September 12, 2023

Top Brunch Picks in Charleston, West Virginia: Indulge in the Ultimate Brunch Experience

Indulge in the ultimate midmorning feast at Charleston's best brunch spots! Swing by for delectable sweet and savory dishes, irresistible mimosas, and eye-awakening coffee. Your taste buds will be dancing the Charleston in no time!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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West Virginia
Top Brunch Picks in Charleston, West Virginia: Indulge in the Ultimate Brunch Experience
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Get ready to be charmed by Charleston, West Virginia as you embark on an unforgettable brunch journey. Venture into the heart of this vibrant city where Southern hospitality meets culinary mastery. Yes, we're talking about the tantalizing scenes of brunch spots that Charleston is endowed with! You won't simply walk into these places, but waltz with a growing appetite, guaranteed to be satiated with the most palate-pleasing cuisine imaginable. So voyage into the West to Virginia's jewel of fine dining for your own brunch-time ball, because in Charleston, every meal is a merry dance of flavors.


233 Hale St, Charleston

(304) 343-6420

Reviewed by:

Becca Zelada

Getting a chance to visit Coco's in downtown Charleston was indeed a delightful experience. Despite its rather restrictive hours that make it difficult for non-downtown workers to visit, the quality of food and service made it totally worth the effort. The staff were extremely friendly and the dining area had a warm, inviting ambiance that I instantly fell in love with. One thing that truly stood out was the staff's willingness to make vegan adjustments to their menu items. This flexibility definitely earned my loyalty and if my schedule allows, I wouldn't hesitate to make this my regular brunch spot. Their breakfast menu is exceptional, with delectable items like the breakfast sandwich and breakfast burrito that are simply fantastic. I especially love their tile floors, which add a charming touch to the overall layout. I've visited Coco's multiple times and have even ordered take-out. The staff is consistently friendly and always willing to answer any questions about the menu. I'm particularly fond of their fresh salads and the pancakes are just heavenly - they literally melt in your mouth! And if you're into smoothies, theirs are packed with flavor and goodness. If you get the chance, do visit this local gem and support local restaurants! It's definitely one of my favorite spots in Charleston.

The Loopy Leaf

The Loopy Leaf, 700 Virginia St E, Charleston

(681) 265-0553

Reviewed by:

Chioma Tomas

During a recent family trip, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon The Loopy Leaf in Charleston, West Virginia. We were incredibly pleased with the quick service as our food arrived in no time. On top of the speedy service, we were also thrilled with the generous portion sizes and the delicious taste of each dish. The menu provided an overwhelming number of enticing options—making the decision process a bit challenging but exciting. As a family of vegans and pescatarians, we were delighted to find a variety of meals that catered to our dietary needs. The staff were friendly and accommodating, and the eatery's overall ambiance was inviting and cozy. We were particularly impressed with the top-notch cleanliness, even in the restrooms, which were well-stocked with sanitary products. For our meal, we chose the breakfast slam sandwich, Italian sub, and sandwich cookies—all of which were exquisitely prepared with fresh ingredients. We were particularly smitten with the vegan Italian sub—the best we've ever had! There was also a fantastic selection of gluten-free options and the restaurant's allergy protocols were commendable. The rainbow salad and nachos were both divine, and my sister thoroughly enjoyed her classic burger. Aside from the delicious food, what stood out was the staff's genuine concern for our family's specific food allergies. They took the time to answer all our queries and went the extra mile to provide a meal that wasn't even on the menu for one of my kids. We were so satisfied with our visit to The Loopy Leaf that we would love to stop by again the next time we're in town. For anyone looking for a warm, welcoming eatery with a diverse menu that caters to various dietary needs, I can't recommend The Loopy Leaf enough!


1007 Bridge Rd, Charleston

(304) 720-2477

Reviewed by:

Aisha Roth

I absolutely adore Wheelhouse for brunch in Charleston, West Virginia. The quality and freshness of their food is top-notch, and their daily specials are fantastic and varied. The pastries and sweet treats they offer, especially around the holidays, are unbeatable and a must-try. The staff at Wheelhouse are incredibly friendly and welcoming, making you feel like you're part of the family. My meal was simply amazing, and my daughter was particularly fond of their pickles. The Italian grilled cheese comes highly recommended from me. The cleanliness of the restaurant and the professionalism of the staff add to the overall lovely experience. I visited Wheelhouse recently with my husband and we both thoroughly enjoyed our meals. The service was excellent and the young man at the register was extremely polite and friendly. I had the dinghy wrap and my husband had the Reuben - both were absolutely delicious. We can't wait to return and I highly recommend Wheelhouse for an enjoyable brunch experience.

First Watch

164 Summers St, Charleston

(304) 343-3447

Reviewed by:

Jenny Marquardt

I had an absolutely delightful brunch experience at First Watch in Charleston, West Virginia. Right off the bat, the prompt and friendly service stood out as we were quickly seated and warmly greeted by our superb server, Shane. His recommendations were spot on and I must give a special mention to the Seasonal Crab Avocado Toast - a perfect combination of flavor and freshness, complemented by a comforting bowl of the Soup of the Day. The coffee was freshly brewed and absolutely delicious, a perfect brunch brew. I was particularly impressed by the attentiveness of the General Manager, Kimberly, who personally checked up on us and ensured we had everything we needed. The promise of such personalized service has me eager to return soon. The pride they take in their food is evident in every bite. The homemade quality and freshness were unmistakable. The over easy eggs were cooked to perfection, the sausage gravy and biscuits hit just the right comfort food spot, and the multigrain toast was a delight. But it was the home fries that truly stole the show - easily the best I've ever had! Despite the fact that it was crowded and clearly popular for Sunday brunch - judging by the line out the door - the staff managed to maintain a smooth and efficient service. Even the wait for a table felt shorter than it was, thanks to the friendly and attentive staff. In summary, my brunch experience at First Watch was nothing short of fantastic. From the friendly service to the delicious, fresh homemade food, it proved to be a must-visit spot for any breakfast lover in Charleston. I can't wait to return!

Swiftwater Cafe

405 Capitol St #105, Charleston

(304) 342-2443

Reviewed by:

Drlezlie Bonner

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Swiftwater Cafe for brunch while in Charleston, West Virginia, and I must say it was a truly fantastic experience. My wife and I were greeted warmly by the courteous staff, and our orders were taken efficiently. Both our breakfast sandwiches and fried potatoes were top-notch, clearly crafted with care and expertise. Also, as a fisherman, I could appreciate the dedication and skill behind the culinary experience offered here. One of the highlights of our visit was the impressive menu selection, especially the famous WV hotdog - it certainly lived up to the hype! Additionally, all deli sandwiches were adorned with quality Boar's Head, reflecting their commitment to premium ingredients. The service was simply outstanding. It’s not every day you come across a place where the staff genuinely remembers their customers and shows such kindness and appreciation. It was clear that customer satisfaction is a top priority at Swiftwater Cafe. Additionally, it's worth mentioning their commendable speed of service. Despite the bustling atmosphere, our food arrived promptly, a testament to their efficiency. There's a reason why this cafe is a local favorite for breakfast and lunch. They also offer fantastic catering services, adding another feather to their cap. I would wholeheartedly recommend Swiftwater Cafe to anyone visiting Charleston, WV or searching for a new brunch spot - it's well worth the trip, even for non-locals. In summary, Swiftwater Cafe adds up to a superb dining experience- from the delicious food to the exemplary service. I am already looking forward to our next visit!

Sam's Uptown Café

28 Capitol St, Charleston

(304) 346-6222

Reviewed by:

Adam Morgan

My visit to Sam's Uptown Café was a delightful experience. The standout for me was the Samburger, one of the most exceptional burgers I have savored in quite some time. I strongly recommend trying it! The establishment appears to be quite popular and often busy. This, combined with limited seating, suggests arriving early for lunch to secure a table! Despite the small size of the menu, the quality of the food more than compensates for the lack of varied options. The staff for the most part were incredibly amiable and provided excellent service. The ambiance of Sam's can be best described as a cozy, quiet, dive bar. Some may find it a bit dark and untidy, but as a local, I've learned to appreciate it for what it is. Despite the café's consistent busy hours, the bartenders never fail to be attentive. Do visit Sam's if you're in the mood for a late-night snack or fancy a few drinks. The brunch, in particular, is nothing short of amazing! The café could use a bit of tidying up in terms of its aesthetic, especially with random items scattered here and there. It did raise some concerns about the state of the kitchen. Overall, Sam's Uptown Café is a beloved local spot with incredible food. The wonderful experience I had there ensures that I'll be a returning customer.

Eagle's Nest Restaurant

99 Fairway Dr, South Charleston

Reviewed by:

Janet Del Real Martines

I had a delightful experience at Eagle's Nest Restaurant in Charleston, West Virginia. I decided to try the Ruben and although it was quite messy, the taste was impeccable. The fries were served hot and tasty, adding to the overall enjoyment of the meal. The sandwich was certainly impressive, despite it being a bit challenging to tackle. During a subsequent visit, we opted for the Sunday brunch buffet and were pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of comfort food offered in such a charming ambiance. The cleanliness of the restaurant and the politeness of the staff added to the overall pleasant experience, making me certain that I will visit again. The Brunch buffets have a surprising menu, that included dishes like grilled salmon, Mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies rather than the conventional eggs and bacon. Each dish was delicious and satisfying. One of the best parts of dining at Eagle's Nest Restaurant is the spectacular view it offers, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. The staff at the restaurant are friendly and attentive, making sure all your needs are met. In short, Eagle's Nest Restaurant indeed offers a great dining experience and I would highly recommend it.

Happy Days Cafe

600 D St, South Charleston

(304) 720-6273

Reviewed by:

Alphonso Marie

A trip to Happy Days Cafe is like stepping back in time, immersing myself in a captivating nostalgia of the 50s. There's an infectious charm about this place, a marvelous ambiance filled with echoes of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, classic movie decors and the captivating rhythm of old-school tunes. It's a family-friendly hub where you’ll experience fantastic food and delightful service. This cafe had me hooked with its unique concept and an interesting menu. Their homemade meals and classic favorites left me craving more. Carrying the versatility from having a quiet atmosphere to hearty laughter and conversations, Happy Days Cafe knows how to balance the charm. However, it's not just the atmosphere that won my heart. The service was equally commendable. The waitress was an absolute gem, her sweetness and friendliness enhancing the entire dining experience. The food could have been anything and yet her warmth alone would have left me satisfied. But let's not overlook the food. The grilled Reuben might have been slightly less toasted than I prefer, but the burger was spot on, despite being room temperature. And the desserts were a sight for the eyes, simply irresistible. My personal favorite, though, was the handmade ranch and the cherry shake, both of which left me pleasantly surprised. To enjoy the beautiful weather, my fiancé and I decided to dine outside. It was an absolute delight, made even better by the reasonable prices. We left Happy Days Cafe feeling satiated and happy, vowing to return for more. I recommend you to not opt for a carryout and instead, immerse yourself in the 50s-themed experience this cafe offers. It will be worth the authenticity and charm it provides. In conclusion, Happy Days Cafe is a place where the charm of the yesteryears meets great food and exceptional service. It's a delightful blend of the past and the present, a culinary journey that I highly recommend to anyone visiting Charleston, West Virginia.

Harding's | Family Restaurant

2772 Pennsylvania Ave, Charleston

(304) 344-5044

Reviewed by:

Jose Luis Spears

During a recent trip, we took a delightful detour to Harding's Family Restaurant in Charleston, West Virginia. The moment we entered, the tantalizing aroma of freshly cooked chicken and dumplings wafted through the air, instantly making us feel at home. The service was spot on - attentive but not intrusive, striking a perfect balance. While they ran out of their signature wilted lettuce salad dressing that day and the green beans were not up to par, the rest of our meal was exceptional, particularly the daily specials. Throughout our wait, we heard heartwarming stories from a couple that had been patrons since the restaurant's opening back in 1980, a testament to the enduring quality of Harding's. What struck me was the cleanliness of the place. One of the cleanest restaurants I've visited in quite some time which was a pleasant surprise. The incredible homely feel they manage to create with their breakfast is commendable, giving it that nostalgic, homemade flavor that's hard to find. The staff exuded warmth and efficiency, always ready to assist and ensuring we felt comfortable and welcomed. The restaurant also houses an intriguing little gift shop that caught our eye, stocking all sorts of unique knick-knacks. The breakfast here is my top pick but I wouldn't shy away from saying that the overall dining experience is noteworthy. It's a perfect pit stop for weary travelers like us, providing a varied menu that caters to a wide range of palates. To top it off, the pricing for both food and store items was quite reasonable, making it an even more attractive spot. The decor was charming, adding to the overall appeal of the place. Regardless of the slight hiccup in service on one particular visit, Harding's has consistently served up delightful food and great service over the years. Compared to the hustle and bustle at other eateries, this place stands out with its unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone in search of good food and a comforting ambiance during their travels.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

5720 MacCorkle Ave SE, Charleston

(304) 925-6004

Reviewed by:

Zach Handadi

As a frequent traveller, I've dined at many Cracker Barrel restaurants but this one in Charleston, West Virginia stands out. It might be a few minutes off the freeway, but believe me, the detour was worth it. Their hash brown skillet was cooked to perfection, full of flavor and a must-try for anyone stopping by. The service was speedy and efficient, even on a weekday morning when they weren't too crowded. I must admit, their biscuits with butter are a delight too. One minor issue though, I'm not a fan of biscuits and gravy which comes with most meals. A substitution option would be great. However, they do have new enticing food choices like their $5.00 take home meal. Options ranged from chicken breast and mashed potatoes to meatloaf and Mac'n'Cheese, they even had a sirloin steak option. I also wish some lunch items were available in the morning, that would have been a pleasant addition. The interiors are cozy and welcoming, with a big fireplace that's just perfect on a cold day. The classic little puzzle games on the table and those little lit up lanterns add to the charming ambiance. Their Hashbrown casserole is a winner, and for those on a sugar-free diet, Cracker Barrel offers sugar-free syrup too. Their iced caramel latte, a recent addition, is worth trying and can be served hot as well. The gift store is an enchantment of its own with a variety of items from clothes, toys to nostalgic candies. On my last visit, they had a wedding decor section, which was perfect as I'm preparing for my wedding this year. The customer service is commendable, with the manager personally taking my requests for ordering additional items. They still sell the iconic wooden rocking chairs out front. We arrived around 9:30a on a Sunday and were seated immediately with prompt service. This Cracker Barrel is a must-visit even if it's your first time. The service is good, the food is delicious and they offer quick service. I've been here for breakfast after my shift with friends and it never disappoints. On top of everything, they have a back lot where you can have a peaceful evening in your RV. I must say, this has to be one of the best Cracker Barrel stores I've visited!

Tudor's Biscuit World

217 Lee St W, Charleston

(304) 720-4406

Reviewed by:

Defne Harris

If you're a biscuit fanatic like me, Tudor's Biscuit World in Charleston, West Virginia is a must-visit! They offer an array of varieties, from traditional breakfast biscuits to big and little tater options filled with eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese or gravy. Not only do they have fantastic brunch options, but most locations also serve lunch, and a few even offer dinner. I have to admit, I've never tried their supper options but they sure look good. Let me tell you, if you come hungry, you will leave satisfied! I do believe their biscuits are the best around- big, plump, and always baked to perfection at this particular location. The ambiance is charming and cozy, even though the neighborhood around might be just ok. Now, getting a seat might be a bit challenging due to its popularity, but it's worth the wait. The morning I visited, it was bustling with activity by 9:30am, evident from the long lines in the drive-thru and inside the restaurant. But don't worry, it's a testament to the quality of their mouth-watering biscuit combos. My preferences aside, the food is genuinely good. It's exactly what you'd expect from Tudor's- satisfying and hearty meals. The service is quick, efficient, and they've never messed up my order. Plus, the place is always clean even when packed. So, I'd gladly give Tudor's Biscuit World a solid 4 out of 5. Definitely worth a visit for biscuit lovers!

Tudor's Biscuit World

3405 Kanawha Blvd E, Charleston

(304) 925-2095

Reviewed by:

Chinkk Wood

I've had nothing but delicious meals at Tudor's Biscuit World. The home-style biscuits and other breakfast offerings are irresistible, and the homestyle dinner meals they serve for lunch are just as appealing. I've tasted almost everything on the menu, from baked steak and meatloaf to country fried steak and roast beef sandwiches, and there hasn't been a single dish I didn't enjoy. However, those who prefer unsweetened tea should clarify when ordering, as sweet tea is the default here. The drive-through is always busy, a testament to the restaurant's popularity. Among the various Tudor's locations, this one in Charleston consistently serves food of higher quality than others, even though it shares the building with Gino’s pizza and subs. Service could be improved, particularly in terms of employee attitudes and order accuracy, especially considering an unfortunate encounter regarding a food allergy and a repeated mistake with a weekly order. Yet, despite these minor drawbacks, Tudor's remains my favorite spot. The friendly crew and consistently great food makes it a place my family and I gladly return to every week. While prices have risen due to inflation, the freshness and quality of the food make it worth every penny. In conclusion, this Tudor's Biscuit World is a delightful gem in Charleston, serving comforting and satisfying meals that never fail to remind you of home. With a few tweaks, particularly in service standards, it could easily be the perfect brunch spot.

Tudor's Biscuit World

1506 Washington St E, Charleston

(304) 346-2008

Reviewed by:

Winston Simoneaux Sanchez

On my travels through West Virginia, I had the pleasure to stop at Tudor's Biscuit World. Now, I must say, their breakfast biscuits are simply fabulous! I opted for the Mountaineer with its generous helping of shaved ham. Never having visited this place before, I was pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness of their ham and cheese breakfast sandwich and the prompt and friendly customer service. The only slight hiccup in this culinary experience was the scrambled eggs – they need a bit of work, as they were slightly too thin for my liking. But that was a minor issue in an otherwise delightful meal. This place was busy, which goes to show its popularity with the locals, but the staff managed the crowd well and were extremely courteous. So, if you find yourself in the area and craving a hearty brunch, Tudor's is definitely the place to go.

Tudor's Biscuit World

410 50th St SE, Charleston

(304) 925-2001

Reviewed by:

Cindy Martinez

I had such a delightful surprise at Tudor's Biscuit World in Charleston this morning. My breakfast biscuit was shaped like a heart and it was a small touch that truly made my day. Their food is affordable and delicious, a local fast-food gem celebrating the simplicity of good eating. The biscuits are soft, moist and perfectly firm, not soggy at all. I found them to be a perfect pairing with pepperoni. The prices here are excellent, where you can get a full meal for around $10.00. They even offer a senior citizen discount, although it's not actively advertised. During a busy day of running errands, my brother and I stopped by Tudor's Biscuit World to grab a couple of drinks. For the size and quality, their drinks provide great value, served in 32oz styrofoam cups that keep ice from melting quickly. I opted for a half/half tea and my brother chose a Mountain Dew. The drive-thru service was quick and the cashier was incredibly friendly. Overall, I can confidently say that Tudor's Biscuit World provides a heart-warming, satisfying brunch experience rich in local flavors, all at a great price.


46 RHL Blvd, South Charleston

(304) 746-0070

Reviewed by:

John Kumar

My visit to IHOP for brunch in Charleston, West Virginia was nothing short of delightful. I decided to go light with my breakfast and ordered the lemon blueberry crepe. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that these crepes were not just light and fluffy, but also extremely filling. The rest of my order, hash rounds, eggs over easy, and bacon, all cooked to perfection, just added to my satisfaction. The service at this IHOP branch was also commendable. Yes, there was a slight wait for our food, but given it was eggs and pancakes, I'd say it was worth it. The dishes might not have been gourmet, but they were far from mediocre. Yes, we experienced a minor hiccup when we needed refills, but the manager showed up with an appropriate response and our needs were immediately met. Moreover, who can forget about the silverware brought in a basket with a stack of napkins? That was a quirky, fun touch that I certainly appreciated. Even the minor inconsistencies like my nephew's chicken tenders being slightly overcooked or my daughter's pancakes not being perfectly done, couldn’t deter me from enjoying the overall experience. Now, I must mention the Belgian waffle with straw and eggs and bacon, alongside the steak omelette with tater cuts. Both dishes were delicious and extremely satisfying. The waitress who served us was an absolute sweetheart, adding to the overall positive experience. I highly recommend that if you're in the area, you must drop by this IHOP branch for a memorable brunch. From my own experience, I can confidently say that you're in for a good time. And if you're up for trying something new, give the pablano eggs Benedict a shot. Though it might not be their specialty, it still turned out quite delicious. So despite the minor inconveniences faced, my overall brunch experience at IHOP was delightful and I intend to head back there very soon.

Mosa Cafe & Grille

400 2nd Ave SW, Charleston

(304) 744-4641

Reviewed by:

Benjamin Bell El

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing brunch at Mosa Cafe & Grille in Charleston, West Virginia, and must share what a fantastic time I had. Diving right in, the standout star of the place has to be Misty, an incredibly talented mixologist with an unforgettable personality. Her cocktail crafting skills are nothing short of wizardry and her vibrant character adds a wonderful touch to the overall ambiance of the place. When it came to the food, Mosa Cafe & Grille did not disappoint. The salmon was divine, easily the best I've ever tasted. The fries, crispy yet tender, were equally enjoyable. I also tried the cod fish, which had just the right amount of breading, enhancing its flavor without overpowering it. Service at Mosa Cafe & Grille was exceptional, thanks to John, the affable bartender who was as skilled in his craft as he was in ensuring guests were well taken care of. His service highly contributed to our wonderful experience and he's definitely another reason to visit. Overall, Mosa Cafe & Grille is a gem of a place, offering delicious food, excellent service, and a comfortable environment to dine in. Whether you're planning a casual brunch or looking for a place to unwind with a well-crafted cocktail, I highly recommend it. But, be sure to say hi to Misty - she's a legend and truly an icon. This place is hands down an 11 out of 10!

Brick Salt Bar+Kitchen

200 Lee St E, Charleston

(304) 353-3636

Reviewed by:

Rosario Spathelf

I recently had a wonderful brunch at Brick Salt Bar+Kitchen in Charleston, West Virginia. I am vegan and they were able to modify the mushroom burger to satisfy my dietary needs. The sourdough was the perfect match for the burger and the wasabi fries added a delightful twist. The hummus tray, filled with lemony goodness and variety of dipping options was also a highlight. The service was excellent and the food was fabulous. It's definitely a place worth stopping in for, to enjoy the food, drinks and beautiful atmosphere. There were a few minor drawbacks, such as the limited menu options and the lack of non-alcoholic beverages, but considering it may be due to Covid-related issues, it is understandable. One bartender seemed a bit aloof, but it didn't overshadow the overall positive experience. I advise those not interested in alcoholic beverages to bring your own, as the options are mostly beers and cocktails. The quality of the scotch was impressive, and even without the buzz, the burger was certainly memorable. If you're staying in the Charleston Marriott, you should definitely consider Brick Salt Bar+Kitchen as a great dining option. The breakfast spread is also a treat with lots of options. The lunch sandwiches are delectable as well. The service is always great and it's a refreshing change from a typical hotel restaurant. Despite some minor issues, I would highly recommend this place!

Bob Evans

4001 Maccorkle Ave Sw (Rt 60 @, I-64, South Charleston

(304) 744-5040

Reviewed by:

Nina Diaz

I recently visited Bob Evans in Charleston, West Virginia, while on a family trip. As expected, the food was fantastic. Their biscuits, a family favorite, were absolutely delicious. The staff was extremely friendly and the restaurant was clean and updated. It's one of my child's favorite places to eat and we often visit this particular Bob Evans. They offer some of the best burgers you could find, surprisingly even competing with specialty hamburger places. On this recent visit, we were treated to a delightful breakfast. My little daughter was thrilled with the array of crayons and bendy straws she could choose from before we were seated. She picked the piggy pancakes with bacon and was almost too charmed by its appearance to eat it! As for me, I went for my usual - sirloin steak and eggs, cooked just the way I like them. Since I've switched to low carb, I substituted potatoes or hash browns with fresh fruit. The cantaloupe was particularly good that day. Our waitress was attentive and efficient, ensuring our drinks were promptly refilled and our food came out super quick. However, a word of caution for those visiting the ladies restroom - avoid the right sink or you might end up with an unexpected shower! The only issue we had was during a curbside pick-up. Despite several attempts to call the restaurant to let them know of our arrival, our call went unanswered. This led to my husband having to collect our order while still in his pajamas. Despite this hiccup, the quality of the food remained top-notch. Overall, I would highly recommend Bob Evans for anyone in search of a pleasant, family-friendly dining experience. The food is excellent and the service is generally great.


6308 MacCorkle Ave SE, Charleston

(304) 925-4467

Reviewed by:

Jason Garcia

I've been to this IHOP in Kanawha City, Charleston, West Virginia multiple times and have always had a good experience, despite the lengthy wait times. The food is always delicious and affordable. On my most recent visit, I tried the new Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Crepes and they were phenomenal. Both my partner and my mom opted for a Breakfast Combo which they enjoyed. The only downside was definitely the wait, it took around 30-40 minutes for our food to arrive. One aspect that stood out was the great customer service, notably from our waiter, Corey. Despite the restaurant being understaffed, he provided excellent service. He was friendly, efficient, and got our order just right. Next time we visit, we'll certainly request for him. Additionally, as a birthday treat, I had the pleasure of being served by the delightful Alyssa. Her cheerful and enthusiastic demeanor really added to my birthday experience at IHOP. Overall, if you're not in a rush and prefer quality over speed, this IHOP location is a good choice for brunch in Charleston.


116 Kanawha Blvd E, Charleston

(304) 346-9437

Reviewed by:

Aubrionna Leblancbowker

My recent brunch experience at Shoney's in Charleston, West Virginia was nothing short of delightful. The service and hospitality were exceptional - it felt genuine and not like someone merely fishing for a tip. My girls particularly appreciated the warm interactions with the staff. The breakfast was certainly worth a mention; with the eggs prepared exactly as requested and the bacon at the perfect level of crispiness. And oh, the strawberry pie! We didn't have room to try it on the spot, but we got one to go and it was a hit. Certainly, the food was satisfactory. It leaned more towards average, with some items needing a bit more seasoning. The salad bar was somewhat disappointing, with only iceberg lettuce on offer. However, for the value, it was definitely worth it - you won't leave Shoney's hungry. Where Shoney's really shone was its catering service. With only two days' notice, they managed to prepare a hot breakfast catering order for 30 people. The general manager, Tom, and his staff were incredibly attentive and helpful. The food was served piping hot and delicious, with the portions being generously sufficient. There's an authenticity about this place that’s hard to find in chain restaurants. It feels like a home-style restaurant that cares about its customers. It’s a testament to the wonderful team running the place. And here's the cherry on top - on one occasion after purchasing a car nearby, we stopped by for a meal. Our server was incredibly sweet, ensuring we always had fresh food at our table. Another lady, presumably the manager, showed immense kindness to my autistic daughter, engaging and playing with her. As we left, she gifted her with a big stuffed animal. Such touching, personal gestures make all the difference. It's encounters like these that are sure to bring us back to Shoney's. It's the kind of place that goes above and beyond just serving meals - it gives you an experience to remember. A big thank you to the Shoney's team for making our day so special!

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