January 27, 2024

Top 20 Ultimate Brunch Spots in Chesapeake

Craving a killer brunch in Chesapeake? We've chewed our way through the city to bring you the ultimate guide to the best spots.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 20 Ultimate Brunch Spots in Chesapeake
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Venture into the heart of Chesapeake, where each spot we're about to unveil is like a treasure chest, brimming not with pearls but pancakes, benedicts, and beyond.

Irwin's Fountain

4300 Indian River Rd, Chesapeake

(757) 200-0220

Reviewed by:

Symir Slinker

Oh, what a gem Irwin's Fountain is for brunch in Chesapeake. The servers might be on the younger side, but don't let that fool you; there's a depth of culinary wisdom on display here. My latest visit had me diving into a leek, mushroom, and butternut soup that was absolutely divine, and without any cream to boot. It was easily a 10 out of 10. Despite their reputation for she crab soup, which sadly was sold out, I was more than satisfied with the flounder and chips. The portion was generous and priced just right at $8.99. Having been a part of the Irwin's Fountain crew myself at the age of 15, it warms my heart to see it still thriving and continuing to serve those delicious limeades I remember so fondly. This spot isn't just great for brunch; it's a stellar choice for breakfast too. The place vibes retro, with an owner and staff that couldn't be friendlier if they tried, and the food is always fresh and delectable. Stumbling upon this place felt like hitting the jackpot. Every bite of the homemade food was a delight, the portions generous, and the atmosphere welcoming. Tucked away inside a pharmacy, it's like finding a secret culinary haven. The she crab soup lived up to its reputation, and the Farmers Scramble was bursting with flavor. Not to forget the hand-made banana malt among other tasty creations that left me full and eager for my next visit. The staff's enjoyment being there speaks volumes about the management, and it's clear in every aspect of the dining experience. Fresh-made, flavorful, and set in a fantastic atmosphere, everything about Irwin's Fountain screams quality. Can't wait to go back and indulge all over again. You really have to try this place; it's a must-visit.

Metro Diner

1124 Volvo Pkwy, Chesapeake

(757) 645-0203

Reviewed by:

Biola Lewis

My friend invited me to Metro Diner for breakfast, and it turned out to be an absolutely delightful experience. We decided to order the chicken and waffles along with a mimosa, and let me just say, the food was beyond amazing. The strawberry butter that came with the waffles was a game-changer, and the portions were so generous that I couldn’t finish my meal. Our server, named Jackie, was the highlight of our visit. She was incredibly attentive, catching on to our conversation about loving whipped cream in coffee and immediately surprising us with two dishes of whipped cream. It's those little things that make a big difference. And then, to top it off, the manager personally came to our table to check on us and the quality of our food. It felt like we were dining in a high-end establishment rather than a diner. The place was spotless, and the menu had such a great variety of American fare, it was hard to choose. Not only is the food excellent, but the service is consistently top-notch. On another visit, Tina took great care of us, going above and beyond by accommodating the specific requests of a very picky eater in our group and even encouraged trying new things. She crafted a special mimosa just for me by blending different juices, which was a delightful surprise. The chicken and waffles are a must-try; the chicken was juicy, tender, and perfectly seasoned, while the waffles were soft and just delicious. Tina, our server, was phenomenal – efficient, attentive, and made sure our dining experience was smooth without feeling rushed. I’m incredibly pleased to live so close to such a gem and I’m already looking forward to going back. Whether it’s the outstanding food, the impeccable service, or the clean and welcoming atmosphere, this diner has it all. If you haven’t had the chance to dine at Metro Diner for breakfast or brunch, you are truly missing out. It’s an A+ experience through and through.

Biscuit Belly

605 Volvo Pkwy suite 100, Chesapeake

(757) 720-6200

Reviewed by:

Keyona Cowart

I've visited Biscuit Belly - Chesapeake twice for brunch and absolutely loved it each time. The biscuits are the perfect blend of fluffy and crispy, with just a hint of sweetness that makes them irresistible. My current favorite has to be the Boozy Bird Biscuit, but I'm on a mission to try a different one each visit to see if that changes. The restaurant's interior is clean, bright, and welcoming, creating a pleasant atmosphere for dining. The staff members are genuinely nice, and the ordering system is straightforward and efficient. It's so easy - you see the menu right when you walk in, decide what you want, place your order at the cashier, and then enjoy your meal wherever you'd like to sit. On my visits, I've also tried the chick n' ditch the waffle and the traditional biscuit and gravy, both of which were delectable. We added fried green tomatoes and breakfast tater tots to our order, and everything was amazing. I indulged a bit too much, but it was worth it. The Mama's Boy Biscuit was another standout for me with its delicious blend of flavors and textures. Though the drip coffee was a bit rough for my taste, the Mocha made up for it. I found the Brisky Business and the mini biscuits with gravy flight just okay, and the home fries and pancake corn dogs weren't as thrilling as I hoped. However, the cheese grits, despite cooling quickly, were tasty. Our meal was excellent overall, with a wide variety of delicious options. The staff's friendliness and the excellent service really stood out. Our food was served quickly and arrived hot. They also offer alcoholic beverages, and I must say, the bloody mary was quite good and came with an impressive garnish. I'm definitely returning to Biscuit Belly - Chesapeake. It's a great spot with a wonderful environment, convenient location, and fantastic service.

The Egg Bistro

501 Kempsville Rd, Chesapeake

(757) 410-8515

Reviewed by:

Olyvia Sanchez Ramos

We visited The Egg Bistro for brunch in Chesapeake twice during our 6-day stay, and both times, the experience was delightful. It's clear why this place is so popular – the food is simply amazing, coming out fresh and hot, and they offer great drink specials every day of the week. The atmosphere is lively, but that's to be expected given how good the food and service are. The service, in particular, was efficient and cheerful, making the whole dining experience even more enjoyable. Visiting my boyfriend’s mom, we found this restaurant to be a fantastic choice with plenty of open seating and very attentive waiters. It was nice to see the wait staff all coordinated in festive leggings for Halloween, adding to the cheerful ambiance. Our meals, including a healthy nut meal with fruit and a delicious pumpkin pancake, were excellent. This place is definitely recommended for breakfast lovers seeking quality food in a fast and friendly setting. The menu offers standard American diner fare at average prices, alongside a selection of adult beverages. While the country fried steak was decent and the grits a bit watery for my taste, the overall quality of food was good. We were especially pleased with the quick and efficient service, perfect for when you're looking for a faster meal option. The atmosphere of the bistro is welcoming, featuring seat yourself style seating with a bright and colorful decor that adds to the pleasant experience. During a particularly busy morning, we were seated quickly, and our waitress was fantastic. Although I was disappointed they ran out of the blood orange mimosa and my Black & Bleu Benedict didn't quite meet expectations this time, we returned for lunch and had a great overall experience. The Reuben and chicken and waffles were hot and delicious, and the previously noted restroom issue had been addressed, leaving the facilities clean and odor-free. Overall, The Egg Bistro in Chesapeake is a wonderful spot for both breakfast and lunch, offering tasty food, cheerful service, and a lively atmosphere that makes every visit enjoyable.

Sunrise Breakfast Shoppe

222 N Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake

(757) 436-9534

Reviewed by:

Yulimar Juarez Moreno

Have shopped next to this place but never stopped in until I decided to meet a friend for brunch here, and so glad I did! The prices are very fair for the serving size, and the food was absolutely delightful. Our server was so pleasant, contributing to the overall mom & pop feel of the place. It's evident that this spot has its share of loyal locals who have been coming here for years. Would definitely recommend popping in for a bite! Adding to the experience, my friend has a restricted diet, and our server went above and beyond to ensure the chef cleaned a specific side of the grill for her food preparation. We visited on Juneteenth, a busy day, yet we got seated in no time. This has become one of our go-to places for a Filipino breakfast when we don’t feel like cooking at home. The servers were extremely friendly, and the food absolutely lived up to our expectations! I indulged in their adobo omelet and an Almond Joy iced coffee, while my husband enjoyed the Filipino breakfast, opting for tocino as his meat choice. It's a great LEO-friendly location with an outsized patty sausage that arrived very quickly after we ordered. It felt like home, even though it was my first time dining here. The place was packed, which speaks volumes about the warm, friendly service and delicious breakfast offerings. I satisfied my craving for longanisa, opting for the Filipino breakfast with sweet sausage, fried rice, toast, and two eggs prepared just how I like them. The friendliness of the staff was truly remarkable, and the atmosphere of hospitality was almost palpable, making even the customers at the bar where I was seated incredibly friendly! Veronica, the owner, is fully engaged in serving the customers, from taking to-go calls to making delicious lattes, with everyone working together seamlessly. After being in business for 29 years, it's clear they've mastered the art of service. I can't recommend this place enough - it's a must-visit for anyone and everyone!

Pancakes N Things

4408 Indian River Rd, Chesapeake

(757) 420-0051

Reviewed by:

Kevin Mol

This diner is a hidden gem. The decor is simple and fitting. The staff was wonderful. We ordered our food and it was brought to us promptly and hot. Absolutely DELICIOUS! It can get busy so there may be a slight wait but there is a long bench for you to sit on. They also have an ATM- keep in mind, they only accept cash. We both had breakfast and look forward to going back and trying the lunch. Another place that my mother and I have been passing by for years. We have friends and family that have been. So today was the day. We were greeted and told to sit where we wanted. My mother had been asking for what we call real fried fish. She got the Croaker breakfast with home fries, scrambled eggs, and toast. Amazing. The fish was fried just right. Not to mention that it was two huge fish!!! got a combination breakfast smoked sausage, two eggs over medium, home fries, and toast. The eggs were perfect. We Will Be Back!. Signed outside no muscle shirts or underwear showing. Does have a good fish selection. Watch out and bring cash, they do not take cards. Love everything about Pancakes N Things! When visiting Virginia HAVE to make a stop. Their food is incredible. All of the staff is extremely friendly and hospitable.. especially the owner’s daughter. The prices are very reasonable. Would highly recommend!

C & B Diner

Gilmerton Shopping Center, 1102 George Washington Hwy N, Chesapeake

(757) 485-7762

Reviewed by:

Lidian Elizabeth Chandu

On our journey back to Florida after a family visit in Virginia, my partner and I decided to find a breakfast spot nearby. Our search led us to C & B Diner, a detour we now consider serendipitous. From the moment we stepped inside, the welcoming aura of the diner was palpable. Friendly servers greeted us with smiles and promptly seated us, handing us menus to peruse. My partner opted for a sizable breakfast option (the specifics of which escape me now), praising its perfection and taste post-meal. I, on the other hand, went for a banana and walnut pancake. What arrived at our table was not just food but an art piece; it tasted divine, making it the best pancake experience I've ever had. I made it a point to commend the cook through our server. What impressed us further were the fair prices, swift and friendly service, and the top-notch quality of the food. This diner, modestly situated in a nondescript shopping center, deserves all the support for its remarkable offerings and commitment to service excellence. It's become a chosen spot for me and my friends to gather monthly, consistently providing a warm, comfortable setting with delicious meals and unmatched service. Unfortunately, one experience was marred by finding hair in my eggs and underwhelming potatoes, leading to a disappointing visit, especially considering the price paid for what was expected to be a delightful meal. Despite previous positive experiences, this letdown has made me reconsider returning. However, focusing on the positives, the diner has frequently shown itself to be a haven of culinary delight and friendly atmosphere, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to support a commendable local business.

Baker's Crust Artisan Kitchen

1244 Greenbrier Pkwy #510, Chesapeake

(757) 547-2787

Reviewed by:

Mary Carol James

Had a delightful brunch experience at Baker's Crust Artisan Kitchen in Chesapeake. The atmosphere inside is really nice, making it a comfortable spot for a Sunday noon meal. The service is impressively quick; starters and drinks barely settled before the entrees arrived. Not a bad problem to have, honestly. Opted for the smothered fries, which were incredibly filling and tasty, to the point where I could barely start on my Asiago Chicken. My wife enjoyed her Shrimp and Crab Pasta, praising it as delicious as ever. The prices really stand out for the quality and quantity of food. From the outside, Baker's might look unassuming, but the food is a simple mix of flavors that's hard to beat. Also, the cocktails are very good. Ashley behind the bar knows her way around the drinks. The Happy Hour menu caught my eye with its substantial portions, although I'd advise against the tavern chips due to their saltiness. Service wise, it's top-notch. Corey, our waiter, was friendly and attentive, making our first visit memorable by arranging complimentary homemade chips and tomato soup from the manager. It's clear the food is freshly made. Although my choice of the chicken and artichoke pizza was less impressive this time, lacking in toppings under the arugula, and my friend found her grilled salmon salad's dressing a bit lacking, the desserts rounded off the meal nicely. Despite the minor hiccups with some dishes, the overall experience, fueled by great service and a cozy atmosphere, makes Baker's Crust a must-visit spot.

Pop's Diner Co.

1432 Greenbrier Pkwy, Chesapeake

(757) 502-8220

Reviewed by:

Willis Sandoval

During my visit to Pop's Diner Co. for brunch in Chesapeake, I felt a bit out of place initially, but the staff quickly made me feel welcome with their super nice attitude. Although I was disappointed to find they do not offer a military discount like many places around, this didn't deter me from enjoying my meal. My order of shrimp and grits didn't hit the mark for me, finding it a bit salty and not to my liking due to the inclusion of onions. However, the she fries were pretty good. Despite my feelings about the dishes I tried, I'm open to coming back since the menu is vast and seems to offer a lot more that I might enjoy. The brunch spot wasn't the best I've ever had, but there were definitely high points. The wait staff was very friendly, with great communication and prompt service. Our food arrived hot and fresh, which is always a plus. I tried the piglet omelette, intrigued by its uniqueness, and my wife went for the waffles, both of which were enjoyable. On another visit, I had the pancake combo which featured fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and wonderfully fluffy pancakes. Tashana, our server, was exceptionally attentive, ensuring our coffee cups were never empty and swiftly meeting any of our needs. The diner itself is clean and well-maintained, boasting an old-fashioned charm with waitresses that truly hustle. Yet, there were minor letdowns such as the grits being too loose, the absence of rye toast, pre-cooked cold bacon, and overly chopped scrambled eggs. These aspects made it clear that while Pop's Diner Co. has a lot going for it, there's room for improvement to reach that five-star diner experience. Overall, the excellent service and the welcoming atmosphere will bring me back to try other items on the menu. It's clear that when they get it right, they really hit the mark.

Waffle House

1448 Mt Pleasant Rd, Chesapeake

(757) 482-5160

Reviewed by:

Alberto David

Went for brunch at Waffle House in Chesapeake this morning and I must say, the experience was top-notch! Our waitress, Kim, was incredible and so sweet. Despite the waffle initially coming out a little too dark for my liking, Kim didn't hesitate to have it remade, showing a great level of understanding and customer service. The cook even took the time to stop by our table to ensure everything tasted okay, which was a nice touch and not something you see often. The restaurant itself was very clean and offered a great environment to enjoy our meal. What stood out to me was the quick service. Our food arrived pretty fast, and it was delicious! Making a quick stop here on the way back home turned out to be a fantastic decision. The level of care shown by the staff, especially in ensuring we received exactly what we ordered, really made a difference. It's not every day you see employees going above and beyond to make sure customers are satisfied. All in all, this visit to Waffle House was definitely worth it. The exceptional service, coupled with great food, made for a memorable brunch experience. Will surely be coming back more often. Thank you to the wonderful ladies who made our visit so pleasant!


1401 Tintern St, Chesapeake

(757) 312-9008

Reviewed by:

Everyday London

Stopping by Denny's for brunch in Chesapeake was a decision I am so glad I made. The service was a solid 5 out of 5. We were seated immediately upon arrival, and our waitress was incredibly attentive throughout our stay. Despite it being 11pm, a time when many restaurants start to slow down, our food was served promptly. My friend's dish, which included eggs, bacon, hash browns, and crepes topped with fresh strawberries, was out in no time. While the crepes were a tad more fried than expected and the hash browns slightly undercooked on the inside, the overall meal was delightful. The ambiance of the restaurant was comforting, earning a 4 out of 5. It was clean and inviting, setting a relaxing scene for our late-night dining experience. Our server, Shemaya, was amazing, ensuring our needs were met efficiently. The food prepared by Bobby, the cook, looked phenomenal and tasted just as good. This visit marked my return to Denny's after a few years, and I must say, the customer service has notably improved. The short wait time and the quick service were commendable. Azza, our server for the day, was exceptional, making the entire experience memorable to the point where I know I'll definitely be back. One of the highlights was enjoying great music while savoring breakfast. The early timing meant it was less busy, contributing to a serene dining experience. I had been craving an Oreo milkshake, which isn't the easiest to make, but Azza went out of her way to prepare it for me with a smile. It was a great touch to an already fantastic experience. And if you must know, yes, I was that person who dipped pancakes into their milkshake – living my best life, indeed. A huge thank you to the entire staff at Denny's for making this brunch such an enjoyable one. It easily ranks as one of my top three restaurant experiences ever.

First Watch

1400 Pinnacle Dr, Chesapeake

(757) 401-4617

Reviewed by:

Herbert Hernandez

This was my first time trying out First Watch for brunch in Chesapeake, and it definitely lived up to the hype. The food was absolutely delicious, and the service was top-notch despite the place being quite busy. Yes, there was a bit of a wait to be seated, but once we were, everything moved swiftly. The dining area is pretty nice, with a bar-type counter available on a first-come, first-served basis. It's worth noting that the clientele was quite diverse, which added to the welcoming atmosphere. I did feel that more booths could enhance the dining experience by offering a bit more privacy, but overall, it's a minor point in an otherwise fantastic visit. I'd rate it 4.5 stars and am already planning my next visit. What sets this chain apart is not just the ambience, which is lovely, but also the extensive menu options. From well-made juices to constantly changing signature dishes, there's always something new and exciting to try. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet or savory, they've got you covered with high-quality, generous portions and excellent service. On my visit, I noticed that despite there being several open tables, there was a bit of a wait, apparently due to staffing and the need to clean tables. When seated, the close arrangement of tables meant privacy was a bit compromised - not ideal for sharing personal updates without feeling overheard. The food experience had its ups and downs; the French toast was a hit, but there was a hiccup with poached eggs being both over and undercooked. However, the staff's polite and kind demeanor made up for the slow service. Choosing to visit on a weekday, I found it to be pleasantly busy for a Monday morning, opting for the lunch special which did not disappoint. The ham and Gruyère sandwich paired with the cob salad was fresh and flavorful. The wide variety of breakfast and lunch options, the friendly staff, clean and efficient operations, and reasonable prices for the quality of food provided made it a worthwhile experience. Open 7 days a week from 7 am to 2:30 pm, it's a modernized breakfast and lunch-style diner that I would recommend to anyone looking for a quality meal in a comfortable setting.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

217 Hillcrest Pkwy, Chesapeake

(757) 421-7077

Reviewed by:

Elizabeth Santis

Visited Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Chesapeake for brunch and the experience was delightful overall. On arrival, was greeted warmly by the staff and seated promptly, which was a pleasant start. The order was taken efficiently, and the food arrived quickly, hitting the spot with its delicious taste. The server, Brittany, was attentive, ensuring everything was to our liking and checking in regularly. It's a great spot for a family brunch or a meetup with friends given the wide variety of options on the menu, catering to different tastes. The atmosphere is consistently welcoming, a testament to their good service standards. The process from walking in to leaving was smooth, with no delays, which is always appreciated. The coffee was hot, as remarked by a dining companion, and the food quality, including a perfectly cooked over-easy egg and a succulent boneless skinless chicken thigh, was excellent. Even though the biscuits and gravy could use a bit of a homemade touch to elevate its taste, the meal overall was satisfying. A slight hiccup was encountered regarding a lengthy wait during a busy time and a less than satisfactory resolution to a query with the management, but it didn't detract significantly from the overall positive experience. It serves as a reminder of the importance of customer care, but it was an isolated incident in an otherwise smooth visit. Ended the meal with no leftovers, a testament to the enjoyable food, and even picked up some Cracker Barrel maple syrup on the way out. The convenience of paying via a mobile phone scan of a QR code on the receipt was a modern touch to the dining experience. The visit, characterized by great management, efficient service, and delicious food, is a reminder of why spots like this are chosen for family gatherings and casual brunches. Looking forward to the next visit.

Village Inn

1509 Cedar Rd, Chesapeake

(757) 410-3551

Reviewed by:

Reynaldo Lama

Having the chance to enjoy brunch at Village Inn in Chesapeake was a delightful experience. The moment I walked in, the staff greeted me with such warmth and made me feel immediately welcome. The ambiance of the place struck me as both comfortable and impeccably clean, which set the tone for a promising visit. Although there was a small hiccup with my online order where my eggs didn't come with cheese as requested and my waffle was undercooked, the overall experience overshadowed these minor issues. When I reached out to them about my order, the response was not what I expected. However, choosing not to dwell on this, the kindness of every person I interacted with at Village Inn left a lasting positive impression. The quality and quantity of the food were genuinely surprising, in a good way. The dishes were not only delicious but also generously portioned, ensuring you get great value for your money. The cleanliness of the place, combined with the timely service and the food cooked exactly to my liking, made the meal all the more enjoyable. Our server was particularly attentive, frequently checking in on us to ensure our needs were met. This kind of service truly enhances the dining experience. Despite my visit being just before their closing time at 3 pm and noticing the place wasn’t crowded, it felt cozy and inviting. I learned that the restaurant experiences some challenges, such as staffing on busy Sundays and occasionally running out of menu items. Yet, none of this detracted from the quality of food or the pleasantness of the staff. The location is conveniently close to my home, which is a big plus, and I'm excited to hear about the expansion of their hours. I'm optimistic they'll address some of the issues mentioned because, overall, this place has a lot going for it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Village Inn in Chesapeake for anyone looking for a satisfying and hearty brunch. The combination of tasty food, friendly staff, and a clean, welcoming environment makes it a spot worth visiting.

Waffle House

102 Red Cedar Ct, Chesapeake

(757) 436-3926

Reviewed by:

Todd Bukantis

First time trying Waffle House in Chesapeake for brunch and the experience was quite memorable. Despite the hustle and bustle, we were seated immediately which was a pleasant surprise. Our server, despite being obviously busy, was quick to take our order and ensured we had our coffee poured fresh. Although the wait for our food was a bit on the longer side and we had to catch a different server for coffee refills, the open kitchen allowed us to see the action up close. It's quite the sight, although I did notice that when items fell on the floor, they weren't always picked up right away. When our food arrived, it wasn't the most visually appealing dish, but the flavors were there. Honestly, the waffle exceeded all expectations - truly a star dish and made the visit worthwhile. It's worth mentioning that if you're in a rush, this might not be the spot for you. My sister-in-law and I visited on a Saturday. The team was short-staffed, just two guys, but their pleasant demeanor and exceptional customer service didn't falter. Despite the potential for a long wait, our food was served surprisingly fast, and it was delightful. Hats off to the team for managing so well under pressure; we’re definitely planning a return visit. Another visit was for a late-night breakfast after some time out with my brother. We arrived close to midnight, just as a large group did, which somewhat overwhelmed the limited staff. The wait was longer than usual, around 40-45 minutes, but it gave us a great chance to catch up over a couple of cokes. Our server communicated well throughout our wait, keeping us updated and our drinks refilled. The meal, once it arrived, was perfect. My bacon and egg breakfast bowl was particularly enjoyable, and our plates were cleared in no time. However, it's important to note that not every visit was as great. On a different occasion, the cleanliness of the place and the staff's attitude during a rush could use improvement. It seemed there was a bit of confusion among the staff on handling larger crowds. The cleanliness was a concern, from a visibly dirty dining area to issues with dishware. And, although usually the food is commendable, there was an instance where the bacon was overly burnt and the meal excessively salty. In summary, experiences can vary widely. When the staff manages well, the food and service are exceptional, making for a memorable visit. However, during busier times or under less optimal conditions, the experience might not be as pleasant. Nonetheless, the standout moments and meals will bring me back.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

1440 Greenbrier Pkwy, Chesapeake

(757) 366-0525

Reviewed by:

Rati Inos

Oh man, what a yummy dinner we had from this Cracker Barrel location. We finished every bit of what we ordered. Not a crumb to spare! If you're in the mood for some good southern cooking, this is definitely the place to go. It's been years since I've visited a Cracker Barrel, and I've been missing out! My initial impression wasn't great, as many tables were dirty when we first walked in. However, they were quickly cleaned up after we were seated, which could have been due to a rush. Overall, we had a great experience, especially with our waitress, Ava, who was fantastic. On a previous visit, the experience was not as stellar. The service was slow due to being low on staff, and my food was not up to par, with dry pancakes and an old hash brown casserole. Despite giving it another chance, the same issues persisted: slow service again due to staffing issues and cold food upon arrival. Despite this, the hot cinnamon roll latte did stand out as a highlight. Unfortunately, an attempt to address these concerns with the manager was met with a dismissive attitude, which only added to the frustration. The wait for our food was excessively long, and when it did arrive, it was cold and unseasoned. The manager's approach to handling our concerns was far from professional, leaving much to be desired in terms of guest experience and care. In summary, the food quality and management were disappointing, overshadowing the otherwise good service from our server. The overall experience left a lot to be desired, from the cleanliness of the establishment to the handling of guest concerns.

Lockside Bar and Grill

200 N Battlefield Blvd Ste 1, Chesapeake

(757) 410-5999

Reviewed by:

Temeka Ziyu

Went here for an early afternoon dinner and was pleasantly surprised by the spaciousness that unfolded beyond the initial small entry area. An outdoor and back room offer abundant open space, perfect for enjoying the beautiful waterside scenery. Our group started with a variety of appetizers including mussels, steamed shrimp, calamari, and oyster rock. Each dish brought its own delight, with the mussels and steamed shrimp standing out for their flavorful preparation. The oysters were fresh, avoiding the common pitfall of a sandy texture, and though the calamari was somewhat bland, the accompanying sauces were a great complement. For the main meal, shrimp tacos were the choice. Although the shrimp itself could have used a bit more seasoning, the overall combination of ingredients in each bite was satisfying. The unexpected addition of chips and salsa was a welcome surprise, and the flexibility to swap tortillas for lettuce wraps was much appreciated. Companions opted for side salads, which impressively didn't skimp on size or quality. Service throughout was commendable; our server was attentive and made sure our large party's needs were promptly addressed. Everything from the fish & chips and steak to the seafood dishes was served hot, ample, and flavorful. The avocado tacos and chips and salsa were fresh, enhancing the overall dining experience. The staff’s friendliness and helpfulness, combined with quick service, a clean and well-organized space, and reasonable prices for the area, ensured a rewarding first visit to this location. It proved to be an excellent spot for a casual dinner, characterized by an inviting outdoor seating area ideal for family gatherings. Our waitress excelled in service, ensuring our dining experience was smooth and enjoyable. While some dishes like the shrimp basket and shrimp tacos had room for improvement due to slight over-breading, the crab dip emerged as a unanimous favorite at the table. Despite a few culinary misses, the vibrant environment and overall quality of the meals made for a delightful experience. This place is definitely recommended for those seeking a relaxed and enjoyable dining atmosphere. The convenience of reservation and the swift seating upon arrival added to the positive experience, rounding off a thoroughly enjoyable visit.

Waffle House

117 George Washington Hwy S, Chesapeake

(757) 773-3983

Reviewed by:

Olasumbo Flores

Every visit to Waffle House, especially the one at 117 George Washington Hwy, Chesapeake, VA, has been an enjoyable experience for the most part. The thing that stands out to me is how they nail the eggs every single time – and I'm someone who's particular about how my eggs are done. Surprisingly, even on a busy Sunday at noon, there wasn't any waiting time, which is a huge plus in my book. However, during my last visit, there were a couple of hiccups that didn't quite align with the stellar experience I've come to expect. My food arrived cold, including my chili and the all-star breakfast. When I brought this to the attention of my waitress, the response wasn't as accommodating as I had hoped. Although an attempt was made to rectify the situation by offering a 20% discount, it felt insufficient given that I hardly touched my food due to its temperature. The discussion with the manager didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked, with the end result being a 30% discount. However, the interaction left me feeling unwelcome and distressed, a far cry from the warm, comforting atmosphere Waffle House usually provides. On a different note, when ordering food to go, I was taken aback by the $6.00 charge for supplies, which seemed excessive, especially since I had to ask for syrup and plasticware, which one would expect to be included without an additional cost. Despite these issues, it's hard to deny the quality of the food. The overall experience makes me hesitant, but the consistency and taste of the meals still make Waffle House a noteworthy spot for brunch. It just seems there are areas in customer service and management approach that could use some improvement. The added charges for to-go orders certainly need to be reevaluated to avoid deterring customers.

Huddle House

473 Kempsville Rd #110, Chesapeake

(757) 410-9091

Reviewed by:

Valerie Gamble

Walking into Huddle House for brunch in Chesapeake, I was greeted immediately, which set a positive tone right off the bat. The environment was inviting, and the staff was incredibly pleasant. Although I was in a bit of a rush and needed something quick to go, I found their $5.99 meal deal to be perfect for my situation, and it even included a drink. That was a delightful surprise! On a bustling Saturday, coming in with a group of five, we were seated right away, and our waters were served to us almost immediately. Our server, Kewi, truly made our experience memorable. She was kind, attentive, and consistently topped off our waters, showing her skill and attention to detail. The food served was hot and fresh, leaving a lasting good impression on all of us. My second experience involved a to-go order I placed for a Chicken Tender basket, opting for a quick Friday treat. My anticipation was slightly marred this time around due to the basket closely resembling a kid's meal I had ordered the week before, with not much difference other than a slight increase in price. The fries seemed as if they had been sitting out for a while, lacking in warmth and flavor. This inconsistency was a disappointment compared to my previous visit. Despite this, my initial visit to this location was prompted by convenience as I worked close by and had an errand at a nearby salon. Opting for a kids meal of Chicken Tenders and Fries, I was impressed by the quality of my food, especially considering the price, which was made even more appealing with a 25% off coupon obtained through a rewards program. The fries were crispy and well-seasoned, and the chicken tenders were flavorful, easily surpassing typical fast-food offerings. In conclusion, while there was a bit of inconsistency in food quality during my visits, the overall experience at Huddle House for brunch was positive. The welcoming staff, quick service, and mostly delicious food have ensured that I'll certainly give this place another visit. The value for money, especially compared to fast-food alternatives, and the pleasant atmosphere make it a brunch spot worth recommending.


641 N Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake

(757) 549-0030

Reviewed by:

Marco Zar

My family and I decided to stop by IHOP for brunch while we were in Chesapeake, and it turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant experience. From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere felt welcoming and clean, creating a perfect setting for our meal. We were seated immediately, which was a great start to our visit. Our waiter was incredibly professional, patient, and prompt with our orders, making sure we had everything we needed without having to ask twice. It was impressive to see the manager making rounds as well, ensuring all guests were satisfied, which added a nice touch to the service quality. The menu offered a good variety, and we opted for some classic choices. While I did hope for a bit more filling in my chicken fajita omelet, the overall quality of the food was enjoyable. A highlight was discovering that they use real ketchup instead of the high fructose corn syrup variety – a small detail that made a big difference in taste. Our dining experience felt quite private despite there being other families around, thanks to the attentive and efficient service. The staff managed to create a relaxing atmosphere where we could enjoy our brunch without feeling rushed or neglected. In summary, our time at IHOP in Chesapeake was a good one. The clean environment, coupled with professional service and decent food, made it a brunch worth remembering. It's clear that the team here makes an effort to ensure guests leave satisfied, and it's something I genuinely appreciated. Would definitely consider coming back here for another meal.

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