September 12, 2023

The Top Brunch Spots in Fargo You Shouldn't Miss

Get your brunch game on in Fargo! Discover mouth-watering classics and innovative dishes in our top picks. Casual or upscale, we've got a place for your weekend fix.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
Reviewed from:
North Dakota
The Top Brunch Spots in Fargo You Shouldn't Miss
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Get ready to embark on a culinary journey in the chilling yet charming city of Fargo. Welcome to Brunch-n-Fargo, your ultimate guide to the most delicious, finger-licking, palate-pleasing brunch spots in this heart-warming North Dakota city. Fuel up, Fargo folks— it's time to exchange your field gear for forks and embark on a brunch journey. Follow the aroma of fresh coffee and crisp bacon, as we uncover Fargo's best breakfast-into-lunch bounty!


402 Broadway N, Fargo

(701) 306-4131

Reviewed by:

Derrick Gostin

I had a fantastic experience at BernBaum's during a recent trip through Fargo. After doing a quick search for local restaurants, we decided to give it a try and were not disappointed! Their daily specials were tempting, but we settled on the Matzo ball soup, potato knish, and daily greens salad. Each dish was incredible, with the knish taking the top spot thanks to its delectable sauce and pickled onions. What left a lasting impression was the welcoming and inclusive vibe of the place. It was an ideal spot for a light yet satisfying meal. The fusion of Jewish and Icelandic cuisine really made this place stand out. The cozy vintage decor added to the charm. We did experience a bit of a hiccup with the service. They lost our ticket order and it took longer than expected for our food to arrive. Once it arrived, the matzo soup was delicious and the chai tea, while not hot enough, was still one of the best I've ever had. Despite the service mishap, I highly recommend this place for its brilliant food and wonderful atmosphere. One of the highlights was the Iceland Bagel Plate, a delightful combination of cream cheese, pickled veggies, lox, and a perfectly chewy bagel. Their homemade bagel chips are also incredibly addictive, so be sure to grab a bag! Lastly, their cheese selection from Red Head Creamery is not to be missed. All in all, despite the service hiccup, we will definitely be returning to BernBaum's. It was a memorable brunch experience in Fargo.

The Shack on Broadway

3215 Broadway N, Fargo

(701) 356-2211

Reviewed by:

Lisa Craig

I had an absolutely fantastic time at The Shack on Broadway in Fargo. The place was bustling, showing its popularity, but the wait time was less than predicted. The service was top-tier, friendly and efficient, even during a busy event. As for the food, it was incredibly tasty and they were very accommodating to my customization requests. The crepes were a highlight and completely worth the wait. My steak was slightly overcooked, but given the busy nature of the restaurant, I decided not to raise this issue. The food portions were more than generous, providing great value for money. Although my colleague encountered an issue with his corned beef hash being too mushy, my meal was overall satisfactory, with only the ham being a bit salty. I'd highly recommend the place for some delicious home-style comfort food.

Randy's University Diner

2130 S University Dr, Fargo

(701) 280-0414

Reviewed by:

Avery Gallardo

I was just passing through Fargo and decided to stop by Randy's University Diner for brunch. Boy, I'm glad I did! The service was excellent with our server being both sweet and efficient. The food was perfectly cooked, even the tricky over medium eggs were spot on. I loved the charm of the place, with cute and clever cafe art decorating the walls. The pricing was also just right, not too expensive. I particularly appreciated the pot of coffee left on our table, a nice touch indeed. It wasn't all perfect though, for instance, I had no spoon for my coffee and ended up using a knife. Also, the hashbrowns were a tad overdone and the biscuits were rather small. However, the sausage and gravy were decent, and I appreciated the clean bathrooms. Despite a few small setbacks, I have to say the overall experience was good. The food was tasty, the service was good, and the atmosphere was cozy. The desserts were especially delicious. I appreciate that Randy's is consistent with their food quality. Also, I'm not usually a breakfast person but their bacon cheeseburger definitely hit the spot. My wife, on the other hand, really enjoyed her breakfast. My only real complaint, however, is the limited gluten-free options. So, if you're ever in Fargo and in the mood for a good, hearty meal, I'd recommend Randy's University Diner. Just be warned, you may have to stir your coffee with a knife!

Brew Bird

30 N University Dr, Fargo

(701) 205-0238

Reviewed by:

Dolores Grave

I can't recommend Brew Bird in Fargo enough! My travel group and I stumbled upon this gem during our lunch break and were absolutely blown away by their fried chicken sandwich, undeniably the best we've ever tasted. The combo offered with waffle fries and soda is a must try - the fries are divine. The service was speedy and the staff were extremely friendly. For any fellow pet owners on the road, this place is a dream with its pet-friendly patio. Our orders arrived hot and fresh, my only wish is for more chicken flavors. Parking can fill up quickly due to its popularity, but it's worth the effort. The atmosphere is always buzzing and inviting. If you're a sauce fanatic like me, they have plenty to experiment with. I also appreciate their weekly specials and mobile ordering service, so convenient! I love enjoying my weekends here during the Summer, an absolute treat for any brunch lover. This gluten-free restaurant is a fantastic find in Fargo and I was thrilled by their mindful approach to serving celiac safe food. Their fried chicken, service, and flavors left a lasting impression on me. A definite must-visit!

Babb's Coffee House

604 Main Ave, Fargo

(701) 271-0222

Reviewed by:

Duff Duvall

I've finally found a solid spot for breakfast in Fargo, after a few disappointing tries elsewhere. Babb's Coffee House shines with exceptional, accommodating service and the food is quick, tasty, and reasonably priced. The atmosphere is uniquely charming, though I'm not the biggest fan of the couch seating. There are, however, a few nice spots to settle in with a meal and coffee. Without hesitation, I would recommend this place to anyone. The atmosphere is both cozy and energetic, and the staff was more than helpful with my food inquiries. I enjoyed their Caesar salad, which may be the best I've had yet. I've also heard nothing but rave reviews about their coffee. The breakfast quesadilla was another standout, large and filling with plenty of custom options. I had a slight issue with a drink order due to my specific preferences and allergies, but the staff was more than willing to correct it, not once, but twice. It's not often that you find an eatery that can handle food allergies as well as Babb's did. Their coffee and breakfast sandwich were also winners. All in all, I am well pleased with my experience here.

The Boiler Room

210 Roberts Alley, Fargo

(701) 478-1990

Reviewed by:

Andrew Holmes

I had a delightful brunch at The Boiler Room in Fargo. Their Chicken Pot Pie and Red Pepper Ravioli were unique and flavorful, offering a refreshing twist to traditional dishes. The Blueberry Coffee Cake was also excellent. The restaurant is a hidden gem beneath the city streets, perfect for a cozy brunch. The service was superb, with Laura providing attentive care and Jeff engaging us in delightful conversation. I tried the steak bites and chicken pot pie, both were cooked to perfection by Chef Q. The accompanying sauces for the steak were rich and customizable to the palate. The chicken pot pie brought back nostalgic memories of hearty, homemade meals at my grandmother's kitchen. The ambiance was serene, with comfortable seating and moderate music volume. We were lucky to get immediate seating on a quiet night. The drinks were potent yet tasty, and the fries had just the right amount of crispiness and salt. Surprisingly, The Boiler Room also has a great kid’s menu. My kid enjoyed the 'fried chicken,' despite it being billed as chicken nuggets. The overall atmosphere was energetic and welcoming, making it a popular choice, even on a weekday. The service time could use some improvement, but it doesn't compromise the overall experience. If given another chance, I would definitely return to The Boiler Room. Their incredible food and relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal spot in Fargo for a delightful brunch or a fun night out.

Kroll's Diner

1033 45th St S, Fargo

(701) 492-2319

Reviewed by:

Carola Vesely

I had a truly delightful brunch experience at Kroll's Diner in Fargo. The omelette was a flavourful delight, the pancakes were fluffy and delicious, and the coffee was the perfect pick-me-up. The fresh fruit juice was a refreshing addition to the meal. But what stood out was the exceptional service. The staff was attentive, friendly, and they made the entire experience feel warm and welcoming. The overall atmosphere of the place felt like a comforting throwback, adding a nostalgic charm to the whole experience. I particularly enjoyed their country steak breakfast, the French toast, and the three meat skillet. Each dish was prepared well and tasted wonderful. It gets quite busy, but the service remains excellent. I would highly recommend Kroll's Diner for anyone looking for a great place to eat while in Fargo. It's a refreshing break from usual chain restaurants. This place is definitely worth checking out when in the area.

701 Eateries

701 N University Dr, Fargo

(701) 532-0734

Reviewed by:

Kunal Wilk

I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend took me to 701 Eateries for my birthday brunch. The place, conveniently located near where I live, exudes a fantastic vibe that I fell in love with. The beautiful lighting really adds to the charm of the place. But the real star of the show was the food. I was blown away by the quality and taste, so much so that I found myself dreaming about it the next day. It was so good, I felt the prices were justified. Aside from the appetizing food, the service was top-notch and the ambiance was very inviting. The staff were attentive, but not overly so, creating a comfortable and relaxed dining experience. Even the drinks were a delight, strong yet flavorful. The Porchetta was a standout dish and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful dinner date spot. 701 Eateries quickly became one of my favorite spots in town, and it's now my go-to place when hosting out-of-town guests. The restaurant expertly infuses traditional Midwestern dishes with a unique twist, resulting in a memorable dining experience. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation if you're planning to go with a large group or for a special occasion. The place is quite popular, so it can be challenging to get a table. But trust me, it's well worth the effort.

Lucky's 13 Pub

4301 17th Ave S, Fargo

(701) 551-0013

Reviewed by:

Esther Coleman

I adore the mix of rustic and modern decor at Lucky's 13 Pub in Fargo, particularly the unique touch of the cable system fans. We tried the pizza rolls which were wonderfully different, more like a pizza filled egg roll than a basic pizza roll. We also took advantage of their burger Monday deal - any burger except the bison served with fries for $10.49. I personally recommend the satisfying breakfast burger and the flavorful huckleberry mule. I found the staff to be friendly and the atmosphere relaxing, perfect for a breakfast outing. Aunika, our waitress, was particularly delightful. The unique touches extended to the restrooms which even had hairspray and lotion! They also serve popcorn on the house as an appetizer, a fun touch I had never seen before. I enjoyed my breakfast burrito and another huckleberry mule but I do have a suggestion for the cook. If you're going to put chorizo in a breakfast burrito, it would be much tastier to cook it WITH the scrambled eggs. It makes for a smoother eating experience without the dry hard bits of sausage. We also came in for dinner and while my buffalo chicken sandwich was just okay, the cocktails were good and the service was excellent. Despite the sandwich being a bit messy and thrown together, I would still give the overall experience four stars due to the great service. We truly had a good time at Lucky's 13 Pub. The server was pleasant, though a little forgetful, and the food was overall great. We decided that if we find ourselves back in the area, we'd definitely visit again.

Traditions Restaurant & Bar

3330 Sheyenne St Suite 116, West Fargo

(701) 532-1376

Reviewed by:

Beverly Ekah

I'm really glad I tried out Traditions Restaurant & Bar for brunch. The pizza was fantastic, charred to perfection in a brick fire oven. The Big Porker specialty pizza we ordered was simply delicious with its pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and a sprinkle of peppers. The ingredients were evenly distributed and the cheese and crust were just right. The Bloody Mary I had, along with a big glass of ice water, were refreshing. The food was priced reasonably, and the seating was comfortable. We also had Brian's Breakfast, a Mexican Omelet, French Toast, and Biscuits and Gravy with Jalapeño biscuits. Each dish was delectable. The staff was attentive and our server was friendly, which truly enhanced our dining experience. Though the place was bustling during our dinner visit, our server managed to take excellent care of us. I would note that the music was quite loud, which might not be suitable for those with sensory sensitivities or small children. The atmosphere is pretty standard for a bar and grill, but the excellent food and service make a return visit worthwhile. Based on this first visit, I'd say you can't go wrong with brunch at this place or at Blarney Stone!


215 Broadway N, Fargo

(701) 532-5170

Reviewed by:

Abdelrahman Cohen

Rosewild in Fargo truly impressed me. The menu was excellent, and the service was both friendly and attentive. The atmosphere was relaxing and the cleanliness was top-notch. What stood out the most was how fresh and carefully chosen everything on the menu was. The food was delicious and far from common hotel offerings. The venue, nestled in the Jasper Hotel, is luxurious and beautiful. Although there was a significant wait time for our meals, the overall experience was positive and I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a fine dining experience - be it for a special occasion or simply a casual night out. Upon arriving on opening night, I found the atmosphere, service and food quality to be top tier. The menu has a great variety, catering to all diets, and the chef has done a wonderful job bringing exciting dishes to Fargo. I have already made numerous visits and can confidently say that Rosewild is worth a visit.

The Tavern Grill

4504 32nd Ave S, Fargo

(701) 532-0777

Reviewed by:

Vasquez Migliacio

The Tavern Grill is a fantastic restaurant! My visit for brunch was thoroughly enjoyable, and the attention to detail was impressive. I particularly loved their build-your-own menu concept - we had delectable pizza and a unique bloody Mary which you could tailor to your taste preferences. The Asian salad I had was filled with flavour and was generously portioned, and the clam and artichoke dip was also a hit. While I did find the teriyaki salmon a tad too sweet and the chicken in the appetizer somewhat bland, these minor quirks didn't overshadow the overall positive dining experience. The staff were remarkable and the wait time was far less than we had initially been told. The buffet line was spotless, well-stocked, and visually pleasing. My partner opted for the buffet and was pleased with the selection, while I ordered a custom omelet. Regrettably, the omelet was overcooked, but I am confident this was a one-off incident. As someone who caters professionally, I was satisfied with the meal and service at The Tavern Grill. I look forward to my next visit and to trying out new dishes on their menu.

Fargo Fryn' Pan Family Restaurant

310 Main Ave #170, Fargo

(701) 293-9952

Reviewed by:

Bettina Washington

My recent brunch visit to Fargo Fryn' Pan Family Restaurant was a very pleasant experience. Even though the restaurant was busy, the Maître ɗ ensured excellent customer service by attending to my drink order. I appreciate the welcoming hospitality of North Dakota and the politeness of the staff. I enjoyed a lovely meal of Chicken Fried steak with gravy and onions, accompanied by pancakes, all for a reasonable price of $12. Although the place may seem a bit dated in terms of decor, the quality of the food makes up for it and offers better value than many places back home. I had a lovely time and look forward to visiting when I return to Fargo next year. Their convenient location, ample parking, and the courteous service make this restaurant a standout choice for me. Just a note on a different experience, I once ordered from Door Dash and there were some mix-ups with the order and the food, but I realize the dining in experience is entirely different and far superior. Lastly, I will say, there is always room for improvement. But for me, the overall experience was positive and I definitely plan on returning to the Fryn' Pan for their delicious brunch spread.


4437 13th Ave SW, Fargo

(701) 282-8544

Reviewed by:

Salvatore Harrison

I absolutely love this place! Denny's in Fargo has become my go-to diner for American food and a good cup of coffee. During my recent visit, I opted for a simple water and side salad, while my friend indulged in their pancakes. The service was commendable - prompt, friendly, and efficient. The salad was a delightful surprise, with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, and a superb ranch dressing. What's more, the comfortable ambiance makes it a fantastic place to catch up with friends while enjoying a good meal. The appeal of this place surely doesn't end here. Its reasonable pricing and amazing food have left an indelible mark. It was our first visit and the management and staff left no stone unturned to make it remarkable. Everyone was smiling, friendly, and seemed truly happy to serve. The food was nothing short of amazing. And as if all these weren't enough, they also surprised me with a cute little heart in my eggs! However, I did notice a bit of a snag during a 20-minute period where our table was left unattended. The same seemed to be the case for a few others around us. The manager and hostess seemed a bit distracted, discussing their appearances rather than focusing on the customers. This is something I believe they can improve on. Regardless, we had a great time overall, and I am already looking forward to my next visit. If you're in Fargo, don't miss out on Denny's! It's a great spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Thanks, Denny's, for ensuring a great experience every time!

Granite City Food & Brewery

1636 42nd St S, Fargo

(701) 293-3000

Reviewed by:

Heather Leung

Granite City Food & Brewery in Fargo is a bustling spot with a vibrant atmosphere, something I hadn't previously encountered in my North American journeys. Despite a wait time of about 20 minutes, I found the service to be top-notch. Our server Ross was incredibly professional, constantly checking in on us throughout our meal. The food was a delight. The portions were generous and the flavors were delicious. We ordered the Pot Roast, Chicken Roast Pie, and Sweet Potato fries, all of which were priced reasonably, especially considering the restaurant's popularity. There was a minor hiccup when we realized that this wasn't Dave's BBQ, the place we originally intended to visit. But, Ross explained that while Dave's BBQ was closed, they did still serve a few items from their menu online. Even though we were initially confused, we were hungry and opted to dine here instead. It's worth mentioning that this information should be made more clear for future customers to avoid any miscommunication. Everything else was superb. I revisited the restaurant for supper a few days later and my past experience was repeated. The only issue I encountered was with the meat pasta which was too salty, and the Caesar salad was warm. The overall restaurant temperature was also a bit high for my liking. Despite these minor setbacks, Granite City Food & Brewery's incredible food and service don't disappoint. Their Flying Monkey cocktail, waffle fries, and burgers are a must-try. I find it perfect for an array of occasions, be it a first date, family meal, or a fun night out with friends.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

1220 36th St S, Fargo

(701) 404-1639

Reviewed by:

Krishna Landin

Despite recent issues with under-staffing resulting in slow service and overcooked food, I have to commend Perkins Restaurant & Bakery for maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere. Staff are always friendly and do their utmost to provide great service under challenging circumstances. The environment remains calm and quiet, perfect for a casual conversation over a meal. My brunch visit this morning was a delightful experience. The food was, as always, delicious. Our server, Victoria, went above and beyond in her service. I noticed her taking the time to engage in conversation with a lone Korean veteran, a gesture I found admirable. Victoria, you're doing an amazing job under challenging circumstances! I ordered the blueberry muffin french toast platter from their special menu and loved it. Victoria's pleasant demeanor and attentive service added to the overall experience. I'm quite intrigued to try their other unique breakfast options, particularly the blueberry lemon waffle. Perkins is more than just a family breakfast spot. We were fortunate to visit on a Monday, which happened to be free pie day. The food was fresh, the coffee hot, and the pancakes fluffy. I am eagerly looking forward to my next visit.

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

550 2nd Ave N, Fargo

(701) 566-8749

Reviewed by:

Patricia Mcgarity

My brunch at the Black Coffee and Waffle Bar in Fargo was truly a delightful experience. Despite it being a busy Saturday, I had a great dining experience. Our table had a sticky charm to it and our waffles arrived in no time. They were tender and had a delectable flop to them. The pulled pork was served at room temperature, providing a delectable contrast to the warm waffles. The unique combination of ingredients created a palatable mix I didn't even know was possible. The self-serve coffee was a good feature, allowing you to have as much or as little as you fancy. While you do need to bus your own table, it wasn't an inconvenience and kept the place looking tidy despite its popularity. Yes, the canned soda was a bit on the expensive side, but considering the overall quality of the food, it seemed a minor trade-off. We also had a loaded potato and a strawberry cheesecake waffle. The flavors were remarkable. The strawberry and cheesecake came together beautifully, making a strong case for sweet and savory breakfast dishes. The coffee was splendid. Every sip was a pleasure, whether it was black coffee or a mocha. The only thing was that you have to fetch your own silverware, something that might not be obvious to first-time visitors. But all in all, it's an excellent brunch spot, and the waffles and coffee are definitely worth a visit. I can't wait to return and try the rest of their menu.

Urban 42

1635 42nd St S, Fargo

(701) 281-7105

Reviewed by:

Maria Compher

Urban 42 is a fantastic spot for brunch with its chilled atmosphere and beautifully presented food. While some dishes might need a smidge more seasoning, the meats were cooked to perfection. I especially appreciated the surprise anniversary cake - a lovely gesture. Their avocado crema paired wonderfully with the Crab Cakes and the light, yet filling scampi with its well-cooked pasta was a delight. Although the shrimp serving might seem small, they're jumbo sized and if you slice them up, it seems more than enough. Unfortunately, they were out of Prairie Cucumber Vodka on my visit but the Ama Martini, although strong, was a good alternative. In terms of service, the lovely Miss Tina served us during our visit and she was absolutely welcoming. I highly recommend their Poutine and the Parfait. Even though the prices might be on the higher end, the quality of the food completely justifies it. Trying their fried shrimp was a good decision, even though they come in two, they were as big as a hamburger. The ribeye and pork chops were a hit and our waiter, despite managing the whole restaurant, did a great job. Overall, Urban 42 is definitely a must-try place for delicious food and excellent service.

Gallery Restaurant

3803 13th Ave S #3301, Fargo

(701) 277-7328

Reviewed by:

Vicki Portales

I recently had brunch at Gallery Restaurant in Fargo and it was a delightful experience. We initially had a less than stellar brunch experience at a different place, where cold food, limited options, and poor hygiene was a major letdown. We decided to give Gallery Restaurant a shot, and I must say, what a pleasant surprise it was! The menu was enticing with a variety of interesting options. My pretzel with cheese and a reuben sandwich were absolutely phenomenal! I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail - the cheese was garnished with little bits of bacon and green onions which made all the difference in taste. The fries, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, were a perfect accompaniment. Despite having had a bad experience with a chicken penne pasta dish at a different restaurant, where the food was cold and unappetizing, Gallery Restaurant more than made up for it. The home-cooked quality of the food was apparent and highly appreciated. The Thanksgiving buffet was indeed a feast to remember. The creamy pasta salad and deliciously cooked carrots left us wanting more. The dessert options too were aplenty: baked apples and pumpkin pie among others, making the dining experience truly memorable. The staff, friendly and attentive, contributed to the overall welcoming ambiance. While there were places that may have let us down before, Gallery Restaurant has proved to be one we will surely visit again. Their scrumptious menu and excellent service have left a lasting impression. I am already looking forward to trying more of their delightful dishes. All in all, a splendid brunch experience at Gallery Restaurant.


1701 45th St S SW, Fargo

(701) 282-6538

Reviewed by:

Mangata Eka

My first visit to the Fargo IHOP was a bit of a mixed bag. I was initially disappointed to learn that despite what the online menu suggested, gluten-free waffles were not available due to concerns about their waffle maker. This was a bit of a letdown, but the gluten-free pancakes still hit the spot. The apple juice orders were a bit inconsistent, but overall, the food was a hit with myself and my companion. My children, in particular, were grand fans of their pancakes and cheeseburgers. The server was quite considerate in ensuring the kids were served first, keeping them entertained while I waited for my food. My t-bone steak with mashed potatoes and green beans was top-notch. As the evening wore on, it was clear our server was slightly overwhelmed, though the restaurant wasn't too crowded. Thus, service could be a little slower than we'd have liked. But despite the hiccups, the food quality assures that we'll be returning for their burgers and pancakes. That being said, I wouldn't give high marks for cleanliness or the customer service, as it took me having to ask for our check and our initial waitress was less than cordial. This IHOP location could certainly benefit from a more rigorous cleaning routine and additional server training. These issues aside, it was a worthwhile visit for the food alone. I look forward to future visits with a hopeful heart for a better overall experience.

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