January 27, 2024

Brunching in Garland's 20 Best Eateries

Craving brunch in Garland? Dive into our list – just the best eats around. 🍴🥞

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Brunching in Garland's 20 Best Eateries
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Garland's brunch spots are where flavors and friends mingle effortlessly. So, whether you're a local looking to uncover a new favorite or a visitor weaving through the culinary tapestry of this town, prepare to be adorned with the best brunch experiences Garland has to offer.

Alondra's Cuisine

1202 Northwest Hwy, Garland

(972) 807-2586

Reviewed by:

Joy Sievers

My fiancée and I thought our meal at Alondra’s Cuisine was among the best we've experienced in a long while. Starting off with the egg rolls, which were fantastic, we moved on to our entrees - lasagna and basil chicken in cream sauce. These dishes elevated our understanding of fusion Italian cuisine to new heights. The dessert, a rich chocolate cake, stood out with its unique texture and flavor, setting it apart from any other chocolate cake I've tried before. Having a chat with the chef was a highlight of our visit. His passion for the food he serves was palpable, and it reflected in the quality of our meal. This level of care and attention to detail assures us that we'll be returning, even though we have no other reasons to visit Garland. The entire meal hit the spot perfectly, and the chef's personal check-in to ensure our satisfaction was a thoughtful touch. It's clear he loves what he does and cares deeply about the dining experience of his guests. You can sense that this isn't just a meal but a carefully curated dining experience. After driving by Alondra’s Cuisine numerous times, the high ratings and glowing reviews finally convinced us to give it a try. Everything from the freshness of the ingredients to the perfection in preparation exceeded our expectations. The visual and taste appeal of the dishes could easily rival those served in more upscale areas of Dallas, yet here it was in Garland, standing as a testament to the culinary surprises hidden in local eateries. Our visit on Sunday was nothing short of astonishing. From the well-presented plates to the exceptional flavors, it’s clear why this place has earned such a stellar reputation. It's refreshing to find a place that combines simplicity with unforgettable taste. Choosing dishes like the got minion and the rib eye roulade, we were guided by the owner’s friendly and attentive recommendations. Every aspect of our meal, from presentation to flavor, was divine. This restaurant has quickly become one of our favorites in Dallas, and we're eagerly looking forward to our next visit. It’s a hidden gem that we're thrilled to have discovered.

Lito's Kitchen

2714 W Kingsley Rd A1, Garland

(972) 271-9842

Reviewed by:

Heidi López Freck

We've been frequenting Lito's Kitchen for a while now, and each visit confirms it's a gem for brunch or lunch in Garland. Today, we decided to try the Reuben sandwich for the first time and were impressed by its excellence. The Cuban remains a favorite of ours. Opting for a pineapple kale smoothie was a smart move post-meal; it's surprisingly filling and refreshing. Everything at Lito's is made fresh, offering both a hearty and healthy dining experience that doesn't sacrifice flavor. Their menu is fail-proof, featuring a variety of dishes that cater to diverse tastes. The avocado turkey sandwich, mac n cheese, Brussel sprouts, salmon bowl, and salads are all delightful. Their seasonal agua frescas, including watermelon and hibiscus flavors, were simply perfection. It's exciting to think about returning to sample their smoothies, homemade cookies, soups, and other sandwich options. The service here is commendable. The staff is genuinely friendly and helpful in guiding through the menu. Orders are placed at the counter, and the food can either be brought to your table or picked up when ready. Despite its mid-size, finding a seat can be challenging due to its popularity. The constant flow of customers either dining in or picking up orders speaks volumes about the quality of food and service offered. Lito's Kitchen is undoubtedly a hidden treasure in Garland, showcasing the charm of locally owned businesses. The Grilled Chicken Bowl is another must-try, and the overall service radiates warmth and professionalism. The pineapple kale smoothie, a choice for a hot summer day, was exceptionally tasty without the overpowering taste of kale, presenting a healthy yet delightful option. The menu accommodates a range of dietary preferences, from those seeking healthy options to classic comfort dishes. My fiancé's steak bowl, loaded with grilled veggies over quinoa, was yet another testament to Lito's commitment to quality and taste. Supporting small businesses like Lito's Kitchen not only offers the chance to enjoy incredible meals but also contributes to the local economy. The exceptional experience from the food to the service makes it a must-visit spot in Garland.

Tanya's Cafe

830 Belt Line Rd, Garland

(469) 395-0364

Reviewed by:

Destiny Diaz

Food was phenomenal! Not usually a breakfast person, but the migas completely changed my mind. It was bursting with flavor, and the option to choose the spice level was a nice touch. The portion was just right, enough to satisfy without being overwhelming. The service matched the quality of the food—outstanding! This cafe is incredibly warm and welcoming, making it a perfect spot for breakfast or brunch. The ambiance, combined with the delicious menu and friendly staff, truly makes it a hidden gem worth exploring. They even have a refreshing juice bar that shouldn't be missed. Seriously, do not skip the Mexican burger. The quality of the meat was apparent, but it was the crispy bacon and fresh avocados that elevated it to another level. The staff was fantastic, contributing to the overall chill vibe. The smooth, serene music in the background was the cherry on top. Despite the heat that day, I found myself wishing I could enjoy the outdoor seating. Oh, and the chorizo with eggs is a must-try. It's a decision you'll be glad you made. This cafe was the perfect choice for a relaxed Sunday brunch. Considering the area, the prices are quite reasonable for the quality of food offered. The Cafe Atole and Barbacoa Eggs Benedict were personal highlights. Honestly, this is one of the best dining experiences available in the Garland area. Given its smaller size, it might be wise to check on wait times before you go.

Judy's Cafe

3443 W Campbell Rd, Garland

(214) 703-9989

Reviewed by:

Alexander حيدو

We decided to check out Judy's Cafe for brunch in Garland, and I'm happy to say it was a delightful experience. Right from the get-go, the seating was quick, despite it being a bustling Saturday morning, which was a great start. The hostess and waitress staff were both sweet and efficient, making us feel welcomed and attended to. The food was a major highlight. It arrived incredibly fast, and every bite was tasty. I opted for hash browns with veggies and eggs on top, garnished with salsa. It was so fresh and flavorful. It's rare to find a place that manages to keep the vegetables vibrant and full of vitamins without overcooking them, but Judy’s nailed it. What really stood out to me was the customer service. Even though it was busy, the servers were very friendly and accommodating. They went above and beyond by serving my daughter's waffle first, without us even asking. This small act of kindness really helped make our morning even better. Although the crepes were not exactly to our liking, as they were a bit thicker than we're accustomed to, and didn’t quite hit the mark with my kids, the overall experience was positive. The quick service, delightful food, and the attentive staff made our brunch enjoyable. I appreciate how Judy's Cafe manages to balance quality food with great service. It's a place I'd happily return to for either breakfast or lunch. The atmosphere, combined with the tasty menu options and the wonderful staff, makes Judy's Cafe a must-visit in Garland for anyone looking to enjoy a good meal in a friendly environment.

Main Street Cafe

627 Main St, Garland

(214) 703-0210

Reviewed by:

Cheila Lopez

Dining in at Main Street Cafe for brunch was a delightful experience. For anyone looking to enjoy a meal here, it's wise to arrive before 1:30 p.m., especially if opting for Dine-In service. The quality of the food is consistently amazing, with the waitstaff always delivering fantastic service. Among the many delicious options, the chicken fried chicken quickly became my favorite, boasting the title of the BIGGEST FRIED CHICKEN EVER. Not only is the portion size incredibly generous, enough for two meals, but the flavor profile is unmatched. Although the front cover of their menu might still show old information, it's important to note that they are now closed on Mondays. Nevertheless, their offerings, such as the natural-cut French fries and the best onion rings, leave nothing to be desired. Whether you're just passing through or a local in search of a great meal, every bite of the chicken fried chicken, served with real mashed potatoes, is a savory delight. Sidney, our waitress, was exceptional, making the dining experience even more pleasant. It was also a pleasure to meet one of the owners, Tammy, who clearly takes great pride in the café. Their burgers are another highlight, perfectly seasoned and truly top-notch, while the mac n cheese and mashed potatoes are simply irresistible. Though the green beans could use a bit more flavor and the black-eyed peas a pinch of salt, these are minor details in an otherwise flawless dining experience. The cafe never fails to impress with its culinary offerings, including a delicious strawberry salad and a pimento cheese sandwich that shouldn’t be missed. The owner's dedication to excellence shines through, making Main Street Cafe a true gem in the neighborhood. Highly recommend this place for anyone looking for exceptional food and service.

Branding Iron At Firewheel

1535 E Brand Rd, Garland

(972) 205-3958

Reviewed by:

Slicky Anderson

Stepping into the Branding Iron At Firewheel for brunch was quite the festive affair, especially since it was Breakfast with Santa - an event they brought back after a 2-year hiatus due to Covid. The moment I walked in, the holiday spirit was undeniable, with decorations that perfectly captured the essence of the season. It felt special to be part of something that had been paused for so long. The brunch itself was served buffet style, offering a wide array of choices that catered to different tastes. While I did miss the eggnog and the omelet station - favorites of mine from the past - the overall quality of the food and the service didn't let me down. The restaurant didn't skimp on the essentials either, providing three types of delicious salsa that were a hit with everyone at my table. And for those of us who love guacamole with our fajitas, there was plenty to go around, which was a nice touch. The atmosphere of the place contributed significantly to the experience. The service was attentive and friendly, making the meal even more enjoyable. The food, I must say, was surprisingly good and didn't dent the wallet, a balance that's hard to find these days. However, it's worth mentioning that the Branding Iron At Firewheel has shifted its vibe somewhat. Gone are the days of its classier, country club ambiance, now replaced with a more casual dining experience focused on burgers, hot dogs, and similar fare. Dining with drinks served in red solo cups was an unexpected twist, slightly at odds with the restaurant's overall decor. It felt as though the place is still finding its identity post-pandemic. Despite these changes, the quality of the food stood out. The burger I had was exceptional, reminding me of the quality I became accustomed to when I worked for Branding Iron in Eatontown, NJ. Back then, it was unique to our area, renowned for its great food. I even carry on the tradition by buying ribs and marinating them the way we did at the restaurant, always a hit with friends and family. In summary, while the Branding Iron At Firewheel may be exploring its new identity, the heart of what made it special seems to remain intact - good food, a welcoming atmosphere, and the ability to bring people together for a memorable meal.

Garland Cafe Centerville Road

999 W Centerville Rd, Garland

(972) 681-1111

Reviewed by:

Margaret Belliard

This place is awesome. The breakfast is the best. It's been about 4 years since my last visit, and it still impressed me. The plate was unbelievable, and the prices are the most reasonable. All the prices are amazing, the food is very good, you won’t be disappointed. Will definitely be coming back again and again. From my experience, I'm quite particular about my food, loving when it's made with care and passion. This place, however, seems to have missed that mark for me. It's disappointing because the menu offers a wide variety, more so than other diners nearby. However, the service was very nice, though it's a pity they don't have Wi-Fi, which I needed for some homework. The place is in an older building and can get quite hot inside, which doesn't make it the most comfortable spot for me. The place I usually go to over the weekends gets so packed, indicating their food is prepared well. This diner seemed to have a cozy, small-town feel to it, with a good range of options from breakfast to dinner. On my first visit, I had the combo breakfast plate for $9.99, which is very affordable. The food was good enough to bring me back the next day. This time, I tried the chicken fried chicken plate for $8.50, also very affordable and it comes with a choice of a side item. Service was attentive, with waiters checking in frequently. The café is self-seating, which adds to its casual ambiance. It was a place liked for its taste and prices. However, during my last visit, the wait time wasn't too bad, but it took almost an hour for our food to arrive when it wasn't even crowded. The portion size and quality of the chicken fried steak had diminished from before. Something has changed, and it doesn't feel the same anymore.

Pangea Restaurant & Bar

6309 N President George Bush Hwy #8101, Garland

(469) 224-5367

Reviewed by:

Gomes Smith

Visiting Pangea Restaurant & Bar for brunch was an absolute delight. The first impression was one of warmth and welcome, which only got better as the meal went on. The food was exceptional, striking just the right balance of inventiveness and comfort. What stood out equally was the service; our server, Jordan, was the epitome of attentiveness and charm. It didn't stop there, as Edward, the General Manager, made it a point to check on us, adding a personal touch that was much appreciated. The ambiance of the restaurant is worth mentioning too. From the plush seating to the perfect lighting, everything was designed to create an intimate yet fun atmosphere. Even the patio, with its heaters and lively vibe, was a hit, making it clear that every detail was thought out to enhance the dining experience. The visit wasn't without its hiccups, though. As the place filled up, there was a noticeable slowdown in service, but our waiter, Xavier, kept us informed and engaged, ensuring we didn't feel neglected. This small bump didn't detract from the overall fantastic experience. It was memorable enough that plans to return are already in motion. The menu was an adventure in itself, with each drink and dish bringing something new and exciting to the table. The Call It What You Want and the Toasted Marshmallow old fashioned were standout drinks, while the crab cakes and Tuscan Pasta with salmon were culinary highlights. Even though service slowed down once it got busier, the quality of what we were served made the wait worthwhile. Despite a few service-related issues, like a delay in getting our food and a lapse in attention from the waitstaff towards the end of our visit, the outstanding quality of the food and drinks cannot be overstated. Yes, there were moments of frustration, like having to use plasticware and self-service for to-go containers, but these were minor in comparison to the culinary excellence we experienced. In all, the visit to Pangea Restaurant & Bar was a mix of highs that vastly outweighed the lows. The environment, the food, and most aspects of the service were commendable. It's a place that leaves a mark, making you look forward to your next visit, despite any imperfections. The experience, on the whole, was one that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a memorable dining experience.


3127 S First St, Garland

(972) 840-1337

Reviewed by:

Mayo Mcgee

Goldmine for brunch in Garland really hit the spot for me. It has this old school vibe that I absolutely adore; it feels like stepping back into the '80s. Our waitress, whose name started with an "A", was fantastic. The fried pickles here are possibly the best I've ever had, all house made. We ordered the appetizer trio, and let me tell you, it's huge – could easily suffice for 4 people. The portions are generous across the board. We decided to give this place a try after passing by, and I'm glad we did. It's always great to support mom-and-pop restaurants, and Goldmine didn't disappoint. The food was delicious, and our waitress was incredibly sweet and attentive. We're definitely planning to come back. Comparing it to other breakfast joints, Goldmine stands out by miles. It's like being welcomed into a family where the coffee's always hot and the breakfast is ready to start your day right. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming, and the other customers even strike up friendly conversations, enhancing that community feel. The menu didn't disappoint either. I had the eggs Benedict, and every bite was a delight – from the perfectly cooked egg to the crispy hash browns and the bacon that was crunchy. The prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity of food you get. This was my first visit here, and it's a visit that'll stick with me. It gives off a vibe from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, like a real old school diner that's survived through the years in Garland. I'm already looking forward to coming back, not just for the breakfast and coffee but to bring my family along too. It's the kind of place I want my child to experience, a gem that I wish I had visited earlier. Even the parking is great, especially for those with low cars, making it a perfect spot for car club meet-ups. It’s just an overall great vibe at Goldmine. And to those out there leaving negative reviews, I think you're missing out on the joy of simple pleasures. A visit here might just change your mind. The friendly service, the delightful food (the chicken and dumplings and veggies were fabulous, and don't get me started on the fried okra), it all adds up to a place where smiles come easily. So, here’s to many more visits to Goldmine, a spot that truly feels like home. God bless everyone.

Wildwood Firewheel

310 Town Center Blvd, Garland

(972) 496-9453

Reviewed by:

Wadi Palacios

Decided to explore something new for brunch and Wildwood Firewheel in Garland was our choice. The experience turned out to be surprisingly delightful, making it an instant favorite for my family and myself. From the moment we stepped in, the atmosphere was welcoming and perfect for any dining occasion, whether it's with family, friends, or even for a business meeting. The restaurant boasts a varied menu, though with limited options for vegetarians or vegans, but what they do offer is executed beautifully. The brunch options didn't disappoint. The salmon Benedict was a standout, perfectly cooked with flavors that melded together wonderfully. It's a dish I'd go back for. The burger was another hit at our table, juicy and satisfying. It's always a delight to find places that serve good portions that match their price point, and Wildwood Firewheel did not disappoint in this regard. The cocktails and alcohol are priced averagely but don't let that fool you; they're full of taste and a great complement to any meal chosen. Service was another aspect worth noting. Our server Kyle was exceptional, making our dining experience even more enjoyable with his attentiveness and informative nature. It's service like this that turns a one-time visit into a place you'd return to regularly. Though the setting is mostly quiet, making it conducive for conversations or enjoying a meal solo, there's an energy that's inviting. Whether it's for a casual brunch or looking to impress a date, this spot fits the bill. In summary, Wildwood Firewheel for brunch was a delightful discovery. With delicious food, attentive service, and a comfortable atmosphere, it's no wonder we've found our new family favorite restaurant in Garland. Looking forward to many more meals here.

Garland Cafe Buckingham Road

2334 W Buckingham Rd # 240, Garland

(972) 276-4008

Reviewed by:

Kristine Johnson

My visit to Garland Cafe on Buckingham Road for brunch was absolutely delightful. The service was top-notch, and the atmosphere was incredibly cozy and warm, making me feel as if I was being transported back to the comfortable camaraderie of a high school cafeteria, without assigned seating and all. While the food overall was decent, there were a couple of hits and misses. My wife opted for the cream cheese-stuffed strawberry French toast, which didn't quite hit the mark for her due to the use of regular cream cheese. I, on the other hand, found the taste of the country gravy a bit off for my liking. Despite these minor setbacks, the rest of our meal was wonderful. The bustling vibe of the cafe around brunch time added to the experience, and it was impressive how swiftly we were accommodated, even with a large family group. The food, from omelets to pancakes, toast, eggs, and bacon, was very satisfying. The charm of this cozy family restaurant, coupled with the delicious meals and the affordable prices, makes it a must-visit spot in Garland. Everything appeared delightful in photos and tasted just as great. One small piece of advice would be to arrive a bit earlier to beat the rush due to the limited seating. Overall, the food was good, the prices were affordable, and everyone was exceptionally nice, making for a great dining experience. This hometown cafe, with its extensive menu ranging from all-day breakfast options to a variety of sandwiches, burgers, and dinner choices, certainly delivered. My egg sandwich on a bagel and my husband's chicken fried steak left us both really happy with our meal. Can't wait to return to this great little cafe.

Kezira Cafe and Restaurant

4413 W Walnut St, Garland

(469) 863-7360

Reviewed by:

Enrique Taylor

Really enjoyed my meal here - hands down the best Ethiopian food in the Dallas Area. What makes this place stand out is not just the incredible, flavorful food but also the reasonable prices and the quality of service. It was my first visit, and the staff were so welcoming, giving us recommendations that turned out to be absolutely delicious. I'm definitely planning to come back. This place is a hidden gem, offering a low-key spot where you can also grab a drink. Although I've only ordered takeout, the service has always been punctual and friendly, making each experience smooth and enjoyable. The food tastes fresh and homemade, enriching the dining experience with authentic Ethiopian flavors. Trying this place was a new experience for me. Though I'm familiar with lamb meat, the way it's prepared here is spicy and packed with flavor, showcasing the richness of Ethiopian cuisine. āmeseginalehu! (Thank you!) This spot has earned a special place in my heart, and I can't wait to explore more of their menu.


660 Town Center Blvd, Garland

(972) 530-7804

Reviewed by:

Garcia Capellan

My family and I decided to visit Houlihan's for my birthday brunch, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience that made the day even more special. From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere was inviting, and the seating arrangements were extremely comfortable, creating a perfect setting for our celebration. The service we received was top-notch, thanks to our server, Nicole, who was simply the best. She was not only friendly and attentive but also very helpful in making recommendations and ensuring that our dining experience was nothing short of excellent. The rest of the staff was equally polite and efficient, adding to the overall positive vibe of the place. As for the food and drinks, they were exceptional. Every dish that we ordered was delicious, making it hard to choose a favorite. The quality of the ingredients and the skillful preparation were evident in every bite, and it was clear that a lot of thought had gone into each dish's presentation. Despite a small hiccup with one of the orders, where an item from the lunch menu was served in a larger portion and charged at a higher price, the overall dining experience was not diminished. The mistake was an odd moment in an otherwise flawless visit, and it wouldn't deter us from returning. In fact, it has become our new favorite spot! On a separate note, I also had the chance to order from Houlihan's via Grubhub, and I was impressed with how well everything was handled. The food arrived quickly, and the packaging ensured that the meals were warm and as fresh as possible. The fried shrimp was particularly memorable for its crunchiness, and though the fries were a bit soggy, the effort made to package them separately was appreciated. The pot roast was another highlight, served with generous portions of mashed potatoes and sautéed green beans. In conclusion, Houlihan's proved to be an excellent choice for both dine-in and delivery options. Whether it's for a celebratory brunch, a casual lunch, or a cozy dinner, the place welcomes you with a clean, well-maintained environment, friendly service, and a relaxed atmosphere that's perfect for any occasion. The spinach dip we ordered was also a hit, further solidifying Houlihan's as a top-notch dining destination. I'm looking forward to many more visits in the future.


457 W Interstate 30, Garland

(972) 240-1522

Reviewed by:

Soby N Gomez

Service was a bit slow but very friendly, and the food was absolutely great. Working overnights, I got out earlier than usual and after trying a few other places - where I either wasn't greeted or the place was closed - I decided to stop by this Denny's location. It's been years since I last visited, but I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was relaxed, and the food didn’t disappoint. However, the real highlight of my visit was my server, Robert P. He was the nicest, funniest, and most cheerful person. We enjoyed some great small talk and his attention to detail was impeccable. Due to his wonderful service, I’m definitely planning a return visit. He made a fantastic impression, not just on me, but my three little kids as well. They felt very welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed his company and hospitality. We all had a blast thanks to Robert. The food was amazing too. My kids ate until they were completely full, which says a lot about how much they enjoyed their meal. In all, despite some issues with the A/C and a different vibe at night, our brunch experience at Denny’s in Garland was a positive one, primarily thanks to the fantastic service and delicious food. Big thanks to Robert P. and the team for making it a memorable visit.

Waffle House

3109 Jupiter Rd, Garland

(214) 553-0753

Reviewed by:

Ruben Chávez

Always comfortable eating here at Waffle House for brunch in Garland. There's something reassuring about being able to catch breakfast at any time of day, even if you might catch a little attitude now and then. But honestly, it's all part of the charm. The place has a lived-in feel, sure, sometimes it's a bit messy, but that just goes to show how busy they get, serving up orders left and right. Despite the occasional hiccups, like a mix-up with my order or having to flag someone down for a coffee refill, the food never disappoints. The chef knows his way around the kitchen, delivering delicious dishes every time. It's not located in the best area, and it can get quite crowded, so I usually judge the best time to visit. When it comes down to it, the essence of good service shines through, even if it's not perfect every time. For those moments when you're the only ones there and it feels a bit slow, remember, it's all about the comfort food and the unique experience. This place has a special spot in my heart, despite its imperfections.

Panera Bread

200 Town Center Blvd, Garland

(972) 202-8974

Reviewed by:

Joey Rodriguez

Visited Panera Bread in Garland for brunch and found it to be quite the delightful spot. The staff ensures the place remains spotless, and though the interior is on the dimmer side, it's explained that this offers guests the option for a more intimate dining experience or the choice to enjoy the bright, natural light from the full glass exterior. There are also a few tables outside, perfect for those who prefer outdoor seating. The front display with desserts and bread is thoughtfully organized, making it easy for anyone to make a quick, impulsive decision on what to enjoy. The dine-in service was both quick and accurate, matching the menu's descriptions perfectly. This Panera Bread location is conveniently on the commute route, hinting at the potential for a nice change of pace for Happy Hour. There was a slight hiccup with using a reward, but aside from that, the visit was pleasant. Despite a minor oversight with an order, the staff rectified the situation generously. Although there were instances that could improve, such as ensuring all components of an order are included and perhaps a bit more enthusiasm from the staff, the overall experience was positive. The quality of food, minus a hard dessert pastry, and the atmosphere do encourage a return visit. Plus, the handling of a mistake on a separate order through the drive-through showed a willingness to ensure customer satisfaction, albeit it could have been more conveniently resolved. All things considered, it’s a spot worth trying again, hoping for a seamless experience next time around.


1313 W Centerville Rd, Garland

(800) 597-2589

Reviewed by:

Jeremiah Norris

After a less than satisfactory experience at another diner, my son and I decided to give brunch at IHOP in Garland a try, and I'm delighted we did. The contrast was night and day. From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere was welcoming, and the service was prompt and friendly, which immediately set a positive tone for our meal. We were in the mood for something sweet, and IHOP's menu didn't disappoint. My son opted for the tres leches pancakes which, according to him, were a delightful mix of sweet and fluffy, exactly how pancakes should be. On the other hand, I chose the strawberry banana French toast, and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. It's rare to find French toast that isn't soggy, but IHOP nailed it. The toast was perfectly cooked, and the combination of strawberry and banana was both refreshing and satisfying. Despite a previous bad experience with eggs Benedict elsewhere, I've heard good things about IHOP's version, so I'll definitely be back to try it. Moreover, a friend recommended the chicken and waffles, and seeing how much I enjoyed my meal, I'm inclined to come back for that too. The cleanliness of the place was another aspect that stood out. It's always reassuring to dine in an establishment that values hygiene, especially in times like these. Overall, my IHOP experience in Garland was thoroughly enjoyable. The food was great, the service was top-notch, and the clean environment made the experience even better. It's safe to say that IHOP has earned itself a new regular. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or a late-night meal, this is one spot where the quality and service consistently hit the mark.


5175 N President George Bush Hwy, Garland

(800) 603-8715

Reviewed by:

Wandiann Brown

Had a great breakfast at IHOP in Garland, enjoying a nice big omelet. Although the service was a little slow, which can be expected post-COVID, it didn’t detract from the overall positive experience. I’m definitely planning to return. Each visit has been enjoyable with consistently great food and helpful staff who ensure everything is just right. I’ve never left disappointed. The cleanliness of the place, including the restroom, stood out, making everything feel comfortable and welcoming. It’s particularly peaceful and calm early in the morning, creating a nice environment to enjoy a meal. The delicious pancakes topped with sweet and aromatic butter pecan syrup are a personal favorite, while my wife is a big fan of the sirloin steak and tips. Overall, it was a pleasant IHOP experience that I look forward to repeating.


12733 I-635, Garland

(972) 271-0717

Reviewed by:

Rowena Carmona

After having some previous concerns about this Denny's location in Garland, I'm overjoyed to share that my last two visits here were nothing short of wonderful. Despite the slower traffic in the dining room, likely due to nearby traffic barriers and detours, the service couldn't have been better, and the food was delicious each time. It feels great to be able to frequent this spot once again. Being in the service industry myself for over 16 years, I tend to have high expectations when it comes to dining out. The young gentleman, probably around 20, who served me, certainly exceeded these. He was attentive and efficient, qualities that genuinely stand out in a server. The banana and salted caramel pancakes I tried were simply fantastic. The overall atmosphere was calm and quiet, allowing me to enjoy my meal in peace. The food arrived quickly, was hot, and tasted wonderful. It was an all-around excellent dining experience with nothing to fault. On another visit, even with our large group of ten and only one waitress on duty, the service remained impressive. The waitress managed everything with grace and efficiency, making our group feel welcomed and well taken care of. The food lived up to the expectations set by my previous visit, and the friendly atmosphere made our meal even more enjoyable. Despite having faced issues in the past, this Denny's has truly turned things around, becoming a place I'm excited to return to for many more meals.

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