January 27, 2024

Fontana's Best Brunch Spots in 2024

We've rounded up the top spots in Fontana, get ready for a no-nonsense guide to the best mid-morning eats in town.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Fontana's Best Brunch Spots in 2024
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Whether you're craving fluffy pancakes, eggs benedict, or something uniquely Fontana, we've handpicked the best places where every bite feels like a celebration.

Leo's Country Kitchen

11201 Sierra Ave. #1a, Fontana

(909) 350-8994

Reviewed by:

Myrah Czaja Wild

Great food and service! I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pancakes and syrup, and Leo's Country Kitchen in Fontana has become one of my top spots. There's something about the quaint space and homey feel that keeps me coming back—this being my third visit. The food is consistently wonderful, and the staff never misses a beat. While the setting might benefit from a modern makeover, the tables and chairs are solid and comfortable. Conveniently located at the corner shop of Sierra Crossroads near Stater Bros, the restaurant is well-staffed and offers a variety of menu options. I opted for the Cobb salad this time, and it was a refreshing mix of ingredients, freshly prepared. Overall, it’s a reliable choice for a good meal with great service in a pleasant atmosphere. During our visit, the wait for a table was nonexistent, and our food arrived surprisingly quickly. The waitress was notably friendly, making the experience even more enjoyable. On top of that, the prices are reasonable, which is always a plus. For breakfast, the sausages were particularly tasty, and although the waffle was a bit on the crispy side, it was still delightful. My partner tried the hamburger with zucchinis, and both were hits. It's safe to say we’ve found a new favorite spot for brunch and can’t wait to return.

Alexa’s Cafe Mexican Grill

8407 Cherry Ave, Fontana

(909) 346-0046

Reviewed by:

David Brune Charles

My experience at Alexa's Cafe Mexican Grill for brunch in Fontana was nothing short of fantastic. The food was authentically amazing and bursting with flavor. From the moment I walked in, the service was incredible - everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I decided to try the chilaquiles, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. For anyone wondering, the red chilaquiles pack quite the spicy punch compared to the green ones. Also, the wet burrito caught my eye, and it was very good and surprisingly huge. The staff were exceptionally helpful and the restaurant itself was clean, including the restrooms, adding to the overall great experience. This visit was a first for me. I was just dropping my son off at work and decided to stop by to grab him some food. The aroma from the place was irresistibly inviting. I ended up getting a surf and turf burrito for myself, and it was simply delicious. I couldn't wait until I got home and ended up eating it right there in the parking lot; it was that good! I even went back in and bought two more burritos to take home for the family. The restaurant was bustling, yet the lady with the diamond on her tooth was super nice despite the rush. Seeing the small dining area full of happy customers was a pleasant sight. Though this place is a bit out of my way, the food and service compel me to return and try more from their menu. I've driven past this spot quite a few times but never stopped until now. Apart from the chilaquiles, which were incredibly tasty, my husband tried a breakfast burrito but still seems to prefer another spot across the street. Regardless, I’m eager to come back and explore more of their offerings.

Fg Restaurant Mexican American

17070 Walnut Village Pkwy A, Fontana

(909) 365-3237

Reviewed by:

Rosie Rodas

Finding Fg Restaurant Mexican American was like uncovering a hidden gem in a quaint strip mall nestled within a cozy residential neighborhood. This spot has become a go-to for any meal of the day - breakfast, lunch, or dinner, consistently delivering exceptional dishes. The owner's warmth adds to the welcoming vibe, making every visit feel like coming home. It's been a pleasure to bring friends and family here, all of whom leave with satisfied smiles and full stomachs. Despite its popularity, finding a seat has never been an issue, and the service is always prompt. What stands out is the generous portion sizes that come at a very reasonable price, making it a perfect spot for a hearty breakfast without breaking the bank. It's the kind of place that ticks all the boxes for a family restaurant – delicious food, outstanding customer service, and a relaxed atmosphere. Sure, the decor could use a bit of updating, but the cleanliness is impeccable, which is more important in my book. For those who enjoy a bit of spice, don't hesitate to ask for a fried chili - it's a game-changer. On a recent visit for breakfast, my daughter and I opted for the pork chop breakfast plate, complete with beans, potatoes, and eggs. Our server, Marilyn, was the epitome of attentiveness and friendliness. Starting with the beans, a personal benchmark for judging any restaurant, I was blown away by the flavor that set the tone for the rest of our meal. It's places like this that deserve all the recognition they can get. Affordable, delicious, and welcoming, it’s no wonder I find myself recommending it to everyone looking for a quality meal in a comfortable setting. Definitely a five-star experience and a must-visit for those in the area.

Lucy's Diner

16157 San Bernardino Ave, Fontana

(909) 822-6669

Reviewed by:

Andra Ny

After hearing so much about Lucy's Diner, I decided it was time to try their brunch, and honestly, I was excited about the whole experience. The decision to order through DoorDash was made for convenience, but looking back at the mixed reviews, I wonder if we might have chosen our dishes poorly. Our order included the Mediterranean skillet, pancakes, fried eggs, sausage, and a side of hash browns. The standout for me was definitely the hash browns that came with the skillet - they were hidden under all the toppings, but once discovered, they were a delight. The toast also paired nicely. However, I must say, the combination of flavors in the skillet didn't quite hit the mark for us. Despite this, the sausage was a hit with my kids, and the hash browns became more to their liking after a bit of seasoning salt was added. Despite these hitches, there were still highlights - the Lucy's Belgian waffle adorned with fresh fruit including apple, bananas, and strawberries was a refreshing touch to our meal. The ambiance of the diner, accented by some cool decorations and its prime location, added a warm touch to our dining experience from the comfort of our home. As a new resident in Fontana on a quest to find the perfect spot for menudo, Lucy's Diner has emerged as a favorite. Finding a place that serves menudo any day of the week is a rare delight, and Lucy's has certainly filled that niche for me. The customer service at the diner is commendable, with a special shoutout to Esmerelda who always brings a smile with her service. The diner, albeit a bit cramped, has a nice vibe to it, which makes the dining experience cozy and inviting. My visit for menudo confirmed the great service, which was impressively quick especially considering it was a busy Sunday morning. The food arrived in no time, which is always a plus. In summary, while there were a few misses with our initial order, the overall experience at Lucy's Diner has been positive, enough to look forward to future visits. The combination of comforting menudo, quick and friendly service, and a welcoming atmosphere makes it a spot worth returning to.

Billy J's Restaurant

9976 Sierra Ave., Fontana

(909) 350-0939

Reviewed by:

Adamari Dunten

Directly across from Kaiser and near I-10, with Dollar Tree, Rite Aid, Donuts, Starbucks, ARCO, BOA nearby, this restaurant was a delightful find. The Taco Salad was excellent and the Club sandwich was just perfect. It's clear they pride themselves on offering great homestyle food, and I'm already planning my next visit after seeing their updated menu. I was quite impressed by how quickly we received our service, especially since I was short on time that day. No complaints here. For the month of November, they had a special Turkey Dinner that I couldn't resist. It was a generous serving of turkey atop stuffing, with mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed vegetables, cranberry sauce, buttered bread, and a choice of soup or salad. To top it off, it came with a piece of delicious pumpkin pie. My visit was initially for brunch, prompted by a hospital visit across the street. My wife and I decided to try different items on the menu. Everything we ordered was packed with flavor. The customer service here is notably friendly and attentive, which is always a plus. Based on my experience, I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a satisfying meal in the area. The staff, especially our waitress, was very patient and accommodating. I indulged in the double bacon cheeseburger with potato salad and found it phenomenal, while my son enjoyed a steak with all-you-can-eat shrimp. The sides did not disappoint either. It's rare to find a restaurant that truly puts love into their food, but this place clearly does. Highly recommended.

Redhill Coffee Shop

16757 Foothill Blvd, Fontana

(909) 829-1591

Reviewed by:

Amanda Lazure

During my visit to Redhill Coffee Shop for brunch, my expectations were high due to the hype online, in search of a cool breakfast spot. Unfortunately, the experience didn’t meet those expectations. Starting with the food, it was bland, lacking in seasoning, and the texture of the eggs and hash browns left much to be desired. On a positive note, the decor of the place caught my attention. It had a retro vibe with red carpeted floors and an eclectic mix of pictures and decor, which added an interesting aspect to the visit. However, the seating arrangement was less than ideal with an uneven table that added discomfort to our experience. Moreover, there were some hygiene issues that couldn't be overlooked, including an unsettling encounter with what seemed to be a small insect right on our table. Despite these shortcomings, it’s worth mentioning that the place operates on a cash-only basis but conveniently has an ATM on-site. Also, for those who might still want to give it a try, there’s some additional parking available at the back. In conclusion, my time there wasn’t what I had hoped for, mostly due to the quality of food and some aspects of the environment. Despite looking forward to finding a new breakfast spot, this experience left me reluctant to return. If you’re considering visiting, perhaps you’ll have a better experience.

Corky's Kitchen & Bakery

10926 Sierra Ave., Fontana

(909) 428-3100

Reviewed by:

Jake David

I have to say, this location is a gem for brunch lovers! The pecan pie here is super duper delicious. From the moment you step inside, the customer service makes you feel right at home. They treat you like family, and it's such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Now, let me talk about a personal favorite of mine - the Snicker Bar Pie. It's my ultimate favorite cream pie from Corky's Kitchen & Bakery, and it's just heavenly. Believe me, all their pies, cheesecakes, and cookies are top-notch. Dining here is always a good idea, no question about it. The place is spotless, and the staff is extremely attentive and friendly, which just adds to the overall positive experience. The eggs here are fantastic, easily the highlight of the breakfast offerings. Although, I'd say the biscuits and gravy and the breakfast potatoes could use some improvement. As for the turkey sausage links, they might make you think twice about giving up pork - they were a bit on the dry and tasteless side. Despite these minor food critiques, the customer service is commendable. It took a while to get a water refill, but the French fries and the homemade taste of the potato salad made up for it. Truly, the positives far outweigh the few areas where there's room for improvement.

Chef's Country Cafe

17039 Valley Blvd, Fontana

(909) 823-2200

Reviewed by:

Scott Entertain

Decided to try something a bit out of our usual routine and wow, am I happy we did! The selection was impressive, offering a variety of options that were sure to satisfy any craving. My partner opted for the Meat Lovers Omelet and was not disappointed, noting that it was packed with meat in every forkful. Our experience was made even better by the wonderful service. We were seated quickly, and our server, Nelly, was especially considerate. With twin three-year-olds in tow, mealtime can be a bit of a challenge, but Nelly kindly offered to split their meal before bringing it to the table, a small gesture that made a big difference for us. The food here was simply great. The country fried steak, in particular, received high praise from my husband. It's safe to say we're already planning our next visit. The prices were quite reasonable too, ranging about $10-$15 per plate. Everyone on staff was friendly and welcoming. True, the plaza, building, and interior have seen better days, but it's what's on the plate that counts, and they certainly deliver there. Our visit was initially prompted by a Groupon deal, and it turned out to be a fantastic discovery. It feels like a cozy diner, albeit a little worn around the edges, yet it offers a charm that places like Denny’s or Norms can't match. Perhaps it's the combination of it being slightly cheaper, closer to our home, and less crowded that makes it stand out. The servings were generous, ensuring you leave satisfied but not uncomfortably full. Taste-wise, the food was good - not outstanding, but enjoyable nonetheless. The real highlights for me were the convenience of the location, the pleasant staff, and the fair pricing. I’d certainly suggest giving this place a try if you're in the area. It’s a solid choice for a visit. The delicious menudo quickly topped my list of favorites. It's now my go-to spot for comfort food that comes in generous portions at reasonable prices. Truly a 10-star experience ⭐️

Casa Jimenez

17151 Foothill Blvd, Fontana

(909) 823-6849

Reviewed by:

Charles Lee

The food at Casa Jimenez was perfect. It was my first visit, even though I've lived just a block away for two years. The atmosphere is nice, and they have a full bar which is a great plus. I got to try their salsa with chips which was a bit hot for my taste but still bearable, and everything was reasonably priced. Given the quality and prices, it's surprising I hadn't dropped by sooner, especially considering the great dining options in this area. My mother and I make it a point to visit about once a month or so. The staff is always welcoming and attentive, adding to the overall positive dining experience. We usually go for brunch, and by the time we're leaving, the place is already packed - a testament to its quality. The only downside I can think of is the occasional solicitors trying to sell things, which can be a bit much. On this visit, I had the steak and eggs with toast – it was delicious. Despite the place being busy and the service slightly lagging because of it, the atmosphere and price point more than made up for it. It's a solid breakfast spot that won't disappoint, especially if you're craving some Mexican breakfast and prefer not to cook. Overall, it's a solid 5/5 and a place I'd recommend to anyone looking for good food in a welcoming environment.

Casa Barreto Restaurant

8541 Sierra Ave., Fontana

(909) 822-5753

Reviewed by:

Antonio Gonzalez

We've been regulars at Casa Barreto Restaurant for brunch in Fontana for quite some time now. Our weekend ritual involves indulging in coffee and menudo, a dish we don't enjoy anywhere else. Every visit reaffirms our love for their menudo; it consistently hits the spot without fail. The service is commendable too, with our orders arriving swiftly each time. The restaurant prides itself on serving great authentic Mexican food. From the moment you're seated, you're greeted with warm tortilla chips and salsa, setting a promising start to the meal. The menu is vast, offering an array of options that seem tantalizing, making it challenging to decide because everything appears appetizing. The ambiance of the place combined with the friendly staff makes every visit enjoyable. Even when we decided to try something different from the menu, such as caldo de res and enchiladas suisas, the flavors were robust and genuine, reminiscent of the traditional recipes they're based on. Each dish showcases the quality of the ingredients used, which is essential in simple, authentic dishes. Despite a couple of instances where some dishes, like the wet burrito and taquitos, didn't quite meet our expectations taste-wise, it's the overall consistency and delightful experiences that keep us coming back. The initial serving of chips and salsa sometimes outshines the main course, but it's a minor setback in the grand scheme of our meals here. In conclusion, Casa Barreto remains a gem in Fontana for brunch, offering a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine with efficient service and a welcoming atmosphere. It's a place we'll continue to visit, eager to enjoy the familiar comfort of our favorite dishes and the promise of a satisfying meal.

The Hot Spot

15034 Foothill Blvd D, Fontana

(909) 320-2768

Reviewed by:

Jaimy Bransfield

We visited California for the first time and found ourselves in Fontana, eager to try some of the local cuisine. Having heard so much about the quality of Mexican food in California, our expectations were high, and I'm thrilled to report they were not only met but exceeded. We decided to check out The Hot Spot for brunch, and it was a decision that paid off in spades. The birria tacos I ordered were nothing short of spectacular, packed with flavor and perfectly complemented by a delicious dipping sauce. Our visit was further enhanced by the opportunity to indulge in some fish and shrimp tacos, accompanied by lime margaritas - a special part of their Happy Hour that truly did hit the spot. The shrimp tacos, in particular, stood out with their rich flavor, and the daily specials offered were not only affordable but came in generous portions. The atmosphere at The Hot Spot was welcoming, creating a convivial setting for a brunch experience. Adding to the positive experience was the professional and courteous service we received. Julio, our server, was the epitome of hospitality, treating us with great care and making us feel like part of the family. His politeness and efficiency were noteworthy, assuring that we will definitely be making a return visit. On a subsequent visit, based on recommendations, we tried the pozole and found it to be incredibly delicious, confirming that our first visit wasn't just a fluke. We also revisited our favorites, the fish tacos and quesabirria tacos, and ventured to try the shrimp appetizers, all of which were delightful. Julio once again ensured our experience was top-notch, further cementing The Hot Spot as one of our favorite places. The only hiccup in our otherwise perfect visits was a minor issue with the door to the female bathroom, which closes rather slowly. However, this was a small concern in the grand scheme of things and did nothing to diminish the overall excellence of our experiences. For anyone looking for a place that marries welcoming ambiance, tasty food, and exceptional service, I wholeheartedly recommend trying out The Hot Spot in Fontana. It's a decision you won't regret. God Bless.

Panera Bread

15258 Summit Ave Suite 100, Fontana

(909) 646-9900

Reviewed by:

Alfonso Gray

Panera Bread in Fontana has been a fantastic spot for brunch. The service is great, and the food and coffee are always satisfying. Although I wish they offered oat milk for my coffee, it's a minor detail in an otherwise wonderful dining experience. The asiago cheese bagel paired with honey walnut cream cheese is a must-have for me. Their Mediterranean Veggie sandwich, tomato soup in a bread bowl, and the avocado-egg-cheese-spinach bagel are some of my favorites for a hearty breakfast or lunch. Having worked here on occasion, it's been convenient to meet clients for quick discussions. The staff is accommodating, making it easy to conduct business meetings in a safe and welcoming environment. This flexibility and hospitality extend further than just their human guests. On a visit with my girlfriend and our two dogs, we were concerned about the heat outside. Asking if it was possible to bring our well-behaved pets inside, the staff immediately agreed. This gesture was deeply appreciated, making our lunch even more enjoyable. Every associate we interacted with was friendly and helpful, making the experience highly recommendable. In all, despite a few minor hiccups, my experiences at Panera Bread in Fontana have been overwhelmingly positive. It's a place I enjoy visiting for its good food, great service, and welcoming atmosphere.


16866 Foothill Blvd, Fontana

(909) 350-7083

Reviewed by:

James Keuer

I've visited countless IHOP locations, but the one in Fontana truly stands out. The level of service provided by Oscar and the rest of the team was exceptional, indicating a well-managed establishment. The pleasant atmosphere and the quality of the food make it clear why this place is loved by many. Situated nicely, it outshines other nearby businesses, offering a delightful dining experience in the area. Comparatively, with fast food prices soaring, dining here feels like a better deal, both in terms of cost and the quality of food and service received. The cleanliness of the place, combined with the friendliness of the staff and the delicious food, is commendable. Despite arriving just before the usual brunch rush, the service was swift and efficient. My choice of the lemon ricotta crepe combo was slightly sweet but thoroughly enjoyable, complemented by hot coffee. Although there was a minor mix-up with our utensils and who ordered what, the overall experience was highly positive. The team's ability to manage a crowded setting without long wait times for seating was impressive. The efficiency in taking orders and the quick turnaround time from the kitchen were notable. The staff's friendly and courteous interaction with all diners added to the positive dining experience. A special thanks goes to the cook for an outstanding meal and to the entire staff for their hard work. This IHOP in Fontana is a place I'd highly recommend for anyone looking for quality food and service at a reasonable price.

Dona Timos Restaurant

8836 Sierra Ave., Fontana

(909) 427-9441

Reviewed by:

Jose Burkett

Today, I had the pleasure of dining at Dona Timos Restaurant for brunch, located off Sierra Ave in Fontana. From the moment I walked in, the friendly waitress and the vibrant atmosphere set a welcoming tone for the meal to come. The place had a cozy charm with a small TV playing and Spanish music in the background, creating a lively yet relaxed dining experience. The food was nothing short of delicious. I opted for a Chili Relleno served with rice and beans, accompanied by freshly made corn tortillas – a choice I would happily make again. Although the prices seemed a bit high for dinner, the lunch menu was more affordable, offering specials, alcohol, and fantastic desserts that rounded off the meal perfectly. This visit made Dona Timos my new favorite spot for Mexican cuisine in the area. The company of my mom and kids made the meal even more enjoyable. We were initially excited to try the menudo, anticipating the familiar comfort of homemade quality. However, our anticipation turned to disappointment as the dish had a strong, unpleasant smell, suggesting it wasn't cleaned well before cooking. This was a letdown, considering my mom's version, which is always free of any such odor. Despite this minor hiccup, the overall experience was very positive. The restaurant's convenient opening time at 9am worked perfectly for my schedule, offering a great menu with affordable prices and wonderful service. I especially enjoyed the food and the salsas that accompanied the chips. Though I don't live in the area, I'm already looking forward to my next visit to Fontana, as I know exactly where I'll be dining. The rustic atmosphere, complete with live guitar music, alongside the attentive and prompt service from the staff, made my first visit here a memorable one. The food was delightful, confirming my decision to make this beautiful place a must-visit whenever I'm in town.


13479 Baseline Ave, Fontana

(909) 463-9269

Reviewed by:

Greysen Grodner

It had been a while since my last visit to Denny's for brunch in Fontana, but upon my return, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. The service, particularly from Juan, was commendable—thank you, Juan, for making the visit smooth. The food truly hit the spot; the cheese stick burger and nachos were not only delicious but also filling, keeping me satisfied for the rest of the day. This location is conveniently close to where I live and despite being busy, the staff managed to be both thorough and friendly. The breakfast options were especially tasty and, while the prices are a bit high, the quality of the food justifies it. I took my mom to lunch here, and despite her restricted diet, we found the staff to be very accommodating. It’s worth asking for the Daily Diner Deals or the classic menu to save a bit of money—just remember to tip well for great service. On a side note, I noticed a steakhouse right across the street where I’ve previously spent about the same amount or less. Regrettably, during this visit, we ended up spending over $75 at Denny's for three people, which seemed a bit steep. The value didn’t quite match up to the experience, making me long for the days when Denny’s offered both affordability and quality. The service also left a bit to be desired, but considering they were operating with only two servers during a dinner rush, I’m inclined to give them some leeway. Overall, I look forward to coming back, hoping for a continuation of the good parts of this experience and improvements where needed.

Brandon's Diner

17132 Slover Ave, Fontana

(909) 428-3535

Reviewed by:

Danny Velasquez

Diving into the bustling brunch scene, I found myself at Brandon's Diner in Fontana, and let me tell you, it was an experience worth writing about. From the moment I walked in, the service was top-notch. I was greeted and seated quickly, a promising start to any meal. Glancing through the menu, I was impressed by the variety. Deciding to kick things off with an appetizer, I opted for the deep-fried zucchini fingers with a side of ranch. They arrived fresh, hot, and tasty, setting a high bar for what was to come. My love for Cobb Salad made it my entrée choice. It was well-prepared, though a little crowded in the salad bowl, especially with the garlic toast. The combination of lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, avocado, hard boiled egg, corn, and a hint of carrots was delightful, though the carrot portion was surprisingly minimal. This minor detail didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment, but it was worth noting, hence my decision to give it a solid four stars. The chimichanga, another dish we tried, was quite good, and what we couldn't finish, we happily took home. The positive vibes didn't end with the food; the diner's holiday decor added a beautiful touch to the ambiance, making it feel welcoming and festive. But the real highlight of my visit was our server, Kathy. It's rare to encounter someone so cheerful, welcoming, and helpful. She truly made our dining experience memorable. It's servers like her that make you want to return, and I definitely plan to, eager to try other items on the menu. While driving from L.A. to Vegas on Christmas Eve, stumbling upon this gem was a delightful surprise. The Buffalo chicken wrap I ordered was outstanding, a commendation I don’t give lightly, especially as someone from Buffalo. To anyone passing through or living nearby, stopping at Brandon's Diner is a must. Not just for the food, which is outstanding in its own right, but for the chance to be served by Kathy. It's not every day you find a place that leaves you eagerly anticipating your next visit, but Brandon's Diner has managed just that.

Mimi's Cafe

16933 Sierra Lakes Pkwy, Fontana

(909) 823-0844

Reviewed by:

Norma Human

My friends and I decided to have brunch at Mimi's Cafe in Fontana, and it turned out to be a delightful experience from start to finish. We were greeted with friendly smiles the moment we walked in, setting a warm tone for our meal. Our server was exceptionally nice and went out of their way to ensure we had everything we needed, offering recommendations that didn't disappoint. The food was simply delicious and served in generous portions. My husband, a connoisseur of cinnamon roll French toast, was eager to try Mimi's offering, and although it didn't surpass his all-time favorite from Coco's, he found it quite enjoyable. The kids were thrilled with their "dirt" dessert from the children's menu, a fun mix of chocolate pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms that had them giggling with delight. The mimosa flight was a hit with my husband and me. It was served with the juices separate and a small bottle of champagne, allowing us to mix to our own taste. It was a nice touch that added to the overall experience. For my part, I indulged in the crab cake eggs Benedict and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It's not often that a dish makes such a positive impression, and I'm already looking forward to having it again. Celebrating a birthday month, we wanted the meal to be special, and Mimi's did not disappoint. I opted for the breakfast tacos, while my husband enjoyed the pumpkin pancakes. Both were fantastic, and the pumpkin latte I had was the perfect accompaniment. What stood out, in addition to the delicious food, was the exceptional customer service. Our server, Vivien, was phenomenal. She was attentive, friendly, and made our dining experience thoroughly enjoyable. Despite the cafe being somewhat busy, we were seated within five minutes, and the atmosphere remained welcoming and comfortable throughout our visit. Overall, Mimi's Cafe has become our go-to spot for breakfast and brunch in Fontana. The strong mimosas, great food, and wonderful atmosphere are only outshined by the top-notch customer service. It's clear that the staff goes above and beyond to make sure guests leave satisfied and looking forward to their next visit.

Farmer Boys

14522 Slover Ave, Fontana

(909) 822-2300

Reviewed by:

Joshua Nilsson

Stopped by Farmer Boys in Fontana for brunch, and I was immediately impressed. There was something particularly reassuring about the service, starting right from the moment the salad was handed to me. In my 30 years, I've become pretty keen on reading situations, and though I had a slight, unusual concern initially, it was immediately overshadowed by the quality and service. The food was fantastic, especially appreciating the care in the preparation. Despite a tiny hiccup with the presentation of a hard-boiled egg that seemed a bit off, it didn't detract from the overall experience. This location is notably accommodating with a few parking spots for trucks, which is a welcome sight. The drive-thru service was incredibly efficient, staffed by kind and upbeat employees, which is always a plus. My order, the 4 piece chicken tender meal, was perfect. It's hard to beat the feeling of a hot breakfast, and everything here is served fresh and hot, a stark contrast to places where food might sit out and lose its appeal. The servers here add to the experience with their niceness, making each visit pleasant. Though I've noticed prices going up, a common trend everywhere, it hasn't deterred me from enjoying the nice, hot food they serve. Definitely worth stopping by if you're in the area and looking for a satisfying meal.

PV'S Fresh Grill, Tequila & Entertainment - Fontana, CA

10210 Juniper Ave, Fontana

(909) 356-0906

Reviewed by:

Justin Hipple

My new wife and I celebrated our wedding reception at PV's Fresh Grill, Tequila & Entertainment, and it was a fantastic experience. Despite giving them only short notice, they were able to accommodate our wedding party with ease. We decided to have our reception at 3:30 p.m. on a Friday, which gave us the feeling of having the entire restaurant to ourselves - it was perfect. To top it off, the restaurant was decorated beautifully for the Christmas season, adding a wonderful touch to our celebration. Our guests were thoroughly impressed, and I even joked that we had paid for all the decorations. Everyone enjoyed the great food and the excellent customer service was noted by all. We're already looking forward to coming back for future occasions. It deserves more than just praise; it was an amazing and awesome experience through and through. Especially noteworthy is how special they make birthdays feel, with a mariachi singer serenading "Las Mañanitas" along with the rest of the place. For families with children, it's worth noting the music can be loud near the stage. Yes, the place is on the pricey side, but it's absolutely worth it for the quality and experience provided - a solid 10 out of 10 from us. During our visit, we opted for an early dinner and caught the Mariachi Show. Our server, Gasper, recommended starting with their delicious guacamole and chips, prepared right at our table. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of our meals. The flavors were intense and everything tasted fresh. The band playing before the Mariachi show was just fabulous, and the Mariachi show itself was out of this world, boasting talented singers and musicians. We ended the night with some flan and delicious cheesecake, rounding off a perfect night with outstanding service. Gasper was incredibly attentive throughout. For those considering visiting, especially with a sizable group, it's worth noting our experience on a Saturday with their $45 per person buffet. It's a great option for those with a big appetite, though it might feel a bit pricey for others. However, the service was excellent, with waiters checking in on us frequently, and the 7:30 p.m. mariachi show was incredible, featuring a band that really knew how to engage with the audience. While the quality of food was beyond reproach, the only slight hiccup was the waiting period for certain menu items to be replenished during busy times. And for large groups, be prepared for the cost, which can add up, but from my experience, the overall value and joy from the experience well justify it. Overall, the experience warranted a solid five stars. Outstanding food, service, and top-notch musicians made it an unforgettable visit. I wholeheartedly recommend PV's Fresh Grill, Tequila & Entertainment to everyone looking for a memorable dining experience.

Chapala Mexican Grill

15891 Foothill Blvd, Fontana

(909) 574-2601

Reviewed by:

Dennis Gonzalez

Honestly, these are the types of spots that deserve all the shoutouts, way more than those upscale eateries. The food here is simply amazing. Tried the Tacos De Barbacoa, and my goodness, it was a revelation. A colleague, who's pretty much a regular here with his family, introduced me to this gem. And now, I totally get why. If you're after genuine, authentic Mexican cuisine, this is the place. It's one of those classic "Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover" spots every city has hidden away. Chapala Mexican Grill, you've got my heart. Arriving to a full parking lot initially had me worried, but the greeting and seating process was swift and efficient. Even though there's ample seating, the place does get busy – a testament to its popularity, I suppose. But any short wait is absolutely worth it. The staff here couldn't be friendlier, and the service? Lightning fast. From the moment we sat down, the drinks and food arrived in no time. Must say, the chips and salsa setup they have going is the perfect appetizer, and every dish that followed was nothing short of delicious. Next visit, I've got my eye on the molcajete – caught a glimpse (and a whiff) of it at another table, and it looked incredible. This wasn't my first time here, and it certainly won't be my last. On today's visit, we decided on the Molcajete Mar y Tierra, and let me tell you, it was out of this world. Each visit confirms why this place is a favorite. The menu's vast, with plenty to choose from, making it a stellar neighborhood go-to. Plus, with plenty of parking, friendly staff, excellent service, reasonable prices, and generous portions, what's not to love? Chapala Mexican Grill, you've earned yourself a regular.

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