September 29, 2023

Charleston Charm: South Carolina’s Most Enchanting Brunch Spots

Discover Charleston's brunch scene with killer pancakes, eggs Benny with a twist and grits that'll change your life. Check out the top spots offering the best brunch experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
Reviewed from:
South Carolina
Charleston Charm: South Carolina’s Most Enchanting Brunch Spots
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Fuel up for your exciting Charleston shuffle with our handpicked hotspots for brunch. Plunge your forks into the heart of Southern cuisine as we guide you through a culinary tour that packs the perfect blend of tradition, charm, and innovation.

Toast! All Day

453 King St, Charleston

(843) 806-2929

Reviewed by:

Jared Rueda

My visit to Toast! All Day in Charleston for brunch was outstanding. Right as we walked in, we were immediately seated in Karim's section. Karim offered excellent meal suggestions and he was spot on with each one! I was pleasantly surprised by the stuffed French toast with apples - it was light, delicious, and the sweetness was not overpowering at all. My wife had their signature omelette and she adored it. I highly recommend Toast for breakfast any day of the week. We were lucky enough to be seated in a corner, near a window for our Saturday brunch visit. We tried the chicken and waffles and were blown away by how well the chicken was fried and how light and crunchy the waffle was. The orange juice was freshly squeezed and the basil martini was a delicious accompaniment. They were out of a few items on the menu but that didn't dampen our experience, everything we ordered was delectable. Considering how bustling the place was, the service was commendable. The overall vibe and atmosphere was enjoyable. The only slight downside was the extra charges - a 'to go' charge on top of the cost for our drinks, plus an extra fee for using a credit card. However, the quality food and service balanced it out. In summary, even though they didn't have pizza (which could just have been a time-related issue), the great food, friendly service and cool atmosphere at Toast! All Day has definitely won me over. I'm already looking forward to going back and trying more of their dishes.

Park & Grove

730 Rutledge Ave, Charleston

(843) 410-1070

Reviewed by:

Dboy Sundararaman

My friends and I had a fantastic time at Park & Grove while celebrating a significant milestone. The outdoor dining environment was quite inviting and they catered to our gluten allergy without any hassle. The Poplar cocktail was a hit across our table! While the dishes were filled with flavors, the sizes weren't quite suitable for sharing. On my second visit here, I was thrilled to see their diverse menu and the seasonal specials just added to the delight. The grilled peaches and escargot over grits were simply to die for. We enjoyed sampling diverse items from their creative cocktail menu. Our server, Maggie, was exceptionally attentive and a joy to interact with. Despite a few administrative mix-ups and waiting longer than expected for our food, the overall experience was still memorable. The food we received, although slightly cold, was palatable. The crabs benedict I had was noteworthy with just the right amount of crab and eggs poached to perfection. Our waitress was amiable and patient, adding to our overall positive experience. The meals were applauded by all, except for the iced cold brew that was a bit watered down. Despite a few hiccups, I'm excited to visit Park & Grove again and hope that that day was just a one-off.

Bear E Patch Cafe West

1980-A, 1980 Ashley River Rd, Charleston

(843) 766-6490

Reviewed by:

Josh Burton

I am a big fan of Bear E Patch Cafe West for brunch. I've visited numerous times and the quality has always been exceptional. The menu is extensive offering everything from biscuits and gravy to seafood, shrimp and grits, French toast, pancakes, and much more. Everything I've tried has been excellent and keeps me coming back for more. The fries at this place are some of the best I've ever had, and I thoroughly enjoyed my Philly while my husband was very pleased with his Reuben. To top it off, we shared a gigantic sundae, which was not just a dessert, but an experience in itself. Despite the busy environment and tight seating arrangement, the service has always been good and we've never had to wait long for a table. What keeps me coming back is not just the great food, but the wonderful service. The staff are always pleasant and seem genuinely happy to be there. As a bonus, we also got some desserts to go, which I'm eagerly looking forward to trying. Despite being a small establishment, it attracts a diverse crowd and dishes out platefuls of good food at reasonable prices. On my last visit, everything on my table cost just $11 apart from my extra side of potatoes. This place is a hidden gem in Charleston and one I plan on visiting many more times. Five stars well deserved!

Daps Breakfast & Imbibe

280 Ashley Ave, Charleston

(843) 718-1098

Reviewed by:

Mercy Hooton

I recently had a wonderful brunch experience at Daps Breakfast & Imbibe. The atmosphere was fun and the breakfast was delicious, especially my perfectly made ham and brie cheese sandwich. The place was bustling, tucked away in a charming neighborhood, and despite only having a few indoor tables, there was ample outdoor seating. One exceptional aspect was the water. It was the freshest I've ever tasted, served ice cold and crisp in clear glasses. I suspect they use a high-quality water filter and store it in a sports cooler. The temperature was just right, not too cold or warm, making it a refreshing companion to the meal. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, even though they didn't seem particularly cheerful. But the food quality and portion size made up for it. The Fruity Pebble pancake and sourdough toast left an unforgettable impression on my palate, being the best I've ever tasted. The only downside was a small mix-up with our pancake order, which led to an overcharge and wastage. But overall, I can confidently say that this is the best breakfast joint I've ever visited, and their water is a must-try. Even though we ended up with a hefty bill for side items, the food and experience were well worth it.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

99 S Market St, Charleston

(843) 202-0417

Reviewed by:

Taylor Cantrell

I had a lovely brunch experience at Another Broken Egg Cafe in Charleston. The quaint downtown cafe was a perfect spot to meet my Vermont friends. Our waitress, Mia, was delightful and extremely kind. We indulged in their southwestern skillet and lobster bisque Benedict, both of which were quite tasty, despite a slightly longer wait time. Unfortunately, there was a hiccup when we asked the staff to sing for my husband's birthday, and they declined saying they don't do that, which was a letdown since we have no family here. However, their breakfast menu was charming and diverse. I particularly enjoyed the beignets, and my daring substitution of a biscuit for an English muffin with the crab cake Benedict turned out to be a great decision. The staff was friendly and attentive, striking a balance between being present without imposing. I especially appreciated their refreshingly delicious Lemon Blueberry Mimosa. Overall, Another Broken Egg Cafe offers great food, excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere. The Lemon Blueberry French toast and sausage patties are my recommended dishes – don't give them a miss! Despite a minor setback, I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and look forward to returning.

Millers All Day

120 King St, Charleston

(843) 501-7342

Reviewed by:

Shabi Blanchard

I recently visited Millers All Day while on a trip to Charleston and despite the long wait for a table, due to the place being popular and busy, I found the food was almost worth the hype. The standout dishes for me were the delicious chicken sandwich and the Nutella donut, which was pleasantly not too sweet. I also had their egg and cheese biscuit and the King Street Bowl which were okay, but I felt the biscuits were a bit on the dry side. The service here is worth mentioning: the staff was delightful and attentive. They corrected my drink order mistake without any charges. The freshness of the crab fritters was commendable, with the Cajun dip providing the right amount of kick. Their iced chai made for a perfect break from the hot Charleston sun. I also ordered the Shrimp BLT and was really pleased with the blend of flavors. However, I was surprised that the smash burger didn't come with a side and the quiche special was lacking filling, according to my family members. Despite these minor bumps, I'd rate Millers All Day 4/5 for food. It's definitely a place we would return to without hesitation. In my opinion, it's one of the best restaurants we've tried in Charleston. Yes, there's always a wait, but it's worth it. Walking the few blocks to the battery made the wait enjoyable. The amazing food, incredible service, good coffee and grand bloody mary’s made it all worth it.

The Honey Hive

563 King St, Charleston

(843) 576-4700

Reviewed by:

Kelly Herrera

I had high expectations for The Honey Hive in Charleston when I went for brunch there, and though there were a few hiccups, overall, my experience was memorable and quite fantastic. There was some confusion with our reservation deposit, but it was eventually resolved by their accommodating manager. The food at brunch was decent, but the star of the show was definitely the desserts. The PB&J crème brûlée took my palate by surprise, turning out to be one of the best dessert plates I've ever savored. Our server Nate was also commendable for his stellar recommendations and charming demeanor. The space itself was beautifully detailed and inviting, from the entrance right down to the bathrooms. The owner was warm and gracious in her reception and even made a memorable gesture when an accidental fork-drop almost hit my friend. The bathroom is a world of its own - pink, vibrant, and full of empowering music. There's a selfie-friendly lounge area in there that became an unexpected dance floor for our group. The Honey Hive is a delightful spot that perfectly caters to anyone wanting to treat themselves to tantalizing desserts and refreshing cocktails. This place was the highlight of my Charleston trip, and I only wish I had discovered it sooner. It's definitely a must-visit!

The Palmetto Cafe

205 Meeting St, Charleston

(844) 875-5248

Reviewed by:

Michael Villalobos Trujillo

I had an absolutely wonderful brunch experience at The Palmetto Cafe in Charleston. Their daily special of black grouper in lemon, served with mushrooms and potatoes was simply sublime. I also had a delightful salad topped with beautifully grilled salmon. Dessert was a revelation - cherries and pistachios combined in the most splendid way. What really complimented the meal was the peach-infused tea, a refreshing touch that perfectly cleansed the palate. The service was nothing less than top-notch, with the staff being attentive, efficient, and extremely friendly. Also, the cost was surprisingly reasonable for the superb quality presented. Given how great my experience was, I would highly recommend this place to others. However, due to its popularity, it would be wise to make a reservation beforehand to avoid any disappointments. In contrast to other hotel breakfasts I've had before, The Palmetto Cafe definitely stands out. Although the service was slow at times, everything else more than made up for it. Despite the drips from the ceiling during my visit, the ambiance of the place was still fantastic. They no longer serve brunch items, and their server was quite insistent on us ordering alcoholic drinks, considering it was still early lunch time, these were minor inconveniences compared to the overall experience. Furthermore, it's vital to note that the Blue Plate and the Eggs Norwegian with a Belgian Waffle were simply the best breakfast dishes I've had in a while. All of them were tastefully done and the friendly wait staff added to the appeal. So, despite a few minor hitches, I would say The Palmetto Cafe is certainly one of the best places for brunch in Charleston.

The Junction Kitchen & Provisions

4438 Spruill Ave, North Charleston

(843) 745-9189

Reviewed by:

Michaela Teague

I honestly can't say enough good things about The Junction Kitchen & Provisions. The service was friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting, with a pleasant outdoor seating area surrounded by greenery. The food was beyond incredible. I discovered tomato pie, which I now absolutely love, and the shitake bacon was a tasty surprise. The Mexican hash was just hitting the spot, and I still can't get over the chicken and French toast with rosemary syrup and pecan butter. I mean, it was so good that I found myself coming back twice in one weekend! We had an awesome time here for Saturday brunch. The staff was prompt, courteous, and catered to all our needs. Even when it got busy during peak breakfast hours, we were seated fairly quickly. I can't forget the French Toast with bacon - it was cooked to perfection, with the syrup and butter enhancing the savory flavors. The portions were generous and the cocktails were delightful. Sunday brunch was just as wonderful. The waiting time was reasonable and the staff remained friendly and efficient. My Pigs-in-a-Blanket with Hashbrowns was delicious, and my wife's French Toast with Rosemary-Maple Syrup and Chicken was equally fantastic. Even the iced tea was perfect, strong without being too sweet. I'm definitely planning to visit again soon and I highly recommend The Junction Kitchen & Provisions to anyone looking for a memorable brunch experience!

Church and Union Charleston

32B N Market St, Charleston

(843) 937-8666

Reviewed by:

Gloria Ibisevic

My visit to Church and Union in Charleston for brunch was a delightful experience. I dropped in for a late afternoon meal and found the food and drinks to be delicious, definitely worth returning for a proper dinner. The ambiance of the place is unique and interesting with decent service. However, I would recommend considering the time of your visit as post-brunch, their menu is quite limited till 5 pm. One aspect to consider is the noise level. If you're looking for a romantic, quietly intimate dinner with your partner, this might not be the ideal place. It's quite bustling and can get loud, great for big groups but less suitable for quiet conversations. On the food front, while the appetizers and main courses were impressive, the desserts were a bit of a disappointment. The white chocolate lava cake lacked the characteristic 'lava' and the peanut butter raspberry dessert resembled a fancy deconstructed PB&J. Also, the proximity of tables to each other was a bit intrusive, as I felt too close to other diners. Despite a few drawbacks, my overall experience was positive. The staff made us feel welcome and the beet and barata salad was particularly memorable. In hindsight, I would have chosen something different from the farmhouse sandwich for a change. Church and Union has much to offer with its delectable food, welcoming staff, and good management. It's a vibrant place to gather with friends. I look forward to returning for dinner soon and highly recommend this restaurant.

Eggs Up Grill

3875 W Ashley Cir, Charleston

(843) 212-5255

Reviewed by:

Victor Greer

I can't get enough of the Eggs Up Grill for brunch here in Charleston. The mimosas and specialty drinks are top-notch, and they served my husband the most enormous omelet for his birthday breakfast - he was thrilled. Our server, Debra, was fantastic, though I must admit I got a less than perfect batch of pancakes. As a tip, it can get quite cool inside, so always bring a sweater! Since we started coming here in the Fall of 2022, we've been back every week, trying various items from the menu. We've loved everything we've tried so far. I have a particular fondness for their corned beef hash. The staff is always welcoming and attentive, always checking on us to ensure that we're satisfied and comfortable. We're always amazed by how they manage to make us feel special considering how busy they get during weekends. The food is always fresh and delicious, the mimosa is a must-try, and the atmosphere is perfect for a leisurely weekend meal. On another visit, I tried the Founder’s hash Benedict with home fries and a cafe mocha and I was floored by how tasty it was. I've also got my eyes on the Waffle sandwich for my next visit. What I love most about this place is the energy and camaraderie among the employees. That vibe definitely translates to the service and food they serve. Speaking of, the Brunch Burger and potato salad are worth coming back for. I'm looking forward to trying more of their menu. On another visit, I had an excellent new server, Layla. Despite it being her second day, she navigated the bustling environment with aplomb. Trust me when I say this, Eggs Up Grill is a real gem where the service, atmosphere, and food are all incredible. I already can't wait to come back for more. I even returned the next day, confirming that the excellent service and atmosphere wasn't a one-day wonder. I tried the Cheesesteak Melt, which is now another favorite. On my third visit, I chose the Big Smokey Melt and it did not disappoint. If you're in the area, you must give Eggs Up Grill a try! You won't be disappointed!

Basic Kitchen

82 Wentworth St, Charleston

(843) 789-4568

Reviewed by:

Elias N Angel

Upon arriving at Basic Kitchen in Charleston, we were warmly greeted by the restaurant manager who shared the interesting origin story of the restaurant's founder - a tale particularly intriguing to me as a cyclist. The menu boasted an impressive range of food choices, with plenty of gluten-free and vegan options. I enjoyed a Rainbow Bowl with Salmon, the flavours of which were well balanced and delicious. Although the wine list wasn't extensive, it catered to all tastes. The restaurant seems to focus on offering quality, basic dishes to which you can add proteins. The burgers ordered by my group were incredible, and I would definitely order one on a future visit. We also sampled an array of vegan dishes, including the cauliflower wings, the basic bowl, and rice pudding, all of which were excellent. Their homemade vegan burger was surprisingly good, making use of beets in an unexpected way. The cocktail menu was creative and the bar service was outstanding. One minor issue was the used plates that gathered on our table and weren't cleared until we left. However, considering it wasn't a busy night, this could have been readily addressed. The root dip with pistachio was an absolute star among the appetizers. The vegan Caesar salad exceeded my expectations and the frozen margarita was a refreshing treat. Basic Kitchen is a hidden gem in downtown historic Charleston, offering fresh and flavorful healthier food options. Despite being on the pricey side, the quality of the food and the wonderful service make it a place I would highly recommend. Make sure to reserve a table in advance as it can get busy, even on a weekday night!

Toast! All Day

155 Meeting St, Charleston

(843) 225-8922

Reviewed by:

David Hathaway

I had a terrific brunch experience at Toast! All Day in Charleston. They serve large portions of great food! I ordered the single stuffed French toast, which was more than enough as the double is ginormous. The server was exceptional, taking the time to explain dishes and ensuring we had everything we needed. I must admit, the prices were a little steep with a total bill of $83 for three people. But considering the portion sizes, it felt equivalent to paying around $20 per meal. The coffee was consistently hot and fresh, and the beignets were delightful. I tried the corned beef omelet, which was impressive. My girlfriend loved her crab and shrimp omelet too. The restaurant had a quiet, cute ambiance, although it could stand to be a bit cleaner. The eggs could have done with a bit more seasoning, and the Turkey sausage seemed a bit undercooked. Despite these minor hitches, I would not hesitate to recommend Toast! All Day for brunch, especially if you come with a hearty appetite.

Big Bad Breakfast-Charleston

456 Meeting St, Charleston

(843) 459-1800

Reviewed by:

Mirella Singh

I'm a regular at Big Bad Breakfast-Charleston and it never disappoints. The shrimp and grits, French toast, and the top-notch breakfast are always a delight. Although I had a less than pleasing experience with a cold meal last time, the attentive waiter rectified the situation promptly and I was impressed. The ambiance here is pleasant and it's great to see that it's kid-friendly and also accommodates dogs in the outside area. The challenge of finding parking is a bit of a downside though. Also, I found the avocado toast and chicken sandwich to be a tad disappointing, and the food slightly bland. But these little mishaps haven't deterred me, as I think there are better menu items I haven't explored yet. Regardless, the service never misses a beat and ordering is a breeze. I was seated promptly and had a selection of standard and high-end coffees to choose from. I opted for the egg & cheese biscuit, which surprised me with its small size, but turned out to be just right. My husband's sausage skillet also passed the test, proving size can indeed be deceiving. As pancake enthusiasts, we couldn't resist adding a communal pancake to our order. Even though it didn't stand out from others we've tasted, it was still enjoyable. The only hitch was the loud music that dampened our conversation, hence a small deduction on the ambiance rating. However, the overall experience was fantastic. As a Miami native, where brunch is revered, I was really taken with the efficient line system where you are served refreshments and booze while you wait. The food here is above par as well - the best breakfast I've had in South Carolina. The spicy Bloody Mary is a must-try and the chicken and biscuit sandwich was a real treat. And, if you're hungry, the Keke burrito is enough to feed two! Even with a large crowd, the line moves quickly and there are plenty of seating options indoors and outdoors. To sum it up, Big Bad Breakfast-Charleston is a great brunch spot that's worth a visit.

East Bay Meeting House Bar & Cafe

160 E Bay St, Charleston

(843) 723-3446

Reviewed by:

Salvador Gokal

East Bay Meeting House Bar & Cafe in Charleston is simply a gem of a spot for a charming, unhurried brunch experience. It feels like you've stepped back in time as you walk through the doors, greeted warmly by thoughtfully dressed staff. The atmosphere is elegant but inviting, with meticulously set tables, white cloth, and beautiful decor. The staff, Emily and Samantha, were particularly friendly and kind. They truly make the experience feel like more than just a meal, but a special occasion. The food was incredible. I had what I consider to be the best quiche I've had anywhere, and my daughter was equally pleased with her vanilla tea and the selection of both savory and sweet treats. The presentation was a feast for the eyes, with tiered trays of delightful bites and even watermelon cut into heart shapes. The prices were quite reasonable for the quality of the food and the entire experience. There's a warmth and kindness that permeates East Bay Meeting House that can't help but make you want to return. Their afternoon tea, which we tried for a friend's bachelorette event, was a particularly memorable experience. There's a variety of teas to choose from, my favorite being the rooibos, and the food compliments the tea perfectly. All in all, East Bay Meeting House offers a dining experience that blends a delightful atmosphere, kind and attentive staff, and truly delicious food. It's easy to see why it's become my new favorite spot in Charleston, and I can't wait to return.

Ruby Sunshine

171 E Bay St, Charleston

(843) 350-3600

Reviewed by:

Laura Mcwhorter

Ruby Sunshine is a delightful brunch spot in Charleston that I would highly recommend. From a warm, welcoming atmosphere to a diverse menu, this place ticks all the boxes for a satisfying meal. My shrimp and grits were exceptional, and my friends equally enjoyed their Benedict, French toast, and burger. The biscuits with maple butter are truly the star of the show! Despite a few minor setbacks with the coffee being served cold and the restaurant being uncomfortably warm, our overall experience was pleasant. The staff are hardworking and attentive, although seemed a bit overwhelmed on the day of our visit. A standout for me was their Bloody Mary, despite being a bit too spicy for my personal taste. An added bonus was our stop here during a Charleston food tour where we sampled French toast bites with praline sauce and an untraditional yet delicious Eggs Benedict featuring fried chicken. I look forward to coming back to Ruby Sunshine again, for its good value and great food. Their vanilla spiced coffee and breakfast tacos are items I'm eager to try next time. All in all, it's a perfect spot to start your day in Charleston!

Virginia's On King

412 King St, Charleston

(843) 735-5800

Reviewed by:

Abii Eufrasio

Virginia's On King was an absolute delight. I tried it on a whim for brunch one Sunday and had a pleasant experience. The standout dish for me was the fried green tomatoes - fried to perfection and complemented well with a great dipping sauce. The atmosphere was lovely, filled with charming artwork and a nostalgic historic vibe. However, not all dishes matched the brilliance of the green tomatoes. The sliders and fries were a tad disappointing, with the fries having a stale quality about them. The crab cakes with grits and corn relish felt a bit flat in terms of texture, lacking a certain crunch to balance the plate. To my dismay, the mac and cheese was a bit too greasy, but the server was kind enough to take it back without a fuss. The server's service throughout our visit was exceptional - a true reflection of Southern hospitality. Everyone else's meals were satisfying though. The shrimp and grits I ordered were great, and so were the pancakes my wife had, as well as my Dad's omelette. The drinks were refreshing, though service could have been a bit faster. Overall, despite the minor setbacks, I would still give Virginia's On King another try, especially for those fried green tomatoes! During our first visit to Charleston, we found Virginia’s On King and decided to change our brunch to breakfast. The choice was perfect as we got to enjoy not just the food but also the view of King Street. The Crab Eggs Benedict was heavenly. This quaint spot managed to capture the essence of southern charm perfectly!

Poogan's Porch

72 Queen St, Charleston

(843) 829-4332

Reviewed by:

Petiole Randolph

I had a fantastic brunch experience at Poogan's Porch in Charleston! The historical venue was recommended to me by a local and it did not disappoint. The menu may not be extensive but the options offered were all quite good, particularly their fried chicken sandwich which was the best I've ever had. We revisited for dinner on a weekday and enjoyed a meal of She crab soup, the catch of the day, fried chicken, culminating in a delicious pecan pie. The service was prompt and the warm biscuit they served us as soon as we sat down was a nice touch. The soup was delicious, the fish flavorful and the fried chicken very tasty. I also had a chance to dine outdoors with my dog. Making a reservation in advance ensured us a spot on the patio which was prepared with a water bowl for my furry friend. The staff attended not just to me but also my pet, which was heartening. We had fried green tomatoes with bacon jam and pimento cheese sauce–a delectable pairing! The shrimp and grits were incredible albeit a tad too much for me. The mocktail I ordered was also quite good! On another occasion, my wife and I tried the green tomatoes and a unique Caesar salad. We also opted for local food and ended up with a very flavorful Mahi Mahi served with grits. I tried a couple of local beers as well. There's a wide array of restaurants in Charleston but Poogan's Porch certainly stands out. It's a place I'd definitely recommend and revisit.

Toast! All Day

2026 Savannah Hwy, Charleston

(843) 556-0006

Reviewed by:

Paula Wilson

Toast! All Day in Charleston was smaller than anticipated, and the layout was snug, but this didn't detract from the overall positive experience. The server was friendly and well-versed in the menu, providing excellent service and recommendations. As for the food, it was both tasty and served hot. While the shrimp was breaded a bit too heavily for my personal taste, everything else was exceptional. My daughter and I ventured here for the first time and we will surely be back! The service was top-notch and the food arrived promptly; a terrific experience overall. In fact, we loved Toast! All Day so much, we dined there twice during our two-day stay in Charleston. Their shrimp and grits paired with a side of fried flounder are a must-try. The sweet tea was also a delight, matching perfectly with the comfortable and welcoming decor, contributing to a pleasant atmosphere. Breakfast, brunch, or lunch; whatever the meal, Toast! All Day delivers. So, whenever you find yourself in Charleston, South Carolina, make a point of dropping by. You won't regret it. A special mention goes out to our server, Kasita, who was truly wonderful and made our visit even more enjoyable. Can't wait for our next visit to Charleston, and especially to Toast! All Day.

Eli's Table

129 Meeting St, Charleston

(843) 755-6749

Reviewed by:

Mmtsslh Salvador

Eli's Table truly exceeded my expectations for a delightful brunch experience. I was able to make same-day reservations on 'open table' and was pleased to find they had a fully stocked bar. The atmosphere was business-casual, not stuffy or pretentious at all. I was particularly charmed by a gentleman softly playing jazz on a keyboard during our Saturday evening visit. Our waiter, Jordon, was a tremendous help. His food recommendations were spot-on and he was an all-around nice guy. The she-crab soup was the best I've ever tasted. And I must mention the crostini - absolutely remarkable. I'm eager to return just for that! We opted for a late brunch and decided to split the Chicken and Waffle. The staff was kind enough to serve it on two plates for us. It came with regular butter, honey cinnamon butter, and maple bacon syrup - such a delectable spread of flavors. We also ordered beignets for dessert, served with dark chocolate syrup and a berry spread. Absolutely delicious! The service at Eli's Table was nothing short of exceptional. Though we had a bit of a hiccup with our reservation, Raymond went out of his way to ensure we had a fantastic time. The food was some of the best we've ever had, particularly the she-crab soup, salmon with risotto, and the coconut cake. Raymond was a fantastic host, constantly refilling our wine glasses and tending to all our needs. We visited during restaurant week and the portions were definitely generous. Overall, I can't recommend Eli's Table enough. The food is outstanding, the service is remarkable, and the atmosphere is just right. I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

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