February 16, 2024

Top 10 Clarksville Brunch Places

Ready to upgrade your brunch game in Clarksville? Dive into our epic guide to the best spots in town.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 10 Clarksville Brunch Places
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Clarksville's brunch options are a weekend pilgrimage for the hungry and the curious. So, if your morning appetite is steering the ship, set your coordinates

Cafe 931

2551 Madison St, Clarksville

(931) 999-5503

Reviewed by:

Rob Clements

My experience at Cafe 931 for brunch in Clarksville was absolutely delightful. From the moment we walked in, the staff greeted us with warm smiles and an inviting atmosphere, which set a fantastic tone for our visit. The coffee here is simply fantastic, and I cannot recommend the pancake burrito enough. It's a game-changer. Also, the Açaí bowls are incredibly tasty and refreshing—a must-try for anyone visiting. Having a welcoming and friendly environment is crucial to me, especially as it pertains to my toddler. It's often challenging to find places that accommodate the little ones, but Cafe 931 went above and beyond. They provided toys and activities, allowing me to enjoy my delicious coffee in peace, which is quite a rarity. The menu boasts an impressive variety, from decaf coffees to specialty juices, ensuring there's something for everyone. On this visit, I ventured to try my first açaí bowl here, and it was absolutely delicious. Another standout item has to be the biscuits and gravy burrito - its uniqueness is matched only by its flavor. Though the price point for an açaí bowl and a coffee seemed a bit steep at $16, considering the quality of the ingredients and the overall experience, it was well justified. My only suggestion would be to add some background music in the dining area to enhance the ambiance, as it felt slightly awkward hearing only the employees' conversations. This cafe quickly became one of our favorite spots for breakfast and coffee, not to mention the tacos on Tuesday, which are also exceptional. Despite the minor suggestions, the great food and service make Cafe 931 a highly recommended destination. We're already looking forward to our next visit to try more of what they have to offer.

Dock 17

2231 Madison St Suite D, Clarksville

(931) 444-7717

Reviewed by:

Brandon Davenport

My brunch experience at Dock 17 in Clarksville was definitely one for the books. Opting for something with a bit of a kick, I decided to try the Cajun style burger accompanied by sweet potato fries. While the burger itself was a bit tougher than anticipated, those sweet potato fries were an absolute hit. My wife’s choice of grilled shrimp skewers with Parmesan garlic fries was a standout. The shrimp couldn't have been better, though the fries did tip the scales on the salty side, even for our salt-loving palates. Our kids joined in on the food adventure with tenders and fries, rating them an 8/10 and a 6/10 respectively. It's fair to say the food experiences varied across the board. The fries, homemade and satisfying, along with the scrumptious shrimp skewers, made the meal memorable. It's safe to say we're intrigued enough to come back, especially to give the brisket a try. The ambiance and service were top-notch, creating a pleasant dining atmosphere. However, the food was a bit hit or miss. The wings and sweet potato fries were delectable, and the dockarita? Absolutely divine. But the burger definitely fell short of expectations. Despite requesting a medium rare, the kitchen's policy due to in-house grinding resulted in a burger that was overdone to the point of falling apart, and the accompanying fried cheese was disappointingly cold and hard. While the restaurant shows great promise, there's room for improvement, particularly with the burger. That said, the dockarita alone makes a return visit a tempting prospect. Despite the mixed food experiences, the overall environment and certain standout dishes suggest that Dock 17 has the potential to become a brunch favorite in Clarksville, warranting another visit in the near future.

Sweet P's Southern Style

3371 US-41 ALT, Clarksville

(931) 368-9522

Reviewed by:

Delphine Torres

Sweet P's Southern Style in Clarksville is a fantastic spot for brunch, and my recent visit there was nothing short of delightful. As someone in search of comfort food, this diner went above and beyond my expectations. The opportunity to meet Miss Boone, the wonderful woman behind my delicious meal, was a highlight of my visit. This diner exudes quaint charm and friendliness, making it a welcoming spot for both locals and newcomers like myself. The owners and servers make a point to connect with their guests, adding a personal touch to the dining experience that I found incredibly endearing. The rave reviews that led me to Sweet P's were well warranted. The fried pickles and okra were outstanding, and the sweet tea was just as delightful. Though my meal could have used a bit more mayo on the belt, it was a minor detail in an otherwise impeccable dining experience. The dessert options are tempting, offering an array of scratch-made pies, cakes, and cobblers that are hard to resist. The reasonable prices only sweeten the deal, guaranteeing that I'll be making many return trips. Sweet P's truly represents the best of Southern cooking, offering authentic flavors that remind you of a meal at your grandmother's house. During my visit, the staff were exceptionally friendly and attentive, adding to the restaurant's already inviting atmosphere. Although the burger and mac n' cheese left room for improvement, the overall experience was so positive that I'm eager to try more of their menu items in the future. The cleanliness of the restaurant and its family-friendly vibe make Sweet P's Southern Style a must-visit in Clarksville for anyone craving genuine Southern cuisine.

The Mailroom

116 N 2nd St, Clarksville

(931) 919-5020

Reviewed by:

Daniel Kebbie

Visited The Mailroom in Clarksville for brunch and it was an absolute delight. The food was fantastic! The service was timed perfectly throughout our meal. Our server was so helpful, especially with accommodating my dietary restrictions. I decided on the Korean Beef Bowl with veggies instead of rice, while my husband enjoyed the Korean burger. We tried drinks too - a mojito and the bramble, their take on an old fashioned, which was incredibly smooth. Although the cheesecake was good, it might not be a repeat order for me. Despite being a busy Saturday night, our party of eight from Chattanooga was given a great seating spot. I was impressed with the extensive menu and already have my eye on several other dishes for future visits. The food arrived well-prepared, and everyone in our group left satisfied. Huge shoutout to Luke, our server, for his attentive and friendly service, making our visit even more enjoyable after a day exploring Clarksville. Another visit saw us stopping in after spending the day at a street festival. Our server was so thoughtful, ensuring my glass was never empty. The patio offers beautiful views during the day, adding to the overall ambiance, though I might suggest a bit more privacy would enhance the experience. This was our first visit to The Mailroom, and contrary to what we had heard about mediocre food and prices not reflecting the quality, our experience was the complete opposite. Everything from the trout to the strawberry cheesecake dessert was scratch-made, perfectly cooked, and beautifully presented. The portion sizes were spot on. Our server, James, was knowledgeable about the menu and keen on making our dining experience memorable. Despite the noise from an outdoor concert nearby, the atmosphere inside was lively and welcoming, with a diverse crowd adding to the vibrant energy. In summary, our visit to The Mailroom exceeded our expectations with its amazing food, exceptional service, and a lively atmosphere. The concerns we had heard about were unfounded, and the bill was reasonable for the quality of the meal and experience. It’s a must-visit spot if you’re in Clarksville.

Moss' Southern Cooking

253 Clearview Dr, Clarksville

(931) 905-1818

Reviewed by:

Gr Varro

Had a fantastic brunch experience at Moss' Southern Cooking in Clarksville! The atmosphere of the place brought back memories of the diners of my childhood, creating a warmly nostalgic vibe the moment I walked in. The service was top-notch. From the get-go, the staff made me feel welcomed, setting the tone for a pleasant meal. The food here is simply outstanding. The beef on a bun was tender and flavorful, and the gravy was indeed something to rave about. The chocolate pie managed to surprise me with its unique taste, but it was a delightful surprise that made me want to come back for more. And let's not forget the cornbread! It was so good I couldn't stop eating it. My family enjoyed their meals as well. My oldest son had the mushroom swiss burger with fries, praising how perfectly cooked the fries were. My youngest was thrilled with the chicken tenders and the generous squirt bottle of BBQ sauce - a nice touch that kids will surely appreciate. We also tried the Wednesday special which included roast beef and three sides. While the roast beef and mashed potatoes were delicious, the Mac and cheese was a bit watery for my taste, and the cabbage was slightly overcooked. However, these minor issues didn't detract from the overall positive dining experience. Wanda, our server, was fantastic, making sure we had everything we needed and more. The speed of service was impressive too, with our order arriving in just ten minutes. The club sandwich and the triple cheese chicken with perfectly breaded onion rings were standouts. Unfortunately, there was a downside to our visit concerning the treatment received from some staff members, which marred our dining experience due to apparent racial insensitivity. It's disheartening when such situations arise, especially in establishments you want to support and enjoy. Despite this, the food and the majority of the service at Moss' Southern Cooking were wonderful. The place promises an inviting atmosphere, delicious southern cuisine, and a majority of staff who embody gracious, southern hospitality.

Waffle House

3069 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville

(931) 551-3598

Reviewed by:

Noah Livchits

If I could, I'd give this Waffle House location in Clarksville 10 stars! Throughout my life, I've dined at numerous Waffle House restaurants, but this one definitely takes the top spot. When we arrived, it was quite busy, so we opted to sit at the hi-top area. Our waitress, Michelle, was incredibly sweet and efficiently took our order along with our drink requests swiftly. It's such a charming touch to see their waffles embossed with the logo, something we don't get back home. Michelle also kindly provided us with drinks to go. I urge anyone to stop by; the place is not only super clean but also has a welcoming vibe. Additionally, the friendly rapport between the employees and what seemed like regular customers added a cozy and fun atmosphere to our visit. With fast service and delicious food like their cheesy eggs and grits, you just can't go wrong here.

Waffle House

1114 TN-76, Clarksville

(931) 358-3404

Reviewed by:

Robert Kenly

This was the first time I've had such a great experience at Waffle House. Typically, my visits involve having to mentally block out either the environment, because of a dirty floor or table, or the service. However, this visit to the Waffle House in Clarksville was a delightful surprise. The place was the cleanest I've ever seen a Waffle House be, which gave me the impression that the staff genuinely cares about the upkeep. The food was so good that, despite my usual habit, I felt compelled to take pictures after having already started eating, just because I knew I had to leave a positive review. The server was incredible, radiating happiness and showing eagerness to help, which significantly enhanced the dining experience. Although the food never disappoints, I did notice the waffles seemed thinner than usual. I'm hopeful they'll return to their usual thickness soon. Nonetheless, you visit Waffle House knowing exactly what you're going to get, and the service is usually very good, which it was this time around too. Despite being busy, the atmosphere remained very friendly, making for a good family setting. It was nice to feel welcomed as if I wasn't just a visitor from out of state. The food was good and very filling—almost too filling, to be honest. But that's just a part of the charm when dining here.

Kelly's Big Burger

405 N Riverside Dr, Clarksville

(931) 647-0985

Reviewed by:

Elena Temel

After several visits to Kelly's Big Burger for brunch in Clarksville, it's become clear that this place has secured its spot on my favorites list. The variety on the menu has allowed me to try something new each time, and overall, the food has been delightful. Although I'd suggest skipping the country fried chicken since it's essentially just two chicken patties with gravy, and the pulled pork didn't quite hit the mark for me due to its dryness, there are plenty of other options that more than make up for these minor letdowns. A standout for me was the deep-fried Oreos, an absolute must-try! As of October 2023, my opinion remains unchanged; if anything, I've grown even fonder of this spot. Breakfast here seems to shine brighter than dinner, with offerings like catfish filets that are impressively sized and wings that have been perfectly smoked before being deep-fried to finish. The smoked cabbage is another dish that left an impression, tasting incredibly good, and the rolls served on the side are light, sweet, and the perfect complement to any meal. My first visit in April 2023 set the tone for my now regular patronage. The classic, seat-yourself setup with both booths and counter seating created a welcoming atmosphere, and the service was both friendly and efficient. It was also nice to see other patrons engaging in friendly conversation, adding to the overall positive experience. The country-fried steak was notably tender, paired with gravy that was just right, and the over-easy eggs were cooked to perfection, allowing for the white to be easily separated from the yolk without breaking. While the use of canned mushrooms instead of fresh was a small letdown, it certainly didn't overshadow the excellent value and quality of the meal, which was incredibly reasonable at $31 including appetizer and dessert. The butterscotch pie and breakfast sandwiches were standout dishes, and the fact that Kelly's is open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays is a major plus. Having visited Kelly's Big Burger multiple times, whether for breakfast or a burger, the quality of food, reasonable pricing, and the genuinely cool staff have consistently impressed me. The atmosphere, despite being a bit crowded at times, has never deterred me, although it's something to be mindful of as it can get pretty packed. Even so, the wait is always worth it. This place has truly become a gem in Clarksville for brunch, and it's one I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for great food at great prices, served in a welcoming atmosphere.

Jackie's Country Kitchen

924 Providence Blvd Ste 1, Clarksville

(931) 645-9111

Reviewed by:

Junaid Galiego

Stepping into Jackie's Country Kitchen felt like a nostalgic trip back to a classic, old-style family diner. With its limited seating and the unmistakable vibe of a place where everyone knows your name, it was exactly the authentic dining experience I was craving. It's a cash-only spot, but worry not, they've got an ATM on-site, ensuring that nothing stands between you and their mouthwatering menu. The highlight for me had to be the 3 egg omelette, perfectly cooked and served with a side of their biscuits and gravy that left me completely satisfied with no room for complaints. It's not often you come across places that offer both excellent prices and generous portions, but Jackie's Country Kitchen checks all those boxes with ease. Looking for a spot that served grits beyond the usual chains, I stumbled upon this gem. The lack of a crowd was a plus, ensuring a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The staff were welcoming, quickly taking my order and serving up my meal in no time. Opting for the Mexican omelette alongside grits, biscuit, and gravy, every bite confirmed I had made the right choice. Surprisingly, the entire meal cost just $6.99 - a steal considering the quality and quantity of food. While it's important to remember it's a cash-only establishment due to their old machine, the availability of an ATM machine inside makes this a minor detail. Despite its small size, the diner exudes a warm, homey feel, making it a must-visit spot for anyone looking for good food, fast service, and unbeatable prices in the Clarksville area. This was my first visit to Jackie's Country Kitchen, but it's safe to say, it definitely won't be my last.

Waffle House

1931 Madison St, Clarksville

(931) 561-1119

Reviewed by:

Jay Crumbley

How Edward Hopper! It's probably going to become a go-to spot with the kids whenever there's some extra cash to splurge. Dropping $100 to feed a family of 5 might seem steep, but considering we walked away with full meals and pies, it felt wholly worth it. It was genuinely one of the standout dining experiences I've had in a while. Deciding on a whim to head out for brunch at Waffle House in Clarksville around 7 on a Wednesday turned out to be a fantastic choice. The atmosphere was so welcoming, akin to being invited over to someone's home where they're genuinely happy to see you, eager to feed you, and hang out while they whip up something delicious in the kitchen. The kids were absolutely thrilled to sit at the bar, eyes wide as they watched Magic Mike work his culinary magic while throwing in actual magic tricks. And Selina? She was just the icing on the cake - welcoming, friendly, and genuinely interested in chatting with her guests. She had a special way with the kids, making them feel right at home. What stood out was how incredibly clean, organized, and well-lit the place was. Sure, the absence of WiFi meant we didn’t linger longer than necessary, but in a way, that’s part of its charm. The allure of a 24-hour spot is strong, and though I've yet to venture in for a graveyard meal, it's certainly on the list. From the moment we walked in, the service was top-notch. Quick to be greeted, handed menus, and served up some of the freshest coffee and hottest, most delicious meals in no time. Even as someone who's not typically big on breakfast, I found the All-Star special to be remarkable. Sure, there were tiny hitches like the bacon being a tad overdone and missing out on a chocolate chip-studded waffle, but these were minor compared to the overall experience. Martina and Selina were lifesavers, embodying the warmth and efficiency that makes a meal memorable. The entire staff shone with their dedication and skill, particularly the chef, who clearly knows their way around the kitchen. The food was nothing short of amazing. All in all, this Waffle House in Clarksville stands out as a gem for a brunch destination. It's the kind of place that not only serves up great food but also creates wonderful dining experiences. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great meal any day of the week. #sswirlapproved

Wagon Wheel Cotterell's Family Restaurant

1205 Fort Campbell Blvd, Clarksville

(931) 553-1334

Reviewed by:

Latha Tanner

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when we pulled up to this quaint spot. From the moment we stepped inside, the atmosphere was incredibly welcoming, and the staff greeted us with warm smiles. Our waitress, Danae, was exceptionally friendly and attentive, ensuring our experience was smooth despite the restaurant being quite bustling at the time. For my meal, I chose a cheeseburger with bacon and fries, alongside the chicken and dumpling soup with cornbread. Although there was a slight mix-up with my order – receiving a roll instead of cornbread and missing the bacon on my burger – the quality of the food more than made up for it. The burger was easily the juiciest I've ever savored, and the chicken and dumplings were truly delectable. The little hiccups didn't bother me in the slightest because the food was that satisfying. Everything came to a total of $39.69, which felt like a steal for the quality and quantity of food we enjoyed. It's the epitome of a Ma and Pa eatery, offering fresh, comforting southern cooking at its finest. We specifically visited for breakfast, and it completely hit the spot, providing that much-craved home-cooked meal vibe. A word of advice – Saturdays here are bustling, a testament to the restaurant's popularity and the delicious food they serve. But even with the crowd, the prices don't soar; they genuinely undercharge for the quality they offer. The service was unparalleled, with Danae showcasing the kind of friendliness you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in America. Even though the bacon was extra crispy and the scrambled eggs were not quite to my usual liking, these were minor details in an otherwise flawless dining experience. The restaurant itself, including the restrooms, maintained high cleanliness standards. With a wide variety of choices and a beloved status among the locals, it's no wonder this has quickly become my favorite breakfast spot. The family atmosphere, excellent food, and willingness to accommodate special requests off the menu cement its status as a must-visit.

Paul & Jackie's Country Kitchen

1578 Zinc Plant Rd, Clarksville

(931) 552-0092

Reviewed by:

Fernando Mckenzie

After my third visit to Paul & Jackie's Country Kitchen, I've come to truly appreciate this cozy, local spot for brunch. The place has a self-seating policy, which I find quite convenient, although finding a clean table can sometimes be a challenge due to the bustling nature of the restaurant. Despite this, the wait staff are always doing their best to keep up, showcasing their friendliness and efficiency each time. Today, they were particularly busy but managed to maintain their pleasant demeanor. Our waitress this morning was exceptionally welcoming, and while the food was overall satisfying, I did note that my fries were lukewarm rather than hot. However, the taste of the food didn't disappoint. It's the kind of comforting, family-owned fare one hopes to find, with simple but effective tableware. The service during my first visit with colleagues was notable for its quick greeting and the rapid arrival of our meals. David, whom we interacted with, was courteous and attentive, ensuring our drinks were filled and checking if we needed anything further. The breakfast options were outstanding, prompting my decision to return and explore other entrees. Over time, I've noticed that this place, though occasionally understaffed leading to slower service and cooler food, has a charm that compensates for these minor inconveniences. The cleanliness, friendliness of staff, and consistency in food quality are commendable. Moreover, the affordability is impressive; a meal for three costing around $23 plus tip offers great value. While the restaurant opts for lemon packets over wedges for drinks—a minor difference that might catch some off guard—I didn't mind it. The crinkle-cut fries on my last visit were a highlight, perfectly crispy without being overdone. Also, opting for the service bar area over the booths was a pleasant surprise, offering a comfortable alternative with a well-placed foot ledge that added to the comfort of my dining experience. Despite the initial hesitation after my first visit, I've seen enough positive aspects to this restaurant to keep coming back. The ambiance, matched with the quality of food and the warm service, makes Paul & Jackie's Country Kitchen a place worth recommending, especially for those looking for an unpretentious and satisfying brunch experience in Clarksville.

Huddle House

590 Fire Station Rd Suite H, Clarksville

(931) 266-0504

Reviewed by:

Alfredo Etheridge

Went with my family because my dad wanted to give this place a try while I was in town for the holidays. We had a fantastic experience and we'll definitely be coming back. Here's why we enjoyed our visit: From the moment we entered, we felt welcomed. Despite being quite busy, the staff made an effort to greet us and get us seated as quickly as possible. The service was top-notch throughout our meal. Our waiter was incredibly attentive, frequently checking in to see if we needed anything, from refills to extra napkins. The menu reminded us of a delightful mix between Waffle House and Cracker Barrel, offering a variety of options that catered to everyone's taste. We appreciated the online order pick-up option as well, highlighting how they've adapted to the convenience of modern technology - something we'll surely use in the future. The food itself was delicious and cooked to order, just as we hoped. The portions were generous, leaving us satisfied and full. The green beans and country fried steak were the highlights of our meal, cooked perfectly and seasoned well. Even the blueberry pancake bites we tried were absolutely delicious - they were a hit with everyone at our table. Our waitress, Gracie, was phenomenal. She made our first experience here truly memorable with her friendly and professional service. She managed to strike the right balance between being attentive and giving us space to enjoy our meal, enhancing our overall experience. While the scrambled eggs were a bit bland for our taste, it was a minor hiccup in an otherwise delightful meal. The bacon, pancakes, and even the presentation were all top-notch. We did miss having syrup for our pancakes, a small detail that we'll remember to ask for next time. Overall, our brunch at this Huddle House in Clarksville was a fantastic experience. The food, service, and atmosphere were all more than we could have asked for. It's a place we'd recommend to anyone looking for a hearty meal in a friendly environment. Thank you to the staff for making our holiday visit so enjoyable.

Panera Bread

108 Morris Rd, Clarksville

(931) 551-4883

Reviewed by:

Blake Alvarado

Brunch at Panera Bread in Clarksville was an experience beyond expectations. The ambiance was inviting, and despite being my first return in years, it felt like coming home. The food, significantly the large chicken cobb salad, caught my attention. It was fresh, flavorful, and presented beautifully, a stark contrast to another location I visited where the salad seemed lacking. The quality of service was remarkable. On a busy day, the place was kept clean, and the staff was attentive, making the dining experience smooth and enjoyable. My kids, who can be quite the handful, were treated with such kindness and patience by Prudence and Mel. These two went out of their way to engage with my children, making sure they ate well while providing entertainment. Their dedication not only to their job but to ensuring a comfortable environment for all was heartwarming. The value received for the price paid was justifiable, given the quality of food and the exceptional service. Yes, navigating the ordering process through a terminal was a bit of a challenge, but it was a minor hiccup in what was otherwise a delightful visit. The iced tea, a simple pleasure, was refreshing and complemented the meal perfectly. In reflection, the difference in experience across locations was notable, emphasizing the importance of consistency. However, the Clarksville Panera Bread, with its welcoming atmosphere, delicious food, and outstanding service, especially from employees who go above and beyond, has reinstated my fondness for the brand. It's become a place I eagerly look forward to visiting again, hopefully making it a part of our family's regular dining spots.

Waffle House

1683 A, Fort Campbell Blvd, Clarksville

(931) 553-8805

Reviewed by:

Margie Аня

Waffle House always delivers when it comes to great food. The combination of eggs, bacon, and waffles never disappoints in terms of flavor and quality. On my recent visit, the waitress who attended to me was not only kind but also showed a level of professionalism that elevated the entire dining experience, although I did notice the floor was a bit sticky. Despite that minor hiccup, this place is high on my list for anyone in search of a satisfying breakfast. Having been away for over six years due to military service, returning to Waffle House felt almost nostalgic. The warm greeting upon entering, followed by the swift and efficient service, made the whole experience memorable. My takeout order was packed perfectly—still delicious and hot by the time I got to it. The staff member, Mia, was particularly noteworthy for her vibrant personality and outstanding customer service, making me feel appreciated from the moment I stepped in till I walked out the door. This Waffle House has become a yearly tradition for my brother and me, especially during the holidays. We're always met with super friendly staff and impeccable service, making every visit special. Even on challenging days, like a recent snow day when staffing was minimal, and the wait time exceeded an hour, the hardworking team managed to keep our food warm and the quality intact for our group and others. Witnessing the dedication of the staff, working tirelessly to serve customers under such conditions, truly deserves appreciation. Overall, this Waffle House stands out not just for the consistently delicious meals but for the exceptional service and warmth shown by the staff, making every visit memorable.

Waffle House

734 N Riverside Dr, Clarksville

(931) 552-0720

Reviewed by:

Amanda Grubb

The moment I stepped into Waffle House for brunch in Clarksville, I was impressed by the prime location and the breathtaking views I had from my seat. The service here is top-notch – kind, fast, and efficient, with everyone working in perfect harmony. It's easily the best Waffle House in miles, with workers who are incredibly friendly, including the cook. The food reminded me of my grandma's cooking – hot, fresh, and utterly delicious, significantly more than what you'd expect for the price. In fact, the portions were so generous that I ended up needing a to-go plate since I couldn't finish everything. Plus, the cleanliness of the restaurant added to the relaxing atmosphere, making my dining experience even more enjoyable. The prices are very reasonable, making me eager to plan my next visit. And I have to give a special shout-out to Shavon, our server, who was constantly checking in on us with a smile, contributing greatly to our positive experience. His energy was contagious, and it made our meal even more delightful. My favorite dish has to be the steak and eggs – it never disappoints! However, one minor inconvenience after working a long 12-hour shift and being ready to dive into a meal is dealing with panhandlers blocking the path to the entrance. Despite this, the welcoming smiles from the ladies serving the food always brighten my visit. Overall, between the great food, the clean environment, the reasonable prices, and the outstanding service, this place deserves high praise.

Waffle House

3323 Fort Campbell Blvd, Clarksville

(931) 431-3999

Reviewed by:

Kaushik Thomas

As a big fan of brunch, I've had my fair share of experiences, ranging from the delightful to the downright disappointing. However, my latest visit to the Waffle House in Clarksville was a standout, and I consider it to be my best Waffle House experience ever. The moment you step into this place, you're greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere that feels just right for a laid-back brunch. Let's talk about the food because, after all, that's the heart of any brunch spot. I have a specific way I like my hashbrowns - not scattered, but in the ring. It's a small request but one that makes all the difference to me. Unfortunately, they couldn't accommodate this preference exactly due to a change in their kitchen equipment. However, the chef went out of their way to try and mimic the style, showing a level of care and effort that I greatly appreciated. Although it wasn't exactly as I prefer, the attempt was commendable. Now, onto the absolute stars of the show - the staff. The chef, Wes, cooked my food to perfection. Everything from the texture to the flavor was spot-on, making each bite better than the last. And then there was our waitress, Sidney. She was the epitome of what service should be - sweet, attentive, and genuinely focused on making our dining experience the best it could be. Her attentiveness made us feel valued and taken care of, a rarity in many dining experiences today. Despite a small hiccup with an unwelcome guest (a roach) making an appearance, the staff handled the situation with a level of professionalism that prevented it from dampening our spirits. It's not the challenges but how they're addressed that defines a place, and in this instance, the quick action was noted. In summary, this Waffle House visit was memorable for all the right reasons. Between the marvelous staff and the chef's commendable efforts to accommodate my dining preferences, it's clear this spot deserves a visit. Whether you're a local or just passing through Clarksville, this Waffle House is a must-try.


3083 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville

(931) 553-0830

Reviewed by:

Trudy Bautista

This place was awesome!! The fried chicken, Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes - honestly, everything - were to die for. Initially, my expectations weren’t high upon realizing it was a buffet, but that quickly changed. The hostess/server, Kim, was incredibly sweet, conversational, and funny. She mentioned she had been there for a long time, and her dedication really showed. Kim, if you're reading this, you made our entire trip unforgettable with your kindness. We’ll definitely be back! Despite a small hiccup after our visit, where my family and I experienced food poisoning for the first time after many visits, the overall experience hasn't deterred us. It’s been a while since our last meal there, but it didn’t disappoint upon our return. The staff, particularly Susan, were friendly and professional, and the food was warm and tasted fresh, earning a solid 5 stars from us. The only minor issue was the cleanliness of the table when we arrived; it could have been overlooked from a previous diner or from the day before. Nonetheless, cleanliness is crucial for a good experience. On a brighter note, our lunch stop today was fantastic. The buffet was clean, well-stocked, and fresh, and the overall vibe from the other diners was just as positive. It's clear everyone was as thrilled as we were to be there. I even made a point to ask who the manager was to compliment the excellent experience we had; Kathy Parker, you're doing an amazing job! Two thumbs up for this place! It’s definitely on my list for future lunch stops when I’m working nearby.


2819 B, Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville

(931) 503-0911

Reviewed by:

Marta Brown Ambrosino Wloka

Had a brunch visit at IHOP in Clarksville and it was a pleasant experience overall. The service was quick and the staff were friendly, even during a busy period. The Red, White, and Blue pancake platter caught my eye and it did not disappoint – a delightful and fitting choice for a Veteran's Day meal. The eggs were cooked just right, the hashbrowns were nicely crispy, and both the sausage and bacon added a satisfying touch to the meal. The coffee was a highlight, served in a carafe so there was plenty to go around. The crepes were another favorite of mine, absolutely delicious, though there was a minor hiccup when our request for a knife seemed to go unheard. As for the steak, it was flavorful and cooked on a griddle, which, while not steakhouse quality, was still enjoyable. The beverages, including the juice and water, were refreshing, and the fruit served was fresh and tasty. There were a couple of issues, like finding short hairs in the hashbrowns, which I decided not to eat, and a slightly inconvenient leaning table. Despite these minor setbacks, the overall experience was not diminished. The quality and temperature of the food were commendable. However, it's important to note that subsequent experiences, particularly with to-go orders, have been less satisfactory. An instance involving eggshells in the waffle significantly marred what was supposed to be a special birthday lunch. The reaction from some staff members upon raising this issue was disappointing. There were also some service mishaps during another visit, including mix-ups with orders and billing, as well as some cleanliness concerns with the silverware and food presentation. While my initial visit was enjoyable and showed promise, these subsequent experiences have highlighted areas that need improvement, particularly in consistency and attention to customer feedback.

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