January 15, 2024

Best Brunch Spots in Columbus, Georgia

Get ready to chow down in Columbus, GA! 🍳 Find the perfect brunch spot from our no-nonsense guide to the city's top eateries.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Best Brunch Spots in Columbus, Georgia
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Here, in the heart of the Peach State, the quest for the perfect mid-morning meal is as serious as it is delicious, with local eateries charting a course to undiscovered flavors and treasured classic dishes.


5727 Moon Rd, Columbus

(706) 221-4151

Reviewed by:

Maqbool Vazquez

Visited Toasted for brunch in Columbus, and the experience was truly satisfying. The pricing felt right in line with other breakfast spots, though it's worth noting that breakfast joints seem to have a solid margin on their offerings. The Philly was exactly what you'd hope for—filled with flavor and satisfaction. The creole fries? Almost mandatory with their perfect seasoning. The chicken tenders were a bit heavy on the salt, especially when standing alone, but still enjoyable. The jalapeño jelly offered a nice kick that was both refreshing and well-executed. It was my first time here, joining a group of five. The choices were varied, including the southwestern Philly, and yes, to the delight of any Pepsi lover, they had Mountain Dew with that delightful small square ice—some will know exactly why that matters. The service couldn't have been better; our waitress Tabitha was attentive, friendly, and ensured we had everything we needed, contributing to the welcoming family atmosphere in a typical diner-like setting. While the food was generally good—perhaps not mind-blowing—it lived up to its solid reputation. The server who greeted us was incredibly helpful, pointing out top-selling items that didn't disappoint. The hash rounds were a highlight, akin to potato pancakes just begging for some sour cream. The French toast named 'berries in a cloud' was exceptional, and the Philly omelet was remarkable. I'm eager to return and sample more from their tempting menu. Stumbled upon this spot during a town visit for a graduation ceremony. Laura, our host, was wonderfully inviting, serving up excellent and swift service. The three-egg omelettes, accompanied by delectable biscuits and sourdough toast, hit the spot, with reasonable prices and well-sized portions. Plus, the music added to the ambiance, creating an enjoyable vibe. Overall, it's a place worth trying for anyone in search of a solid brunch spot.

Bodega 1205

19 12th St, Columbus

(706) 221-3514

Reviewed by:

Leilani Cgh

Enjoyed my first visit to Bodega 1205 in Columbus, GA for brunch. The server was amazing, contributing to the welcoming atmosphere. I was impressed by the decor and the music, which added to the overall pleasant experience. The omelet with peppers and onions I had was the best I've ever tasted, and the bread was just perfect; it's like someone put their whole heart into making that meal. I'm definitely looking forward to going back. The staff was very friendly from the moment we walked in. We tried fresh juice, opting for carrot mixed with orange, which was a refreshing choice. For our main dishes, we indulged in plantain nachos topped with pork and another with chicken. Both were incredibly tasty and satisfying. We couldn't resist trying the empanada sampler too, and let me tell you, the guava cheese was a standout – just watch out for the piping hot filling! Bodega has earned its place as the best brunch spot in Columbus in my book. Not only did the food arrive quickly, but the flavors were also exceptional. The restaurant gave off a friendly and family-like vibe as soon as we entered. It's such a quaint spot for a meal; the coffee was especially good, and the service was attentive and accommodating. They even have outdoor seating and local Columbus artwork adorning the walls, which showcases the community spirit. I absolutely loved it and am eager to go back for another delightful brunch experience.

Wicked Hen Restaurant

1350 13th St, Columbus

(706) 984-7215

Reviewed by:

Taran Pressley

After much deliberation, I finally decided to check out Wicked Hen for brunch and I'm thrilled that I did. The recent reviews didn't quite match my experience, as I found the portion sizes to be rather generous. My boyfriend's pecan crusted chicken with sweet potato waffle came with two hearty breasts that proved to be a challenge for him to finish, and the taste was nothing short of fantastic. My fried green tomato BLT hit all the right notes, making for a delightful meal. We also gave the duck egg rolls a shot, and they were a surprising blend of flavors that I couldn't get enough of. The restaurant ambiance was cozy and welcoming, the perfect setting for a brunch date with my husband. Service was prompt and friendly, ensuring we were well taken care of. The charcuterie app, farmhouse burger and fries, shrimp and grits, pork chop, trout, and especially the prime rib – all these dishes showcased the quality and variety on offer at Wicked Hen. Yes, there have been some noticeable changes in the food over my multiple visits. The pesto pasta and pecan chicken with sweet potato waffles were not as I remembered them, and the hamburger was a bit underwhelming. I can only speculate that there might have been a change in the kitchen staff. However, the sweet potato fries remained a standout, even if they could have been a bit hotter. Despite these minor inconsistencies, my brunch was greatly enjoyable. The Bloody Marys and mimosas also deserve a mention – they were a great addition to the meal. Despite the few hiccups with some dishes, Wicked Hen has earned my return visit with its resolved issues and the delicious overall experience.

First Watch

2528 Weems Rd Ste A1, Columbus

(706) 322-4517

Reviewed by:

Kandy Burch

First Watch is a fantastic spot for brunch in Columbus. It always surprises me how quickly we get seated, even during busy times. The food is consistently good. On our last visit, my daughter enjoyed her chocolate chip pancakes with bacon and eggs, and I had the steak and bacon burrito. The flavors were spot-on, although I found out I'm not a huge fan of potatoes in my burrito – something I overlooked when ordering. Regardless, I ended up devouring the whole thing. It truly was a memorable breakfast experience. My husband had been raving about this place, and after finally visiting, I can see why. They serve the best bacon I've ever had; it's just delicious. I tried the million dollar hash, loaded with potato pieces, bacon, and a touch of honey – it was exceptional. I'm pretty sure I'll become a regular; the waiters might as well start remembering me! The atmosphere strikes a perfect balance between country charm and modern flair. The staff is attentive without being overbearing. Prices are reasonable for the quality of food served. Our server, Kaitlyn, was incredibly sweet and efficient, a real gem, especially given how busy it was. Our meals, including the traditional breakfast and the Parma skillet hash, were fresh and hit the spot. We also sampled the new holiday drinks, and they were the perfect start to our day. Overall, First Watch has become my go-to place for a delicious, satisfying breakfast in Columbus.

Ruth Ann's Restaurant

941 Veterans Pkwy, Columbus

(706) 221-2154

Reviewed by:

Jeremie Yaniv

I had an incredible brunch experience at Ruth Ann's Restaurant in Columbus Ga. The second visit to this charming city led us to this gem, and I was blown away by the quality of the food. The scrambled eggs were the best I've had, and the red velvet pancakes were to die for. The entire family left satisfied and eager to return. It's a must-visit spot if you're in the area. The restaurant itself has a welcoming atmosphere, though I would suggest going early on a Sunday before 10 am to avoid the wait for a table. After my son's bootcamp graduation, we were on the hunt for a local breakfast spot and Ruth Ann's hit the spot. Joining the waitlist before arriving was a breeze and we were served quickly by a delightful server. We dived into a feast that included captain crunch French toast, red velvet pancakes, a bubble waffle, classic French toast, and a hearty biscuit complete with eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, and gravy. The taste and quality were beyond my expectations. The only hiccup was the atmosphere, which was slightly marked down due to bare walls, making it seem like they might be in the middle of updating their decor. Also, despite a 35-minute wait, we noticed several empty tables around us which was a bit puzzling, and the dried out turkey sausage was a minor letdown. The omelet, however, was well-made with fresh veggies. My advice to others would be to try Ruth Ann's without a wait to fully enjoy the fantastic food. The parking can be tricky with tight spaces, so be prepared for that. Despite these small drawbacks, I would definitely recommend Ruth Ann's for a delightful brunch in Columbus.

Waffle House

1326 Veterans Pkwy, Columbus

(706) 641-8151

Reviewed by:

Kimberly Carvajal

I'm a regular at the Waffle House on Veterans Parkway in Downtown Columbus, easily the best one I've been to in Columbus and Alabama. There's something special about heading there for brunch, especially at 4am – it's an experience in itself. The cook, Bradley, and waitresses Crystal and Dee, really make the place shine. They're friendly and down-to-earth, creating a welcoming atmosphere that keeps me coming back. It's the kind of spot you want to be at for late-night eats. My first visit was unforgettable. Jennifer, our server, was attentive and quick with coffee refills, ensuring that our experience was top-notch. Our food arrived swiftly, piping hot, and satisfying to the last bite. The cleanliness of the restaurant added to the overall pleasant experience. Even when getting breakfast to-go, the process is straightforward – though there can be a hiccup with the warmth of certain items like sausage and bacon. The staff can get busy but usually, someone steps in to assist if there's a wait. Despite these occasional setbacks, the overall quality of food and service keeps me loyal. The Waffle House team works hard to provide an enjoyable meal every time, and it's why I keep returning.

Waffle House

6390 Flat Rock Rd, Columbus

(706) 561-3052

Reviewed by:

Eddie Barbier

Just had a lovely brunch experience at Waffle House here in Columbus. Our server, Kat, was wonderful. She always makes sure the order is spot on, and on the off chance it's not, she's quick to make it right. She's the definition of polite and attentive. The food? It came out hot and flavorful, exactly what you want in a hearty brunch. But what really enhances the meal is the atmosphere. There's this cheerful vibe, with the employees exchanging friendly banter and giving warm welcomes the moment you step through the door. Service was efficient too. It wasn't more than 10 minutes from the time of being seated to getting served and indulging in my meal. The Waffle House team knows how to deliver food that's not just quick, but also piping hot and just as tasty as you'd hope for. And it’s impossible to ignore how everyone there just radiates friendliness. Each person I interacted with had a smile and a kind word. However, it wasn't a perfect visit. This time around, there were a few hiccups with my order—burnt bacon, an undercooked waffle, and a couple of mix-ups with my grits and toast. Plus, I wasn't offered a drink refill. Also, as someone who has to be mindful of food allergies, I did notice a lack of attention to potential cross-contamination, which is something I hope improves. But overall, it's the comforting consistency of Waffle House that keeps me coming back. Despite today's little mistakes, it's usually a great experience, with food and service that hit the spot, especially when you're craving that classic Waffle House brunch.

Waffle House

2727 Manchester Expy, Columbus

(706) 327-3852

Reviewed by:

Sreelekha Hernandes

10/10. Definitely the best Waffle House experience ever! Staying at a hotel nearby, decided to pop in for brunch and so glad I did. This place had outstanding reviews, which initially surprised me because I've never seen such high ratings for a Waffle House. But let me tell you, it lived up to every single star. The food? Absolutely spot-on. It came out fast, piping hot, and had just the right touch of that classic Waffle House grease that makes their meals so comforting. The staff was phenomenal. The waitresses were the friendliest I've encountered, making us feel right at home. They even went above and beyond – when our little one dropped her toy, they didn't hesitate to pick it up and give it a quick clean. If you're in Columbus and looking for a top-notch brunch spot, you've got to swing by this Waffle House. The service alone is unparalleled, but coupled with the quality of the food? Unbeatable. Despite having one hiccup with a longer wait and a mix-up on my hashbrowns, the exceptional service on a particular evening visit made up for it. The waitress treated us like family and the cook nailed our order, turning out delicious plates quickly. This place is a gem among diners, and I'd urge anyone nearby to give it a go. You won't be disappointed!

Waffle House

4301 Victory Dr, Columbus

(706) 685-1999

Reviewed by:

Ervin Currence

Just had brunch at Waffle House in Columbus and it was absolutely delicious! It's situated in a fun part of town, and the vibe is just what you'd hope for in an American diner. The service? Couldn't be friendlier or faster. I have to admit, American diner breakfasts aren't usually my thing, but Waffle House changed my mind – the food was spot on. Now, the place is on the small side, so there's a chance you might have to wait a bit during busy times, but trust me, it's worth the wait. It's another great addition to the Waffle House family and seems to be a hit with military folks too, since it's not far from Fort Moore. Also, can we talk about the All-Star Breakfast? Always a solid choice. It's a shame, though, that they weren't open for sit-down service when I swung by late in the evening – had to place my order at the window. Even though there was a bit of a mix-up with my order after repeating it a few times, and I ended up with something different when I got home, the experience as a whole was still a thumbs-up. But hey, Waffle House, what happened there? There wasn't even a crowd to blame. All in all, friendly staff, good food, and great prices make this Waffle House a place I'll definitely visit again for brunch. Sure, the neighborhood might not be the most impressive, but the food and service more than make up for it.

Waffle House

6751 Veterans Pkwy, Columbus

(706) 653-7788

Reviewed by:

Melvin Winkles

What a relief to find comfort at Waffle House for brunch in Columbus during a challenging time. Two days before Christmas, with my wife in the hospital and my grandmother abroad, I needed a place to take a breather and enjoy a good meal. Despite the chaos in the world – from global conflicts to political uncertainty – stepping into Waffle House felt like entering a little sanctuary of normalcy. The place was spot on for kids too. They had a blast picking out their meals using the pictures on the menu. The staff? Absolutely welcoming. They provided stellar service, making the whole dining experience even more pleasant. And let me tell you, when hunger struck, Waffle House delivered. My food arrived swiftly, and it was every bit as satisfying as I hoped it would be. The cleanliness of the store deserves a shoutout as well – it clearly reflected their high standards. Our server did have a few memory slips, but their cordiality more than made up for it. It didn't really detract from the overall experience. Usually, my wife and I have our favorite Waffle House that we frequent, but this was my inaugural visit to this particular location. And it didn't disappoint. Lacey, our server, was exceptional. She was on the ball, friendly, and made for good conversation. The food? It hit the spot. All in all, it was a delightful meal and a respite during a tough time. Big thanks to the team there for making it a little easier to navigate a rough patch with their great service and tasty food.

Waffle House

5701 Milgen Rd, Columbus

(706) 569-8483

Reviewed by:

Gregorio Mckenna

Today was one of those days when I just needed to step out for a bit, and let me tell you, the Waffle House brunch did not disappoint. Austin, our server, was an absolute gem—so welcoming and made sure we felt right at home. Plus, the food was spot on! I've got to mention the cleanliness of the place. Despite what you may hear, this Waffle House keeps things tidy and neat, making it a top spot on my go-to list now. As a regular, I've seen first-hand how fantastic the cook and server team operates. They're fantastic! That being said, it's been a hot minute since the AC has worked, and it's tough seeing this stellar crew have to work in the heat. Corporate really ought to step up and fix it—they've got a team worth looking after here. But I've got to be real for a second—there's an older lady working the night shift, and patience hasn't been her strong suit, especially with the bacon coming out a bit too crispy for my liking. It seems there's also a bit of a distraction with phones back in the kitchen. When it comes to food, professionalism is key. Back to the good stuff though—my experience today was top-notch. My boyfriend and I were looking for a switch-up for lunch and we hit the jackpot. Friendly faces all around, prompt service, and a restaurant that's keeping things clean, so a big thanks to Waffle House for making our lunch so enjoyable.


DoubleTree Hotel, 5351 Sidney Simons Blvd, Columbus

(706) 243-0551

Reviewed by:

Elena Quintanilla

Went for brunch at Houlihan's in Columbus and I must say it was a delightful experience. Our server, Bonita, was absolutely fabulous, making our dining experience that much more enjoyable. We started off with the stuffed mushrooms, which were incredibly tasty. It was a plate of four, just the perfect amount for the two of us to share. For the main course, I went with the southwest wrap accompanied by fries and potato soup, while my husband opted for a burger with fries. The food not only arrived quickly but was also very satisfying. We definitely ordered more than we could handle, but it was totally worth it. Although we only glanced over the lunch menu, the dishes we tried left me eager to come back for dinner. My favorite was certainly the mushrooms, but everything kept me full for the entire day. The service was even better than the food, if that's possible. The fish and chips I tried could use a bit more flavor, but they were served hot and crispy. As for the fries, swapping the skinny ones for regular-sized fries would be a nice touch. The potato soup was nice, but I'd recommend putting the tortilla chips on the side to prevent them from getting soggy. Lettuce wraps were another highlight, really well executed. Even the pricing made me think about a return visit. When I came for a meeting and the food was catered by Houlihan's, the team was incredibly accommodating of my gluten-free needs. The chef personally ensured I was well taken care of, which I highly appreciated. While some dishes could use a bit more seasoning and the mushroom appetizers were on the greasy side, the attentiveness of the staff made up for it. Although the waitress seemed a bit preoccupied, we were well looked after by others. Overall, with some slight improvements on the food and perhaps a bit more attention to seasoning, Houlihan's could easily become a go-to spot in Columbus for a satisfying brunch or lunch. The good definitely outweighed the few areas for improvement. Will return for sure!

Waffle House

1646 A Bradley Park Dr, Columbus

(706) 324-7400

Reviewed by:

Kayura Alani

As a frequent visitor of Waffle House for brunch in Columbus, I've generally had solid experiences, especially with a team member named Loretta. She deserves 5 stars for her service—kind, attentive, and she even took the time to congratulate our soldier on his graduation. The cook also did a commendable job with the food preparation and presentation. One morning, after picking up a shift, I grabbed some food to-go. Unfortunately, the eggs in my order were undercooked with eggshells present, and the grits weren't fully cooked either, having a watery texture and a strange taste. Not being a picky eater and quite hungry, I ate it regardless. I understand they were busy, so I didn't let it upset me. Aside from that hiccup, the service was great. However, my experience with the temperature inside the restaurant was less enjoyable. Despite being well-dressed for the weather, I was uncomfortably cold during my visit because they wouldn't turn on the heaters throughout the Waffle Houses in North Columbus. Another visit took a turn for the worse due to a waitress named Peggy. After waiting patiently for a table, she asked me to give it up for a new customer, disregarding my presence. When I declined, Peggy chose to serve the other customer first, ignoring me completely for 15 minutes, and even instructed the cook to not prepare my order. This disrespectful behavior led me to speak to the manager and insist on her being disciplined for her unprofessionalism. On a different occasion, I called to place an order and was greeted warmly over the phone. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the cook and another individual found it amusing to disregard my order, negatively impacting the waitress's tip. As a result of such unprofessional behavior, I decided to never return to that location. It's crucial that staff respect the business, as I won't hesitate to reach out to corporate if such incidents recur.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

1500 Bradley Park Dr, Columbus

(706) 317-3460

Reviewed by:

Peggy Nicole

When it comes to brunch in Columbus, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a place I find myself returning to time and again. The customer service is consistently friendly, and the staff always greets us with a smile, which makes for a great start to any meal. On our last visit, our server was not only great but incredibly respectful. Despite the fact that we took our sweet time deciding what to order, the server remained patient and checked in on us to make sure our drinks were topped off and we had everything we needed. The experience isn't complete without a stroll through the store side of Cracker Barrel. There's always such a variety to look at and it seems like the inventory isn't always the same, which makes each visit feel unique. The staff in the store area were just as attentive as our server, checking in on us frequently as we browsed through the aisles. On top of the excellent service, the festive atmosphere during the Christmas season was simply inviting. The decorations throughout the restaurant brought the holiday spirit to life. The cinnamon roll pie from the Christmas menu was an absolute treat, and it paired beautifully with their signature fried apples – a delightful combination that I found particularly memorable. Even during peak times like a Sunday evening, while the service might feel a bit slow due to the crowd, the quality of the food more than makes up for it. It's one of those places where the experience stays with you, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit. The only downside was a recent issue with a purchase from their gift shop. It was disappointing to find that the store's policy doesn't support their products without a gift receipt. This was a bit of a letdown, especially with a defective item like the church snow globe that I bought. Nevertheless, the dining experience itself has always been a pleasure at Cracker Barrel, and I'm hopeful they'll improve their product support to match the quality of their restaurant service.

Waffle House

7380 Blackmon Rd, Columbus

(706) 225-7883

Reviewed by:

Deborah Brown

This Waffle House in Columbus has got to be the best one I've visited, hands down. The staff here, including Colby, Michelle, and Kayleigh, really know their way around the kitchen, particularly when it comes to whipping up my go-to omelettes. Even with a special custom order like mine, which is a bit elaborate – I'm talking four 3-egg ham and cheese mushroom omelettes – they nail it every time, whether I'm dining in or taking out. I appreciate that the wait times are reasonable, and even when the place is buzzing, the staff keeps their cool and does their very best. A little courtesy goes a long way, and they certainly have mine! Recently, I decided to treat myself and added two country ham sides to my order. It was a delightful brunch! Although there was a small hiccup with my to-go order and a bit of confusion regarding service policies, I still believe this team deserves credit. They're relatively new but are already showing great teamwork and efficiency, especially considering the busy crowds they've been handling. And I've seen that they handle new customers pretty swiftly, which is impressive. While the parking lot size is not ideal and can be a bit tricky to navigate when it's full, I can't fault Waffle House for that. After all, it's the delicious food and friendly staff that keep me coming back. Just one little suggestion – it might be a good idea to reconsider the extra charge on to-go orders. Other than that, this Waffle House is my top recommendation for anyone in Columbus looking for tasty food and a welcoming atmosphere.

Waffle House

3455 Macon Rd, Columbus

(706) 561-1029

Reviewed by:

Angela Abdi

My visit to the Waffle House on Macon Rd in Columbus, Georgia, across from the Comfort Inn was a fantastic experience. The place was spotless, possibly the cleanest Waffle House I've been to. The staff were a joy to watch, clearly enjoying their work and each other's company, which reflected in the fast and efficient service. The food was delightful, and the coffee was top-notch, just as you'd expect from Waffle House. It was my fourth visit to a Waffle House, and this one definitely set a new standard for me. The African American waitress with glasses, possibly in her early 60s, was exceptionally kind and attentive. She even made me a special water, which was a heartwarming touch. I did miss out on having my grits with onions, peppers, and tomatoes "scattered" – I'll have to remember to try that next time. The waffle with pecans was a standout, absolutely scrumptious. Wanda, our waitress, was one of the best I've encountered in a long time – so much so that we stopped in twice during our short stay in town. She, along with Natalia, who was equally friendly and delightful, made our meals even more enjoyable. The cook on 12/9/2023 deserves a shoutout as well for the incredible job on our food. These three made a great team, and their energy and service truly made my day.

Waffle House

4005 Buena Vista Rd, Columbus

(706) 563-4318

Reviewed by:

Maggie Sanek

Had brunch at Waffle House on Buena Vista Rd in Columbus and it was a delightful experience. The staff were welcoming and attentive, making sure our visit was enjoyable from start to finish. The waffles and hash browns I ordered for my grandson hit the spot - the waffles were perfectly cooked, although the hash browns portion was a bit modest for my liking. Despite that, the food overall was tasty. I'm looking forward to returning to this Waffle House location for another meal. The great service and delicious food have definitely made me a repeat customer.


800 Front Ave, Columbus

(706) 324-1800

Reviewed by:

Lisa Cook

Visiting Houlihan's for brunch in Columbus turned out to be a delightful experience. With a warm welcome from the very friendly staff, we found ourselves seated with no wait even though it was a bustling Sunday around 3:30 pm. The vibe was just right—entertaining yet cozy—a balance not easily achieved. As indecision hit while browsing the menu, the waitress came to our rescue with helpful suggestions. The energy in the place was infectious, and I'd definitely suggest it to others looking for a lively brunch spot. The food did not disappoint either; the salmon and pot roast were stellar, and the appetizer sampler got us off to a fantastic start. It's worth mentioning that the quality seems to have bounced back wonderfully post-pandemic. We indulged in the stuffed mushrooms, thai wings, and chicken parmesan, all of which were top-notch. The pomegranate lemon drop cocktail was a hit, the perfect tangy accompaniment. It's rare to have expectations exceeded when dining at a restaurant attached to a hotel, but this experience did just that. The ambiance was particularly enjoyable during breakfast time. Our waitress, Chasadee, enhanced our experience with her effervescent service, even taking a moment to wish my mom and me a Happy Mother's Day—a delightful personal touch. If there's anything to note, it would be the patience needed at times. There can be a wait to be seated and for the dishes to arrive, but rest assured, it's worth it. Great service coupled with mouthwatering dishes made for a brunch to remember.


3239 Macon Rd, Columbus

(706) 563-2591

Reviewed by:

Caroline Romero

As a regular at Denny's for brunch in Columbus, I've always had a delightful experience. This time, despite it being Christmas morning, my anticipation ran high for the hearty meal that awaited. Despite the unusually long wait, which seemed to be due to a focus on pushing out to-go orders, our spirits weren't dampened. On a different visit, which happened to be Veterans Day, the place was buzzing with patrons yet the service was exceptional. The server, Peaches, was all smiles and thoroughly attentive amidst the crowd. My meal was served hot and fresh, and the brisk service from the moment I stepped in until the food arrived was impressive – all within a 20-minute window. Denny’s is typically a place I count on for satisfying meals. Even on a day when they seemed short-staffed and there were hiccups like missing toast, forgotten orders, and a delay in service, I remain hopeful that these were just off moments. My past experiences with their food and service have set a standard that keeps me coming back. Here's to looking forward to better experiences in future visits.

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