October 1, 2023

Discover Edinburgh's 20 Best Brunch Spots

Ready to edin-brunch your way through the iconic Scottish capital? Join us as we take a gastronomical journey through the best brunch spots in Edinburgh, where hearty Scottish fare meets modern culinary wizards.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Discover Edinburgh's 20  Best Brunch Spots
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From classic haggis to innovative avocado toast, this is your ultimate guide to mid-morning munching in the city of castles, kilts, and coffee.

Tani Modi brunch house

103 Hanover St, Edinburgh

Reviewed by:

Eneas Gutkis

Tani Modi brunch house in Edinburgh serves absolutely incredible food. Everything is perfectly seasoned and you can tell the produce is high-quality. One of the best breakfasts I've ever had is their Scotsman breakfast. Every ingredient is thoughtfully picked and cooked to perfection. Their salami piadina is a revelation, light, and healthy but packed with flavour, while their pistachio cream pancake is a beautiful, well-balanced dish. The place is conveniently located in the city center and the portion sizes are generous. Although the pistachio pancakes are a tad sweeter than I prefer, they are still excellent. I also enjoyed the vegetarian English breakfast, and I didn't mind the broken egg yolk. My only gripe is that there are no Benedict eggs on the menu. Tani Modi is quaintly tucked away in a lower-level building on Hanover Street, but the short flight of stairs leading to it is worth it for the best pancakes in Edinburgh. They're so moist and flavourful that you can enjoy them plain. Also, the coffee is superb, and there's a good range of other dishes if you're not in the mood for pancakes. Plus, the staff are exceptionally friendly. Overall, I believe Tani Modi deserves the same amount of popularity and recognition as some of the best brunch spots in London.

Greenwoods Edinburgh

61 Frederick St, Edinburgh

0131 220 6799

Reviewed by:

Ryann Moseley

Greenwoods Edinburgh is truly a must-visit for any brunch enthusiast! The staff is incredibly warm and friendly, making you feel at home right away. I definitely suggest making a reservation beforehand as this place is quite popular and tends to be busy. The hot chocolate, Americano, Full Scottish Breakfast, and Chill Pudding we ordered were all fantastic. Just a little tip: if you like your eggs runny, opt for the poached, as their version of fried is well-done and not over easy. The overall atmosphere at Greenwoods is joyful and bustling. The service was prompt and the coffee, superb. Aside from the traditional Scottish breakfast, the pancake stack breakfast also won our hearts - just a sheer delight! The interiors of the café are as appealing as their menu. I had a passion fruit vanilla lemonade and banana bread that were not just visually appealing but lip-smacking too. Although, my homemade banana bread might have a slight edge over theirs, taste-wise. The pancakes were fluffy and rich, a real feast to the palate. While the seating is somewhat limited, you can always make a reservation to ensure your spot. I've been a fan of Greenwoods since I first had breakfast at their Amsterdam location five years ago, and I can say with certainty that the Edinburgh location lives up to the expectation. The halloumi and eggs I ordered, along with the chai latte with coconut milk, were all absolutely fabulous. So, in conclusion, if you're in Edinburgh and in need of a great brunch, Greenwoods is a spot you can't afford to miss!

The Edinburgh Larder

15 Blackfriars St, Edinburgh

0131 556 6922

Reviewed by:

Brittany Bross

I had an absolutely fantastic brunch experience at The Edinburgh Larder. I arrived just before they opened at 8am and there was already a significant queue, giving an idea of the popularity of this place. I ordered the Full Scottish Breakfast and Waffles along with both a long black coffee and a cappuccino. Both the food and coffee were excellent, totally worth the hype. The staff deserves a special mention too; they are super friendly and attentive. The Scottish breakfast was simply amazing, with everything cooked to perfection. Even though I found their coffee to be a bit less impressive, it was still decent. I was particularly impressed by the hardworking barista who was juggling multiple tasks at the same time, yet doing an excellent job. I also tried haggis for the first time here and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. The ambiance of The Edinburgh Larder is cozy and welcoming, perfect for a relaxed breakfast. It got busy very quickly, even on a Monday morning, so arriving early is a good idea. I tried the hash and it was perfectly seasoned, clearly made from high quality ingredients. Overall, if you're looking for a diverse and delicious breakfast in Edinburgh, The Edinburgh Larder is the place to be. Between the excellent food, fantastic service, and cozy ambiance, it makes for a wonderful start to the day.

The Coffee Mill Cafe

54 West Port, Edinburgh

Reviewed by:

Maribel Хусанович

My spontaneous visit to The Coffee Mill Cafe for brunch was a surprisingly delightful experience. It has a charming interior and offers amazing food at reasonable prices. Their British breakfast, bagel sandwiches, and granola banana strawberries honey were absolutely delicious. Complementing our meal was a freshly brewed cup of Americano coffee. I appreciate the affordability of their menu and the quality of their dishes. The array of vegetarian options at this cafe is impressive. The vegetarian breakfast was particularly tasty, featuring scrumptious vegetarian sausages and potato pancakes. They also serve excellent coffee and delicious paninis. Beyond the food, the staff at The Coffee Mill Cafe were absolutely wonderful. Our server, Kasia, was incredibly sweet and attentive. She went above and beyond to accommodate my nut allergy, making our dining experience all the more enjoyable. I will certainly return for the kind service and good food. It's a must-visit for anyone, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit!


101 Hanover St, Edinburgh

0131 466 2033

Reviewed by:

Sfckizer Daniels

Papii is a quaint, quiet gem in Edinburgh perfect for a sit-down brunch. Despite being a small space, I've always managed to find a seat. The food is a lovely mix of sweet and savory, with the waffles and sandwiches being particularly delightful. Although the dishes are generally good, I would have preferred more granola in the yogurt bowl. The service is efficient, and the owner is wonderfully friendly. Whether it's your first visit or third, Papii never disappoints. It's a must-visit for anyone in Edinburgh, and I can't wait to return!

Society Bar & Kitchen

1 Waterloo Pl, Edinburgh

0131 259 8294

Reviewed by:

Filiberto Augustus

My family of 10 and I discovered Society Bar & Kitchen right next to our hotel during our 6-day trip to Edinburgh. This charming and cozy breakfast spot really won us over with its friendly and accommodating staff, as well as its extensive breakfast menu. Let me start by saying their food was top-notch: they offered a wide variety of hot and cold breakfast dishes, both sweet and savory. We enjoyed their overnight oats, homemade granola bowl, and for a light dessert, the Peter Pan's Belgian waffle. All three dishes spoke volumes in terms of flavor. Not to forget, their coffee and hot chocolate were outstanding, particularly the latter, as it tasted like genuine chocolate. Their service, too, was exceptional. For the first time on our trip, we truly felt welcomed and cared for. After addressing some quick questions about potential allergies and where we hailed from, we were promptly seated by the window, which made for some excellent views. What impressed us further was when they promptly replaced our overcooked Turkish eggs. The staff's quick thinking and accommodating nature truly embodied top-tier service. Featuring a delightful Scottish menu and a killer chai latte, I'm confident when I say that the scrambled eggs here might just be the best in the city! With its beautiful central location, awesome food, and cozy atmosphere, Society Bar & Kitchen is a spot I would highly recommend. The decision to have breakfast here was one of the best ones we made on our trip.

The Treehouse Cafe

44 Leven St, Edinburgh

Reviewed by:

Juan Serrano

The Treehouse Cafe in Edinburgh is a fantastic brunch spot. I particularly recommend their pancake stack with bacon and maple syrup, which is simply the best I've ever tried. The cafe is just a 15-minute walk from Edinburgh Castle in Grassmarket, a location worth the visit for the delicious food that rivals any you'll find in the historic centre but without the hefty price tag. The cafe is also a great place to enjoy on a sunny morning with views overlooking the park. The interior is welcoming and bright, and while it can get busy, we had no trouble securing a table. The staff are friendly and the menu offers a good selection of dishes, including some unique specials they rotate regularly. We tried the millionaire shortbread milkshake and while I'm more of a smooth milkshake person and it was filled with pieces of shortbread, it still tasted good. For our meals, my wife had a chicken pesto panini with side cous cous and salad. She really enjoyed it. I had pancakes with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and crispy fried onions. I usually go for sweet pancakes but these savory ones won my heart. The cafe offers good value for money, including a 10% discount for NHS workers. It's clean, popular with locals, and has plenty of vegetarian options. Our breakfast was superb with pancakes, blueberry porridge, and a vegetarian platter. The coffee was great, and the pancakes and sourdough bread were amazing. I was pleased with the service and the prices were reasonable. I would definitely return to The Treehouse Cafe.

Urban Angel

121 Hanover St, Edinburgh

0131 225 6215

Reviewed by:

Susan Calleros

Urban Angel in Edinburgh is an absolute must for brunch. As soon as you step in, you're greeted with a cosy and homely atmosphere that makes you feel completely at ease. The food is the definition of comfort - nothing too fancy, but absolutely delicious. I particularly loved the egg benny with spinach and mushrooms and the zaatar scrambled egg on toast. My partner's raw chocolate smoothie was also a hit. This is not your extravagant, pretentious brunch spot, but rather a laid-back place that's perfect for a casual meet-up with friends or family. It boasts a relaxed, hippie vibe that makes it an ideal choice for a rainy, chilly Saturday morning. Their offerings, which range from porridge to hummus toast, aren't fancy but they are seriously tasty. The porridge, topped with crumble, was so good that it became a group favourite. Likewise, the hummus toast with za'atar, pickled shallots, chickpeas, and parsley was basic yet incredibly satisfying. Be sure to make a reservation though. The place can get busy and you don't want to miss out. Its glowing reviews are well-deserved; the combination of casual atmosphere, delicious food, and welcoming staff make it a must-visit spot in Edinburgh. It's slightly off the main strip, but it's worth the detour. The portions are generous and despite a small hiccup of missing silverware - which was quickly sorted - the experience was memorable and enjoyable. To wrap up, if you're after a cosy brunch location with great coffee, drool-worthy breakfast, and a laid-back vibe, Urban Angel is the place to be. It might be a bit of a wait to get a table, but when you're tucking into their amazing food in their charming interior, you’ll know you've made the right choice. I highly recommend it!

Loudons New Waverley

2 Sibbald Walk, Edinburgh

0131 556 7734

Reviewed by:

Nick Menard

What a fantastic spot for breakfast! I was thoroughly impressed with the excellent service and quality food that was served promptly. The interior was quite appealing, bright and clean with tons of space, reminding me slightly of a stylish Ikea. The menu was a delight, with highlights being the mushrooms & toast and haggis eggs Benedict. The food was simply divine, and the lemonades were the perfect refreshing compliment. When it started to rain during our outdoor meal, the attentive staff ensured we had a table waiting for us inside. Despite its popularity, the atmosphere was relaxed and not overly noisy. Be sure to get a reservation to skip any potential wait time. Not only is the breakfast/brunch menu exceptional, but there are loads of vegan and vegetarian options available. The avocado on toast is also a must-try, and the coconut pancakes were a hit. The staff are friendly and efficient, making the overall experience delightful. Upon recommendation, I tried this place and I am ever so glad I did. The standout dish for me was the mushroom french toast, which was recommended by a server. I am eagerly looking forward to my next visit to try other dishes.

EM's Kitchen

38 St Mary's St, Edinburgh

Reviewed by:

Robby Juarez

I had a superb brunch experience at Em's Kitchen in Edinburgh. The moment I walked through the door, the warm hospitality and cozy ambiance of the restaurant made me feel right at home. The interior was tastefully decorated, adding to the welcoming atmosphere. The menu was impressive and boasted a variety of dishes, all crafted with fresh ingredients which gave each dish a homemade feel. I tried the vegetable lasagna and it was absolutely delicious. The pasta layers were perfectly cooked and the mixture of vegetables, cheese, and tomato sauce was rich and satisfying. I also had their lentil soup, which was heartwarming and perfect for a chilly winter day. The staff was friendly and attentive, ensuring our satisfaction with the food and service. They were able to accommodate any special requests and were well-informed about the menu and ingredients. I also enjoyed their Shakshuka, a flavorful dish with a hint of spice, and the Pistachio Latte was a delightful pairing. The service was excellent, although it could have been a bit more personable. The dining area was small, which felt a bit cramped, but it was beautifully decorated. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Em's Kitchen and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a fantastic meal. The combination of quality food, the welcoming environment, and exceptional service makes it a standout restaurant in the area. Whether you're fueling up after a hike up Arthur's Seat or just looking for a perfect brunch spot, Em's Kitchen is the place to go!

Bonnington Brunch

280 Bonnington Rd, Edinburgh

Reviewed by:

Ronald Delutri

I've found a real gem for breakfast takeout in Bonnington Brunch! Their super mega wrap, vegetarian style, is packed full with delicious ingredients and served piping hot, complemented by your choice of sauce. The ambiance is super chill and the staff are both speedy and friendly, kicking those vintage places in the area to the curb. My personal favourites are the cheeseburgers with onion and relish, and the black pudding rolls - absolute perfection. There's no skimping on size and quality here, and with the place bustling all day, it's clear that I'm not the only one who thinks so. However, I must say, their link sausage could be improved and for the price, I expected a fresher roll and a less overcooked tattie scone. But overall, it's the best spot for brunch in Edinburgh hands down.

The Pantry

1 N W Circus Pl, Edinburgh

Reviewed by:

Shauna Bush

The Pantry in Edinburgh is a favourite brunch spot of mine and I always recommend it to others. Their waffles are fantastic, the best I’ve ever had. I particularly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, especially in the summer when you can sit outside with a good book. The staff are friendly and the food is out of this world; you can really taste the quality of the ingredients used. The lamb and eggs benedict with smoked salmon were exceptional, as was the No Small Fry, which featured the best black pudding and tomatoes I've ever tasted. My partner thoroughly enjoyed the roll with bacon and hashbrown. As a plus, the presentation of the dishes was impressive. The Pantry certainly checks two crucial boxes for me - it's always full of people, indicating its popularity, and there are numerous menu options that I find enticing. I remember on a Tuesday midday, the place was lively. Notably, the halloumi and braised lamb were superb. Definitely a highly recommended brunch spot.

Scotts Kitchen

4-6 Victoria Ter, Edinburgh

0131 322 6868

Reviewed by:

Truu Sody

What a delightful eating experience at Scotts Kitchen in Edinburgh! This place offers some of the best haggis around, with even a vegetarian option available. The sticky toffee pudding is a must-try! The staff are very courteous and provide a relaxed dining environment. Remember to reserve your table in advance, although they do accommodate walk-ins when not too packed. I must say, the staff are exceptionally friendly and attentive, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. The casserole was incredible, and don't forget to try the unique Aztec hot chocolate, although I wish it had a bit more chocolate flavour. This venue also stands out as my favourite breakfast spot in Edinburgh, thanks to the breath-taking view of the Old Town from their outdoor tables. The staff are professional and definitely take their job to heart. The food and drinks are of impeccable quality. The smoked salmon eggs benedict comes especially recommended! A minor issue is the speed of service - it was a bit slow and I had some trouble getting the attention of the servers despite sitting in the centre of the restaurant. The beef casserole tasted good, but I would have preferred a larger portion. The bill came out a bit steep for two main courses and two drinks (over 50 pounds), but that's in keeping with the area it's located in. Despite this, I would definitely return and highly recommend Scotts Kitchen for a meal!

Côte Edinburgh

51 Frederick St, Edinburgh

0131 202 6256

Reviewed by:

Dani Cracraft

I visited Côte Edinburgh during a difficult period in my life and was pleasantly surprised by the warm and friendly service I received. Despite having been to various Côte branches in the past, I was particularly touched by the level of care and attention shown by the staff at this location. I was quickly made to feel at home and was impressed by how swiftly any minor issues were addressed by the management. Most importantly, I felt a genuine sense of empathy and attention to detail from the staff that truly enhanced my dining experience. This is not something that can be taught or purchased - it is a reflection of the staff's dedication and passion for their job. Aside from the excellent service, I also thoroughly enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Côte Edinburgh. The dishes were beautifully cooked and presented, and the restaurant itself was a delight to dine in. I particularly enjoyed the baked camembert, smoked salmon croquette, and the French Old Fashioned cocktail. Despite a minor mishap with some greens, the issue was quickly rectified with a refreshing honesty and willingness to learn and improve. I greatly appreciated the knowledge of the manager, who added an extra layer of enjoyment to my meal with his thoughtful explanations. All in all, my experience at Côte Edinburgh was a resounding success. It is a perfect spot for lunch with a good range of price options, delicious food, and most importantly, an outstanding team of staff. After a wonderful meal, I left feeling nurtured and content, ready to face the world again. I would highly recommend Côte Edinburgh and look forward to my next visit.

Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch

65 Pleasance, Edinburgh

0131 662 6969

Reviewed by:

Tom Leon

I hit the jackpot when I found Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch in Edinburgh! I had been on the hunt for some delicious vegan black pudding and boy, did they deliver. Not only was the food excellent, but the staff was equally impressive with their friendly and accommodating service. This place doubles as a fantastic bar, perfect for indulging in a classic Scottish breakfast. The broad variety of vegan options was a pleasant surprise and, let me tell you, the all-day breakfast was an absolute delight. The prices were more than reasonable considering the quality of the food and the level of service. I was so impressed that it instantly became my go-to breakfast spot during my long weekend trip. The vegan dishes were wonderful and the service was first-class. I cannot recommend this place enough, whether you're a local or just passing through. I know I'll be dropping in again next time I'm in town. But it's not just about the breakfast. This place serves amazing vegan versions of traditional Scottish dishes like Haggis, and various local sausages and puddings. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere only adds to the overall experience. A fantastic spot for vegans and non-vegans alike!

Wanderlust Cafe & Bistro

274 Canongate, Edinburgh

0131 557 0480

Reviewed by:

Xum Hill

I had a lovely brunch experience at Wanderlust Cafe & Bistro in Edinburgh. The waffles were delightful, although the bacon wasn't quite to my taste. The overall cost leaned towards the pricey side at £13 for breakfast, but the meal was generous and quite satisfying. The vegetarian breakfast was satisfactory but felt a little overpriced, in my opinion. The staff however, were a charming lot and the cafe was impeccably clean, which earned them a well-deserved fours stars rating from me. This cafe is a great spot for a leisurely lunch, equipped with excellent staff, commendable food that was promptly served and all at a fair price. I couldn't recommend it enough. The cafe boasts a modern and chic interior which we really enjoyed. We had crepes, the Valencia, a sweet delight, and the Prague, with bacon and egg, both of which were skillfully prepared and very flavorful. The service we received was cordial and proficient, making it stand out in a competitive market. My only gripe is that it leans towards the pricier side but otherwise, a fantastic spot for a meal.

Loudons Fountainbridge

94B Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

0131 228 9774

Reviewed by:

Buritto Louis

I found Loudons Fountainbridge in Edinburgh to be a great place for brunch. The eatery's ambience is simple and relaxed, and the food is of a good standard. The baked beans are homemade, and I suspect most dishes are, as they have an underground kitchen. The sausages are particularly tasty, as was the creamy mustard sauce on my wife's eggs. Booking a table in advance, especially on the weekend, is a good idea to avoid standing in a queue. The service was exceptional, with attentive and lovely staff members. The cafe is quite modern, attracting a professional crowd, which creates a distinct morning atmosphere. Their full breakfast is superb - fresh and delicious. They also offer toast as a side, which was a delight. Loudons Fountainbridge is comparable in pricing to other cafes, so it didn't make me feel overcharged. I also appreciated the cafe's commitment to cater to different dietary needs, with an incredible range of gluten-free options. I enjoyed a lovely lunch with two friends, opting for the vegetarian all-day breakfast. Everything was cooked perfectly, and I indulged in a delightful caramel latte and a refreshing kiwi apple & celery juice. The bill came to £24, which was a bit on the higher end but considering the quality of food and service, it was worth it. In conclusion, Loudons Fountainbridge is without a doubt one of the best places to get brunch in Edinburgh. Delicious food, excellent service, and good value for money. I highly recommend it and will definitely be back regularly!

Southern Cross Cafe

63A Cockburn St, Edinburgh

0131 622 0622

Reviewed by:

Stephanie Hadfield

I stumbled upon Southern Cross Cafe on my recent trip to Edinburgh and it was perfect for brunch! The first thing that caught my eye was their mouthwatering display of cakes, truly an irresistible sight. I opted for a salmon on toast with a balsamic glaze and followed up with a tantalizing piece of caramel shortbread. The food was outstanding— truly top quality. Yes, the waiting time was a bit longer than I'd have liked, but I must say that the food was worth every minute of waiting. While it's a cozy spot for a coffee or a light bite, there's no denying that the cafe has become a bit of a tourist attraction, and the prices reflect that. Admittedly, their meals are on the pricier side but the cakes and coffee are reasonable; maybe a bit higher than other cafes but, believe me, they're worth every penny. My companion and I spent £22 in total, which might sound a bit steep for a brunch for two, but with their scrumptious food and friendly staff, I'm not complaining. We even had a delightful breakfast there the following day! Despite the cafe being relatively busy, the staff managed to accommodate our party of 6 comfortably. They were friendly, attentive, and answered all our queries with a smile. There wasn't a single item on the menu that we didn't love, so I have nothing but praises for the food. If you're looking for a place that serves alcohol, however, you won't find it here. Overall, my experience at Southern Cross Cafe was thoroughly enjoyable and I'd recommend it to anyone visiting Edinburgh who is in search of a quality brunch.

The City Cafe

19 Blair St, Edinburgh

0131 220 0125

Reviewed by:

Nancy Cannata

I recently had breakfast at The City Cafe, where I'd only previously ventured for evening drinks. I was pleasantly surprised by their gluten-free full breakfast option - a generous offer though it wasn't for me. The place was not too crowded, clean, and had the expected cozy diner vibes. Their service was speedy and efficient, so the wait time for food was minimal. The portion sizes were impressive. One tiny letdown was the sausages, which seemed to have some non-edible bits. We also had flat white coffees - delightful, though not quite the quality of Black Medicine Coffee. The total cost was a bit steep at around £36 for two breakfasts and two coffees. The quality and ambiance did justify the pricing, however, I may have hesitations about regular visits exclusively due to the price. The large portion sizes would be perfect after a solid gym session though! The food was hearty and satisfying, and I was particularly grateful for their flexibility regarding substitutions on the Scottish breakfast. The rolls they offer were massive and super satisfying. Their decor and diner theme were impeccably executed. In terms of service, the only slight disappointment was how we had to ask for drinks a couple of times, but the food made up for this small hiccup. The location of the cafe is incredible for city exploration and the cozy atmosphere made for a lovely experience. One important mention: There is a 10% service charge. Overall, I had a wonderful time at The City Cafe in Edinburgh and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tasty breakfast in the city!

Stack & Still

53 Rose St, Edinburgh

0131 322 6630

Reviewed by:

Alas Ipiña Gallegos

I recently visited Stack & Still for brunch and had a great time! The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated and creates a very relaxed and cozy atmosphere. I decided to treat myself to a triple stack of their pancakes. Although I found the second pancake a bit dry due to the distribution of the toppings mainly on the first pancake, the overall taste was still incredibly delicious. My visit wasn't without its hiccups though. My friends and I experienced a bit of a delay with our orders. However, when we brought this up with the staff, they were really prompt to address it, even giving a full refund to the affected individuals in our group - a really kind gesture that we didn't expect. Another highlight was the variety of toppings for the pancakes, especially the gluten-free options. As someone who often struggles to find good gluten-free dishes in Scotland, I found this to be a big plus, even though the gluten-free pancakes had a slightly different taste and texture - a little denser than usual. My only real gripe was that the front door kept letting in cold air because people weren't closing it properly. It got a bit uncomfortable having to get up to close it repeatedly. Despite these minor issues, I found the overall experience to be really positive. The food is great, the staff are kind, and the ambiance is fantastic. So, if you're a big fan of pancakes like me and fancy a treat, Stack & Still in Edinburgh is a place worth checking out!

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