October 10, 2023

Finest Breakfast Spots in Fort Lauderdale

Discover the top breakfast spots in Fort Lauderdale! From fluffy pancakes to savory omelets, start your day right with mouthwatering meals that tickle your taste buds and fuel your morning adventures.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Finest Breakfast Spots in Fort Lauderdale
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Whether you're a hungry holidaymaker or a ravenous resident, these standout spots to break the fast are benchmarks of morning munchies. From chic cafes to laid-back brunch spots, Fort Lauderdale's breakfast scene serves up a culinary conquest worth waking up for.


321 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 245-3063

Reviewed by:

Tony Menji

I cannot recommend Tinta enough for their fantastic brunch. It was honestly one of the best breakfasts I've had in ages. We ordered the rancho chores and the grab omelette, and you could really taste the quality of the ingredients. This is undoubtedly the top brunch spot in Fort Lauderdale. The service from Nicolas and the rest of the staff was outstanding, with a manager even helping us make our meal selections. To top it off, we were given complimentary drink cards for our next visit because we had such a great experience. This place is a must-visit for breakfast. It's unlikely you'll be disappointed – unless you don't have taste buds. It's easily one of the most popular spots in Fort Lauderdale, and for good reason. I must mention the white chocolate blueberry pancakes – they were a game changer. Paired with the salty potatoes, it was a bite of heaven. Plus, the butter they served with the pancakes was irresistible. Lastly, a shout-out to Leo, our wonderful server. His service and menu recommendations really made the experience. The food was fantastic and Leo's hospitality made it a morning to remember. I highly recommend you give Tinta a try!

Jet Runway Cafe

5540 NW 21st Terrace, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 958-9900

Reviewed by:

Antonio Weber

What an incredible experience at Jet Runway Cafe! The unique setting within an executive airport immediately sets the tone, with the opportunity to watch private jets landing and taking off right from your table. The decor is simple and thematic, immersing you in an atmosphere of jets and aircraft. The staff were amiable and accommodating, allowing us to tweak our meals to suit our preferences. Unfortunately, the orange juice we ordered initially wasn't up to par, but the staff quickly rectified the issue, providing us with a different selection at no extra cost. The food was delicious. Our server was knowledgeable and readily available to assist us. The view provided while eating was engaging, with an up-close look at the runway and taxiway. Watching the take-offs and landings added an exciting element to the dining experience. The crab cake hash I had was packed with actual crab, a pleasant surprise compared to many other places. The egg was perfectly cooked. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will surely be back, this time aiming for a window view. We were very impressed with the chicken and waffles I had and the steak and eggs were mouth-watering, with the steak being tender and juicy. It is a bit tricky to locate the cafe in the parking lot, but follow the awning and sidewalk all the way to the right until you reach the dead end. Once you're inside, the journey is worth it. Overall, Jet Runway Cafe is an amazing place for breakfast in Fort Lauderdale, offering good food, fantastic service, and an extraordinary atmosphere. It is a hidden gem among airplane hangars and I highly recommend it.

Joe's Cafe

1913 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 760-5637

Reviewed by:

Frank Rojas

I had a fantastic first visit to Joe's Cafe in Fort Lauderdale. The food was delivered quickly and arrived piping hot. I wasn't overly keen on the sausage gravy, but every other dish was excellent, including the potatoes, eggs, French toast, and pancakes. We opted for outdoor seating due to the pleasant weather and were delighted by the unique rocking booth seats that looked like golf carts. The waitress was extremely kind and helpful, providing great food recommendations. The atmosphere was wonderful, and the portion sizes were perfect. I especially loved the meat lovers omelette, which was delicious. The overall experience was enjoyable and very satisfying. Joe's Cafe is conveniently located off 17th Street Causeway and offers great value, with affordable prices for both breakfast (available all day) and lunch. The service was exceptional, and I was particularly impressed with the excellent coffee, delicious pancakes, and perfectly cooked eggs. In short, Joe's Cafe offers a fantastic all-day breakfast menu, incredible food, swift service, and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. It's an absolute must-visit if you're in the area.

Michael's Cafe Bistro

2304 NE 62nd St, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 776-6191

Reviewed by:

Michele Valverde

I've had the pleasure of dining at Michael's Cafe Bistro for breakfast in Fort Lauderdale, and it was a wonderful experience. Their shrimp and grits is some of the best I've ever tasted, even rivaling those I've tried in New Orleans. I specifically requested it to be spicy and the heat was just right, just enough to enhance the dish without being overpoweringly hot. The friendly and helpful server, Dana, made the experience extra special with her warm and welcoming service. On top of that, the prices at this place are affordable for the quality and portion sizes you get. What's more, I had the chance to try the Farmer's Breakfast too. My wife ordered it and it was so delicious that I ended up finishing her plate too. You can really tell that they use fresh ingredients in their dishes which in turn makes the food even more delightful. From the moment we stepped in, the vibe was positive and inviting. It felt like we were part of their family. A truly memorable brunch experience and I can't recommend it enough. The quality of the food, the service, and the overall atmosphere just stands out. This is definitely a must-visit when you're in Fort Lauderdale.

Country Ham N' Eggs Bar & Grill

2671 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 530-9402

Reviewed by:

Trinity Davis

I had a fantastic time at Country Ham N' Eggs Bar & Grill for breakfast. The staff was incredibly welcoming and our server was quick to take our orders. I tried the Burrito Wrap with a side of grits and my husband opted for the 2-2-2. The food was fresh and arrived swiftly. The dining area was impressively clean and the menu had a good range of options. This warm, family-run establishment not only boasts great customer service but also pays close attention to the quality of their food. I've had numerous satisfying meals here since they moved to Fort Lauderdale. Although the prices are on the higher side, the excellent service and delicious food make it well worth it. I enjoyed my visit thoroughly and definitely plan on coming back.

Foxy Brown

476 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

(754) 200-4236

Reviewed by:

Susanna Akinfeleye

My friends and I recently dined at Foxy Brown in Fort Lauderdale and had a fantastic experience. The warm welcome we received as soon as we stepped through the door set the tone for an exceptional meal. We were initially after their brunch, but unfortunately, we learned it's only served on weekends. Despite the initial disappointment, we decided to try the lunch menu, and it turned out to be an excellent decision. The menu is varied and well thought out, with each dish crafted using high-quality ingredients. The appetizers were delicious, containing an exciting mix of textures and flavors. The main courses were equally impressive, with each element on the dish serving a purpose, creating a delightful harmony of taste and presentation. We experienced standout service too, with attentive staff ensuring our glasses were always filled and taking care of our needs timely, which made the dining experience even more enjoyable. In summary, Foxy Brown is a must-visit eatery in Fort Lauderdale, delivering an exceptional dining experience whether you're after brunch or lunch. The combination of fantastic service, a welcoming atmosphere, and delectable food certainly left an impression on me and my friends. It’s an establishment I wholeheartedly recommend, and I'm looking forward to our next visit.

Bayview Diner

2712 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 565-0649

Reviewed by:

Matt Erazo

I had the pleasure of visiting Bayview Diner for breakfast recently around 7:30 am and was immediately welcomed and seated by a very kind lady. The food was outstanding, it felt like home-cooked meals but even better! The huge 3-egg omelettes were absolutely delicious and came at such good prices. This place is a hidden gem in Fort Lauderdale. The staff was incredibly friendly and efficient. The turkey club, made with real roasted turkey, and their homemade chicken and rice soup were especially memorable. The service was both warm and prompt, leaving nothing to be desired. I will definitely be making a return visit on my next trip to the area. The food is top-notch, and the service is fantastic. It's a classic old-school diner. The prices are really reasonable, and the menu offers a wide range of options. Its open hours from Monday-Sunday 6 am-4 pm is very convenient. The daily menu specials are a great plus. I also appreciated the availability of both free parking facing the street and toll parking facing businesses. The whole place has a very casual and relaxed vibe. The diner also provided the option to pay with a credit card and have a copy of the receipt printed or sent to my phone via text. A very decent breakfast eatery that definitely satisfied my appetite. I only wished the free parking spaces were not limited. Nonetheless, it's a fantastic spot worth trying out.

Fresh First - Breakfast - Lunch - Brunch

1637 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 763-3344

Reviewed by:

Thomas Guelfo

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Fresh First for both breakfast and lunch while visiting Fort Lauderdale and was truly wowed by the experience. Upon my first visit, I ordered the 'Simply Veggie Quinoa'. While it wasn't my favorite due to its subtleness in taste, my companion's 'Sloppy Q Burger' proved to be a winner - full of flavor and definitely worth trying. What impressed me the most was the emphasis on clean and fresh ingredients, which reminded me of how I cook at home. During my next visit, I ordered the Mushroom Burger to-go and was excited to discover it did not disappoint. The alkaline water was also a delightful new experience for me - it had a unique, crisp taste that added to the overall experience. The staff added another highlight to my visits. They were wonderful - attentive, kind, and full of life - truly reflecting the health and vitality of the food they serve. The ambiance of the place was also a plus, making me feel right at home. One significant draw for me was the fact that all the food is gluten-free, a feature that isn't easily found and definitely places Fresh First in a league of its own. I even found myself wishing they had a location back in Orlando. Fresh First has certainly earned a place in my heart. From the delicious, healthy food to the impeccable service and welcoming atmosphere, it's truly a gem in Fort Lauderdale. I'm already planning to return on my next visit, and I highly recommend this place to anyone in search of great, healthy options.

Myra Harbor Cafe

1396 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 467-0363

Reviewed by:

Marae Llaves

I recently had a fantastic breakfast at Myra Harbor Cafe in Fort Lauderdale. It's a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing spot to enjoy a meal, perfect for a lovely morning out with my family. The food was excellent and the service surpassed that, with some of the friendliest staff I've ever encountered. The standout dishes for me were the Turkish breakfast and the eggs Benedict, both of which were superb. I was particularly impressed with their home fries - they were simply outstanding and left a lasting impression! Even though it was our first visit, we felt right at home, like we were regulars at this neighborhood gem. I would highly recommend skipping the nearby chain restaurants and opting for this locally-run business. Their breakfast menu is not only flavorful, but it also boasts a unique Mediterranean spin on traditional dishes. I ordered the Turkish breakfast, which included delicious eggs paired with beef sausage and pine nuts. It was quite possibly one of the most flavorful egg dishes I've ever had at a restaurant. I don't typically enjoy olives, so next time I'll probably substitute them for something else. The bread that came with the meal wasn't to my taste (it was a bit tough and multi-grain wheat), but that's just a personal preference. To wrap up the meal, I ordered a hot chocolate with milk, which was absolutely delightful. Overall, I can't recommend Myra Harbor Cafe enough, the food was excellent, and the service was top-notch. I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

Java & Jam

301 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 353-3250

Reviewed by:

Ana M Hysenaj

Java & Jam is a fantastic spot for breakfast! It's pretty popular, so it took about 20 minutes to get a table, but well worth the wait. The prices are a bit high, but justified by the quality of the food. I'd recommend trying the banana bread - it's unique and very tasty. What added to the experience was the friendly staff, particularly Anna, who was just the best. I had been meaning to visit for months and now I'm so happy I finally did. The menu is extensive and I'm already planning to try more of their offerings on my next visit. I particularly enjoyed the lavender vanilla Earl Grey latte and the coconut vanilla chia pudding. The location in downtown Ft. Lauderdale is perfect and the ambiance is delightful - I especially liked sitting under the vine-covered trellis for some comfortable shade. They are dog-friendly too, which is great but the seat cushions had a bit of dog hair on them. A quick clean-up between customers would be appreciated. The food is as amazing as the ambiance. The Benedict was sumptuous and the churro latte was out of this world. But for me, the star dish was the coconut chia pudding with mangoes, mint, and strawberries - it was simply delightful. Shoutout to our waitress Dejanee, who made our experience enjoyable and graceful. I can't wait to come back!

Mom's Kitchen

1940 NE 45th St, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 776-7292

Reviewed by:

Adriana Longsworth Williams

I love kicking off my day at Mom's Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale - it's my favorite breakfast spot. The feeling of enjoying a home-cooked meal with family is unbeatable. I’m always impressed by the fresh, delicious food and speedy service with a smile. The price is reasonable, cleanliness is impressive, and the staff is really friendly. It's like a hidden gem for breakfast in town. The atmosphere is fun and friendly, with lively tunes adding to the ambiance. I did, however, have an issue with being charged individually for items instead of as a meal, but I still highly recommend this place for a hearty breakfast or brunch. Their shrimp and grits, Mickey Mouse pancakes, eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, toast, and Prosecco drink with orange juice will leave you satisfied. Personally, I love the local touch with Fort Lauderdale history displayed on their wall. It’s truly the best breakfast spot in FLL. It's a bustling diner with an extensive menu and Sunday Mimosa specials. The portions are generous, you'll be amazed to find the French toast as half a loaf of bread. If you're looking for a local diner that's got great food, atmosphere, and service, then this is your place. Every dish is homemade and the quality is apparent in every bite. Their outdoor patio is a lovely place to enjoy your meal. Their Country breakfast, huevos rancheros, and avocado toast are mind-blowing. Also, I’d recommend you try the Cran-pineapple Bellini. I’ll definitely be a regular here!

Lester's Diner

250 W State Rd 84, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 525-5641

Reviewed by:

Christopher Stream

I stumbled upon Lester's Diner while visiting from out of town, and I was instantly impressed. Service was quick and friendly - we were seated and served in no time. The food was fantastic - I indulged in a hearty skillet and my wife enjoyed eggs and pancakes. The biscuit that came with my skillet was particularly notable, and the potatoes had the perfect crispy texture. Honestly, I can't think of a single complaint. This is definitely a spot I'd frequent if I lived locally. Everything about Lester's Diner is just on point; the food, the service, the atmosphere. It's a place the whole family can love, and with such a wide menu offering delectable breakfast dishes 24/7, there's something for everyone. On top of that, there's never a wait and they're open around the clock. The convenience doesn't end there. Lester's is also conveniently located near both the port and the airport, making it an excellent pitstop no matter your itinerary. This diner is indeed a hidden gem, a haven amongst the hustle and bustle of travel. The Florentine Eggs Benedict I tried was remarkable, though I decided to pass on the home fries. I'm looking forward to my next visit already. There's just something about American diners that can't be replicated elsewhere. While I've tried a few diner-type spots in Europe, none match Lester's Diner in terms of cleanliness, atmosphere, and, of course, the delicious food. It's a truly special place.

Egg & You Diner

2621 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 564-2045

Reviewed by:

Manuel Chatelier

The Egg & You Diner has become our go-to spot for breakfast in Fort Lauderdale. From the moment we walk in, we're greeted with warm smiles and a laidback atmosphere, making it the perfect start to our day. Despite being tired and hungry, this place knows how to bring us back to life with their amazing coffee, always served at the right pace. The service is spot on; our server always ensures our coffee cups are constantly filled and our plates are generous in size. We really enjoyed our first visit, and it's easy to see why this diner is a hit amongst the locals. The waffles are fluffy, the whipped butters are delightful, and the gyros are absolutely delicious. We also loved the location of the diner; the parking lot offers beautiful water views that add to the overall dining experience. The Egg & You Diner is without a doubt a Fort Lauderdale gem. We have visited multiple times and leave satisfied every time, with the friendly staff making the experience even more enjoyable. What surprised me was my misconception about this place. From afar, I thought it was a less-than-stellar Chinese restaurant. To my surprise, it turned out to be a fantastic American diner with mouth-watering Biscuits n Gravy. I have decided to abandon my previous go-to spot across town and pledge my loyalty to the Egg & You Diner, especially for their Biscuits n Gravy. As a side note, their chicken fried steak is also worth trying. If you're a Biscuits n Gravy fan, don't settle for less and make the mistake of visiting subpar diners. You'll only end up regretting it. Choose the Egg & You Diner, and you won't be disappointed.

O-B House - Fort Lauderdale

333 Himmarshee St, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 530-7520

Reviewed by:

Georgio Aejaz

Recently, I revisited O-B House in Fort Lauderdale for breakfast after a couple of years, and I was delighted by the experience. To my pleasant surprise, the restaurant was not as crowded as it used to be pre-pandemic. Their new system of ordering and food delivery was efficient and quick. I had to scan a QR code for the menu and to place and pay for the order ahead of time, which was quite convenient. Although the prices seemed high, the unforgettable, high-quality food I remembered from my past visit made it worth it. Despite the unconventional presentation of the food in a takeout style box, the taste did not disappoint. The pancake was just as amazing as I remembered it. The chocolate chip cookies were also a delightful surprise. One of the highlights of our visit was the fantastic service, particularly from our server Marvin and the manager. The outdoor dining area surrounded by lovely greenery, birds, and butterflies made the experience even more enjoyable. Although there was a slight hiccup with the bill, the manager promptly corrected it. The farm-to-table approach to the food is a bonus. My family and I will definitely return to O-B House whenever we visit Fort Lauderdale. I highly recommend trying out this spot. You won't regret it.

Village Cafe

551 Breakers Ave, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 249-1149

Reviewed by:

Chris Zarazua

I had an awesome experience at the Village Cafe in Fort Lauderdale, starting from the excellent service provided by Juan, our server. The food was absolutely delightful, with an ambiance heightened by well-picked, chill music at just the right volume. This has become a beloved brunch spot for my boyfriend and me, offering great services in a beautiful atmosphere. The food never disappoints, which is really the most important part. Although it's a little pricy, I'd wholeheartedly recommend it because it's worth every penny, especially for romantic dates. I was so pleased with the service and food the first time I visited, I returned for a second round today. Its proximity to the beach adds to its charm, offering both indoor and outdoor seating options. The service is quick and always polite. The food is absolutely scrumptious with very reasonable prices. The acai bowl and eggs were really remarkable. I'd definitely recommend having breakfast here.

JJ Cafe

6051 NW 31st Ave, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 977-4303

Reviewed by:

Jonathan Martínez

JJ Cafe in Fort Lauderdale is hands down one of my favorite places for breakfast. The service is nothing short of incredible - our server, Momo, kept us laughing and made us feel like part of the family. The portions are impressively large and there are plenty of options to suit everyone's tastes. What makes it even better is its close proximity to my home - such a convenience! I've noticed that many patrons are regulars, which speaks volumes about the place. The staff are always ready to recommend a good meal and are super friendly. During our visit, we ordered a variety of items - a burger, biscuits and gravy, eggs over easy, and even tiny pancakes for the young ones. The eggs Benedict and scramble were particularly delicious, and the sausage gravy was spot on. I opted for the steak and eggs breakfast which, despite a small hiccup with the steak being overcooked, was pretty tasty. However, I was a bit put off by an interaction with the manager during which she insisted the steak was cooked as ordered despite the evidence. Unfortunately, this has marred my otherwise wonderful experience at the cafe. Regardless, I would still recommend JJ Cafe for its great food and service.

Floridian Restaurant

1410 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 463-4041

Reviewed by:

Younghurt Brown

On the outside, the Floridian Restaurant may not win any beauty contests, but don't let that deter you. The breakfast more than makes up for it with generously sized portions and hearty, good quality food that hits the spot. I've been a regular here for a quarter of a century, and the place never disappoints with its wide variety of diner offerings. Situated on Las Olas, it perfectly blends indoor and outdoor seating, making it a great place to dine any time of the year. It's an authentic local spot in a touristy area, serving up reasonably priced meals round the clock, every day of the year. The servers are experienced and local, adding to the charm of this spot. This place is reminiscent of a cute diner, and I had an amazing breakfast here. The pancakes are delectable and the eggs even better. Service is quick and friendly, and a neat tip - the parking is located behind the restaurant. It is an older establishment, and while it may not quite match up to its online photos, and could definitely use some updating, it has its own unique charm. The food portions are massive, easily shared between two. Despite its exterior, the service here is commendable. So, you may come for the breakfast but you'll stay for the atmosphere and service. Enjoy!

The Original Pancake House

2851 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 564-8881

Reviewed by:

Jdfjcjd Dillard

I recently had a delightful late breakfast at The Original Pancake House in Fort Lauderdale. Despite being my first visit, I was pleased to find a not too crowded atmosphere and prompt seating. The waiter was amiable with an excellent sense of humor. We ordered coffee and our food arrived within 20 minutes, which was impressive considering our party was six. The total bill, including the tip, came up to $110.00, which we found fair for the quality and quantity provided. This place is truly deserving of its name; it’s ‘original’ with an assorted menu catering to all - from classic breakfast favorites to scrumptious pancakes. One thing worth mentioning is the longevity of the servers here, which was evident in their professionalism and efficiency. Now let's talk about the food - it was nothing short of phenomenal! I savored the Strawberry French Toast and my son enjoyed the Apple Pancake. It's worth noting that the Apple Pancake takes 30 minutes to prepare, but the wait was worth it. The eggs were also cooked perfectly to my liking, leaving us completely satisfied. However, I must be honest, I found the food a bit overpriced for what I expected from a mid-range diner. My order of flapjacks, bacon, and coffee along with the tip totaled to $27, which seemed a bit high. I also requested crispy bacon, but unfortunately it was quite floppy and fatty. The flapjacks were decent, but not extraordinary. Still, the commendable service made up for the letdowns. Despite a few flaws, the fantastic service alone would have been enough to grant them more than a single star. As a frequent traveler who clocks in 70,000 air miles annually, I find it hard to wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant based on this one experience. However, the enchanting ambiance and great service make it worth another try.


1101 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 567-9687

Reviewed by:

Patel Ponce

My Sunday morning breakfast at the IHOP in Fort Lauderdale was superb! I redeemed my "pan coins" for a breakfast bowl filled with scrambled eggs, ground sausage, cheese, and salsa. I swapped out the usual hash browns for IHOP's unbeatable pancakes, I just wish they were offered with real maple syrup. The service from my waitress, Queen, was top-notch. She took my drink order right away, a gesture I greatly appreciate. My meal arrived hot and the pancakes were as delicious as always. I will definitely start visiting this location more frequently. It was a pleasant surprise when the manager, Jeremy, checked in on me and asked about my meal. Both Queen and Jeremy were exemplary and I'd love to see their customer service replicated at all IHOP locations. This IHOP is by far the best in Broward County. The food quality was excellent, the service was exceptional, and the atmosphere was inviting. I also appreciated the seamless online ordering system for late-night pick-ups. I was pleased to find my food fresh, perfectly packaged, and all utensils and condiments accounted for. The staff was warm and professional and the cleanliness of the restaurant was commendable. I highly recommend this IHOP location and will be back again without reservation.


1241 Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

(954) 779-7599

Reviewed by:

Fateme Goode

I recently had the pleasure of getting breakfast delivered from IHOP in Fort Lauderdale via Uber Eats. This was my first time ordering delivery from them, although I have dined at several of their other locations. I opted for the buttermilk crispy chicken, which unfortunately turned out to be a bit on the dry side. The side salad could have used a little more enthusiasm as well. Despite these hitches, I must commend this particular IHOP location for their courtesy and promptness. The staff was genuinely pleasant and the service was swift. I was slightly disappointed to find that the eggs were cooked Over Hard instead of Over Medium, and the steak was Well Done rather than Medium Rare. Also, the hashbrowns were a tad cold and overcooked. Unfortunately, the overall flavor of the meal was somewhat lackluster. On a brighter note, the ambiance was classic and timeless, reminiscent of a late-night diner. The place was quiet with a lovely assortment of oldies playing in the background, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Our server, Ricky, was attentive and friendly, ensuring our group of four was well taken care of. In terms of the food, everything was prepared exactly as ordered, arriving hot and ready to eat. Despite the few missteps encountered with my first delivery, I am confident that this IHOP location can deliver a flawless dining experience. Therefore, I will definitely be ordering again soon, in the hope of a better experience. It's worth noting that prices on the Uber Eats app are slightly higher compared to dining in at the restaurant. While I found the food quality to be somewhat inferior to what I had experienced dining in at other IHOP locations, I hope this was just a one-off situation. My review here is merely meant to provide constructive feedback as the review options available on the Uber Eats app are quite limited. Overall, despite some areas for improvement, I had a fairly good experience with IHOP's breakfast delivery. The friendly staff and prompt service were the definite highlights of my meal. So if you're in Fort Lauderdale and in the mood for a classic American breakfast, IHOP is a decent option to consider.

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