November 29, 2023

Chandler's Charms: Top 20 Brunch Spots in Town!

Score the ultimate breakfast-lunch combo at the best brunch spots in Chandler! Satisfy your cravings with endless eggs benedict, fluffy pancakes, and bottomless mimosas.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Chandler's Charms: Top 20 Brunch Spots in Town!
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Welcome to the charming city of Chandler, where deliciousness comes served sunny side up! Turn off your alarms, because the best brunch places in Chandler are beckoning, guaranteeing an 'egg-cellent' start to your lazy weekends.

Hangar Café

1725 E Ryan Rd, Chandler

(480) 899-6965

Reviewed by:

Alexa Erin Bowler

I cannot rave enough about the Hangar Cafe! My go-to spot for a consistently fantastic meal, the food here is always piping hot, delectable and served with genuine appreciation. The ambiance is equally charming, with picturesque views and homely cooking that reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen. This place defines comfort food! The location is unique too, nestled beside the public airplane hangers of Chandler Municipal Airport - giving diners the option to relish their meals indoors or outdoors. Nothing beats savoring a hearty brunch while watching planes take off and land. On my recent Friday visit, the cafe was bustling with patrons - a clear testament to its popularity. Despite the rush, the food and service didn't falter. We ordered the French Dip, Club and the Frisco Burger - all were visually appealing and downright tasty. I adore the aviation memorabilia strewn around the place, it adds to the unique appeal of the location. This place is indeed a hidden gem, exuding hustle and charm unlike any other diner I've seen. And the fair pricing is just the cherry on top. Oh, and did I mention they serve mimosas? Do yourself a favor and ask for Brittany when you visit - you won't be disappointed. This place is now a must-go spot for me, and I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a memorable brunch experience.

The Crowned Egg

3235 W Ray Rd, Chandler

(480) 590-0684

Reviewed by:

Shannon Rumsey

The Crowned Egg in Chandler is a hidden gem in the realm of brunch spots. Despite its humble breakfast diner appearance, the quality of the food is simply impressive. Trust me, my partner and I have tried countless breakfast places and this one tops them all. We recently relocated to Chandler and decided to give The Crowned Egg a go. Let me tell you, it was love at first bite! The eggs Benedict were nothing short of delectable. The hatch green chili that accompanied my bacon burrito made it the best breakfast burrito I've ever had. The strawberry crepe was the perfect sweet treat, neither too tart nor too sweet. The service here is also commendable. Shea, always warm and welcoming, even surprised me with a special birthday pancake during our visit. It's also nice to have the option of sitting outside when the weather permits. The flavors are spot on. The bacon, tasting of Applewood smoke, took me back to my camping days. The hash browns strike the perfect balance between crispy and soft, while the scrambled eggs are light and fluffy. Their cinnamon pancakes are a must-try, so decadent and sweet. On the downside, during our second visit in August 2024, the service wasn't as exceptional. Alejandra seemed a bit off her game, leading to a slow service and mix-up in the order. However, based on our first experience, we are willing to give it another shot. During our first visit in July 2023, the service was excellent. Shea was attentive and knowledgeable, while Luis, who doesn't normally work there, was equally attentive. The food didn't disappoint either, arriving quickly and exactly as ordered. So, if you're in Chandler and looking for an incredible brunch spot, I highly recommend The Crowned Egg. You won't be disappointed.

Over Easy

140 N Arizona Ave Suite 104, Chandler

(480) 257-3449

Reviewed by:

Maggie Strohschein

I have to say, the food and menu variety at Over Easy really impressed me. I went in with a large group of 12, and they were quick to serve us our drinks and meals, which was great. We tried everything from the pancakes to the chicken and waffles, avocado toast, protein bowl, and even a vegan wrap. The hot coffee and orange juice were a great way to start our day! Not long ago, I also got a takeout order from Over Easy's downtown Chandler location and it was just as amazing as the dine-in experience. The Chicken and Waffles are a must-try - the chicken was fried to perfection. As a side, I ordered sweet potato tots which were actually waffle fries but no less tasty! Their brunch was fresh and quick to prepare, even on a Sunday, which I appreciated. The location in the downtown area is also quite charming. I'm actually looking forward to dining in the next time and trying one of their cocktails. On our first visit, our server, Lacy, was spectacular. She explained the menu well and when my mimosas weren't as flavorful as I would have liked, she quickly added more flavoring. Both she and the General Manager, Alexa, checked on us regularly and ensured our water cups were always filled. The ambience was also quite nice with a charming and colorful decor. As for the food, it was simply incredible. We tried the sausage pancake dogs, the banana nut French toast, and the chicken & waffles - everything was delicious. I highly recommend dining at Over Easy.

U.S. Egg Breakfast & Lunch Chandler

5840 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler

(480) 705-0868

Reviewed by:

Matthew Diaz

I honestly can't praise U.S. Egg Breakfast & Lunch Chandler enough. The day after my wedding, I decided to have brunch with some of our guests. Despite our large party size of around 30 people, the restaurant was extremely accommodating and ensured we all sat together. Our waitress was attentive, always refilling our drinks as we waited for the rest of our party. The food quality was exceptional, and I was really impressed when all of our orders came out at the same time without any hiccups. A particular shout-out to the tall gentleman with slicked back dark hair who provided us with exceptional service. Even when we visited on a busy Saturday morning, we only had to wait for about 10-15 minutes for a booth, less than the estimated time. Despite the crowds, the service was fantastic, and our food was served hot and fresh. The menu had a wide variety of options, all priced reasonably and delicious. Their Chorizo and over easy eggs are a must-try, and don't miss out on the French toast for dessert. My spouse and I absolutely loved our visit today. We'll definitely be back soon. The team at U.S. Egg Breakfast & Lunch Chandler really knows how to provide a great dining experience!

First Watch

4955 S Alma School Rd, Chandler

(480) 659-4995

Reviewed by:

Fatoumata Goebig

First Watch in Chandler is a delightful brunch spot. The food there is not only delicious but incredibly fresh too. I can't recommend their signature dishes enough - they are simply divine. Their million-dollar bacon is a must-try and, although the coffee is average, it's decent enough to start your day. I tried both a regular menu item and a seasonal special, the lack of flavor was a bit disappointing, but the friendly staff and neat environment certainly made up for it. As an eggs benedict fanatic, I was thrilled to try a new version off their seasonal menu, the Barbacoa Quesadilla Benedict. Filled with apprehension, I took a leap of faith and gave it a go. It was truly unique! The quesadilla in place of an English muffin was a surprising twist, but our server, Jenna, assured me I would love it - and she was right! The pairing of the tender barbacoa quesadilla, prepared quesabirra style, with the spicy and tangy Vera Cruz hollandaise sauce (that had added pico mixed in) was nothing short of delightful. The eggs were poached to my liking and the black beans on the side complemented the dish wonderfully. Accompanied by a purple haze drink, my meal was indeed memorable. The service was top-notch. Jenna was kind, friendly, and extremely helpful. My kids and even my son's girlfriend, who had never visited First Watch before, were more than content with their food. Now, she's a total fan of the place! All in all, First Watch is a great place to stop by for breakfast or brunch. The food is good and the service is even better, making it the ideal place to dine. Not to mention, their menu is thoughtfully designed, boasting great offerings.

Bisbee Breakfast Club Chandler

940 N 54th St Suite 100, Chandler

(480) 590-7907

Reviewed by:

Vickii Alvarenga

From the moment we stepped into the Bisbee Breakfast Club in Chandler, we were immediately taken by the clean and inviting atmosphere. Our server, Krystal A., was incredibly attentive and ensured that our party of seven didn't want for anything. The food was not only ample in portion but also delicious. All dishes were prepared to our specific preferences and served promptly. Despite a busy Sunday morning, we were impressed by the swift service and the relaxed pace we were allowed to enjoy our meal. I can't praise Bisbee Breakfast Club in Chandler enough. The quality food, the attentive service, and the welcoming environment make it an excellent spot for weekend brunch or an everyday breakfast. Our server, Krystal A., was notably outstanding and significantly enhanced our dining experience. The spicy sausage gravy is a must-try, and the green chili pork packs just the right punch of heat. They also offer alcohol and desserts for those wanting a sweet ending or a boozy start. One thing to note is that the utensils could be sturdier. The biscuits and gravy are simply the best in town, and I recommend ordering it chuck style! The tamale breakfast plate was fantastic - so generous that I had to take half home. The dirty chai was also a delicious treat. In summary, Bisbee Breakfast Club in Chandler offers superb service and delicious food with the perfect blend of flavors. It's a must-try for brunch.

First Watch

4910 W Ray Rd #5, Chandler

(480) 752-3754

Reviewed by:

Edie Perry Joseph

I had a wonderful brunch experience at First Watch in Chandler recently. The staff was super friendly and really on top of things. The dishes were all delightful, especially the "Million Dollar Bacon" from their seasonal menu. I was quite impressed by the excellent service and the presentation of the food. I'm not really a sweets person, but even I found the selection pleasing. The side of bacon was a bit of a letdown due to its size and cost but everything else was fabulous. The coffee could use some improvements as I prefer it black with a strong flavor, but it wasn't too bad. The menu choices were enticing. The brisket hash was delicious, especially with the added guacamole and sweet peppers. The smoked salmon benny was a real winner for me with its light lemony flavor. I also appreciated that when my son ordered pancakes, they allowed him to choose two different flavors. The watermelon pineapple mint juice was refreshing and the Belgian waffle was probably the best I've ever had. The warm syrup added a lovely touch. I was also pleased to see that they offer both turkey and chicken sausage. In summary, First Watch in Chandler is a great spot for brunch with fantastic service, amazing food and a comfortable atmosphere. Though there were a couple of minor misses, the overall experience was definitely positive and I'd highly recommend it.

Broken Yolk Cafe

2970 E Germann Rd, Chandler

(480) 207-1160

Reviewed by:

Gina Mallia

My recent brunch at the Broken Yolk Cafe in Chandler was phenomenal. I was greeted and seated promptly, and the service was kind and considerate. The menu had a vast array of options, from sweet to savory, including healthy choices. As an eggs benedict fan, I was overjoyed with the seven different versions they offered. I opted for the Golden State, complemented with bacon, avocado, and sriracha, and the classic, served with ham and grilled tomato. Both were delicious, particularly the Golden State, which offered an exciting burst of flavors. My daughter, who joined me for the meal, enjoyed her biscuits and gravy. The portion sizes were generous, allowing us to take home leftovers. The decor was bright and cheery, with plenty of windows and cozy booths. If you're up for a challenge, they even offer a 12 egg omelette that if finished, results in a free meal and a T-shirt as a reward. I was also impressed with the ample parking availability. Sufficient for big appetites, their meals also cater to those seeking healthier options, with offerings like turkey bacon and egg white substitutions. The service was superb - friendly, attentive, but not overwhelming. I'll definitely be making a return visit. This gem is worth every minute of the wait, even if you visit during peak hours. Overall, the Broken Yolk Cafe is the perfect spot for a delicious, satisfying brunch.

BlackBerry Cafe

2090 N Dobson Rd, Chandler

(480) 454-3917

Reviewed by:

Dorothy Mac

I happened upon the BlackBerry Cafe during a packed Saturday morning while vacationing in Mesa, Arizona. The restaurant was a pleasant surprise, serving us in just 10 minutes, with Michelle providing exceptional and attentive service. The coffee was delightful, just what we needed to start our day. My wife raved about her three berry crepes. They were just right - delicate and filled with a delectable mix. I opted for the potato pancakes that were served with sour cream, apple sauce and fruit. They were hearty and so good, I couldn't finish all three. There was a warm, friendly vibe to the place, making our breakfast experience all the more enjoyable. It's hard to believe we only discovered this place for the first time, but it's definitely won itself more than five stars in our books. Not only is the food fantastic and served quickly, but the service is also top-notch. The staff was warm and attentive, always making sure we were happy with our meal. They even put out a water bowl for our puppy on the patio, which was a delightful little touch. We loved the BlackBerry Cafe so much, it's become our new favorite breakfast spot. I can't wait for our next visit when I can enjoy that delicious spinach and mozzarella omelet again. This place is definitely worth the drive - and a return visit!

Tryst Cafe

4205 S Gilbert Rd, Chandler

(480) 656-1011

Reviewed by:

Erica Ballantine

I must say that Tryst Cafe in Chandler really surprised me with its outstanding brunch menu. The quality and taste of the food were truly commendable. Their buffalo cauliflower wings, although a bit under-seasoned, were still enjoyable and innovative. I wasn't especially impressed with the steak — it seemed like a cheaper cut — but for $17, you can't really complain. As for the meat lovers omelet, the unique presentation made it memorable. I felt like I was eating a delicious taco! The atmosphere was very pleasant and contributed to the overall enjoyable dining experience, ensuring we stayed in a good mood, even when some things weren't exactly as they should have been. However, the real highlight for me was their dog-friendly patio. The staff treated my dog so well and catered to his needs by providing him with a bone and water straight away. The service was genuinely exceptional and our waitress deserves special mention for her excellent attention to detail and friendly attitude. The bison burger was an unexpected treat, something you won't find in many places. Despite a few shortcomings, I'd still recommend Tryst Cafe for brunch. The food was generally quite good and the dog-friendly feature, combined with excellent service, really won me over.

Egg N' Joe (Fulton Ranch Towne Center)

4010 S Arizona Ave #4, Chandler

(480) 207-6138

Reviewed by:

Polo Follick

I had such a fantastic time at Egg N' Joe in the Fulton Ranch Towne Center! We started with a delicious chicken fried steak that had the best gravy I've ever tasted. Not to mention, it's one of the few places I've found that offers German pancakes. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, the staff was friendly, and the food was simply amazing! I felt right at home with the comfort food-style dishes. On my first visit, I decided to try the popular German pancake and it was phenomenal. The veggie omelette was also a hit, filled with savory cheese that hit the spot perfectly. But the biscuit was the real star of the show. Being a midwesterner, I have a high standard for biscuits and this one was large, flakey, buttery, and didn't even need anything added on top. The seating is spacious with a large patio area and the wait time was surprisingly short. We were served within 15 mins of ordering and the customer service was top-notch (shout out to Linda!). I can't wait to return and sample other delicacies from their menu, like the mimosa flight. The restaurant gives off a Portland vibe, which I absolutely love. My wife and I couldn't help but be reminded of our visit to Oregon while munching on the German pancakes and potato cakes. My daughter, on the other hand, greatly enjoyed her crepes. The service was fantastic; our waitress made sure all our needs were met. I would highly recommend Egg N' Joe for anyone looking for a great brunch spot. I can confidently say my wife and I will be regular customers from now on.

Tipsy Egg

1 E Boston St, Chandler

(480) 801-9700

Reviewed by:

Anuja Bautista

The Tipsy Egg in Chandler was a gem of a discovery. The food portions were generous and satisfying. My hamburger was deliciously juicy and tender, and the crispy fries were a delight. I made a special request for a vanilla latte not listed on their menu, and they absolutely nailed it, even surpassing my regular Starbucks fix. I would recommend this place to anyone visiting the area, considering its reasonable pricing and appealing menu. It was my first visit to the Tipsy Egg and I can confidently say that I was missing out before. The food was incredibly delicious and the service was commendable. I have a habit of asking for chilled water without ice wherever I go, and even that small request was catered to perfectly. The highlight of our meal was the Caesar salad and avocado omelet, two dishes we truly savored. The drinks were great as well. The only minor concern was the service which could have been a bit more warm and welcoming. I was thrilled when my husband, who is quite selective about eateries, liked it just as much. Specifically, he appreciated the cheesy potatoes and the breakfast enchilada with a side of sausage links. I enjoyed the Henderson and the espresso martini made for a perfect brunch cocktail. Overall, our experience at Tipsy Egg was worthwhile and we will definitely be going back. This place never disappoints!

BLD Chandler

1920 W Germann Rd, Chandler

(480) 779-8646

Reviewed by:

Palmira Smith

I recently enjoyed a group breakfast with 12 of us at BLD Chandler. It's been a few years since I last visited, but the casual atmosphere and pleasant patio area were just as I remembered, enhanced by the bar that bridges the indoor and outdoor spaces. Our server was spot-on - friendly, efficient, and clearly experienced. For my meal, I tried the Mavacado Sunrise on sourdough toast with a side of crispy bacon. The eggs were cooked to perfection and the overall dish was tasty and light, although I would have preferred fresh avocado over guacamole. BLD has become one of my favorite brunch spots, boasting a delectable menu and wide-ranging bar options. The mimosa flight is my go-to choice, but their Bloody Marys are just as exceptional. I'm also impressed by their extensive wine and beer selection, and adore the fact that it's a locally owned establishment. Upon arrival, we were promptly greeted and seated in a comfortable booth. Our server, Anna, was excellent and our orders of chicken and waffles and eggs Benedict with home fries arrived promptly, tasting delicious and served in generous portions. Despite the initially lackluster welcome, I would absolutely recommend BLD Chandler for brunch and look forward to my next visit.

Sunny's for Breakfast and Lunch

1068 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler

(480) 508-4301

Reviewed by:

Tiffany Kaatz

Sunny's for Breakfast and Lunch is my go-to for brunch. It has this charming old school diner feel that I absolutely adore. From the second we stepped in, the staff welcomed us warmly. The menu was impressive with a wide range of choices. My order of the Pancho was packed with flavors from housemade chorizo, onions, and tomatoes, all topped off with melted cheddar/jack cheese, fresh pico de gallo, and sour cream. The Fajita skillet I had was served with eggs and was lip-smackingly good! This was undoubtedly one of the best skillet breakfasts I've ever had. I'm eagerly looking forward to revisiting Sunny's to explore their extensive menu further. I also stopped in for a quick breakfast and despite the restaurant being a good size with many tables, we were seated and served promptly. The quality of the food was excellent. During another visit, the staff continued to impress with their attentiveness, constantly checking in to ensure we didn't need anything else. We ordered the French toast and a breakfast burrito and were pleasantly surprised by the generous portions. So, if you're ever in Chandler, come and try Sunny's for breakfast or lunch! You won't be disappointed. I'd highly recommend this place.

Hash Kitchen Chandler

2855 W Ray Rd #4, Chandler

(480) 909-4270

Reviewed by:

Daniel Sepol

I recently had brunch at Hash Kitchen Chandler and honestly, it was a lively and enjoyable experience. The place was bustling with activity and the in-house DJ kept the atmosphere energetic. I was taken aback by the efficient service - we barely had to wait at 9am on a Saturday. Kudos to our waiter Ivan who was not only polite and informative, but also incredibly attentive. The food impressed me with its taste and generous portions. If you're visiting Chandler, you simply cannot miss having breakfast here. There was one slight hiccup with the Brisket Benedict which I found a bit odd, but I think a little tweak with BBQ sauce could easily fix it. However, the French Toast was incredibly fluffy, massive and mouth-wateringly delicious. The staff, including the manager, were friendly and the restaurant was impeccably clean. I must highlight that the music and cleanliness truly set this place apart. Although I am giving it a 4-star rating now, I am certain I'll be back to try other dishes and who knows, maybe I'll end up giving it a full 5 stars! If you're planning to visit on the weekends, be prepared for a loud and bustling atmosphere. This might not be a suitable place for a quiet family breakfast, but if you're looking to enjoy some music and fabulous cocktails with your friends, this is the perfect spot. The food is good with a mix of unique dishes and traditional breakfast options. I would highly recommend the bloody bar and their cocktails. In my previous visits, I've noticed that the food & service can be a bit inconsistent and some dishes may not necessarily justify the wait or prices, but the hash dishes & mimosa flights never disappoint. Overall, Hash Kitchen Chandler is definitely worth a try, even though I believe they could put a little more emphasis on the quality rather than novelty.


7400 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler

(480) 940-8882

Reviewed by:

Abner Hora

I stopped by Denny's in Chandler for brunch the other day and I was really pleased with my experience. I decided to go for the bacon premium deal and, I must say, the food was absolutely great. The eggs were cooked just the way I like them and the hashbrowns were perfectly crispy and delicious. I also really appreciated the bacon, which crumbled just right. It was an enjoyable lunch with my husband and brother. One of the highlights of the visit was definitely the great customer service that we received. The waitress was right on the ball and very polite. She made sure that we were well taken care of and that added a lot to the overall experience. Now, I must mention that when I first arrived there was a brief moment of confusion before I was seated, but that was quickly resolved. There was also an issue with the cleanliness of the bathroom which I hope will be addressed. However, once seated, the friendly server checked on us periodically which was a nice touch. The food was not only good, but also arrived in a timely manner. I tried the pumpkin pecan meal, which was decent enough. Regarding the ambiance, there was an unusual smell near the entrance, but it did not persist inside the restaurant which was a relief. In short, despite a few minor issues, the experience at Denny's in Chandler was largely positive. The great food and service ensured we had a good time and I wouldn't mind going back.


1750 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler

(480) 782-7594

Reviewed by:

Juan Carlos Diblasi

I had a great brunch at Denny's in Chandler. The food was excellent and fairly priced. Particularly, the cinnamon pancakes and hash browns were remarkably good. I was also pleased to see turkey bacon on the menu. The whole place was clean and well-maintained, reflecting high hygiene standards. However, there's a bit of room for improvement in the staff's friendliness and the speed of service. On this particular occasion, the food took a while to arrive, potentially due to understaffing. Nevertheless, the overall experience was positive and I'll definitely return in the future. I tried their salmon, broccoli, and rice dish, and it was fantastic. The broccoli was steamed perfectly and the salmon was moist, flaky, and seasoned well. Just a squeeze of lemon and it tasted great. The service was commendable too, with friendly and efficient staff. Our waiter, Steve, was especially noteworthy. He was quick, attentive, and kept checking on us. After leaving another restaurant due to poor service, it was refreshing to be served by him.

Mimi's Cafe

2800 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler

(480) 899-5612

Reviewed by:

Shanita Soto

I recently had brunch at Mimi's Cafe in Chandler and absolutely loved it! The food was beyond delicious. My meal started with the French Onion Soup, followed by perfectly cooked Salmon, and ended on a high note with a delectable Bread Pudding. Each dish was astonishingly good, making my visit a total culinary delight. In spite of the service being a bit slow, it somehow added to the overall relaxing and tranquil experience. The atmosphere was wonderful, with cozy decorations that gave a feeling of being in a quaint local hotel. I was particularly impressed with the welcoming and helpful staff. Another huge plus was the wide variety of dishes available on the menu, making it a great place for a family meal. Among the things we ordered were Huevos Benedict, Potato Benedict without bacon, French toast with Strawberries and Blueberries, a croissant, and a Pumpkin Spice Latte, all of which were quite tasty and satisfying. We visited Mimi's on a bustling holiday, but the service remained warm and considerate. Despite it being busy, the staff didn't falter in their outstanding service. In conclusion, my visit to Mimi's Cafe was an excellent dining experience filled with flavorful food and exceptional service. This place is definitely now on my must-visit list whenever I'm in the area.


3877 S Arizona Ave, Chandler

(480) 568-8994

Reviewed by:

Aaron Terech Bresnan

I recently went for brunch at IHOP in Chandler, where I ordered the chicken biscuit sandwich. I must say, I'm not typically a fan of country gravy, so I requested it on the side. Our server, Sara, was very hospitable and brought our food in a reasonable amount of time. Upon serving the dish, Sara informed me that the sandwich came with gravy on it. Not wanting to cause a scene and having to wait for another order while everyone else was eating, I chose to cancel my meal. The staff didn't offer any form of apology, which was a little disappointing. But in general, the staff were friendly and attentive. My companion had the poblano omelette which was really tasty. I also sampled their pumpkin pancakes which were absolutely scrumptious, so it wasn't a total loss. Our waitress, Jayla, was truly superb at her job - she's a significant asset for IHOP. However, I must point out that the food seems a bit pricey in relation to its quality. For instance, an order of mozzarella sticks was priced at a whopping $10.29 for just six sticks! The condition of the booster seats left a lot to be desired - they were not clean. Although it might seem trivial, this level of cleanliness should be taken more seriously, especially in a family restaurant like IHOP. In conclusion, IHOP has a good ambiance and friendly staff. However, they certainly need to align the pricing with the quality of the food and also pay more attention to cleanliness, particularly with the kid's facilities.


935 W Elliot Rd, Chandler

(480) 917-0140

Reviewed by:

Rajesh Alexshas

I stopped by for a Veteran's Day brunch at IHOP in Chandler and was promptly seated by the welcoming staff. The waitress was friendly and efficient, taking my order swiftly. The restaurant was not too busy at that hour, which probably contributed to the quick serving time. Commendably, the waitress offered me a tea to go as I was wrapping up, a thoughtful gesture that added positively to my experience. My order was simple - a side of two eggs, two slices of bacon, and hash brown. I specified that I'd like cheese with the eggs, but sadly, it was missing when my food arrived. Additionally, there seemed to be a mix-up as my order included two pancakes, which I hadn't requested. Also, instead of the mango tea I requested, I received a lemonade. The person accompanying me ordered a milkshake, which was delivered in a state best described as messy. The server seemed to somewhat ignore the situation and didn't offer an apology. As for the payment, our total came to about $38. We left a $2 tip, and were surprised when the server made an unnecessary fuss, criticizing the amount of our tip. I am of the belief that tips should reflect the quality of service received, and in this case, the service was less than commendable. As for the food, it was a bit disappointing. My wife's pancakes and my burger were served cold, something one wouldn't expect from a reputable establishment such as IHOP. The only items served hot were the fries, onion rings, and coffee. I was also taken aback by the cleanliness of the establishment as I found the menus to be sticky and dirty. In general, my brunch at IHOP in Chandler was a mixed bag of experiences. While the prompt seating and service were commendable, the food quality, cleanliness, and level of professionalism left much to be desired. I hope my feedback reaches the necessary authorities to effect the necessary improvements.

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