September 13, 2023

Boston's Brunch Bonanza: The Ultimate Guide to the City's Most Delightful Morning Bites

Discover the best brunch spots in Boston with our curated guide, featuring a blend of classic and modern cuisine, cozy cafés, and trendy eateries for a delightful culinary experience.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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 Boston's Brunch Bonanza: The Ultimate Guide to the City's Most Delightful Morning Bites
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Welcome to the world of scrumptious flavors and delightful experiences, as we embark on a mouthwatering journey through the best brunch places in Boston! This historic city, known for its rich culture and iconic landmarks, offers a wide array of delectable dishes that are sure to satisfy your brunch cravings. From cozy neighborhood cafés to trendy eateries, these top brunch spots in Beantown serve up a tantalizing fusion of classic and modern cuisine, with a side of warm hospitality. So, get ready to indulge your taste buds and explore the city's vibrant culinary scene with our curated list of Boston's best brunch destinations. Whether you're a fan of eggs Benedict, fluffy pancakes, or savory avocado toast, we have got you covered. Let the brunch extravaganza begin!

Theo's Cozy Corner Restaurant

162 Salem St, Boston

(617) 241-0202

Reviewed by:

Sylvia Mcbride

I recently had a fantastic brunch at Theo's Cozy Corner Restaurant in Boston and I can't recommend it enough. Close to the North End Freedom Trail stops, this authentic Italian eatery is a great alternative to the standard, overpriced hotel breakfasts. Despite being packed out, or perhaps because of it, the atmosphere was buzzing and the food was tasty. The homemade hot sauce was an absolute winner, so much so that a friend of mine ended up buying a jar to take home. The vibe of the place is reminiscent of a traditional mom and pop diner with a cozy, family feel. Although it's small and you'll likely be elbow to elbow with your fellow diners, it's a great place to meet people. The service was polite and efficient, though do remember to take cash as they don't accept cards. The portion sizes were really generous, too. An important thing to note is that you have to wait outside in line, they don't take reservations or hold a wait list. It may be chilly, but it's worth it, trust me. The menu delights of steak and eggs and western omelets were sublime with well-seasoned and non-greasy ingredients that didn't need any extra additions. Plus the house's hot pepper sauce was a delicious addition to the meal. With satisfied and full stomachs, we headed off, making a mental note to return and try the pancakes that looked so delicious on a nearby table. So, if you're in town for a day or a week, do yourself a favor and stop by Theo's Cozy Corner for breakfast or lunch. This place certainly lives up to its reputation as one of Boston's favourites.

The Friendly Toast

35 Stanhope St, Boston

(617) 231-9562

Reviewed by:

Samantha Milfort

The Friendly Toast is a truly unique brunch spot in Back Bay area with a quirky, retro 90’s vibe. The staff were all exceedingly pleasant and our server was especially attentive. I can't recommend the breakfast burrito with chorizo and the appetizer sampler enough. The churro bites and breakfast egg rolls were the hit at our table. It's a shame we had to wait for an hour and a half to get seated, but once we tasted the food, it felt worth the wait. Although it was lukewarm, the flavors were still enjoyable. The lunch options like the Snap, Crackle, Cluck Sandwich and Sklarmageddon Omelet didn't impress us much, but the Philly Mac Bowl made up for it. The churro bites are a must-try, a perfect sweet to balance savory dishes. Despite the long wait and a few disappointments, I'll definitely be coming back, if not for the vibe, friendly staff, and innovative menu, then definitely for the breakfast burrito and Philly Mac Bowl. Bonus points for their clear marking of allergy-specific dishes and accommodating gluten-free options!

North Street Grille

229 North St, Boston

(617) 720-2010

Reviewed by:

Tammy Alvarado

North Street Grille in Boston is truly phenomenal. It's clear why this place has such a fantastic reputation - every review is spot on. The atmosphere, staff, and most importantly, the food, are all worth making a trip from anywhere. Partaking in their delectable brunch options was an absolute delight. I indulged in the smoked salmon Benedict while my husband savored the lobster omelette. Both meals were absolutely delicious! Our server, Christine, was incredibly friendly and attentive. I'm already looking forward to returning. Even though it's a smaller place with close seating, the breakfast options are exquisite. The French toast and omelettes are particularly remarkable. Despite visiting on a busy Monday morning, the service was quick and the staff was welcoming. Chef Julian, our server Katty, and bartender Andy made our visit unforgettable with their superb service and warm vibes. The North End Benedict and French toast doused in cream sauce were out of this world. In summary, North Street Grille is spectacular. I cannot wait to return and continue exploring their sublime menu. Boston is indeed lucky to have such a gem.


1508 Tremont St, Boston

(617) 516-8913

Reviewed by:

Dwain Sabir

I've visited Milkweed in Boston multiple times for brunch and I am consistently impressed with the quality and variety of food options. Everything I've tried has been absolutely delicious, including their mixed drinks, beer and wine, particularly a mango mojito on my last visit. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and quick service, although sometimes it lacks personality. Be prepared to wait for a table, as this spot is popular and tends to get packed quickly. While the servers could be more attentive, it's clear they're busy handling the crowd. The only downside is parking, as the main road only offers paid street parking and the inner blocks require a permit. I highly recommend this place for brunch, although you may want to arrive early, before 9 am, to avoid the rush. And don't miss their pancakes. This is quite possibly the best breakfast spot I've found in the Boston area. The morning madness and shakshuka are some of my favorites on the menu. The portions are generous, to the point that you may want to skip lunch. I already have plans to return and have recommended it to others.

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

425 W Broadway, South Boston

(617) 765-8636

Reviewed by:

Marc Sahakian

I had an incredible brunch experience at the Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant in Boston. I attended during off-peak hours on a Tuesday and was blown away by the quality of the food. The $1 oysters were fresh and delicious, and the 18-hour short rib, despite being a little pricey, didn't disappoint. The portions were generous, especially for the French toast and berry appetizer that was delightfully crispy. A unique feature of this restaurant is their selection of beverages; they carry blueberry Angry Orchard, which I thought paired wonderfully with the oysters. The French Onion soup was a touch sweet for my liking, but loaded with cheese and my husband was a big fan. We also ordered the lemon blueberry cheesecake to go, and it made for an excellent midnight snack. The servers were very attentive, regularly checking in on us, contributing to a great overall dining experience. The restaurant quickly filled up on the Saturday night that we visited, so I would suggest making a reservation. The food overall was phenomenal, and I'm already anticipating my next visit to try more items from the menu. The interior and bar area were strikingly beautiful, and it seemed like an excellent venue for large parties as well. One particular dish worth mentioning is the burger, which I was told had recently been voted one of the best in MA. It lived up to its reputation, and was even more enjoyable when paired with the truffle fries. The restaurant also offers convenient parking right across from the location, which is a huge plus. I also had a breakfast bagel sandwich, which was delicious although the sausage patty was a little pink. The hash browns and truffle fries were truly phenomenal. I will certainly be returning to Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a superior brunch experience in Boston.

Bostonia Public House

131 State St, Boston

(617) 948-9800

Reviewed by:

Jingkai Lovett

My friends and I decided to brunch at Bostonia Public House to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday and what an experience it was! We chose to sit outside which, although not as charming as the interior, was still lovely. The brunch menu had a great range of options, almost all accompanied by plenty of potatoes - fantastic for a hearty brunch! Although we experienced a bit of a hiccup when we found out they only served sparkling wine and not champagne, and the waiter wasn't too clear about the difference, we decided not to let it ruin our celebration. We brought our own champagne but were informed about their policy against outside bottles - a bit disappointing but understandable. The oysters we ordered were fresh, though they weren't presented very attractively. However, the Lobster Benedict was a winner, absolutely delectable! We also celebrated with strawberry pancakes, which were delicious, but arrived cold due to a delay in bringing our cutlery. The highlight of our brunch was definitely the food, which I would rate a 7 out of 10. But I must say, the service left something to be desired - throwing the plates around caused some sauce to splash on my son's shirt, not exactly the level of service you would expect. In spite of this, the ambiance of Bostonia Public House was welcoming and comfortable, and our server, Addison, was an absolute delight. The food was tasty and portions, generous. We particularly enjoyed the homemade chips with onion dip and the apple glazed pork chop. The wings and pancakes were also crowd favorites, and the servings were so big, finishing them was a challenge! I loved the spaciousness of the restaurant and the quick service was a plus. Only having visited briefly, I found the atmosphere upbeat and enjoyable. The drink menu was diverse and creative, offering strong and exciting concoctions. There's a wide variety of shareable plates, which makes this the perfect spot for a casual, fun brunch with a large group. The 'make your own bloody mary' option looked like a riot, though we didn't opt for it. The location of Bostonia Public House also makes it easily accessible for gatherings. Despite some hiccups, this establishment is one I would readily recommend for a hearty, fun-filled brunch.


120 Kingston St, Boston

(617) 936-3079

Reviewed by:

Aldhair Akintayo

My visit to Stillwater for brunch was an enjoyable experience. The location was fantastic, nestled conveniently between Chinatown and the Financial District, making it easily accessible. I really loved the sleek yet classic American diner design and the option for outdoor seating, it felt very welcoming. While the food was somewhat a mixed bag, I appreciated the inventiveness of their menu. I particularly enjoyed their plain pancake and the tater tots were spot on. The sausage links were just as appetizing. I did try their pop tarts, but they didn't really live up to expectations. The standout for me had to be the service. Despite their slow start and some gaps in their menu knowledge, their hard work and attentiveness were commendable. The restaurant's cleanliness was top-notch and added to my overall positive experience. There are certainly areas for improvement, particularly with the food, but their reasonable prices and inviting atmosphere would certainly make me consider another visit. To sum it up, despite some minor setbacks, Stillwater is a good brunch spot worth checking out in Boston.

Buttermilk & Bourbon

160 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

(617) 266-1122

Reviewed by:

Brooklyn Pineda

I'm not usually a fan of tapas style dining, but I must say, Buttermilk & Bourbon really changed my mind. The fried chicken boneless thighs with white BBQ sauce were simply outstanding, and although the street corn was satisfactory, the blackened swordfish was rather overcooked. Their potato salad, however, was fantastic. The location of the restaurant is extremely convenient, being close to both Back Bay station and Copley station. The overall ambiance and decor were quite pleasing, offering a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Service was prompt and friendly, with ordering being a breeze and food arriving quickly. The biscuits were out of this world - buttery, sweet, and served with a spreadable cheese and brown sugar sauce that truly elevated the dish. The French beignets and biscuits and gravy were equally palatable and full-flavored. In terms of pricing, Buttermilk & Bourbon offered great value for money and the food was scrumptious. Despite the hustle and bustle during Open Newbury St., having made a reservation in advance was definitely a smart move. The house special was a personal favorite, complete with mouth-watering andouille sausage and astounding jalapeño grits. Despite the average coffee, the overall experience was so wonderful that it led to the cancellation of other dining plans, in favor of a return visit to Buttermilk & Bourbon. A delightful brunch spot, indeed!

Beehive Restaurant

541 Tremont St, Boston

(617) 423-0069

Reviewed by:

Alexis Irizarry

Decided to try the Beehive Restaurant for dinner and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. The location is in a charming older building, adorned with Pride flags from the recent parade. We were seated in the basement, which added a unique ambiance. Our server, Adrienne, was an absolute delight - friendly, efficient, and ensured our drinks were just right. The food was served quickly and was piping hot. The decor has a fun vibe and it's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. I also had dinner with colleagues another time and while they didn't have live music that night, the cocktail menu made up for it with some creative options. I tried the brisket entree - a bit on the greasy side, but still good. Their brunch is equally impressive, offering both indoor and outdoor seating. The American breakfast really hit the spot, especially the eggs. The Eggs Benedict with salmon was also a hit. Despite the restaurant being busy, the service was balanced - not too attentive, but not too neglectful either. They also surprised us with their thoughtful service, such as accommodating a member of our party who needed to use the elevator. From the staff checking IDs to those clearing the tables, everyone was wonderful. I can’t wait to go back and experience the live music they apparently offer on certain nights. Just remember to make reservations! Overall, Beehive Restaurant made for a delightful experience.

The Paramount

44 Charles St, Boston

(617) 720-1152

Reviewed by:

Steven Prabhu

I would highly encourage anyone in the Beacon Hill area of Boston to try out The Paramount for breakfast or brunch. As someone who usually leans towards waffles, I was completely taken by their buttermilk pancakes. I chose to have mine with chocolate chips and bananas, paired with a side of perfectly cooked bacon. The Paramount has become a favourite spot of mine for morning meals. They serve a classic American breakfast which includes two eggs, toast, coffee, baked potatoes, and your choice of meat. In my case, I opted for bacon which was cooked just to my liking. Their Huevos Rancheros was nice, although the chorizo could have had a bit more flavour. However, what I would highly recommend, and would even return for, are their buttermilk pancakes. The combination of chocolate chips and banana slices within the pancakes was simply delightful. Do bear in mind, there can be a considerable wait due to the restaurant's popularity. The staff could improve on their attentiveness, as I had to send my sausage back for being undercooked and had to wait quite a bit for it to be rectified. But the quality of the food makes up for these shortcomings. I also had a chance to try their Homemade Quinoa-Black Bean Burger and the Tofu Burrito Bowl - both were excellent, though I must admit, their cookies and cream milkshake was a bit too thick to drink through a straw. All in all, I'd say, despite a few minor issues, The Paramount is definitely worth a visit for a hearty, appetising breakfast or brunch.


111 Dartmouth St, Boston

(617) 867-4142

Reviewed by:

Chris Ashbaugh

I stumbled upon Brownstone after passing on a long wait at another spot and it was a total win. Making reservations was easy and the service delivered on all counts. My hunt for perfect runny eggs was well rewarded and the well-spiced, tender pulled pork hit the spot, particularly with a side of Hollandaise. I know I'll be back and will definitely bring friends. Our St. Patrick's Day experience was enhanced by our attentive and helpful waiter, Bruce. The food was delicious; whether it was the corned beef and cabbage or the shrimp risotto, the meals were simply outstanding. They’ve got some intriguing drinks like the Baby Shark! and their cheesecake and apple crisp were incredibly tasty. The avocado toast and chicken/French toast combo also deserve a shout out. My husband reckoned it was one of the best brunches he'd ever tasted. Though the Bloody Mary could have been better, the great food and service, not to mention the fun 80s music, more than made up for it. Overall, Brownstone really came through as a brunch spot.

Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

604 Columbus Ave, Boston

(617) 536-1100

Reviewed by:

Brandon Maureen

I recently visited Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen for brunch and it certainly did not disappoint. The food was incredibly flavorful, and each dish was cooked to perfection. Nothing was dry or overdone, which is a testament to the skill of the chefs. One highlight of this place is the live music on the weekend, giving the restaurant a lively and exciting atmosphere. It was my third time dining at Darryl's. This time I brought along my co-worker, Darryl, for his birthday. He's a big fan of soul food, and this seemed like the perfect place to celebrate. Despite a bit of a hiccup with service - we were asked multiple times if we had ordered, and our food and drinks took a bit longer than expected - I still highly recommend Darryl's. We ordered a variety of dishes, including salmon, catfish, and fish & grits. The fried chicken we got for takeaway was a bit heavily breaded compared to my previous visits, but still enjoyable. Though it was a bit less than perfect this time, my co-workers agreed to give it another chance, and I'm looking forward to their minds being changed. In addition to great food, Darryl's also offers live music after 7:00 for a reasonable $10 cover. All food and drinks we tried were excellent, with most dishes having a bit of spice without being too hot. The yams, in particular, were a standout. For those considering takeout, Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen is a great option as well. Everything I ordered was flavorful and satisfying. My order was ready on time and kept warm, with good portion sizes and reasonable prices. I'll definitely be ordering takeout from here again. Despite minor kinks, the overall experience at Darryl's was delightful and I'll be sure to return.


569 Tremont St, Boston

(617) 424-8577

Reviewed by:

Savion Fraser

Aquitaine is a beautiful French brunch restaurant in Boston. The interior design is stunning with a lovely bar, and the service is commendable. I especially loved the lavender and elderflower spritz and bellini, which were very refreshing. As for the food, we ordered avocado tartine, omelet alsacienne, and the Aquitaine burger. I requested for truffle fries and toast with my omelette, and they didn't disappoint. The quality of the ingredients was excellent and the food felt really healthy. Although I thought the portion sizes were a little small for the price, the food was well presented and balanced in flavor. The duck cavatelli had a good taste, though I felt the pasta lacked freshness. The cocktails at Aquitaine are a must-try! The establishment has a modern, classy vibe with its nice red booths. Our waitress was very attentive, making sure we were happy and that our glasses were never empty. Duck a myrtilles and escargot were our main dishes and they were incredible. The duck was juicy and the escargot was a great first experience. The in-house bread pudding with vanilla ice cream came highly recommended and it didn't disappoint. We were even addressed by our last names before leaving which added a personal touch to our dining experience. This place definitely deserves 5 stars. It’s as authentic as a bistro in Paris with its chic and elegant atmosphere. The Moules and frites were really tasty and the Tarte Tatin is a must-try dessert. I highly recommend Aquitaine and would definitely be back.

The Paramount

667 E Broadway, Boston

(617) 269-9999

Reviewed by:

Miguel Helton

I had a wonderful brunch experience at The Paramount in South Boston. It's a charming, compact spot that emits a beautiful aesthetic, offering both indoor and outdoor seating. The breakfast sandwiches on English Muffins were quite satisfying, and the waffle topped with fruit was delightful. I was slightly disappointed with the pancakes, found them a bit flat, but still had a decent taste. One thing is for sure, their fruit salad – it's freshly made every day. The Paramount has its brunch running until 4:30pm, which is great for late risers like me. They also serve an array of specialty beverages along with the brunch. Let me tell you - their Blueberry Pancakes drizzled with maple syrup are simply scrumptious. Plus, their omelets, accompanied by perfectly fried home fries are a delicious treat. I was really impressed with their service - it was excellent and the food was served promptly. Coming from Texas, the taste here is a pleasant deviation from what I'm used to - it's a good kind of different. I definitely recommend this place. I ended up visiting The Paramount again during my week-long stay in Boston and it turned out to be the best breakfast I had. The food is among the best in South Boston as it's fresh, consistent, and well-flavored. I particularly enjoyed their salads – and for me to be this enthusiastic about a salad, speaks volumes. I love that it has a diner-like feel and you can see your meal being prepared. I highly recommend this spot for a relaxed brunch or dinner.

Thornton's Boston Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant

150 Huntington Ave #02115, Boston

(617) 267-6336

Reviewed by:

Asma Medina

What a fantastic spot for brunch! I thoroughly enjoyed the ability to sit outside. Our server was not only incredibly pleasant, but also a joy to converse with. I opted for the Mediterranean Star plate and found it satisfying, nutritious and light. With a fairly extensive menu, it was quite a challenge choosing what to order. Definitely looking forward to my next visit to try out more of their delicious dishes. I'd like to give a special acknowledgment to our waiter who was remarkably attentive, helpful, and friendly. The food certainly did not disappoint. My meal consisted of a cappuccino, scrambled eggs with spinach and feta, side of homefries, and opted to go without toast. It was absolutely delightful and satisfying! We visited for breakfast and the food was to die for! If you're a fan of French toast, this place serves it crispy, scrumptious, and it's quite possibly among the best I've ever tasted. The Omelettes and Home Fries also come highly recommended. The service was friendly and swift. Highly recommended indeed! The staff was congenial and alert. Food was exceptional with a wide range of options on the menu. We managed to grab a table early, however, it does get busy rather quickly. So plan your visit accordingly!

South End Buttery

314 Shawmut Ave, Boston

(617) 482-1015

Reviewed by:

Mike Rodriguez

I stumbled upon South End Buttery by chance and was pleasantly surprised by its cozy atmosphere. It's the perfect spot for a morning date, complete with outdoor seating and a warm, inviting ambiance. I thoroughly enjoyed the subtly spiced pumpkin latte and the delightful Chicken Milanese sandwich. Although the prices are a bit high, the quality of the food makes it worthwhile. South End Buttery offers a brilliant variety of breakfast options. Trying out the Eggs Benedict and steak and eggs, all of which were mouth-watering, was a pleasure. The place could use more generous portions of orange juice with their mimosas, though. The location is convenient, near a t-station, with amenities like wifi and restrooms. In addition to breakfast/brunch, they also serve dinner. My dining experience there was good, too. We made a reservation for 7:30 PM, considering the restaurant closes at 8 PM, and we were able to order and eat leisurely. The server was generally attentive, though they tried to clear our plates before we finished eating, which was a minor inconvenience. The food is excellent. I particularly enjoyed the lox and cream cheese bagel during a weekday morning visit, though the cream cheese was a bit too much for my liking. However, this minor issue won't deter me from returning and trying out their pastries. South End Buttery is indeed a worthy find.

City Table

65 Exeter St, Boston

(617) 933-4800

Reviewed by:

Walter Flores Ramos Ntangwen

I stumbled upon City Table during Boston restaurant week and was pleasantly surprised. They offered an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert for just $41. I couldn't believe the generous portion sizes, especially considering the price. I indulged in Native Oysters for my appetizer, Pan Roasted Salmon for my main course, and Lindt Chocolate Mousse for dessert. The food was impressive and I would highly recommend checking out this restaurant during restaurant week. Last Sunday, my friends and I decided to pay City Table another visit. We were quite a lively group and our server, Julian, handled us wonderfully. He was patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable about the menu. His recommendation of the 14oz sirloin was spot-on. We didn't have any reservations but they were still able to accommodate us. This was greatly appreciated, especially considering it was during Sunday brunch hours. The steak frites, brie burger, and chopped salad were all absolutely satisfying, with the salad being the largest portion we'd ever seen. The service was on point, leaving us with virtually no complaints. However, I will say that the burger was slightly better in description than in taste. The garnishes didn't quite hit the mark for me, but that might just be my personal preference. City Table provided an escape from the bustling city, serving as a hidden gem in the Back Bay. The excellent service, generous portions, and overall charm of the place guaranteed that it will be a regular stop for me.


327 Newbury St, Boston

(617) 351-2500

Reviewed by:

Hesrick Hamilton

Had an absolutely fantastic time at Sonsie for brunch. The weather was lovely, which made the open windows an absolute delight. We kicked off our meal with some fried calamari that was just right in terms of taste and texture. The main courses - tuna nicoise and pork Milanese - were equally delightful. The crispiness of the fries was simply the icing on the cake. The Maine beer that my husband had was another highlight of our meal. We were also impressed with the level of attention and service provided by our waiter. Can't wait to return to this wonderful place on upper Newbury Street. An added bonus is that the entire front of the restaurant opens up to the street which is simply amazing, especially on a warm evening. The food was great, especially the delicious calamari and the hearty and flavorful Pork Milanese. They even serve beers from the Maine Beer Company! Had a chance to stop in again for another brunch, seated right at the bar this time. Although I had to wait for some trays to be moved, the bartender was brilliant in his service. Pleasantly surprised me with a different kind of juice for my second mimosa. The meal, featuring fries and croque monsieur, was satisfying if a bit overseasoned. Sonsie's menu is also one of its standout features. From international cuisine to brick-oven pizzas and focaccia, their offerings cater to a wide variety of tastes. Their fresh seafood options are a treat and the house-made Gyoza/Dumplings, offered in three varieties, are a must-try. They also serve up some fantastic pizzas and a good choice of main courses. While their dessert menu could do with some expansion, their overall food offerings are excellent. Their service indoors with the French doors open is a unique experience, and honestly, feels like an outdoor dining experience with an incredible breeze. All in all, Sonsie is definitely a spot worth checking out on Newbury Street. Whether you're dropping in for a brunch, late-night bite, or just to enjoy one of their expertly mixed drinks, you won't be disappointed. The top-notch service and quality of food are worth every star in their 5-star rating.

One + One Restaurant

1 Dalton St, Boston

(617) 377-4888

Reviewed by:

Lakisha Shams

My experience at the One + One Restaurant for their weekend brunch buffet was a truly luxurious affair. The spread was excellent, with fresh seafood like lobster, oysters, and shrimp cocktail being the highlight. The omelette and rib station offered a hearty touch, while the pancakes, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and sausages added variety. There was a slight confusion regarding their complimentary coffee policy, and the service could be quicker, especially at the beginning. Nevertheless, the ambiance was beautiful, a perfect match to the exquisite food. I quite enjoyed my seating location and look forward to my next visit. Visiting Boston with my wife, our breakfast buffet at the restaurant was a delight. The modern, elegant setting, welcoming staff, and the extensive spread made for a lovely experience. There were numerous fresh and delicious offerings, including a salad bar and a carving station. The desserts were a sweet finale to our meal, with the blueberry cheesecake and chocolate raspberry cake standing out. Our initial concern about the service, based on some reviews, was put to rest by the pleasant interactions we had with the staff. The food selection, although not extensive, was of superior quality. My only qualm was about the yogurt parfaits being served at room temperature. Yet, I highly recommend trying out this classy brunch experience. My visit to the One + One cafe was memorable, made especially so by our server who went above and beyond to celebrate my photography business's success. The environment was great, the staff friendly, and the food delicious, making it one of the best dining experiences I've had in a while.

Stephanie's On Newbury

190 Newbury St, Boston

(617) 236-0990

Reviewed by:

Andie Martinez

I had a really positive experience at Stephanie's On Newbury. From the moment we walked in, the staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming, ready to make our brunch special. The food was absolutely delicious and the portions were incredible. I am confident to say that two dishes could easily feed 3-4 people. After a busy day visiting the Body Worlds exhibit with a group of coworkers, we were satisfied with the quick and excellent service. The fish and chips are the best I've ever had, with a crunchy batter and full of flavor. Our appetizer came with endless pita bread for dipping, keeping our table of 7 thoroughly satisfied. We heard glowing reviews from our other coworkers as well. The place was bustling on a Thursday afternoon, so I'm glad we made reservations in advance. I would recommend the Boozy Hot Chocolate Flight if you're looking for variety. Among them all, the Peppermint and Mocha stood out for their taste and alcohol strength. The salads are generously portioned and the rest of the meals are sizeable too. The ambiance was lovely and the staff really added to the overall experience. One thing to note is the surprisingly large portion sizes. Considering a salad was between $18-27 (without meat), it's a great value for money. My husband’s meal was also hefty. We ordered a side of mashed potatoes and the portion was considerably large. There were smiles everywhere and we left filled with joy and good food. Thank you, Stephanie's On Newbury!

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