September 13, 2023

Exploring Buffalo's Top 20 Brunch Gems: The Ultimate Guide

Experience the best brunch in Buffalo! Discover top-rated brunch spots, savor mouth-watering menu selections from savory eggs benedict to sweet pancakes. Great atmosphere, excellent service, and unforgettable brunch experiences await you in Buffalo, NY.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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New York
Exploring Buffalo's Top 20 Brunch Gems: The Ultimate Guide
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Fuel up for your day of sightseeing in Buffalo, New York with a hearty and delightful brunch. The city boasts an exciting array of dining spots that serve delicious morning meals guaranteed to please any palate. From classic breakfast fare set in cozy, traditional settings to innovative fusion dishes in modern, chic cafes, Buffalo's brunch scene has something to offer everyone. Here's a handpicked selection of the best brunch places in Buffalo, ensuring your day starts in the most delicious way.

Café On The Avenue

1240 Hertel Ave, Buffalo

(716) 877-2233

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Café On The Avenue in Buffalo exceeded my brunch expectations and I am thrilled to share my experience with fellow brunch enthusiasts on The café offers the perfect balance of hot, mouth-watering food and ice-cold drinks combined with a warm staff and a cool atmosphere. The ambiance indoors is cozy with a fireplace, while outdoor seating offers a pleasantly serene setting under a red awning. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a complimentary platter of donut bites, an amazing gesture that set the tone for the rest of our visit. The food was excellent, although, if I were to nitpick, I found the potatoes slightly undercooked to my preference, but they were still tasty nonetheless. In terms of value for money, Café On The Avenue delivered, offering flavorful dishes at a reasonable price. I look forward to ordering takeout from Café On The Avenue to satisfying my future breakfast cravings. The unique and scrumptious donuts were the star attraction, making this brunch experience truly unforgettable. Despite being a small venue, it offered a big punch in terms of the quality of food and service. In conclusion, I highly recommend Café On The Avenue for a delightful brunch experience. It offers a simple, yet satisfying menu in a relaxed environment – truly a Buffalo brunch gem!

Sophia's Restaurant

749 Military Rd, Buffalo

(716) 447-9661

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Sophia's Restaurant in Buffalo delivers a scrumptious, authentic American breakfast that will leave you thoroughly satisfied. With a menu that caters to a variety of tastes, the food is nothing short of top-tier. The service is quick, efficient, and friendly, and the overall atmosphere exudes a charming, albeit vintage, diner vibe that adds the right touch of nostalgia. While the place might benefit from a little refurbishment, it doesn't detract from the overall experience. Easy parking is a bonus, and if you encounter a wait, Sophia's ensures your comfort with available seating. With separate restrooms for men and women, they've got all bases covered. Highly recommended and well worth a visit, Sophia's proves why it is considered one of the best places for brunch in Buffalo.

Nick's Place

504 Amherst St, Buffalo

(716) 871-1772

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Nick's Place in Buffalo is a classic, comfort food haven offering a fantastic brunch experience. Be it the generous portions of my all-time favorite, the Country Breakfast, or the varied options allowing you to customize your meal, Nick's never compromises on taste or quality. While the service may initially seem indifferent, don't be fooled, the servers warm up and prove to be friendly and accommodating. Offering a traditional diner vibe with a unique layout, the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. I've loved Nick's Place for over a decade now. Despite some minor concerns around cleanliness, I hope and believe that they would rectify this soon. Meanwhile, the incredible food, the swift service, and the cost-effective pricing, make it a hit every time. The place tends to get busy during weekends so arriving early is a great plan. Be it the welcoming staff or the scrumptious food, Nick's is definitely a humble, family-friendly spot that never disappoints. The favorable experiences I've had with my large group outings affirm this fact. So, it's not just me, but all my friends agree that we'd definitely return to Nick's for many more lunches and brunches in the future. A fair warning though - the food tastes as fantastic as it appears, you might get hooked!

Swan Street Diner

700 Swan St, Buffalo

(716) 768-1823

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Swan Street Diner in Buffalo delivers a classic and satisfying brunch experience, bustling with energy and offering generous portions of delicious diner food. Despite being crowded and a bit noisy, the friendly service and reasonable prices make the wait worthwhile. Particularly standout were the poppi lemon waffles and eggs benedict. The old-timey atmosphere is another draw, making you feel cozy and comfortable from the moment you step in. Reading previous glowing reviews, I was initially skeptical, but I was glad to find out the praises were well-deserved. This place is definitely worth a visit if you're in Buffalo. It's not just a breakfast joint, but a perfect spot for a leisurely Saturday afternoon stroll. Swan Street Diner exceeds expectations, and I can't wait to return!


437 Ellicott St, Buffalo

(716) 342-2901

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Toutant in Buffalo offers a memorable dining experience for brunch lovers. The restaurant's rustic ambiance sets the mood right away and their wide range of spirits is impressive. The level of consideration given to dietary restrictions and allergies is commendable. The menu items are delicious with the Fried Chicken and Burnt Ends being the stand-out dishes. Although the Jambalaya could use some work, all other dishes, including the biscuits and BBQ hash, were exceptional. Don't miss out on their selection of hot sauces and make sure to try the loup garou sauce. The staff is friendly and the overall atmosphere is very inviting, reminding me of refurbished saloons in Denver. I highly recommend Toutant for brunch and look forward to my next visit.

The Garage Bar & Restaurant

1127 Hertel Ave, Buffalo

(716) 436-2141

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The Garage Bar & Restaurant in Buffalo is a top spot for a delightful Sunday brunch. The ambiance is perfect for enjoying a Bills game with the family. The meal options are plentiful and scrumptious, and the service is prompt and friendly. The non-greasy, fresh food is praiseworthy, especially the classic breakfast which was visually appealing too. Their Tom & Jerry cocktail with house-made batter outshines others in Buffalo. Other menu favorites include their meatballs, Greek wrap, panini, and burgers. Will definitely be returning for more outstanding brunch experiences.


370 Virginia St, Buffalo

(716) 362-0633

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From the moment I stepped into Betty's, I was captivated by its charm and warm ambience. The restaurant was well laid out, despite its small size, and the wait time for a table was minimal. The menu was eclectic, offering a wonderful array of both vegan and gluten-free options. I particularly enjoyed their special waffles - the fluffiest I've ever tasted. The service was nothing short of exceptional, with our knowledgeable waitress providing tips on reheating our leftovers and sharing information on their locally sourced products. The Carnitas Con Huevos from the menu was a standout, offering a perfect blend of flavours and generous portion sizes. Not to mention the pineapple mimosa, a must-try. Betty's truly caters to all dietary requirements, with clear labels on all gluten-free options. Finally, I found the pricing to be quite fair, especially considering the quality of the food and the size of the portions. In conclusion, Betty's provided a fantastic experience and I highly recommend it. Whether you're in Buffalo for a pit stop or a longer visit, make sure to add Betty's to your list of places to try. You won't regret it!

Cafe 59

62 Allen St, Buffalo

(716) 883-1880

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Cafe 59 in Buffalo is a delightful brunch spot! The staff is incredibly kind and passionate about the food they serve, always ready to offer their expert advice. The cafe offers an array of vegan/vegetarian options and serves the best non-alcoholic beer I’ve ever encountered. My personal recommendation would be the Harvest Wrap, a delicious combination of turkey, walnuts, cranberries, and sweet balsamic dressing. The bustling, pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by the street views and quick service. While my interaction with the owner was less than pleasant, it does not overshadow the overall positive experience. The food and atmosphere here are undeniably amazing. Not to mention, the prices are reasonable for the amount and quality of the food. With such great food and a friendly staff, I look forward to my next visit to Cafe 59.

Kostas Family Restaurant

1561 Hertel Ave, Buffalo

(716) 838-5225

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Kostas Family Restaurant in Buffalo offers a delightful brunch experience with its array of delicious dishes, excellent service, and a cozy dining environment. Their protein-packed Gyro breakfast and the "House Special Breakfast" stand out as excellent choices. The food quality, generous portions, and great pricing make it a must-visit place if you're in town. They also cater to different dietary preferences with options like the vegan beet salad. The "breakfast pair" and the "eggs and lox" are also among the favorites. I've visited Kostas multiple times, even with my parents, and the experience has always been consistently superb - a testament to their commitment to quality service and food.


1502 Niagara St, Buffalo

(716) 259-9306

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Roost in Buffalo is an absolute hidden gem with their delicious food, great service, and upbeat atmosphere. Their menu consists mainly of pizzas and select items for appetizers and entrees that do not disappoint, regardless of the time of the day. Their Saturday brunch is particularly impressive with standout dishes like breakfast pizza and chicken and waffles. Also, don't miss out on their signature cocktails, particularly the Pomelosa. Whether you're a local or just visiting Buffalo, Roost is a must-visit. Make sure to book a reservation as they get quite busy.

Bertha's Diner

1430 Hertel Ave, Buffalo

(716) 836-3100

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Despite a rocky start with service at Bertha's Diner, my brunch experience turned out to be exceptional. While it took longer than expected for us to be attended to and served, the quality of the food and coziness of the diner made up for it. The friendly crowd added to the overall homely feel of the place. The quantity of food was more than satisfying, and the pancakes and eggs were my standout favorites. The diner is a cash-only place tucked in a friendly neighborhood and although small in size, it's bursting with flavor, leaving you with a great dining experience. A word of caution to larger groups - be prepared for a bit of wait time due to the size of the diner. However, the wait is definitely worth it, given the incredible food. All in all, Bertha's Diner is a must-visit if you're in Buffalo, with a fabulous menu and friendly staff. My only suggestion would be to expand the size of the restaurant to accommodate more food lovers. I would highly recommend this spot for all your brunch cravings.


1104 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo

(716) 886-1449

Reviewed by:

My first visit to Cole's for brunch was a delightful experience. Despite an initial hiccup in service, our waitress made it up to us with her amiable approach and professional handling of our concerns. The atmosphere was bustling yet inviting with an eye-catching Irish decor, making us feel right at home. The food was undeniably appetizing with well-sized portions that justified their pricing. The varied beer list was a treat for all ale enthusiasts, including myself, offering a wide selection to choose from. What truly set the experience apart was my first Buffalo wing, incredibly crisp and balanced in flavor – simply the best I've had! Other than the wings, the burger offerings were fantastic! What I observed was a nice, simple establishment that effortlessly catered to a wide age demographic. The menu was impressive and quite extensive, catering to a variety of tastes. Acknowledging the initial delay in service, our waitress was pleasant and checked in on us appropriately. There were ample parking facilities around the vicinity and a bonus is that parking after 5 PM on weekdays is free. However, be cautious with street parking. The restaurant's lighting was dim yet comfortable, and the seating was ample with two dining rooms, two outdoor sections, and an upper level. One minor drawback was the absence of a handicapped stall in one of the women's restrooms. In conclusion, despite a minor hiccup at the outset, I would highly recommend Cole's for a fulfilling and enjoyable brunch experience in Buffalo. The quality food, broad beer list, and pleasant atmosphere make it a place worth visiting.

The Terrace at Delaware Park

199 Lincoln Pkwy, Buffalo

(716) 886-0089

Reviewed by:

In summary, The Terrace at Delaware Park offered a delightful brunch experience. The selection of both food and cocktails is extensive and appealing. The standout dishes included the wonderfully flavorful eggs Benedict and the crispy potatoes. The venue offers a comforting ambiance with a fireplace and an incredible lake view, ideal for a tranquil post-brunch stroll. While there were a few minor disappointments, such as the she crab soup and the overly seasoned hash browns, other dishes like the red velvet waffles with chicken were simply delightful. Special mention goes to the Vegan Wine dinner which was an outstanding culinary experience, featuring a sublime vegan crepe and delectable mushroom ragu. The Terrace at Delaware Park also boasts of impressive event hosting capabilities. I'm already excited to visit again and would highly recommend brunch lovers to try it out!

The Howling Rooster Restaurant & Bar

529 Englewood Ave, Buffalo

(716) 838-4440

Reviewed by:

The Howling Rooster Restaurant & Bar offered an excellent dining experience with its wonderfully prepared food and efficient service. We enjoyed a variety of dishes from appetizers like bacon and stuffed banana peppers to main courses like salmon and ribs - all of which were delicious and perfectly cooked. The place was bustling with people, contributing to the lively atmosphere. We especially appreciated the unique cocktails. However, there was a minor issue with the restaurant's policy on boxing leftover food, which seemed a bit unsanitary and not customer-friendly. Regardless, the overall dining experience at The Howling Rooster was fantastic, and we are excited to return and try other items on the menu. The brunch offerings were particularly enticing, making it hard to choose from the varied options. Despite the minor hiccups, the Howling Rooster is definitely worth a visit if you're in Buffalo.

Patina 250

250 Delaware Ave, Buffalo

(716) 290-0600

Reviewed by:

Patina 250 in downtown Buffalo delivers an absolutely wonderful dining experience. The food is high quality, made with fresh, flavorful ingredients, and the service is spot-on. The restaurant boasts a beautiful modern decor, a spacious bar area, and is conveniently located near the theater and entertainment district. The staff is attentive and made our visit feel truly special. Special shout-out to the wait staff, Tyler and Taylor, for their exceptional service and attention to detail. The venue is great for all occasions, particularly anniversaries, birthdays, or special events. Despite some minor issues with waiting times, due to the restaurant's popularity, the overall dining experience at Patina 250 was a memorable one.

Eggsperience Vasilis Main Street

1526 Main St, Buffalo

(716) 436-3533

Reviewed by:

Eggsperience Vasilis Main Street in Buffalo offers a remarkable brunch experience with excellent service, delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere. The place stands out with cleanliness and organization, making it an ideal family-friendly destination. Servers are friendly, often acquainted with regular customers, adding a touch of personal warmth to the service. The extensive menu can be overwhelming, but everything is worth trying from eggs to crepes. Drinks like Mimosas and Peach Bellini give a lovely kick start to the weekend. The food is served promptly by attentive staff, making the entire experience effortlessly enjoyable. We also celebrated a birthday breakfast here with 'eggcellent' service from Donna. The place is highly recommended for a fulfilling adult meal. The freshness of breakfast adds to its appeal. I'm definitely looking forward to visiting again!

Towne Restaurant

186 Allen St, Buffalo

(716) 884-5128

Reviewed by:

In conclusion, our visit to Towne Restaurant was filled with a myriad of positive experiences. From the excellent service to the delicious food and clean facilities, this spot in Buffalo's Allentown neighborhood is definitely worth the visit. Highlights included a sumptuous Mediterranean plate, a delightful steak omelette and incredibly tasty French toast. The staff, especially our server Tracy, were friendly, attentive, and even assisted us with local tips. We were so impressed that we ate here both days of our stay. The homey atmosphere added to the overall charm and warmth. As a first-time visitor to Buffalo, I couldn't have asked for a better brunch experience. If you're in Buffalo and in need of a satisfying and delightful brunch, make sure to visit Towne Restaurant.

Chez Ami Restaurant

210 Franklin St, Buffalo

(716) 842-6800

Reviewed by:

If you're in Buffalo and looking for an exceptional brunch experience, then Chez Ami Restaurant is a must-try. Nestled inside the stylish Curtiss Hotel, this upscale spot is striking in its French decor that is accentuated by large, beautiful windows. The tastefully themed and pristine washrooms are a testament to the establishment's commitment to quality and detail. While the prices lean towards the higher end of the spectrum for brunch, the quality of the food undoubtedly justifies the occasional indulgence. Standouts on the menu include the well-prepared Steak and Eggs, the classic Eggs Benedict, and the standout "French Toast". The drinks, particularly the best lemon drop martini in western New York, and the spectacular Manhattans are also worth noting. With great service matching the scrumptious fare, I highly recommend Chez Ami for an unforgettable brunch experience.

Jake's Café

250 Delaware Ave, Buffalo

(716) 290-6814

Reviewed by:

Jake's Café in Buffalo is a must-visit spot for brunch enthusiasts. With its delicious, fresh food, welcoming atmosphere, and friendly staff, this café should definitely be on your radar. They are open every day of the week starting from 7 am, perfect for the early bird looking for a hearty breakfast. Their avocado toast is particularly noteworthy, it never disappoints with its tasteful blend of flavors and textures. The sprinkle of French fry salt on the eggs adds an unexpected yet delightful twist. Despite my countless visits, I have yet to try the rest of the menu since I cannot resist the allure of this avocado toast. Staff could occasionally come off as a bit distant, but this does not overshadow the overall positive experience that the café offers. Conveniently located inside my favorite Buffalo hotel, the Westin, Jake's is my go-to place each time I’m in the city. If you find yourself in Buffalo and in search of a satisfying brunch, look no further than Jake's Café.

Falley Allen

204 Allen St, Buffalo

(716) 464-3903

Reviewed by:

Falley Allen is a decent brunch spot in Allentown, Buffalo with a trendy bar and a vibrant atmosphere. Some of their dishes like the sweet potato fries and fried rice were just out of this world. I had a great time trying their steak sandwich, while my friend seemed less impressed with her lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes. The breakfast sandwich was good, but not outstanding. However, their bottomless mimosas for $20 are a great deal that shouldn't be missed. The staff was extremely friendly, but the service felt a bit sporadic. Yes, the place was a bit noisy and slightly overpriced, but that's Allentown for you! Despite the ongoing road construction causing some inconvenience in reaching the place, once you are inside, you'll enjoy an energetic space with good music and a fun overall vibe. It wasn't all perfect, but for their standout dishes and the delightful staff, I am willing to give Falley Allen another shot on my next brunch visit.

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