February 16, 2024

Elk Grove’s Top 10 Brunch Spots Unveiled

Dive into Elk Grove's brunch scene where bottomless mimosas meet the heartiest plates in town.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Elk Grove’s Top 10 Brunch Spots Unveiled
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Welcome to Elk Grove - where the elk go to brunch. Just kidding, the elks are busy with their own grove gatherings, but that doesn't mean you'll be left out of the feast!

Boulevard Bistro

8941 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

(916) 685-2220

Reviewed by:

Danielle Dinteru

Highly recommend Boulevard Bistro for anyone looking to enjoy a fantastic brunch in Elk Grove. This super cute and intimate place really sets the mood for a pleasurable dining experience. From the moment my friends and I walked in for our 5pm dinner, we were greeted warmly and seated promptly, kicking off our evening just right. The host was quick to inform us about the night's specials and even suggested some delicious wine to complement our meal. Our server was incredibly nice and offered great recommendations. We started off with appetizers, and let me tell you, the deviled eggs and pork belly are a must-try. Then, I indulged in the Broccoli Cheddar soup followed by the salmon, both of which were absolutely delicious. My friends opted for the Wedge Salad and Chicken Breast with Mushroom sauce, and they couldn't stop raving about it – not a single bite was left on their plates! The dishes were so delightful, easily the best deviled eggs I've ever had, and the service was just incredible throughout our dinner. Despite managing to get last-minute seating in the patio area for four people, the experience was nothing short of unbelievable from the starters to dessert. Even my husband, who has had the opportunity to dine globally and experience meals prepared by world-renowned chefs, mentioned that this meal surpassed anything he has ever eaten, even suggesting it was worthy of a Michelin Star! Boulevard Bistro is a true gem in Elk Grove, perfect for a date night or an intimate dinner with friends. The atmosphere, the food, and the impeccable service make it a memorable spot that I can't recommend enough.

Xulo Coffee Bar

8698 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

(916) 647-4678

Reviewed by:

Pha Mccaulley

Stepping into Xulo Coffee Bar for brunch was quite the pleasant experience. My initial thoughts were of a decent breakfast place, though it didn’t completely live up to some of the high praise I had read in other reviews. The breakfast sandwich with sausage served on a brioche bun caught my attention and it didn't disappoint. It was quite tasty and came with a generous serving of potatoes, which was a nice touch. Alongside this, we decided to try the banana strawberry waffles. While the concept was appealing, I found it to be just okay – the presentation was simple with just a few slices of banana and strawberry atop the waffles and an overly sweet whipped cream that made additional syrup almost unnecessary. The coffee, an essential element of any coffee bar, left a bit to be desired. Opting for the drip, it tasted slightly over-burnt and lacked the interesting flavor notes one might expect from a place that prides itself as a "coffee bar". Still, the ambiance of Xulo Coffee Bar was clean and welcoming, highlighted by a cute LED sign and an enticing display case filled with conchas. The food, overall, was good. My friend and I particularly enjoyed the avocado toast with potatoes – it was delicious and we noticed it was a popular choice among other customers as well. The dulce de leche and berry waffles we shared were tasty, albeit a bit too thick for our liking, and could have benefited from a tad more syrup. I also had a chance to try the Mexican hot cocoa, which was enjoyable with its hint of cinnamon, though the excessive cream on top somewhat overshadowed the chocolate flavor. This didn't detract from the overall atmosphere, providing a cozy place for a relaxed conversation. Notably, the cafe had a trendy and relaxing vibe, perfect for a casual meet-up or a quick snack. I was particularly charmed by the cute turtle Mexican bread and the overall vibe that made it a wonderful spot for a quick brunch or lunch. The cafe seemed more suited for grab-and-go, given its limited seating, yet that didn’t take away from the enjoyable experience. The avocado toast I had was good, scoring a solid 7/10 in my books. All in all, my visit to Xulo Coffee Bar was enjoyable. It provided a nice atmosphere to unwind and savor some decent food. Despite some minor critiques, it’s a spot worth considering for a laid-back brunch, and I’m looking forward to coming back to try their lunch offerings.

Bert's Diner

8972 Grant Line Rd, Elk Grove

(916) 686-6622

Reviewed by:

George Rd

Brunch at Bert's Diner in Elk Grove was quite an experience. The food was mostly positive. While my wife's pork chops were a bit on the tough side, they still tasted good. As for myself, no complaints on the bacon, eggs, and pancake – all were good and hit the spot perfectly. The ambiance of the diner adds to its charm significantly. It truly brings an old-fashioned vibe with its jukebox at the booths and that unique diner motif. It’s an old diner, but it manages to retain its charm and authenticity very well. The place is clean, offering a nice, nostalgic atmosphere. More importantly, the quality of the food has been consistently great over time. The menu is extensive, and after many visits, I've yet to have a meal that was anything less than delightful. A recent French Dip was particularly impressive. Along with the food, the service has always been commendable. The staff have consistently been pleasant and efficient. On this visit, our server Katie was particularly delightful, making our dining experience even more enjoyable with her pleasant conversation and prompt service. One of the highlights of this diner is how quickly the food comes out. Our brunch was served in no time, allowing for a swift but satisfying meal. The Bert’s omelette comes highly recommended, and it's easy to see why it's a favorite. Additionally, the use of crushed ice is a small but appreciated detail. The diner’s interior, resembling an old 50s diner complete with personal radios at each table, adds an exceptionally neat aspect to the visit. It’s hard not to be absorbed by the nostalgic decor. The cleanliness of the place, including the bathrooms, also deserves a mention. It’s clear that attention is given to maintaining a neat and welcoming environment. But beyond the food and the unique setting, what truly makes me want to return is the polite and attentive service. The staff made sure our cups were never empty and our needs promptly attended to. Overall, a visit to Bert's Diner for brunch is not just about good food but an enjoyable experience all around. Definitely looking forward to returning soon, perhaps for lunch next time to delve deeper into their extensive menu and relive the unique diner experience.

Mel Dog's Cafe

9766 Waterman Rd Ste B, Elk Grove

(916) 686-4615

Reviewed by:

Guadalupe Martovskaya

Decided to spend the night in Elk Grove to get a feel for the place, stroll around, and experience the local vibe. The people here are incredibly welcoming, reminiscent of the warmth found in much smaller towns. A good friend of mine insisted that whatever I do, eating lunch at Mel Dog's Cafe was a must. And now I know exactly why. The experience at Mel Dog's Cafe was nothing short of impressive. Opting for the hotdogs wrapped in bacon was a decision I'll never regret - absolutely amazing! It's hard to believe that such an incredible breakfast spot exists in this area, especially given the unassuming nature of its parking lot location. This place truly is a hidden gem, embodying the essence of a wholesome breakfast diner. The staff exudes friendliness, the portions are more than generous, and the food is exactly what you need to start your day right. The cafe might lean towards the smaller side, and yes, the wait can stretch out a bit on weekends, so my advice is to come early. If you're in a rush, this might not be the spot for you at that moment. Mel Dog's Cafe is all about taking it slow, enjoying the food, and cherishing the company you're with. Given the kitchen's quaint size, patience is indeed a virtue here. But when those pancakes arrive, dwarfing your plate (and possibly your face), you'll know it was worth the wait. Mel Dog's has quickly become one of my favorite local haunts for dining. It's this cozy, country-style diner that nails breakfast and lunch offerings, open Monday to Saturday and closing up shop earlier in the day. The parking lot in front might be shared with other businesses, but there's usually enough space. The menu? Delightful. I find myself gravitating towards the American diner classics, with the french toast being a personal highlight. For those seeking vegetarian options, you won't be disappointed. Although the place is of medium size and lacks booths, opting instead for table service, it adds to its charm. It can get busy, and with a small waiting area, guests jot down their name and party size on a list - a system that works surprisingly well. The service here is always on point, with a friendly demeanor that makes you feel right at home. Look up, and you'll see placards on the ceiling advertising local businesses, a nice touch that adds to its community feel. The scrambled eggs with hash browns and a side of sausage plate I tried today, along with a pancake, were flavorful, hearty, and made with fresh ingredients. The mushrooms and tomatoes were particularly good. And of course, the coffee refills kept coming, which is always a plus in my book. Mel Dog's Cafe is a relaxed, casual, and quintessentially old-fashioned breakfast spot that I make a point to visit whenever I'm in this part of town. If you're ever in Elk Grove and looking for a spot that promises a satisfying meal in a warm, inviting atmosphere, make sure Mel Dog's Cafe is on your list.

Sarom's Southern Kitchen

Elk Grove

(916) 236-3488

Reviewed by:

John Meerzo

After a bit of anticipation for the meal, having experienced a longer wait than expected, the visit to Sarom's Southern Kitchen for brunch turned out to be quite delightful. The initial hiccup with the Steak and Eggs being overcooked was handled, although it took a little insistence on our part. However, once that was resolved, the properly cooked steak was well worth the wait. The Country Fried Steak was also a hit, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, just as you'd want. Accompanied by Gravy, Hashbrowns, and Scrambled Eggs, it made for a hearty and satisfying meal. Though I didn't opt for it this time, the Biscuit and Gravy side note caught my eye for a future visit. The Catfish with Grits was another standout, perfectly seasoned and piping hot, a testament to the kitchen's ability to deliver delicious southern comfort food. It seems the place knows its strengths and plays to them well. The BBQ Burger, with its thick bacon, also left an impression, suggesting that the BBQ Plate might be worth exploring next time. Despite the initial service hiccup, it was evident that the staff hustled to provide a good experience, clearing tables efficiently and maintaining a friendly atmosphere. The music and overall vibe of the place added to the enjoyment of the meal. Noticing the expansion of their dining space was a pleasant surprise, indicating the success and growth of this local spot. Given its convenient location, reasonable prices, and the quality of the food, it's clear that Sarom's Southern Kitchen has earned a spot on my list of go-to places for brunch in Elk Grove. It’s heartening to see such a gem in the neighborhood, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

Jamie’s Cafe

9101 Laguna Main St, Elk Grove

(916) 667-3865

Reviewed by:

Don Brown

After living in Elk Grove for over 20 years, finally decided to try Jamie’s Cafe for brunch, following a recommendation from a coworker. And what an excellent decision that was! The food was not only tasty and of good quality but also managed to avoid the common greasy pitfall many breakfast places fall into. The option to choose half potatoes and half fruit as a side to accompany the bacon and spinach Benedict was a delightful surprise, providing just the right amount of food. While the iced coffee wasn’t particularly remarkable, the quick, friendly service and cleanliness of the restaurant, despite a busy Saturday morning crowd, more than made up for it. Definitely a place to return to! Having been a resident of Elk Grove for so many years, it’s a wonder it took me this long to discover such a gem. The prices are reasonable, portions generous, and the atmosphere welcoming. On my first visit, I indulged in the deep-fried strawberry French toast while my husband tried the daddy's mash up. Both of us, with our hearty appetites, were pleasantly surprised to have leftovers to take home. It’s a must to return and explore more of their menu. After a few visits, both during busy and quieter times, I’ve found the staff to consistently be great – very friendly and helpful. Although it can get a bit loud when the cafe is packed, it's much quieter during slower periods. The only minor hiccup was the wait time for drink refills. The cafe shines brightest with its food. Although a fan of eggs benedict, the Deep Fried Strawberry French Toast caught my attention and did not disappoint. Served in generous portions enough to share, it’s crispy on the outside while remaining firm and delicious on the inside – reminiscent of a better, tastier funnel cake. Paired with poached eggs and a side of their creamy, perfectly seasoned hollandaise sauce, it’s a breakfast to remember. The inside of the cafe comfortably accommodates both small and large groups, though it appeared a bit understaffed for a brunch rush during my visit. The food quality is what you’d hope for from a local cafe, underscoring the importance of supporting local businesses. Overall, Jamie’s Cafe provides a satisfying brunch experience that beckons for repeated visits.

Huckleberry's Breakfast & Lunch

2745 Elk Grove Blvd #250, Elk Grove

(916) 897-9261

Reviewed by:

Mike Morey

As someone who values the simple joys of a good meal and the company of loved ones, I believe that a dining experience should bring warmth and happiness. This was exactly the case when visiting Huckleberry's Breakfast & Lunch for brunch in Elk Grove. The experience was more than just about the meal; it was a cherished time with my son, an opportunity to bond and enjoy each other's company in a pleasant setting. The ambiance at Huckleberry's added to the overall positive vibe of our meal. Despite a few hiccups with service timing, such as a bit of a wait for a to-go box, the staff was friendly and did their best to accommodate us. This minor inconvenience didn't detract from the overall mood, which was light and welcoming. The menu at Huckleberry's had a variety of options to choose from. While there were a few misses with our order, such as the potatoes and the pumpkin pancakes not hitting the mark, the effort put into the meal was evident. The chicken and waffles, a classic choice for brunch, showcased their ability to deliver a satisfying dish, even if the waffle's temperature wasn't perfect. One unexpected aspect was the coffee. Ordering a cold caramel macchiato, I anticipated a refreshing beverage to complement the meal. However, it arrived warmer than expected and didn't quite meet my expectations in terms of flavor. Despite this, the overall dining experience wasn't significantly impacted. Reflecting on the visit, it’s the atmosphere and service at Huckleberry's that stood out to me. The minor issues with the meal itself were secondary to the positive environment and the attentiveness of the staff. It’s these aspects that make me look back on our brunch with fondness. In essence, my visit to Huckleberry's Breakfast & Lunch was about more than just the food; it was a memorable outing with my son, marked by a friendly setting and the intent to share a good meal together. While there’s room for improvement in some areas, the experience left me with a sense of satisfaction and a desire to return.

Brick House Restaurant & Catering

9027 Elk Grove Blvd Ste 100, Elk Grove

(916) 714-0840

Reviewed by:

Andrea Delacruz

After visiting Brick House Restaurant & Catering for brunch in Elk Grove, my thoughts are mixed but lean towards positive. When it comes to dining out, my main question is always "Would I go back?" For this place, my answer is a cautious "Yes-ish." The food was decent overall. However, I had a couple of issues, especially with the ribs and meatballs. The ribs, while coated in a tasty honey mustard sauce, lacked the smoky flavor I was anticipating. It seemed they weren't actually smoked, as there was no smoke ring evident. Then, there were the Braised Meatballs. The red sauce was delicious, but the meatballs themselves reminded me strongly of canned meatballs, which was a bit disappointing. Despite these hiccups, there's a lot to appreciate about Brick House. It's not every day you find a restaurant where the manager takes the time to visit each table, ensuring guests are enjoying their experience. This level of attention is commendable. The restaurant sits somewhat awkwardly between casual and fine dining, both in terms of pricing and atmosphere. For what it offers, it feels a bit too pricey for regular family outings, yet it's ideal for business lunches, date nights, or casual parties. The service was good overall. Our group tried a variety of dishes. The Coconut Prawn appetizer and the kids' Cheese Ravioli were highlights for sure. However, the entrees were a bit of a letdown. The Rack of Lamb was too tender, almost resembling the taste of liver, which wasn't to my liking. The Chicken Marsala was more sour than expected, and another chicken dish we ordered didn't meet our expectations either. On a brighter note, the drinks from the bar, especially when caught during happy hour, were pretty good. The minestrone soup and salad are both hearty and delicious options that I'd recommend. While the Chicken Marsala didn't entirely hit the mark this time, it's generally a dish I've enjoyed in the past. In conclusion, Brick House Restaurant & Catering offers a mixed bag. There were aspects that didn't quite live up to expectations, but also elements that were genuinely enjoyable. It might not be the place for every occasion, due to its pricing and culinary missteps, but it's worth visiting for specific dining experiences.

The Meltdown

8707 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

Reviewed by:

Mimi Arie

Coming from what feels like a galaxy far, far away—okay, it's actually just 50 miles northwest of Chicago, but let's not get bogged down in geography—I stumbled upon The Meltdown while scrolling for something different to try for brunch. My curiosity was piqued; I mean, who doesn't get intrigued by the promise of mouthwatering, warm, cheesy goodness? So, I decided to place an order for delivery to my hotel room, hoping for a pleasant surprise. And let me tell you, The Meltdown did not disappoint. The food arrived quickly, which was a relief because who likes waiting? Even better, everything was still hot, a feat that seems almost magical with delivery food. Diving into the sandwiches, I was transported to melt heaven. The balance of cheese, meat, and bread was just right, hitting all the right notes of flavor and texture. Each bite was a delightful experience, making me a fan of melts when I wasn't particularly one before. Despite the hiccup of missing fries and a mix-up in the sandwich order, the quality of the food that did arrive was undeniable. It's not often that you find a place that can turn a skeptic into a fan with just one meal. The Meltdown managed just that. The concept of a virtual restaurant might throw some off—yes, it's operated by Denny's and you can only order online. Still, if you're after something delicious and comforting, don't let this detail deter you. In a world where dining experiences can be hit or miss, especially when trying something new in an unfamiliar area, The Meltdown stands out as a positive surprise. It's a reminder not to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a restaurant by its virtual status. Warm, cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness delivered right to your door? Yes, please. Now, if only they'd consider opening a location in northeast Illinois—I can only imagine how much more incredible these melts would taste straight from the kitchen. Until then, I know what I'll be ordering next time the craving hits. The Meltdown, you've got yourself a new fan.

Black Bear Diner

8531 Bond Rd, Elk Grove

(916) 714-7273

Reviewed by:

Myriam Brown

Black Bear Diner in Elk Grove has become a go-to spot for brunch. Though I usually lean towards supporting local businesses, the offerings here in terms of food, service, and pricing do not disappoint. The kids' meals are a steal at under $5 — not to mention they're generously portioned, which my children absolutely adore. My husband can't get enough of their Chicken Fried Steak, claiming it's the largest he's ever had. As for me, the Benedict Special was quite enjoyable. Quick service is something you can expect here, along with a clean environment and plenty of parking space. One thing that particularly stands out is the coffee — it's robust and exactly how I love my coffee to be. The overall customer service is outstanding; Nicole, our waitress, was incredibly friendly and attentive, adding to the positive experience. The generous food servings are definitely a highlight, and they never compromise on taste. There's a relaxing atmosphere that complements the clean and inviting vibe of the diner. On our recent visit, we opted for the Vegetable Omelette accompanied by a side of medium hot sausage patty. It arrived piping hot and delicious, a testament to the skill of the kitchen staff. A tip of the hat to the chef and a special shoutout to Nicole for always making our visits memorable. It's safe to say that we'll be making our way back to Black Bear Diner for more of their hearty offerings.

Stagecoach Restaurant

8713 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

(916) 685-7803

Reviewed by:

Ruth Alvarez

If you're looking for a spot with impeccably clean bathrooms, outstanding customer service, and scrumptious food, Stagecoach should be at the top of your list. My mom, who is handicapped, and I decided to grab breakfast here. Upon arrival, the place was buzzing with activity; every table was taken, there was a line out the door, and people were coming in to pick up their carryout orders. Despite this, the staff were nothing short of amazing - courteous, professional, and efficient. In no time, they found us the perfect spot that accommodated my mom’s walker-chair. Our order was taken swiftly, and within about 10 minutes, our food was served, hot and bursting with flavor. The empty plates at the end of our meal were a testament to how enjoyable the food was. This place is highly recommended for anyone in search of a dining experience that combines a hygienic environment, mouth-watering dishes, and service that makes you feel right at home, akin to dining at a dear friend's or grandmother's house. While waiting, I had the opportunity to chat with fellow diners who were return customers. They all had nothing but praise for Stagecoach, confirming the consistency in the quality and taste of the food. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Stagecoach for providing a delightful and tasty dining experience for us travelers. The restaurant may have been busy, but it was undoubtedly worth the wait. Opting for the big breakfast complete with bacon, eggs, and a pancake, we left thoroughly satisfied. Our first venture here saw us being the first patrons as they opened early on a Saturday morning. The service was quick and attentive right from the start, with our waitress eagerly answering any queries about the menu items, which cater to a diverse range of preferences, including vegetarian options. Both the savory crepe dish and the corn beef hash we ordered were exceptionally flavorful, promising a swift return on our part to explore more of the menu. Despite the diner's bustling nature, the service remained prompt, the staff friendly, and the prices reasonable. The portions were generous, though the blueberries in the crepe were a bit lackluster, likely due to being out of season. The only minor gripes were the coffee, which could have been warmer, and the radio playing slightly too loud for my taste. Despite these minor issues, the diner's cozy, albeit slightly worn, decor adds to its charm, making it a place worth visiting again.

Original Mikes Diner

9139-3 E Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove

(916) 686-8488

Reviewed by:

Milton Hahn

Walking into Original Mike's Diner for brunch was like stepping back in time to a chill 50s-themed diner, complete with jukeboxes at almost every table—a touch that I absolutely adore. On my visit, the choice fell on a New York strip steak paired with a root beer float, both of which were delicious beyond words. The waiter's kindness and attentiveness only added to the delightful experience, making me eager to return. Despite it being a busy Saturday morning, we were seated immediately, which was a pleasant surprise. The hostess was quick to take our drink orders as we settled in, admiring the old diner's ambiance. My order included country fried steak with hash browns and sausage n gravy. The steak was flavorsome, though the hash browns were quite standard and the biscuits and gravy arrived a bit cold for my liking. My child opted for chicken tenders with fries and a side of cornbread. The tenders were juicy, not dry in the slightest, which was a win in my book. The fries, while a bit limp, didn’t detract from the overall meal, especially with the cornbread and honey, which was simply delicious. What stood out was the reasonable pricing, a rarity in Elk Grove given the current trend of soaring meal costs. It's comforting to find a place that manages to keep its menu prices low without compromising on portion size or quality. The service, too, was commendable with the waitress being friendly, experienced, and prompt—qualities that never fail to impress. The diner never disappoints with its blast-from-the-past vibe, excellent menu, stellar service, and great prices. Food and service are consistently top-notch, making any wait time, even up to 30 minutes during peak hours, totally worth it. This spot has certainly earned my recommendation to family and friends for a great dining experience.

Cafe Elk Grove

8230 Civic Center Dr, Elk Grove

(916) 937-2823

Reviewed by:

Rachel Ramirez

Cafe Elk Grove has become a favorite spot of mine for brunch. The meatball and pastrami sandwiches are mouth-watering, and their chicken adobo never disappoints. What really sets this cafe apart is their Filipino menu with rotating specials that provide a delightful culinary adventure. District 56, where the cafe is located, offers a beautiful and family-friendly environment. Although I have attended the night market here before, it was my first experience dining at the cafe. Their menu includes basic coffee, sandwiches, and a range of cooked Filipino dishes. On this visit, I decided to try the kare-kare over rice with bagoong on the side, and it was absolutely delicious. During my visit, I made the mistake of forgetting to bring water from home. The staff was quick to direct me to the refrigerator to grab a soda. However, it's worth noting that if you forget to pick up a drink before ordering, you'll have to join the line again. Despite this, the staff was incredibly nice, polite, and accommodating. A small tip for future visits: grab your drinks first or bring your own water. Coffee orders can be taken at the counter. Aside from the minor hiccup with the drinks, the food and customer service at Cafe Elk Grove are outstanding. The unique offerings and incorporation of different cultural foods make for an amazing dining experience. I'm eagerly looking forward to the cafe being fully open and continuing to explore their diverse menu offerings.

Panera Bread

8519 Bond Rd #106, Elk Grove

(916) 714-2556

Reviewed by:

Rashad Brooks Iii

I come here occasionally and it always tastes so good. Whether I order online or in store, it's always fast and delicious. I often get the chipotle chicken avocado sandwich with a side of tomato cucumber basil salad – all so tasty I felt compelled to write a review. I signed up for the free drink for one month and found myself buying more and more food. It was a clever marketing campaign; they lured me in for free drinks, but honestly, I think I'm the real winner here. The food is great, the atmosphere inviting, with free WiFi and a cozy little gas fireplace adding to the charm. Overall, a fantastic spot for brunch in Elk Grove, making every visit worthwhile.

Mimi's Cafe

9195 W Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove

(916) 683-4377

Reviewed by:

Yen Hernandez

Had an absolutely fantastic brunch experience at Mimi's Cafe in Elk Grove. Stumbled upon this gem while looking for a place that could cater to both my and my son’s eclectic tastes. It definitely did not disappoint. The meal was a hearty delight, full of diverse flavors that truly hit the spot. The apple crepes with cinnamon glaze were a dream, perfectly crafted and just as delicious as they sound. Meanwhile, my son was more than happy with his chicken and waffles—a dish that seems to be made with teenagers in mind! The atmosphere of the cafe added to the overall experience. It was clean, and even though we also stopped by for lunch once and found it a bit on the pricey side for what was offered, it couldn't dampen the spirit of our initial visit. The highlight, however, was the incredible service we received from our server, Alex. There was a small hiccup with the eggs in my order being overly hard, but Alex handled the situation with such grace and professionalism. He promptly had my dish remade, and it returned from the kitchen perfectly cooked. My husband’s choice, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and turkey sausage accompanied by country potatoes, was also prepared to perfection. Alex's attentiveness made us feel truly cared for, ensuring that our dining experience was seamless despite the cafe being quite busy, particularly on Mother's Day. The interior of Mimi's Cafe is enchanting, filled with quaint little details that make the place feel cozy and welcoming. Moreover, the food is not only hearty but also packed with fresh, flavorful ingredients. The outdoor seating area proved to be a charming spot for enjoying brunch in the beautiful morning weather. Overall, the fantastic food combined with stellar service makes Mimi's Cafe a place worth returning to. It’s definitely carved out a special place in our hearts, and we look forward to our next visit, especially with Alex as our server.

The Waffle Experience Elk Grove

8351 Elk Grove Blvd Suit 100, Elk Grove

(279) 333-7963

Reviewed by:

Sherry Buck

What an amazing find! Being in Elk Grove for a wedding and having a significant love for a good breakfast, my wife and I were ecstatic to stumble upon The Waffle Experience. Opting for local gems over chains, this place did not disappoint. Our server, Anne, was fantastic and made sure to point out how they keep track of remaining entrees of each type on a chalkboard wall. A pro tip for anyone visiting: if the number for pork belly is under five, rush to order! That's how good it is. Oh, and did I mention they serve cocktails? Despite trying another local spot the following day which was closed, we ended up back at The Waffle Experience, and it did not let us down. The ambiance was so welcoming that we felt like we had the place to ourselves, although the service could have used a little boost. My personal meal didn't hit the mark for me – the savory waffle was far too dense for my liking, but that's just a matter of personal taste. Despite this small hiccup, the staff were understanding and even offered a discount, which was a kind gesture. The kids had mixed reviews; the waffle with hollandaise was a hit and deemed reorder-worthy, while the value for the price of another dish was questioned. That said, the professionalism and kindness of the staff along with a generous discount made the experience better. The true highlight of the visit was discovering the chef's professional training background from San Francisco, promising quality and creativity in each dish. The churro waffle was an absolute revelation for anyone with a sweet tooth, and the egg scramble with ribeye simply took the meal to another level. Not to mention, the BLT Bloody Mary was a standout. The outdoor patio offers a serene spot perfect for those seeking a quiet corner, making it an ideal location not just for dining but also for relaxing or getting some work done. There's no doubt that the culinary expertise, combined with attentive service and a cozy atmosphere, makes The Waffle Experience a must-visit in Elk Grove. Whether it's for their innovative dishes or the tempting "adult drinks", it's clear this place has something special. Can't wait to return and indulge in more of their culinary creations.


8707 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

(916) 686-2054

Reviewed by:

Chris Lopez

Who doesn't enjoy a hearty brunch to kick off their day? That's exactly what I found at Denny's in Elk Grove. Despite having experienced other Denny's locations with a different menu and pricing strategy, the Elk Grove branch stood out for its unique offerings. It's true, elsewhere, I've encountered a special menu where, for example, a breakfast combo of pancakes, hash browns, eggs, bacon, and sausage goes for just $9.99—a deal not immediately visible here in Elk Grove, where a similar meal is priced closer to $17.00. It took me aback, especially with added charges for extras like ranch or BBQ sauce. It seems there's an emphasis on selecting pricier items unless you specifically ask for the specials. However, regardless of these discrepancies, my brunch experience here remained top-notch, mainly due to the excellent service. My server, Brittney, was truly exceptional, ensuring my meal was exactly as I wanted. And let's not forget the kitchen staff. Their skill in whipping up a delicious breakfast—yes, including my favorite, a steak for breakfast—was commendable. It never ceases to amaze me how a well-cooked meal can brighten my day. I do wish Denny's would consider introducing more vegetarian options, catering to a broader range of dietary preferences. It's always nice to have a variety to choose from. In conclusion, my time at Denny's in Elk Grove was quite satisfying. Great food coupled with attentive service made for a memorable brunch. My thanks go out to Brittney and the talented cook for their fantastic work. It's experiences like this that keep me coming back.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

9237 Laguna Springs Dr, Elk Grove

(916) 753-1500

Reviewed by:

Guillermo Patel

My family and I went to BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse in Elk Grove for my grandma-in-law's birthday brunch, with a reservation made in advance. While the table setting was less than ideal, being squeezed into a crowded space, this was more than compensated for by the exceptional service and food quality we experienced. The highlight of our visit was our server, Emma. She was incredibly sweet and made our dining experience delightful. Emma displayed an impressive knowledge of the menu and was very helpful in answering our questions and making recommendations. Despite being quite picky when it comes to food, I found multiple options on the menu that appealed to me without needing any substitutions. This is a rarity for me, and I savored every bite of the meals I chose. Our frequent visits on Sundays have introduced us to Jorge, another server who has consistently provided us with excellent service. He's incredibly friendly, attentive, and ensures our orders are correct and served promptly, even on the busiest of days. As a family with three kids, we appreciate the kids' meals options, and the prime rib special my husband and I usually opt for is always a treat. The food at BJ's has been consistently good, with the prime rib being a particular favorite of ours. The kids always enjoy their meals too, making our Sunday brunches something we look forward to as a family. Despite a minor hiccup with the table setting and a busy atmosphere, our overall experiences at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse have been positive, thanks to the wonderful staff and the delicious food. The exceptional service provided by Emma and Jorge stands out, making us eager to return. We're definitely looking forward to our next visit and hope to be served by Emma again. Thank you, BJ's, for making our brunches memorable.


9170 E Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove

(916) 686-4901

Reviewed by:

Valerie Bermudez

I had a lovely time at IHOP for brunch in Elk Grove. The experience was nothing short of delightful, mostly because of the wonderful service. My waitress was incredibly patient and kind, taking the time to explain the menu in great detail, which made it easy for us to decide what to order. Her efficiency was commendable; we received our appetizers, followed by our main courses and dessert without any unnecessary wait. Such patience and kindness truly made the visit worthwhile. For breakfast, I chose the spinach and mushroom omelet paired with hash browns, while my friend opted for two eggs over easy, bacon, and a pancake. Each dish was cooked to perfection, a testament to the kitchen's skill and attention to detail. Our server, an older gentleman, was very friendly and efficient, elevating our overall experience. While the initial reception at the front was somewhat lacking in warmth, our waiter made up for it with his welcoming demeanor. The speed at which we received our order was impressive, though I noted that after our food arrived, we didn't see much of our waiter until it was time for the check. Despite these minor hiccups, the visit was enjoyable and left me wanting to return. It’s important for management to recognize the hard work and dedication of their staff; fair wages and treatment reflect the values of a business. Ultimately, this IHOP in Elk Grove showed that good food paired with exceptional service makes for a delightful dining experience. I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

Chicken N Waffle

8235 Laguna Blvd #100, Elk Grove

(916) 750-4454

Reviewed by:

Michael Whitehead

Arriving at Chicken N Waffle for brunch in Elk Grove was a breeze, with no wait time for seating, which was a great start. The restaurant itself was very clean and appeared recently renovated, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The wall decor added a nice touch to the overall ambiance. Service was noteworthy and on point. Despite having read about mixed experiences, the staff during my visit, especially our server/cashier named Jemirah, was very nice and attentive. Jemirah, who was working alone in the front at the time, impressed with her hard work and dedication. Onto the most important part, the food. The Chicken and Waffles did have their highlights. The chicken was good and served piping hot, though I wished the pieces were a bit bigger. The waffle was tasty; however, it could have been crisper and more golden as advertised. The standout for me was the SPICED warm syrup which really enhanced the entire meal. Another dish tried, the breakfast Meat Lovers Sampler, was generous in portion leaving plenty of leftovers. A slight downside was the steak strips which were a bit tough to chew. My favorite dish had to be the brunch chicken and grits, which proved to be a delightful choice. Despite some areas for improvement in the food department, the overall experience was positive. The attention to cleanliness and the efforts of the staff, especially under pressure, did not go unnoticed. In reflection, my visit to Chicken N Waffle for brunch was filled with more positives than negatives. Based on this experience, I'm encouraged to return and try other items on the menu. It's places like these that remind you of the simple joys of good southern style soul food in a comfortable setting.

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