September 13, 2023

Mornings Made Delicious: Exploring Chattanooga's Premier Brunch Hotspots for Food Lovers

Discover the best brunch spots in Chattanooga, TN! Savor Southern classics, innovative fusion dishes, and farm-fresh ingredients in a range of charming settings. Elevate your weekend mornings with our top picks.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Mornings Made Delicious: Exploring Chattanooga's Premier Brunch Hotspots for Food Lovers
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Welcome to the charming and vibrant city of Chattanooga, nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Appalachian Mountains! This thriving southern gem is renowned for its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and a thriving culinary scene that leaves foodies swooning. Brunch, the delightful marriage of breakfast and lunch, is a tradition deeply rooted in the city's culture, and Chattanooga boasts an array of exceptional establishments that specialize in this mid-morning culinary experience. From cozy cafes to trendy eateries, these brunch spots offer an irresistible blend of mouth-watering cuisine, warm hospitality, and unforgettable ambiance. As you embark on your Chattanooga brunch journey, prepare your taste buds to be delighted by Southern classics, innovative fusion dishes, and the freshest locally-sourced ingredients that will make your weekend mornings truly memorable.

Bluegrass Grill

55 E Main St #101, Chattanooga

(423) 752-4020

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Bluegrass Grill for brunch in Chattanooga is a great spot for breakfast. The atmosphere is very homey and laid back and the service is excellent. The food is delicious, with a variety of options including gluten free and Keto options. Prices are reasonable and portions are generous. Highly recommend for a great breakfast experience!

Milk & Honey

135 N Market St, Chattanooga

(423) 521-3123

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Milk & Honey is a great brunch spot located in downtown Chattanooga. The atmosphere is wonderful, the staff is friendly, and the food and drinks are delicious. Prices are reasonable and portions are filling. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great brunch spot in the area.

Ruby Sunshine

405 Market St, Chattanooga

(423) 840-8600

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If you're looking for a great brunch experience, Ruby Sunshine is the place to go. The food is delicious and the service is great. The portions are a good size and the prices are reasonable. Highly recommend if you're in the Chattanooga area.

Maple Street Biscuit Company

407 Broad St, Chattanooga

(423) 362-5380

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Visitors to Maple Street Biscuit Company in Chattanooga, TN can look forward to delicious breakfast items and friendly service. The egg veggie omelet and chicken biscuit with spicy syrup are highly recommended, as well as the delicious vanilla maple latte. The wait time for food can be long, but the quality of the food is worth it. Customers also appreciate the courteous staff and the child's chair that was provided without being asked. All in all, Maple Street Biscuit Company is a great place for brunch.

First Watch

300 Cherokee Blvd. Suite 130, Chattanooga

(423) 763-1800

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First Watch for brunch in Chattanooga is an amazing spot for breakfast. The food is delightful and the service is phenomenal. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the food is delicious. Highly recommend visiting this spot for a great breakfast experience!

The Daily Ration

1220 Dartmouth St, Chattanooga

(423) 355-5372

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The Daily Ration for Brunch Chattanooga is a great spot for brunch! The service was quick and the food was delicious. The Southern Eggs Benedict was perfect and the waffle was amazing. The old gas station location is charming and dog-friendly. The breakfast plate and breakfast burrito were both hearty and healthy. The coffee was well-made and very pretty. The staff was friendly, although they may have been tired closer to closing. Overall, it was a great experience and one that will be repeated!

First Watch

1825 Gunbarrel Rd Suite 100, Chattanooga

(423) 362-5951

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First Watch is a great restaurant for brunch in Chattanooga. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the food is excellent. The seasonal menu is always worth trying, and the mobile check in is a great option to avoid long waits. The Roast Beef Havarti and Superfood Kale with a side of hash browns is a great pick 2 special. Highly recommend for brunch.

Adelle's Crêperie

400 E Main St, Chattanooga

(423) 531-2222

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Adelle's Crêperie is a great spot for brunch. The crepes are divine and the presentation and hardiness were nice. Prices were reasonable as well. The staff is helpful and friendly. The coffee was actually exceptionally good. The spacious patio is a great spot to enjoy a savory and sweet combo. Highly recommended.


1444 Market St, Chattanooga

(423) 531-7847

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We had a great experience at STIR for brunch. The mimosas were a great starter and the chicken and waffles were delicious. The Baja Omelettes were huge and tasty. Our server Randall was excellent and the service was fast. Prices are decent and the atmosphere is great. Highly recommend this spot for a great brunch experience!

State of Confusion

301 E Main St, Chattanooga

(423) 760-3473

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State of Confusion in Chattanooga, TN is an awesome place to have dinner. The service was excellent, the staff was friendly, and the ambiance was great. They had a great selection of food from Peruvian, Latin, and American options. The guacamole, chicken lettuce wraps, and potato chip nachos with steak chimi were all amazing. It was also a dog friendly restaurant and had a great blended indoor/outdoor space. Highly recommend this place for a great evening out!

Puckett's Restaurant - Downtown Chattanooga

2 W Aquarium Way, Chattanooga

(423) 708-8505

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Puckett's Restaurant in Downtown Chattanooga is a great spot for brunch. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the food is delicious. Service was excellent, and the wait time was relatively short. The Tennessee Hot Chicken sandwich is a must-try, and the Shrimp & Grits with collard greens are a unique and delicious option. Highly recommended!

Bantam & Biddy

728 Market St Suite 112C, Chattanooga

(423) 498-4367

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Bantam & Biddy is an amazing restaurant that offers delicious gluten-free food. The fried chicken is crispy and flavorful, the jalapeño cornbread is great, and the collards are a must-try. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a gluten-free meal.

City Cafe Diner

901 Carter St, Chattanooga

(423) 634-9191

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City Cafe Diner in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a great spot for late night eats. The menu is huge and the portions are large, making it the perfect choice for a family vacation. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great, with a vintage design and friendly staff. The patty melt on rye bread with fries was especially tasty and the service was top notch. Highly recommended!

Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar

1110 Market St, Chattanooga

(423) 779-0400

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Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar is a great place to go for brunch in Chattanooga. The food is excellent, with large portions and high quality. The house made pickles and ranch are outstanding. The service was also top notch and their egg Benedict is a must-try. They also offer a variety of drinks, including a lavender lemonade that is sparkling. It's definitely worth a visit.

Waffle House

102 Signal Mountain Rd, Chattanooga

(423) 756-9547

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Overall, Waffle House for brunch Chattanooga offers great food and even better service. Customers have noted the kindness of the staff and the efficiency of their servers. The hashbrowns have been praised as some of the best ever tasted. Customers have also noted the cleanliness of the restaurant and the great service from Brittany.

Aretha Frankensteins

518 Tremont St, Chattanooga

(423) 265-7685

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Aretha Frankensteins for Brunch Chattanooga is a great place to visit for a unique breakfast experience. The food is good, the service is friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy. It’s a great spot to visit with friends or family.

Frothy Monkey

1400 Market St, Chattanooga

(423) 680-6343

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Frothy Monkey is a great spot for coffee and food. The Turtle Latte and the Golden Monkey Latte with espresso were delicious, and the Andouille Scramble Bowl was exceptional. The atmosphere is comfortable and the staff is friendly. Public parking is available in the covered garage, and the restaurant is well staffed. Highly recommend stopping in and trying them out!

Waffle House

7047 Amin Dr, Chattanooga

(423) 899-3888

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Waffle House in Chattanooga is a great place to get breakfast or dinner. The atmosphere is pleasant, the staff is friendly and the food is hot and fresh. The restaurant is also clean and the restrooms are spotless. Highly recommend this Waffle House for a great experience!

Track's End Restaurant

3435 Amnicola Hwy, Chattanooga

(423) 321-8010

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Track's End Restaurant is a great casual atmosphere with welcoming waitstaff and delicious home cooked meals. The portions are huge and the prices are more than reasonable. Autumn is an amazing hostess, making customers feel like family. Highly recommended for dine in or take out.

Waffle House

7705 Lee Hwy, Chattanooga

(423) 899-2516

Reviewed by:

Waffle House in Chattanooga is a great place to go for brunch. The food is quick and good, and the staff are friendly. The cleanliness of the restaurant is great and one waitress, Amber, deserves special recognition. The only negative experience was with the manager who was unprofessional and not doing her job. Despite the low staffing, the service was still polite and quick. Overall, it is a great place to go for brunch and highly recommended.

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