September 12, 2023

Brunching in the CLE: Best Brunch Spots in Cleveland

Explore Cleveland's thriving brunch scene with our insider's guide to the city's best brunch destinations. Find out where to get the most scrumptious pancakes, the most exquisite eggs benedict, or the freshest avocado toast in town. Make every weekend a flavor-packed adventure in the heart of Northeast Ohio.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Brunching in the CLE: Best Brunch Spots in Cleveland
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Welcome to the heart of Northeast Ohio, where the mouthwatering aroma of sizzling bacon, freshly brewed coffee, and buttery pancakes fills the air. As you navigate Cleveland's vibrant neighborhoods, you'll find a plethora of brunch spots, each boasting its unique charm and flavor. Whether you're craving a lavish eggs benedict, a stack of fluffy pancakes, or a robust avocado toast, Cleveland's brunch scene has something for every palate. This guide will take you on a culinary journey, introducing you to the city's top-notch brunch spots that will make your weekends in the 'CLE' truly unforgettable.

Prosperity Social Club

1109 Starkweather Ave, Cleveland

(216) 937-1938

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Prosperity Social Club is a must-visit for anyone in Cleveland looking for a delicious brunch experience. The food is outstanding, and the Mac and Cheese is a must-try. The atmosphere is down-to-earth and unpretentious, making it a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. The staff are friendly, welcoming, and provide excellent service. The drinks are reasonably priced, and the bartender is knowledgeable and helpful. Overall, Prosperity Social Club is a great place to eat with a fantastic atmosphere, and highly recommended for anyone looking for a great restaurant in Cleveland.

West Side Market Café

1979 W 25th St, Cleveland

(216) 579-6800

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The West Side Market Café in Cleveland is a great old school diner with a menu of traditional and unique options. The kielbasa hash and eggs are a must-try if they're on special. The place can get busy, but tables turn over quickly, making it worth the wait. The breakfast classics are delicious, and the staff is kind and helpful. The market is an incredible experience, with a wide variety of delicious smells, from fresh-baked bread to coffee to sausage and smoked meats. It's a must-visit place in Cleveland.

Fat Cats

2061 W 10th St, Cleveland

(216) 579-0200

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Fat Cats for brunch in Cleveland is a must-try restaurant with exceptional appetizers and top-notch service. While the entrees and desserts may not have been as impressive, the chef's flexibility and attention to allergens is highly appreciated. The atmosphere is cozy and cool with limited parking options. The food is flavorful and fresh, and the prices are reasonable for the quality. The vegan options are a standout, and the crab melt is a must-try. Overall, a fantastic dining experience perfect for a weekend brunch or casual night out.

Rowley Inn

1104 Rowley Ave, Cleveland

(216) 795-5345

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The Rowley Inn in Cleveland is a must-visit for anyone in the area or passing through. The food is amazing, with fresh, homemade ingredients and a great beer selection. The staff is attentive and friendly, making for a top-notch experience. Don't miss the bacon-wrapped tots or the delicious meatloaf sandwich. And if you're a fan of the movie A Christmas Story, you'll love the Christmas decorations and leg lamp on display. Despite being busy, the Rowley Inn provides excellent service and delicious food that will make you want to become a regular.

Lucky's Café

777 Starkweather Ave, Cleveland

(216) 622-7773

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Lucky's Café in Cleveland is a must-visit for brunch lovers. Despite long wait times, the delicious food and friendly staff make it worth every second. The limited menu still offers enough options with weekend specials being a must-try. The freshly squeezed orange juice and biscuits were particularly noteworthy. The staff works like a well-oiled machine making sure every customer is taken care of. The Shipwreck, pecan bacon, biscuits and gravy, macaroni and cheese, and seasonal waffle were all phenomenal. They also serve fantastic coffee, such as the Lucky's latte. The cinnamon rolls were light and almost flaky. The southern food was expertly prepared, and there were even intriguing root vegetables and other ingredients used on the menu. Despite the wait times, the prices were fair, and it was well worth the journey from downtown Cleveland. It's recommended to either call ahead or get there early to avoid the crowds. Overall, Lucky's Café has exceptional food, friendly staff, and a great atmosphere.

Le Petit Triangle Cafe

1881 Fulton Rd, Cleveland

(216) 281-1881

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Le Petit Triangle Cafe is a must-visit restaurant in Cleveland for its amazing food, service, and atmosphere. The French authenticity of the restaurant is evident in its small details, making it feel like a Parisian bistro. The crepes and escargot are highly recommended, and the wait staff is knowledgeable about food and wine pairings. The open kitchen adds to the ambiance, and the service is attentive without being intrusive. Overall, the experience at Le Petit Triangle Cafe exceeded expectations and is definitely worth a visit.

Grumpy's Cafe

2621 W 14th St, Cleveland

(216) 241-5025

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Grumpy's Cafe in Cleveland is a must-visit for anyone looking for a great brunch experience. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, and the food comes out faster than expected. The home fries seasoned in Cajun seasoning and the Reuben omelet with a side of thousand island dressing are particularly tasty. The service is excellent, with polite staff like Mariah ensuring a pleasant experience. The coffee is also good, and the apple cinnamon toast and apple walnut French toast are both delicious options. Overall, Grumpy's Cafe is worth a visit and is sure to become a favorite brunch spot.

Addy's Diner

530 Euclid Ave, Cleveland

(216) 202-1368

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Addy's Diner is a small breakfast spot in downtown Cleveland that serves high-quality, fresh food. The staff is quick and efficient, and the owner makes everything from scratch. While the seating can be a bit of a challenge and the wait time can be long, the prices are reasonable. It may not be a five-star restaurant, but it's a decent spot for brunch and worth a visit.

Home Bistro

12022 Mayfield Rd Floor 1, Cleveland

(216) 795-5582

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Home Bistro in Cleveland offers an excellent experience for brunch with unique cocktails, delicious food, and friendly service. The smoked pork chop and lentils were particularly noteworthy. The back patio provides a great dining space, and there are always new specials to try. The gnocchi is a must-have, and the atmosphere creates a wonderful neighborhood vibe. Highly recommend for a fantastic brunch experience.

Yours Truly Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square, 1228 Euclid Ave, Cleveland

(216) 621-2700

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Yours Truly Playhouse Square in Cleveland offers a wonderful brunch experience with excellent service, delicious food, and a great atmosphere. The menu is large and includes all-day breakfast options and healthy choices. The portions are huge and the prices are affordable, making it a great option for any budget. Customers rave about the flavorful and beautifully presented Eggs Bruschetta. The restaurant is also known for their clean bathroom and friendly, quick service. Overall, Yours Truly Playhouse Square is a must-visit spot in Cleveland.

Euro Wafel Bar

11433 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland

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Euro Wafel Bar in Cleveland is a great spot for sweet treats like Belgian waffles and crepes. They have limited seating, but the food is worth ordering for takeout. Although they are only open at night, the service is excellent with friendly staff and delicious chai and lavender latte. The homemade caramel sauce is a standout and the crepes are fantastic. Overall, Euro Wafel Bar is a must-visit late-night gem.


1909 W 25th St, Cleveland

(216) 344-9400

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TownHall in Cleveland offers a fantastic brunch experience with great food, drinks, and atmosphere. Their menu has plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free guests. The staff is friendly and attentive, providing recommendations that won't disappoint. The restaurant also has a good sports-bar atmosphere with two bars and plenty of seating options. The food is delicious, and the dip trilogy is a must-try. The parking lot behind the restaurant is also a plus. Overall, TownHall is highly recommended for anyone visiting Cleveland.

Double Nickel Brunch & Event space

1852 E 6th St, Cleveland

(216) 331-2261

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Double Nickel Brunch & Event space is an excellent spot for brunch in Cleveland. The presentation of food and drinks is lovely, and the menu offers a nice variety of options. Customers love the amazing hospitality of the staff and the tasty meals. The mango mimosa is a must-try. Overall, Double Nickel is highly recommended for delicious brunch and great service.

TURN Bar + Kitchen

1515 W 3rd St, Cleveland

(216) 623-1300

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TURN Bar + Kitchen in Cleveland serves delicious food and drinks with great service. The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting, perfect for any mealtime. The menu offers a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food is flavorful and well-prepared, with gluten-free and vegetarian options available. The staff is friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable about the menu. The restaurant is spacious, making it ideal for large groups. Customers highly recommend TURN Bar + Kitchen and intend to return. The only complaint is that it took a long time to receive the food, but the service was still great.

The South Side

2207 W 11th St, Cleveland

(216) 937-2288

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Despite a long wait, The South Side in Cleveland has a neat atmosphere and delicious food, particularly the enchiladas and eggs. While there were some underwhelming dishes, the mimosas were great and overall it's a place worth returning to. The Tiger Crab sandwich was a standout dish and the staff were accommodating. The outdoor space and drink selection are also worth noting as positives.

Inn On Coventry

2785 Euclid Heights Blvd, Cleveland

(216) 371-1811

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The Inn on Coventry offers great brunch options at reasonable prices. Despite being busy, the service is quick and attentive to details. The menu offers both typical diner fare and exceptional pancakes. The ambiance is slightly cramped, but not a big deal. The veggie omelet is delicious and the coffee kept coming. The only issue was a wobbly table. Overall, the Inn on Coventry is a great spot for brunch in Cleveland.

1890 Restaurant

420 Superior Ave East, Cleveland

(216) 776-4576

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1890 Restaurant in Cleveland is a fantastic brunch spot with great food, coffee, and service. The vegan options on the menu were appreciated and the servers were knowledgeable and attentive. The restaurant is clean and spacious with reasonable prices. The attached bar area is also a nice touch. The breakfast potatoes were crispy and delicious and the coffee was excellent. The pancakes and waffles looked tasty as well. Overall, the reviewers highly recommend this restaurant and would return again.

Yonder Brunch & Vibes

3859 Superior Ave, Cleveland

(216) 465-3046

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Yonder Brunch & Vibes in Cleveland has received a positive review from a customer who loved the food, decor, and atmosphere of the restaurant. The customer was impressed with the cleanliness of the place and the large plants that added a nice touch. The customer enjoyed an egg and turkey sausage sandwich with a side order of smashed potatoes as well as a yonder breakfast sandwich and passion fruit tea with patron. The only complaint was the long wait time for the food and the small serving size of the cheese grits. Overall, the customer said the food was delicious and worth returning for.

Cleveland Breakfast Club

13228 Shaker Square, Cleveland

(216) 465-2053

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The Cleveland Breakfast Club is an amazing restaurant with exceptional service and delicious food that is doused with flavor throughout. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the decor has a nice antique modern touch. The sweet potato waffles and almond butter smoothie are must-try items, and the prices are more than reasonable for such high-quality food. The restaurant is Black-owned, which adds to the unique cultural experience. While there was a slight misstep with customer service on one visit, overall, the Cleveland Breakfast Club is a great spot for brunch in Cleveland and definitely worth visiting.

The Burnham

100 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland

(216) 413-5120

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The Burnham provides a great brunch experience, with fast and accommodating service. The staff is attentive and the atmosphere is cozy yet modern. Although the menu is limited, the food is great and the staff is unmatched. However, some customers were disappointed with their food portions and prices. Despite this, The Burnham remains a highly recommended brunch spot in Cleveland.

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