January 10, 2024

Brunch Feast in Frisco: 20 Best Brunch Hotspots in Town!

Craving a mid-morning feast in Frisco? Dive into our guide to the town's top brunch spots where the pancakes are fluffy, the eggs are always poached to perfection, and the mimosas never stop flowing.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Brunch Feast in Frisco: 20 Best Brunch Hotspots in Town!
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Whether you're craving a stack of pancakes that are fluffier than the clouds over Frisco Square or seeking an avocado toast that will put your homemade attempts to shame, you've come to the right place.

The Aussie Grind

3930 Preston Rd #120, Frisco

(469) 428-0966

Reviewed by:

Carlos Eppers

As a frequent brunch enthusiast, my visit to The Aussie Grind in Frisco was an absolute delight. The service was exceptional. I ordered the Breakfast Pizza and Hotcakes, which were both delicious. While I felt the BBQ sauce on the pizza was somewhat overpowering, the addition of arugula balanced it beautifully. The coffee was a standout for me— not acidic, but rather nutty and smooth, and I was pleasantly surprised when our server offered a proactive refill, even suggesting it to-go for our convenience. The interior has a cute atmosphere, making it a great place to relax. I should note, the Big Breaky is a must-try; it's a fun and hearty dish, although on this visit, I found it to be a tad too cool for my liking and the poached eggs were firmer than I prefer. While I found the gnocchi chewy and dense and the Angie's savoury mince reminiscent of a simple pasta sauce on bread, the coffee remained the high point of the meal. Be mindful of limited parking and no call-aheads, and there's likely to be a wait during peak hours. Also, the AC is quite chilly, so a jacket might come in handy. Despite these minor inconveniences, the prawns linguine and bubble n squeak were well-presented and tasty. This has quickly become one of my favorite brunch spots in the DFW area, with their great cocktails and outstanding breakfasts—you cannot skip the banana bread with homemade whip cream. Their staff is always friendly and eager to provide excellent recommendations. Overall, for anyone looking for a fantastic brunch or coffee experience, The Aussie Grind is a place I wholeheartedly recommend.

Frisco Diner

9250 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco

(214) 618-0652

Reviewed by:

Víctor Grisar

My experience at Frisco Diner for brunch was genuinely enjoyable. The location is convenient, and the menu offers a wide variety of choices. While I usually stick to the classics like eggs and bacon, which they prepare well, I decided to try something different and went for the Eggs Benedict last time. The English muffins were not the freshest and the hash browns could have used a bit more seasoning, but it didn't distract too much from the overall experience. On the other hand, my companions had a skillet dish and an omelet, both of which were quite good. The pancakes were particularly tasty, although the sausages were slightly dry for my taste. Despite the restaurant being busy, the staff remained incredibly friendly, contributing to the vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. The service is efficient, with everyone working together seamlessly. Parking can be a bit of a challenge due to the size of the strip mall, but it's a minor inconvenience. On another note, during a different visit, my friend Darrell and I stopped by after running some errands. We were served by Sadie, who was exceptionally welcoming and made us feel right at home. I ordered corn beef hash with two eggs over easy, grits, and biscuits, while Darrell had a Belgian waffle. Both our meals were delicious – my eggs were slightly more cooked than I prefer, but everything was served hot and the corn beef hash had the perfect crunch. The biscuits stood out for their fluffiness. As for Darrell, he enjoyed his waffle; it was light, crispy, and fluffy, meeting his expectations. It's a bit of a drive from where we live, but well worth it when in the area. I also noticed a fellow diner enjoying an eggs Benedict, which made me think I should try the eggs Florentine next time. The portion sizes are generous, leaving me full and satisfied. All in all, it's definitely a spot to return to, and I'm already looking forward to my next weekend brunch at Frisco Diner. Thanks to the team there for such great service and fantastic food!

Eggsquisite Cafe Frisco

6801 Warren Pkwy #101, Frisco

(469) 200-8181

Reviewed by:

Benny Diaz

Walking into Eggsquisite Cafe Frisco for brunch was a decision I'm glad I made. The chatter of satisfied customers and the aroma of fresh breakfast fare set the stage for what was a delightful dining experience. The staff here greeted us with warmth, and their attentiveness didn't go unnoticed, striking the perfect balance between friendly and professional. As someone who enjoys a classic breakfast outing, I found the quality of food here stood out in comparison to other breakfast spots. The pancakes were fluffy, the French toast had just the right amount of sweetness, and while I have yet to dive into their lunch menu, it's definitely on my radar for next time. There's something to be said about a place that gets the basics right and does so consistently. Quick service without feeling rushed allowed for a leisurely meal, which is exactly what you want during a weekend brunch. Opting to sit outside was a treat, with the day lending itself to an al fresco dining experience. The cafe's proximity to the Cowboys training facilities only adds to its charm, serving as an excellent spot to fuel up before or after visiting the attractions nearby. However, the visit wasn't without a small hiccup; the bacon was a bit of a letdown, and service seemed to dip towards the end of our meal. Despite these minor setbacks, the overall experience was one I'd sign up for again. The waffle was a definite winner—crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, exactly how a waffle should be. My wife and I left Eggsquisite Cafe Frisco feeling satisfied and already looking forward to our next visit. It's a spot that's earned a place on my go-to list for breakfast and brunch in Frisco.

Poached Brunch House

1612 FM 423 #300, Frisco

(972) 292-9072

Reviewed by:

Dena Foster

I stumbled upon Poached Brunch House in Frisco, and I have to say, the place is a gem! The French toast caught my attention first; it was divine, topped with fresh berries and a dollop of creamy mascarpone. And let's talk about their freshly squeezed orange juice – it's a must-try! My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience here. Yes, there was a bit of a wait, but the staff managed it well, and we were seated quicker than expected. The portions were generous, leaving us satisfied and happy. Our waitress, Autumn, was a star – so efficient and attentive. I'm already planning a second visit because that fully loaded omelet has my name on it. The crowd speaks for the place's popularity, but despite the buzz, we didn’t wait long for our food. The chicken and waffles combo was a hit for me, and the teddy bear pancakes delighted my daughter. My husband went for the steak, and he's still raving about it. The ambiance was inviting, making it a cozy spot for a family brunch. And I have to rave about the Shakshuka – it was flavorful and just the right amount of spicy. The pancakes, too, were a crowd-pleaser. We received prompt service, which is always a plus. There are still so many dishes to try, like the Veggie Skillet, the Banana Chocolate Pancakes, and that inviting Cafe Latte. Poached Brunch House is a spot you'd want to bookmark for future brunch dates. Highly recommended!

Barneys Brunch House

5480 FM 423 #700, Frisco

(214) 494-6363

Reviewed by:

Victor Schwandt

Rarely does a restaurant truly impress me with its brunch offerings, but Barney's Brunch House in Frisco has managed to do just that. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by the bustling, jovial atmosphere of happy diners, which immediately set the tone for a fantastic meal. My server, Lily, was the epitome of hospitality. Not only did she attend to my order with care, but she also made it a point to engage in a warm conversation about how my day was going. At her suggestion, I opted for the chicken apple sausage on the side, and it was a delightful choice. Now, I'm quite particular about my coffee, which was why I initially intended to stick just to it during my visit. However, the cocktail menu was tempting, with each concoction looking more irresistible than the last. But that's a treat I'll save for next time. I chose the standard gluten-free country breakfast, sans toast, with a side of fruit, and it was just what I needed. While the restaurant can't completely guarantee gluten-free contents, I appreciate the effort to accommodate dietary restrictions. The meal was delicious and satisfying. Every corner of the restaurant, including the spacious bathroom, was clean, adding to my comfort. There's a certain vibe at Barney's -- a buzzing symphony of people engaged in lively conversations over excellent food, all served by the quick and friendly staff. Let me not forget to mention the food that truly made my morning: the strawberry crepes with cream cheese, kid's teddy bear pancakes, and an omelet with hash browns. Each dish was a hit. The machine-squeezed fresh orange juice right in front of us was a refreshing touch as well. The Mediterranean omelet, bursting with flavor, and the generous portion sizes only added to the dining experience. As expected, it was busy on a Sunday, but after a brief wait, our group was seated. Although the menu stated no substitutions, the accommodating staff happily allowed me to switch my pancakes for a small extra charge. Even when there was a mix-up with my order, I decided to give the chicken fried steak a try. While it wasn't my usual preference, I found it decent, and the cinnamon pancakes were superb. Despite the Sunday rush, the only hiccup was feeling slightly rushed towards the end, but overall, it was an understandable part of the brunch experience. Barney's has earned a resounding five-star rating from me. The service was reasonably quick, and the fresh and tasty food will have me coming back for more. No doubt, this place has set a high bar for brunch in Frisco.

Cracked & Crepe

8050 Preston Rd #107, Frisco

(469) 200-5032

Reviewed by:

Jim Diaz

Absolutely love Cracked & Crepe for brunch here in Frisco! We popped in around noon and the place was bustling, but we managed to snag some seats at the bar. The French 75 and Bloody Mary we ordered were top-notch. I indulged in a hearty skillet while my wife enjoyed some Eggs Benedict with a unique chipotle hollandaise—both dishes I'd recommend in a heartbeat. Jeremiah and Adan provided exceptional service; they really made our experience memorable. While we didn't get a chance to try the crepes this time, we're definitely planning a return visit to this gem. The value you get for the price is fantastic, the service is personable and efficient, and every dish we've tried has been a hit, especially the Migas and Huevos Rancheros. The portions are generous, which is great for our young kids who demolished the Griddle Favorite Combos. They even split the meal onto two plates for them, which is always appreciated. The only minor gripe might be the chairs—they're stylish but not the comfiest. On a recent visit for my 40th birthday, the experience was just as wonderful. Adan and Heidi greeted us warmly, and the atmosphere was as inviting as ever. The chocolate chip pancakes are out of this world, and the Strawberry Nutella Pancakes with banana made my day extra special. My mom savored the Chicken Florentine Crepe, and even though I couldn't try it due to a mushroom allergy, she assured me it was delicious. Getting to chat with the owner, Kevin, you can tell he puts his heart into this place—the exceptional customer service and ambience speak volumes. Our weekday breakfast was just as delightful, avoiding the weekend rush. The modern space is welcoming and has a great vibe. Our server Heidi was incredibly attentive, keeping us well-supplied with hot tea and our delicious meals—one of which included perfect home fries—arrived quickly. All in all, Cracked & Crepe nails it every time. Flawless food, warm staff, and a fantastic atmosphere make it my go-to spot for brunch. Can't wait for the next visit!

Depot Cafe

6733 Main St, Frisco

(972) 377-0707

Reviewed by:

Jim Poore

I had a fantastic brunch experience at The Depot Cafe in Frisco. At first glance, it doesn't seem like much since it's attached to a gas station, but don't let that fool you – the service and food are top-notch. My friends and I were heading to the Frisco Community parade and decided to start our day here. The menu offers plenty of choices, and the staff are more than happy to help you decide. We were a large group with both adults and children, and we comfortably split into three tables. Even with the divided group, the staff did an excellent job delivering the correct orders, which was impressive. The kids had chocolate pancakes and French toast, which they devoured with glee. As for me, the breakfast taco was amazing; it was so sizeable that I couldn't finish it! Made with potato, bacon, and egg, it was one of the best breakfast tacos I've ever tasted. Adding both of their sauces just took it to another level. It was a bit cold outside, so we ordered hot chocolate for the kids. The fact that we could mix our own with provided hot chocolate packets was a nice touch, allowing us to customize it to each child's liking. Portions here are generous. My friend's chorizo breakfast was a mountain of food, and my other buddy said the chicken fried steak was very good. While I didn't try the cake, it's rumored to be delicious as well. The Depot Cafe is simple and unpretentious – a classic diner with good food, quick service, and friendly staff. Ordering was a breeze at the counter, and our food came out quickly. The community coffee was fresh, and my meal of French toast with eggs and grilled pork chop was served promptly and was utterly satisfying. The Depot Cafe has become a must-visit when I'm in Frisco; the chicken fried steak and chicken are wonderful. The place has a charming vintage feel with fun historic photos that add to its character. In essence, if you're looking for great home cooking and a warm atmosphere, The Depot Cafe should definitely be on your list. Just remember to get there early to avoid the rush – it's worth it!

Starwood Cafe

16100 State Hwy 121 Building A Suite 100, Frisco

(469) 795-6234

Reviewed by:

Tulio Johnson

Stepping into Starwood Cafe for brunch was a genuine delight. From the moment I walked in, the friendly service set a warm and inviting tone for the entire visit. The atmosphere struck the perfect balance between casual and welcoming, making me feel right at home. The menu offered an array of tempting choices, and I couldn't resist trying the Southwest Skillet with a side of sausage gravy—it was a hearty portion that was more than I could finish but absolutely delicious. Even the coffee bar added a charming touch to the overall experience, while the eye-catching wall art provided a feast for the eyes. I also have to give a shoutout to the amazing server, Miriam, who truly went above and beyond. She was not only patient and polite but also made sure the kids were taken care of by bringing out their food first. Her efficiency and friendly demeanor were remarkable; she definitely enhanced our dining experience. And let's talk about the BAT Benedict—this dish was a revelation. Combining bacon, avocado, and tomato with perfectly poached eggs and a generous drizzle of hollandaise sauce, each bite was satisfying to the soul. The hash browns on the side were the perfect complement. Despite the cozy size of the place, everything from the service to the delectable food made my visit memorable. I will certainly be returning to Starwood Cafe for more brunch delights in the future. They've earned a strong recommendation from me!

The Nest Cafe

7777 Warren Pkwy Suite 325, Frisco

(469) 579-4790

Reviewed by:

Jaime Landrum

My brunch at The Nest Cafe in Frisco was an absolutely enjoyable experience. Walking into the cafe, I was greeted by the warm ambiance and friendly staff, which set the stage for a fantastic meal. Their breakfast menu is a real gem, and the coffee deserves a special mention for being spot-on – the perfect start to my day. The Salmon Benedict was exceptional, hitting all the right notes with its rich and flavorful hollandaise. But the Veggie Toast is what really stood out for me – it was a delicious burst of flavors that woke up my taste buds in the best possible way. Diving into the variety of dishes available, the acai bowl caught my attention with its fresh fruits and vibrant colors, providing a refreshing departure from heavier breakfast options. Also, the veggie wrap didn't disappoint; it was chock-full of fresh vegetables and came with a delectable dressing. And for those who love mushrooms, the mushroom toast was an absolute savory indulgence with its creamy spread on perfectly crispy bread. The service at The Nest Cafe was excellent – attentive without being overbearing. The food quality was top-notch, and the generous portions meant I didn't leave feeling hungry. Although there's room for a little more creativity in the side salads, it wasn't enough to detract from the overall positive experience. This cafe is a fantastic spot for a morning brunch, and I definitely see myself returning. It's a great discovery for anyone traveling through the area, and locals should consider themselves lucky to have this spot nearby. The avocado toast with beet hummus and the cappuccinos I had were soul-satisfying, and the barista's engaging interaction made the visit even more pleasant. The cute decor adds to the charm, cementing The Nest Cafe as a new favorite for me. If you're in Frisco and looking for a delicious and wholesome brunch spot, this is the place to go.

Maple Street Biscuit Company

3288 Main St #111, Frisco

(469) 803-5334

Reviewed by:

Travis Schacherer

Went for a Sunday brunch at Maple Street Biscuit Company in Frisco and honestly, it was a wonderful experience. The standout for me was definitely the biscuits – they were the best I've ever tasted. Pairing them with that homemade grape jam just took things to another level. And those sausage meatballs? Absolutely delicious, not to mention the sausage gravy with that perfect kick. Now, there was a bit of a mix-up at the register with my name on the ticket, and our first order wasn't quite right. It took a little bit to sort out but the staff was friendly throughout, which eased any potential frustration. I'll say the food didn't quite live up to the photos – the chicken fried steak, in particular, was a bit tough and the breading didn't quite stick. The biscuits, too, were a tad heavy and didn't hold together as well as I'd hoped. Despite the little hiccups, the place had a real buzz to it – it was packed by the time we left and you could tell it's a favorite for many. And while my partner has now sworn off eating breakfast out after our $45 meal wasn't fully to our taste, I wouldn't discourage others from giving it a try based on our experience. It's a fun spot with a unique twist on ordering, asking for your answer to their question of the month. The fast service on a busy Saturday morning was impressive, and those biscuits are enough to warrant a return visit. I also have to give a shoutout to their fresh squeezed orange juice – a real treat. The goat cheese and pepper jelly biscuit, though, was just alright; the balance of flavors wasn't quite there for me. All in all, Maple Street Biscuit Company is worth checking out for anyone looking for a tasty brunch spot in Frisco. The little issues didn't overshadow the fact that it’s a nice place with generally good food and a cheerful vibe.

Berries & Batter Cafe

2727 Main St #600, Frisco

(214) 407-7112

Reviewed by:

Sky Tajhay

Saturday was quite the bustling day at Berries & Batter Cafe, and I had the pleasure of brunching there. The cafe presented itself with a clean, bright, and open atmosphere. The servers were impressive, balancing kindness with efficiency in the busy setting. Upon arrival, the food captivated my senses with its fresh and neat presentation. The flavors elevated the experience, particularly the egg, which was softly and perfectly cooked atop a delicious combination of salmon and bread. I must recommend trying the smoked salmon Benedict, paired with fresh berries, cinnamon roll French toast, and a coffee latte – it was an absolute delight and made for a healthy and satisfying meal. What really stood out to me was the minimal wait time, even on a busy Sunday post-church crowd. The hospitality was top-notch, with greeters and hostesses that couldn’t have been more welcoming, and servers whose attentiveness was exceptional. They seemed to anticipate my needs before I voiced them, epitomizing stellar service. The Hardy Boy Skillet with sourdough toast became an instant favorite of mine. Each visit confirms why it's a standout choice from their skillets! The convenience of paying at the table matched the bustling environment and ensured a smooth, enjoyable dining experience. As I work nearby, I have every intention of returning to Berries & Batter Cafe. They even ask how you prefer your hash browns, and I’d advise opting for crispy – they were simply fantastic. My visit marked my first encounter with an American breakfast eatery, and it was nothing short of excellent. Chic decor, affable staff, and despite the crowd, the service never faltered. As for the food, the freshly squeezed orange juice, succulent steak, and fried chicken won me over. The generous portion sizes were a pleasant surprise, especially considering the price. I left Berries & Batter Cafe thoroughly impressed and eager for my next visit. For anyone contemplating where to dine for a splendid brunch, look no further. It comes with my highest recommendation – a definite must-visit!

Norma's Cafe

8300 Gaylord Pkwy #19, Frisco

(972) 712-2233

Reviewed by:

Christian Ulloa

Had breakfast at Norma's Cafe in Frisco and it was an incredible experience. The place captures the essence of a home-cooked meal perfectly. The menu had all the brunch classics and everything was both hearty and delicious. The coffee was constantly refreshed, which was much appreciated. The server was friendly, suggesting great items off the menu, and the service was prompt despite the midday rush. The atmosphere was calm and the decor was fun, adding to the overall experience. The prices were very reasonable for the quality and quantity of food. Even with how busy it was, the food was served quickly, at the right temperature, and with amazing flavor. The coconut cream pie and the hint of spice on the strawberries with the waffle were standout treats! This was my first time visiting this Frisco location after enjoying the Plano one several times, and I will definitely be back. The place is a must-visit for anyone looking for a fantastic, authentic meal. Came here for breakfast before a video shoot and wow, it truly lived up to the hype—highly recommended!

5th Street Patio Cafe

8621 5th St, Frisco

(972) 377-3483

Reviewed by:

Celestina Fareal

Stumbling upon 5th Street Patio Cafe for brunch was an unexpected delight! The quality of the food far surpassed my expectations, and the prices were quite reasonable for such delicious offerings. The ambience had a cozy, rustic charm that immediately made me feel at home. The menu variety is impressive, catering to all tastes, including a thoughtful selection for children. It's a self-service establishment, which I found very convenient—you order at the counter and then get served at your table. The customer service was top-notch and the prices were friendly on the wallet. My family's breakfast came out to around $55 for three adults and one child's meal, which felt like a good value. The seating is available both indoors and outdoors, and although the space isn't large, it's clear that the cafe is a popular spot, judging by the full house. The family-oriented vibe was palpable, with many tables hosting smiling families enjoying their meals. While my choice of chicken and waffles didn't quite hit the mark for me personally, as there was an aftertaste to the chicken I couldn't get past, the rest of my family had no complaints. My husband savored every bite of his Brisket Hash, and the kids were more than pleased with their Shrimp basket—one with a side salad and the other with fries. Despite my dish being a bit of a letdown, I'm eager to return and explore other options on the menu. My daughter and I relish these little adventures trying new eateries. We both agreed that the fresh-squeezed orange juice is a must-try—it was the perfect accompaniment to our meal. In summary, 5th Street Patio Cafe is a fantastic spot for a hearty brunch, excellent for a family outing. Their varied menu, great service, and homely atmosphere make it a place worth visiting again. Next time, I'm looking forward to finding a new favorite on their menu.

First Watch

4453 Main St Suite 300, Frisco

(469) 342-4701

Reviewed by:

Jesus Wiener

I've been a fan of First Watch for a while and decided to check out their new location in Frisco. It's got a lovely patio and the interior is elegantly designed, making for a great brunch spot. My first visit was right at opening time, and although the food lived up to expectations with a delicious Trifecta and waffle, the service didn't quite match up to the usual warmth I've experienced at other locations. The staff seemed a bit off that day, but it didn't discourage me from coming back. On my second visit, which happened to be on my birthday, the experience was completely different. Our server, Adam, was friendly and attentive, a real asset to the place. It's not often you come across such positive customer service. The Million Dollar Harvest Hash has become a new obsession of mine, and I've been ordering it non-stop, it's just that tasty. This location has definitely become my go-to First Watch. The vibe here is slightly different from other branches, in a good way. I've tried a variety of menu items like the Banana Pancake, Million Dollar Bacon, hash, waffles, and French Toast—all good choices. They also offer seasonal specials, though I must say the Cinnamon Spice Churros weren't to my liking and I had to return them. But that was just a minor hiccup in what is overall a solid breakfast and brunch venue. Even when busy, the seating was quick, and despite the potato hash being a tad too hard on one occasion, it's been a good overall experience. It's a spot I'd definitely recommend for anyone looking for a great brunch place.

Eggsellent Cafe

12388 FM 423, Frisco

(469) 362-6770

Reviewed by:

Jg Boudreaux

Absolutely love Eggsellent Cafe for brunch! The food is just incredible – hot, fresh, and bursting with flavor. My go-to is the Bacado omelet, a generous portion paired with perfectly crispy hash browns and pancakes that are hot, fresh, and fluffy. Although once the service felt a bit rushed, a different server made the experience delightful in my following visits. I've tried various dishes here, and while there was a hiccup with the Eggsellent skillet not being hot enough and the omelet a tad chewy, the banana and Nutella pancakes have never disappointed. The cafe itself has a great vibe, and despite a one-off service issue, it's become a favorite spot to frequent. It's priced just right, and the variety on the menu means there's something for everyone. The presentation of the food is so stunning that it compelled me to snap some photos – it's that appetizing. This cafe is a must-visit spot. Friendly servers and consistently delicious food keep me coming back. If you're in the neighborhood, don’t miss out on trying the Bacado; it’s fantastic.

UP Inspired Kitchen

5285 Dallas Pkwy #400, Frisco

(469) 579-4197

Reviewed by:

Broderick Diniz

Last weekend, my daughter and I decided to check out UP Inspired Kitchen for brunch in Frisco, and what a delightful experience it turned out to be! The moment we stepped in, the Southern Texas charm, infused with a touch of California cool, was unmistakable. The vibe was just right for a relaxing Sunday meal. Their signature Lavender Honey Latte was the highlight of our visit. It's not often you come across a drink that hits all the right notes – sweet, sumptuous, and soothing all at once. The ordering process was a breeze. You simply place your order at the register, and before you know it, they're serving your food with a smile. We were particularly impressed with the speed of service, considering the bustling crowd. Despite the limited seating, it all added to the fast-paced and friendly atmosphere, making our visit even more enjoyable. Their menu was a sight to behold, filled with fresh ingredients that reminded me of home cooking but with an upscale twist. From avocado toast to classic eggs benedict, every dish on the menu seemed to promise a burst of flavor. The food arrived promptly, and it was clear that quality and freshness are top priorities here. Our selections were absolutely delicious, and we relished every bite. The staff, while not overly enthusiastic, did provide us with great service. The entire experience was a testament to the care that UP Inspired Kitchen puts into their offerings. I'd say the pricing was on point, too – excellent value for the fantastic quality of food and drink we enjoyed. It's rare to find a place that ticks all the boxes for atmosphere, food, drink quality, customer service, and pricing. But UP Inspired Kitchen does just that. For anyone looking for a wholesome and satisfying brunch in Frisco, this is the place. It comes with hearty recommendations, and I'm already planning our next visit to try more of their tempting dishes. With a solid three-star rating across the board, UP Inspired Kitchen has definitely won me over! #BrunchInFrisco #HealthyEats #CafeVibes

First Watch

5404 Preston Rd Suite 100, Frisco

(469) 362-5500

Reviewed by:

Charlo Tatt Man

After a morning at church, my family and I were on the hunt for a good brunch spot in Frisco, so we turned to Yelp and discovered First Watch. The menu looked great with something for everyone, so we gave it a go. It was bustling when we arrived around 1pm, yet the hostess assured us we'd be seated in about 25 minutes, and she was spot on. The staff there was incredibly welcoming. More than one server checked on us before our drinks even arrived, which spoke volumes about their attentiveness. The server we had was patient and offered spot-on recommendations, which was a huge help, especially with our picky eaters. My younger daughter wasn't keen on the cheese in her grilled cheese, but our server gracefully swapped it out without fuss. My husband savored his chorizo omelette, while I indulged in the eggs benedict, which was accompanied by fresh fruit. The hot chocolate was a hit with the girls, too. I regret not catching our server's name because she truly deserved praise – I made sure to let her manager know how wonderful she made our visit. First Watch has a fantastic variety including sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, and more. It's wise to reserve ahead on weekends – it can get busy with a 20-30 minute wait. The respectful and individualized service made my visit exceptional. I was acknowledged with the correct pronouns for the first time in public by the friendly Courtney at checkout, which was incredibly affirming. The server, Zack, was patient as I perused the extensive menu. The food selection was impressive, and I've definitely found my new go-to breakfast spot. The seasonal menu is something I always look forward to. We tried the “Barbacoa Breakfast Burrito” from the new items and it didn't disappoint. Packed with tender beef, eggs, potatoes, black beans, and oozing with cheese, avocado, and sauce, it was both adorable and delicious. I experimented with the Bacado egg omelette and it was a delightful surprise, perfectly cooked and accompanied by lovely toast. Plus, we couldn't resist the gingerbread spiced donut – tiny, but bursting with flavor. Service was friendly, though there was a slight wait for the food, about 10-15 minutes, even on a weekday. Overall, it's a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a healthy, indulgent brunch.


3401 Preston Rd #16, Frisco

(469) 388-1144

Reviewed by:

Emilio Metcalf Schwartz

Absolutely love Biscuit for brunch in Frisco! Even on a busy Saturday at 11 am, the wait time was only 15 minutes to get seated. The food here is just incredible. I went for a turkey bacon club and an omelette which came with their signature biscuits – honestly the best biscuits ever, perfectly crunchy on the outside and so soft inside. The French fries did not disappoint either, super crispy just the way I like them. Service here deserves a shout-out; it was great. It's always nice to see the manager, Cesar in this case, making the rounds to ensure guests are happy with their meals, it shows they care. Cleanliness is obviously a priority as both the restrooms and the restaurant space were spotless. I'll definitely be returning to Biscuit. They totally get it when it comes to customer service, customizing orders for dietary restrictions with no fuss at all. A solid 5 out of 5 stars from me! The menu offers some must-try items like the chicken sausage skillet with extra crispy hash browns and those pecan pancakes – just divine. If you're into savory dishes and want a bit of a kick, you might have to ask them to spice things up a bit, but they're more than willing to accommodate. Impressed with the quick service and the fact that I could get a tasty cappuccino. The eggs Benedict were on point, perfectly cooked eggs are always a win. The hash browns weren't my favorite, but that's just a minor point. My partner got the meat lover's skillet and was totally wowed – he said it tasted even better than my dish! Although he ordered pancakes and got biscuits instead, it was all good. The portions are generous considering the price. I tried the brisket skillet, which was a special, and it really hit the spot. The pancakes were fluffy and satisfying as well. Can't wait to come back for another round of brunch here.

Happy Morning

1710 FM 423 Suite 100, Frisco

(469) 200-5034

Reviewed by:

Lola Ingram

As much as I hesitated to share my secret spot, I've got to tell you about my favorite breakfast place in Frisco—Happy Morning. The no-wait entrance is a treat, but that might change once the word gets out. The menu is so tempting that every time I go, I forget to take a photo before I dig into my meal. This time, I remembered and got to dive into the huevos rancheros with perfectly cooked eggs and a side of crispy bacon. The pancakes, called Berry Happy, were a berry bonanza with a delightful chocolate drizzle and real maple syrup—none of that fake stuff. Despite a rocky start with service on my first visit, the follow-up experiences were a complete turnaround with fantastic service and even better food. Yesterday I grabbed a veggie skillet and pastor tacos to go, and the veggie options didn't disappoint. They were absolutely delicious, and I can't wait to have them again. I must note that the staff can be a bit slow to attend to needs or offer a check, but they're friendly, and overall, it doesn't overshadow the high-quality food and the immaculate state of the restaurant. It's an adorable spot that's swift and clean. I was seated straight away and didn't have to wait long for my food. Breakfast quesadillas, chilaquiles, and pecan waffles were all exceptional. Don't overlook Happy Morning—it's a gem with a serene ambiance. This place distinguishes itself with a diverse menu that stands out from other local breakfast joints. I indulged in the Churro French Toast, which was like having dessert for breakfast, complete with ice cream and mini churros. The staff was friendly, attentive, and the spacious, clean restaurant made for a very welcome experience. I'm looking forward to trying their coffee bar next round. Happy Morning is genuinely a fantastic choice for breakfast in Frisco.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

9169 Dallas Pkwy #120, Frisco

(469) 830-9650

Reviewed by:

Harriet Inniss

My brunch experience at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery in Frisco, was overall a delightful one. This being my second visit, I decided to indulge in the pancake flight, and it did not disappoint. The Blueberry Danish pancakes were a revelation with their perfect balance of blueberry, lemon, and almond flavors - they literally stopped me mid-conversation. The Sweet Potato pancake was just as impressive, combining the warmth of cinnamon with the crunch of pecans. While the chicken apple sausage lacked seasoning and the eggs arrived a touch too cold for my liking, the server did a great job addressing these minor setbacks. They were quick to ensure that I wasn't charged for the items that didn't meet my expectations. I must say, the bacon I added to my order was perfectly crispy and delicious. The interior of the eatery is beautifully designed, though I noted that large groups might find the seating a bit tight. However, the patio offers additional space and the ambiance for outdoor dining. Service has always been quick and personable during my visits, with staff members ensuring a pleasant experience. The Benedict's, in particular, have always been a hit, especially when the poached eggs are done just right. Snooze in Frisco truly shines with their Corned Beef Hash and the Snooze classic breakfast. The hash was seasoned and cooked to perfection, and the traditional breakfast plate with eggs, hash browns, and toast was satisfyingly straightforward yet executed flawlessly. The Pancake Flight is an absolute must-try, with its array of flavors that tantalize the palate. Moreover, it's impossible not to commend the excellent customer service, especially from servers like Tara, who go above and beyond to provide a great experience. Despite a few hiccups, such as a longer than usual wait time for seating and an isolated incident with service that wasn't up to par, I find Snooze in Frisco to have improved with time. It's a place that consistently serves good food and, in most cases, exceptional service. Definitely a brunch spot worth the visit and deserving of a high rating.

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