September 12, 2023

Discovering the Top Brunch Spots in Burlington, Vermont

Get whisked into a world of delightful flaky pastries, creamy benedicts and robust coffees. Discover Burlington's best brunch spots, where farm-fresh ingredients meet culinary creativity. It's mornings made heavenly with Vermont's finest!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Discovering the Top Brunch Spots in Burlington, Vermont
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Welcome to Bountiful Vermont, more specifically, Burlington — a gem nested betwixt the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain. This vibrant city is not just a treasure trove of natural beauty and historical charm, it's a food lover's Eden, where the flavors of traditional fare and contemporary cuisine create a symphony for your palate. The morning scene here is not just about the break of dawn, it's about breaking bread at the dozens of eclectic brunch spots that this cozy city proudly flaunts. Drenched in Vermont's vibrant local food scene, Burlington's bruncheries are sure to turn your morning epicurean escapade into a lifelong love affair with our vibrant Vermont.

Handy's Lunch

74 Maple St, Burlington

(802) 864-5963

Reviewed by:

Deb Veron

I recently had a delightful brunch at Handy's Lunch in Burlington. It's perfectly located near the train station and has an authentic diner experience with all seating arranged around a U-shaped counter. The charm of this place lies in its owner, Earl, who is quite a darling. He takes the time to engage with all his customers, adding a warm personal touch. I tried the Big Daddy Breakfast and let me tell you, it held up to its name. It was filling, hearty and just what you need to start off the day. The only thing I might change would be to request a stronger brew of coffee next time. The counter was bustling when we arrived, but we managed to snag a few open seats. The seating is limited to the counter, but it's cozy with around 13-15 spots. I ordered a classic eggs and bacon which was served with home fries and the toast of my choice, I went with rye. My sister raved about the SST, which she described as simply exquisite. Our food was served hot and was incredibly tasty. It's definitely a hit among the locals, but as visitors, we were welcomed with open arms. Our experience was marked by great service, delicious food, and despite the limited hours, it was absolutely worth it. Handy's Lunch is a delightful, affordable diner with quick service. It was so lovely to see the owner himself cooking our food and taking the time to ask how everything was. The food was so delicious that I couldn't resist diving right in. As a tourist, I enjoyed a genuine American diner experience - straightforward, unpretentious food combined with exceptional service. Without a doubt, Handy’s Lunch is a true brunch gem in Burlington.

The Café HOT.

198 Main St, Burlington

(802) 881-9899

Reviewed by:

Yanet Oneill

Absolutely amazing experience at The Café HOT. in Burlington for brunch! This place has a menu that seems impossible to go wrong with - you just have to pick according to your preference. I opted for the 'Raven', topped it with an egg and a bun, and the result was out of this world. What stood out was the friendly staff, always ready to help with suggestions and orders. They had a variety of donuts on offer, which I learned change with the season. My recommendations would be the GBC and the Wawa melon Choco donut - simply delicious. I also tried the Espresso Tonic Elixir, which was a pleasant surprise! One of the highlights of my visit was the raven gluten-free option, made with griddled cheese. It was one of the best breakfasts I have had in a long time. However, I wish I had remembered to order hot sauce with it for a spicy kick! A notable mention goes to their chicken-fried egg sandos, a brilliant vegetarian breakfast sandwich variant. The cherry on the cake was a free sample of their mochi cake that they threw in. The café has an excellent ambiance along with a great location in Burlington, making it an ideal spot for both locals and tourists. I wish my stay in Burlington was longer so I could keep coming back for more. Their secret sandwich simply stole the show with its exceptional taste. I cannot forget to mention the breakfast sandwich and the number nine with an iced coffee, maple hot chocolate, and chocolate croissant donut, which were all divine. The warm, inviting atmosphere and adorable décor make it a must-visit spot. I cannot wait for my next visit!

Zabby & Elf's Stone Soup

211 College St, Burlington

(802) 862-7616

Reviewed by:

Alex Doehrmann

What a delightful culinary experience! Stone Soup offers a unique hot and cold bar where you can choose your meal based on your dietary preferences - a real treat for vegans like me. The seating arrangements were a bit close for my comfort, but the outside seating made up for it beautifully. This place is a must-visit every time we're in Burlington. I was blown away by the array of healthy and delicious options available here. Our group had varied dietary choices, yet everyone found something they loved. My non-vegetarian buddies even found some chicken in the buffet. I opted for the hot and cold bar and indulged myself with an overflowing plate of food. Every bite was worth the cost without a doubt. The restaurant itself has a wonderful, cozy ambiance with a lively open-air feel, adorned with plenty of lush green plants. It's beautifully located in downtown Burlington, making it conveniently accessible. The staff were all amiable and welcoming, adding to the overall pleasing experience. The dessert section took me on a joyride back to my childhood, making it an especially memorable experience to share with my son. The buffet option is outstanding, and the soups and sandwiches are mouth-wateringly good. Make sure you leave some room for the sweets, they're truly irresistible. You can also opt for takeout if you wish, which is a fantastic added convenience. By the time we left, the place was bustling with locals, further affirming the popularity of this spot. In all my travels around the world, Stone Soup has made its mark as one of the most delicious and unique restaurants I’ve ever had the pleasure of dining at. Without a doubt, there's absolutely nothing to dislike about this gem of a place!

Tomgirl Kitchen

266 Pine St, Burlington

(802) 540-0337

Reviewed by:

Rutuma Sesseman

My visit to Tomgirl Kitchen for brunch was delightfully memorable. The smoothies here are beyond compare. As someone who is notably selective about food, I was impressed by their PB Wow wow smoothie, which I modified by substituting the banana with wholesome blueberries. The result? An instant favorite that I finished to the last drop, a rarity for me. The staff at Tomgirl Kitchen deserve a special shout-out for their friendly and helpful service, contributing to the overall appealing ambiance of the place. We sampled their salads and sandwiches too, which were equally satisfying. The meals are on the pricier side, but for the quality and taste, it is worth every buck. Although their kitchari didn't live up to my expectations as it lacked flavor, every other offering was a joy to savor. Their freshly baked healthy muffins are a hit, with their slightly undercooked, gooey insides. Their immediate customer service in offering a new muffin from another batch when mine was half raw was laudable. I did wish for more traditional fruit-based smoothie or bowl options as their current ones have certain additional ingredients that may require an acquired taste. Their açaí bowl was a bit too overwhelming with ginger and other flavors for me. Nevertheless, the Mighty Aphrodite I tried on a warm day stands unrivalled to this day. Trust me, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better smoothie elsewhere. In short, Tomgirl Kitchen is a must-visit. Yes, their menu is a tad expensive, but you'll relish quality food and fantastic flavors. I can't wait to return to try out their other food options and different smoothies, although I might just get the Mighty Aphrodite again because it was that good.

Café Saint Paul

196 St Paul St, Burlington

(802) 239-1774

Reviewed by:

Felicia Meeks

I absolutely adore Cafe Saint Paul and I find myself dining there at least once a week. The staff are incredibly accommodating and have always been willing to adjust the dishes based on my preference. Despite wishing the strawberry French toast was still on the menu, there's no shortage of delicious options to choose from. The establishment offers both indoor and outdoor seating and even has special measures in place to ensure accessibility for those with mobility aids. Not only is the food excellent and punctually served, but they also offer a wide variety of options for vegetarians and vegans, including a sumptuous vegan sausage. Their prices are more than reasonable and the service always comes with a smile. What was truly delightful for me was their lunch menu. The chicken sandwich I had was great and the turkey melt I tried on another occasion was toasted to sheer perfection. The added bonus of a fantastic kombucha selection was the cherry on top. And let me just say, their Korean fried chicken sandwich was completely mind-blowing. I wholeheartedly recommend Cafe Saint Paul. Just go and try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

Henry's Diner

155 Bank St, Burlington

(802) 862-9010

Reviewed by:

Alex Mehigan

My son chose Henry's Diner for our breakfast in Burlington because he was craving pancakes. I was initially skeptical and didn't feel like waiting, but in the end I was thrilled that we did. The kids opted for different types of pancakes, which were absolutely scrumptious. I would definitely order them for myself next time. The skillet, biscuits, and hash brown casserole were exceptional, and the Greek bread with butter was truly delightful. I wholeheartedly recommend this place for breakfast, especially for pancake lovers. The service was prompt and friendly, and I took great pleasure in supporting a local business. My fiancee first mentioned Henry's Diner to me, and I told her I would rather try this local spot than go to a national chain like Denny's. I appreciate that dining at a small business owner's place might be a bit pricier, but, believe me, it's totally worth it. I ordered chicken fried steak and eggs with country potatoes and an English muffin, and everything was prepared to perfection. My fiancee opted for a turkey club sandwich served with potato chips. I am eagerly looking forward to our next visit to try something different from their diverse menu. Henry's Diner offers breakfast all day long, and they also have an entire page full of Greek food options. The homemade biscuits are to die for! My partner and I were both immensely pleased with our orders - I had the Skillet and she had the Eggs Benedict. The service was fast and the food was satisfying. Be aware that they don't allow any outside food or drinks; finish any beverages before entering. Otherwise, they might not seat you. All in all, this was a near-perfect dining experience and I can't wait to go back!

Pingala Cafe & Eatery Chace Mill

1 Mill St, Burlington

(802) 540-0110

Reviewed by:

Berenice Pollock

I had an enjoyable late lunch at Pingala Cafe & Eatery Chace Mill, following a morning walk by the lake. The outdoor setting was lovely, with picnic tables under trees and a picturesque view of the mini river rapids. The food exceeded expectations, particularly the Caesar salad wrap which was exceptionally flavorful and crunchy. The unique vegan Mac and cheese was also delightful. This vegan haven, nestled on the banks of the Winooski River, offers not only a serene ambiance but also a diverse range of delicious and healthy dishes. Almost everything is organic and can be made gluten-free, making it a perfect spot for health-conscious foodies. The Crunchwrap Burger Bowl came highly recommended and certainly did not disappoint. The cafe's location in a renovated industrial building near the river adds to its charm. The food never fails to impress, with their cheese sauce being a real standout. Given the variety of options, including desserts, there's always a reason to stay a little longer. Pingala is a must-visit every time I'm in Burlington. With a great location, excellent food, and good service, it's the perfect spot for any meal of the day.

August First

149 S Champlain St, Burlington

(802) 540-0060

Reviewed by:

Clinton Barcelon

I had a wonderful experience at August First for breakfast on a Monday morning. My breakfast special was cooked just perfectly, and the blend of flavors in my home fries breakfast bowl was exceptional. The freshly baked bread this place offers is an absolute delight, both to taste and in fragrance. The overall ambiance is quite enjoyable with both indoor and outdoor seating options, and no-device rule which promotes social interactions. Even during peak hours, this place maintains a relaxed atmosphere. The variety of breakfast pastries on offer, and their takeaway service make it even more convenient for those on the move. Despite the place being busy, the service was seamless and quick. The prices also are quite reasonable. Attention all bread-lovers visiting Burlington, August First is your destination for the best bread in the city! Although there might be a bit of a wait due to the crowd, believe me, it’s worth it. The calming and inviting atmosphere inside is a great escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Talking about the food, I tried the Avocado Toast, Focaccia, and a chocolate cookie and everything was incredibly delicious. The bread was airy with a perfectly crispy crust, and while the prices might seem a bit on the higher side, the quality of bread justifies it. I wholeheartedly recommend August First. The Vermonter sandwich was very nice, although I found the large coffee a bit too sweet for my liking. The freshly baked griddled maple biscuits served with maple butter and fresh berry jam are a must-try. Despite visiting before lunch hours, the lunch menu looked impressively good. A very satisfying experience overall.

The Friendly Toast

86 St Paul St, Burlington

(802) 495-5491

Reviewed by:

Darion Lupita

I had an absolutely incredible brunch experience at The Friendly Toast in Burlington. Despite being incredibly busy, we were seated quickly and the service was both fast and, true to the restaurant's name, friendly. The extensive menu was filled with an array of delicious options and the mimosa flight and loaded tots were particularly outstanding. Both the drinks and food were expertly crafted and the staff added to the positive experience with their exceptional service, professionalism, and knowledge about the menu. The quirky decor and humorously named dishes like the Highway Strawberry and Monster Breakfast added a fun twist to our dining experience. The generous portion sizes and affordable prices were another major plus. This is a must-try place for brunch, and believe me, you won't leave hungry.

The Spot

210 Shelburne Rd, Burlington

(802) 540-1778

Reviewed by:

John Pierre

The Spot in Burlington is a must-visit for a brunch experience. The pancakes are fluffy and satisfying, and the smoothies are pretty good too! Despite it being a busy place with tight parking, it's definitely worth it for the quality of food and service. The breakfast portions are huge - my friend's meal was served on two plates! The standout dish for me was the pulled pork soft tacos - absolutely amazing! The Rincon breakfast burrito also deserves a special mention for its yumminess. The outdoor seating area is a plus, and they even cater to dog owners with bowls of water for our furry friends. Although service can be slightly slow during peak times, the staff members are extremely kind and efficient. What sets this place apart is the thoughtful culinary execution - they expertly blend spices, creating meals that are far from your typical sugary breakfast items. It's the perfect place for those with a savory palate, especially if you enjoy outdoor dining.

The Great Northern

716 Pine St, Burlington

(802) 489-5102

Reviewed by:

Jason Grigsby

I just had my first visit to The Great Northern in Burlington, and I have to say, it was an absolutely fantastic experience. The atmosphere was lively and inviting, and despite being quite busy, we were seated and served in no time. The food, in particular, was exceptional. There were plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, all of which could be easily customized. They also catered to gluten-free needs, which was a plus. The additional highlight for me was their brewery. They had an impressive selection of beers, including those from Zero Gravity, which added to the overall experience. I enjoyed their unique vegetarian dishes such as the Katsu Cauliflower wings, Burgers, and Ban Mi. The ambiance was great and the place felt like a perfect spot to unwind with friends and family. On the flip side, I found the service to be a bit pretentious and the portion sizes on the smaller end. The pricing seemed a bit steep compared to the portion sizes and overall quality. However, I would still return for the drinks and the atmosphere, preferably when the plans are made by my friends. So despite these minor downsides, The Great Northern is a spot I would recommend for its excellent food, brews, and ambiance.


92 Church St, Burlington

(518) 212-7235

Reviewed by:

Charles Baker

Thorn + Roots is a fantastic spot for brunch, particularly for those who like me, enjoy vegan-friendly options. The restaurant offers an amazing selection of healthy, organic whole foods for all meals of the day. I ordered two smoothie bowls, a Dragon Fruit Bowl and a Classic Acai Bowl, both incredibly delicious and well-made. However, the temperature was a bit too cold for my liking, which resulted in a bit of a brain freeze. Moreover, I found the price a tad high for the size of the portion, with our bill coming up to around $45 for two bowls and a drink. Aside from that, I found the food to be fresh, tasty, and filling. I've also tried the avocado toast with burrata and the Mediterranean bowl on different occasions at their Ridgewood, NJ location and both were excellent. I love the modern, clean, and spacious design of the restaurant, and the outdoor seating is a nice bonus. On every visit, the staff has been welcoming and friendly, contributing to an overall enjoyable dining experience. I particularly enjoyed the Burrata on multi-grain bread, and the green goodness dressing on sourdough was fantastic. The Moroccan dish was packed with greens, roasted cauliflower, and carrot strips, while the Woke Quinoa bowl was healthful with a variety of ingredients. Despite a few minor hiccups, I would highly recommend Thorn + Roots for their scrumptious and healthy food options. I'll certainly be a repeat customer!

The Gryphon

131 Main St, Burlington

(802) 489-5699

Reviewed by:

Clara Abalo

My weekend trip to Burlington was made even better by our visit to The Gryphon for dinner. Making the reservation online was a breeze and their location in downtown Burlington is just perfect. We were promptly seated upon arrival and served our drinks. The compact but power-packed menu was impressive. We tried the virgin lavender lemonade and a cocktail, the village +33, along with our meals - a chicken Caesar salad and a French dip. Everything we tasted was delectable, including the New York style cheesecake we shared for dessert. Although the meal cost about $100, the quality of the food and the vibrant atmosphere made it worth every penny. Sitting by the big window allowed for some amusing people-watching as well. A seafood special and fresh linguine that my friends ordered were also highly praised. We opted to sit at the bar due to the lack of a reservation, and it turned out to be a great choice. The bartender was friendly and was even able to accommodate my craving for a black and blue salad. The drinks here are absolutely fantastic. In short, The Gryphon offers a wonderful dining experience and is definitely on my list for future visits to Burlington. The exceptional food coupled with a welcoming atmosphere make it an must-visit. Can't wait to be back!

The Skinny Pancake Burlington

60 Lake St, Burlington

(802) 540-0188

Reviewed by:

Mikal Petty

The Skinny Pancake in Burlington is a must-visit for brunch. My first time visiting was a delightful experience. Recommended by my sister who lives in the area, I was drawn in by the rustic, casual atmosphere. As a large family group, we were seated immediately and appreciated the efficient self-serve system where we ordered at the counter and the food was brought to our tables. The standout for me was the heavenly blueberry pie crepe and the superb sweet potato fries. The crepes were remarkable, made to order, and came in an assortment of varieties to cater to every taste, including gluten-free options. Despite being constantly busy, it's worth the wait for a table to sample their delicious breakfast entrees. The location, a short walk to the waterfront and the park, is ideal. A minor disappointment was the cinnamon sugar sweet crepes which lacked cinnamon taste. However, the maple syrup was sweet enough making up for it. I also found the bacon a bit dry and not fresh, but the sausage was absolutely delicious. Despite these minor points, I would 1000% recommend stopping by when in Vermont and I look forward to going again.

Leunig's Bistro

115 Church St, Burlington

(802) 863-3759

Reviewed by:

Tony Zaytseva

Leunig's Bistro continues to be my go-to spot for brunch in Burlington. With its prime downtown location and the occasional live music, the atmosphere is always inviting. The menu is extensive, yet I find myself repeatedly ordering the same enjoyable dishes. The escargot is a particular highlight when it comes to appetizers, while the Maple Bourbon Sour is a must-try among their drink selection. The calamari at Leunig's is the best you'll find in Burlington and their early Bistro specials offer unbeatable value. The staff are consistently welcoming, always providing top-notch service. On my recent visit, I had a fantastic lunch at Leunig's. Everything that my party and I ordered was delicious, especially the onion soup. The outdoor seating on Market Street added an extra layer of charm to our meal. Here, we treated ourselves to the duck poutine, which was simply fantastic and is now highly recommended. The calamari, angus burger, and roast beef sandwich were also good, but we found ourselves returning to the poutine again and again. Overall, Leunig's Bistro is an awesome place to eat and is undoubtedly worth a visit when in Burlington.

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill

160 Bank St, Burlington

Reviewed by:

Aaren Rose

I must say, my experience at The Farmhouse Tap & Grill for brunch was quite enjoyable. I was initially unsure about dining here, but was graciously welcomed by the extremely pleasant bartender. The beer was top-notch - definitely a highlight of the meal. I opted for a lean burger which, though slightly overcooked for my liking, was complimented well by their delicious sauces. The fries were a delightful accompaniment too. The cocktails offered were a pleasant surprise and the friendliness of the service added to the overall positive experience. As with most downtown locations, parking can be challenging but that's hardly a deterrent. My husband may need a little coaxing to return – he's just hard to impress - but my mouth is already watering at the thought of their scrumptious salmon. The homemade sauces took the experience to another level. The mussels dish I tried could have used a touch more seasoning, but the fish and chips were spot on. The cheese plate, however, wasn't quite up to par. Having dined at many places during my travels, I'd honestly say The Farmhouse Tap & Grill is worth a visit, provided you make the right choices from their menu. Make sure to leave some room for the fish and chips - so much better than the fish dishes I've tried at other places. While I did have a less than satisfactory experience with a dish, it doesn't negate the overall positive impression the place left on me. Sure, it's a little pricey, but what great dining experience isn't? Just remember to leave a good tip, it's well-deserved.

Juniper Bar and Restaurant

41 Cherry St, Burlington

(802) 651-5027

Reviewed by:

Mallory Ali

From the moment I entered Juniper Bar and Restaurant located in Hotel Vermont, I was greeted with warmth and pleasant service. Whilst the food menu seemed somewhat limited at first glance, the drink menu more than compensated with its extensive variety. With my birthday celebration as an occasion, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and explore their unique offerings. The standout was the Mai Tom cocktail, a delightful combination of gin and rum that really hit the spot. Followed by this, was a generously portioned charcuterie and cheese plate, a welcome surprise in terms of portion size and taste. Another highlight was the shrimp toast with fiddleheads - both exceptional in their own way. To top it off, for dessert I had the rhum cake which was served with an unusual yet absolutely delectable molasses caramel. Another unique feature of Juniper Bar is their own private label gin, a barrel selection of Tom Cat from Barr Hill. It's a little boozier than the regular variant, which is a plus in my book. The service throughout the night was excellent, with both our server and the bartender going above and beyond. In terms of ambience, Juniper Bar absolutely nails the trendy, classy yet comfortable vibe. Despite being on the pricier side, it's well worth it for the quality and uniqueness of the food and drinks served. The lighting, while a little harsh for my liking, certainly didn't detract from the overall experience. For those looking for a special night out, I would highly recommend Juniper Bar. The summer deck bar is a must-visit too. The staff's knowledge of wine pairings and overall passion for their work truly elevates the dining experience. Book a table in advance as the dining area is small, but the experience is big on flavor and atmosphere. It's definitely a spot I look forward to returning to in Burlington.

Cortijo Taqueria

189 Bank St, Burlington

(802) 497-1668

Reviewed by:

Kev Khalifaa Johnson

I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experiences at Cortijo Taqueria. As soon as I walked in, the great location next to the church street market and the warm, welcoming ambience hit me. Despite the slight sewer smell, which could be excused due to the rain, the place was overall quite charming. My dining adventure started with their house-made chips & salsa. Really crispy and well-seasoned chips paired with tangy and perfectly textured salsa verde - it was indeed a delightful start. The three tacos I ordered were carnitas, chorizo, and camote (sweet potato & kale), which were all amazing. The undercooked black beans were a minor hiccup but the delicious tacos and chips made up for it. The cocktail was pricy but very good, although I do wish I'd chosen the house margarita instead. The service was quick, friendly and not overbearing. Even when I returned on a busy day with a party of three, we were generously accommodated at a table for six. As for the authenticity of the Mexican food, opinions might differ. But for me, the food was undoubtedly solid. Especially the dessert - the unique Buñuelos, a delightful mix between churros and a doughnut without a hole was absolute must-try! When I dropped in randomly on a Saturday night, I was quickly seated at the bar. The delicious ceviche and the fabulous elote nachos were beyond my expectations. The friendly and efficient service made the entire experience even better. In conclusion, if you're looking for a place with decent food, friendly service, and a cool vibe in Burlington, do give Cortijo Taqueria a try. I would happily go back to this place if I'm in the mood for some Mexican food.

The Daily Planet

15 Center St, Burlington

(802) 862-9647

Reviewed by:

Darron Dish

My visit to The Daily Planet was a delightful experience. Starting off with a couple of local ciders and a Mac and cheese appetizer set the tone for the meal. The Mac and cheese was truly outstanding - easily one of the best I've had in a long time. For the main course, we had the Salmon and Steak dishes which were both exceptionally tasty, cooked exactly to our liking. I also tried polenta for the first time with the Salmon, and I was pleasantly surprised by it! The dessert section was a bit of a letdown as we chose the milk chocolate creme brulee and poached pear. They were okay, but didn't quite live up to the high standards set by the rest of the meal. That being said, it could just be a matter of personal taste. What stood out for me was the excellent service and the pacing of the food. Unlike some places, we were not rushed out the moment we paid our bill. The waitstaff, particularly Jack, were super and added to the overall wonderful dining experience. The innovative cocktail menu was another highlight. I particularly enjoyed the Smoke Jumper and the Kentucky Mash, but it was the Smoke Jumper that won me over. Additionally, I relished the small plates - the Green Beans Almondine and the Gazpocho Verde. The Green Beans were so good that I am inspired to recreate them at home. I was also impressed by the ample vegan options on the menu. I particularly savored the Jalapeño Black Bean Fritters which were a treat. The staff's friendly demeanor made the experience even better. To sum up, The Daily Planet provided a memorable brunch experience. The ambiance, the service and the food came together to create a wonderful experience. Despite the minor hitch with the desserts, I would still highly recommend this place. It is a rare find in Burlington.

Bleu Northeast Kitchen

25 Cherry St, Burlington

(802) 864-8600

Reviewed by:

Jessica Yaker

My experience at Bleu Northeast Kitchen was a delight from start to finish. Our waitress, Kendell, was incredibly patient and went the extra mile to entertain the kids in our group, shaping our meal into a family-friendly experience. Even when we encountered a minor hiccup with our order, the management was quick to apologize and rectify the situation, confirming their commitment to customer satisfaction. The food, without a doubt, is a true star at this establishment. The duck confit was perfectly crafted, the warm, soft bread was delectable, and the pasta with ground lamb was bursting with robust flavors. The eatery's intriguing location within a Marriott courtyard adds a unique charm to the overall experience. On our second visit, we were thrilled to indulge in the Tomahawk, a favorite among us. Their chicken dish, a rare find in town, was served to perfection alongside a plate of a la carte carrots glazed with maple miso - utterly outstanding. The salad with lemon vinaigrette triumphed as another notable dish. Just a small suggestion for improving the service - it would be beneficial if the servers were encouraged to write down orders to prevent any mix-ups. However, any errors were always handled appropriately, proving that their customer service is indeed commendable. During our weekend visits to local 'finer' restaurants, Bleu Northeast Kitchen has managed to catch our attention with its warm atmosphere and consistently high-quality fare. It was a joy to see our family of ten relish the steak frites, all cooked to our personal preferences. They were so delicious that we took on our waitress's recommendation for dessert, and what a pleasant surprise it was! The dessert was absolutely amazing, allowing us to end our meal on a high note. In short, Bleu Northeast Kitchen comes highly recommended for its excellent food, friendly service, and inviting atmosphere. It's a top-notch dining destination in Burlington, Vermont that leaves an unforgettable impression.

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