September 12, 2023

Top 20 Brunch Spots in Durham You Must Try

Discover the finest brunch spots in Durham. Our comprehensive guide showcases local favorites, gourmet delights, and hidden gems where you can enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch, from stacks of fluffy pancakes to savory eggs benedicts. Elevate your brunch experience in a city known for its diverse culinary scene.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 20 Brunch Spots in Durham You Must Try
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Durham, renowned for its vibrant food scene, also boasts an impressive array of brunch spots. From cozy cafés serving artisanal coffee and homemade pastries, to trendy bistros with innovative menus, there's a variety of brunch places sure to delight any foodie. Whether you're in search of a classic eggs benedict, a stack of fluffy pancakes, or a healthy avocado toast, Durham's brunch scene has it all. Join us as we explore the best brunch spots in Durham.

PRESS Coffee Crêpes Cocktails

359 Blackwell St, Durham

(919) 748-3142

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PRESS Coffee Crêpes Cocktails is more than just a mouthful, it's a heartfelt experience. The menu is unique and delicious, offering a range of dishes for all types of dietary needs, and the staff are courteous and welcoming. The prices are reasonable and the service quick, despite how busy the place can get. Its location in downtown Durham may mean occasional parking struggles, but the food and coffee are more than worth it. The vibe is lively and trendy, making it a perfect spot for brunches, meetings, or simply a place to enjoy your morning coffee. I have been back multiple times and have left happy and satisfied each time. A must-visit if you're in the area.

Guglhupf Bakery, Cafe & Biergarten

2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham

(919) 401-2600

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Overall, Guglhupf Bakery, Café & Biergarten is an intriguing blend of beautiful indoor and outdoor settings, delicious food, and exceptional service. Don't miss out on the unique German fare and outstanding bakery goods, especially the lemon pistachio scone, fruit tart, and chocolate tart. The restaurant staff are attentive and helpful, particularly for first-time visitors. Standout dishes include the potato tart and the lamb doner. Despite being crowded, the line moves quickly and the spacious, lively patio is a hit among all ages. Whether you're there for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or just to enjoy a beer, any time is a great time at Guglhupf. Highly recommend!

Foster's Market

2694 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham

(919) 489-3944

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Foster's Market in Durham is a must-visit spot for brunch. The food is delicious with a wide variety of options available for breakfast and lunch. Service is quick and the staff is friendly. Their scones and mixed berry pie are particularly standout items. The market has a wonderful vibe and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, though securing an indoor spot during colder months might require a bit of patience. Despite minor issues with parking, Foster's Market is a gem in Durham that offers a great casual dining experience. I highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in the area.

Vin Rouge

2010 Hillsborough Rd, Durham

(919) 416-0466

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If you're in the Triangle and seeking a delectable French dining experience, Vin Rouge is a must-visit. Whether it's their mouth-watering oysters, succulent goat, or a classic crème brulee, they always maintain high culinary standards. They go beyond being just a fine dining restaurant and prove their excellence as event hosts too. Their event coordinator, Meredith, is a gem, providing exceptional service that makes your wedding reception surpass your expectations in every way. Vin Rouge truly makes you feel welcome and cherished, revealing why they are one of my favorite reception spaces in Durham. The intimate French ambience coupled with their delicious food and respect for vendors make it a top recommendation for couples planning a reception. Don't forget to try their escargot, sweetbreads, and dessert on a regular visit. It's a delightful experience that leaves you craving your next meal there.

Brigs at the Park Restaurant

4900 NC-55 ste 520, Durham

(919) 544-7473

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Brigs at the Park is a delightful brunch spot in Durham, offering a range of classic and unique dishes. The wait time is minimal, the ambiance reminiscent of a cozy mom and pop joint. The French toast is a must-try, and although the shrimp and grits could use a bit more seasoning, the overall food offerings are worth revisiting. They consistently deliver excellent service and quality food, despite the dated decor. During peak hours, you can expect a busy but still welcoming atmosphere. I applaud their efficient table turnover and high cleanliness standards. The Beast omelet and the Monte Cristo sandwich come highly recommended, arriving hot and bursting with flavor. Pancake lovers will enjoy their classic diner-style pancakes, and their omelets and scrambles are filled to the brim with ingredients. Look out for the unique calzone omelette, it's truly a treat. During peak hours, the staff might be slower but they handle the pressure commendably. Take time to explore their extensive drinks menu and daily specials. Parking is not an issue as Brigs is conveniently located in a strip mall. In summary, Brigs at the Park is a reliable and tasty brunch destination that you would want to frequent. Patience during peak hours can lead to a truly satisfying and delightful dining experience.

Geer Street Garden

644 Foster St, Durham

(919) 688-2900

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On the whole, our experience at Geer Street Garden in Durham was a delightful one. The ambiance is perfect, set with shaded outdoor seating and picnic tables that added a homely charm to our brunch. The staff were friendly, accommodating, and extremely vigilant about our dietary needs, ensuring our food was vegan and easily shareable between my companion and me. The food took us by surprise with its perfect blend of flavors and textures. The artichoke appetizer was a delightful mix of acidity, sweetness, and saltiness that was an absolute treat. The Bahn Mi, filled with sweet and spicy tofu and pickled vegetables, was devoured in no time, and it left us wanting for more. Having tried only a fraction of their menu, I am eager to explore more of what Geer Street Garden has to offer, especially their salads, fried chicken, and the intriguing dish, "The Pile". I've heard great things about it! Despite a few minor hiccups like underwhelming fries and a lackluster turkey sandwich, the overall experience was generally favorable. We loved the freshness of the ingredients and the promptness of the service. I highly recommend Geer Street Garden for anyone on the lookout for a satisfying brunch experience in Durham. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite places to eat in the city.

Local 22 Kitchen & Bar

2200 W Main St, Durham

(919) 286-9755

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Local 22 Kitchen & Bar in Durham offers a sensational brunch experience with its delicious rotating menu of locally sourced ingredients and pared down, flavorful cocktails. The staff, especially Landon and Kendall, were friendly, engaging and very responsive. The diverse menu offered great options like the cast iron pimenton and Brussels sprouts, lamb pizza, and shrimp and grits. While the bench seating might pose a challenge for someone with mobility issues, the overall atmosphere is delightful. Some minor issues, like a discrepancy on the pizza price, were promptly addressed. This eatery is definitely worth the visit, just remember to make a reservation, even on a Sunday. Would recommend and will definitely be back.

Silver Spoon Restaurant

5230 N Roxboro St, Durham

(919) 479-7172

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My first visit to Silver Spoon Restaurant in Durham for brunch was nothing short of delightful. The service was exceptional, with friendly, patient staff and efficient delivery. Our food exceeded expectations, from the thick, tasty Belgium waffle to the heavenly Denver egg scramble filled with diced ham, cream cheese, and spring onions. The array of meals available all day, including my husband's mouth-wateringly good skillet, catered to a variety of tastes. Our waitress, Liz, was outstanding, with comprehensive knowledge of the menu and a welcoming attitude. I appreciate the little things like warm syrup with the pancakes and the carafe of ice water, coffee, and tea. The diner-style ambiance was comfortable and clean, making the experience even more enjoyable. Although I found the veggie combo lacking in freshness and the fried green tomatoes slightly oily, the overall food quality was still satisfying. Despite its inconspicuous location on Roxboro rd., Silver Spoon Restaurant is a gem worthy of a visit. Their extensive brunch-style menu, reminiscent of the beloved Courtney's, makes them a top spot for brunch in Durham. I can't wait to go back.

Benetis Restaurant

5410 NC Highway 55 # Q Greenwood Commons Shopping Center, Durham

(919) 806-0313

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Benetis Restaurant in Durham is a delightful spot for brunch with sizeable portions and a warm, homey atmosphere that evokes a sense of nostalgic charm. The service is superb, the staff is friendly and welcoming. Although it may appear unassuming from the outside, the quality of food and experience truly makes it a hidden gem. I highly recommend it for those seeking excellent breakfast food, American cuisine, or even their unique ethnic foods, all at a reasonable price. Despite being tucked away in Greenwood Commons shopping center, Benetis has become a cherished part of my restaurant rotation and I look forward to many more visits in the future.

GRUB Durham

1200 W Chapel Hill St, Durham

(919) 973-3636

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GRUB Durham is a lovely and unique spot with a plethora of seating options including a charming rooftop dining area. Despite some initial inconveniences with parking and order setup, the overall experience was positive and welcoming. The food, particularly the Slammer breakfast and sausage patties, were delish and served piping hot. The cheese grits and pancakes are also notable for their flavor and consistency. Customer service could use some honing, with a recent decline in service quality, but those minor issues didn't overshadow the fact that the food was tasty and worth the wait. With reasonable prices and fast service, GRUB Durham is definitely one of the popular places for brunch in Durham. My personal favorites include the tuna salad sandwich and the surprisingly tasty couscous. Despite a few kinks in their service, I'd recommend GRUB Durham and look forward to returning during my next visit to the area.

The Refectory Cafe

2726 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham

(919) 908-6798

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The Refectory Cafe in Durham is an excellent choice for brunch with a range of delicious meals on offer. Despite initial concerns regarding the process of ordering, we found the system efficient and user-friendly. The food was served promptly and everyone in our party thoroughly enjoyed their choices. The standouts included the smoked salmon eggs Benedict, spicy shrimp salad, and the Crab Cake Burger with its tasty sriracha aioli and fennel and pepper slaw. The cafe provides a good selection of vegan and vegetarian options, and the veggie sides were cooked perfectly. Although it can seem slightly pricey, the quality and flavor of the food make it completely worthwhile, and the outdoor setting, whilst slightly noisy, adds to the overall pleasant experience. The Refectory Cafe is definitely recommended for a memorable brunch when you're next in Durham!

Rue Cler

401 E Chapel Hill St, Durham

(919) 682-8844

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Rue Cler in Durham offers a delightful brunch experience with delicious cuisine and an elegant atmosphere. The dishes are carefully crafted, offering a true French culinary experience right in the heart of Durham. The service is attentive and considerate, enhancing the overall dining pleasure. From the tasty escargot to the brown butter ham that melts in your mouth, every dish is a treat to the senses. The cucumber soup with crab was exceptional and highlighted their ability to create complex flavors with simple ingredients. One of the standout aspects of Rue Cler is its high-quality ingredients. The salmon was cooked to perfection, and the chicken was both filling and tasty. The side of mushrooms was strong and earthy, perfectly complementing the main courses. The risotto, although small in quantity, was full of flavor and a perfect appetizer. The ambiance, too, is worth noting. The setting is elegant and chic, creating a truly French atmosphere that transports you straight to Paris. Although I wished there was background music, the overall ambiance was rather pleasant. To wrap it up, Rue Cler is a noteworthy stop in Durham for those who enjoy sophisticated French cuisine. It may not be the cheapest option in town, but every dollar is worth the experience. Make sure not to miss this gem while in Durham.


826 Fayetteville St #110, Durham

(919) 680-2219

Reviewed by:

NZINGAS KITCHEN in Durham serves up a delightful brunch experience. Their selections range from the best French toast I have ever tasted to a lean and crispy fried fish - a must-try for brunch lovers. Although their mac n cheese and candied yams may not be my personal favorites, the food overall is scrumptious, especially their banana pudding for dessert. Beyond the food, I appreciated the accommodating staff who were eager to help with recommendations and descriptions. The Crispy Whiting plate is another great pick for those craving seafood, with well-seasoned and crispy fillets. Their greens and mac and cheese sides were flavorful as well. Another recommendation is to check out their Wednesday special of .75 cent wings. They also offer a delightful shrimp and grits dish for Saturday brunch, complete with refreshing slushies. Although there was a minor misstep with a burnt chicken BBQ sandwich and less-than-perfect banana pudding on one occasion, most days the food is great. It seems different chefs may have different styles of preparation, but overall, NZINGAS KITCHEN certainly knows how to deliver a satisfying brunch experience.


2812 Erwin Rd, Durham

(919) 383-4747

Reviewed by:

If you're looking for a relaxing, friendly brunch spot in Durham, look no further than Nosh. Despite a minor hiccup with the mimosas due to recent reopening after Covid, the service was swift and efficient. Though the menus were a bit scattered, I found them charmingly diverse. The food, albeit classic breakfast fare, was executed well. The egg and chicken salad sandwiches were standouts, and the pita wraps with hummus and sweet pickles were quite the delight. The vegetable slaw wasn't my favorite, but the pasta salad has been raved about. The self-serve coffee in homey mugs added a touch of comfort to the experience, while the delicious egg, cheese, bacon, and tomato biscuit was definitely the breakfast star. What truly adds to the charm of Nosh is the atmosphere - bright sunny windows, local wall decorations, and a tranquil vibe. The outdoor dining area is a pleasant addition, perfect for a chill morning brunch. With its friendly staff, good food, and peaceful ambiance, Nosh is a must-visit spot for everyone seeking a satisfying brunch experience in Durham. But don't just take my word for it, the sight of many happy families and friends chatting away will convince you that Nosh is the place to be.

Dame's Chicken & Waffles

530 Foster St #130, Durham

(919) 682-9235

Reviewed by:

I must say, my first visit to Dame's Chicken & Waffles in Durham was an interesting one. While service was slower than expected due to staff helping in the kitchen, and I was disappointed to have to serve my mimosa in a plastic cup, the flavorful chicken was still a highlight. However, it could have been hotter and crispier which was a letdown. The atmosphere was definitely a positive aspect. I also ventured back for more, this time for brunch on a busy weekend morning. Despite an initial wait, the service was quick, efficient and the staff was more than happy to make excellent recommendations. The variety of chicken and waffle options really blew me away and the portion sizes left nothing to be desired. I must commend them on their clean environment. However, not all experiences were positive. I found the waffle I ordered to be dense and dry rather than warm and fluffy which was a letdown. Similarly, the shrimp and grits were too salty and the shrimp were not cleaned properly. It was a disappointment to have to leave a meal unfinished at such a reputable establishment. Despite mixed experiences, I am still hopeful that my next visit to Dame's Chicken & Waffles will be a better one and I will certainly be paying a visit to their location in Cary.

Beyu Caffè

341 W Main St, Durham

(919) 683-1058

Reviewed by:

Beyu Caffè in Durham, NC is a must-visit spot for brunch. Whether you're a local or traveling through, you simply cannot miss the excellent food and chill atmosphere. The attentive service and scrumptious menu offerings are sure to satisfy your palette. I thoroughly enjoyed their sweet and spicy chicken wings and turtle mocha. I also tried their grits, sausage and shrimp, and French toast, which were flavorful and cooked to perfection. Just a heads up, the food might take a while to arrive but it is totally worth the wait. The cafe has a cool interior, with great music that enhances the comfortable vibe. I wish the staff were a bit more cheerful and engaging, but that won't stop me from returning. I had the meat lovers omelette and smoked sausage during my second visit and I couldn't resist leaving without trying their Avocado Toast with egg and Oprah Mocha! I recommend Beyu Caffè to anyone looking for a top-notch brunch experience.

The Restaurant at The Durham

315 E Chapel Hill St, Durham

(919) 768-8831

Reviewed by:

My experience at The Restaurant at The Durham was overall very satisfying. The falafel was delightful, served with a tasty sauce and the drinks were generously poured. The ambience was simple yet chic, though it could get a bit chilly depending on the time of year. The staff was friendly and accommodating, even when we had some issues with our seating and a small hiccup with a photo request. The food for the most part, was fantastic! We had Montreal ribeye, lamb, prime rib and flounder, all of which were truly delightful. There were a few minor hiccups, like an under seasoned flounder and ribeye, and the octopus appetizer could have used a bit more bite. Still, the high-quality service and atmosphere made up for these minor let-downs. The Restaurant at The Durham is a bit on the expensive side but truly worth it. It's a perfect venue for a special occasion with its rooftop bar and live music. Would recommend for a charming night out despite the minor issues we faced. Definitely, a must-try for all food lovers out there!

Bull and Bean

3710 Shannon Rd, Durham

(919) 237-2398

Reviewed by:

My visit to Bull and Bean in Durham for brunch was an absolute delight. Despite being a relatively small cafe, it was lively and inviting with excellent customer service. Their coffee is top-notch and food is deliciously outstanding. Particularly, the New Yorker dish was scrumptious and left me wanting for more, reminding me of fine Gravlox. Their breakfast burrito and pear French toast were both hits, filled with fresh ingredients and exploding with flavors. Although they were bustling with customers, the turnaround was quick enough for me to get a seat. The cafe offers an extensive menu, ensuring there's something for everyone's taste buds. There was a minor mix-up with my pancake and French toast order, but considering the weekend rush, it was forgivable. For an optimal dining experience, I suggest visiting on a weekday. Despite this, I found Bull and Bean to offer good value for money and a hearty brunch, making it a must-visit spot in Durham.

It's a Southern thing

605 W Main St, Durham

(919) 294-9632

Reviewed by:

In summary, It's a Southern Thing in Durham is an absolute gem for brunch. The exemplary service and delectable Southern flavors exceeded our expectations. From their crab dip, blackened chicken mac & cheese, to the shrimp and grits, everything was prepared to perfection. The staff, especially Renee and Kat, brought tremendous warmth and humor to our brunch experience. The ambiance was charming, welcoming and perfectly located for an evening out in the town. Priced reasonably, the quality of the food and experience is worth every penny. We left fully satisfied with a joyous memory and a promise to revisit soon. Whether it's a special occasion or just casual brunch, It's a Southern Thing truly nails it!

True Flavors Diner

5410 Highway 55 Suite AJ AK, Durham

(919) 316-7978

Reviewed by:

True Flavors Diner in Durham is my top pick for brunch due to its amazing, full-flavored food, excellent service, and interesting menu. Despite the occasional wait to be seated, the attentive waitstaff makes the experience worthwhile by offering personalized service and quick food delivery. The menu, which changes weekly, offers unique dishes beyond the usual breakfast fare. Portions are generous, and the dishes like the ghost pepper chicken biscuit and French toast are memorable. A bustling spot on weekends, True Flavors provides a more relaxed pace on weekdays. The staff's professionalism, the tender fried chicken, and the exceptional combination of ingredients make this place a must-visit. The pleasant interior vibe complements the food perfectly. I would highly recommend True Flavors for a fantastic brunch, and I will definitely be returning.

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