March 3, 2024

Corona's Top 10 Brunch Spots

Ready for a brunch adventure in Corona? Dive into our top picks where the benedicts are bold and the pancakes pack a punch.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Corona's Top 10 Brunch Spots
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In the heart of Corona, where the sun crowns the skyline with a shimmering halo, the quest for the ultimate brunch experience is a journey worth taking.

Our Happy Place Cafe

284 Dupont St STE 115, Corona

(951) 268-4205

Reviewed by:

Kenneth Dela Cruz

Visiting Our Happy Place Cafe for brunch in Corona has become a delightful habit for me, marking my third time here. Each visit solidifies my love for their tomato soup and southwest chicken panini, which burst with incredible flavors. Indeed, this spot has transformed from just being a happy place into my own personal retreat. The joy it brings outshines any fast-food offerings, promising an authentic and heartening experience. Nestled inside Alexander's Salon, this sandwhich deli might not catch the eye immediately, but its location next to the 24-hour fitness near McKinley makes it a hidden treasure worth discovering. Its understated presence only adds to the charm, making every visit feel like uncovering a beautifully underrated gem. I'm compelled to spread the word about this place, confident that anyone who tries it will be eager to return. The atmosphere inside is unexpectedly lovely, offering a cozy and somewhat private vibe that complements the top-notch food. Everything from the Greek Avocado toast with bacon to the fresh ingredients used across the menu speaks volumes of their commitment to quality and flavor. The service further elevates the experience, always amazing and making each visit more enjoyable. During a recent errand, the need for a good meal led me here, and the encounter was as pleasant as ever. Initially hesitant to inquire about a restaurant within a salon, the friendliness of the salon receptionist who directed me to the cafe was reassuring. The staff, possibly the owner or a waitress, was wonderfully conversational and exuded a genuine pride in their offerings. The potato tacos I tried were a revelation, perfectly seasoned and simply delicious, paired excellently with a strawberry/mango smoothie. In sum, the exceptional service and immaculately prepared food are the hallmarks of Our Happy Place Cafe. It's a joyous discovery for anyone seeking great food in an unexpected but charming setting.

Cowboy Surfer Grill

387 Magnolia Ave #106, Corona

(951) 739-0115

Reviewed by:

Patricia Chisolm

This place is an absolute gem, giving off a delightful blast from the past vibe that's hard to find these days. The staff here couldn't be friendlier, ensuring that the service is both quick and welcoming, with the food being nothing short of excellent. If you're ever in the area, it's a must-visit spot; just make sure to bring a hearty appetite. My choice was the Lone Ranger, a delectable country fried chicken steak smothered in gravy and cheese, topped with a couple of perfectly cooked eggs. It was divine. My wife, on the other hand, opted for the breakfast burrito that came filled with gravy and crispy hashbrowns inside - yes, they were actually crispy! It quickly became the highlight of our morning. What's particularly impressive about their menu is how customizable it is. For anyone with food allergies, they go the extra mile by using new pans and utensils to avoid any cross-contamination. Also, the coffee here isn't just served; it's presented in a mug with a selection of creamers, making you feel right at home. Talking about value, the pricing is unbeatable. For two meals, complete with beverages, a side of avocado, and a piece of French Toast, the bill came out to be $38. In today's market, that's a steal. The ambiance too is unique, blending western and surf themes seamlessly, complemented by the most amusing signs. Making a reservation for our party of 5 was a breeze, and despite the diner being packed, we were seated on time. The efficiency and friendliness of the wait staff didn't go unnoticed, ensuring our drinks and meals were served without a hitch. Overall, this place is a crown jewel in Corona, offering delicious food, an inviting atmosphere, and an experience enhanced by its cool decor and signage, easily making it our favorite restaurant. The expansive menu caters to all tastes and budgets, guaranteeing nobody leaves hungry. A big shoutout to Steve and Kathy for always extending such a warm welcome. The first impression it leaves is lasting – a fun, warm place where everyone is genuinely nice and works together to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Everything served was devoured and appreciated by my company and me. It's safe to say, a return visit is definitely in the cards.

Betty Faye's Cafe

718 N Main St STE 101, Corona

(951) 734-3994

Reviewed by:

Silvia Gunn

Had the pleasure of brunching at Betty Faye's Cafe in Corona, and it's safe to say it's a fantastic spot for a hearty morning meal. The menu, while familiar to breakfast aficionados, does not disappoint. Opting for the California Egg Benedict and waffles, the food was satisfying, perfectly complementing the quintessential cup of black American coffee with cream on the side. There's something about the ambiance that just feels right – cozy with a sprinkle of charm, thanks in large part to the polite and attentive staff who elevate the dining experience from good to great. For those looking for a bit more than your standard breakfast fare, the western-themed decorations add a layer of fun to the environment. It's clear the servers aim to please, offering not just great service but engaging conversation as well. Though the prices might lean towards the higher end, the generous portions justify the cost. The Juevos Rancheros, in particular, was a hit on my plate. Visiting on a Saturday around 10 am, it was bustling, a testament to its popularity. Yet, despite the crowd, service was swift, maintaining that local diner charm with just a hint of a western vibe. The omelet I had was nothing short of delicious, a sentiment echoed by the sizeable portions that, frankly, offer bang for your buck – our party of four was quite satisfied for around $70 total. A minor hiccup was noted when a BLT destined for our table lingered a bit too long under the heat lamps, arriving with bread slightly more toasted than preferred. Nonetheless, it was a small oversight in an otherwise delightful visit. In summary, Betty Faye's offers excellent service, a friendly small-town atmosphere, and servings so generous you might just need a to-go box. It's a place where the plates are big, and the welcome is even bigger, making it a must-visit for anyone in Corona looking for a satisfying brunch spot.

Silver Dollar Pancake House

710 E 6th St, Corona

(951) 737-5977

Reviewed by:

Forest Jackson

Brunch at Silver Dollar Pancake House in Corona is always a treat. The place is consistently busy, a clear sign of its popularity. Patience is key here because, despite the crowd, the staff is incredibly efficient at seating and serving guests. The atmosphere feels like a classic American breakfast diner straight out of a movie, complete with the hefty coffee mugs, American flag on the wall, and local business cards showcased under the glass table tops. It's these details, along with the fantastic food, that make the experience special. The blueberry pancakes, in particular, are the best I've ever tasted. Paired with coffee that comes with free refills, it's hard not to feel completely at home. The Silver Dollar Breakfast special is my go-to choice, with perfectly cooked eggs, breakfast sausages, bacon, and a generous helping of shredded hash browns. Everything about it screams comfort and quality. The staff's friendliness and attentiveness add to the charm of this place. They always make sure glasses are full and guests have everything they need, contributing to a welcoming and family-like atmosphere. It's clear why my family and I are drawn to return here frequently, sometimes even more than once a week. The value for money, with the large portions and affordable prices, is just unbeatable. On my first visit, I dove right into the heart of their menu, opting for blueberry pancakes and hash browns, skipping the eggs but keeping the bacon and sausage. Despite the early morning crowd, we were promptly seated. Though the seating was a bit snug for our liking and the bustling atmosphere somewhat loud, the overall service was commendable with frequent check-ins for coffee refills. While the interior could use some updating to enhance the ambiance and perhaps a clearer system for greeting and seating guests could be implemented, these are minor suggestions in the grand scheme of things. The standout aspect for me is undoubtedly the food. Every item I've tried has been delightful, especially the pancakes and bacon. Despite some areas for improvement in terms of space and organization, the essence of Silver Dollar Pancake House – its mouthwatering dishes, warm service, and the classic diner feel – keeps me coming back for more. It's a gem worth the wait and the drive, not just for the coffee and hot cocoa, but for the entire dining experience that feels like a slice of Americana right in Corona.

Goodfellas Cafe

1090 Pomona Rd, Corona

(951) 340-1130

Reviewed by:

Thomas Ostroff

This place is awesome. The decor immediately grabbed my attention with its unique theme, and I was even more impressed by the quick, friendly service. But let me tell you, the food is the absolute highlight here. Everything that came out of the kitchen looked mouth-watering. The salad was fresh and flavorful, and the cold beer was just what I needed. You really can't go wrong here. If you find yourself in the area, you've got to stop by. Parking was a breeze with a sizable lot just around the corner, so no stress there. Even though there were quite a few people waiting, the diner has plenty of seating, and the staff is so welcoming and attentive, the wait flew by. We decided to try a range of items: the French Dip sandwich with fries, Fettuccine Shrimp Scampi that came with cheese and garlic toast, chicken soup, and the Goodfellas omelette coupled with house potatoes and pancakes. Every dish was generous in portion, fresh, and incredibly satisfying. The ambiance is also worth mentioning, with lots of celebrity photos as you walk in, and Italian mafia-themed decor that really adds character to the place. Seats are comfortably spaced out, which I appreciated, and it's nice not having to ask for condiments since everything's already on the table. Located in a quiet area next to some motels and a gas station, it's a convenient spot. My visit was for a business lunch with ten associates. We were seated quickly and looked after by a very friendly waitstaff. Although the decor hints at an Italian mafia theme, the menu is surprisingly varied with something for everyone, and we were all impressed by the serving sizes. There's an interesting collection of famous photographs throughout, so I'd recommend taking a moment to look around. It's evident why this place is popular for breakfast, and based on the quality and experience, it's easy to see why. Went back about a year later for dinner and while breakfast remains my favorite, this diner has solidified itself as a must-visit.

Grille At Eagle Glen

1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy, Corona

(951) 278-1943

Reviewed by:

Mallory Griffin

Sunday brunch at the Grille At Eagle Glen has become a cherished ritual for me, offering both a delightful culinary experience and a serene setting. The drinks here are simply outstanding, with Devin’s lemon drop martini and Paulie’s green tea whiskey drink standing out as personal favorites. Their mixology skills are on point, perfectly complementing the meal with their innovative concoctions. The food never disappoints, with the bar chips being dangerously addicting and the beef dip becoming a staple order for me. Each dish is a testament to the kitchen's commitment to quality and flavor, making every visit a culinary delight. Moreover, the views of the Eagle Glen Golf Course add an element of tranquility to the dining experience, enhancing the overall ambiance with its picturesque landscapes. What truly sets this place apart, however, is the exceptional service and staff. The warm and welcoming atmosphere they create makes every visit memorable, ensuring that you're treated more like family than just a customer. The Grille not only excels in its culinary offerings but also in the overall experience it provides, thanks to its dedicated team. Additionally, the clubhouse, grill, and pro shop are all top-notch, clearly demonstrating a commitment to excellence in every aspect. The combination of good food, great service, and a great atmosphere, all at a reasonable price, makes the Grille At Eagle Glen an unbeatable choice for anyone looking to enjoy a high-quality brunch experience. It's a place where culinary delight meets serene beauty, creating a perfect backdrop for a Sunday outing.

Corona Airport Café

1903 Aviation Dr, Corona

(951) 273-1643

Reviewed by:

Jarrett Killebrew

Absolutely loved my brunch experience at Corona Airport Café! The food was top-notch; the churro toast with strawberry sauce alongside ham and eggs was unbelievably delicious. My wife thoroughly enjoyed her plate of chilaquiles covered in chile verde sauce, accompanied by beans, hash browns, and eggs. It's truly a fantastic restaurant with outstanding food - highly recommend checking it out. Our server, Lizzeth, was incredibly friendly and made our experience even more enjoyable. I also had the pozole, which was packed with excellent flavor, a testament to the quality of food they serve. The atmosphere was inviting and warm, making it a great spot to relax and enjoy a meal. I can't forget to mention their fresh orange juice and zucchini fries, both of which were absolutely delightful. The entire meal was impressive, and it's safe to say this place has won me over. The service was great, with very attentive servers, ensuring a pleasant dining experience from start to finish. This won't be my last visit; I'm looking forward to coming back again for more great food and service. If you haven't been yet, you're missing out!

Country Kitchen

1197 Magnolia Ave, Corona

(951) 268-6505

Reviewed by:

Monique Troyer

The visit to Country Kitchen for brunch in Corona was truly a delightful experience. The food selection impressed right from the start. With so many tempting options, it was hard to choose, but eventually settled on a Bacon Cheeseburger, Fish and Chips with a twist of substituting fries for onion rings, and steak and shrimps. The sides were just as good, especially the mashed potatoes and gravy with vegetables. Couldn't resist taking a turkey dinner to go as well, and it was just as delicious. It was a refreshing change from the usual fast food joints, providing delicious food at great prices that didn't break the wallet, plus the staff was super friendly. Decided to return for breakfast, and it was equally enjoyable. The kid was thrilled with his chocolate chip pancakes, the French toast, eggs, and bacon hit the spot for me, and the wife was very pleased with her scramble. It felt like a standout option compared to other breakfast places around. Even though it was bustling around 10:30AM on a Saturday, the service remained friendly, and the food was excellent and very fresh. Opting to create my own omelette while my husband enjoyed the Denver omelette with a side of delicious pancakes was a great choice. It's refreshing to walk in wanting breakfast and end up having an equally satisfying lunch. The service was noteworthy. Victor and Alaa were exceptionally attentive, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. Food arrived quickly, and it was evident that the manager was present and engaged, contributing to a clean environment and a staff that seemed genuinely kind and happy with their work. It's a clear indication of good leadership. This place has definitely become a new favorite spot.

Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen

980 Montecito Dr #110, Corona

(951) 735-8888

Reviewed by:

Lucas Jen

Sheryl was awesome. It was our first time, and she made our experience wonderful. Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen is excellent in every aspect, from the appealing food presentation to the impeccable service. The chips and salsa appetizer left me wanting more, and each dish we tried was incredibly satisfying. Our visit was for lunch on a Friday, and surprisingly, it wasn't too busy, which made for a relaxed dining experience. Only a few tables were occupied, with most patrons preferring the bar area. My choice was the fish tacos, and my husband went for the enchiladas verde. Both dishes were delicious and far exceeded our expectations. For drinks, I opted for what was supposed to be a tropical or passion tea. The only minor hiccup was that the tea tasted a bit weak, resembling water more than anything else. However, this didn't detract from the overall positive dining experience. Our visit turned even more memorable when my sister took us for Sunday brunch, which was an absolute delight. The food was incredible, and the staff's friendliness added to the enjoyment of our meal. I'm already looking forward to our next visit. The service was swift, ensuring we didn’t wait long for our beautifully presented plates. Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen truly stands out for its great service and delicious food, making it a must-visit spot for anyone looking for a quality dining experience.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

380 McKinley St, Corona

(951) 379-3630

Reviewed by:

Dominic Rodriguez

After not visiting Lazy Dog for years due to a previous less-than-ideal experience, I decided to give it another chance and stopped by for brunch at their Corona location. Right off the bat, the ambiance grabbed my attention - the full bar area and the spacious patio with its cozy fire pit made for a welcoming atmosphere. While the Alfredo sauce on my dish wasn't exactly to my taste, it didn't deter me from enjoying my meal. My kid, on the other hand, couldn't stop raving about their fish & chips, deeming it really good. We capped off our meal with a share of the apple-huckleberry open face pie, which was absolutely delicious. Though the service had a shaky start with a bit of a wait before our initial greeting and drink order, it quickly improved. The waitress checked in on us frequently enough afterward to make the initial wait a non-issue. Alongside her, the rest of the staff was incredibly friendly and efficient, contributing to a very comfortable dining experience. The food, in general, was excellent - I would highly recommend the fried deviled eggs and the PB & J Burger. They're a must-try in my book. Adding to the experience, the manager took the time to come over and greet our group, which was a nice personal touch. It's worth mentioning that the establishment was clean, maintaining a high standard throughout our visit. The pineapple mojito I ordered, although it felt more like a mocktail, was still a refreshing choice. The portions were generous, ensuring we left more than satisfied. All in all, this brunch at Lazy Dog was a fantastic experience. The combination of delicious food, a friendly and accommodating staff, and a warm, welcoming environment guarantees I'll be coming back. It's clear Lazy Dog has redeemed itself in my eyes, and I look forward to my next visit.

Corky's Kitchen & Bakery

3811 Bedford Canyon Rd #108, Corona

(951) 735-3100

Reviewed by:

Shawaiz Wolf

I've been a regular at Corky's Kitchen & Bakery in Corona for over a decade now, and it's definitely one of my top spots for brunch. The food has consistently been delicious every time I visit. What really stands out to me, apart from the tasty meals, is the fast and friendly service. It feels like Corky's can never do wrong in my eyes, and I always recommend it to anyone looking for a solid breakfast place. Their home-style cooking brings a comforting experience that's hard to find elsewhere. Recently, though, I noticed a slight change in the pace of service. It took a bit longer to get basic things like water or coffee, around 10-15 minutes. I assume there must be new staff, which could explain the difference. Nevertheless, the quality of food remains unbeatable. One of my favorite dishes has to be the stuffed blueberry French toast with cream cheese. It's tasteful, filling, and heartwarming. Corky's offers a classic diner vibe with a vast menu that caters to all tastes. Despite the minor service hiccup, the staff's friendliness has never waned. I tried the fish and chips on the recommendation of our server. It was decent, although the fish could have used a bit more flavor. The chicken sandwich and beefeater sandwich were good, but again, could benefit from a little more seasoning. My only real disappointment came from an extra charge for avocado, which unfortunately, was served black. That was surprising, especially considering the quality I've come to expect from Corky's. Despite this, Corky's remains a must-visit. The atmosphere, the variety in the menu, and the overall experience still make it a great choice for brunch in Corona.

Chuck Wagon Bar & Cafe

1353 W 6th St, Corona

(951) 737-7162

Reviewed by:

Jose Harper

Guess who has the best Mexican breakfast on 6th? Yes, it's Chuck Wagon! Fernando, who works Wednesday mornings, provided exceptional service. Today, we were treated to authentic, homemade Mexican food and it was simply amazing. We got to enjoy machaca, rice, beans, tortillas, and two fresh salsas at a great price. The chef brings her family's homemade recipes and has perfected each one. We tried the chile verde and menudo - both were delicious, comforting, and could easily feature in a high-end restaurant. Oh, and by the way, drinks are priced right and are strong! The burger was huge and delicious. Our server was attentive and very courteous. Everyone in our party left very satisfied! It's a bit pricey, but the burger, the macaroni according to a friend, and the sampler platter full of good appetizers were worth it. Everything came out fast too. When first arriving, the place didn't give the best first impression with its somewhat rundown parking lot. However, once inside, the bar area had a good vibe with nice music playing in the background. The restaurant might seem limited at first as it appears to be just a bar or with a few tables, but there's a huge outdoor area as well. The service was really good right from the start. Not expecting much from the menu, the Eggs Benedict and load of hash browns were a pleasant surprise. Everything tasted great. If in town again, would definitely come back for either breakfast or lunch. Despite the initial doubt, Chuck Wagon Bar & Cafe really delivers on quality food and service. Well worth giving it a shot.

Mimi's Cafe

2230 Griffin Way, Corona

(951) 734-2073

Reviewed by:

Jeffrey Lawrence

We were a large group, but that didn't faze the staff at Mimi's Cafe in Corona one bit. Heather, who was managing our order, took in stride all the different requests we had. The menu is a testament to variety, catering to everyone's tastes, and the prices won't make your wallet weep. The atmosphere of the place adds to the overall delight, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy a great meal. It's a popular spot, and rightly so. Making a reservation is a sound piece of advice to avoid any wait times. Dining out can often be a challenge for me due to my chemical sensitivities. It's tough when the mere scent of perfume or cologne from a neighboring table can ruin the experience. Upon arrival, I explained my situation to the hostess, who was immediately understanding and accommodating. We were seated in a cozy corner booth at the back, ensuring a comfortable distance from other patrons. The level of consideration shown for my well-being was truly touching. Marissa, our server, was nothing short of wonderful. She ensured we had everything we needed, attending to us with care that made us feel right at home. The food was served hot, delicious, and perfectly cooked, highlighting the quality Mimi’s is known for. Honestly, the experience here felt different from other locations, almost like a warm family meal rather than just another dine-out. Thanksgiving at Mimi's was an experience to remember. The Thanksgiving dinner was exceptional, from the onion soup to the turkey delight. My son's choice to get his dinner to-go was indeed a smart move, leaving me wishing I had done the same. The excellence of the service matched the quality of the meal, making it a day to be thankful for indeed. In summary, Mimi's Cafe in Corona offers a heartwarming experience with their attentive service, wide variety of tasty food, and a welcoming atmosphere that caters to all, including those with specific dining needs. It's a place that truly feels like family, and I can't recommend it enough.

Rock & Brews

3550 Grand Oaks, Corona

(951) 432-7640

Reviewed by:

Enrique Alvarenga

Went to Rock & Brews for brunch in Corona and had an incredible time! It was my first visit, in January 2024, and the experience was top-notch. We brought along a dog, so we opted to sit on the patio where they had heaters that kept us comfortable. What's more, the place is super dog-friendly, even providing a complimentary hamburger patty on rice for our furry friend from a mini dog menu – a thoughtful touch that I really appreciated. The service we received was stellar. A huge shout-out to our server, Miranda. She was friendly, attentive, and incredibly efficient – truly a superstar in her role. Our meals, particularly the burgers, were absolutely delicious. Everyone at the table enjoyed their food so much that not a single plate was left uncleared. The atmosphere at Rock & Brews is fantastic, too, especially at night. They typically play rock music, and on some days, football games are shown. The decor is filled with rock tapestries and paintings of famous bands like Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, and more, which adds to the cool vibe of the place. I had a chance to build my own burger and topped it off with a brownie – both were exceptionally good. Despite the burger’s size being quite substantial, I had no complaints. Though it seemed like they might have been understaffed, leading to longer wait times than expected, even with some tables empty, the staff made efforts to accommodate and correct any issues that arose. For instance, there was a mix-up with our order, but it was quickly rectified. On a special note, the corned beef and cabbage I had for St. Patty's Day were excellent. While there was a minor hiccup with another dish we ordered being overly salted, the staff handled it professionally, didn’t charge us for the unsatisfactory dish, and maintained good service throughout. The only caveat for me was the music, which I found a bit distracting rather than enjoyable – but that's a matter of personal taste, and I understand it contributes to the lively atmosphere that many guests love. All in all, I absolutely adore Rock & Brews in Corona for providing such a fun, laid-back dining experience with great food. Definitely a place I highly recommend and can't wait to visit again. It's a solid 10/10 from me!

Broken Yolk Cafe

1501 Rimpau Ave #101, Corona

(951) 736-2060

Reviewed by:

Lance Mims

This was the first time visiting Broken Yolk Cafe in Corona based on lots of friends recommending it, and honestly, THIS PLACE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT! The bill came to just $30, and the service was good, although there was a slight hiccup with our server forgetting our water order and showing a bit of an attitude. It seemed like he might have been having a tough day, but that didn't ruin the experience because the food and the atmosphere were fantastic. There were plenty of vegan and healthy options, which was a huge plus. We decided on the Classic Benedict with sausage, NY Steak & eggs, and the Sweet Trio - each dish was a delicious example of homestyle breakfast. We were seated immediately upon walking in, which was a great start. Despite the initial service mishap, the overall service and quality of the food were impressive. Vince, in particular, went above and beyond. Despite it being a busy morning, he treated us with such care, making us feel like we were the only ones there. Opting for some plant-based options, the Chilaquiles were requested vegan, and Vince was incredibly attentive, ensuring all ingredients were plant-based and putting any concerns to rest. The spicy vegan bowl lived up to its name, and as someone who enjoys a bit of heat, it was perfect. The mimosa flights added a fun touch to the meal, and the Bloody Marias were simply amazing. Even though there was a bit of a wait for a table, once seated, the orders were taken promptly. The Feta Avocado toast with home fries was a personal favorite, accompanied by a refreshing Mango Mimosa. The noise level was quite high, which if anything, was the only downside. Overall, would definitely recommend Broken Yolk Cafe for brunch in Corona, especially if you get Vince as your server. It's a 10/10 experience with great food, diverse menu options, and despite the small service hiccup, a place worth returning to.

Hunnys Restaurant

402 S Main St, Corona

(951) 735-7020

Reviewed by:

Tim Kozlu

I've been coming to Hunnys Restaurant for brunch in Corona on and off for the four years I've been living in this area. The food has always been top-notch, and the service consistently good, but today I felt compelled to write a review because of the exceptional service provided by Liz. She was incredibly sweet, polite, and very attentive. It's rare to find service of this caliber these days, and it's something I truly appreciate. The food, as always, was delicious. If you're in search of a breakfast spot, this is the place to be! And when you go, make sure to ask for Liz. During my most recent visit, I opted for a breakfast burrito and decided to go all out by adding all three meats. It was a bit of a surprise when the burrito alone came out to over $20, and with fresh OJ, my total hit $27. While a heads-up on the price would have been nice, I can't fault them too much because the burrito was generously filled and tasted fantastic. This restaurant not only offers friendly staff and great food but the portions are huge. I've developed a bit of a tradition around Hunnys. Every year, after getting taxes done in Corona, settling in at Hunnys for a bite to eat has become our go-to. We've been patrons for 20 years and plan to continue our visits for many more to come. Thanks, Hunnys, for consistently being a place we look forward to visiting year after year. ❤️

Roadside Cafè & Bar

4714 Green River Rd, Corona

(951) 734-2700

Reviewed by:

Ney Linares

Decided to give this new diner a try, remembering the old days when it was known as Brandon's Diner. Right off the bat, the interior caught my eye. The walls now boast a chalkboard paint showcasing their specials, which adds a cool vibe. The menu's had a makeover too, tempting us with a variety of choices. Eventually, we settled on a Berry salad with grilled chicken, pasta alfredo, and chicken piccata - all of which were absolutely scrumptious. The service added to our positive experience, with our waitress being exceptionally friendly and welcoming. It makes me eager to return and explore more of their dishes. However, there were a couple of downsides. The burger's bun was disproportionately large without any spread or sauce, requiring a special request. The side of onion rings seemed overpriced for what was offered, and the burrito was just okay. The green sauce and the overall service could use some improvement, as we found ourselves having to seek out our server for necessities. Also, the temperature inside made our food cool down quickly, which was a bit of a letdown. Despite these setbacks, the diner has its highlights, like the Menudo available on weekends - a real treat. The Chicken Fried Steak with gravy is another standout dish worth mentioning. Opting for takeout for breakfast, I was impressed by the generous portions and the tastiness of the food at such reasonable prices. The staff was courteous, making the experience more pleasant. I'm willing to give it another try, maybe on a Taco Tuesday, to see if things improve. All in all, it's a solid 3-star experience with room for improvement, but definitely some dishes that shine and make it worth the visit.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

2520 Tuscany St, Corona

(951) 271-3610

Reviewed by:

Shaun Domingues

My visit to BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse for brunch in Corona was genuinely memorable. Although I regret not remembering the name of our waitress, I must mention her exceptional service. She was a young Asian lady with two long hair tails, who showed remarkable courtesy and was incredibly helpful when it came to selecting margaritas. The food was great, making our time there truly enjoyable. Another highlight of our visit was the scenic walk through the plaza to get to the restaurant since we parked a bit further away. It added a nice touch to our overall experience. On a different note, during a previous visit, I ordered the seared ahi tuna, a dish I've enjoyed at other locations before. This time, however, the dish seemed to have shrunk in size, with tiny bite-sized pieces of tuna, accompanied by an underwhelming salad. Despite the smaller portions, the prices hadn't changed, making it a less worthwhile option. My family's meals also left a bit to be desired on that occasion. However, a standout moment from one of our visits was thanks to our server, Leticia. She was truly wonderful, ensuring our dinner was exceptional. Leticia's attentiveness, entertainment, and knowledge made her a significant asset to BJ's. It's because of her that we're eager to return. Leticia truly deserves recognition for her outstanding service. Additionally, Joey, another server we had, contributed greatly to making our evening enjoyable. The selections were always great, the food delicious, and the overall experience positive. Thanks to BJ's for consistently providing quality food, service, and atmosphere, and a special thank you to Joey for his five-star service.


2450 Wardlow Rd, Corona

(951) 736-5416

Reviewed by:

Jessica Johnese

You get what you pay for, and my latest visit to IHOP for brunch in Corona truly exemplified this. Opting for something different this time, I chose the salmon with rice medley and broccoli. Although the rice didn't quite hit the mark for me, leading me to focus on the salmon and broccoli, the meal was overall satisfactory. My fiancé, sticking to his usual platter, reminds me that sometimes simplicity is key. However, the star of my meal was undoubtedly the avocado toast with cherry tomatoes, two eggs on multi-grain toast, and a side of strawberries – very good indeed. Despite the food being up to par, an unfortunate encounter with a staff member at 3:30 PM on a Wednesday tainted our dining experience. Being served tea in a dirty cup is unacceptable, but the rudeness faced when addressing the issue was even more disappointing. It's concerning when cleanliness and customer service fall short, as these are fundamental. However, I don't believe in dwelling on the negatives without acknowledging the positives. Mistakes happen, and how they're handled says a lot about a place. That being said, my affinity for IHOP, especially as a breakfast lover, remains strong. Having had a less-than-ideal experience at another location previously, it was refreshing to see the standards I had come to expect from IHOP being met once again in Corona. From the food to the service and the wait time, everything else about our visit was top-notch. It's important to give credit where it's due, and the staff and management at this location certainly deserve it. My experience, barring the one hiccup, was a solid reminder of why this place has always been a favorite. Proud of the Corona IHOP for living up to its reputation - thank you for renewing my faith in the quality and service I've come to associate with your brand.


2379 Compton Ave, Corona

(951) 372-9140

Reviewed by:

Tim Mosca

This place rocks. The food is always hot and the staff so attentive, creating an amazing dining experience each time. There's a retro vibe to the restaurant that I particularly love. It's become a bit of a tradition to come here at least twice a month after hockey practice. If you're ever around, make sure to say hi to Steve! My family and I find ourselves here every weekend, eager to see the same friendly and familiar faces among the workers. The food? Always delicious and arrives in no time. On a recent occasion, we went just for a quick dessert. While it was okay, I have to admit, the apple crumble crisp has always been a better choice for me. Breakfast here definitely beats a late meal or dessert, every single time. It's arguably the best Denny's in Corona, CA. Our family tends to visit at least once a month, typically for Sunday morning breakfast and coffee. Our waitress, Melanie, is always on point – friendly, attentive, and ensures our coffee mugs are never empty. It's impressive how quickly and freshly our food is prepared, and the cleanliness of the restaurant is always up to par. In summary, Denny's here delivers great value for your money, solidifying its spot as a must-visit for anyone looking for a fantastic brunch experience in Corona.

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