February 27, 2024

Feasting in the Fort: Top Brunch Spots in Fort Collins

Dive into Fort Collins' brunch scene where the pancakes are fluffy, the coffee never ends, and your brunch dreams come to life.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Feasting in the Fort: Top Brunch Spots in Fort Collins
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In the heart of Fort Collins, where the early sun collides with the misty breath of the Rockies, lies a fortress not of stone and mortar, but of flavor and aroma—the brunch bastions of the city.


400 S Meldrum St, Fort Collins

(970) 224-5464

Reviewed by:

Patrick Howard

Great little brunch spot in Fort Collins! The food is always exceptional and the service is superb, despite its size being quite small compared to other locations. Both visits here were met with a full house, but completely worth the wait for the delicious fare. Managed to get a spot at the bar and was served quite quickly on both occasions. Tried the Eggs Benedict and Eggs Jennifer with a mix of sweet potato grits and potatoes - both dishes were outstanding. The house-made ketchup and homemade buttermilk biscuits are must-tries; the ketchup is a game-changer and the biscuits are fluffy and large. Parking can be a bit of a challenge since the lot is off-limits, reserved for the postal office next door, but was able to find parking within a block along the roadside. The authenticity and originality of the flavors, like the Bloody Mary with spicy pickled vodka, are remarkable. Starting with their beignets was divine, and the gravy for them was rich and buttery. The creole omelet with jalapeño cheesy grits was fabulous, and the Hank’s was wonderfully flavored. For those with a sweet tooth, the praline waffle is epically sweet and crispy. It's become a tradition to start with beignets and fresh juice, then move on to farmers eggs with avocado, leaving full of good food and memories. Although the coffee might not be to everyone's taste, it has a large following. For anyone debating where to have breakfast or brunch in the area, this is the go-to place. Do be prepared for a wait, as its reputation is well-known. It was a joy to have the best breakfast experience in Fort Collins with exceptional service and a wide variety of delicious options on the menu. The cozy atmosphere added to the overall charm, making it a highly recommended spot for any breakfast or brunch occasion. The dedication of the staff, particularly the server Julianna, made the experience unforgettable.

Rainbow Restaurant

212 W Laurel St, Fort Collins

(970) 221-2664

Reviewed by:

Lola Ferris

Decided to go for something different for breakfast this morning and ended up spending about $25 on pumpkin French toast and coffee. The French toast was absolutely delicious, though a tad on the sweet side. My friend opted for what was called Suzette's sandwich, I believe, and the potatoes that came with it were just scrumptious! Admittedly, the prices are what you’d expect in Fort Collins, but the quality and taste of the food made it worthwhile. There are plenty of healthy vegan options available, which is always a plus. The patio is beautiful, and the interior has this rustic, bohemian, artistic, hip, and cosy vibe that I adore. They play really great music but keep the volume low enough so you can easily have a conversation. Feeling a bit adventurous, I ordered a house-made Chai tea along with the falafel wrap. Both were incredibly delicious! This place really knows how to do brunch right. Their service is quick and efficient - you order at the counter and your food is brought to wherever you're seated. We opted to sit outside, which was lovely because there's plenty to do including playing bags and exploring the various toys available. Being a huge fan of green chili, I couldn't resist trying their breakfast burrito, and I threw in an espresso shot for good measure. The espresso was potent but had a well-balanced coffee flavor. The burrito was served hot and was absolutely divine. It's clear they use very fresh ingredients; the eggs, beans, and potatoes were all perfectly cooked and balanced each other just right. The green chili had a light spice and peppery kick that was just perfect. My son went for a bacon quesadilla and, after taking a ‘dad tax’ bite, I can vouch for the yummy cheese and bacon as well. All in all, this is a wonderful place for an outside dining experience. You're immersed in a quaint, natural, plant-filled setting while enjoying unique, authentic food accompanied by attentive and friendly service. Definitely a must-try spot for anyone looking for a fantastic brunch experience in Fort Collins.

Cafe Bluebird

524 W Laurel St, Fort Collins

(970) 484-7755

Reviewed by:

Nicole Panas

Absolutely a 5-star experience at Cafe Bluebird for brunch! The food was very good, and despite the wait staff being overworked, they were extremely nice. Starting off with the bread and jam that came alongside all our dishes was a treat in itself, absolutely delicious. The skillet I opted for was phenomenal, truly setting the bar high for brunch expectations. Each meal we ordered showcased a good variety, ensuring that everyone at the table found something to their liking, and honestly, everything was really good. The pricing felt quite fair, which is always an appreciated bonus. I'd come back in a heartbeat. The wonderfully delicious skillet and eggs benedict were standouts, making it hard to choose a favorite. Also, if you have the chance, I highly recommend ordering their seasonal peppermint hot chocolate while it's available. It's a delightful twist that complements the brunch experience perfectly. Cafe Bluebird feels like a locally owned gem that captures the true essence of Fort Collins vibes with its warm and welcoming atmosphere. The food quality is unmatched, easily making it the best café food I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. The home fries, pancakes, bacon, eggs, and French toast were all impeccably prepared and delicious. Our brunch experience was elevated by the fantastic service we received. Our waitress was incredibly friendly, and our coffee cups were never empty. We decided to try one of the specials, which came with a side salad, and a waffle - both choices did not disappoint. With such delicious food and great service, it's guaranteed that we’ll be back for more.

Mugs Old Town

261 S College Ave, Fort Collins

(970) 472-6847

Reviewed by:

Dani St Pierre

Every visit to Mugs Old Town for brunch in Fort Collins is a delight. The menu stands out with its great breakfast choices that cater to a variety of dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free options. Being able to enjoy a delicious breakfast burrito while savoring it in the outdoor seating area adds a special touch to the dining experience. The variety of beverage options, from coffee to alcohol, means there’s something for everyone. This place has become our go-to coffee shop every time we’re in town. Everything about it, from the coffee and food to the mimosas and local art, contributes to its unique atmosphere. It has a special place in our hearts, especially the favorite coffee mugs we've acquired and use daily. Mugs Old Town has a vibrant and fun vibe, with an incredible menu that covers all bases - coffee, food, booze, even ice cream, with the option to spike your coffee if you’re in the mood! The quality of the food is consistently outstanding, with each plate prepared with care and love. As someone with a background in health inspection, the cleanliness of both the kitchen and restaurant impresses me deeply, always earning what would be my highest marks. The owner’s dedication to maintaining a happy and professional staff is evident in the quality service provided. For anyone looking for an excellent meal at a great price in Fort Collins, Mugs Old Town should definitely be on your list. The ambiance, the quality of the food, and the overall experience are what keep me coming back.

Silver Grill Cafe

218 Walnut St, Fort Collins

(970) 484-4656

Reviewed by:

Jameelah Pop

When a restaurant has been around for 90 years, it sets some pretty high expectations, and Silver Grill Cafe has not only met but exceeded those expectations every time I've visited. Brunch here is an experience that brings joy and satisfaction. One of my favorites is the two-egg breakfast with a choice of meat, and you absolutely must add a pancake to your order. Do not pass up on the cinnamon rolls; they are a legendary must-try. For more than 20 years, this place has been a top destination for me for breakfast. The food is always amazing, the atmosphere inviting, and they serve some awesome drink specials that go perfectly with breakfast items. Oh, and the cinnamon rolls are just irresistible. During a recent visit with a party of five, we had an exceptional brunch. The Eggs Benedict, featuring their in-house hollandaise sauce, was spectacular. The ham was of high quality and flavorful, while the hashbrowns were perfectly seasoned. Even the chai caught my attention with its delightful balance of sweetness and spice. Our server, Rachel, was outstanding, bringing an energy and positivity that enhanced our dining experience. She was vivacious, attentive, and extremely accommodating, making sure our visit was memorable. Her service set a high bar and added to the charm of the cafe. The cafe itself has a cute and quaint vibe, with historic touches that reflect the essence of Old Town Fort Collins. It's clear why the cinnamon rolls come highly recommended; they truly live up to their reputation. This restaurant is an essential visit for anyone in Old Town. Despite sometimes having a wait for a table on busy weekends, it's always worth the time. The cinnamon roll French toast is another amazing treat you won't want to miss out on. Always great food, great service, and an atmosphere that keeps me coming back for more.

Urban Egg

230 S College Ave Unit B, Fort Collins

(970) 999-5964

Reviewed by:

Ylse Monter

We came in at open on Sunday morning, excited for our brunch at Urban Egg, a daytime eatery we've heard so much about in Fort Collins. Opting to try their biscuits and gravy, which boasted awards, we were eager to dive in. Each order came with two eggs, cooked to order, alongside hash browns. Although my eggs arrived slightly different from my request, the focus quickly shifted to the main components. The biscuits, although not as fresh as anticipated, were paired with a flavorful gravy that somewhat made up for the temperature mishap. Our experience was intermittently interrupted by our server, Jerry, who, with good intentions, was perhaps too diligent in his efforts to refill our coffee, giving a feeling of being rushed in a not-so-busy setting. This, combined with the early arrival of our check, left us a bit unsettled. Despite this, the essence of Urban Egg shines through its innovative approach to breakfast and brunch. The concept of a breakfast bar is intriguing and certainly delivers beyond expectations. The food itself was a delightful experience; from the inventive Breakfast Old Fashioned to the Espresso Martini, each sip was a testament to their quality. The Cure stood out as an exceptional drink choice, complemented perfectly by the Hazelnut Cold Brew with Vanilla Cold Foam my partner chose, which was an instant hit. Our main courses, the breakfast sandwich with bacon and the Avocado Cheddar Chicken Melt, did not disappoint. Accompanied by perfectly cooked fries and hash browns, each bite was a mix of satisfaction and culinary delight. On a return visit, the steak and eggs, along with the loaded hash browns, confirmed Urban Egg's status as a must-visit for breakfast enthusiasts. The dishes were not only beautifully presented but packed with flavors that elevate the dining experience. In conclusion, despite some minor setbacks, the essence of Urban Egg as a prime destination for brunch in Fort Collins remains undisputed. The innovative menu, combined with a lively atmosphere and a creative drink selection, makes it a place worth experiencing. Whether you're in the mood for a classic breakfast dish or something more adventurous, Urban Egg promises an enjoyable start to your day.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

144 W Mountain Ave, Fort Collins

(970) 482-9253

Reviewed by:

Eduardo Lampert

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery in Fort Collins, has consistently been a fantastic choice for brunch. Every visit here is a delightful experience, and it's easily become my go-to brunch destination. Admittedly, the weekends do see a bit of a wait, but it's a small price to pay for such quality. Checking in online or walking around downtown Fort Collins for a few minutes before getting a table is a small compromise for what awaits. The menu at Snooze is something special, offering something for everyone. The breakfast burritos and tacos are incredible, with the burritos being generously portioned enough to recommend splitting. For those with a sweet tooth, the pineapple upside-down pancakes and OMG French toast are absolute winners. And when available, the funky monkey French toast is a personal favorite, proving to be a unique and delicious choice with its exotic flair. Being from Cheyenne, making the 40-minute drive down to Fort Collins for Snooze is always worth it. There's an unmistakable upbeat vibe here, partly thanks to the friendly and attentive staff. It's evident there's a positive work culture, which translates directly into the service experience. The staff, often seen in different t-shirts, adds a fun and laid-back atmosphere to the dining experience. It's clear management does an excellent job, especially during the morning rush, ensuring everything flows smoothly. Snooze doesn't just excel in food and service; their commitment to the community and the environment is commendable. The menu features fresh ingredients, and there's a noticeable effort to give back locally and support sustainability initiatives. On top of the savory options, the French toast offerings are standout dishes, especially the OMG French toast, which is decadent yet not overly sweet. The vanilla mascarpone and caramel sauce add the perfect touch. Plus, for those looking for vegetarian and vegan options, there's a decent selection that doesn't compromise on flavor or quality. In summary, Snooze A.M. Eatery in Fort Collins fills the belly with deliciousness and uplifts the spirit with its vibrant atmosphere and excellent service. It’s a place that consistently impresses, making every brunch here a memorable one. Whether it's the weekend rush or a more laid-back weekday visit, the experience is always worth it. Thank you, Snooze, for being a highlight of Fort Collins.

The Breakfast Club

121 W Monroe Dr, Fort Collins

(970) 223-7193

Reviewed by:

Susan Lanigan-Stanisch

Having been on the lookout for a brunch spot in Fort Collins that really hits the spot, stumbling upon The Breakfast Club was a delightful surprise. The moment we walked in, the welcoming atmosphere set the tone for what was about to be a splendid dining experience. We decided to call ahead to check on the wait time, and lucky for us, there was no wait at all. Arriving around 12:15, we were promptly seated, and our drink orders were taken quickly - a promising start. The menu was bursting with enticing options, but I decided to go for the club trio with an extra egg, while my wife opted for the breakfast burrito with green chile on the side, specifying eggs over medium and fries instead of hash browns. The precision in the preparation was remarkable; the eggs were perfectly over medium, and everything else was exactly to our liking. It’s rare to find a place that nails your order with such accuracy on the first try. In addition to our initial order, we couldn't resist trying the chicken fried steak and the Country Benedict on a subsequent visit, and let me just say, they were spectacular. The cornbread was light and airy, providing a delightful texture contrast to the crispy, flavorful chicken fried steak. And a pro tip - go for the hash browns over the home fries; they’re crispy, golden, and utterly irresistible. Not to forget, the fresh squeezed OJ was a refreshing complement to our meal. The service impressed me deeply, taking me back to the "good ole days" of dining, where service was attentive and genuine. Our server was busy but managed to ensure our experience was top-notch, even though a little more input on menu recommendations would have been appreciated. It’s understandable, though, considering it was a busy holiday week. The ambiance of The Breakfast Club is another highlight - open, clean, and incredibly welcoming, creating a cozy vibe that's hard to find elsewhere. And the portions? They’re generous, to say the least, making it a perfect spot for those with a hearty appetite, much like my dad who would absolutely enjoy the vibe and offerings here. Reflecting on the dining experiences, it's clear this spot is a must-visit in Fort Collins. The combination of delicious food, exceptional service, and a cozy atmosphere makes The Breakfast Club a place I'll certainly be returning to, not just on my own, but with family and friends who are yet to experience this delightful brunch spot. A truly enjoyable experience that leaves you looking forward to your next visit.

Doug's Diner

2842 Council Tree Ave #143, Fort Collins

(970) 377-2660

Reviewed by:

Annita Nafisah

Great diner. The food here is tasty, and the service is quick and friendly, all wrapped up in an easy atmosphere. I had a Reuben that was well portioned with tender corned beef and tangy sauerkraut on marbled rye. The burger was cooked perfectly, with a great balance of toppings and a grilled bun - it far exceeded my expectations for a diner burger and felt more akin to an excellent bar burger. The venue is always bustling, but the workers manage to stay pleasant and helpful throughout. Our waiter, Jose, was particularly attentive and very nice. The food not only tasted excellent but came in large portions and was well plated. There was plenty of parking, which is always a bonus. For my meal, I opted for a simple breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and a biscuit with peach jam, and it was outstanding. Doing something so simple so well really lets you know the quality of a place! This was my first visit here, and it's certainly earned a spot in my regular rotation. Service was great and fast, even during a work brunch with 12 people. They handled our large group impressively, and we all made it back for our meetings within an hour. Despite a previous visit that wasn't up to par, with food that was just ok and less-than-ideal service, this time told a different story. It's clear that Doug's Diner has bounced back, demonstrating the quality and service that I've come to expect. It's a testament to their commitment to providing a great dining experience. Definitely a spot worth visiting for anyone looking for a solid brunch option in Fort Collins.

Back Porch Cafe

1101 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins

(970) 224-2338

Reviewed by:

Prateek Gabriel

After trying out numerous spots for brunch in Fort Collins, it's safe to say the Back Porch Cafe truly stands out as one of the best breakfast destinations in the area. The transformation this place has undergone since changing owners about a year and a half ago is nothing short of remarkable. The cinnamon rolls here? Absolutely amazing. And then there's the pork green chile and the omelettes – simply perfect in every way. While it's true that service can be a bit on the slower side, the friendliness and clear communication from the staff more than make up for it. Setting expectations right from the get-go makes this a minor issue, if at all. My recent visit to this café was an eye-opener; it's a real shame I hadn't discovered it sooner, especially since we're about to move out of state. The choices we went for – a 2 egg plate and coffee for my husband, and for me, the French toast with strawberries, a caramel latte, and a huge, take-away cinnamon roll – were all absolutely delicious. Although we had a small issue with a persistent fly buzzing around our table, the staff's attentiveness and the overall cleanliness of the restaurant more than compensated. The personal touch from the staff, coupled with the incredible food, made my experience unforgettable. I particularly enjoyed the espresso; it was clear that quality is a priority here. Plus, the vibrant atmosphere of the cafe adds to its charm, making it my new favorite spot in Fort Collins. And let's not get started on the fresh baked bread, pies, sandwiches, and fries – they're seriously unmatched. I've even found myself driving from out of town just for the chocolate pecan pie. For anyone looking for that perfect spot to enjoy a delicious, comforting meal for breakfast or lunch, the Back Porch Cafe is the place to be. This cafe has won me over, body and soul, and the transformation of my plate from before to after is solid proof of the culinary magic that happens here.

RISE! Breakfast

2601 S Lemay Ave #31, Fort Collins

(970) 672-8647

Reviewed by:

Erick Ivan Sesay

I love RISE! Breakfast for Brunch in Fort Collins! Ever since I was a kid, this place has been a go-to for me. The staff really goes above and beyond to cater to your needs, ensuring you get exactly what you're craving. Yes, given it's a homely restaurant, the food might take a little longer to arrive, but trust me, it's worth the wait. The vibe here is so cozy, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking for a comfortable and relaxing dining experience. And if you're lucky enough to be served by Marilyn, you're in for a treat because she's absolutely fantastic! During my first visit here, despite the place being short-staffed, the server and the chef were incredibly cheerful, polite, and never made me feel like I needed to rush. I tried the breakfast quesadillas, and they were phenomenal—packed with flavor, and perfectly crispy. I've decided I'll be returning as often as possible. It's a great low-key brunch spot, offering decent prices and solid service, with hardly any wait time. However, on one occasion, our experience was less than stellar due to an unusually long wait for our food, and a mix-up with the service that left us waiting for close to two hours without any communication from the staff, which was disappointing. We also encountered a moment of rudeness from a server, which was unexpected and put a damper on our experience. Despite that one hiccup, I still highly recommend RISE! Breakfast for Brunch in Fort Collins for its delightful food and generally wonderful atmosphere. It's a place I've grown up loving and continue to support.

First Watch

1112 Oakridge Dr # 101, Fort Collins

(970) 223-8022

Reviewed by:

Shaista Rose

Enjoyed a fantastic brunch at First Watch in Fort Collins, starting with a delightful salmon frittata. Though the potatoes that accompanied it were a tad salty for my liking, they were still enjoyable. The service, thanks to Karen and Jackson, was top-notch. It was my friend's birthday brunch, and our server couldn't have been sweeter, ensuring we were well looked after throughout our visit. The food lived up to its reputation as always, making it an ideal brunch spot. We even returned for breakfast a second time during our stay, greeted by the same excellent service, food quality, and atmosphere. A must-try are the gingerbread donut holes and the kale tonic. My daughter was thrilled with her pancake, which was amusingly larger than her head. All the dishes we tried were thoroughly pleasing.

The Mountain Cafe

226 W Mountain Ave, Fort Collins

(970) 493-9576

Reviewed by:

Robert Yirong

Gotta say, diners aren’t usually my thing, but Mountain Cafe totally changed my mind today. It's all about mastering the basics here, but they do it so well, and the prices? Super reasonable. Seriously, if you've been overlooking this spot, you're missing out. I’ll definitely be making a return trip. And okay, there was this moment of doubt when some of the food didn’t hit the mark for me – thought I maybe caught them on an off day. But then, that pancake turned it all around. Scored a breakfast for $12.75 that, despite my initial skepticism over the cheese choice, turned out great. The chicken fried steak? Hands down, the best in town. Not to mention, the service was spot on. The staff was quick to serve and really kind, plus you could tell there’s a good vibe between them and the management which, in my book, always makes the food taste better. Definitely coming back. It's a solid diner/cafe choice, especially if you’re into supporting local spots. The team there is super friendly and the place has a low-key feel to it – so much so I missed it driving by a couple of times. But trust me, it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

First Watch

2809 S College Ave, Fort Collins

(970) 223-5271

Reviewed by:

Strat Gonzalez

Went to First Watch for brunch in Fort Collins and overall, the experience was positive. The atmosphere felt like a hipster diner, but in the best way possible. There was a slight hiccup with my server, Blake, who was pleasant but seemed a bit off his game. Ordered the bacon, chive, cheddar cornbread, which turned out much larger than expected, and what was supposed to be a bowl of tomato basil soup that suspiciously looked more like a cup. Despite this confusion, the cornbread had nice flavors, and the soup was decent and thankfully served hot. When it came to the check, there was a mistake with the billing for the soup, and Blake was nowhere to be found to rectify it. Managed to sort it out with another server, but it was a bit of an inconvenience. Despite this, the food was generally good. The farmhouse skillet and rustic frittata were enjoyable, albeit a tad greasy from the bacon. The drinks were a highlight, especially the Morning Meditation juice with turmeric and ginger, and the seasonal tropical drink. First Watch shines when it comes to accommodating food allergies, allowing for customization in dishes without sacrificing health, which is a big plus. Their hollandaise sauce is surprisingly one of the best - not too buttery with a hint of lemon. The chorizo green Chile omelette, though lacking in cheese and chorizo, was filled with avocado and came with delicious toast, though the side of greens was lacking. Meanwhile, my son's barbacoa Benedict quesadilla was fabulous, even if a crispy tortilla might have been a better choice than a quesadilla. The flavor of the sauce was particularly noteworthy. My niece enjoyed her bowl thoroughly as well. Despite a few issues, First Watch remains a breakfast go-to, especially for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.

The Waffle Lab

130 W Olive St D, Fort Collins

(970) 232-9433

Reviewed by:

Shannon Nelson

Waffle Lab has quickly become my favorite spot for breakfast in Fort Collins, and considering all the great options around, that's saying something. The liege waffles are a game-changer; once you've tried them, there's no going back to regular waffles! My go-to order is the chicken and waffles, and it's simply scrumptious. The waffles stay crisp and sweet, the chicken is perfectly fried, and the sausage gravy adds a delightful touch. Their selection of sweet waffles never disappoints either, and the fruit cup they offer is generously filled with fresh, quality fruit. The staff always greets you with a smile, making the whole experience even more enjoyable. When opting for pick-up, they add a charming little doodle on the bag, which is a sweet personal touch. Although the parking situation can be a bit tricky, it's a minor inconvenience for the quality of food and experience here. Plus, its proximity to downtown parking garages is quite handy. The Waffle Lab has upped their game by serving excellent local Boulder coffee, which perfectly complements their breakfast offerings. It’s become a staple for our family breakfast outings since the kids can't get enough and always ask to return. On my latest visit, I indulged in the chicken and waffles again but added an egg to round out the brunch feel, creating a lovely balance of savory and sweet. The portions are satisfying and well-priced. I also gave the raspberry mocha a try, and even with half the raspberry syrup, it was delightful. While I found the chicken and waffles delicious, I thought the gravy could pack a little more flavor, and a tad more syrup wouldn't hurt. Still, the service was fast and friendly, making me eager to return and explore more of their sweet waffle options without any savory distractions. In summary, Waffle Lab isn't just about great waffles; it's about the whole delightful experience. It's definitely one of the top dining spots around.

Waffle House

3850 E Mulberry St, Fort Collins

(970) 372-0888

Reviewed by:

Ivey Bauzulli

My first visit to a Waffle House and I was pleasantly surprised. The food was served swiftly and tasted fantastic. I especially loved the bacon, egg, and cheese melt – probably the best one I've had. This place must be the top Waffle House in this area. There was plenty of parking available, and I was impressed by how clean the establishment was. The service was quick, and the food was well prepared. Our server, Shanlae, was exceptional - truly made our experience memorable. It's a very kid-friendly spot too. The cleanliness and friendliness of the staff stood out. Despite it being crowded, the service was fast, and the food was scrumptious. However, I felt the prices were a bit on the high side, which seems a bit unfair, especially given the current times. It would be nice if a long-standing establishment like Waffle House could maintain lower prices. Despite this, the staff's friendliness, the quick service, and the spotless environment made it a worthwhile visit. Not bad for the most northern Waffle House I've visited.

The Emporium: An American Brasserie

378 Walnut St, Fort Collins

(970) 493-0024

Reviewed by:

Kotaro Julien

Went to The Emporium with my folks, and wow, it was such a lovely experience! The place itself is a treat for the eyes – funky decor, cozy seating, and an ambiance that just opens up the room, not to mention a cool music room that adds to the vibe. The staff were absolute stars, ensuring we were well looked after and completely satisfied with our meals. Highly recommend stopping by, even if it's just for their cafe. Staying at the Elizabeth hotel meant we were lucky enough to dine here for dinner as well. It was a hit! The trout with onion polenta I had was fantastic, and the shrimp and grits my partner chose did not disappoint. The drinks were a highlight too – got to love a good pineapple apple sour and a refreshing non-alcoholic grapefruit mix. Brunch here felt like something out of a food paradise. Visited with friends who live locally and every dish on the table was a hit. The breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, chorizo, potatoes, cheese, and more was just mouthwateringly good. My partner's choice of the lox bagel was spot on, and even the coffee hit all the right notes – fresh and full-flavored. The cleanliness and overall niceness of The Emporium just can't be overstated. For anyone finding themselves in the Old Town area, this place is a must-visit. The meal was fantastic through and through. The cocktails? Fun and inventive, with the maize dulce being a standout. Had a chance to try both soups offered – the clam chowder and tomato basil bisque were both memorable, the latter reminding me of a top-notch pizza sauce. Each dish brought something unique to the table, like the trout huitlacoche that I wish had a bit more of that delicious beurre blanc sauce. The oyster mushroom rigatoni was another favorite, rich and packed with flavor. Only regret? Not saving enough room for dessert because that peanut butter bombe sounded like a dream. Overall, this place is a gem.

Butters Breakfast & Lunch

1103 W Elizabeth St, Fort Collins

(970) 797-2062

Reviewed by:

Ramon Copp

Brunch at Butters was a genuine pleasure. The moment we walked in, we were greeted with the kind of warmth and hospitality that sets a place apart. The signature pancakes are fluffy, a testament to their reputation, and it’s clear that fresh, local ingredients are a priority here. The menu is creative, offering a delightful variety of choices that cater to different tastes and dietary needs. The standout dish for me was the Green Chili Pork Benedict - a savory delight that I'd go back for in a heartbeat. It’s a gem in Fort Collins, offering a local vibe that’s both welcoming and vibrant. On this visit, we decided to explore a range of breakfast items. The XL Butters breakfast, bacon waffle, Cali omelet, and chilaquiles did not disappoint. The omelet, in particular, was a treat, loaded with fresh ingredients like bacon and avocado. According to my son, the waffles "are extra fluffy" and the sausage was notably good. My husband proclaimed the chilaquiles as the best he's had in Colorado, a high compliment indeed. He particularly enjoyed the guajillo sauce and how well it complemented the tortillas. However, not everything was perfect. The hashbrowns were a bit underdone for our taste, lacking that desirable crispiness. Also, the limited jelly options and just okay beans were minor letdowns. But a big plus was finding Tapatio among the hot sauce options - a rare and appreciated find in Colorado. Our server, Dahlia, deserves a special mention for her outstanding service. She was sweet, attentive, and made our experience even more enjoyable by speaking to us in Spanish. The overall staff friendliness and the bustling atmosphere, accentuated by some nostalgic tunes, contributed to a very pleasant dining experience. The only hiccup came when I visited alone on a busy Sunday morning. It took a while to get noticed at the bar, which was a bit disheartening. Thankfully, Emily stepped in and offered the kind of attentive service that turned the experience around for me. All in all, Butters is a charming spot for breakfast or brunch in Fort Collins, with great food and a welcoming vibe. Despite a few minor food critiques and a singular service glitch on a busy day, the positive aspects far outweigh the negatives. Definitely looking forward to visiting again.


420 Centro Way, Fort Collins

(970) 221-1493

Reviewed by:

Annie Ali

Stopping by Denny's in Fort Collins for brunch turned out to be a delightful experience, affirming why this place holds a special spot in my heart. From the moment I entered, their staff, especially Scarlett, made the visit memorable. In the past, I hesitated to return due to a less-than-pleasant encounter with a waiter. However, giving it another chance was the best decision. Scarlett's attentiveness, politeness, and genuine warmth stood out. Her service was impeccable, setting a standard I wish every server could emulate. It's clear that she truly cares for the customers, and I hope her hard work doesn't go unnoticed by the management. Beyond the exceptional service, the food itself was a highlight. It arrived promptly, looking and tasting great, ensuring a satisfying start to the day. It's comforting to know that despite a busy setting, the quality of food and the timeliness of service remain uncompromised. Moreover, another visit was equally pleasant, thanks to Sarah, our server. Her promptness with our orders and her cheerful attitude contributed greatly to our enjoyable dining experience. It’s servers like Sarah that enhance the overall atmosphere and make me look forward to future visits. However, it's important to acknowledge that not every experience has been perfect. On a particular visit, the cleanliness of the restaurant and a significant delay in service due to an oversight by a server named Calvin marred the dining experience. It was disappointing to see dirty tables and floors, along with a lack of attention from the staff. Although the food was eventually served, the overall management of the situation did not meet expectations. In conclusion, while there have been ups and downs, the positive encounters, mainly thanks to the wonderful service from Scarlett and Sarah, have encouraged me to continue visiting Denny's. It's clear that with the right staff, dining at Denny's in Fort Collins can be a truly enjoyable experience. Here’s to hoping that the management can ensure consistency in both service and cleanliness to match the high standards set by their best employees.


1502 Oakridge Dr, Fort Collins

(970) 226-3154

Reviewed by:

Thomas Eric Giwa-Amu

Today was a truly special day for my son and me. To kick things off, we decided to head to IHOP in Fort Collins for a brunch experience. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The highlight of our visit was undoubtedly the service we received. Our waitress, Myra, was simply awesome. She was attentive throughout our meal, making sure we had everything we needed. It's service like this that guarantees we will be returning customers. Though there was a minor hiccup with an online order - having to wait an additional 15 minutes, receiving cold food, and missing parts of our meal - it’s important to note that this does not reflect the usual standard of service or quality we’ve come to expect from IHOP. The food, as always, was delightful. IHOP's consistency when it comes to their offerings is something I've always appreciated. My usual go-to choices are the Steak and Chicken Fajita omelettes. They never fail to satisfy. Beyond the food, it’s the service from staff like Kyle and Tabitha that truly enhances the dining experience. Both of them are exceptionally pleasant and always go the extra mile to ensure our breakfast is enjoyable. IHOP has been a favorite spot for me and my kids for a long time, famous for their great pancakes and breakfast options. Although there was a slight disappointment with the new promotional pancake tacos looking somewhat underfilled compared to another table, it doesn’t take away from the fact that IHOP remains a beloved dining spot for my family. Good service and a familiar environment assure us that IHOP will continue to be a preferred choice for many more family brunches to come.

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