September 29, 2023

Billings Bites: Best Brunch Spots in Big Sky Country

Discover the top brunch spots in Billings, Montana! Enjoy pancakes, eggs benedict, or a classic bloody mary. No frills, just honest good food and an inviting atmosphere. Start your morning right in Big Sky Country!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Billings Bites: Best Brunch Spots in Big Sky Country
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Get ready to start billing your appetite for the finest meals as we take you through the ultimate brunch havens in Billings, Montana.

Hog Wild Cafe

204 N 22nd St, Billings

(406) 371-5414

Reviewed by:

Deepthi Oubre Jr

Hog Wild Cafe in Billings, Montana is a wonderful hidden gem! Every dish I tried was delicious, from the Pork Benedict to the tasty cinnamon rolls. I was highly impressed by the friendly and efficient service. The place had a warm and welcoming vibe that made me feel instantly at home. Even though it wasn't originally my first choice, I'm glad I stumbled upon this local favorite. I have to mention how fantastic their daily special was during my visit - the chicken enchiladas. Coming from a place known for its Mexican food, I approached it with a bit of skepticism, but I was pleasantly surprised. The entire restaurant was comfortable, clean, and the staff was always on top of their game. It felt like a close-knit community where everyone knew each other, which added to its charm. On the downside, the person who accompanied me here experienced some digestive issues afterward. However, it's essential to note that this is a recurrent issue for them, so it might not be due to the food here at all. Regardless, my first time dining at Hog Wild Cafe was an impressive experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone in the area looking for a good meal in a cozy atmosphere.

Red Rooster Cafe

1500 Broadwater Ave Unit 1, Billings

(406) 839-2884

Reviewed by:

Melodic Dicampello

My experience at Red Rooster Cafe in Billings, Montana was really impressive. The staff members were welcoming and the food not only came out swiftly, but the servings were generous as well. I found both their breakfast and lunch menus to be excellent. They serve this homemade jam - I got to try the kiwi strawberry flavor and it was outstanding. Despite arriving to a nearly filled cafe, it seems to be a favorite among the locals. They quickly formed a line. Our order consisted of eggs, bacon, hash browns, biscuits for my wife, and an english muffin for myself. We were pleasantly surprised when our food arrived with a delectable homemade jelly, which they even sell by the jar. Each piece of the bacon was nicely cooked and crispy. Everything was incredibly well-prepared and the service was top notch. The Red Rooster Cafe is a classic, family run diner you definitely shouldn't miss. The food is scrumptious, and they don't skimp on portions. While the service was friendly and efficient, our server seemed to have her hands full. Considering its popularity, I'd advise choosing your visit time carefully. According to Google Maps, it's busiest between 9 am to 10:30 am. Trust me, it's totally worth the wait. Just a heads up for future visitors, as of May 2023, there's a 3.5 percent fee for using credit cards here. This seems to be a common practice in many parts of the country and is beginning to catch on in Montana. If you want to avoid this fee, bringing cash is a good idea. All in all, a very satisfying brunch experience.

Sophie's Kitchen

149 Shiloh Rd #3, Billings

(406) 702-7022

Reviewed by:

Nina Jaddou

Sophie's Kitchen in Billings, Montana, was a fantastic spot for brunch. This modern restaurant offered a vast array of breakfast and lunch menus which were all appealing. I had an amazing French Toast that was simply mouth-watering. Despite the crowd, the service was top-notch, particularly the attentive service from Don, our waiter from Jamaica. He saw to it that our drinks were always full. The food was beyond exceptional. The coffee cake served fresh from the oven was a highlight. I visited this restaurant for the first time with my family who were visiting from out of town and they loved it too. However, there was a small hiccup with the service as we arrived. We were not greeted upon arrival and we had to approach the hostesses at the counter to inquire if there was a waiting list or if we could seat ourselves. A little bit of confusion that could certainly be avoided with a proper greeting. Despite this, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the food. The homemade sausage gravy, which I always ask for, was exceptional on the chicken fried steak. The meal was so good that I brought my husband back the next day. Despite the slight confusion at the entrance, Sophie's Kitchen is one brunch spot I'll surely be visiting again.

Local Kitchen & Bar

1430 Country Manor Blvd, Billings

(406) 534-8601

Reviewed by:

Lizeth Travels

I visited Local Kitchen & Bar for brunch during my time in Billings, Montana. At first sight, I was slightly disappointed with the menu, it seemed just average with a surf and turf feel to it. However, I chose the Bison Hash and was pleasantly surprised, it was delicious. This place probably won't make my top ten in Billings, primarily because of its distance from downtown, but if you live nearby it's a solid choice. The service and atmosphere were standard for the price point, which might be a bit high for the area, but still reasonable. The restaurant is located in a shopping plaza, next to a casino, which was unexpected. Despite this, it turned out to be quite a charming place! The short ribs were a bit on the chewy side, but everything else I tried was wonderful. The peanut butter dessert was light, fluffy, and perfectly sweet. I was also glad to see they had outdoor seating. I stumbled upon Local Kitchen & Bar while on a cross-country road trip, and it was definitely worth the slight detour. The local food and service were quite impressive. One thing that stood out was the chef's interaction with his staff. Despite the kitchen chaos, he was complimentary, made them laugh, and ran an efficient operation. I quite enjoyed my bar seat next to the kitchen action! I don't usually leave reviews, but I was so impressed with my experience at Local Kitchen & Bar that I felt compelled to share it. The combination of great food, service, and a unique atmosphere made it a memorable experience. I would certainly recommend it to others.

The Sassy Biscuit Co.

115 N 29th St, Billings

(406) 200-7530

Reviewed by:

Thaddeus Sawyers

I must say Sassy Biscuit Co. in Billings, Montana offers a unique brunch experience worth trying. The moment you step in, you're greeted by not only excellent service but also a clean, pleasant atmosphere that immediately makes you feel at home. The food presentation is top-notch, a testament to the attention to detail invested into crafting each item on the menu. While I must admit I found the meals a little mild for my liking (I suggest they consider adding maple syrup and real sugar for those of us with a sweet tooth), this did not significantly detract from my overall experience. A suggestion: perhaps consider offering butter for the waffles and grits to enrich their flavors. Beyond the food, the venue itself is a charming spot, with cozy seating perfect for sipping on their delightful coffee or enjoying their diverse tea selection. The open seating layout makes it a great place to unwind or focus on some work. The dishes are all outstanding, but one that particularly stands out for me is the 'Kitchen Sink'; a loaded breakfast dish that is easily the best I've ever had. For those with a sweet tooth, do try the 'Cobbler'- a dish of blueberry waffles topped with a delightful lemon compound butter- absolutely delicious! Despite the occasional crowded periods, they efficiently manage to offer you a spot or quickly prepare your order to go. The prices are absolutely fair for the quality and portion sizes, making it a no-brainer when on the hunt for an affordable, hearty breakfast in downtown Billings. In conclusion, Sassy Biscuit Co. offers a stellar dining experience, bringing together great food, enjoyable ambiance and friendly service. I look forward to my next visit and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable brunch spot in Billings, Montana.

Tippy cow cafe

279 E Airport Rd, Billings

(406) 534-3599

Reviewed by:

Nicolae Stone

Tippy Cow Cafe in Billings, Montana exceeded my expectations for a phenomenal brunch experience. The staff was incredibly nice and welcoming, and the restaurant was spotlessly clean. If you're planning to visit, ensure you arrive with an empty stomach as the portion sizes are more than hearty. The quality of the food was beyond impressive. My husband enjoyed a flawlessly cooked taco omelette with hash browns, while I indulged in a French dip with tender, melt-in-your-mouth roast beef. The homemade onion rings were another personal favorite, with a generous portion size that definitely didn't disappoint. We ended up dining here for a late afternoon brunch, and I can confidently affirm that every dish was delectable. From the delicious French toast paired with scrambled eggs to some of the best sausage links I've ever tried - crispy casing and all - every bite was a treat. The selection of butters and jams added a sweet finishing touch. The ambiance of this charming cafe was another high point. The quaint interior and exterior, coupled with the delightful staff, created an incredibly pleasant dining experience. And it was lovely to finish off our meal with some of their delicious banana bread. For those looking to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee paired with a selection of scrumptious treats, Tippy Cow Cafe won't disappoint. It's a family-owned diner, loved for their all-day breakfast and a homey atmosphere that leaves you feeling warm and welcome. Despite the bathrooms needing a bit of an upgrade - although they were perfectly clean - the overall experience was one I'd gladly repeat. If you find yourself in Billings, a visit to Tippy Cow Cafe is a must. I can't wait to return.

Bin 119

119 N Broadway, Billings

(406) 294-9119

Reviewed by:

Medo Wertheimer

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Bin 119 and I must say, the experience was quite impressive. The drinks were satisfactory and I believe wine enthusiasts would truly appreciate their extensive selection. The food, simply put, was excellent. I opted for the convenient option of Uber Eats and though there was a small mix-up with my shrimp order, the overall quality of the meal was not compromised. The shrimp and grits were flavorful, although the portion size could have been a bit larger to match the $13 price tag. But indeed, it's the taste that matters the most and Bin 119 certainly delivered on that front. The highlight of my visit, however, was the steak and side deal for just $16.99 on a Monday night! What a bargain for such a high-quality meal. And the peanut butter cheesecake... it was my first time trying it and I was instantly smitten. As for the meatball marinara, it had a rich taste that was a bit unexpected, but it worked. My group greatly enjoyed the wine and seafood offerings, and even if you're not a fan of either like me, Bin 119 does cater to diverse taste buds with its varied menu. The service was nothing short of exceptional, complemented by a first-class ambiance. It's safe to say that Bin 119 will definitely be seeing me again in the future.

Bernie's Diner

19 N Broadway, Billings

(406) 867-6773

Reviewed by:

David Manalel

Walking into Bernie's Diner, located on the ground floor of the Northern hotel, instantly felt welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised by the little touches such as the beautiful coffee cups and linen napkins, showing a real attention to detail. My order consisted of the Ranch - biscuits and gravy, full of sausage and undeniably one of the tastiest meals I've had on this long road trip. The generous portions were really satisfying, and both the pancakes and the breakfast sandwich looked impressive. They even had avocado toast on the menu. Despite the pleasant service, the place seemed understaffed, though this seemed to be a common issue across Billings. Nonetheless, the staff managed to deliver top-notch service, making this dining experience absolutely fantastic! My husband, not particularly fond of biscuits or gravy, surprisingly devoured the rest of my meal, which only attests to how good the food is at Bernie's Diner. I can't emphasize enough how delicious the dishes were. I was particularly impressed by their take on potatoes. The French fries and home fries were perfectly crispy, well seasoned, and served hot. They were easily some of the best fries I've ever had. The gravy was flavorful, packed with sausage, and the chicken breast was moist with a crispy exterior. My wife, who has a keen palate for country fried steak, declared it the best she's ever had, and loved the fries just as much. My daughter found her Buffalo chicken less spicy than what we're used to in California, but that's to be expected. She, too, loved the fries. In short, Bernie's Diner was a fantastic experience, delivering great service, high-quality food and a comfortable atmosphere. The elk sausage skillet came highly recommended by a local, and it didn't disappoint. I can't wait to come back to this wonderful place soon.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

5620 S Frontage Rd, Billings

(406) 254-9403

Reviewed by:

Luisa Light

My first visit to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Billings, Montana was quite an experience. We stopped by during our recent road trip to Yellowstone and we were immediately impressed with the food and service. Our waitress, Amber, was simply fantastic. She was kind and provided us with excellent service that added so much to our experience. I have to say, the food was top-notch. The choices cater to the entire family and none of us have ever felt disappointed with any of our selections. The homestyle food takes me back to my roots and makes me feel at home even when I am miles away. The combination of good food, delightful shopping, and amazing company makes this place worth recommending. However, I have to say, my experience with their delivery service was not as enjoyable. The portion sizes were small and the food lacked the usual flavor that I so enjoy when dining in. This was a letdown, especially considering the wait time and the price. Despite this, I still highly recommend the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store when you are dining in, just be cautious about their delivery service.

The High Horse Saloon & Eatery

3953 Montana Ave, Billings

(406) 259-0111

Reviewed by:

Jeffrey Ortiz

Had an amazing time at The High Horse Saloon & Eatery for brunch. Their prime rib and smashed potatoes were excellent, as was the po boy. The chef was wonderfully attentive and even came to our table to confirm our order. The cowboy-themed atmosphere added to the charm. The servers and chef were great and made our experience memorable. Thanks for wrapping up our vacation on such a high note! The coffee is worth mentioning again - so delicious. There's ample seating and the mimosas are a perfect breakfast accompaniment. There's a bit of a country feel to the place, but it's not overdone. This has become our favorite breakfast spot. The parking situation could be better, but the interior ambiance makes up for it. We've been regulars for years now. The staff are usually great, although we did have one experience where we felt a bit neglected. Despite this, the cook was incredibly nice and the food never disappoints. If you're debating a breakfast burrito, I'd suggest skipping it and trying their other offerings. They have specials that are well worth checking out, and their bread is fresh and locally sourced. Also, they offer a unique potato dish named the hot crush which is an absolute must-try! Loaded with goodness, you won't regret it.

Montana Jack's

520 Hansen Ln, Billings

(406) 252-0243

Reviewed by:

April Lapointe

I had a very satisfying brunch at Montana Jack's in Billings, the food was tasty and full of flavor. I ordered the Santa Fe wrap that had chicken in it - just beware of the bone. My sister got a salad which she enjoyed, while my dad had a burger that he did not particularly care for. The staff were friendly, although at times a little slow in refilling our drinks. Montana Jack's is the epitome of a Casino/Diner, with a menu offering all the American classics and partial breakfast items available all throughout the day. Their burgers and fries are especially worth a try! Their breakfast selection was commendable, and the jalapeño gravy stood out for its unique and delicious taste. On weekends, they offer a brunch buffet from 9-12, which extends up to 1 pm on Sundays. Do take note that the place is not very large and the buffet can get crowded, so I would recommend arriving early. What really impressed me was the value for money. The portions were generous, inviting a hearty appetite, and the prices were reasonable. To illustrate, I ordered steak, shrimp, potatoes, and mac-n-cheese and ended up taking half of it back to my motel. The food was simply delicious! In conclusion, Montana Jack's in Billings, Montana is a great spot for brunch, offering tasty food and solid value for your money. Just make sure to come early for their weekend buffet!

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

765 S 20th St W, Billings

(406) 656-6640

Reviewed by:

Jenae nan

I recently had brunch at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in Billings, Montana and it was a memorable experience, to say the least. We had a little wait of around 15 minutes to be seated which was reasonable for a Sunday morning. Our drinks were served promptly and orders taken swiftly. However, the wait for our food was quite long, taking about 30-45 minutes. Once our food arrived, it was definitely worth the wait. The omelet was cooked to perfection and the potatoes were deliciously crispy, not greasy at all. The standout dishes for me were the pork chops and chicken fried steak - they were excellent! We even got a complimentary order of pancakes, which was a delightful surprise. I must mention that the pies here are fantastic and the service was top-notch. Despite the long wait for our food, all the staff were courteous and efficient. At the end of our meal, we had to ask for our check and pack up the leftovers ourselves. Unfortunately, the service did leave a bit to be desired. After the initial drink order and food delivery, our waiter didn't check on us again. We ended up at the cash register for our check, which was disappointing considering how good the food was. In total, a meal that should have taken less than an hour had us in there for over two hours. Despite the service issues, the quality of the food makes me want to come back. I just hope they work on their service timing for a more pleasant dining experience. While I may not rush back on a Sunday morning, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery surely does offer a tasty brunch.

Muzzle Loader Cafe

4912 Laurel Rd, Billings

(406) 248-8608

Reviewed by:

Elsa Lindenberger

I recently went to Muzzle Loader Cafe with a friend and her three sons, an experience that was quite delightful despite a couple of surprises. We went later in the day and were greeted by a friendly waitress, though the service had some room for improvement. The food arrived promptly, and I decided to try their Taco Salad. At first glance, it didn't quite meet my expectations but after adding some sour cream and salsa, it certainly was unique. To be honest, it didn't taste or look like the traditional taco salad I was used to. The meat quantity was a bit on the lesser side and it had a lot of lettuce. I discussed my concerns with the manager, showing him a picture of the Taco Salad as displayed on their website. His response was, to put it mildly, surprising. He asserted that the salad was made according to the cafe's recipe and he himself had seen it before serving. Though he did offer a slight discount for the inconvenience, it left me slightly miffed. However, the charm of the Muzzle Loader Cafe lies in its simplicity. It's a great local spot that I've frequented for 16 years now, and there's a reason for that. This new waitress, who transitioned from a night shift, was a breath of fresh air. Despite the crowd, she managed to keep a smile on her face and provide excellent service. The food at Muzzle Loader Cafe, barring my recent Taco Salad experience, is usually of good quality and reasonably priced. It's a classic diner that serves a good breakfast and is perfect for a casual, fuss-free meal. In a world where everyone is trying to outdo each other, Muzzle Loader Cafe sticks to its roots, offering you a place to relax with a cup of coffee and a hearty plate of bacon and eggs. In spite of my recent experience, it still retains its place as one of my favorites.

Play Inn

1422 Main St, Billings

(406) 252-9034

Reviewed by:

Arely Carr

I've been a regular at Play Inn in Billings, Montana for quite some time now, frequenting the place 6 to 8 times a month with my friend Wayne. We are no strangers here, often opting for their delightful Reuben or open roast beef sandwich, even the Texas toast Steak when they have it on special. The servers we've come to know so well are always rewarded with a generous $7-$10 tip from us. Recently, I brought a new friend who went for the roast beef. Though the portion was a bit smaller than anticipated, with just three 3-inch square slices, the quality was unbeatable. I noticed that he was charged for the extra gravy he ordered, which was a bit of a surprise. Despite this, I was quite satisfied with my french fries, which were just as delicious as always. Although we've been feeling the pinch of inflation, I have to say that the trip to Play Inn is always worth it. We did try the Feedlot 14 miles away once for their prime rib, but Play Inn still has a special place in our hearts. On a recent visit, I tried the French dip. While the tater tots were a touch below their usual temperature, the sandwich was filling. Though the meat felt a bit rubbery, almost like it had been microwaved, the overall quality of the food was still commendable. My friend seemed to enjoy his chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes thoroughly, which was great to see. In terms of atmosphere and service, Play Inn has always been a 10-star experience. The servers are wonderfully professional and handle large parties with ease. The food, the drinks, and the staff are definitely the highlights of the place. Just be aware that the crowd can get rowdy sometimes, making you wish there was some security around. Nonetheless, it's the karaoke that really keeps us coming back. Play Inn might seem like your usual, run-of-the-mill restaurant, but the quality of their food, the friendly staff, and the overall comfortable feel of the place is something I can't find anywhere else. Looking forward to trying out something new on my next visit!

The Montana Club Restaurant

1791 Majestic Ln, Billings

(406) 969-1211

Reviewed by:

Forough Wolfpac

I had an overall enjoyable time during my brunch at The Montana Club Restaurant in Billings, Montana. The place is roomy with a variety of seating options. Although the wait time to be seated was a bit long, the bar staff were prompt and friendly. We started off our meal with some calamari and cheese curds. I must say, the calamari was exceptional, nicely breaded and served with a tangy tartar sauce with a touch of sriracha. However, we found the carmel bacon cheese curds too sweet for our liking. The mini gyro tacos were a big hit! They were loaded with feta, tomato, onion and just enough lettuce. The tzatziki sauce gave a refreshing touch, and the gyro meat was super tender and flavorful. My husband had a delightful Ruben sandwich, served with a side of hearty clam chowder. Packed with corned beef, melty cheese, sour kraut, and toasted rye bread, the sandwich hit the spot. What really stands out is the incredibly vast menu, featuring an impressive wine and beer selection, along with eight pages jam-packed with enticing food options. Considering the venue and large portions, our bill was reasonable. I do want to mention a small hiccup when our original waiter had to leave. The service suffered slightly, but it wasn't a deal-breaker. I must commend our server Elias and manager Cully for promptly addressing a slight issue with my steak, going above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. Despite us being on the younger side compared to the other diners and the somewhat awkward stares from a couple at the bar, I look forward to another visit. My husband is already excited to try out more things off the menu!

McCormick Cafe

2419 Montana Ave, Billings

(406) 255-9555

Reviewed by:

Alberto Alderink

I've always enjoyed the inviting ambiance at McCormick Cafe, with their lovely seating options, both by the window and more secluded spots for group gatherings. They even have a quaint little outdoor area that really lends to the overall cafe atmosphere. As for pricing, it's just about what you'd expect from joints with similar food offerings in the area. The food has consistently been good, made with fresh ingredients and prepared well. It's not the kind of fare that leaves you astounded but it's still an enjoyable meal that warrants return visits. I do feel like their Montana Omelette could use a bit of improvement though. In all the years I've been eating here, I've always been met with great service, but I did have an unfortunate incident recently where my sausage patty was under-cooked. When I asked for a replacement, it was still not cooked to my liking. The staff handled the situation poorly, which was rather disappointing. The exterior of the building is charmingly cute, which is one of the reasons I chose to dine here in the first place. I must admit though, the food was just alright. The biscuits and gravy were decent, with a particular taste that brings to mind "chicken in a biscuit" crackers – a unique flavor, one could say. But the venue operates on a self-service basis, and the staff were generally friendly. My only gripe on the dining experience was the portion size. For the price, the servings were relatively small. Including some home fries or hash browns on the plate would have made more sense and given better value for money. One important note for future diners – check their closing time! I came in just before closing once and was asked to leave before I could fully enjoy my meal. And although the menu is filled with indulgent options, those seeking healthier choices might find it a bit limiting, as most of the dishes lean towards the heavier, greasier side. All things considered, it was a place worth trying out at least once. Hopefully, they can improve in some areas for a better dining experience.


2833 King Ave W, Billings

(406) 651-8778

Reviewed by:

Vilma Moskalenko

Overall, my visit to IHOP in Billings, Montana was a splendid experience. The restaurant was in good condition, clean and welcoming, with soft music playing in the background. The bathrooms were also in impeccable condition. Our waitress, Debbie, was both professional and delightful, ensuring our needs were met in a quick and proficient manner. As far as IHOP locations go, this one truly stood out as a cut above the rest, maintaining a sense of cleanliness and friendliness that is often hard to come by. A particular highlight of the establishment were their weekday offerings where kids eat free between 4pm-10pm - a superb incentive for families. In terms of the food, it was overall quite satisfactory. While there were some minor setbacks like my son's biscuits and gravy not meeting expectations, generally, most of our meals were enjoyable. They've also recently updated their menu, providing a refreshing mix of innovative and traditional dishes. However, I would advise caution if you are considering ordering fruit - the offerings I received were less than optimal. Despite these minor hiccups, overall the experience was positive and the food was generally delicious. Lastly, it's worth noting to either wait for your waiter to handle your bill or head to the front desk - the communication regarding this could have been clearer. In summary, the IHOP in Billings, Montana served as a wonderful brunch location, with its clean environment, friendly staff, and an extensive menu catering to diverse tastes. Despite minor areas for improvement, my overall dining experience was largely enjoyable.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

825 N 27th St, Billings

(406) 248-8320

Reviewed by:

Tiphanie Avanesov

I had a fantastic first-time experience at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in Billings, Montana. We happened to stumble upon this gem after leaving the Billings clinic around noon, drawn in by their promotion for free pie on Mondays. The range of delicious food and variety of desserts surpassed my expectations. The prices were reasonable and the staff, especially our waitress Celine, were welcoming and pleasant. I appreciated that the food was served warm and promptly, not to mention that the atmosphere allowed for comfortable conversation. The homestyle cooking was delightful and freshly prepared. If ever I am back in the area, I will not hesitate to return. After being away from Perkins for a while, I was reminded of its greatness. Our server Derek was outstanding — polite, funny, and attentive. The overall staff treated us kindly and ensured we had a great dining experience. I truly enjoyed having brunch in this conveniently located chain amid the busy downtown. From potato pancakes and club sandwiches to soup and French toast, all the dishes were excellent. The free pie on a Monday was a pleasant bonus. I can confidently add this restaurant to my list of go-to places.

Western Empire Emporium

3141 King Ave W, Billings

(406) 652-7705

Reviewed by:

Leroy Stallings

I've been a regular at Western Empire Emporium for years now- popping in for breakfast every now and then and I must say, it's always a delight! While I must admit we have had a few hiccups; like this one time in April, my companions and I all ordered prime rib and unfortunately it was overcooked and tasted rather off. We dismissed it as just a bad day. Now, another instance was when I ordered a T-bone steak, but was served a prime rib instead. It was supposedly cooked rare, but it was completely brown and did not taste right at all. This time I decided to let the waitress know and she was more than understanding, allowing me to swap it out for a cheeseburger. From the conversation I overheard, it sounded like the issue was with the team and not so much the waitress, who was genuinely nice. Now this might sound like a bit of a downer, but truth be told, I still love this place! The ambiance is so laid back, the servers are always cheerful and the food, for the most part, is delectable. The Prime Rib Sandwich and the fried chicken are definitely my top suggestions. The salad bar could do with some improvement, but the produce was fresh nonetheless. The restaurant is tidy although I can't vouch for the restroom as I haven't used it. Our server was absolutely delightful! She made frequent rounds to make sure we were taken care of. Sunday mornings are the best for breakfast, the food and service just seems to be extra special. Honestly, this place is great for any meal- breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's a hearty, sit-down dining experience that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a good meal in Billings, Montana. It's been a blast each time, aside from the minor issues.


2010 Overland Ave, Billings

(406) 651-0724

Reviewed by:

Zyree Rebeck

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent meal at Denny's in Billings, Montana. Although the bourbon sauce on my chicken was a bit runny, it still had a good flavor and overall, the service was commendable – just what you'd expect from Denny's. The wait staff were prompt and efficient, and the food met the standard. On my visit, I opted for the sirloin steak which was cooked to medium-rare perfection, kudos to the chef. I also had mashed potatoes (since they no longer serve baked potatoes), zucchini & squash (although the portions were a bit small), and garlic butter toast. The food placement could have been better, my steak looked a bit lonely on the plate by itself. A garnish or two could have fixed that! My waitress, Barbara, was a great host. She was friendly, attentive, and really added to the overall positive experience. Breaking down my experience: I'd give the service 4 stars, the atmosphere gets a 2.5, the speed was a solid 3.5, the food portions a 2, and the food placement also a 2. Once upon a time, Denny's was the place to go for coffee, good food, and friendly conversations. Nowadays, it's a bit quieter and less packed but still, the trip was worth it, and I'll absolutely be back for more.

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