January 26, 2024

Gilbert's Best Brunch Spots 2024

Ready to level up your brunch game in Gilbert? Dive into our guide - where eggs meet sass and pancakes get a personality. No fluff, just the real good stuff!"

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Gilbert's Best Brunch Spots 2024
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Get ready to explore the very best of Gilbert's brunch scene, where every bite feels like a friendly nod from the locals. From hidden gems that serve up sunrise with a side of sass, to buzzing spots where the coffee flows as freely as the conversation.


734 N McQueen Rd #101, Gilbert

Reviewed by:

Naim Gonzalez

Absolutely love ThanksABrunch for their exceptional brunch offerings in Gilbert. The place sparkles with a fresh and welcoming vibe, perfect for a post-Church meal or a casual morning feast. The French toast selection is simply out of this world with creative takes like fried ice cream, cheesecake, and special hot cocoa flavors. It's no wonder this spot reigns supreme in the French toast category. On a personal note, discovering ThanksABrunch felt like striking gold. The diverse menu caters to all, including those preferring vegan options. The service? Fast and friendly every time, yet it's the food that truly keeps me hooked and coming back. Among the favorites is the Cajun shrimp croissant Benedict – a harmonious blend of crispy croissant, savory shrimp, and a pop of pickled onions, all complemented by those delicious TAB potatoes. And let's not forget the cold brew with honey and cardamom cold foam, a delightful twist to the morning caffeine fix. Meanwhile, the mix and match breakfast tacos have become a hit with my husband, boasting homemade tortillas, thick-cut bacon, and a variety of fillings. The vegan special also deserves a shoutout; a breakfast sandwich that's pure plant-based perfection. ThanksABrunch is truly a gem for both dine-in and on-the-go meals. Whether you're in for a quick breakfast burrito or a leisurely boozy brunch, it's a spot that's undoubtedly worth the visit. Excited for my next trip, there are still so many dishes to try!

Morning Kick

3076 E Chandler Heights Rd #101, Gilbert

(480) 597-3545

Reviewed by:

Michelle Hollander

Stepping into Morning Kick for brunch in Gilbert is always a treat. The vibe is friendly and welcoming, with a cozy dining room that, though small, manages to seat everyone comfortably without feeling cramped. Their hustle in handling both dine-in and to-go orders is admirable and shows the team's dedication to great service. The menu is a delight, especially if you're coming in with an appetite. The standout for me has to be the chicken and waffles breakfast sandwich. It's an absolute must-try—the waffle recipe alone is something I wish I could take home! The burritos are no joke either; they're enormous, and the tater tots inside are the crispiest I've ever had. The scrambles are seasoned to perfection, and the Harrison burrito could easily satisfy two or three people. Trust me, the leftovers from one of those made for a great meal for my daughter and grandkids later on. Even though the breakfast burrito had a bit more eggs than tots, the flavor was still on point. And, while the eggs were softer than I usually like, the green chile added such a good kick. Yes, the prices seem a bit steep, but considering the portion sizes, I find it justified. The coffee deserves a shout-out too—just the right strength to get your day started on the right foot. And I can't leave without mentioning the totchos; they're definitely on my list for the next visit. Overall, it's easy to overlook any minor quibbles when the food and atmosphere are this good. Morning Kick has nailed the breakfast game, and although it's over an hour away from me, it's tempting to make the trek every weekend. If you're looking for well-spiced, satisfying brunch fare, this is the spot.

The Crowned Egg

911 S Lindsay Rd B 106, Gilbert

(480) 892-4327

Reviewed by:

Annie Blackwell

Brunch has always been the highlight of my day, and there's nothing like discovering a new favorite spot in Gilbert. That's exactly what happened when I ventured to The Crowned Egg for a mid-morning treat. Admittedly, my expectations were high after seeing all the positive buzz online, and I wasn't disappointed. The Birria Benedict was a delightful twist on traditional eggs Benedict, and while the meat wasn't exactly what I envisioned when thinking of birria, it was tasty and well-seasoned. The accompanying potatoes added a nice kick, albeit they could have used a bit more flavor. I'm quite particular about pancakes and have been on a quest to find the best in town. While The Crowned Egg's pancakes weren't perfect – a touch on the rubbery side – the flavor was satisfactory. It's not quite Butterfields in Scottsdale, but it was a decent attempt. The service here deserves a shout-out. The staff was incredibly friendly and our food arrived faster than anticipated. Although I'm unsure about returning due to pricing concerns and my personal taste preferences, I can appreciate the efficiency and hospitality. This cozy eatery might not be the best choice for large groups due to space limitations, but for smaller parties like ours, seating was immediate and comfortable. It's a laid-back establishment where no one will judge you for coming in casual attire – perfect for those lazy mornings. As for the rest of the menu, the chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns, and eggs were nothing short of scrumptious. The hashbrowns even outshone those at Waffle House, which is no small feat. The portion sizes were sensible, giving me the chance to enjoy a little bit of everything without being overwhelmed. My boyfriend tried the Oreo pancakes, which weren't listed on the menu but highlighted on a wall sign. He was thoroughly impressed. They seem to have a knack for creating sweet breakfast dishes, as evidenced by the extraordinary Tropical French Toast I indulged in – a dreamy combination of cream cheese, mango, and coconut that was absolutely divine. The standard breakfast fare like scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and sausage links were also quite pleasing, rounding out an overall delightful brunch experience. In summary, The Crowned Egg in Gilbert is a commendable brunch spot with prompt service and satisfying dishes. It's the kind of place I'd happily recommend to anyone looking for a relaxed atmosphere and tasty breakfast options – a solid 10/10 on my list.

The Gilbert House

397 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert

(480) 507-3383

Reviewed by:

Teairra Lovett

Today was a fantastic day because I finally got to try The Gilbert House for brunch. After a refreshing rain last night, the morning was cool enough to enjoy an outdoor meal at 7:30. My wife would best describe the place as "quaint, cozy, and cute." Everything was pristine, from the spotless patio to the inviting interior with its warm decor. The service was top-notch, and the owner even spent time chatting with us, sharing insights in the friendliest manner. But the real star of the show was the food. The French toast was out of this world, and the bacon was the kind you'd expect in a foodie's dream—perfectly crisp and flavorful. This spot has quickly become a new favorite of mine, and I'm already planning to come back on a monthly basis. I can't believe I've passed by this charmer so many times. The cinnamon roll had that delightful slightly undercooked quality with lots of butter, just how I like it. The chicken salad, BLT, and roasted tomato salad were all hits at our table, and the rhubarb muffin was served steaming hot and delicious. Safe to say, this place has earned its spot as my regular lunch go-to. Even the popular Sunday brunch time had only a short wait for a table. The biscuits and gravy were decent; the biscuits shone more than the gravy. The patty melt, however, was superb, thanks to its perfect bread, meat, onions, and cheese ratio. While it could use a special sauce to tie all the flavors together, it was still highly satisfying. As for the green chili omelette and hash browns, they were among the best I've ever had. The rolls, cinnamon and caramel, although a bit bread-heavy, were quite tasty when reheated at home. On another visit for breakfast, the walnut pancake caught my eye—and taste buds—with its generous size and delicious combination of caramelized walnuts, bananas, and syrup. Although the portion was huge, the to-go box was somewhat small and could not accommodate all the leftover food. It seems that they may stop taking orders before their closing time at 1:30 PM, as it felt like they were rushing us out a bit early even though it wasn't quite 1 o'clock yet. This was a slight downside as it took away from the relaxed experience. For the best experience, I'd suggest visiting right when they open. Parking was fairly easy on the side of the building, but it might be more challenging during busier times. This cute little gem is a great way to support a local small business, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

First Watch

2475 S Val Vista Dr Ste.105 Ste. 105, Gilbert

(480) 264-0677

Reviewed by:

James Sanchez

If you're on the hunt for the best biscuits and gravy in AZ, look no further than First Watch. Having visited their locations in Goodyear, Gilbert, and Mesa, I can confidently say the breakfasts are consistently warm, hearty, and provide great value for money. My family and I have sampled nearly every breakfast item on the menu, and we've yet to be disappointed; everything is a hit. On my latest visit to the Gilbert spot, I was immediately taken by the small, quaint dining area with its slightly rustic charm. Our server, Colin, was nothing short of professional and exceedingly helpful, ensuring our experience was top-notch from beginning to end. The seasonal menu caught my eye with offerings like the Sunny Seoul Hash, which was nothing short of amazing. We also delved into the Salmon Benedict featuring Sockeye smoked salmon—another testament to their culinary prowess. As if the main courses weren't enough, we started off with the million-dollar bacon and gingerbread spiced balls with caramel toffee sauce, both of which were incredibly tasty. The bacado omelette was a standout and is now a personal favorite. The care and quality put into the food make this establishment an outstanding breakfast option in the Gilbert area. What truly sets First Watch apart is their exceptional waitstaff. We were greeted by Jacob with such warmth and hospitality, it felt like we were dining in a luxurious establishment despite its casual vibe. His attentiveness and friendliness contributed to making the atmosphere feel cheerful and inviting. Moreover, the balance of flavors in the food was just right, and their bread was so good that we had to order some to go. The cleanliness of the place also caught my eye, maintaining a welcoming environment throughout our visit. This dining experience topped off our annual AZ visit beautifully, and it's already on the list for our return. Plus, Jacob's eagerness to snap a few memorable photos of us, as well as offering coffee to go, was the cherry on top. It's a pity we couldn't tip more than the highest suggested percentage, but I hope this glowing review can serve to express my appreciation. Highly recommend a visit to First Watch for anyone seeking a superb breakfast, brunch, or lunch experience!

The Farmhouse Restaurant

228 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert

(480) 926-0676

Reviewed by:

Derek Vazquez Martinez

After hearing so much buzz about The Farmhouse Restaurant for brunch in Gilbert, my curiosity was piqued by the glowing reviews and the long lines that always seemed to form outside. So, I decided to check it out, arriving early on a Sunday morning, which was a smart move since the wait was non-existent — a definite plus! The moment I stepped in, the rustic farmhouse charm of the place struck a chord. It had a nice cozy atmosphere that I found very welcoming, and the staff was nothing but friendly, making me feel at home right away. While it did seem that the servers were few, which meant our table did not receive constant attention, the service we did receive was personable and warm. As for the food, I have to say, the brunch lived up to its reputation. The pancakes were the highlight for me, incredibly fluffy and just the right amount of sweet — absolutely delicious. Although the scrambled eggs were just okay, the overall quality of the food was wholesome and gratifying. On a previous visit, on a Saturday morning, my party of two was seated relatively quickly, which was another pleasant surprise for such a busy spot. The food was great then too, and very reasonably priced for being in downtown Gilbert. The store within the restaurant was a nice touch; it contributed to that authentic farmhouse feel that added to the experience. During my visit, I decided to order the biscuits and gravy but made a special request to substitute the biscuits with home fries. Let me tell you, that was a choice I didn't regret — it was a WOW moment for my taste buds. Overall, my brunch at The Farmhouse Restaurant was very satisfying. Despite the slight wait for extra drinks and the check, the experience was positive enough that I'm already planning my next visit. It's definitely a place I'd recommend to anyone looking for a hearty brunch in a friendly, down-to-earth setting. The only drawback is that they're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but that's a small price to pay for the amazing hospitality and incredible food I enjoyed. A solid 10 out of 10 for The Farmhouse Restaurant!

The Coffee Shop

3000 E Ray Rd, Gilbert

(480) 279-3144

Reviewed by:

Travis King

I just had a fantastic brunch experience at The Coffee Shop in Gilbert. The burrito I tried was not only big but came with a side of salsa that was exceptionally tasty. The toasted bagel was impressive too—quite large and excellently prepared. Though the pomegranate tea wasn't to my liking, tasting a bit too perfumy for my taste, the green tea was light, lovely, and a perfect complement to the meal. Relaxing on the outside patio was a real treat, with an abundance of bird calls creating a peaceful ambiance. This spot is quickly becoming my new go-to for breakfast in Gilbert. Yes, it's always bustling with people, and the congestion can be a bit much, especially with the limited seating both inside and outside. Admittedly, sitting outdoors does come with its own challenges, like the occasional fly or the threat of birds overhead. But let's talk about the food—it's simply great. Despite the popularity of the place and the potential for a wait, it's worth it if you're in the area. I indulged in the Indio breakfast sandwich, and it was a taste sensation—fluffy eggs, creamy avocado, and the perfect amount of onion for a good flavor balance. And although the white mocha iced latte had a slight burnt aftertaste, it wasn't overpowering and certainly didn't detract from the drink's overall quality. I'm eager to return and dive into their selection of baked goods and other menu offerings. The staff here deserve a shoutout too—they were all super nice and made the visit even more enjoyable. The Coffee Shop is more than just a place for coffee; it offers a breakfast menu that features fresh, quality food. And let's not forget the pastries—they're as gorgeous as they are delicious. Plus, when the weather's nice, the pretty outdoor seating is a bonus. Definitely a place to revisit for the atmosphere and the great food and drinks.

Egg N' Joe

3131 S Market St #101, Gilbert

(480) 625-3709

Reviewed by:

Kathy Johnson

We had a wonderful experience at Egg N' Joe in SanTan Village for brunch! Our server, Marcie, was a pro – she was both friendly and attentive. The food was exceptional. The over-medium eggs were cooked to perfection, which I’ve found isn't always a guarantee, even at breakfast-specialized eateries. The German pancakes were delightful, but the absolute highlight had to be the potato pancakes – bursting with amazing flavor! The ambiance took me back to the charm of an old-fashioned diner, adding to the overall pleasurable dining experience. Even though it was our first visit, we were made to feel right at home. Miriam, another one of their kind and polite servers, recommended a dish that turned out to be very tasty. The coffee was fresh, and the wheat butter toast complemented it well. They were so welcoming that they provided us with a VIP envelope offering $10.00 off our next visit, which was a lovely surprise! We shared the garden vegetable hand-rolled omelette and the farm scramble-stuffed crepes – both were scrumptious! Additionally, Isabel, our server, was fantastic and contributed to our positive experience. When we ordered the Farmer’s Hand-rolled omelets and the lingonberry crepes, they arrived perfectly prepared and were thoroughly enjoyed. The service from start to finish was awesome, and it’s clear we've found a new favorite spot for brunch. We'll definitely be returning for another visit. The whole experience was just top-notch!

The Nook

3321 E Queen Creek Rd Suite #101, Gilbert

(480) 988-2100

Reviewed by:

Terence Shoemaker

My latest brunch at The Nook - A Daytime Eatery in Gilbert was an absolute delight. The moment the food arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. Each dish was bursting with flavor, served at the perfect temperature, with portion sizes that hit the sweet spot between satisfying and indulgent. The presentation was spot-on, enhancing the entire dining experience. What really stood out for me was the coffee – pure deliciousness in a cup. It was clear that the staff paid great attention to the little details that make a meal special. Speaking of the staff, they were the epitome of attentiveness and politeness. There was this particular sauce, a jalapeño pepper concoction, that was simply fantastic, adding a kick to the dishes that fired up the taste buds. Despite the kitchen being a tad slow on this occasion, our waitress, who had this charming UK grandmotherly vibe, kept us informed and comfortable with a complimentary pot of steaming hot coffee. Even with the wait, the food was definitely worth it. The orange juice, fresh and vibrant, was another high point of the meal. This place feels like a hidden gem, with prices that don't break the bank, making the experience even more enjoyable. There's no question about it; I'll be returning. The eggs caught my attention with their exceptionally creamy texture. They were a bit of a surprise in their untraditional consistency and also started cooling off rather quickly – a hot plate might be a good addition in the future. The hot sauce added another layer of delicious complexity to the spread, and it bears repeating that the service truly was excellent throughout. This eatery has a local, small-town heart with an inviting atmosphere that I absolutely love. The experience was a delight from start to finish, and the marvelous service is something I'm already looking forward to for my next visit.


310 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert

(480) 664-4488

Reviewed by:

Juan Jose Gmc

This awesome brunch spot really hit the mark. Sitting outside provided excellent people-watching opportunities, and the breakfast options were top-notch. The breakfast carbonara and Eggs Benny were both outstanding, with silky hollandaise that I just couldn't get enough of. Plus, the espresso martinis were the perfect balance of light and flavorful. When it comes to portion sizes, they're just right—not too large so you can enjoy everything without feeling overwhelmed. The crab cake Benedict, with its house-made hollandaise, was a standout, and I'd recommend it to anyone. My partner's asparagus and crab omelet was another winner at our table. And let's not forget about the blood orange mimosa—strong and scrumptious! It's rare for me to finish breakfast when dining out, but this time, plates were cleaned without hesitation. Our Thursday morning visit at 10:30 was bustling, and while parking was a bit of a challenge, there's a large lot around the back, though it's a short walk if the closer spots are full. As for our dining experience, we opted for the back patio which was quite nice, though there were quite a few flies that kept us busy swatting away. With a large party of 11, our meals took about 30 minutes to arrive, which seemed reasonable. Everything was nicely presented and tasted as good as it looked. They also make a special effort for birthdays, bringing out a pancake with a candle, which is a lovely touch. My grandson's pineapple upside-down pancakes could've done with a bit more flavor, but his double bacon sandwich was a hit. My granddaughter and her mom shared a breakfast burrito, devouring every bit of the salsa verde that came with it. As for my own meal, the three-egg omelet filled with ham, bacon, and cheddar, along with a hash brown potato puck, left me very satisfied—especially with the refilled coffee complemented by flavored syrup and half-and-half. Though the wait for a table was longer than hoped—about 40 minutes—it's clear why this place is popular. We came for breakfast and ended up staying through lunch; time just flew by in this delightful eatery.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

2484 S Santan Village Pkwy #108, Gilbert

(480) 306-8142

Reviewed by:

Dan Cruz

Walking into Another Broken Egg Cafe for brunch here in Gilbert, the cozy atmosphere and the warm welcome of the staff instantly hit me. This spot has quickly become my go-to for breakfast. One big plus for me is their gluten-free menu, packed with options that cater to my dietary needs without compromising on taste—the gluten-free pancakes, especially, never fail to impress. While I've yet to dip into their lunch offerings, brunch has consistently been a treat. Although the prices are a tad higher than I'd expect, once I dig into their comfort-style dishes, any concerns about cost fade away. It's not the place I'd pick for a health kick, but when indulgence is on the menu, it's the perfect fit. My friends rave about the variety of fun drinks available—mimosas in particular—and though I haven't tried them myself, the enthusiasm is telling. On the weekends, the cafe fills up fast, a testament to its popularity. Service here deserves a mention. The servers are nothing but friendly and efficient, making each visit smooth and enjoyable. The Salmon Benedict and the city-style grits are standouts on a menu brimming with creative twists on classic breakfast fare. I've recommended this place to friends, and they've all walked away as impressed as I am. Even when I arrived just before closing time, the staff treated me with kindness and the food was as stellar as ever. It's clear that this cafe prides itself on hospitality and high-quality food. What's more, the manager's regular presence and attention to customer satisfaction are notable touches that add to the experience. On top of all this, there’s even a cornhole game to play while waiting for a table—just a small example of the thoughtfulness that goes into the overall atmosphere and experience. So for anyone in Gilbert looking for a delightful brunch spot with a menu that won't disappoint and staff that go the extra mile, Another Broken Egg Cafe is the place to be.

Over Easy

211 E Warner Rd #103, Gilbert

(480) 507-3447

Reviewed by:

Mara Spears

My daughter and I have become regulars at Over Easy for brunch in Gilbert, where we've enjoyed numerous delightful visits. Each time we go, we set out to try something new from their menu, which is always a treat. The service never disappoints, and the sunny atmosphere, filled with bright yellows, instantly lifts our spirits and creates a welcoming vibe. Breakfast, being my all-time favorite meal, is something I look forward to, and Over Easy has consistently secured its spot as our top choice for weekend breakfast since we've moved nearby. Brayden, our server, always stands out with his exceptional service. He's attentive, remembers who we are, and contributes to the warm experience. The menu is filled with mouthwatering options, and I must say, the waffle dogs are a standout recommendation. My first visit was just as impressive as my subsequent ones - the location maintains the high quality I've come to expect from Over Easy. I've always been greeted with a clean, bright, and inviting space, matched by flawless service. It's the kind of restaurant that never lets you down, where you can have an amazing start to your day with something as simple yet perfect as their fresh orange juice. The locals here are friendly too – I was amazed when long-time customers introduced themselves and one even invited me to join them next time! The staff are incredibly friendly, and it's the kind of place that values customers by remembering personal details. Every dish is consistently delicious, down to the flavorful grapes accompanying my meal. Simply put, Over Easy in Gilbert is a brunch haven I genuinely love and will keep coming back to for that unbeatable combination of great food and cheerful ambience.

Black Bear Diner

1809 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert

(480) 926-2046

Reviewed by:

Brandon Khoury

Walking into Black Bear Diner for brunch in Gilbert always gives off that small-town vibe that I absolutely love. The service here just keeps getting better. On previous visits, it seemed to take ages just to get seated and served, but now, it's a whole different story. The staff, especially our server Nathan, has been consistently attentive and efficient, making each visit a pleasure. It's true, the place could use a bit of a refresh when it comes to decor, and the menu might take a bit to get through due to its size, but that's just nitpicking. The variety of options means there's something for everyone, which is part of its charm. Just recently, the family and I dropped in for the Friday night fish fry—a tradition we've come to enjoy—and it did not disappoint. There's always a sense of warmth and friendliness from the staff, like Tamara, who served us with a smile and made us feel right at home. Despite one slight mishap with the fish, which didn't quite agree with me, the diner's expansive menu didn't let me down. The hot turkey sandwich I tried on a subsequent visit was so good that it doubled as a meal for the next day. And the kids? They actually finished their meals—a rarity when dining out—further testament to the tasty offerings. The wait on weekends can be long, a testament to the diner's popularity, so patience is key. Even on a super busy Father's Day weekend, although things weren't perfect, past experiences have shown that this place is worth recommending. The consistently great food and wonderful little shop on the way out keep me coming back. Plus, with servers who always seem to know exactly what you need before you even ask, it's clear that Black Bear Diner knows how to make brunch a delightful experience.

Henhouse Cafe

3133 S Lindsay Rd, Gilbert

(480) 899-4214

Reviewed by:

Ben Lipsit

Today, finding myself in Gilbert, I decided to revisit Henhouse Cafe for brunch. My previous experience had been just okay, but I wanted to give it another shot. Even at a little past eight in the morning, the parking lot was bustling with activity, hinting that this spot is quite the local gem. Upon arrival, the staff greeted me warmly, and I was lucky enough to land one of the last available booths. The waitress was on the ball, taking our drink orders promptly and giving us a moment to peruse the menu. Opting for the Paul Bunyan and my daughter choosing the Barn Buster, we didn't have to wait long before our meals were served, steaming and appealing. The portions generously filled our plates. The improvement in the potato dish didn't go unnoticed, and the rest of my meal – from the perfectly cooked eggs to the crispy bacon and delightful French toast – was spot on. The service truly elevated the experience; our waitress was conversational, attentive, and checked on us frequently, ensuring a comfortable and satisfying meal. Though the cafe ambiance is relaxed and unpretentious, it can become a bit noisy, but it's nothing that detracts from the dining experience. The meal was surprisingly quick to arrive. With the so-called "small stack" of pancakes being anything but small, I found myself quite challenged to finish, but the delicious taste tempted me to eat as much as I could. Returning for a second visit, I once again found the food to be exceptional. The strawberry cheesecake French toast stood out, and the hearty sausages complemented the perfectly cooked eggs. The cooks' craftsmanship deserved a compliment, and learning it was his birthday added a touch of personal warmth to our meal. Overall, Henhouse Cafe is a must-visit over other breakfast chains. The pumpkin pancakes I tried were incredible, and the friendly, efficient staff made the meal a delight. With the food arriving in under ten minutes and cooked to perfection, I'm already planning my next visit. This place has firmly stamped itself as a brunch favourite.

Cafe Morning Buzz

2540 S Val Vista Dr #107, Gilbert

(480) 398-8529

Reviewed by:

Charlotte Kiesow

Absolutely loved my brunch experience at Cafe Morning Buzz! The chicken fried steak was the best I've ever had—the gravy was out of this world creamy and to die for. The hash browns, eggs, and toast were cooked to sheer perfection. I initially went in for the French Toast but ended up taking it home for dessert because the chicken fried steak caught my eye, and I have no regrets about that choice. The drive from the west valley was more than worth it after checking out reviews and tantalizing food photos online. Took some of my kids along to gather their take on it too. We walked into a bright and welcoming space, complete with a well-appointed bar and TVs, cozy booths, and inviting tables. After a brief wait with no staff in sight, an apologetic employee promptly seated us and took care of our needs. The menu was packed with enticing options, making it tough to choose just one. I noted the margarita flights, something I'd like to come back for. My kids quickly found some of their favorites, so we were off to a good start. We settled on avocado toast, chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, and a burrito ahogado—most coming with delicious side options. Despite a little wait for service, the food arrived quickly, and it was a feast for the eyes. The avocado toast was a standout, with flavors that melded beautifully, removing any doubts about the fried onions on top. The hash browns were divine—crispy and just the right amount of seasoning. The chicken fried steak received high praise for its flavor, even if the portion was a tad smaller than usual. My son's burrito was massive, and he had to take some home, enjoying every bite he could manage. While we all stuck to water, with one fresh-squeezed orange juice on the table, service did become a bit slow during our meal. It was a bit surprising considering the restaurant wasn't busy at the time. However, the cost for the meal was a bit steep. For a family brunch, you might find it pushes the budget more than expected, nearly $100 for four of us without any alcohol or sodas. Yet for a brunch date or outing with a friend, it's a place I'd recommend. The vibe of the cafe can't go unmentioned—a cute, Instagram-worthy wall, a bar area perfect for watching the game, and the lighting that gives an expansive feel to the place. On my first visit, it was great; comfortable seating, nice background music, and seriously scrumptious food like the green chile burrito and chilaquiles with generous portions. The food quality at Cafe Morning Buzz definitely stands out, and despite the few hiccups in service and price, the overall experience was positive. The strong drinks are a bonus—just a word of caution on their potency. Definitely more of a trendy brunch spot, but the food and ambiance hit the spot. Will be back for sure!

Henhouse Cafe

3244 E Guadalupe Rd #110, Gilbert

(480) 219-7379

Reviewed by:

Mary Carey

My visit to Henhouse Cafe for brunch in Gilbert was an absolute delight. During my time in town, I had the pleasure of eating here twice, and both experiences were exceptional. The staff was personable and attentive; especially a curly blonde-haired waitress who stood out with her kindness. She was wonderfully patient with my grandma, ensuring she felt comfortable and unhurried as she perused the menu. The food was a highlight, with generous portions that truly satisfied. The pancakes were particularly noteworthy – even the small stack was both large and delicious. On my first trip to the location on Guadalupe, I was impressed with our server Lexi. She was efficient with our orders and made sure to check on us often. I found a personal favorite in the Mexican Benedict and discovered that asking for eggs cooked in butter made all the difference. Additionally, the potatoes cooked in animal fat were scrumptious – a standout side that I won't soon forget. The charm of this cafe is undeniable, and despite its popularity causing a bit of a wait on Sunday mornings, it's worth it. The omelet I had was to my liking, and the potatoes did not disappoint. Although my friend encountered a minor issue with his over-cooked sausage and burnt biscuit, it was a small hiccup in an otherwise lovely dining experience. Mistakes can happen when it's busy, but it's certainly not a deterrent for future visits. I just wish there was a Henhouse on the Westside; it would be my go-to spot!

Slate Bistro & Bar

4415 E Village Pkwy, Gilbert

(480) 988-5956

Reviewed by:

Mary Torres

On a friend's recommendation, we decided to give Slate Bistro & Bar a try for brunch. Despite some previous mixed reviews, our experience turned out to be a delightful surprise. The food here genuinely lived up to its reputation. Our party started with the tomato soup, and it was clear it was made from scratch. The rich flavors left me craving more. I opted for the Reuben sandwich, a solid choice, while my friends were impressed with their meals, especially the beef dip which boasted plenty of sliced beef on a fresh bun. We are regulars here, and I couldn't help but notice how the past negative comments didn't match our recent visits. It seems there might have been a temporary dip in quality when the golf course was under renovation, but that's clearly a thing of the past. The prime rib is a personal favorite and never disappoints. It's always cooked perfectly, and the homemade horseradish adds a pleasant kick to the meal. The drinks here are phenomenal too – the dry gin martini stands out as one of the best I've had in any bistro. Visiting for dinner does require a bit of planning since they can get busy, so reservations are recommended to avoid any wait. The staff and management deserve a shoutout for their service and maintaining such a welcoming atmosphere. Every dish I've tried here, from the Chicken Alfredo to the chipotle burger and tater skins, has been fresh and delicious. What struck me was the attention to detail, like the soft, seemingly freshly made croutons that are a world away from the typical boxed variety. The chipotle burger, in particular, was a hit - flame broiled and cooked just right. And pairing it with light and tasty sweet potato fries was a great choice. All in all, Slate Bistro & Bar is a hidden gem worth visiting. The prime rib is a standout, and even though there were minor inconsistencies with cut sizes, the quality of the food speaks for itself. The service, while not perfect, doesn't overshadow the culinary delights that await here. If you're looking for a brunch spot in Gilbert with great food and a nice atmosphere, this place should definitely be on your list.

Prep and Pastry

313 N Gilbert Rd #301, Gilbert

(480) 590-2722

Reviewed by:

Argelia Rivera

I was eager to check out Prep and Pastry in Gilbert for brunch, and I'm happy to report it surpassed my expectations. From the moment I walked in, the staff greeted me with warmth and professionalism. The menu is full of standout options and, knowing it's a scratch kitchen, I was excited for the quality of the food. The moment you're seated, they treat you to a complimentary pastry if it's your first visit, which is such a thoughtful touch. The pastries we sampled were nothing short of scrumptious. When it comes to service, the waitstaff knocked it out of the park - attentive and focused on providing a great dining experience. The ambiance of the place is just the cherry on top, with décor that's both cool and inviting. Now, while there's a lot to praise, it's only fair to note that not every dish was a home run. Specifically, the poblano and pork bebe eggs Benedict didn't quite hit the mark for me; the flavor was lacking, and the egg was overcooked. However, that's not to say there aren't other fantastic dishes to choose from - the shakshuka and smoked salmon were fantastic, and the chai latte with oat milk was a delightful balance of spice and sweetness. The biscuits and gravy also deserve a shoutout. The sausage gravy was incredibly savory, and the biscuits were unique - more like scones, which was an enjoyable surprise. The level of service never wavered, staying friendly and helpful throughout. In sum, my dine-in breakfast experience was outstanding. The food quality, creativity with flavors, and fresh pastries every day really made an impression. It was so good that I couldn't leave without taking three pastries home. I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

The Biscuit House

1235 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert

(480) 497-0321

Reviewed by:

Bella Christmas

Heading to The Biscuit House for brunch was a delightful experience. The food was really tasty; it could have been hotter, but that's just how I like it. The service made the visit stand out – our waiter was super friendly and attentive, really adding to the feel-good vibe of the meal. It's worth noting that the prices are a tad high for breakfast, with an early bird special for two nearing $35, but considering the overall experience, it was worth it. The breakfast options were hearty and left me full and satisfied. While I had my heart set on a Belgium waffle which wasn’t on the menu, there was plenty of other delicious choices to make up for it. I do enjoy Tabasco sauce on my eggs, and even though they didn’t have any, it didn't take away from the enjoyment of the meal. Plus, the coffee was enjoyable, especially with an ample supply of French vanilla creamer. I have to brag about the Stella breakfast, which was cooked to perfection, and the sunny side up eggs my dad had – he’s picky about his eggs, and they got his order just right. The level of customer care was apparent, and the food was top-notch. Celebrating my birthday here was a treat; the chipped beef, French toast, bacon, and the birthday muffin were all exemplary. It’s clear the staff is committed to outstanding customer service. It's hard to imagine a better spot for a satisfying brunch. I’m eager to return – this place has definitely earned my recommendation for a repeat visit!

Hash Kitchen

3919 E Williams Field Rd #106, Gilbert

(623) 250-6614

Reviewed by:

Julio Spruell

Finally went to Hash Kitchen in Gilbert for brunch and it totally lived up to the hype! Walking in, the vibe was electric with a live DJ spinning tracks; it was quite the party atmosphere. We chose to sit outside since the music was on the louder side, and that definitely helped. Our server, Autumn, was absolutely wonderful. She gave us some killer recommendations, like the kiwi mimosa, which was a total hit! She was attentive and made our dining experience fun and enjoyable. The food was impressive, with my other half really enjoying his chicken and waffles - the batter had a nice kick to it which was a good surprise. We shared the billionaire bacon, which was just scrumptious, and I had the sweet corn tamales cake Benedict. The flavors were there, though the hot cakes were a tad underdone for my taste, but that's just a personal thing. I'd say the food gets a solid 4 stars from me - it was tasty, no doubt, just not mind-blowing this visit. Service was a no-brainer 5 stars, thanks to Autumn's stellar performance. And the atmosphere is a cool 4 stars, with a point deducted for the volume of the music, but the overall party vibe was a unique touch. Definitely planning a return trip to Hash Kitchen Gilbert with friends to try other tempting items from their extensive menu. The whole experience, from the cool, buzzing atmosphere to the delightful drinks and fulfilling brunch options, made it clear why this place is a go-to spot for many. Can't wait to go back!

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