September 12, 2023

Tex-Mex Temptations: El Paso's Must-Visit Brunch Hotspots

Discover the best brunch spots in El Paso, where Tex-Mex flavors and Southwest charm come together to create the ultimate culinary experience. Explore our top picks for a memorable meal.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Tex-Mex Temptations: El Paso's Must-Visit Brunch Hotspots
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In this guide, we'll explore the top brunch spots in El Paso that tantalize the taste buds and excite the senses. From charming, family-owned eateries to sophisticated, contemporary establishments, these exceptional brunch venues serve mouthwatering dishes that perfectly capture the essence of this Southwest culinary paradise. Prepare to embark on a flavorful journey through the best brunch places in El Paso that will leave you craving more.

Savage Goods

1201 N Oregon St, El Paso

(915) 383-4765

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Savage Goods is an excellent brunch spot in El Paso that offers great coffee, quality food, and a cozy atmosphere. The staff is super friendly and cheerful, making customers feel welcomed. The homemade bread and jam, breakfast burritos, avocado toast, and pastry selection are all must-tries. The donuts are considered the best in the city. Savage Goods also offers catering services that are professional, kind, and create custom buffets that cater to customers' backgrounds and preferences. They are highly recommended and considered the best food in a wedding by guests and vendors alike. Overall, Savage Goods is a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious brunch in El Paso.

The Kitchen at 150 Sunset

150 E Sunset Rd, El Paso

(915) 585-1150

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The Kitchen at 150 Sunset in El Paso is a great spot for brunch with a variety of indoor and outdoor seating options. The Scramble with kale and cheddar is a must-try, and the Cocohorchata is an interesting drink to try at least once. While the staff service may be lacking for some, others have found it to be outstanding. Overall, the food is tasty and the mimosas are delicious, making it a recommended spot for breakfast or brunch.

la Madeleine

8889 Gateway Blvd W Suite 1400 Ste 1400, El Paso

(915) 225-3660

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La Madeleine in El Paso is a great spot for brunch with good food and quick, friendly service. The croissant is highly recommended, and the ambiance is pleasant. However, some diners found the food to be pre-baked and lacking in quality, with pre-cooked bacon and canned chicken in the pasta. There were also misunderstandings with drink orders. Despite these issues, many customers still enjoyed the bread and pastries and would return for another visit.

Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Cafe

824 N Piedras St, El Paso

(915) 801-0475

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Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Cafe is a great place to grab brunch in El Paso. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with indie music playing at a reasonable volume. The portions are large and filling, and the 420 fries are a must-try. The unique menu offers dishes such as the Cuban sandwich, which is not commonly found in the area. The staff is friendly and attentive, with quick service. Although there was a glitch in the system causing a delay in food, the great food and chai latte made up for it. The only downside was being haggled by street vendors during the meal. Overall, a highly recommended spot to grab a bite.

Piedmont Cafe

4172 N Mesa St A, El Paso

(915) 249-6965

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Piedmont Cafe in El Paso offers a vegan and plant-based menu that is not only affordable but also delicious. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, including the bang bang broccoli, falafel, and lavender lemonade. The Seared Avocado Salad with added tofu is spectacular, and the outdoor dining experience is perfect on a warm fall day. The staff is joyous and passionate about serving amazing food, and the Duck confit sandwich is out of this world. Piedmont Cafe is a top restaurant choice in West Texas, and customers highly recommend trying the red and green posole with seitan.

Grove Brunch Cafe

12040 Tierra Este Rd, El Paso

(915) 313-4662

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Grove Brunch Cafe in El Paso is a great place to enjoy delicious brunch in a lively atmosphere. The restaurant offers plenty of outdoor dining and bar sitting, but reservations are recommended. The brunch menu is available all day and includes a mimosa bar and a great selection of flavored cold brew coffees. The chicken and waffles were a standout dish, with a crispy chicken and a unique bacon-infused waffle. The only downside was the dry slice of cake they ordered for dessert. However, the attentive service, great food, and delicious drinks make up for it. Overall, the west side location is a long-awaited event and is worth every dollar.

Ripe Eatery

910 E Redd Rd, El Paso

(915) 584-7473

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Ripe Eatery in El Paso is a great spot for brunch or lunch, with friendly staff and delicious food. The Benedict Salmon and biscuits with jam are standout dishes. The burgers are also worth trying, with good flavor and portions. The restaurant is clean and inviting, with outdoor seating available for those who want to bring their furry friends. The artichoke dish is a must-try, even for those who aren't fans of the vegetable. Overall, Ripe Eatery is a top choice for a tasty and enjoyable dining experience.

Grove Brunch Cafe

7470 Cimarron Market Ave Building 7 Suite 200, El Paso

(915) 234-2299

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Grove Brunch Cafe in El Paso is a must-visit for anyone looking for delicious brunch options. The restaurant is located in an upscale community and offers a variety of dishes including chicken and waffles, French toast sandwiches, and chilaquiles with green sauce. The staff is young and attentive, with the hostess happy to share her favorite dishes and the waiter checking in frequently. The atmosphere is great, with both indoor and outdoor seating available. The food is fresh and delicious with the fried calamari, salmon egg benedict, and pancakes being some of the best dishes. Coffee lovers will also appreciate the various flavors of cold brew available. Overall, Grove Brunch Cafe is a fantastic spot for brunch in El Paso.


126 Shadow Mountain Dr Suite A, El Paso

(915) 581-2441

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Eloise for brunch in El Paso is a standout spot, with delicious food, great cocktails, and a fun atmosphere. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the plant-based options are a highlight. The sunny patio and U-shaped bar add to the ambiance, making it a great place to catch up with friends or enjoy a leisurely meal. However, some recent negative experiences with hair in the food and poor service have left some customers disappointed. Despite these issues, Eloise for brunch in El Paso remains a popular spot and is highly recommended for those looking for a great meal in a fun and lively setting.

Block - Table & Tap

4172 N Mesa St, El Paso

(915) 351-0775

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Overall, Block - Table & Tap in El Paso is a great spot for brunch. The food is delicious, with crispy chicken and tasty pulled pork breakfast tacos being highlights. The atmosphere is cozy, though service could be improved. The brunch menu could use some improvement, but there are still plenty of options to choose from. The nachos with brisket are a must-try and can be shared with 2-3 people. The servers are friendly and the restaurant has a trendy feel. The varied menu and extensive beer collection make it a great spot to try new things. The only downsides were the slow service and lack of traditional El Paso chilaquiles. However, the overall experience was still positive and worth checking out.

Crave Kitchen & Bar

300 Cincinnati Ave, El Paso

(915) 351-3677

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Crave Kitchen & Bar in El Paso is a small, yet popular brunch spot with friendly and attentive wait staff. While the shrimp bacon appetizer was nothing special, the Crave Burger and shoestring fries were fantastic and highly recommended. The portions are generous and the food is fresh and delicious. There is limited seating and parking, so be prepared. Overall, Crave exceeded expectations with great service, prices, and food.

Salt + Honey Bakery Cafe

801 N Piedras St #6, El Paso

(915) 313-4907

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Salt + Honey Bakery Cafe in El Paso is a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious brunch experience. With amazing drinks and coffee options and a menu that features unique twists on classic dishes like chicken and waffles and avocado toast, this cafe has something for everyone. The service is excellent, with friendly and attentive servers like Eduardo who make sure that your needs are met. The new location is eagerly anticipated, as the current space is cozy and inviting, but can get quite crowded at peak times. While some patrons have noted longer wait times and slightly higher prices, the overall consensus is that the food and atmosphere make it well worth the investment.

Butter Smith Kitchen & Pies

1331 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso

(915) 590-5058

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Butter Smith Kitchen & Pies received a positive review for its brunch in El Paso. The staff, including the young waiter, hostess, and bussing staff, were friendly and prompt. The food was good, with the chicken fried steak and eggs Benedict being highlights. The pies and coffee were also a hit. There were some minor criticisms, including the open concept, uncomfortable chairs, and messy service, but overall, the reviewer would definitely come back and try some of the pies.


6080 Gtwy Blvd E, El Paso

(915) 772-4077

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IHOP in El Paso has amazing service and a very kind and respectful staff. They were accommodating to a service dog and provided excellent recommendations for brunch. The food was delicious and inexpensive, and the waiter was friendly despite being busy. Norma was a standout server who kept the table clean and suggested the perfect vegetarian meal. Overall, this IHOP location provides great service and delicious food.


655 Sunland Park Dr, El Paso

(915) 845-1700

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IHOP in El Paso is a great place to have brunch. They offer a variety of breakfast options and the food is delicious. The service is exceptional, with attentive and friendly wait staff like Shannon. The restaurant also provides good condiments and creamers for coffee. The sirloin tips were juicy and tender, and the new ricotta lemon berry crepe is recommended. The prices are affordable, and there may be a short waiting time during peak hours. Signing up for the app and rewards program is also recommended. Overall, IHOP in El Paso is a perfect place for breakfast.

Crave Kitchen & Bar

631 Resler Dr Suite B, El Paso

(915) 581-2213

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Crave Kitchen & Bar in El Paso is an excellent spot for brunch. The portions are generous and the food is cooked to order and fresh. The presentation is fantastic, and the waiting staff is very attentive. The menu covers a wide range of food choices, making it perfect for picky eaters. Although outdoor seating is limited, the overall atmosphere is cute and enjoyable. It's recommended to make a reservation before visiting, as it can get packed. The Chile Bomber Burger with Green Chili Mac and Cheese is a must-try. The customer service is excellent, even during busy times. Despite some negative reviews, overall, Crave Kitchen & Bar is a great place to visit for brunch in El Paso.

Crave Kitchen & Bar

11990 Rojas Dr, El Paso

(915) 594-7971

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Crave Kitchen & Bar is a fantastic brunch spot in El Paso, offering flavorful dishes that are worth the higher price point. The sauces, including dressings and salsas, are particularly noteworthy. Service is excellent and the atmosphere is perfect for a girls' night out or a casual brunch. The Eggs Blackstone and Peachy Agave drink are both highly recommended. While there were some minor issues with portions and beer selection, the overall experience was positive, with highlights including the Bomber burger and friendly service from the staff.

Crave Kitchen & Bar

8889 Gateway Blvd W #2840, El Paso

(915) 599-9866

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Crave Kitchen & Bar is a great brunch spot in El Paso with creative and delicious dishes. The country fried steak waffle sandwich and bacon are highly recommended. The atmosphere is a bit noisy due to the parking lot underneath, but it's still a good place to hang out with friends. The prices are reasonable, and the options are good. The chilaquiles verdes have a spicy kick to them. The chicken and waffle and other chicken plates are also tasty. The service can be a bit slow, but it's worth the wait for the delicious food. Overall, it's a top brunch spot in the area.

Basico Bistro Cafe

6006 N Mesa St #106, El Paso

(915) 581-6661

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Basico Bistro Cafe is a great place for brunch in El Paso. The fish and chips and fish tacos were delicious, and the atmosphere is cool and modern. While some dishes could use more seasoning, the menu has a good variety of options. The customer service is generally good, with the exception of one unattentive server. The potstickers, bacon and brie burger, Mac n cheese, and Baja fish tacos were all enjoyable. The restaurant is small and parking can be tricky, but the latte was very good. The migas and chilaquiles were filling breakfast options, but the croissants were not worth ordering again. Overall, Basico Bistro Cafe is worth a try.

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