelming, the experience is worth the wait. The breakfast was, quite frankly, the best I've ever had. The menu was creatively designed, the décor was inviting, and the service was impeccable. The innovative presentation of the food and the unique flavors made this an unforgettable experience. This café is extraordinary in so many ways. The interior design, menu, and even the names of the dishes are captivating. Note that the portions are generous, so come with a big appetite. Every dish we had was like a work of art, aesthetically appealing and tantalizing to the taste buds. If I could, I would give Eixampeling Brunch Café a thousand stars. On my next trip to Barcelona, I'll definitely be going back. This café is a delightful gem in the city that should not be missed.

The Egg Lab

C/ de Sepúlveda, 80, Local 2, Barcelona

934 23 61 23

Reviewed by:

Elias Bailey

The Egg Lab is undoubtedly the best brunch spot in Barcelona. It's advisable to get there before 10am to secure a spot because it's always bustling with patrons. One dish that I can't get enough of is the Korean chicken Benedict - an incredible culinary innovation that lured me back after my first visit. The coffee and smoothies maintain excellent standards too, although the banana latte was a tad too sweet for my palate. In my next trip to Barcelona, I'll certainly be returning to The Egg Lab and I've spread the word to many friends who've since visited and loved it. To give you some context, I'm a chef, so I have a discerning taste for quality. During my 6-week stay in Barcelona, The Egg Lab emerged as one of my favorite culinary spots. The menu is packed with high-quality brunch options and the drinks menu is just as impressive. Although the prices are a bit steep, they're justified by the superb quality of food and service. The location is also fantastic. I wish I could rate this eatery more than 5 stars because it's truly exceptional. From the moment we stepped in, we were welcomed by an attentive waiter who provided top-notch service and the food was absolutely delicious. If I had to single out one item from their menu, I'd recommend trying the fresh orange juice. It was absolutely refreshing. Each dish stunned us with its explosion of flavors. We're surely making this our go-to brunch spot in Barcelona. It's no exaggeration to say the Egg Lab serves the best brunch in town.

The Benedict Brunch Barcelona

C/ d'en Gignàs, 23, Barcelona

932 50 75 11

Reviewed by:

Shannon Allen Hjorth

I had a wonderful brunch at Benedict Brunch Barcelona! All the dishes were incredibly tasty and delicious. The service was quick and efficient, and the restaurant itself had a charming and lovely decor. However, I did find the dishes to be a bit on the pricier side. I visited twice during my trip to Barcelona and I found both the food and service to be excellent. I'd recommend trying the set brunch menu. The place is getting quite popular with tourists, so there's often a line. It might be a good idea to book in advance. The location is great as well, in a quaint neighborhood, close to the sea in a little alleyway. I opted for the 19,90€ menu and it was totally worth every penny! You get a savory dish, a sweet dish, and two drinks. Everything, from the eggs to the pancakes, was delicious! One day, I casually wandered into this place for lunch, attracted by its inviting exterior. The place provided both breakfast and lunch options, which was great as I love brunch. Although the service was a bit slow, the staff were friendly. The decor inside was beautiful and overall, it was a lovely meal. In conclusion, if you're in Barcelona, Benedict Brunch Barcelona is a must!

Citizen Café Barcelona

Pl. d'Urquinaona, 4, Barcelona

933 15 59 61

Reviewed by:

Ruben Ryder

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying brunch at Citizen Café Barcelona and it was quite an experience. The best part? The carrot cake. Without a doubt, it was the tastiest I've ever had. Although I wasn't too impressed with the avocado toast, considering its price, the taste and portion size left much to be desired. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised by the quick preparation time of the food, although the delivery could have been a little faster. I appreciated the considerate provision of a gender-neutral restroom, which is also mobility-friendly. Though the café was bit noisy for my liking, the vibe was relaxed and chilled, and the food was good. Plus, the coffee was great! Its location was ideal, bustling yet accessible. The rather unassuming exterior might deter some, but trust me, the interior is worth checking out. Special commendation goes to the entire crew who were exceptional in their service. Our waiter was friendly, helpful, and clearly loved his job. The food was not only excellent but had that special touch of being prepared with care and love. Speaking of food, the French toast was one of the best I've ever had. It immediately transported me back to my favourite café in Philly. Even more convenient, the café is located right across from our hotel, making it our go-to spot for fantastic brunches, lunches, or just a relaxing cup of coffee. A special mention to Gino, who went above and beyond to make my family and me feel welcome. In summary, Citizen Café offers delicious food, reasonable prices, and stellar customer service. Can't wait to dine there again!


C/ del Comerç, 1, Barcelona

935 11 66 61

Reviewed by:

Tj Steinke

On my first day in Barcelona, I had the pleasure of experiencing brunch at Picnic. The food was absolutely mind-blowing. Both the coffees and lemonade were superb. The pulled pork bun was tremendous, with a creamy sauce that elegantly paired with the brioche bun. Although the short ribs were tender and well-cooked, the poached eggs served with it didn't quite hit the mark for me. However, all the ingredients were undeniably fresh. The dessert stole the show though - the strawberry pancakes are a must! They're perfect for sharing and left a memorable impression. However, as a fan of strong, flavor-packed coffee, I found their brew a little mild for my taste. But let me rave about the Avocado toast - it was simply heavenly! It came with two perfectly poached eggs, sweet cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced bacon, smoked salmon, avocado, fresh dill, and pomegranate seeds. Just recollecting it makes my mouth water! Plus, it was impressively affordable, especially considering the quality and flavor. So, if you're in Barcelona, Picnic is definitely worth a visit for a memorable, delicious brunch. The food is fantastic and it's safe to say that the experience far exceeded my expectations.

Brunch & Cake

C/ del Rosselló, 189, Barcelona

932 37 87 65

Reviewed by:

Tricia Kinney

I had a fantastic time at Brunch & Cake in Barcelona! The food was incredibly delicious and healthy, with a variety of flavors and all-natural ingredients. My child particularly loved the French toast with fruit. Our waiter, Alan, was excellent - very hospitable and attentive. It was the best brunch experience we had during our entire trip across four different countries. In fact, we liked it so much we entertained the idea of opening a branch back home in Chicago! My sister and I just stumbled on this place and decided to give it a go. The food arrived quickly and impressed us with both its presentation and taste. We were served by another waiter named Pablo who was very courteous and even treated us with complimentary pancakes. Overall, I definitely recommend Brunch and Cake for anyone in the Barcelona area. They have a diverse menu catering to a wide range of preferences. Although some dishes may seem a bit unusual, most of what we tried was fantastic. I must mention that I first visited this place in 2016 and it was amazing back then. This time, however, I was disappointed. The food quality seemed to have declined - I found the waffles to be quite average. Furthermore, I had a frustrating experience with the service. Despite some repeated mix-ups in my order, they ended up charging me for it. Although they have some areas for improvement, I believe there's potential and would still recommend giving Brunch and Cake a try.


Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 633, Barcelona

930 37 41 19

Reviewed by:

Dhairya Harris

Zenith is a brilliant spot for brunch that will cater to everyone’s tastes! The extensive menu is filled with mouth-watering delicacies and plenty of vegan options, too. Despite visiting on a busy Saturday at lunchtime, the wait was minimal. The juice of the day added a fresh touch to our meal and the vegan tapioca I ordered was packed with flavor. We couldn't resist the banana bread, which was superb. During our 9-day trip to Barcelona, we found ourselves returning for breakfast at Zenith three times. The breakfast here is not only exceptional but also fairly priced, especially when compared to the offerings at our hotel. The innovative twists on classic dishes were well-received and the coffee was top-notch. The location is conveniently just 10 minutes away from Plaça de Catalunya, making it accessible. The management and service at Zenith are both worthy of a five-star rating, and the food is equally impressive. The pictures attached show the chicken toast and vegan pancakes, which come highly recommended. Despite being a popular spot, the well-staffed restaurant functions smoothly even during peak hours. Offering a variety of high-quality dishes, Zenith is an ideal place for both breakfast and lunch. The staff members are incredibly friendly and offer top-tier service. Located near the main streets of Barcelona, I would highly recommend a visit to Zenith, whether for a solo meal or as a group.


Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 222, Barcelona

619 33 07 97

Reviewed by:

Aziz Alcala

Barcino is a fantastic spot for brunch. As a group of 10, we found the staff to be incredibly friendly and accommodating. Their English was proficient and our orders were promptly served. The food here is quite flavorful and securing a table was not a problem. An important note, however, is that dining out on their patio carries an additional 10% fee, something we were not initially informed about. Nonetheless, the ambiance of the place is truly delightful, and the staff are welcoming. Some dishes, like the huevos revueltos, were not as impressive as expected and seemed a bit overpriced. Nonetheless, the overall experience was so positive that we returned for breakfast on another day of our holiday. With such scrumptious food and lovely staff, we'll surely visit again.

Brunch & Cake

C. d'Enric Granados, 19, Barcelona

931 38 35 72

Reviewed by:

Rebeca Vasquez

Brunch & Cake in Barcelona is definitely a solid choice for a breakfast, lunch or brunch venue. The food options are quite extensive and visually pleasing, though the taste could have done with a bit more depth. I had the avocado toast with additional salmon which was good, but may have been a bit plain without the fish. Nonetheless, the burrito I ordered did not disappoint. The staff was friendly and paid attention to our needs. The location was perfect, especially on a sunny day. Although it may not be the most extraordinary place I've been to, the overall experience was very pleasant. I really appreciated the love and effort that seemed to have gone into each dish. After my main course, I particularly enjoyed the fruit bowl and my favourite dish was the sourdough toast topped with avocado, smoked salmon and preserved vegetables. Despite the crowd, the wait wasn't too long. The place exudes a nice atmosphere and the staff were very helpful. On the downside, it's often busy and there's a lack of tables, which resulted in a bit of a wait. The food was decent but could be considered a bit pricey. I'd recommend it for a snack rather than a main meal as the portions may not be enough. However, they do have many options and also cater to English speakers with an English menu. During my visit with my husband, he tried the Shakshouka and found it to be decent. I went for the scrambled egg toast with bacon. While the bacon was not as crispy as I would have liked, it was still enjoyable. We shared a chai latte which we both loved. We also tried the cinnamon rolls with ice cream - they were okay, but not the best we've had. All in all, Brunch & Cake is a charming brunch spot in Barcelona that I'd recommend, albeit not for a hearty meal.

Brunch & Cake by the Sea

Pg. de Joan de Borbó, 5, Barcelona

931 40 96 43

Reviewed by:

Nakisha Martinez

I recently had a chance to experience Brunch & Cake by the Sea in Barcelona and I have to say, the place is charmingly decorated. Their outdoor terrace is spacious and the restaurant is situated at a prime location, which is probably why it's always buzzing with people. The food, however, arrived a bit late and some dishes like the eggs and avocado were underwhelming. But I should say, their lemon pancake was somewhat of a treat. The service overall was decent, not exceptional, but not disappointing either. I visited this place for breakfast with a group of 10, and I must say, we were delighted by the beautiful food and the amazing atmosphere. I have to give a special shoutout to the staff, especially a gentleman named Andres. He was very friendly and provided excellent service, made us feel warmly welcomed. The restaurant catered well to our group, which included people with dietary requirements and made sure we could all enjoy a good meal. The coffee served was also very nice. However, I felt that the restaurant was more about style than substance. The food was good to look at but needed more flavor. The prices, although aligned with the market, felt slightly overpriced for the food quality. All in all, it's a great spot for lunch and definitely worth a visit if you're in Barcelona, especially if you prefer visually appealing food and locations. But if you're all about high-quality flavors, you might want to look elsewhere.

Brunch & Munch

C/ de Londres, 54, Barcelona

930 25 75 98

Reviewed by:

Raúl Bush

I stumbled upon this fantastic spot, Brunch & Munch, on my last day in Barcelona, and it's definitely my favorite in the area! The menu is diverse and the food is not only tasty but beautifully presented. The smoothie and cappuccinos didn't disappoint and the salmon eggs Benedict was simply exquisite! What I appreciated was the relaxed and natural atmosphere, enhanced by their modern yet cozy interior design. While the service could be a tad slow, the friendly staff and fair prices made up for it. I highly recommend the classic pancakes and oat milk latte - they were absolutely delicious and filling. The freshness of the fruit also stood out. The overall ambiance of the place, with its aesthetic appeal, roomy layout, and excellent music selection, really enhanced the dining experience. I couldn't recommend Brunch & Munch enough!

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