September 12, 2023

Exploring Bridgeport's Top Brunch Spots

Explore delightful brunch spots in Bridgeport! We share our top picks, offering a variety of mouth-watering meals from classic pancakes to savory benedicts. From cozy, elegant settings to lively, trendy atmospheres, experience Bridgeport brunch at its best.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Exploring Bridgeport's Top Brunch Spots
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As the sun peaks over the horizon and illuminates the charming Bridgeport cityscape, locals and visitors alike may find themselves wondering - where can one savor the perfect brunch in this beautiful city? Welcome to the ultimate take-off point to a gastronomic brunch journey that bridges the gap between breakfast and lunch. Bridgeport, aptly named, not only connects you to the world of monumental architectures but also to a plethora of divine brunch spots. These havens transform meals into memories, one scrumptious bite at a time. Prepare to bridge the divide between your brunch craving and satisfaction right here in Bridgeport, the city that knows how to do brunch right!

Aunties chicken and waffles

1492 Stratford Ave, Bridgeport

(203) 296-9228

Reviewed by:

Atliremsi Mejia

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Aunties Chicken and Waffles in Bridgeport and I can confidently say it was the most satisfying brunch I've ever had. The chicken was fried to perfection, tender on the inside with the right amount of crunch on the outside. The waffles, beautifully golden and fluffy, served as the perfect companion to the chicken. Trust me when I say, I could devour their chicken and waffles all day, every day. The interplay of flavors is delightful to the palate, the sweetness of the waffles pairs beautifully with the savory chicken. It's a dance of flavors that leaves you wanting more. If you haven't experienced Aunties Chicken and Waffles for brunch, you're truly missing out. This hidden gem in Bridgeport deserves all the praise. Their chicken and waffles are, without a doubt, the best. Can't wait for my next visit!

The Tasty Yolk

4700 Park Ave, Bridgeport

(203) 572-8884

Reviewed by:

Oseas Feigley

The reviewer had a positive experience at The Tasty Yolk, praising the high quality and delicious taste of their food. They were impressed by the clean environment and the friendly staff. The variety in the menu made it difficult to choose, but the sandwiches proved to be very tasty. The prices were also seen as affordable and the service was quick. They particularly liked the option of being able to eat comfortably in their car. The reviewer mentioned some of their favorite items like The Pig, a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, and the Kimchi Kicker Reloaded. They also recommended trying the Fatone with spicy aioli and The Slenderizer. Despite having a negative experience at another location, they noted that this particular branch lived up to their expectation. They expressed excitement to try more items on the menu, particularly the chorizo and the steak sandwich. They were pleased with the overall experience and would recommend it to others.

Kiosko Diner

3777 Main St, Bridgeport

(203) 612-6668

Reviewed by:

Courtney Gottfried

As a regular at Kiosko Diner in Bridgeport, I've always had a fantastic experience. I routinely order the chicken tacos, which are simply out of this world. The welcoming atmosphere and diligent, attentive servers always enhance my dining visit. I've introduced this place to several of my friends and they were equally impressed. The menu is incredibly diverse, allowing you to fulfill any culinary craving. Plus, the authenticity of the Mexican cuisine is a major highlight. I wholeheartedly recommend Kiosko Diner! The friendly staff tops off the whole experience with their excellent service. The coffee is also worthy of mention, decent and constantly refreshed - more so than most places I've visited. I highly recommend the Salmon Benedict with home fries - it's extraordinary. On my latest visit, I had breakfast basics like French Toast with eggs, hash browns, bacon, and sausage. My husband was thrilled with his rice, eggs over easy, tostones, and bacon. Although I found the burrito a bit bland and the chicken reminiscent of leftovers, the guacamole was absolutely delicious. Despite this minor hiccup in flavor, the kind and accommodating service was noteworthy. Despite this, I can't wait for my next visit to this amazing diner.

Avenida Restaurant

757 Madison Ave, Bridgeport

(203) 696-0303

Reviewed by:

Maryann Ganiyeva

I had an absolutely delightful experience at Avenida Restaurant for brunch in Bridgeport. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. I had their exceptional bacalao which was truly delightful, a hallmark of good Portuguese food. The ambiance of the restaurant is welcoming and warm, making it the perfect place to share a meal with family and friends. Moreover, the prices were quite reasonable considering the high quality of the food and service. The team running the restaurant really knows how to create a customer-friendly environment and their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the restaurant's operation. One of the highlights of this place is undoubtedly the vast variety of food dishes and specialties they offer, with a dedicated Portuguese cuisine menu, buffet, and a la carte selection. Overall, Avenida Restaurant offers a fantastic dining experience with great food, excellent service, and a cozy ambiance, all at an affordable price. It's a must-visit for food lovers!

Harborview Market

218 Harborview Ave #3334, Bridgeport

(203) 367-7336

Reviewed by:

Opeyemi Shuler

My visit to Harborview Market was absolutely delightful. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their chocolate chip cookies and egg sandwich. Though the cranberry muffin was average, it did not diminish my overall experience. This small local spot with outdoor seating was a refreshing change of pace. The Reuben and lemonade were seriously good. My girlfriend also raved about the Mikey T. Harborview Market was the perfect place to spend our Saturday brunch. The freshness and the taste of the food were unbeatable, and the fact that everything was made to order only added to the charm. Speaking of charm, the location of the market in the middle of a residential area was unexpected but highly appealing. Bear in mind, the place gets busy on weekends, with lines potentially extending out the door. So, arriving early when they open might be a good plan if you don't want to wait. But let me assure you, the wait would be worth it. This is definitely going to be our regular spot for Saturday brunch. Apart from the fantastic food, the staff was friendly, and the outdoor seating enhanced the breakfast experience. I'm already looking forward to my next visit! My only regret is not ordering a large lemonade, a mistake I plan to rectify in my next visit. In summary, if you're in the Bridgeport area, Harborview Market is a must-visit for breakfast or brunch. The delicious made-to-order sandwiches and warm atmosphere will certainly draw you back.

Hub and Spoke

3001 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport

(203) 345-9110

Reviewed by:

Michael Love

I recently visited Hub and Spoke for brunch and was treated to a delightful meal. Their lemon berry pancakes were perfectly fluffy with a fantastic texture, and their poutine was made all the more memorable by a divine southern gravy and eggs. The addition of a homemade English muffin to the breakfast burger was a good decision, and I must insist future patrons try the impressively large cinnamon bun. One surprising hit were the beer battered cheddar cheese curds, which were nothing short of a revelation. The Philly cheese steak, BBQ wings, chili, garden salad and hubabun were also delicious. The drinks menu didn't disappoint either, particularly the Hub and Spoke Mule with its intriguing hint of lavender. Service was excellent, even our waitress-in-training performed exceptionally. I also held a baby shower at this location. The buffet style food was delicious, with great portion sizes and attentive staff ensuring constant replenishment. It was a real bonus to be allowed to take home the leftovers. The cleanliness of the restaurant and friendliness of the staff made for a welcoming atmosphere. Must-haves from the menu are the smoked wings that are some of the best I've ever had, and the incredibly flavorful shrimp po boy. The maple glazed salmon is worth mentioning and the chicken and waffles - with the waffles being delightfully light and fluffy. The server, Francisco, was wonderful, being helpful, professional, and attentive. This restaurant is a true gem in Bridgeport.

El Pueblito Restaurant

121 Wall St, Bridgeport

(203) 334-9002

Reviewed by:

M Ángel Quinones

I had a wonderful birthday celebration at El Pueblito in Bridgeport. The Colombian food here is truly fantastic. Our group started with appetizers of empenadas and tostones, both of which were excellent. I indulged in the El Bandejo del Pueblito entree, a delicious array of meats with rice and beans, while my wife enjoyed her chicken tacos. Everyone in our party was pleased with their meals and we all plan to return. The staff's limited English skills and presence of the occasional fruit fly were minor inconveniences, but did not detract from the overall positive experience. Despite these minor hiccups, I would still recommend El Pueblito to anyone seeking classic Colombian dishes. The empanadas are delicious and freshly made, and the bandeja dish is very satisfying. The prices are very reasonable and the staff is friendly. The space is small and intimate, perfect for any occasion. The oxtail stew lunch special is a must-try for its affordability and taste. The only downside is the slow service, which often interferes with the overall dining experience. However, the high quality and authenticity of the food always brings me back. Despite this drawback, the food at El Pueblito is well worth the wait.

The Castle, Black Rock

3171 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport

(203) 292-8410

Reviewed by:

Ermesto Bia

Despite a slightly tricky entrance to find, once inside The Castle, Black Rock, the service and food are noteworthy. With a selection ranging from fish and chips to baked cod, chicken curry, and Sole Francaise, the food is delicious and the portion sizes are generous. The fish and chips are a particular standout, featuring light, crispy batter and perfectly flaky fish. The accompanying fries are abundant and satisfyingly crunchy. Their drink menu is also impressive and a beverage is definitely recommended to accompany your meal. However, when it comes to the brunch menu, there were some compromises on quality. The French toast didn't quite hit the mark, tasteless and made from low-quality bread, and the eggs Benedict was not up to standard. Also, the coffee was lukewarm and bitter. Despite these brunch setbacks, The Castle, Black Rock is an awesome place to meet people of all ages. Even if it's crowded and the food takes a bit longer, the overall experience is worth the wait. This place seems like it's not just about food, it's also about the social experience. So, if you're planning on going there, have patience and maybe hit the bar first.

White's Diner

280 Boston Ave, Bridgeport

(203) 366-7486

Reviewed by:

David Fortune

White's Diner is a comfortable and welcoming spot located conveniently in a bustling shopping area. The staff is not just bilingual but also super attentive and courteous. Despite it being my first visit, I was impressed by the prompt service and regular coffee refills. The food was served in good time and it was delicious, a pleasant surprise considering I once avoided this place because of bland food. It's evident they have revamped their menu and possibly their staff as well. There's a good variety of breakfast options, all reasonably priced. The waitstaff did a commendable job of serving the food quickly. The diner was also exceptionally clean and popular amongst customers. In particular, the chicken, pancakes and eggs were appreciably good. I plan to return soon for another delightful meal. Considering all this, I would rate White's Diner a solid 9 out of 10 or 4 stars.

Queens Delight Cafe

130 John St, Bridgeport

(203) 332-6252

Reviewed by:

Sandra Moore

I recently visited Queens Delight Café in Bridgeport and was very impressed by their delicious food. The brunch options were absolutely incredible. Everything on the menu is sure to be a hit, but the Queen's Supreme Fried Chicken Sandwich was simply phenomenal. This is definitely a place I plan to return to simply due to the unique and delicious flavors they offer. Despite it being a busy Saturday when I visited, the wait was worth it. Yes, the restaurant was quite full and reservations are recommended for weekends, yet the amazing food made up for any delay. The shrimp and grits were superb and the biscuits, though store-bought, were sweetened with the perfect amount of honey. While I did notice the focus lean more towards takeout orders, patience rewards you with the incredible taste and presentation of their dishes. Therefore, I highly recommend this café for anyone hunting for a delightful brunch spot in Bridgeport. Bring your appetite and relish in the flavors Queens Delight Café has to offer.

Harvey's Kitchen LLC

392 Granfield Ave, Bridgeport

(203) 333-3800

Reviewed by:

Gwenneth Esteban

Harvey's Kitchen LLC continues to be my go-to spot for incredible Jamaican cuisine in Bridgeport. I find the home-cooked food delicious - particularly the Jerk pork with Rice & Peas, Cabbage, and the Curry Chicken Rice & Peas paired with Collard Greens. The delightful service from the friendly staff, who are always ready with a warm smile, adds to the overall charm of the place. They have a unique $5 lunch deal which I find particularly appealing, as it allows me to conveniently grab both lunch and dinner. This is definitely a bonus for working people like myself. The one downside would perhaps be the dessert, the cake was not up to par, and their Carrot Juice, while delicious, was overpriced. Despite these small issues, Harvey's Kitchen LLC continues to be a favored spot for both my husband and me. If it happens to be closed, we would rather not try any other Jamaican spot. To top it off, they have always been generous with their food portions and remember our usual orders, creating a warm and personal relationship. A special thank you to Mr and Mrs Harvey for always delivering fantastic food and a welcoming atmosphere!

Nick Diner

2357 Main St, Bridgeport

(203) 345-5794

Reviewed by:

Jaggar Moon

Nick's Diner in Bridgeport provided an enjoyable brunch experience. With a clean and uncrowded atmosphere, comfortable and spacious interiors, the diner quickly became a favorite spot. Despite a slightly longer wait, due to ordering a burger for breakfast, the food was worth it. The french toast, bacon, home fries, sausage links, and eggs were all excellent. The staff were friendly and the service was top-notch. The reviewer, who had previously been eager to try the diner, was glad they finally did and were highly satisfied with their meal. They thanked the staff of Nick's Diner for a wonderful dining experience and were looking forward to their return.

Wali Kafè

211 State St, Bridgeport

Reviewed by:

Natalya Grisham

I had a delightful visit to Wali Kafè in downtown Bridgeport. The vibrant, laid-back ambiance and diverse crowd were very impressive. I stopped in for a drink, the prices of which were quite reasonable, and to celebrate my daughter's birthday. Their menu boasts a wide range of choices, from healthy dishes to comfort food. Notably, their avocado toast was flavorful and the Cabo sandwich with garlic parm fries was delicious. The café also offers boba milk teas, served in fancy glasses and straws that you can take home. They are working to improve the straws for the boba, which is considerate. They also have a selection of appealing pastries from a local bakery - my chocolate cream cannoli was phenomenal! The café has a charming character, with a neon sign, chalk-drawn menu with hints of Bridgeport history, and various games available. The only downside was the loud music from the door speaker, which could be distracting if you're there to work. However, the friendly staff and owners more than make up for it. This café is worth supporting and I'm excited for my next visit. Their Caesar salad wrap, breakfast, and lunch options are absolutely delicious, reasonably priced, and served in a clean setting by warm staff. Plus, there's free wifi! I'd definitely rate Wali Kafè as 10/10!

Galaxy Diner-Restaurant

4241 Main St, Bridgeport

(203) 372-8398

Reviewed by:

Sharmilla Natan

Sharmilla Natan highly recommends Galaxy Diner-Restaurant in Bridgeport. She visited while on a road trip and found it to be a wonderful brunch spot with a large menu and delicious food. The homemade muffins and chili served with melted cheese in a crock were particular highlights. The omelettes, cooked in butter upon their request, were large and tasty. Despite some initial slowness, the service was great and coffees were constantly refilled, a gesture much appreciated. She also recommends the Irish Eggs Benedict, which she describes as the best she's ever had. She praises the friendly staff and quick service. In her view, Galaxy Diner-Restaurant is one of the best diners in Bridgeport.

Famous 50's Diner

472 Huntington Turnpike, Bridgeport

(203) 572-0777

Reviewed by:

Dave Howell

I had a delightful brunch experience at the Famous 50's Diner in Bridgeport during a business trip from NYC. Their popular dish, The Cuban, was indeed commendable and abundant enough to share between two. I appreciated the prompt, cordial service from my server, Pedro. The staff including the chef were genuinely concerned about providing the best dining experience to their customers. The diligent and friendly service endured despite being busy, a quality I found commendable. I would strongly recommend a visit to this establishment, particularly if you're keen on supporting local businesses. The 50s ambiance gave a charming touch to the overall experience. The food quality was top grade – I enjoyed the grilled cheese and curly fries. Besides, the diner was neat and the prices reasonable, which further enhanced the experience. Adding to the nostalgic theme, I selected to keep my photos in black and white. I would definitely recommend this place!

Frankie's Diner

1660 Barnum Ave, Bridgeport

(203) 334-8971

Reviewed by:

Pushpa Ina

I've been to Frankie's Diner a couple of times and it has never disappointed me. The classic old style diner ambiance is quite cozy, and it's clear that many of the customers are regulars. The food is delectable and well priced. I had the Gyro with chicken which was excellent - generous portions and a reasonable price. My nephews enjoyed their club sandwiches, and I was absolutely smitten by the side of potatoes that came with my omelette. Perfectly crispy and seasoned to perfection, they were a delightful addition to my meal. The Chocolate Milkshake made by our server Lori was the highlight of our meal. It was so good that we had to order a second one! Even though the service wasn't as good on my recent visit, I normally have a pleasant experience, like when I had a friendly chat with the manager Raymond. The only downside is sometimes the wait can be long and the service can be hit or miss, but the food definitely makes up for it. Don't let that deter you from trying out this charming local diner, especially if you're after a hearty brunch post-gym on a Saturday. There's also ample and convenient parking. Overall, the food at Frankie's is great and I would highly recommend it, especially for those crispy potatoes and Lori's sensational Chocolate Milkshake!

Runaway Bay Bar and Grill

1215 Main St, Bridgeport

(203) 212-3684

Reviewed by:

Carol Linnerud Westgard

I had a fantastic experience at the Runaway Bay Bar and Grill recently. This place is impressively clean, cool, and makes for a great hangout spot. Not to mention that the food, cooked by the talented Jamaican chef, Mr. Wayne Reid, is absolutely delightful. I was there for Sunday Brunch on March 12 and had a delightful time interacting with the friendly staff. Their authentic Jamaican cuisine is a must-try. I specifically loved their fried chicken. They have managed to maintain the quality of their food and service since they first opened, making every visit consistently enjoyable. Although there may sometimes be a wait for your food, it's definitely worth every minute, as the result is always mouth-wateringly delicious. This was my first visit to Runaway Bay Bar and Grill, and I can confidently say that it won't be my last. The staff radiates friendliness and hospitality, making the experience even more enjoyable. The food is indescribably good and the overall atmosphere is truly one of a kind. If you're looking for somewhere with good food and good vibes, I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Their service sets a high benchmark that is hard for other clubs to meet. The welcoming, family-friendly vibes make everyone feel at ease. And must I mention, the chef is the life of the party! Remember to check out their Wednesday to Sunday brunch – it's the place to be!

Boca Oyster Bar

10 E Main St, Bridgeport

(203) 612-4848

Reviewed by:

Cedric Mendoza

I had an incredibly enjoyable time at Boca Oyster Bar for brunch. The venue location is fantastic, being on the Housatonic River and having a sophisticated interior design. Service from Francesca, our bartender, was excellent and she was particularly personable. The food was visually delightful and equally delicious. A standout dish was the Lobster Ravioli, featuring Lobster, Shrimp, and Scallions in the sauce. I also appreciate the reasonable pricing for the quality of the food. Although on the pricier end, I believe it's totally worth it considering the location and the upscale vibe. Some of the appetizers could be perceived as smaller, but the quality is top-notch. The dish of scallops was delightful, aside from the puree accompanying it. The pasta tends to be on the sweeter side, just a heads up for future diners. The lovely views and great customer service only added to the pleasing experience. The food could be a bit more seasoned according to my personal preference. There was a slight hiccup in not being able to sit on the deck despite empty tables, and an uneven attention from the staff during our meal. However, overall, I highly recommend Boca Oyster Bar for a great brunch experience.

Grill 2

1020 Broad St, Bridgeport

(203) 612-7601

Reviewed by:

Kelly Jo Perez

Grill 2 is an amazing place for brunch in Bridgeport. The food and drinks are delightful, especially the Mac and cheese which arguably is the best in CT. Other standout dishes include the jerk chicken and oxtail, which were incredibly delicious. The cocktails were also exceptional. They do have a DJ playing, so it's not the place for a quiet dinner, but the music certainly adds to the overall relaxing atmosphere. The service is commendable, with friendly and attentive staff. The wait for the food might be slightly long, but it's definitely worth it. Some of the must-try dishes include the coconut shrimp appetizer, rice and peas with jerk chicken, and the Rasta pasta. The margaritas also deserve a special mention. The only minor downside might be the loud music which might make conversations across the table a bit difficult. However, its lively ambiance makes it perfect for a party. The reviewer had an enjoyable visit and would definitely return.

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