February 12, 2024

Brunching in Cary's Best Brunch Places

We've scouted the top brunch spots in Cary where pancakes flip, eggs sizzle, and mimosas flow.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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North Carolina
Brunching in Cary's Best Brunch Places
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Whether you're craving the comfort of eggs and bacon or the daring flavors of an avocado toast revolution, Cary's brunch spots are where your taste buds find adventure.

First Watch

137 Weston Pkwy, Cary

(919) 874-5601

Reviewed by:

Denise Shenbanjo

Stopped at First Watch for brunch in Cary with my husband on a Sunday, and the experience was delightful from the moment we walked in. The customer service truly stood out; our server, Isaiah, was incredibly kind and attentive. He even joked that the hot chocolate tasted so good because he made it with love! We ordered a variety of dishes including the Ham and Gouda, French toast, a steak breakfast burrito, and even tried the soup of the day. While the food was decent, it was the high-quality ingredients and the warm atmosphere that made the meal enjoyable. Isaiah's service was exemplary; he ensured we didn't have to wait for anything and was always ready to answer any questions. The ambiance of the place was also a plus – it was buzzing with a welcoming vibe. Although not all dishes hit the mark for me this time, the excellent service has me eager to return and sample other menu items. On a separate visit, I tried the chicken chorizo, sunny Seoul hash, and pancakes, which lived up to my expectations of First Watch's quality. However, the coffee didn't quite appeal to my taste, likely because I've become accustomed to homemade coffee. Also, there was a slight wait for a to-go box at the end, but it was a minor hiccup in an otherwise smooth experience. The free parking and sufficient lot space added convenience to the visit. First Watch in Cary has really nailed the formula for a fantastic brunch spot with its great atmosphere, perfect service, and quality food. George, our server during another visit, was particularly understanding and accommodating of our time constraints, making the experience even more pleasant. Absolutely, this place is worth recommending for a brunch outing. The combination of attentive service, enjoyable surroundings, and tasty offerings makes First Watch a must-visit. 10/10, will definitely be back!

The Flying Biscuit Cafe

1103 Parkside Main St, Cary

(919) 234-6890

Reviewed by:

Zachery Benn-Tyson

My brunch experience at The Flying Biscuit Cafe in Cary was notably enjoyable. The highlight of my meal was the classic biscuit topped with scrambled eggs and gravy, which managed to surpass my high expectations set by previous visits to another location. These biscuits stood out, light and fluffy with an enticingly crunchy top, complemented perfectly by the light, thick, and flavorful scrambled eggs. The chicken sausage gravy added a distinctive touch without overwhelming the dish with heat, enhancing the overall flavor profile. The grits served here deserve a special mention as well. They struck the right balance between smoothness and a slight coarse texture, offering a flavorful experience far removed from the typical supermarket offerings. They were a delightful surprise and a testament to the quality of the ingredients used here. My family's choices also spoke volumes about the cafe's varied menu. My wife was impressed with the vegan scramble, while my usually picky son couldn't get enough of the Belgian waffle, a rare occurrence that speaks to the quality of the breakfast offerings. Additionally, the coffee was a pleasant surprise, surpassing what one might expect from this tier of restaurant, and the availability of milk alternatives like oat milk was a thoughtful touch. Service here added to the positive experience. The staff were knowledgeable about menu items and adept at suggesting substitutions that could save money without compromising on taste or quality. Special mention goes to Selma and Cat for their personable, kind, and attentive service, making our visit even more memorable. Cat's recommendations, from the stuffed French toast to the grits and three amigos, were spot on, ensuring that our meal was nothing short of incredible. The only hiccup in an otherwise perfect visit was the wait time and some minor service delays, which highlighted a need for better coordination between the host stand and wait staff. Despite this, the quality of the food and the warmth of the staff left a lasting impression. The cafe also boasts a very clean environment, enhancing the overall dining experience. Although the initial wait and a few service hiccups could be improved, the exceptional food and outstanding service mean I’ll not only be returning but also recommending this spot to others. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking for a memorable brunch experience in Cary.

First Watch

1325 Bradford View Dr Ste. 110, Cary

(919) 655-8005

Reviewed by:

Cintya Manoj

We ordered the Sunny Seoul Hash and a Steak & Bacon Burrito during our first visit to First Watch for brunch. This has quickly become one of my favorite spots for breakfast. The ambiance is welcoming, and the staff, especially Virginia, was incredibly attentive, making us feel right at home as first-time guests. Though we encountered some issues with the meat portions in our dishes being less than expected, the overall experience was still positive. The Gingerbread Spiced Donuts were a highlight of our meal, warm and perfectly complemented by two delightful dipping sauces - definitely a must-try for anyone visiting. Finding a good place for morning brunch can be a challenge, but First Watch in Bradford Commons stood out for its delicious food and competitive pricing. We also tried the Works Omelet and Floridian French toast, both of which were served promptly and tasted fantastic. It's clear that First Watch prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, from the generous portion sizes to the exceptional service. Our first visit here was truly memorable. Not only were the prices reasonable, but the atmosphere was also friendly and inviting, with staff working well together to ensure a pleasant dining experience. Virginia, our server, was particularly outstanding, always checking in on us and demonstrating incredible patience. For anyone in town or passing through looking for a great breakfast spot, I wholeheartedly recommend giving First Watch (Cary location) a try. It's a 10/10 for me, from the ambiance and people to the food. Definitely a place I look forward to visiting again!

Brigs at the Crossing Restaurant

1225 NW Maynard Rd, Cary

(919) 481-9300

Reviewed by:

Ana Gabriela Bop

Had an absolutely delightful experience at Brigs at the Crossing for brunch in Cary. The moment we walked in, the vibe was welcoming, making us feel right at home. The interior had a charming, old-fashioned touch, which was surprisingly refreshing and added to the cozy atmosphere. We decided to go for the ultimate omelette, and it did not disappoint - truly delicious and filling. The waitress who attended to us was incredibly nice and made sure our experience was top-notch. This place also gets points for its reasonable pricing, making it a great spot for enjoying a meal without breaking the bank. Not to mention, the coffee was tasty, a perfect complement to our meal. From the warm welcome when we entered to the fond farewell as we left, everything was just great. The staff's attention to detail and their kind, sweet nature really stood out, making our breakfast the best we've had in the area. We were absolutely delighted with our visit and will definitely be coming back. It’s a place we’d recommend to anyone looking for a great breakfast or brunch spot. The food is freshly made, flavorful, and simply satisfying. We indulged in omelets, chocolate pancakes, and a Belgian waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream - for an extra treat, ask for fresh strawberries! It was also nice to see that the restaurant was bustling, a good sign of its popularity and a great place to bring the family. The eggs Benedict options were a hit at our table. The service throughout our visit was impeccable, contributing to an experience we're eager to repeat soon. Overall, it’s a gem worth checking out for anyone in the mood for good food and great service in a welcoming setting.

Chanticleer Cafe & Bakery

6490 Tryon Rd, Cary

(919) 781-4810

Reviewed by:

Chelsea Speeg

Went for a brisk walk and found myself at Chanticleer Cafe & Bakery around 12:30 on a Saturday. Despite the line, it moved quickly, a relief for anyone as hungry as I was. The vibe right off the bat was inviting, bustling with the weekend brunch crowd, but not overwhelming. While I've had my share of okay food experiences, Chanticleer genuinely surprised me. Opting for a side, I discovered their homemade chips far outshone the pasta salad. A note for future visits for sure. The staff's kindness didn't go unnoticed, efficiently navigating through the crowd, yet remaining personable—a rarity in such busy settings. Coffee lovers would appreciate the plethora of options available, not to mention the tantalizing array of pastries beckoning from the display. Though it was a late Sunday morning when I next visited, the wait, once again, proved its worth. The grilled vegetable sandwich I tried was an absolute delight, paired perfectly with those irresistible homemade chips. It's safe to say I've already earmarked other sandwiches to try on my return. The cafe itself is a gem, striking the right chord between quaint and lively. Not typically a sandwich shop enthusiast, I found Chanticleer to have an undeniable charm that clearly resonates well with its patrons. And how could I not mention the staff? Their warmth and efficiency amplified the experience. Finding a sunny spot indoors, I dove into the Reuben panini and tiny bow tie pasta salad on another visit, both of which were exceptional. The coffee selection lived up to its previous praise—rich in flavor and variety. Before leaving, I couldn't resist the bakery items by the counter; the gluten-free chocolate walnut cookie is a must-try. For those in search of homemade salads, sandwiches, and an inviting atmosphere, Chanticleer Cafe & Bakery is undoubtedly a spot to consider. Whether you prefer to dine inside or out, it's the perfect setting for a leisurely brunch filled with delicious treats and welcoming smiles.

First Watch

1104 Ledsome Ln Ste 101, Cary

(919) 322-4344

Reviewed by:

Detoni Vila-Feist

My brunch experience at First Watch in Cary exceeded all expectations! Despite arriving at peak hour, we were seated immediately, which kicked things off on a high note. What made our visit especially memorable was our server, Harmony, whose service was impeccable. The food did not disappoint either; it was served quickly and was absolutely satisfying. My boyfriend’s biscuits and gravy were a standout, while the pancakes were so huge, we sadly couldn't finish them. I opted for the superfood bowl, which hit the spot perfectly, and the caramel crunch coffee I had was simply amazing. It's clear why this place is always bustling on weekends, but experiencing it on a quieter Tuesday was a treat. We were thrilled with our server Tsu's wonderful recommendations, falling in love with the new mango passionfruit green tea and the delicious French toast. The prices felt right for the quality and portion sizes we received. The seating arrangement was comfortable, contributing to an overall clean, organized, and vibrant atmosphere that enhanced our dining experience. On a scale, I’d rate the mango passion fruit green tea a perfect 10/10 and the French toast a close 9/10. Our family brunch on 11/24 was characterized by excellent breakfast and drink options, with both staff and guests creating a friendly and welcoming environment. I'm already planning to return for future dine-ins. The coffee, named Project Sunrise, was a delightful discovery, and though milk had to be requested, cream was readily available on the table. The typical American breakfast options of cheese, eggs, and bacon were tempting, but I opted for fruits and yogurt, seeking something a bit lighter. While I usually prefer cooked vegetables, the food was satisfactory. The atmosphere was lovely, and the servers were genuinely nice, contributing to a pleasant dining experience. It's worth noting that this isn't a place for a coffee-and-work session, but it's a fantastic spot for enjoying a meal. Looking forward to my next visit!

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

7307 Tryon Rd, Cary

(919) 233-1632

Reviewed by:

Marlene Leonard

My visit to Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen for brunch was nothing short of fantastic. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with a warm welcome and seated immediately, despite the bustling crowd. The atmosphere struck the perfect balance between upscale and welcoming, making it a comfortable spot for both families and large groups. Our server stood out for their kindness and attentiveness, ensuring our dining experience was smooth from start to finish. The food arrived quickly, each dish served hot, fresh, and packed with flavor. The team was exceptionally accommodating of my low carb dietary needs, providing alternatives that allowed me to fully enjoy the appetizer plate alongside my husband. The highlight of my meal was the bacon-wrapped meatloaf paired with green beans, for which I swapped the mash for collards—a delicious decision. Although my husband found his chicken sandwich slightly overdone, my overall experience was immensely enjoyable, thanks to the elevated southern cooking. Our subsequent visit for a birthday dinner reaffirmed my love for this place. The carefully curated menu, coupled with impeccable service and a pristine environment, made for a delightful evening. We indulged in a variety of dishes, from the innovative peach and watermelon chilled soup to the hearty jambalaya and the bacon-wrapped meatloaf, each more delicious than the last. The desserts, a peach shortcake and a banana cream cheesecake, were the perfect finale to our meal, offering both great portions and flavors at reasonable prices. Even a simple lunch sitting at the bar proved to be a great experience, thanks to the pleasant ambiance and friendly staff. Whether it's for a special occasion, a casual brunch, or anything in between, Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen has quickly become a favorite destination of mine. The combination of amazing food, delightful drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere ensures that I will be returning for more culinary delights.

Craft Public House

1040 Tryon Village Dr #601, Cary

(919) 851-9173

Reviewed by:

Brandon Perez

This is a solid restaurant. Had lunch here on a weekday with a group of 8 — even with such a large group, the service was prompt and our food was served fairly quickly. It's a large restaurant with plenty of room — indoor & outdoor seating! Lots of TVs for watching sports and a nice bar area. Was surprised and impressed by the variety of bakery items and desserts — all front and center in a display case at the main entrance. The menu offers something for everyone. Definitely worth a visit. The food was outstanding. Started with a bloody mary and it too was great. Then shared a cinnamon bun that was to die for. Had a large party and was served like royalty. Our server was on point, and kept our glasses full. Our food came out quick and hot the teamwork among all the employees was amazing. Will be back and look forward to another great meal. Thank you. Ordered food to go. Service for pick up was pretty quick during 11a on a Saturday. The pancakes and turkey bacon were so delicious. The BEC croissant was also delicious. The young ladies at the front were very nice and helpful. The ambiance seems cool… had our food to go but will dine in next time. The Manager, Laura, was very helpful and friendly. Looking forward to visiting and dining in. Craft Public House serves breakfast M-F and brunch on the weekends. Everything is always delicious and perfectly prepared. Have never had a bad meal here. Great atmosphere and excellent staff.


2820 NC-55, Cary

(919) 362-8034

Reviewed by:

Christina Neal

Went to Biscuitville in Cary, NC on Hwy 55, for brunch. Despite a mix-up with my order, the manager was very understanding and even offered me a blueberry muffin as compensation, which was a kind gesture, although I hadn’t had the appetite to try it yet. It’s worth noting the importance of food safety, something I take very seriously. The manager assured me they check food temperatures regularly, which is reassuring. Their efforts in ensuring the food served is safe are commendable. It's crucial for the staff to continuously receive training on food safety practices. Despite the hiccup, it's undeniable that Biscuitville is a great spot for breakfast or brunch. Whether in a rush or having time to sit and enjoy, they promise to cook your order fresh, and indeed, they live up to that promise. The wait time is minimal, usually around five minutes, which is impressive for food that is made to order. The staff’s friendliness and dedication to knowing their customers make every visit more personal and enjoyable. It’s rare to find such attentive service these days. One of my all-time favorites is the chicken sandwich biscuit with a hint of honey – it never disappoints. Every time my sisters visit from Ohio, Biscuitville is a must-stop for us. The quality and freshness of the food, combined with exceptional customer service, ensure I’ll keep coming back. It's a gem in Cary for anyone looking for a solid breakfast or brunch option.

Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken

575 New Waverly Pl Suite 104A, Cary

(984) 228-6258

Reviewed by:

Jayda Bosscher

Visited Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken in Cary for brunch and it was an absolute delight. The process of getting food here is wonderfully simple thanks to their online and app ordering system. It's such a breeze to just order ahead, swing by, and pick everything up without any hassle. The convenience of not having to wait in a queue to order at the kiosk but instead having a pretty much automated experience for online orders is a huge plus. When it comes to the actual storefront, it is quite compact with no seating options inside. However, this isn't much of a drawback as the grab-and-go style suits my busy mornings perfectly. What really stands out is how accurate and prompt the service is. They got the order spot-on and the food was ready in no time, which is exactly what you want when you're on the go. Now, onto the most important part: the food. It's just delicious. There's something about their biscuits and chicken that hits the spot every time. It's become my new favorite spot for breakfast without a doubt. Besides the fantastic food, the staff here deserves a shoutout too. Everyone is so friendly and the service is top-notch. It's these little things that make a big difference and why I’ll be coming back for more. Definitely a place worth recommending for anyone looking for a tasty and convenient breakfast or brunch option in Cary.

Scratch Kitchen & Taproom

160 E Cedar St, Cary

(919) 238-3389

Reviewed by:

Lupe Padilla

Visiting Scratch Kitchen & Taproom for brunch in Cary was an experience that did not disappoint. Despite the anticipation of a long wait, arriving at 1pm on a Saturday, the seat was immediate, alleviating any concerns of delay. Right from the start, the service was impeccable. Our server, Ann, stood out with her attentive and kind nature, making the whole dining experience even more enjoyable. The menu at Scratch is quite imaginative, offering dishes that are both unique and flavorful. The appetizers were a delightful way to start the meal. The pimento cheese wontons paired with the spicy jam were simply irresistible, leaving a craving for more of that warm, gooey cheese. The Scratch fries served as a plentiful portion, proving to be more than just a side dish. The general tso cauliflower was another highlight, delivering a spicy kick that was both surprising and satisfying. For the main courses, the Apex burger was a classic, executing simplicity with excellence, whereas the general ambiance of the menu brought curious twists, like the intriguing bibimbap sauce. However, the real standout had to be the CANdied BACON OLE Fashion - an absolute must-try that beckons for a return visit. Despite the slight wait for food, which is understandable given the made-from-scratch ethos of the kitchen, the dishes were worth the patience. The Smoked Tomato Spinach Salad was particularly noteworthy, featuring creamed feta fritters and a bacon dressing that was unexpectedly light. Even the Smokehouse Mac & Cheese, though slightly thinner in cheese consistency than preferred, was kept perfectly warm in its skillet, with noodles that expertly captured every ounce of flavor. The drinks menu didn't fall short either, offering refreshing and creative cocktails that stood out from the typical trendy concoctions found elsewhere. One minor inconvenience might be the limited parking, but it's a small price to pay for such a quality dining experience. It's advisable to either arrive early or after the midday rush on weekends to secure a spot without the wait. All in all, Scratch Kitchen & Taproom in Cary is a gem that promises and delivers on a dining experience that's both distinctive and memorable. It's a place where the uniqueness of the menu shines through, supported by excellent service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Looking forward to many more visits.

Peck & Plume

301 S Academy St, Cary

(919) 804-1400

Reviewed by:

Ecaterina Ziarko

We had a wonderful time at Peck & Plume for brunch in Cary. From the moment we entered, the atmosphere was quiet and elegant, especially since we dined in the library. The hostess greeted us with a welcoming smile and was very accommodating, setting the tone for a delightful experience. Our waiter, Tristan, was nothing short of fantastic. His knowledge about the menu helped us make our dining choice, and his recommendations were spot on. We opted for the salmon and risotto for our main course, and it was delicious, cooked to perfection. Dessert was an unforgettable experience with Tristan recommending the intense lemon tart, a choice that exceeded all our expectations. It was not only beautifully presented with an exquisite assortment of fruit and sorbet but was also generously portioned, perfect for sharing among us. The brunch menu was impressive as well, with the French toast brick being a highlight. It came with a fresh berry reduction and was the perfect mix of sweet and sour, with the bread soft on the inside and slightly crusty on the outside. Although I usually prefer whipped cream, the cream cheese was a unique touch that I imagine many would enjoy. Additionally, the poached egg was cooked perfectly, rounding off a truly satisfying meal. This visit was particularly special as we were celebrating a friend's birthday. Out of the five of us, she was the only one who had dined here before, and now I understand why. We started with a pitcher of mimosas, and the food was abundant and delicious, ending our celebration with smiles and hugs all around. There was a slight hiccup with our seating arrangement due to a last-minute change, which was initially disappointing. My husband had made the reservation a month in advance, specifically requesting a certain seating arrangement to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately, this was not honored, and we were seated elsewhere. However, this was the only blemish on an otherwise perfect dining experience. The environment was cozy and intimate, the food and drinks were delightful, and the service was top-notch. Despite the minor seating issue, our experience at Peck & Plume was memorable, and I look forward to returning, especially for the dessert, drinks, and the intimate setting.

Dame's Chicken & Waffles

823 Bass Pro Ln, Cary

(919) 234-0824

Reviewed by:

Lisa Stephenson

Today was my inaugural visit to Dame's Chicken & Waffles in Cary for brunch, and I must say, it lived up to the hype. After a drive from Charlotte and continuous praise from my colleagues, my mom, toddler, and I decided to give it a try. We sampled various menu items, each impressing us more than the last. The establishment greeted us with a welcoming atmosphere, complemented by fast and friendly service. The chicken wings stood out for their perfect seasoning and texture—fried hard yet not the slightest bit dry. While the mac and cheese hit the spot, I found the greens a tad too sweet for my palette. That said, my toddler couldn't get enough of her waffle and chicken leg, which speaks volumes in itself. The standout part of my meal was undoubtedly the Classic Waffle & 3 wings, especially with the blueberry spread that accompanied the waffle. It offered a fantastic flavor combination that I hadn't anticipated. Sure, the wait to place our orders was longer than expected, especially deciding on a mimosa and then waiting to order food, but the quality and affordability of the meal made up for it. This won't be our last visit; the affordability and consistency of good food have convinced us to make it a family tradition. Despite the usual weekend wait, the flavorful, juicy chicken paired with the perfect texture of waffles and an array of shmears and drizzles justify any patience required. The sides deserve a mention too, all of which are fantastic. The welcoming staff rounded out the dining experience, making it not just a meal, but a memorable outing. Safe to say, anyone in the Triangle area looking for top-notch chicken and waffles need look no further than Dame's. After today, I'm already eager for my next visit!


1301 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary

(919) 469-1835

Reviewed by:

Jon Kilgannon

Enjoyed a lovely brunch at IHOP in Cary, experiencing the warmth and hospitality that’s become synonymous with their name. Despite a bit of a rush upon arrival, which seemed to be an eagerness more from the hostess to get back to conversations than to seat us promptly, the overall atmosphere was welcoming. It's true, there were moments of feeling a bit overlooked, needing to remind our server about essentials like syrup for the pancakes, but these instances were met with such gracious apologies that it was hard to mind too much. The ambiance of the place was lively, though at times a tad louder than preferred due to a particularly boisterous group of patrons. Nonetheless, the charm of the environment wasn't lost. As for the food, it had its ups and downs. Some dishes could've used a little more warmth, arriving somewhat tepid, but when it hit the mark, it really hit the mark. The country fried steak, a personal favorite, lived up to its reputation - never disappointing and always a hearty choice. Service, on the whole, was commendable. Our server was the epitome of politeness, combining efficiency with a genuine willingness to accommodate any requests. This level of attentiveness did much to enhance the dining experience. Branching out from the usual, the spinach and mushroom omelet accompanied by a side of their classic pancakes was a delectable choice, adding a savory twist to the traditional sweet breakfast. It was a reminder of the versatility and quality IHOP brings to the table, making it a solid destination for those diner-style cravings, especially for breakfast. Yes, the prices reflect the times we’re living in, a bit steep but understandable given the current economic climate. However, considering the quality of service and the comfort of enjoying a well-cooked meal, these factors become minor inconveniences at best. In summary, this visit to IHOP for brunch turned out to be quite a pleasant experience. Between the tasty food, the attentive service, and the overall diner vibe that's hard to find elsewhere in North Carolina, it's a spot I'll continue to come back to, time and again.

Coffee & Crepes

315 Crossroads Blvd, Cary

(919) 233-0288

Reviewed by:

Marian Mery

Gluten-free crepes! So delicious! Had a breakfast date with my husband and decided to try this place for the first time. The coffee was delicious and the crepes were exactly what we were craving. They offer a variety of savory crepes and their seasonal lattes are amazing. The ambiance isn't the coziest for dining in, as they have some high tables and stool chairs that aren't the most comfortable. However, the food more than makes up for it. Ordered a chicken Caesar crepe and my husband got an eggs Benedict crepe and a root beer float. Both were very good. The price is reasonable, the place is clean and quiet, making it a great spot not just for brunch but also for getting some work done. It's become one of my favorite coffee shops for that reason. Plus, the coffee is good, and the waffles are the best. The staff is consistently friendly, and the waffles are always a hit. My only gripe would be the limited seating and the single public outlet, which is positioned in a spot that's not ideal unless necessary. Despite this, I find myself coming back at least once a month. It's a nice spot to enjoy a good meal and get some work done, all while enjoying some of the best coffee and crepes around.

The Bistro

102 Edinburgh Dr, Cary

Reviewed by:

Oscar Enrique Atwell

Living in a bustling area, finding a quiet, cozy place for brunch can be a bit of a challenge. However, The Bistro - Eat. Drink. Connect.® in Cary has been a delightful discovery for those mornings when you're looking for a reliable breakfast spot without having to venture too far from home. It’s especially convenient since it's located right in the hotel, making it an easy choice for both guests and locals like myself. The atmosphere here is unusually comfortable for a hotel bistro, with plenty of tables, sofas, and sockets available. It's quiet, allowing for easy conversation, which is why I favor this spot for breakfast meetings. The staff always enhances the experience with their super courteous service, making every visit pleasant. It's evident they put a lot of effort into customer satisfaction, even when they seem to be short-staffed. The food offerings, while not extensive, are consistently reliable. Whether it's a quick bite or a leisurely meal, everything from the breakfast burrito to the mocha always hits the spot. Yes, the prices might seem a bit on the higher side, but the quality of the food and the overall ambiance make it worth it. Plus, having a Starbucks-esque setup is a nice touch, ensuring the coffee is always good. Apart from breakfast, the evenings here are just as enjoyable. The bistro serves as a great spot to unwind with a drink. The bartender's friendliness and skill at crafting an amazing old-fashioned highlight an evening well spent. Even though the menu mentions that burgers are served well-done and there have been times the fries were a tad overdone, the drinks have always been a redeeming factor. This bistro has become a favored place due to its convenience, the serenity it offers in a usually busy locale, and the unfailingly polite staff. It's a shame it's not open for lunch, as it would be wonderful to spend more parts of the day here. All in all, The Bistro - Eat. Drink. Connect.® offers a worthwhile experience for anyone looking for a reliable and quiet spot to enjoy a meal or drink, whether they're staying in the hotel or just live around the corner.

Waffle House

1724 Walnut St, Cary

(919) 467-5950

Reviewed by:

Glendon Suarez

Visiting the Waffle House for brunch was an extraordinary experience that I simply had to share. Right from the beginning, the atmosphere was welcoming, with staff greeting us cheerily as we entered. Our waitress, Ashia, stood out with her patience, kindness, and attentiveness, making the dining experience particularly memorable. She quickly took our orders, offering recommendations that did not disappoint. The food arrived swiftly, meeting all expectations of what good, hearty meals should taste like. What truly set this visit apart was the exceptional service. It's rare to encounter individuals like Ashia, whose dedication to providing a great customer experience shines through. Additionally, the thoughtful gesture of giving tiny dragon toys to the kids was a delightful surprise, especially since we were on our way to a festival featuring dragons. It was these small touches that added a lot of value to our meal. The late-night crew deserves a shoutout as well. The meal prepared that night was arguably the best I've ever had at a Waffle House. It was evident that a lot of pride and effort went into making our food, which was reflected in the delicious flavors. The combination of great service and delicious food made this visit to Waffle House truly enjoyable. A heartfelt thank you to Ashia and the entire team for making our experience so special. This place has definitely earned a repeat visit from us.

Pineapple Sol

302 Colonades Way #109, Cary

(919) 803-8533

Reviewed by:

Heidi Maingot

Pineapple Sol was an absolute gem for our brunch event in Cary. The location was ideal for hosting our gathering, offering a delightful atmosphere that was perfect for our private party. From the planning stages to the day of the event, the staff showcased incredible professionalism and warmth, ensuring everything flowed seamlessly. The food served was nothing short of delicious. The presentation was stunning, making each dish not only a feast for the taste buds but also for the eyes. For coffee enthusiasts, the coffee flight is a must-try - it truly elevates the coffee-drinking experience to new heights. The chicken and waffle sandwich was a standout, delivering a perfect blend of flavors and textures. Additionally, the Malibu breakfast was not only delectable but also beautifully presented. The brunch menu offers a variety of choices, but the pancake flights were a definite highlight. Their unique presentation and array of flavors made for an unforgettable tasting experience. Although the breakfast burrito was slightly less impressive in terms of seasoning, it was generously filled with cheese, adding a lovely creamy texture. Another unforgettable dish was the Parmesan truffle fries - a real crowd-pleaser. Their earthy aroma and the perfect blend of Parmesan and truffle made them utterly irresistible. The ambiance at Pineapple Sol contributed significantly to the overall experience. It was warm and welcoming, reflecting the passion and dedication of the culinary team. The staff was friendly and attentive, making us feel valued and well-cared-for throughout our visit. We also had the opportunity to have Pineapple Sol cater a corporate breakfast event in downtown Raleigh, and they were exceptional. The efficiency and professionalism of their staff were evident in the swift setup and beautiful presentation of the food, which was both delicious and plentiful, comfortably serving a large group with leftovers to spare. In summary, Pineapple Sol offers a delightful dining experience that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. Whether it's for a private event, a casual brunch, or catering needs, their culinary offerings, ambiance, and staff service are top-notch. It's a place worth returning to, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone looking to enjoy a memorable dining experience.

Life Cafe

1700 Regency Pkwy, Cary

(919) 467-7779

Reviewed by:

Rick Blanchard

Today's brunch at Life Cafe was truly a standout experience in my journey of exploring food. The moment I stepped in, the energy from the cashier was so uplifting, filling the space with joy and excitement. His name was Noah, and without a doubt, he has set a new standard for what I consider stellar service in my book. Noah, along with his coworker James, prepared my Quesadilla and Protein Shake to absolute perfection. The freshness of the ingredients was so apparent, I'd believe it if they told me they had a garden out back. They delivered my food with such speed and positivity, making sure to wish me a great day, which really added to the experience. It's this kind of service that sets expectations sky-high and leaves you wondering if anyone can ever top it. The food was excellent and service unmatched, showing just how hardworking and dedicated the team is. However, there were a few hiccups in the overall dining experience. The food, while mostly great, had moments that left me puzzled. My breakfast burrito's eggs were an unusual greenish hue, and the "fiesta bowl" my kids ordered, although priced reasonably, had a musty smell that was off-putting. Additionally, the discovery of a hair in my wife's sandwich and witnessing questionable hygiene practices from one of the food preppers were downsides that couldn't be overlooked. Despite these issues, the staff attempted to rectify the situation by offering a coupon for a free entree, which does earn them an extra point for effort. While I may be hesitant about certain menu items in the future, the smoothies did not disappoint. Considering the fantastic service and dedication shown by Noah, James, and the team, Life Cafe remains a solid choice for those looking for healthy options prepared by truly committed workers.

Famous Toastery

316 Colonades Way #201C, Cary

(919) 655-1971

Reviewed by:

Tracy Ennis

The place was really cute and seating was immediate upon our arrival, which was quite the pleasant surprise for a Sunday morning. For brunch, the breakfast bowl with chorizo and gravy caught my eye, while my husband opted for the breakfast hash, complete with deliciously flavored corned beef. The overall taste in the breakfast bowl was amazing, though the potatoes seemed a bit disconnected from the dish as they tasted plainly boiled. But, that’s just a minor hiccup in an otherwise delightful meal. The variety on the menu, ranging from Benedicts to flapjacks, is impressive and definitely suggests a return visit to try something new is in order. The sourdough toast was exceptionally yummy, and the coffee alone is reason enough to come back. Despite the mixed feelings about certain aspects of the meal, Famous Toastery's "everyone is your server" model presents an interesting approach to service. While it can mean a bit of repetition when making requests, it does offer a sense of collective effort from the staff. On my visits, the service tended to be fairly prompt and courteous, albeit a bit rushed, though this wasn’t much of an issue during the less crowded times. The ambiance of the restaurant is another highlight - clean and neat, though somewhat lacking in distinct character. Still, when dining out, especially in larger groups, the primary focus is on the company and the experience itself, with the food serving as a delightful backdrop. It's the kind of place where the overall quality of the food and the unique service model make it a solid option for brunch in Cary, especially if you're in the mood for fresh, made-to-order meals. The potatoes are particularly noteworthy - savory without being overly salty, and the freshly squeezed orange juice is a must-try. Though the flapjacks left a bit to be desired, being slightly overdone, they did excel at soaking up syrup. In sum, Famous Toastery is a place that does many things right, with a few areas for improvement. It’s a spot worth checking out for those looking for a decent breakfast or brunch option in the area, especially for the coffee and the chance to enjoy a meal with friends or family. The experience might not have been flawless, but the good parts certainly make it a contender for future visits.

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