January 27, 2024

Glendale Grub: Top 20 Brunch Spots

From pancake stacks to avo toasts, dive into our top brunch spots in Glendale where mimosas flow and eggs benedict reigns supreme.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Glendale Grub: Top 20 Brunch Spots
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Buckle up, for we're about to feast through the crème de la crème of Glendale's brunch scene, where every bite tells a tale of culinary excellence.

Parson's Family Restaurant

5921 W Northern Ave, Glendale

(623) 939-8836

Reviewed by:

Linda Nicole

This is the second visit to Parson's Family Restaurant for brunch in Glendale, and it's easily become a favorite spot. The entire team is incredibly friendly and welcoming, creating a warm atmosphere from the moment you step in. The food is nothing short of amazing, arriving at the table with impressive speed. It was almost unbelievable how quickly the dishes were served, in less than 7 minutes, without compromising on taste. While the menu offers pretty standard breakfast options, everything is delicious and well-prepared. The chicken fried steak, eggs, and hashbrowns were standout choices, not to mention the biscuits with gravy that were simply to die for. Annette, our server, added to the positive experience with her cool demeanor and attentive service. Despite noticing a price increase on a second visit with a friend who has been a long-time patron, the quality of the meals remained high, which somewhat justified the cost. Although it was my first time dining there, the wait was minimal, even with a line of customers. The efficiency of the staff in managing the queue and the bustling environment was impressive. Overall, the combination of fantastic breakfast options and exceptional service in a classic diner setting makes Parson's Family Restaurant a must-visit for anyone looking for a satisfying brunch experience in Glendale.

Hot Spot 51

5164 W Olive Ave, Glendale

(623) 931-0890

Reviewed by:

Isabel Paschinger

Pulling into the parking lot, my wife raised an eyebrow, her skepticism evident as the banner signs flapped over the old restaurant insignia. Our initial hesitation only grew as we entered to find only a couple of tables occupied. Was this going to be worth it? The moment of doubt, however, was fleeting. Greeted by an incredibly friendly waiter who immediately made us feel welcome, our apprehension quickly dissolved. Then, the food arrived, and any remaining doubt vanished. Regrettably, I didn't capture the moment with photos, except for my daughter’s joyful dance, a testament to the meal's success. The super omelet was a revelation, and the pancakes were so fluffy and tasty, it felt like a cloud in every bite. My wife ordered the super skillet and was not disappointed; the portions generous, the flavors rich, making it evident that the kitchen knew its craft. The pricing was just the cherry on top, incredibly reasonable for the quality and quantity. Our first brunch here turned into a delightful surprise. The menu boasted a wide selection, ensuring that each plate that came out was ample, hot, and scrumptious. The service? Impeccable as ever, contributing to an overall fantastic dining experience. The vibe of the place struck a note with me too—cool and relaxed, an ideal backdrop for the diverse array of breakfast and lunch options. The staff were all smiles, adding to the laid-back atmosphere, making it feel like a spot you’d want to return to time and again. The only hiccup, if I could even call it that, were the pancakes. They sadly didn't live up to the rest, lacking in flavor, which meant they were the only thing I didn't finish. But on the flip side, I took the biscuits and gravy to go, a taste test for later, and if they’re anything like the rest, I’m in for a treat. Coffee was another highlight, robust and flavorful enough to enjoy without the need for creamer. And the big Hot51 breakfast? It was indeed big, leaving no room for hunger after. All in all, despite a minor disappointment with the pancakes, the visit was a hit. Great food (with that one exception), excellent customer service, and a soothing environment made for an unforgettable brunch. Definitely a spot worth frequenting.

The Place

5171 W Bell Rd, Glendale

(602) 896-9929

Reviewed by:

Gonzalo Menendez

Last week, my wife and I decided to try The Place for brunch in Glendale, and to say we were pleased is an understatement. From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere was welcoming, and the cleanliness of the place was apparent. We were part of a larger group from work, and it's not always easy to find a spot that can accommodate everyone and leave them satisfied, but The Place did just that. For my meal, I opted for the corned beef hash, which was served with eggs, hash browns, and these massive biscuits drowned in gravy. The portion was so generous that, despite my usual reluctance to take home leftovers from breakfast outings, I found myself packing up a to-go box with a smile. The food not only came hot and tasty but the presentation made it all the more enticing. The service deserves a special shout-out. The waitress who attended to us was outstanding; her attentiveness made our dining experience even more enjoyable. Not to mention, the prices felt absolutely fair for the quality and quantity of food we received. It's not every day you come across a place that strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality. Speaking of food, the biscuits and gravy, alongside the waffle, were highlights for many of us. The biscuit was unexpectedly large, and the waffle was just the right size, crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Every plate that came out of the kitchen was met with nods of approval from our table. The layout of the diner contributed to the overall cozy vibe of our brunch. Even though we were jokingly seated in what could be considered the "worst" spot in the house, it turned out to be quite cozy for the two of us and our significant amount of food. We never felt cramped, and the seat ended up adding to the charm of our visit. In summary, The Place in Glendale has earned a spot in our monthly rotation. Between the fluffy pancakes, perfectly cooked steak, satisfying coffee, and the fast, caring customer service (kudos to Melissa!), this place has it all. It's a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a solid breakfast or brunch spot that won't disappoint. We're already looking forward to our next visit!

Ronnie's Cafe

4323 W Cactus Rd ste. 3, Glendale

(602) 548-5857

Reviewed by:

Samantha Ryne

Hope you're ready for a real brunch feast because that's exactly what you get at Ronnie's Cafe in Glendale. The portions here are no joke – think pancakes the size of an F-150 steering wheel and 5-egg omelettes customized to your liking. From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was buzzing with positivity and warmth. The staff, oh the lovely ladies, were beyond friendly, making my first visit feel like I was a regular. It wasn't just about the size of the meals; the quality was top-notch too. Every bite was a delight, and the prices? Surprisingly reasonable considering the generous servings. The wait staff deserves a shout-out for their attentive and swift service, ensuring a seamless dining experience amidst the fun and inviting ambiance. Comparing brunch spots isn't easy, but Ronnie's Cafe might just have snagged the crown for me. Their breakfast offerings are a fierce competitor, even when stacked against places as renowned as Lovick's Cafe back in Kinston, North Carolina. What really sealed the deal for me was the Southwestern vibe that added an extra layer of enjoyment to the meal. It's not every day that a New York City kid like myself finds a breakfast spot that feels like home away from home. I'm already planning my next visit because a place like this, with its gracious servers and large, yet affordable, dishes, definitely deserves a spot in the regular brunch rotation. The cafe was bustling, filled to the brim with happy patrons, many of whom were seniors sharing laughs and good times – a telltale sign that Ronnie's is doing something right. And let's not forget the old vintage rolly chairs that added a humorous touch to the whole experience. All in all, Ronnie's Cafe is a must-visit for anyone looking for a hearty, satisfying brunch with all the trimmings of great service and atmosphere.

Kiss the Cook Restaurant

4915 W Glendale Ave, Glendale

(623) 939-4663

Reviewed by:

Teja Galdamez

Visiting Kiss the Cook Restaurant for brunch in Glendale felt like a delightful journey back in time. The service at this restaurant remains phenomenal, closely matched by the exceptional quality of the food and the very reasonable prices. Having been a patron since my teenage years, it's heartwarming to see that, three decades later, the place has maintained its charm and even surpassed expectations. The restaurant continues its quaint tradition of selling adorable collectibles, and in a delightful twist, they now offer dog biscuits and a dog-friendly menu! The food is simply outstanding, and the warmth of the staff makes you feel like part of the family. It's definitely worth the 30+ mile drive from Gilbert for a taste of comfort food that reminds you of eating at your grandmother's place. The staff, including Chris, goes above and beyond to ensure a wonderful dining experience, serving up not just food but genuine smiles. Their corned beef hash, with its perfectly cooked peppers, onions, and crispy exterior, alongside impeccable potatoes and eggs, is a must-try. The gravy is notable, but it's the biscuits that steal the show – easily the best I've ever had. The addition of complimentary mini muffins as an appetizer was a charming touch. For those with furry friends, this place is a gem. The patio is spacious, not feeling crowded in the slightest, and the dog menu is as cute as it is diverse and well-priced. As for the human food, everything from the portion sizes to the preparation left us thoroughly impressed, pleasantly surprised by the complimentary muffins we received. Though it's a bit of a drive, the experience, food quality, and the chance to dine with a dog in tow make it more than worthwhile. This restaurant proves that some things do get better with time, firmly solidifying its place as a must-visit in Glendale.


17530 N 75th Ave, Glendale

(623) 776-7722

Reviewed by:

Judi Castro

I was very impressed with my brunch experience at Wildflower in Glendale! The food looked great, was served quickly, and tasted fresh. Although the counter staff could have been friendlier, especially since it was my first time there, it didn't dampen the overall experience. Deciding to eat outside on the patio turned out to be a lovely choice, even with the occasional bird hoping for a share of our meal. One highlight was the Italian dressing I tried from a friend's dish; it was amazingly flavorful and highly recommendable. The croissant, while visually appealing, was a bit of a letdown with its overly eggy flavor, but everything else on the menu was delightful. I did notice that the drink options weren't very sweet, which was a slight disappointment as the lemonades were more tart than expected. An optional pump of simple syrup would be a great addition. This is a great casual spot for catching up with friends, and I'm looking forward to coming back to explore more of the menu. On a previous visit, I had the Southwest Superfood salad, which was absolutely fantastic, showcasing the quality you can expect from Wildflower. The combination of ingredients like spinach, quinoa, goat cheese, and cilantro lime vinaigrette was perfectly balanced. Even though it wasn't my first visit to a Wildflower location, the high standard of food and service was consistent. From savory breakfast sandwiches to the tart yet tasty strawberry lemonade, and even to the slightly underwhelming berries and yogurt, the variety of options means there's something for everyone. The avocado toast with egg and the lemon ricotta pancakes on a subsequent visit were both delicious, as was my husband's spicy sausage frittata with a side of roasted potatoes. Overall, despite a few minor critiques, my brunch experience at Wildflower in Glendale was enjoyable, and I'm eager to return.

First Watch - The Daytime Cafe

9425 W Glendale Ave Suite 110, Glendale

(623) 292-6930

Reviewed by:

Sharon Carpenter

My experience at First Watch - The Daytime Cafe in Glendale for brunch was absolutely delightful. The food was fantastic; from the farmhouse hash and blueberry pancake to the A.M. superfoods bowl, everything was prepared to perfection. The atmosphere of the cafe was vibrant and welcoming, although a bit loud due to the design of the restaurant. Despite this minor aspect, the place is really appealing and I'm definitely planning to return. Taking a few of my kids with me this time made the visit even more special. We're big fans of First Watch's breakfast selections and make it a point to visit new locations whenever possible. Avoiding the rush near the Stadium on weekends, a midweek visit proved to be a wise choice with easy parking and immediate seating upon our arrival. The cafe itself boasts a clean, modern design with large windows allowing natural light to fill the space, and spacious booths that add to the comfort. Our server, June, was quick to greet us, efficiently taking our orders while being incredibly polite and attentive throughout our meal. Opting for the elevated egg sandwich while my kids enjoyed the traditional breakfast and farmhouse hash, we were impressed by how swiftly and perfectly our meals were served. Our waitress, Jacqueline, added to the positive experience with her perky and cheerful demeanor. The coffee, served promptly with a pot left on our table for refills, was a highlight for a breakfast spot. Though I found the turkey sausage biscuit gravy and eggs, and my wife's eggs Benedict to be good but not exceptional, taste is subjective, and many might find it exceptional. Admittedly, the food preparation took a bit longer than expected, but given the fullness of the restaurant, it was understandable. While I did find it slightly unconventional to pay at the counter, especially during a busy morning, it was a minor inconvenience in an otherwise pleasant experience. The location, situated in a corner store of a strip mall, offers easy and ample parking. Its bright interior, combined with clean, sharp architectural lines, gives it an industrial look, contributing to a noisier atmosphere. This might not be the ideal setting for those seeking a quiet breakfast spot, but the fantastic service and delicious food more than make up for it. In summary, my visit to First Watch - The Daytime Cafe was filled with tasty food, attentive service, and a happy atmosphere. Despite the busy ambiance, the staff's wonderful attentiveness made our dining experience enjoyable. The Sunny Seoul Hash was particularly tasty, and I'm already looking forward to returning to the chain on my next visit to the Valley.

Black Bear Diner

6039 W Bell Rd, Glendale

(602) 843-1921

Reviewed by:

Shylah Termarsch

Best diner ever, hands down. It feels more like a refined restaurant than your run-of-the-mill diner, boasting a menu selection so vast, portion sizes so generous, and prices so low, it's unbeatable. The ambiance is made even more delightful with a jukebox playing classic hits, and the log cabin decor adds a rustic, relaxing vibe to the whole experience. The staff is nothing but friendly, and the little gift shop filled with black bear-themed items is a charming touch – I've already snagged a couple of bears! This place has become a staple for me, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I plan to keep coming back. The value you get here is akin to a buffet, except the prices are even more wallet-friendly. It's truly a must-try spot; every visit leaves me more impressed than the last. Menu items are incredibly affordable, most entrees are 15 bucks or less, and you're guaranteed to be asking for a to-go box with the generous servings. The atmosphere during the holidays is especially heartwarming, but what really seals the deal is the consistent quality of food, service, and overall restaurant experience, no matter which location you visit. Take The Grizz, for example – a hearty meal featuring eggs, bacon, and sausage (the sausage links are massive and oh so tasty!). Choose from fruit, grits, hash browns, or red potatoes as sides, but don't miss out on the sweet cream pancakes; they're huge, soft, and dusted with just the right amount of powdered sugar, making them irresistibly delicious. Even when there was a minor hiccup with the restroom facilities, it was handled promptly and efficiently, leaving little to no disruption to the dining experience. For the quality and quantity of food you get, the prices are more than fair – my last visit, complete with coffee and iced tea, came to just $42 for two people. Whether you're in for the all-you-can-eat fish fry on Fridays, craving their unbeatable waffles, or looking to indulge in a slice of their amazing pies, this diner is the place to be. The key is to ask for crispy hash browns; they nail it every time. Despite the wait on a busy Saturday morning, the food – from the perfectly cooked bacon and flavor-packed sausage to the fluffy sweet cream pancakes – was all worth it. Plus, the prices are the best I've seen post-pandemic, making every other breakfast spot in town pale in comparison.

First Watch

18255 N 83rd Ave Ste. 106, Glendale

(623) 561-0555

Reviewed by:

Martin Williams

My first visit to First Watch in Glendale for brunch was an absolutely delightful experience that exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment we walked in, the service was top-notch, with our group being seated immediately, setting the tone for a wonderful dining experience. The food here is nothing short of amazing. The menu offers a wide variety of options, but I must highlight their juiced drink that includes raw ginger, turmeric, and beet juice among other ingredients – it was incredibly refreshing and easily the best I've had. It's clear that First Watch prioritizes fresh, homemade ingredients, which truly makes a difference in the taste and quality of their dishes. The food was so good that it left me considering purchasing their cookbook, priced at $27.99, which seems like it would be a great gift idea given the quality of the recipes. The service was another highlight of our visit. Our waitress was exceptional, going above and beyond by engaging in playful games with our children, which added a special touch to our brunch. Specifically, Robert, our server, made my sister's birthday brunch unforgettable with his kindness and hospitality. His efforts made us feel truly appreciated and taken care of, making the celebration all the more special. In terms of the food itself, everyone in our group thoroughly enjoyed their meals, finishing every bite on their plates. I opted for the Parma skillet hash, while my son tried three different types of pancakes along with bacon and eggs. Even as someone who isn't typically a fan of pancakes, I found the pecan carrot pancakes to be absolutely fantastic. The atmosphere of First Watch added to the overall positive experience. The ambiance was warm and cozy, making it an ideal spot for both breakfast and lunch. It's not just about the food and service; the environment plays a huge role in creating a pleasant dining experience, and First Watch nailed it. In summary, my brunch at First Watch in Glendale was one of the better dining experiences I've had in a while. With its combination of fantastic food, exceptional service, and a cozy atmosphere, it's a place I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great meal.

Black and White Cafe

6030 W Behrend Dr #131, Glendale

(623) 243-9783

Reviewed by:

Valerie Longhitano

Visited Black and White Cafe for brunch in Glendale, and it instantly became a favorite. The place has a small indoor dining area, so timing is everything if you're aiming for a table inside. For a first visit, decided to go with something traditional - eggs, sausage, pancakes. The decision didn't disappoint; the servings were generous, reasonably priced, and filled with flavor. Couldn't help but notice the Eggs Benedict on other tables, which looked just as inviting. The service here is notably personable. It's one of those places where you feel genuinely welcomed, adding to the overall dining experience. The menu has a good variety, and everything ordered was a hit. From the veggie sandwich that struck the perfect balance of flavors to the chicken pesto sans mayo that was absolutely scrumptious. Not to forget, the pastries were a delight - light, soft, yet perfectly flaky. Everything seemed to be made fresh to order, which is always a plus. They've also managed to create a lovely atmosphere despite the small space. There are a few tables outside, complemented with fans to keep the area cool. On a subsequent visit, grabbed a muffin and an Irish coffee. While the coffee was slightly on the sweeter side for my taste, it was still enjoyable, and the muffin was decent, although it did have a slight storage taste to it. The cafe tends to get busy, and being in a compact area, it can get quite intimate with the chance to overhear conversations. It's a bit of a local secret, and you can feel the buzz of community engagement. On a hot day, waiting outside for an order might not be the most comfortable, but this is a small compromise for the quality you receive in return. This visit was after a hike, making the discovery of the cafe even more delightful. The coffee, boasted to be roasted in-house, lived up to the expectation, and the food was not only healthy but delicious. There's a bit of room for improvement on the gluten-free options, but that's a minor quibble in an otherwise fantastic experience. Overall, food, service, and atmosphere all deserve top marks. Black and White Cafe is a hidden gem in Glendale, ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious brunch in a cozy, welcoming setting. Definitely planning to return and explore more of what they have to offer.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

9312 W Glendale Ave, Glendale

(623) 772-1930

Reviewed by:

Noa Perez

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Glendale quickly became a family favorite due to its friendly and helpful staff. For instance, when my wife's order of Chicken and Dumplings came with overly watery green beans on the same plate, our waiter didn't hesitate to apologize and swiftly brought out fresh Dumplings and green beans in a separate dish. My choice of meatloaf didn't disappoint either; it felt like a meal Mom used to make, with portions generous enough to satisfy any appetite. Despite it being busy, we were seated almost immediately, and the server made sure our experience was top-notch with quick and pleasant service. The breakfast options were delicious and fresh, earning this place a well-deserved five stars from us. Particularly, the biscuits and fried apples stood out, while the steak and eggs were cooked exactly to order. The store section added to the charm with its great selection and affordable prices, not to mention it was fully stocked and easy to navigate with ample parking and accessible spaces. However, the highlight of our visit was being served by Teresa. She stands out as one of the best servers we've encountered, embodying the ideal qualities one would hope for in a dining experience. Her ability to anticipate our needs and engage in pleasant conversation made our meal even more enjoyable. For anyone visiting Cracker Barrel on 91st Avenue, I highly recommend asking for Teresa's section. The level of service and the warmth of her personality made our visit unforgettable. Thank you, Teresa, for making our dining experience remarkable. Your exceptional service certainly merits a special shout-out!

Over Easy

6728 W Deer Valley Rd E-101, Glendale

(623) 440-4300

Reviewed by:

Tony Montanez

Had this place recommended to us by family and it was amazing. Was a bit busy when arrived so my husband and I sat at the bar. The lady who took care of us there was wonderful! She suggested a few items to us, and went with the Banana nut French toast while my husband chose the chorizo Benedict. Both were great choices; the food was delicious and the atmosphere was very lovely and welcoming. Decided to try the fresh squeezed orange juice and, although a bit pricey, it was some of the best OJ had in a while and will definitely order again. We had a great time while there, would definitely recommend this place. Can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu! Loved our brunch at Over Easy! Everything from the service, to the quick seating despite how busy they were, and the food being hot and served quickly after ordering was top-notch. Both the waitress and hostess were super friendly too. Would highly recommend the golden waffle dogs and Jonny Cakes. Both were delicious and unique! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 Stars The pleasure of dining at Over Easy on 67th and Deer Valley was unmatched. The Loco Moco for breakfast was beyond amazing – a hamburger patty over white rice, crowned with a perfectly fried egg and a generous drizzle of savory gravy. It was not only a feast for the taste buds but also a visual treat. My friend’s protein pancakes with blueberries were a delight as well. The service received was top-notch and the wait time impressively short. Deciding to sit at the bar turned out to be a great choice with its great atmosphere. Want to commend the entire staff for their exceptional food, service, and the welcoming ambiance. Over Easy has definitely become the go-to breakfast spot in the area! It's a truly wonderful place to enjoy breakfast with family and friends. On a Saturday morning, the wait was only 20 minutes, even though they estimated it could take up to 30. Once seated, our server immediately acknowledged our presence and assured us she would be right with us. True to her word, she was. Opted for the Avocado Benedict, ruby red grapefruit juice, and a water, while the others in my party tried the 2 egg breakfast, Florentine Benedict, and the vegan wrap - all of which were delicious. Guaranteed, will be back!

Biscuits Cafe

19420 N 59th Ave, Glendale

(623) 248-1968

Reviewed by:

Holly Adorno

Just stumbled upon Biscuits Cafe for brunch in Glendale and wow, was I impressed! The atmosphere was welcoming right off the bat, making the dining experience very pleasant. The food truly stood out in both quality and taste; it was excellent through and through. Although paying $60 for three adults felt a bit steep, the overall experience made it worth it. Since moving to Surprise, this was my first visit to a Biscuits Cafe, and I can confidently say it won't be my last. The convenience, the cozy vibe, the spotless kitchen, and the outstanding service have won me over. Their gourmet coffee selections were a delightful surprise. I opted for an iced pumpkin latte, and it didn't disappoint – just delicious. The biscuits and gravy brought back memories of Kentucky with its authentic taste and perfectly paired sausage links. What amplified the dining experience was the service, particularly from our server, Jennifer. She was a beacon of positivity, constantly smiling and going the extra mile to ensure our comfort and satisfaction. It's rare to encounter such dedicated service staff, and Jennifer was truly exceptional. Our server was remarkably intuitive too. Noticing my cold hands, they offered hand warmers, a thoughtful gesture that didn’t go unnoticed. The food arrived exactly as ordered, and the coffee was notably tasty. Moreover, it was great to see vegan entrees on the menu, although the price for the vegan eggs was a bit high for my liking. All in all, Biscuits Cafe in Glendale provided a memorable brunch experience with its amazing food, cozy atmosphere, and exceptional service. Definitely looking forward to becoming a regular!

Village Inn

9490 W Northern Ave, Glendale

(623) 772-6600

Reviewed by:

Evans Chungag

Stopping by Village Inn for brunch in Glendale was a joyful experience. The moment we walked in, we were greeted by the friendly cashier, Leah, who showcased great customer service skills right from the start. My brunch choice, the chili oil skillet, was absolutely delicious. The skillet potatoes were fried to perfection, and my egg was cooked exactly how I like it. My son opted for the fish and chips, and it was precisely what he was craving. While my mom enjoyed her breakfast plate, she found her hash browns a bit dry, so we decided we'll stick to homestyle potatoes in the future. Jorge, who was our server, proved to be very accommodating and efficient, especially when it came to delivering drinks. The presentation of the food was appealing, making everything on the table look inviting – not to mention, the milkshake was outstanding. The ambiance of the place added to the pleasant dining experience. Later, we dropped in for dinner and were promptly seated. The service remained unparalleled, ensuring we were well taken care of throughout our meal. It's a place where the fast service doesn't compromise the quality of food or the attentiveness of the servers. The price point is quite reasonable, considering the generous portions and the quality of the meals. Looking forward to my next visit, it’s clear that Village Inn in Glendale is a spot where both the food and the service leave you planning your return.


4303 W Peoria Ave, Glendale

(602) 439-2337

Reviewed by:

Lindsey Pfeffer

My waitress was simply the best. Even though there was a small rush this morning, she managed everything with such grace! Genevieve really gave us her all, showcasing what true customer service is about. For anyone looking for top-notch service, the Denny's on 43rd and Peoria is the place to go. During a recent visit with my husband for a quick bite, we found it was quite busy, so we opted to sit at the counter. Tish, who greeted us, was incredibly welcoming. Our server, Genevieve, was outstanding - she was not only super sweet and quick on her feet but also never lost her smile. It's worth mentioning that the restaurant was spotless, which added to the pleasant experience. Thanks to the Denny's team for such a wonderful time! Denny's has always been a favorite of mine, and this visit did not disappoint. Another server, Alicia, was also remarkable. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere inviting, with Christmas songs gently playing in the background, adding to the joy of people around us. Having lived in the neighborhood for most of my life, I've been a regular at this Denny's for years and have never encountered a bad experience. The service has consistently been top-notch. On our latest visit, our server Dylan was incredibly polite and always available whenever we needed anything. For anyone looking for amazing service and delicious food, I couldn't recommend it more!

Mimi's Cafe

7450 W Bell Rd, Glendale

(623) 979-4500

Reviewed by:

Rosalind Ojeda

Had a wonderful brunch experience at Mimi's Cafe in Glendale! The place has a calming atmosphere and a nice outdoor area perfect for dining when it's not too hot. There's a wide variety on the menu, making it easy to find something for even the pickiest eater. The mimosa special caught my eye, although it's premixed, you have the option to order it with a split which essentially gives you a small bottle of champagne to mix your own - definitely more bang for your buck. Tried the bake brie with cran-apple relish and walnuts as a starter; although the cheese arrived cold, the relish was delicious. Opted for their 3-course meal deal which includes soup or salad, an entree, and dessert. The tomato bisque and French onion soup were both hearty and flavorful, although the bread on top of the French onion was unnecessary. For the main course, the jambalaya and pot roast were delightful. The jambalaya had a nice kick, albeit not traditional, and the pot roast was tender, complemented well by the soft carrots. Dessert was a molten lava cake a la mode, which was a tad bitter for my liking and could have used more ice cream or maybe some whip cream to balance the flavors. Service was a bit of a mixed bag. While our server was helpful in some aspects, there was a noticeable dryness to her interactions, especially when discussing the menu options. Despite this, the overall experience was positive. Had breakfast options like tacos, a cinnamon bun, and Mac N' Cheese. The breakfast tacos were enjoyable, and the cinnamon bun was a hit. The only slight disappointment was the shredded chicken in the Mac N' Cheese, which was not to my taste. However, service was notably good, enhancing the dining experience. Altogether, despite a few hiccups with certain dishes and aspects of service, the brunch at Mimi's Café was enjoyable. The variety of food and the pleasant dining environment made it a place worth returning to.


6601 W Peoria Ave, Glendale

(623) 878-9631

Reviewed by:

Candi Negron

The service here was top-notch, making the whole brunch experience at IHOP in Glendale truly enjoyable. While the pancakes didn't quite hit the mark for me, everything else about the meal was wonderful. It's hard to beat their breakfast offerings, and the Quick 2-egg Breakfast stood out in particular for its excellence, matched by the equally impressive service. Awarding this place 5 stars doesn't come lightly, but it's well deserved, especially after trying the Amazing Classic Bowl – it was, simply put, delicious. The New Mexico Burrito also left a great impression; its flavor was incredible. Despite living a considerable distance away, the drive is always worth it. Opting to come here instead of a closer location speaks volumes, as the service and quality here far exceed what I've experienced elsewhere. It's worth mentioning the impeccable service again, complementing the great food, which was both hot and fresh, creating a welcoming atmosphere that's hard to find. The staff always go out of their way to be friendly, reinforcing why this is my go-to spot for breakfast. Every visit confirms that decision, making it an always pleasant experience.

Matt's Big Breakfast

7507 W Rose Garden Ln #107, Glendale

(623) 259-9836

Reviewed by:

Lin Sanchez

My visit to Matt's Big Breakfast in Glendale for brunch was nothing short of delightful. The waffles and bacon were absolutely amazing, easily some of the best I've had. While the Big Papa burrito looked promising and packed with flavor, it fell a bit short for me as I found myself adding salt, something I hardly ever do. It was still enjoyable, but perhaps a little tweak in the ingredients or proportions could elevate it even further. Regarding the cost, the prices were pretty standard for what you get. Expect to pay a little over $55 for four meals, which doesn't include the tip, but it's worth it for the quality and portions you receive. The outdoor seating was a major plus, especially since the inside was bustling and quite packed, making the outside area a more relaxed and preferable option for us. Service-wise, our waitress was friendly, though there seemed to be a bit of a lapse in attention once our food was served. It took a while to get water refills and to receive the check. Despite this minor hiccup, the atmosphere remained welcoming and pleasant. However, not all aspects of the experience were to my liking. For instance, my hashbrowns were not up to their usual standard, appearing grey and tasting somewhat off, which was disappointing. The interaction that followed with the staff about this issue was less than satisfactory, lacking the kind of customer service I expected based on my past visits. It's also worth noting that the cleanliness practices I observed left me concerned, particularly regarding food handling. That being said, the ambiance and the majority of the food quality did leave a positive impression overall. The waffles were a highlight, perfectly cooked and delicious. It's clear that when Matt's Big Breakfast gets it right, they truly excel. The kindness displayed by the staff, despite the busy period, was commendable and added a personal touch to the dining experience. The hash browns and sandwiches we had were top-notch, underscoring why this spot is highly rated. Even though there were a few areas for improvement, particularly in customer service and some food preparation, the positive aspects of my visit outweighed the negatives. The warmth and quality of the food will bring me back, hoping for a more consistent experience next time.

The Lola

6770 N Sunrise Blvd #109, Glendale

(623) 877-5225

Reviewed by:

Wilson Ese

WOW! The Lola in Glendale truly exceeded my expectations for a brunch spot. The atmosphere was lively and vibrant, which set the perfect tone for a girls' brunch date. The menu had a variety of shareable items, making it easy to try a little bit of everything. The drink selection was fantastic, and the portions were more than generous. Having the ability to split the bill amongst my friends and me was incredibly convenient and appreciated. Although the staff seemed a bit detached, they were respectful and patient throughout our visit. Our celebration was made even more memorable with a special appearance by the Grinch, who danced to a birthday song - a unique and entertaining experience that added to the fun. The food itself was delicious. The Grinch-colored pancakes not only brought a smile to our faces but were also tasty. The charcuterie board was a hit among my friends and me, offering a delightful mix of flavors. While the vibe and drinks were the highlights, the food, including a slightly overdone steak, was generally good. The eggs and potatoes, in particular, stood out for their perfection. Despite a few minor setbacks with the steak and a moment of expectation mismatch, The Lola proved to be a fantastic choice for a celebratory brunch. The ambiance, combined with strong cocktails and a generally pleasing food selection, made it worth the visit. It was easy to overlook the small issues when considering the overall experience, which was enhanced by the restaurant's ability to accommodate a large group seamlessly. Definitely a place to return to for future celebrations or just a casual yet lively brunch with friends.


9856 W Camelback Rd, Glendale

(623) 877-1502

Reviewed by:

Mateo Amspacher

Had an amazing time at Denny's in Glendale for brunch. Right from the start, was welcomed by an incredible waitress, Victoria. She was super nice and helpful, which instantly set a positive vibe for the meal. The place gets really busy on weekends, but despite that, our server, Mercedes, was exceptional. She managed to be very attentive, ensuring we had everything we needed and even got the staff to sing happy birthday to our party, which was a lovely touch. The food arrived quickly, which was impressive given how packed it was, and it tasted great. Honestly, Mercedes was the best server ever encountered. Her efficiency and friendly demeanor made the dining experience memorable. My husband and I were greeted by Mercedes as soon as we walked in, and seated in her section. She checked on us multiple times to ensure our satisfaction, making the visit even more pleasant. This Denny's location might be a bit hidden and parking can be a challenge, especially since it's not directly visible from the road and spots are limited. But it's worth the effort, especially if going early in the morning when it's less crowded. The breakfast options are delicious, and the staff is really attentive to your needs. Plus, they offer both Senior and Military discounts, which is a nice perk. Will definitely be going back to this location for food, thanks to the wonderful service and tasty meals.

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