September 19, 2023

Endless Mimosas in Manchester: Best Bottomless Brunch Spots

Unleash your brunch beast in Manchester's best bottomless brunch spots. Score unlimited bites and sips, from traditional English breakfasts to innovative cocktails, all in a fun, unpretentious setting.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Endless Mimosas in Manchester: Best Bottomless Brunch Spots
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Welcome to Munch-ester, UK! This vibrant city is not merely buzzing with football and fervour, it's a hive of culinary delights too! Of course, we are talking brunch - but not just any brunch. Prepare yourself for infinite indulgence at the unbeatable bottomless brunch spots in this city, where the mimosas keep flowing and delicious dishes never stop coming. So, put down that cup of tea and boring toast. Get ready to elevate your brunch game, Manchester style!


Cutting Room Square, 41 Blossom St, Ancoats, Manchester

07412 574324

Reviewed by:

Jenny Martyu

I had an incredible time at Elnecot's bottomless brunch yesterday! The tasty crispy pork belly had me wishing I could enjoy it every day! Nour and DJ's service was exemplary – they were both so charming and attentive. The drinks selection was also impressive. This place is a gem I'm glad my friend stumbled upon! The food was flavorful, well-presented, and served in the perfect size. The ambiance was lively even on a Monday evening at 6 pm. Safe to say, Elnecot tops my list of tapas-style restaurants in Manchester. The delightful menu changes caught my eye, and the food never fails to satisfy with its unique, tantalizing flavors. This place has quickly become a favorite eatery in Manchester. Our waiter on Monday was the embodiment of warm, friendly service. The food here, mostly served tapas-style, is a delight. The squid, roasties and greenes we shared were all fantastic, and the staff were incredibly helpful with menu recommendations. The cheeseburger I had was scrumptious, and the chocolate cake for dessert was the cherry on top! The ice cream was exceptionally creamy too. Overall, I highly recommend Elnecot for its amazing food and service!

Foundry Project Manchester

Thomas St, Manchester

0161 839 7195

Reviewed by:

Peggy Sininger

I recently had a delightful brunch experience at The Foundry Project in Manchester. We went there on a Sunday, the restaurant opens at 11am and serves brunch until 3pm. Our server, Evie, was fantastic! She was very attentive and didn't hesitate to tend with our needs. The food, my goodness, was just great! I loved the smashed avocado with homemade beans, it was simply delicious. And the dirty bird, a buttermilk-fried chicken burger, was to die for! Even the fries and mayo were so tasty. As for the drinks, the cocktail menu was quite simple, but they were prepared really well. We visited on a Monday night and while the service was a little slower due to fewer staff, everyone was quite friendly and pleasant. I found the atmosphere to be really laid back and relaxed, there was no hint of pretension. Not to mention, the prices were quite reasonable, especially for being in the middle of town. There were a few dishes that didn't quite live up to our expectations, like the chicken burger, but all in all, I would highly recommend The Foundry Project for brunch in Manchester. Despite the minor mishaps, the food was good, the prices were right, and the service was top-notch. Can't wait for our next visit!

Slug & Lettuce - Spinningfields Manchester

Unit 5 Block A, Manchester

0161 696 4859

Reviewed by:

Ashley Bell

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a bottomless brunch at Slug & Lettuce in Spinningfields, Manchester and I can't recommend it enough! The staff were exceptionally welcoming and jovial, making the experience far more enjoyable. The venue makes use of an easy-to-use app for drink ordering, featuring a fantastic 2 for 1 cocktails deal. The cocktails, besides being absolutely delicious, were creatively presented and added a touch of excitement to our afternoon. Our drinks were served by the friendliest of wait staff who lightened up our day with their jokes and cheerfulness. Amy, our host, was truly outstanding. She constantly ensured our glasses were full, recommended drinks and thoroughly explained the bottomless brunch concept to us. She provided exemplary customer service and made our nursing degree celebration even more special. The ambiance at Slug & Lettuce is a perfect blend of quality drinks and food served in the most professional manner in a great atmosphere. The waiting time for food is short and the venue is kid-friendly. They offer a variety of meals and drinks, including their own house beers. The beer garden is nicely sized, perfect for a drink and a smoke. The staff are not only approachable and patient, but they also maintain the venue diligently making sure it's always clean and tidy. I've always had a pleasant experience here, and highly recommend giving it a try if you haven't already. The toilets are clean, easily accessible, and there's a downstairs toilet for those needing it. Peter, who took care of our party of 17, was a star. He arranged a table for us after our meal and provided top-notch service. Slug & Lettuce in Spinningfields, Manchester is a five-star venue with great music, fantastic staff, and a brilliant selection of drinks and food. I look forward to my next visit!

Fress Restaurant & Bar

62 Oldham St, Manchester

0333 050 2505

Reviewed by:

Ronald Smith

I had a fantastic experience at Fress Restaurant & Bar for a brunch date with my partner. We were impressed with the amazing food, particularly the veggie and American breakfast. The restaurant had a really enjoyable ambiance, even though it was quite quiet. The friendly staff were quick and attentive, and made sure to verify that all our chosen dishes were gluten-free. We appreciated the great drink options and the reasonable prices, especially with the 50% off deal they had for their new menu. Booking a table online was straightforward and we were met by friendly and attentive staff. We ordered a variety of dishes like Rangeen Pani Puri, Laal Lamb Chops, Aarchari Lamb, and Amritsari Kulcha Naan, all of which were flavorful and came at a reasonable time. We particularly loved guessing the different 'shot' flavors in the Pani Puri. The tender Laal Lamb Chops carried a nice hint of spice and the Aarchari Lamb and Amritsari Kulcha Naan were our favorites. The only area of improvement could be the portion sizes, especially for the Aarchari Lamb which had only 5 bite-sized pieces, although this could be due to the 50% off deal. Despite this, I'd universally recommend Fress Restaurant & Bar for its tasty food, friendly staff, and warm atmosphere. Even on a busy day, we were seated quickly and the service remained top-notch. The food arrived swiftly and was delicious, and even though the tea took a while to get to our table, it still came at a good time. Overall, a lovely place to dine and enjoy a relaxed brunch.

Cosy Club

Corn Exchange, 37 Hanging Ditch, Manchester

0161 933 8255

Reviewed by:

Solmarie Pérez

My time at Cosy Club for a bottomless brunch in Manchester was a delight. The outdoor seating was perfect for the warm, sunny weather and created a lovely atmosphere. Although it was a busy Friday and they were clearly understaffed, the waitress was doing her best and managed to replace our cold chips promptly. Though the service was slower than usual, it could have been a much more pleasant stay if they had more staff available. Despite this, the restaurant had a charming aesthetic and I enjoyed my dining experience there. The food, wine, and prices were all satisfactory. On a visit during Sunday afternoon, I noted that while there were very few vegan options available, the Bang Bang Cauliflower was served to me in an astounding 2 minutes. However, the portion was quite small, containing more PakChoi than cauliflower, and was heavily sauced. The non-alcoholic drink options were also limited and my tea arrived after my meal. Although they didn’t have bar snacks readily available, we ordered fries which turned out to be cold and re-fried. The overall signage for restrooms could be improved as well. But despite these minor setbacks, the food was delicious and the service was commendable. Their Dirty Breakfast Butty is something I highly recommend – absolutely satisfying and plentiful. Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Cosy Club and would love to revisit.

Las Iguanas - Manchester - Deansgate

84 Deansgate, Manchester

0161 549 2175

Reviewed by:

Anita Reinoso

I recently visited Las Iguanas on Deansgate in Manchester for a friend's birthday, and we decided to try their bottomless brunch. The food was delightful and enjoyable, particularly the steak fajitas which came deconstructed - perfect for picky eaters like myself. We were served by a lovely member of staff named Tiegan who was incredibly attentive to our table, ensuring we always had our drinks topped up. Ordering and paying online was a breeze, making it ideal for groups where each member wants to handle their own bills. But, be prepared to flag down a waiter if your payment doesn't go through. Having not been to this location since 2010, I noticed a refreshingly different atmosphere, aimed at a younger clientele with more emphasis on shareable dishes. The 2 for 1 cocktails were a great touch, attracting a vibrant crowd. I must admit, the Latin music and dancing I remember from my previous visits seems to have faded, but it didn't deter from the overall experience. The Latin American food was almost authentic and satisfying. I want to give a special shoutout to our server, Tiegan, who was absolutely superb, ensuring our table was well looked after and keeping the drinks flowing. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for a great option for bottomless brunch in Manchester.

Slug & Lettuce - Piccadilly Manchester

11 Portland St, Manchester

0161 237 0631

Reviewed by:

Lupita Weaver

I recently visited Slug & Lettuce located in Piccadilly, Manchester and I was absolutely thrilled by their bottomless brunch service. Luckily, I got an empty table within a few minutes on a busy day after the Manchester pride parade. Despite a small misunderstanding with one of their staff about our table reservation, everything else about my visit was stellar. I was able to comfortably order food and drinks using the restaurant's app and within a short wait, me and my daughter were ready to dig in. I particularly loved their Dancing Queen cocktail, apple mojito, and Bellini mocktails, which were all top-notch! Pairing these drinks with their loaded fries made for a perfect brunch. The exquisite decor, which was adorned with Pride accessories caught my eye. The staff were friendly and attentive, with our waitress Evie certainly playing her part in enhancing our experience. She was fantastic and made sure we were well taken care of. The food was absolutely delicious, and the Prosecco served here was way better than the one I had at Turtle Bay. I was slightly disappointed when we revisited the place on a Saturday night and were refused entry because one of us didn't carry a hard copy of ID, but overall, this place left a lasting impression on me. Despite the slight hiccup with the table reservation, I applaud their overall service and the quality of food and drinks they offered. I am looking forward to my next visit! I would highly recommend this place for an enjoyable bottomless brunch experience in Manchester.


16 Newton St, Manchester

0161 236 5144

Reviewed by:

Acie Ntikarahava

I had an outstanding experience at Cottonopolis for bottomless brunch in Manchester. The food was simply mind-blowing, and I genuinely found it hard to decide which dish I enjoyed the most. Not to mention, the staff was amicable and competent, making the service top-notch. Yes, the price might seem a bit steep, but the quality and texture of the food make it all worth it. Sure, the sushi pieces might seem smaller compared to other places, but the taste isn't compromised at all! I remember paying £60 and still wanting to try out more of their dishes. I'm grateful to my friends who recommended this place to me - it surpassed all my expectations. The attentiveness of the staff, particularly Mike and his manager Alessia, truly stood out. They ensured we were well taken care of throughout our meal. Some of the must-try dishes include the squid in tempura, Japanese barbeque sirloin, and their exquisite desserts. The ambiance of the place is top-tier, centrally located in Manchester, and a great vibe overall. If you're a sushi lover like me, Cottonopolis won't disappoint! Despite the slightly higher prices, I believe the exceptional quality of the food and the overall experience made it all worth it. I'm definitely planning to visit again soon!

The Botanist Bar & Restaurant Manchester

78 Deansgate, Manchester

0161 833 1878

Reviewed by:

Heritier Coto

I had an overall positive experience at The Botanist Bar & Restaurant in Manchester. The service was good and there was a plentiful range of food. There was a minor hiccup where one of our dishes was served cold, but the staff were quick to rectify it. The cocktails were delightful and the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic, making for a memorable afternoon with my family. The interior is stunning and the staff are friendly and helpful. There was also live music which added to the great atmosphere. Regarding the food, I was slightly disappointed with my hanging kebab, which was not quite what I was expecting. Also, the sharer portion could have been a bit larger to justify the price. Despite that, the peas soup was delicious and I wouldn't recommend the fish and chips. As for the children's menu, it was a pleasant surprise to see a variety of options, including healthier ones. The kids enjoyed the sizeable burgers and, despite some initial disappointment at the sold-out banana split, they were ultimately pleased with their dessert. In closing, I would definitely recommend The Botanist Bar & Restaurant for a delightful bottomless brunch in Manchester and I am looking forward to visiting again soon.

The Pen And Pencil

Fourways House, 57 Hilton St, Manchester

0161 660 3303

Reviewed by:

Sanjoy Drennen

I had an absolutely delightful experience at The Pen and Pencil for bottomless brunch last Sunday. The staff were incredibly friendly and especially attentive, particularly Niall who really added to our overall experience. The food was exceptional and incredibly good value for money. Despite a slight hiccup with the food being cold, the issue was swiftly resolved by our waitress, Ana, with great professionalism. Her vibrant demeanor and attentiveness truly made up for it. The Pen and Pencil is a lovely venue with a great atmosphere. Alongside a good cup of coffee, they also serve shakes and a variety of cocktails to give that extra kick to your brunch. My full English breakfast was nothing short of scrumptious, and I noticed that other breakfast dishes served looked equally delectable. The evening menu is somewhat limited, but they offer a good selection of snacks to balance it out. We tried their chicken burger which was decent, and the portion of fries (we opted for sweet potato) was quite generous. Even though the fries were slightly overcooked, it didn't entirely take away from the taste. Despite minor issues, the superb customer service and overall atmosphere of the place made it a memorable experience. For those in Manchester looking for a good brunch spot, The Pen and Pencil is definitely worth a visit.

Banyan Bar & Kitchen

Vantage Point, Manchester

0161 537 6720

Reviewed by:

Meeda Ariza

I recently visited Banyan Bar & Kitchen in Manchester for a spot of brunch and I must say, I had a fantastic time. What immediately drew me in was the inviting decor and lively vibe of the place, not to mention the delightful range of drinks on offer. The seating was prompt and the service provided by the staff, particularly our waitress Georgia, was commendable. Having chosen the chicken burger, I must say it wasn't up to standard initially. It arrived cold which was quite a surprise, yet after voicing my concern, a hot replacement was brought out, although it took some time. In contrast, my wife enjoyed her salad option, despite it being slightly cold. However, the dessert round more than made up for the initial blip. The sticky toffee pudding with custard I ordered was a treat to the taste buds. Additionally, my wife's chocolate orange brownie was equally delicious. The fair pricing of the meals was a pleasant surprise as well. The cocktails were a standout feature, they tasted great and the 2 for 1 option was such an added bonus. Worth every penny, I must say! The atmosphere too was enjoyable, it wasn't too crowded and the music selection was on point, definitely adding to the overall experience. Even though the start was a bit rocky with a dirty table and a somewhat long wait to order, the overall experience was quite satisfactory. The quality of food could use some improvement, as well the attitude of some of the wait staff. However, the friendliness and skill of the bar staff were a definite highlight. All in all, I would surely recommend Banyan Bar & Kitchen. Despite some hiccups, the ambiance, drinks, and sweet ending left a good impression.

Revolución de Cuba Manchester

11 Peter St, Manchester

0161 826 8266

Reviewed by:

Aida Khel

My recent visit to Revolución de Cuba in Manchester for a bottomless brunch was simply unforgettable. The endless supply of drinks was more than satisfying, they really did pull out all the stops to keep us refreshed. The food, however, could use some improvement - I ordered the chicken burger which was a bit hard and plain, making me wish I'd opted for the full breakfast or the hash. But honestly, it's not so much about the food at this place! The atmosphere was absolutely brimming with vitality. It was a lively, carefree scene with patrons so caught up in the moment they were dancing wherever they found space, be it the aisles, by their tables, or on the dance floor. The energy was so contagious we couldn't help but join in, and it felt as though we were transported straight to Cuba! I often come here and the level of excitement never dips, it's consistently a wonderful outing. The band is fantastic, the staff cordial and the ambiance never disappoints. Its central location also makes it an excellent spot to start off the night's escapades. Possibly the most memorable part of our visit was the Afternoon Tea - with a twist! It came with a cocktail, making it stand out from other places. The serving staff, Megan and Chloe, were attentive and friendly, making us feel well looked after. They even offered a QR code at the end for us to leave a review and rewarded our feedback with a free cocktail! All in all, Revolución de Cuba in Manchester is a superb place for bottomless brunch. The food was decent, the cocktails were delicious and the service was top-notch, all complemented with a true Cuban vibe. I'm confident in saying I'll be making another visit soon!

BrickHouse Social

11-13 New Wakefield St, Manchester

0161 236 4899

Reviewed by:

Erika Shirey

I had an amazing experience at BrickHouse Social for their bottomless brunch, despite the room being a bit warm due to lack of air conditioning on hot days. The food was delicious, particularly the pizzas which offered a great variety to choose from. The bottomless brunch lived up to my expectations, with reasonably quick service. My personal standout was the 80s brunch on a Saturday. The nostalgia of the music paired with fantastic drinks and scrumptious pizza made for a memorable time. Not to forget the staff, who were extremely lovely and attentive, especially Kat W. Plus, the fun of having a Photo Booth adds to the overall experience. The bottomless brunch with a noughties theme was wonderful. The fact that it lasts for 2 hours instead of the usual 90 minutes is a great touch. It was especially refreshing to have a remarkable female DJ. We held a small hen party there, where the package included food and unlimited drinks and cocktails for two and a half hours at £35, which I believe is a great deal. The staff were cordial, the pizzas tasted great, and the DJ played amazing 90s music. I would 100% recommend BrickHouse Social for a unique bottomless brunch experience in Manchester.


New Bailey, Ground One, New Bailey St, Salford

0161 832 3818

Reviewed by:

Elvira Diggs

Menagerie is without a doubt one of my favourite spots for a bottomless brunch in Manchester. The food is delightful, and there's a wonderful variety to choose from. The starters are particularly good, so much so that my friends have nicknamed this place my "second home." The atmosphere is always lively and fun, with fantastic entertainment to accompany your meal. On top of this, the service is exceptional - the staff is always friendly and eager to help. Despite a recent change in portion sizes and a small drop in food quality, I still find the experience enjoyable. Do note that this place is highly popular, so if you're a visitor, I'd recommend booking in advance. Also, be aware that your table is reserved for 2.5 hours, after which you might be invited to continue your evening at the bar. Can't forget to mention their amazing cocktails and how accommodating they are to allergies - a rare find! Even though I encountered one less-than-pleasant waitress, the rest of the staff were absolutely lovely. So, despite the brunch food not living up to my expectations, the overall experience was fabulous. I'd definitely recommend checking out Menagerie for a unique dining experience in Manchester.

Slug & Lettuce - Albert Square Manchester

Heron House, 11-12 Albert Square, Manchester

0161 839 3604

Reviewed by:

Angelo Mccormack

I'm not one to sugarcoat things, so when my first impression was of a cluttered outdoor area and a sticky table inside, I wasn't exactly thrilled. Service seemed slow and my cocktail initially lacked proper mixing. However, I'm happy to report that my experience at Slug & Lettuce - Albert Square Manchester, especially the bottomless brunch, made up for that rocky start. The brunch was absolutely delightful. My bacon cheeseburger was both filling and scrumptious, although a bit on the messy side. Despite the holiday rush, the staff still managed to provide excellent service. They were friendly and attentive, especially our server, Paul. Apart from the great food and service, what struck me was how quickly our orders came out. In addition, the place had a lively and positive atmosphere, which I found very enjoyable. I also had the chance to attend a wedding party held here and the casual vibe was a refreshing change. The food served during the event was delicious, and the staff made sure there's always plenty on the plates. The icing on the cake, however, was their delectable range of cocktails and mocktails. I loved every sip and I have to give them a shout-out for that. Despite my initial doubts, my experiences at Slug & Lettuce have been largely positive. I would definitely recommend it for a casual day out with friends and family. They've made a repeat customer out of me for sure. Lastly, I'd like to extend my thanks to the wonderful staff for making every visit enjoyable. Looking forward to coming back again soon.

Manahatta Deansgate

188-192 Deansgate, Manchester

0161 537 4879

Reviewed by:

Madeline Chitti

I had a fantastic experience at Manahatta Deansgate for their bottomless brunch. The meal was delicious, particularly the beef melt, and the servers kept our glasses filled with cocktails and Prosecco. There was a slight hiccup with our bill, but it didn't dampen the overall experience. The establishment itself is stylish and clean, even down to the spotless bathrooms. The service was a touch slow with the cocktails, but the quality of the freshly made drinks made up for it. I thoroughly enjoyed my nachos and homemade dips, while my husband sung praises for his avocado and poached egg dish. I have to mention that I felt the service charge was a bit low considering the level of service we enjoyed. Despite my request to increase the tip being declined, the staff were appreciative of the gesture nonetheless. We were also grateful to the welcoming door staff, the bar team, and the music, even though we felt a little out of place within the 21 to 34 age demographic. We stuck around until closing, thanks to their 2 for 1 cocktail offer. Lastly, our corporate event at the Edwardian Hotel led us to Manahatta's basement bar, a perfect spot for privacy. The staff there were just as friendly and helpful and made our evening enjoyable. I can't recommend Manahatta Deansgate enough, it's a must-visit if you're in Manchester!

BLVD Manchester

The Avenue, North, Manchester

0161 425 9180

Reviewed by:

Donna Gottesman

I had an unforgettable bottomless brunch experience at BLVD Manchester. The restaurant itself is gorgeous with stunning interior design. Although we got off to a bit of a slow start, the friendly staff were quick to refill our drinks throughout the brunch. The atmosphere was vibrant and lively, with an excellent DJ who even played some Nigerian songs that brought joy to me and my friends. The thrill of the shots, vibrant music, and the company of friends took our dining experience to the next level. However, our brunch experience was cut slightly short, with our bill being dropped off 7 minutes before our time was up, and without the traditional 10-minute warning. It was a little frustrating, especially because we had a slow start early on. Despite this, I must say that I had a fantastic time at BLVD Manchester and would still recommend it for anyone looking for a fun and lively atmosphere. The music, decor, and overall vibe of the place is delightful, although the service could use some improvement.

Queen B Brunch

46 Canal St, Greater, Manchester

Reviewed by:

Teresa Marble

I must say I've had a wonderful experience at Queen B Brunch in Manchester. The place exudes a warm and welcoming vibe that immediately sets you at ease. Firstly, the bottomless brunch option was absolutely worth every penny. The selection was vast, allowing me to indulge in a variety of dishes - from delicious pastries and fluffy pancakes to a hearty full English breakfast. The best part was, it was unlimited, so you can eat to your heart's content. The drinks were also top-notch. From the freshly brewed coffee to the bubbly Prosecco, everything was delightful. It was just the right balance that turned my usual brunch into a special one. The atmosphere of Queen B Brunch was a definite plus. It's airy, light-filled and has a modern yet cosy ambience perfect for a lazy Sunday morning brunch. The staff was accommodating, prompt and had a genuine warmth about them. Moreover, the location in Manchester is really convenient. It's situated right in the centre, making it an easy spot to reach. This makes it an ideal spot for a meet-up with friends or a relaxed solo outing. Overall, Queen B Brunch has left a great impression on me. The bottomless brunch was a real treat, the staff was friendly and the atmosphere was perfect. In a city filled with brunch spots, Queen B definitely stands out. I highly recommend it.

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