September 12, 2023

Savoring Cincinnati: Top Brunch Spots in the City

Discover the best brunch spots in Cincinnati! Enjoy delectable American classics, innovative fusion dishes, or decadent pastries. Whether you're a local foodie or a tourist eager to try the city's best, find the perfect venue to satisfy your morning cravings.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Savoring Cincinnati: Top Brunch Spots in the City
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Unearth the delight of mid-morning dining at the best brunch spots in Cincinnati. From upscale eateries offering bottomless mimosa deals to cozy cafes serving up gourmet classics, there's a brunch place to suit every palate in the city. Whether you're in the mood for fluffy pancakes, hearty avocado toast, or adventurous international fusions, Cincinnati's brunch scenery is a diverse landscape waiting to be explored. Get ready to embark on a delicious journey through the Queen City's most indulgent brunch destinations.

Munch Midnight Brunch

3715 Madison Rd, Cincinnati

(513) 999-8888

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Munch Midnight Brunch is a culinary highlight in Cincinnati we just keep coming back to. From breakfast to dinner, each dish cooked to order and always fresh never disappoints! The Banana Pudding Waffle and the Munch Punch are personal favorites, but I'm looking forward to trying the Cinnamon Toast Munch next time. Even as a chef myself, I can't fault the food here, it's delicious and brimming with flavor every time. Special mentions to the chicken and waffles, subbed with fried fish, and the munch bowl that my wife had. They were phenomenally tasty, as were the creole grits. Great food, amazing brunch that pairs well with mimosas from the factory bar—a must-try for anyone who appreciates great food! I would happily recommend it to any friend.

The Echo

3510 Edwards Rd, Cincinnati

(513) 321-2816

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I recently had the pleasure of brunching at The Echo in Cincinnati and I absolutely cannot wait to return. My meal started with two standout dishes - the goetta eggs Benedict and the chicken and waffles - both were standout dishes, truly tantalizing my taste buds. The coffee could use a bit of a boost, but that was the only minor glitch in an otherwise flavorful journey. My party and I were seated promptly, despite the bustling atmosphere. Our waiter enhanced our experience with his friendly attitude and willingness to accommodate us. I opted for a chicken club sandwich which proved to be a hearty and satisfying choice. My dining companions ordered classic breakfast items and reportedly loved their meals as well. The Echo nails the quintessential diner experience with its welcoming staff and scrumptious food. The generous portion sizes are a big plus - giving the real feel of a satisfying brunch. Their crinkle-cut French fries deserve a special mention - a perfect crispy complement to any dish. I already have my sights set on a breakfast burrito for my next visit. Based on my experience, The Echo is definitely worth the hype and the wait. The food and service were simply outstanding. In conclusion, The Echo is a brunch gem in Cincinnati, that I would highly recommend to any breakfast/brunch enthusiast.

Maplewood Kitchen and Bar

525 Race St, Cincinnati

(513) 421-2100

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Maplewood Kitchen and Bar in Cincinnati offers a top-tier brunch experience with its cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and scrumptious breakfast menu. Their hash browns are a personal favorite, while the lemon ricotta pancakes and Maplewood Hash are both stand-out choices. The portions are generous, ensuring good value for money. Their single origin coffee and unique offerings like the raspberry iced latte further elevate the dining experience. The exceptional customer service complements the delicious food perfectly. This place is highly recommended - it's truly worth a visit, or two!

Proud Rooster Restaurant

345 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati

(513) 281-4965

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The Proud Rooster in Clifton is an undiscovered gem in Cincinnati, serving up the best diner breakfast I've had during my time here. The pancakes are simply out of this world and the fried chicken is something everyone should try at least once. The menu is diverse enough to cater to different tastes, but be noted that there are no meat alternatives to pork. Despite this, the food quality is top-notch with very reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and efficient, making the whole dining experience enjoyable. Remember to bring cash as they don't accept cards. The charm of this old school diner should not be overlooked. It offers great food, great prices, and a delightful atmosphere.


13 W Charlton St, Cincinnati

(513) 221-5400

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HangOverEasy is a hidden gem for brunch lovers in Cincinnati. With a unique atmosphere and an easy-to-navigate menu full of delectable options, this place holds a special charm. The staff is friendly and efficient, ensuring you feel welcomed and cared for. The food is not only aesthetically pleasing but a delight to the tastebuds. The menu has an amusing touch, adding to the overall experience. While it can get quite busy during the weekends, the system for waiting list is well-organized, ensuring you don't have to wait outside. The establishment accommodates large parties, making it an ideal choice for families or groups. Even though it got a 4/5 from my middle child, his request for seconds certainly speaks volumes about the food. This brunch spot manages to serve quintessential American food in a style that is relatable and enjoyable. If you're in Cincinnati and looking for a great brunch place, HangOverEasy is definitely worth a try!

Sacred Beast Diner OTR

1437 Vine St, Cincinnati

(513) 213-2864

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Despite some minor hitches, my experience at Sacred Beast Diner OTR for brunch was largely positive. The place can be crowded and a bit loud, but it all adds to the bustling atmosphere of this cool brunch spot in downtown Cincinnati. The service was generally good, with our server being knowledgeable and ready with recommendations. The food was the standout - delicious and unique. The deviled eggs are a must-try and the risotto pancakes were fantastic. While the menu might be small and the price tag a bit hefty, the quality of the dishes justifies it. A word to the wise - make a reservation for a smoother dining experience. All in all, the Sacred Beast Diner OTR proved to be a delightful spot for brunch in the city.

Sleepy Bee Cafe - Downtown

8 E 4th St, Cincinnati

(513) 381-2339

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My brunch experience at Sleepy Bee Cafe - Downtown in Cincinnati was a delightful one. With a locally sourced menu, generous portions and flavorful food, this place justifies its slightly higher cost. The pancakes are impressively large and the oatmeal, topped with chia seeds and shaved coconut, was exceedingly fresh and tasty. A special mention to the sweet potato ginger soup, for being a thick and satisfying bisque. Despite slight issues with stained seat cloth, the overall ambiance of the place was enjoyable, with unique ceiling art adding to the charm. The staff was friendly and provided quick service. Another highlight was their coffee bar, offering great lattes and other beverages. Although there was a slight wait and a few hiccups with the order, the staff was eager to correct it. We also appreciated that the menu had clear labeling, along with several gluten-free options. The overall score for my meal would be a 4 out of 5, especially appreciating the customer service. I'm certainly planning on another visit.

B&A Street Kitchen

1500 Race St, Cincinnati

(513) 345-6670

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Despite some minor hiccups, I had a pretty good experience at B&A Street Kitchen in Cincinnati. Known for their quick service and pleasant atmosphere, this place has a unique way of ordering that I found particularly noteworthy; you place your order at the register and join a waitlist for tables - a concept that was new to me but definitely added to the charm of the place. While some of their dishes could use a little more flavor, I was particularly impressed with their delectable butter-biscuit combo which tasted like an amazing mix of butter and sour cream. As a local, I particularly enjoy their $10 breakfast and their location is perfect for a post-meal exploration of downtown Cincinnati. Their limited dine-in space might make you wait a bit on a busy day but the overall vibe and aesthetics are worth the wait. I definitely recommend trying out B&A Street Kitchen for an affordable and cute brunch spot!

Taste of Belgium - The Banks

16 West Freedom Way, Cincinnati

(513) 396-5800

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My visit to Taste of Belgium - The Banks in Cincinnati was a delightful mix of unique flavors and vibrant atmosphere. The beautiful spring afternoon enhanced our outdoor dining experience on their patio. What stood out the most was their goetta hash; a first-time experience for me that turned out to be pleasant. My family seemed to thoroughly enjoy their waffles and crepes as well. The beer flights added a fun element to our meal, especially the sour varieties. The service was commendable, and I appreciated the pet-friendly atmosphere. Some dishes may not have totally lived up to my expectations, considering the price, but the overall experience was enjoyable. The restaurant's layout and aesthetics indeed gave the impression of being in another country. The mimosas were excellent, pairing ideally with the mouthwatering chicken and waffles. The chicken was probably one of the best I’ve had - every bite was flavorful. The side of frittes served with chipotle mayo was truly outstanding, especially when coupled with the chicken. Our visit to Taste of Belgium was a wonderful experience, worthy of recommending.

Sleepy Bee Cafe - Oakley

3098 Madison Rd, Cincinnati

(513) 533-2339

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From the hot chai to piggy pancakes, Sleepy Bee Cafe in Oakley, Cincinnati, is a buzzing hotspot for brunch lovers! The bee-themed café has an adorable interior that is a hit with visitors and really brings home their commitment to sustainability and pollinator support. On top of their unique menu twists, the quality of their food and coffee is top-notch, though do be prepared for a wait during peak weekend brunch times. The accommodating staff provide excellent service, even during busy periods. Vegetarian-friendly options are plentiful, with the Avi scramble and the Queen City Bee sandwich being particular highlights. For the gluten-intolerant, their bee cakes are a must-try! A charming spot with delicious food, definitely visit Sleepy Bee Cafe on your next trip to Cincinnati!

Red Feather Kitchen

3200 Madison Rd, Cincinnati

(513) 407-3631

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Overall, Red Feather Kitchen is a must-visit for those seeking a unique, flavorful brunch experience in Cincinnati. The food offered is an amalgamation of delightful surprises, sending your taste buds on an exciting culinary adventure. The service is worth mentioning too, with its laid-back and friendly approach, making one feel at ease. Despite some minor hiccups in terms of food ordering, the quality and taste of the dishes make up for any shortcomings. A great combination of delicious food, warm ambience, and excellent service makes Red Feather Kitchen a highly recommended brunch spot. Whether you are a local or a tourist, don't miss out on this gem.

First Watch

104 E 7th St, Cincinnati

(513) 721-4744

Reviewed by:

As an avid brunch enthusiast, I was excited to try out First Watch in Cincinnati. I had a mix of experiences but overall, I found their cuisine enjoyable and reasonably priced. The cozy ambiance added to the charm of the place, providing a comfortable dining experience. While the customer service was commendable, I did encounter some issues with a takeaway order and some of the food items (specifically the fruit toppings on the lemon ricotta pancakes) didn't meet my expectations. I was disappointed to see strawberries in such condition added to my plate. However, aside from these minor incidents, I found the majority of the food to be of good quality, with decent portion sizes. There was also sufficient room for non-reserving guests, a big plus for a spontaneous brunch-goer like me. An additional touch that could elevate the place would be the availability of Italian coffee. One should note that each First Watch location has its own unique character, so experiences might differ. In general, I still regard First Watch as a decent brunch place to kickstart your day, but would advise customers to watch out for minor inconsistencies in food quality and order accuracy.

Wild Eggs

301 E 4th St, Cincinnati

(513) 655-6707

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Wild Eggs in downtown Cincinnati turned out to be a gem of a find for brunch. The food was well-cooked and delicious, particularly The Mad Platter with French Toast, which is highly recommended, even for those who don't typically enjoy French Toast. The cozy, modern diner vibe of the place added to the experience and the prices were reasonable. Service was excellent, thanks to friendly staff like Mechelle who offered great menu suggestions. The selection is vast, with a combination of classic and unique options, and the mimosas are a must-have. The steak and cheese omelette, pork carnitas hash and blueberry pancakes were especially memorable. While some dishes could have used a bit more seasoning, the overall culinary experience was impressive. The spot is perfect for both locals and visitors, and is definitely worth a revisit for the opportunity to try more of their menu offerings.

First Watch

2692 Madison Rd, Cincinnati

(513) 531-7430

Reviewed by:

I recently had brunch at First Watch in Cincinnati, and it was an experience I am eager to share. With its comforting mom-and-pop atmosphere reminiscent of places like DeSales Cafe, Tickle Pickle, and Parkside, First Watch truly served up a large helping of homey charm. The cuisine was just like county cooking with a delightful Frisch's twist, ensuring every plate was as hearty as it was delicious. The service was outstanding, scoring a full 100 from me. I was part of a group of seniors, and our server, Josey, made sure we felt at home. Despite it being a little busy, First Watch's staff quickly brought out our delicious meals. I ordered the Avocado Toast, a classic breakfast favorite that did not disappoint. The rich, creamy avocado paired perfectly with the crunch of the toast. My son opted for the fluffy pancakes, which had him cleaning his plate with enthusiasm. I also need to mention my friend's brunch choices, which included the incredibly tasty potatoes, pancakes, and toast with jam. It was all so delicious that I can confidently say there wasn't a single item on the menu that I wouldn't recommend. When in Cincinnati, make sure to start your morning with brunch at First Watch. Whether you're a local or a visitor, you're bound to find something you'll want to come back for. I can't wait for my next visit.

French Crust Café and Bistro

1801 Elm St, Cincinnati

(513) 455-3720

Reviewed by:

French Crust Café and Bistro is a delightful culinary experience that brings the charm of France to Cincinnati. The food is spectacular, from brunch to business lunch to late-night desserts. Each dish brings a combination of flavors and textures that elevate the dining experience into a form of visual and edible art. The restaurant's ambience is as charming as its menu, making you feel as though you've stepped straight into a quaint Parisian café. While the service could be improved upon, the overall experience more than compensates for any shortcomings in this area. With its reasonable prices for top-tier cuisine and a wonderful location, this restaurant has earned its place as my new go-to spot for guaranteed quality. Even the simplest of dishes, like the apple, endive, and gruyere, are crafted to perfection, providing not just a meal, but a multisensory experience. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to this charming bistro.

Wild Eggs Oakley

3240 Vandercar Way, Cincinnati

(513) 285-8802

Reviewed by:

Wild Eggs Oakley provided a delightful brunch experience. Despite a few minor hiccups like a watery cappuccino and a small piece of egg shell in the chicken fried steak, the overall taste and quality of the food were impressive. The atmosphere was welcoming and the service was quick and friendly. The highlight was their gluten-free stuffed French toast and the loco hash, both of which were delicious. I also enjoyed their unique blood orange mimosa. One slight drawback was the temperature of the food from the online order which was not as hot as expected. Despite this, the ease of ordering online was commendable. I recommend making reservations as it can get busy during peak hours. Although it was my first visit, Wild Eggs Oakley has certainly piqued my interest and I look forward to trying more of their menu.

Sugar n' Spice Diner - OTR

1203 Sycamore St, Cincinnati

(513) 762-0390

Reviewed by:

If you're looking for a charming breakfast spot in downtown Cincinnati, look no further than Sugar n' Spice Diner - OTR. This unique and quirky restaurant served up some of the best brunch items we've had. The pancakes were out of this world and the specialty omelettes were delicious. In addition to the amazing food, what stood out was the exceptional service. We were attended by Stacy on our multiple visits, and she truly made our experience memorable with her friendly and accommodating nature. Even during busy times, our big family was seated quickly and served promptly. The staff's efforts to make everyone feel welcome and relaxed certainly didn't go unnoticed. A lovely touch was the little ducks they give after checking out. We only wish there was a Sugar n' Spice in Charlotte, NC too! Try it out, and you won't be disappointed.

Hathaway's Diner

25 W 5th St, Cincinnati

(513) 621-1332

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I couldn't be happier with our brunch experience at Hathaway's Diner in Cincinnati. The old school vibe of the place combined with good fun music provided a delightful atmosphere to kickstart our day. The staff was friendly and efficient, the service was excellent, and the food was delicious. The veggie omelette, hash browns, rye toast, Reuben sandwich, and patty melt all received top marks from our group. The only area needing improvement was the fries which lacked finesse and seasoning. Despite this minor setback, I would definitely come back and recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable and reasonably priced brunch option in the area. The casual greeting by the staff and immediate seating added to the overall pleasant experience. Moreover, you can't beat the backdrop of oldie music and decor boosting the ambiance. To sum up, Hathaway's Diner offered us a cosy, satisfying brunch experience, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

Ladder 19

2701 Short Vine St, Cincinnati

Reviewed by:

My recent visit to Ladder 19 in Cincinnati for brunch was a delightful journey through history, given its unique setting in an old firehouse. A haven for history lovers, the arched doorways, great chandeliers, and beautiful mural lend an ambience that is both charming and unique. I visited during burger week and the service was commendable. Although it took around 45 minutes for our order to come out, it was worth the wait. The venue has a bustling vibe - it may not be optimal for those with small children or for those seeking quiet conversation, but it's perfect for a lively lunch where you're not pressed for time. The patio is another feather in its cap, providing a cozy, homey space to enjoy your meal. The food was decently satisfying. The burgers, while a bit on the greasy side, and fries had their own unique flavor. I particularly enjoyed the boneless wings and quesadillas, though the wings were a tad chewy. While there are some areas for improvement, the overall experience at Ladder 19 can prove to be enjoyable for someone looking for a casual brunch in a historic setting. This place is worth considering for a leisurely lunch out in the town. From my experience a few years back, they also offer a 10% discount coupon for your next meal. Despite a few minor setbacks, I'd still recommend Ladder 19 for its unique charm and good service. If you're in Cincinnati and have time to spare, definitely give this spot a try!


1133 Sycamore St, Cincinnati

(513) 273-1972

Reviewed by:

Copa in Cincinnati provided an energetic, fun-filled brunch experience that was worth every penny. With its nightclub ambiance and vibrant music, it's a lively way to cap off a weekend visit. The buffet was stellar, featuring traditional breakfast options to more unique dishes like shrimp and grits and mac and cheese, complemented by bottomless mimosas. Slight shortcomings in service didn't overshadow the overall experience, although improvements could be made. The price for such an unlimited spread was reasonable, and despite my minor reservations about the food serving setup, I would definitely recommend a visit. Copa is a top contender for a spirited, indulgent brunch venue in Cincinnati!

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