January 29, 2024

Top 20 Best Brunch Spots in Grand Rapids

Dive into our guide to the best brunch spots in Grand Rapids where the mimosas never stop flowing and the pancakes stack higher than your weekend plans.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 20 Best Brunch Spots in Grand Rapids
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In Grand Rapids, the brunch scene doesn't just flow, it rushes towards unmissable culinary experiences. Here, every plate served is a tributary leading to the mighty river of flavors that this city boasts.


570 Cesar E. Chavez Ave SW, Grand Rapids

(616) 259-5353

Reviewed by:

Dalal Quang

Based on a friend's recommendation, we decided to try out MudPenny for brunch in Grand Rapids, and I'm thrilled we did. When we arrived around 1:30 pm on a Saturday, it wasn't as crowded as I had expected, which was a relief considering the somewhat limited parking space. My dining companions and I were eager to dive into the menu, with two of us opting for the French toast, another choosing the Fire Toast, and one going for the BLT sandwich. Although we found the portion sizes a bit on the smaller side compared to what we're used to, the quality of the meals more than made up for it. Our food was served promptly, and our waitress checked in on us just the right amount to ensure we had everything we needed. The atmosphere at MudPenny really stood out to me; it was modern, well-maintained, and contributed to making this the best breakfast experience I've had. Service was exceptionally good here, a stark contrast to other places where we'd typically find ourselves waiting too long for attention. Our server, Liam, was fantastic, making sure everything was timed perfectly throughout our meal. I ordered a cold Chai and the Fire Toast, and my husband went for a black coffee with the B.Y.O.B. It was clear that a lot of thought went into the assembly and flavors of the dishes – they were simply unbeatable and something you couldn't easily recreate at home. MudPenny has earned itself high praise from me. Whether you're looking to enjoy a solo lunch, meet up with friends, or just relax with a book, it's an excellent choice. The staff was incredibly friendly, adding to the positive experience. Following a staff recommendation, I tried the O.G. breakfast sandwich with added onion and bacon, and it was a hit. While I did note that the poached egg was more hardboiled than expected and the prices a tad high for the food’s quantity and quality, the overall experience was very pleasant due to the nice atmosphere and staff. It’s a charming neighborhood spot for coffee and breakfast that I would gladly recommend.

Wolfgang's Restaurant

1530 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids

(616) 454-5776

Reviewed by:

Lola Cholotio

Stopped in and sat at the bar where Sid waited on me. He was very gracious and great! The Biscuits & Sausage Gravy, Bacon & American fries paired with Hazelnut Coffee were delicious. I always enjoy coming here for breakfast. It's one of my favorites and it's situated in a fun area of East Grand Rapids. This place comes highly recommended from me. It does get busy with a bit of a wait at times, but it's worth every minute. It seems the cooks play a role in how your food will look and taste. Having been a patron for years, growing up in the neighborhood, I've noticed some inconsistency lately. My orders have been a bit sloppy compared to what initially attracted me to this restaurant. Even so, this place retains its iconic status in Grand Rapids. It's a "must go" if you're in the area. Thinking of the best plan, how about breakfast at Wolfgang's and then lunch at Yesterdog? It doesn't get better than that. The portions here are generous, and the prices are reasonable, setting them apart from other places. My first time having breakfast here with coworkers was a delightful experience. This restaurant is extremely family-friendly, and I plan to bring my family here next time. Although I couldn't take more pictures, I certainly will on my next visit. They have an eclectic menu catering to various preferences. Finding a place that offers vegetarian options and doesn't serve alcohol is important to me, as I only frequent halal places. This place perfectly meets my needs.


95 Monroe Center St NW, Grand Rapids

(616) 419-4168

Reviewed by:

Spencer Puglisi

Little Bird is a brunch heaven, boasting an atmosphere that's both welcoming and refined, perfect for kicking off the day with a luxurious touch. Their French omelets are a standout, offering a taste that's both indulgent and comforting, thanks to their light, airy texture and rich, savory fillings. It's clear from the get-go that there's a dedicated team behind the scenes, with staff that makes you feel right at home and dishes that clearly have a lot of thought and care put into them. Calling it the best brunch place ever might sound like a stretch, but once you visit, it's hard to argue otherwise. Everything served is made in-house, which truly elevates the dining experience. From the fries to the unique house-made hot sauce and even the Spam, the flavors are bold and memorable. It's one of those rare places where every menu item seems to outdo the last in terms of taste and creativity. The service is top-notch, and the quality of the food is simply unmatched. On a personal visit, the Butter Duck was an adventurous choice that paid off in spades. It's not something you'd typically find on a brunch menu, but that's part of its charm. The dish was rich, flavorful, and unlike anything I've had before. My other half went for the Littlebird Breakfast Sandwich, which was equally delightful, especially with the addition of their creamy garlic mayo. The ambiance of the place adds another layer to its charm. Housed in a cool, old building, it combines historical allure with a cozy vibe, making you feel instantly at ease. Even with a stroller in tow, the staff made sure we were comfortably accommodated, which speaks volumes about their service. The menu's focus on seasonal ingredients ensures a fresh and ever-evolving dining experience, perfectly mirroring the vibrant spirit of Grand Rapids. For anyone looking for a standout brunch spot that offers both classic comforts and innovative dishes, Little Bird is an unbeatable choice. The experience is memorable not just for the food, but for the overall vibe that makes you want to linger longer than planned. Definitely worth a visit!

Real Food Cafe

2419 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids

(616) 241-4080

Reviewed by:

Esteban Perez Roberts

Our brunch experience at Real Food Cafe was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. Our waitress was incredibly helpful, guiding us through the menu and recommending some stellar options. The corned beef hash and Benedict were both out of this world in flavor and freshness. But the highlight had to be when we decided to split the cinnamon roll pancakes – they were simply ridiculous in the best possible way. It's rare to find a place where the food makes you want to travel just for breakfast, but this lovely diner does just that. The ambiance at Real Food Cafe was welcoming and inclusive, with a diverse crowd of patrons all enjoying their cozy breakfasts. The cute vegetable mural on a neighboring restaurant added a charming touch to the overall atmosphere. The menu was impressive, not just for its variety, but for its inclusive options catering to vegetarian and vegan preferences with clearly described substitutions. Service throughout our visit was excellent, making us feel right at home. The Healthy Start Waffle caught my eye for its innovative and delicious flavor combination – definitely a must-try for anyone visiting. For those who enjoy breakfast comfort foods, this place is a treasure trove. The cinnamon roll pancakes are a sure win, and a pro tip from a fellow serious eater – ask for a side of the icing; you'll be thanking me later. The portions are hearty and generous, ensuring you get great value for your money. Granted, the diner has a smaller, more in-and-out feel, which might score lower for some in terms of atmosphere, but the quality and taste of the food more than make up for it. My advice? Get there early to beat the crowds, as parking is limited and it’s a popular spot that doesn’t take reservations. Despite the potential wait, the experience and the meal are absolutely worth it.

Field & Fire Cafe

820 Monroe Ave NW #100, Grand Rapids

(616) 608-4533

Reviewed by:

Rosibel Cordero

Visited Field & Fire Cafe for brunch in Grand Rapids and was immediately taken by the amount of seating available. The atmosphere was warm, inviting, and impeccably clean, making it a perfect spot to catch up with a friend over some cozy drinks. I opted for the jasmine fog tea with butterfly pea, one of their winter specials, and it didn't disappoint! Alongside, the eggnog danish was absolutely delectable. The cafe was buzzing with energy on a Saturday morning, which added to the vibrant ambiance. The staff were all incredibly kind, contributing to the overall positive experience. With ample seating available, it was easy to find a comfortable spot. For my meal, I chose the vegan skillet, and it was scrumptious. The veggies were cooked perfectly, and the cashew cream sauce added a delicious touch. My partner went for the vegan special, praising the red sauce and blue corn tortillas highly. It's a breakfast option that I hope becomes a regular feature on the menu. I also had the chance to try the turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich, and it was the best I've ever had! The ingredients were fresh and packed full of flavor. Paired with an oat milk vanilla latte, which was just as delightful, my meal couldn't have been better. Though not a fan of venturing downtown, this cafe makes it worth the trip. I even snapped a photo of the vegan crispy tofu sandwich I had on a subsequent visit; it was incredibly tasty. The pastry options were inviting, though I found myself wishing for something like vegan chocolate cake, muffins, or even a chocolate chip cookie - chocolate is my weakness, after all. The pastries available that day were a cranberry cake or muffin and a molasses cookie. Also, it's worth noting that their coffee is outstanding, a solid 10/10 on my scale. Overall, Field & Fire Cafe has secured its spot as a must-visit in Grand Rapids for any brunch enthusiast.

Morning Belle

1962 Breton Rd SE, Grand Rapids

(616) 202-1385

Reviewed by:

Lawrence Elliott

Came in for a Sunday brunch with friends and truly enjoyed the experience. Our server Kaelyn set the tone with her friendly and attentive service, making us feel welcome right from the start. Opted for the farmhand hash, french toast, and a refreshing pomegranate lemonade. The hash, with its unique roasted garlic BBQ sauce, was a standout, though I found the potatoes a tad undercooked for my taste. Despite this, the meal was satisfying, although the portion sizes felt a bit small given the price. For dessert, the donut waffle caught my eye and didn’t disappoint. Accompanied by lemon mousse, it offered a delightful mix of flavors, rounding off the savory meal perfectly. I also had a taste of other dishes ordered by my group like the parfait, which was enjoyable, and the banana French toast, though it missed that expected caramelization kick. A minor hiccup occurred when my friend, who had made the reservation, wasn’t notified our table was ready. Nonetheless, the overall food quality was impressive. The winter waffle with hazelnut frosting was a personal favorite, offering a rich, indulgent flavor. The venue itself boasts a charming atmosphere, enhanced by the excellent service we received. We're already planning our next visit! On the flip side, it's worth noting that the portion sizes could be more generous, especially considering the pricing. Similarly, the drink portions seemed small for what they cost. Despite these points, my late brunch visit a few weeks earlier with my wife was equally memorable. She savored the corned beef hash bowl while I enjoyed the lighter, flavor-packed hummingbird omelet and we both appreciated the Crème Brûlée French Toast, even if it didn’t quite meet our high expectations. Based on these experiences, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Morning Belle for brunch in Grand Rapids. The food’s tasty, the atmosphere inviting, and the service commendable.

That Early Bird

1445 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids

(616) 258-8350

Reviewed by:

Rodney Dowden

I just moved to Grand Rapids and decided to start my new chapter with brunch at That Early Bird, and what an amazing choice that was! The moment I walked in, I was greeted by super kind staff, setting a great tone for the meal ahead. Starting off with their Mocha, it was simply out of this world. But what truly stole the show was the Menche - absolutely incredible in every bite. And then there was the Brioche French Toast, arguably one of the best brunch items I've ever enjoyed. Although their Chai Latte didn't hit the mark for me, tasting more like milk overloaded with cinnamon and lacking in tea flavor, it was a minor hiccup in an otherwise flawless meal. The ambiance of the place added to the overall experience, boasting a cute, café-style setup with the option of outside seating, which is always a plus. Despite finding their prices a bit on the higher side, especially for a piece of toast (albeit a loaded one), the quality and uniqueness of their offerings, including the drinks I eyed but didn't try, seemed to justify it. They also had a tempting array of bakery items that looked incredibly good, even though I didn't get to try them this time. Opening at 8 am, That Early Bird presents a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere for anyone looking to enjoy a great brunch. The whole fall menu seemed inviting, and it's a place I see myself returning to, not just for the food but for the welcoming vibe. Definitely a 10/10 experience and a must-visit for anyone in or visiting Grand Rapids.

Anna's House

2409 E Beltline Ave SE, Grand Rapids

(616) 551-0434

Reviewed by:

Andy Pieper

I can't say enough amazing things about Anna's House on East Beltline for brunch in Grand Rapids. It's definitely a place I love coming to. The service here is exceptional, especially from Abby, who makes the experience even more pleasant with her great customer service. The food is consistently yummy and delicious every time I visit. On my most recent visit, I found myself torn between wanting something sweet or savory. The Pumpkin French Toast caught my eye and did not disappoint – it was amazing! I also decided to try the Ultimate Omelet, which was equally delicious. When we saw someone else order a cinnamon roll, we knew we couldn't leave without getting one to go. It’s those little details that make Anna's House such a unique and adorable diner. Not only is it clean and comfortable, but it also offers fabulous food that will definitely be a memorable part of any trip to Grand Rapids. I was also impressed by the inclusive menu, offering delicious options like dairy-free, gluten-free pancakes, which is a thoughtful touch. Having been a frequent visitor in the past, it was nice to come back after a couple of years away. I decided to try the special featured entrée – shrimp and cheesy grits with a side of hashbrowns with onion and cheese. While I found the grits to be a bit cold and not as cheesy and creamy as I would have liked, the shrimp was great. The hashbrowns, although smaller in portion and less crispy than I remembered, were still the highlight of my meal for me. Despite the restaurant being busy and a bit loud due to its size, the atmosphere and service are typically top-notch. However, during this visit, the service was a bit slower, and no one came to check on how the meal was or to offer a refill on my drink, which was a bit of a letdown. Despite these minor issues, I still highly recommend Anna's House for anyone looking for a fantastic breakfast or brunch spot in Grand Rapids. It's a place I will definitely return to in the future.

Matchbox Diner & Drinks

1345 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids

(616) 774-8641

Reviewed by:

Emily Peralta

My first visit to Matchbox Diner & Drinks was an experience I'll definitely be raving about for quite some time. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Kristin L., our waitress for the day. Despite being noticeably busy, she was fantastic - managing her tables with ease and ensuring we didn’t have to wait too long. The menu was impressively diverse without being overwhelming. Opting for the sausage biscuit gravy, I was taken aback by how delicious it was, particularly with the cheddar biscuit that was clearly made from scratch. Adding a side of thick cut bacon rounded off the meal perfectly, both in taste and satisfaction. Upon walking in, the place struck me with its rustic/modern charm, setting a wonderful atmosphere for our brunch. Diving into the menu, I decided to try the Hot Chicken Sandwich, which ended up being a taste sensation. The chicken was the star of the show – crispy, juicy, and packed with flavor, complemented beautifully by the slaw topping. My husband went for the Texican Bowl, which not only met but exceeded his expectations. Our meals were complemented by drinks that were just as impressive, adding another layer of enjoyment to our lunch. It's worth mentioning the cleanliness and attention to detail within the diner, which did not go unnoticed. All in all, Matchbox Diner & Drinks has earned its place as a must-visit spot for me in Grand Rapids. The flexibility in adjusting our order was another highlight, showcasing the staff's dedication to customer satisfaction. Despite the bustling atmosphere typical of a Saturday brunch, the staff maintained a friendly and inviting demeanor throughout. The diverse and slightly pricier drink list didn't deter from the experience but rather added a touch of luxury. For those looking to skip a bit of a wait, I learned that the bar seats are first come, first serve – definitely something to keep in mind for smaller parties. Having finally decided to try this gem, I'm already looking forward to my next visit to explore more of what Matchbox Diner & Drinks has to offer.

Social Misfits

43 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids

(616) 272-4984

Reviewed by:

David Bell

Wow, Social Misfits in Grand Rapids has quickly become my favorite spot for brunch! Every visit feels like a new adventure with their menu, and this time, the Dope One paired with an oat lavender latte did not disappoint. The whole atmosphere, from the music to the decor, sets the perfect vibe, and the staff infuses every moment with warmth and professionalism. Ellie greeted me with such a welcoming smile, and Jesper, who took care of my table, was fantastic with her recommendations and kept my drinks filled without having to ask. The interior design, including those stunning bathrooms, is filled with so many fun and intricate details, making the whole experience even more special. Everything here feels thoughtfully curated from the funky decor to the delicious, inventive dishes. Next visit, I'm eyeing the Love Me Tender, a dish that promises a delightful mix of sweet and savory with banana and bacon. After being a follower of their social media, my expectations were sky-high, and I must say they were all exceeded. The coffee was fabulous, and the inventive waffle creations blew me away. Opting for the RBG and Love Me Tender waffles, I was thoroughly impressed by the unique and tasty flavor pairings. I also had the chance to try the dilla drink — a leap into the unknown for me — and it was outstanding. The bartender made the experience even better with her kindness and engaging conversation. Although I had other plans that prevented me from trying their waffles on this visit, they looked incredibly tempting. Social Misfits has mastered the blend of diverse and unexpected flavors, making each visit a delightful surprise. The energetic atmosphere is fantastic for those looking to enjoy a social outing, though it might be a bit lively for anyone seeking quiet. If you're in the mood for culinary exploration amidst a vibrant setting, this place is a must-try. The staff’s attentive service and the unique menu keep me coming back. Can’t wait for my next visit!

New Beginnings Restaurant

1455 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids

(616) 774-8772

Reviewed by:

Tonya Chavez

Walking into New Beginnings Restaurant for brunch in Grand Rapids felt like stepping into the cozy embrace of a long-loved neighborhood diner. It's one of those genuine greasy spoon spots, offering up a hearty selection of comfort food that never disappoints in portion or flavor. There's something wonderfully familiar about the place, from the always-busy atmosphere to the self-seating policy, making it a favorite spot to either dig into a good meal or linger over coffee with friends. The service here always comes with a smile. The staff is incredibly friendly, making it evident that they're more than happy to be there. This warmth adds to the overall welcoming vibe of the place, ensuring that every visit is as pleasant as the last. It's become a go-to spot for breakfast, thanks in part to the little perks like the third egg being free, which is a nice touch. Talking about the food, it's always a hit. The hamburgers, in particular, are a standout for me—well-sized and delicious. And let's not forget about the brunch classics: eggs, bacon, pancakes, all paired perfectly with good coffee. The portions are generous, ensuring you leave satisfied, without putting too much strain on your wallet. Even though the restaurant's appearance might be described as a bit rundown, it adds to its charm, lending it an authentic vintage vibe that's hard to find these days. The space is cozy, inviting you to relax and enjoy your meal in comfort. Efficiency and friendliness seem to be the theme here, from the staff to the service provided. Our waitress was a prime example of this, making our dining experience even more enjoyable with her attentive and cheerful demeanor. In summary, New Beginnings Restaurant is exactly what you hope to find in a diner—delicious food, generous portions, fantastic staff, and a cozy, if slightly vintage, atmosphere. It’s definitely a place worth visiting, whether for a hearty breakfast or a leisurely brunch with friends. Thanks for the good food and the warm welcome!

The Bistro

11 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids

(616) 242-6000

Reviewed by:

Bilal Basra

After attending a concert, my friends and I decided to try brunch at The Bistro at Courtyard by Marriott Downtown in Grand Rapids, and I must say, the atmosphere was fantastic. It was clear that we weren't the only ones with that idea, as a few other patrons seemed to be in high spirits following some evening entertainment as well. Despite a slight hiccup with a server/bartender who seemed a bit on edge—and perhaps not in the best mood to handle guests with the patience and grace one might expect—the experience didn't falter too much. It's understandable that everyone has off days, and perhaps this was just one for her. Nevertheless, it's an area for improvement, as guest experience can really be influenced by staff interactions. On a brighter note, her male colleague was the epitome of hospitality. His engaging and pleasant demeanor truly enhanced our experience, compensating for any earlier discomfort. Now, onto the food and beverages - the Starbucks coffee served was absolutely top-notch, and the selection of foods did not disappoint. They did seem to be in a bit of a rush to close up, which made the dining experience feel slightly hurried, yet it was understandable given the time of day. While the Reuben sandwich I tried left a bit to be desired in terms of filling, the fries were a crispy delight. Portions, especially for takeout, could be a bit more generous, but the overall quality of the meals was satisfactory for hotel bistro standards. I've also had the opportunity to visit during their Thursday night trivia on a couple of occasions, which added a fun and lively component to the dining experience. While the food during these nights wasn't particularly memorable, the entertainment provided by Brittany, who clearly knows how to engage a crowd, was stellar. In essence, The Bistro offers a clean, welcoming environment with commendable service and a decent selection of dishes that cater to various tastes. The staff, for the most part, is fantastic, with a special shoutout to the male server/bartender who knows how to make guests feel genuinely cared for. It's a suitable spot for anyone looking to unwind, especially after a night out in Grand Rapids. Despite a few areas that could use some tweaking, my overall impression remains positive, and I look forward to giving it another try in the future.


235 Louis St NW, Grand Rapids

(616) 242-1448

Reviewed by:

William Muyskens

My visit to Margaux for brunch in Grand Rapids was my second one, and it was fantastic once again! From appetizers to entrées and desserts, everything was delightful. The scallops appetizer, served with butter, was cooked perfectly, allowing the main flavor to shine without being overwhelmed. The passion fruit champagne sorbet was bursting with flavor; I couldn't stop eating it. Additionally, the sliced apple flambé, prepared right in front of us, was not only fun to watch but also a beautiful blend of flavors and temperatures – the warm apples and sauce with the cold ice cream were superb. It wasn't just the food that made the experience memorable; the service was outstanding. Our evening was made extra special by the attentive care we received, ensuring a memorable birthday celebration. The views from the balcony added to the ambiance, with a delightful breeze from the river. We opted for the hearth roasted seafood for two, which, despite a slight bitterness from the roasting, included juicy crab, well-cooked Patagonian king prawn, and a tasty lobster tail. The old fashioned and sparkling wine were fantastic, and the surprise birthday cake was the perfect end to the meal. We appreciated the convenience of walk-up seating for lunch, and the drink menu’s selection of local craft beers, cocktails, and fine wines did not disappoint. The food was top-notch with prompt service, offering a traditional French flair with a suitable lunch selection. Our hostess, Liz, made the anniversary dinner even more special with her exceptional hospitality, including complimentary champagne and a heavenly cheesecake, which she kindly offered on the house to mark our milestone. It was an upscale dining experience where every aspect – the hospitality, food, and overall experience – was truly top-notch. It felt like gaining a memorable experience rather than just having a meal.

The Omelette Shoppe

545 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids

(616) 726-5800

Reviewed by:

Jose Rodrigo Frias

My fiancé and I decided to give The Omelette Shoppe a try for brunch, hearing many good things about it. The journey was short, just a five-minute drive, and upon arrival, we were immediately taken by the cozy diner atmosphere and the friendly staff. We opted to go for a pickup order; I chose the meat lovers scramble with a side of French toast, while my fiancé went for the farmer's omelette with added pork sausage and a side of a waffle. We both couldn’t resist adding a cinnamon roll to our order. Back at our place, we noticed the cheese on my scramble and his omelette wasn't fully melted, and the cinnamon rolls weren't warmed up. However, we were eager to dig in. The French toast and waffles were surprisingly cake-like in texture, an unexpected twist that we really enjoyed. Despite a few shortcomings like the undercooked potatoes and sausage, we found the variety and portions on the menu quite impressive. What stood out to us were the comfort food options alongside more unique dishes. This wasn't my first visit, and I remembered enjoying the substantial portions, particularly the deliciously unique bacon and the heavenly Mushroom & Spinach Eggs Benedict from a previous experience. The pecan roll, packed with nuts, was a favorite of mine this time around, a significant improvement over the cinnamon roll I tried before. The service at The Omelette Shoppe was remarkable on both visits. The servers were not just friendly but also very attentive and full of great recommendations, making our dining experience truly enjoyable. Even when it was busy, our waitress managed to be quick and sweet, ensuring we had everything we needed. Plus, finding parking was never a hassle, thanks to the free lot just a short walk away. All in all, despite a few minor hiccups with some of the dishes, the overall experience at The Omelette Shoppe was certainly worth it. The food, especially when it hit the mark, was absolutely delightful, and the generous portions meant we were more than satisfied for hours afterward. It's definitely the spot to hit for anyone looking for a great brunch offering in Grand Rapids. The atmosphere, the variety on the menu, and the exceptional service make it a place worth coming back to.

Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar

140 Ottawa Ave NW STE 100, Grand Rapids

(616) 239-7158

Reviewed by:

Drew Yohanes

Had a really lovely brunch with cocktails on a Sunday. The place was buzzing which always gives out a good vibe. Despite being super slammed, our server managed to keep up decently. The cocktails hit the spot, though I would have indulged in a couple more if time allowed. It quickly became apparent that making a reservation is almost essential for weekend brunches here. The food arrived hot, quickly and was presented very appealingly. There's a good chance I'll visit again on a weekday to dive deeper into their intriguing menu. For the most part, everything was satisfying, although I have a feeling the higher calorie choices might have been even more rewarding. The pork had a good flavor but was on the spicier side for my taste. The Brussel sprouts were done just right, albeit a tad bland; nothing a little salt and pepper couldn't fix. The ranch dressing was a bit too plain for my liking. I enjoyed the pecan pie, although I wasn't a fan of the chocolate syrup topping - should have read the description more carefully. Though the price was a bit on the higher side, the unique offerings on the menu compensated for it. The cheese grits and the slow-cooked barbacoa were highlights, both perfectly spiced and delicious. The banana pudding was a delightful way to round off the meal. The atmosphere of the downtown location is inviting, with a big, open, and well-lit eating space, complemented by some outdoor dining options. The fried chicken eggs Benedict I ordered was good, particularly the potatoes, which were the highlight of the dish for me. While the food was solid, it didn't quite knock my socks off. My wife's harvest bowl echoed this sentiment. I personally prefer runnier yolks for my eggs, but that’s on me for not specifying. All in all, it's a nice spot for brunch, offering a comfortable setting and a menu that's both unique and appealing.

Morning Belle

1600 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids

(616) 301-8171

Reviewed by:

Anthony Downs

Breakfast was absolutely delicious! The staff were super friendly, making the whole experience even more delightful. Loved the vibe of the place, especially enjoying my time sitting at the bar. It’s safe to say that this was the best breakfast I've ever had anywhere in the nation so far. The food not only came out quick but tasted even better than it looked, which was a tough bar to meet given how beautifully presented everything was. It felt like everything came out of a magical kitchen. On a visit to Grand Rapids, my best friend and I decided to give Morning Belle a try for breakfast on Saturday, 12/16/2023, marking our very first visit. We were fortunate to have Josie as our server. She was friendly, very knowledgeable about the menu, and did a fantastic job overall. It truly added to our great experience. The place never disappoints! The food is always dispatched quickly to your table, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the quality is anything but top-notch. It's delicious and well put together. Opting for the Eggs Benedict, which comes highly recommended, we chose the garden version since we don't eat meat. It was fantastic. I opted for the avocado toast, and it did not disappoint. Anyone looking for a great breakfast or brunch spot needs to check this place out. The interior could easily grace an HGTV show; it's just adorable. All in all, a visit to Morning Belle when in the area is a must. Happy Holidays, and here’s to hoping the exceptional service and delectable food continue to impress!

The Kitchen Counter by Wolfgang Puck

231-239 Pearl St NW, Grand Rapids

(616) 776-6428

Reviewed by:

Jordan Rowley

During my visit to the Kitchen Counter by Wolfgang Puck at the Houston Texas Airport, my girlfriend and I were just looking for a nice spot to sit and enjoy a cocktail while we waited. One particular drink caught our eye – a Horchata cocktail. It was deceptively smooth, hardly tasting of alcohol at all, though I watched the bartender make it, and it seemed to have a generous amount of alcohol. For those looking for a great drink, this place won’t disappoint. Our first time stopping here was for lunch before some meeting activities. We decided to try the chicken salad sandwich with chicken & rice soup. The portion was more than enough for me and my wife to share, and we both found it delicious and flavorful, with just the right amount of kick. I’d recommend stopping by the Kitchen Counter if you’re in the mood for a satisfying meal. We also had the chance to have breakfast here when a family member had a layover in Grand Rapids. The place was immaculate, and the variety of food options sounded appealing. With a party of six, we were the only ones there besides another guest. The staff was attentive, providing extra silverware without delay and ensuring our needs were met promptly. The food and service were top-notch, making the Kitchen Counter a spot I’d highly recommend for anyone looking for a great bite. I did order steak with brussels sprouts on the side during one of my visits. The dishes came with a sugary glaze that was a bit too much for my liking. It wasn't exactly what I expected, and the balance of flavors could have been better. However, despite this one setback with the food, the overall atmosphere of the Kitchen Counter by Wolfgang Puck was wonderful. Whether you’re looking for a casual drink or a meal, the experience is bound to be fulfilling. Based on my experiences, I’d give this place a 10/10 recommendation.

Sundance Grill & Bar

151 Ottawa Ave NW, Grand Rapids

(616) 776-1616

Reviewed by:

Sandra Patterson

My husband and I were in search of a brunch spot the morning following a wedding we attended. Luckily, we arrived at Sundance Grill & Bar just in time to be seated immediately before the rush. Even though our server was apparently in training, with a manager closely assisting, the service didn't miss a beat. We decided to start with a giant cinnamon roll to share, which was humorously as big as my head! Despite its size, it was a bit on the healthier side than expected, leaving us slightly underwhelmed. We took it home but eventually decided not to finish it. However, the rest of our meal was nothing short of delicious. I enjoyed perfectly cooked pancakes coupled with bacon and eggs, while my husband savored his omelet and toast. Throughout our visit, the staff was exceptionally friendly and engaging, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. Not to forget, the Mimosa Flights were a delightful discovery. The blood orange and pomegranate mimosas were particularly memorable. The restaurant itself boasts a spacious and beautifully decorated interior, well-situated in downtown Grand Rapids. On a different occasion, stopping by for a late lunch after a beach day proved equally satisfying. Opting for items off the lunch menu this time, we were impressed by the freshness and quality of the food. Service at the bar was top-notch, and the convenient location right on the street corner is hard to beat, even with the typical downtown parking challenges. Another visit with mom friends around 11 am saw us facing a short wait but receiving fast service once seated. The Mimosa Flights once again did not disappoint, and we also ventured to try the Irish Coffee, Aztec Iced Coffee, BLT Bloody Mary, and Mexican Mimosa, each bringing its own unique delight. Our server, Mags, was fantastic, making the experience even more enjoyable with her attentive service and a memorable story that had us all laughing. The food was, as always, delicious, leaving us feeling content and happy after a much-needed catch-up session. We may have lingered longer than intended, but the staff never made us feel rushed. Instead, we made sure to order extra drinks as a thank-you for the wonderful service. Sundance Grill & Bar has certainly become a favorite spot for occasions big and small, offering a warm ambiance, delightful dishes, and drinks that make every visit special. It's a place I'd recommend to anyone looking for a quality brunch experience in downtown Grand Rapids.

New Beginnings Restaurant

1601 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids

(616) 363-0990

Reviewed by:

Yasheka Andrle

Had the western omelette but decided to switch out the ham for sausage. They use links and chop them up finely, which was a nice touch. The omelette came with a generous helping of Colby cheese in the middle - not too little, not too much, just perfect. It also had onions and bell peppers, contributing to the rich flavors. On top, they added a slice of American cheese, which I found could be left out or substituted depending on personal preference. The vibe here is so welcoming, it's the kind of family-style place where they start to remember your name after a few visits. Their coffee service is good too, and they offer a couple of flavored creamers which is a nice touch. It's heartening to know that it's a locally-owned and operated establishment, and across the 4-5 locations I've visited, the experience has been consistently positive. The only minor quibble could be the coffee strength, but it's hardly a deal-breaker given how friendly, efficient, and polite the waitstaff are. On this particular visit, I was here for almost three hours waiting for my car to get fixed, and at no point did I feel rushed. The staff was attentive, always checking in to see if I needed anything, yet they weren't overbearing. They had a knack for timing their visits just when my coffee cup emptied, ready with a refill and a joke to share. The portion sizes are generous, making the meal not only delicious but also great value for money. It's hands down the best breakfast experience, with the coffee and overall service being top-notch. The place is usually bustling, which speaks to its popularity, but the atmosphere remains congenial, making it a fine spot for a quick breakfast. All in all, it's a place I've grown quite fond of. The Western Omelette is a standout dish for sure, and every visit reaffirms why this is a favorite breakfast stop. The quality of both the food and service is consistently excellent, and even when it's crowded, the experience remains pleasant. Definitely a place to come back to.

Morning Belle

434 Bridge St NW, Grand Rapids

(616) 855-6907

Reviewed by:

Jordan Shevlin

Truly, Morning Belle in Grand Rapids ranks as one of the top breakfast places visited. From the moment of arrival, the warmth and welcoming nature of the staff set a fantastic tone. Mackenzie, the server, was promptly at the table, showcasing her attentiveness. She was incredibly helpful, even assisting in customizing a drink and recommending delightful options like the cinnamon roll, which struck the perfect balance between light and comforting. Deciding to study flash cards during the meal, the ambiance proved to be exceptionally chill and conducive to focusing. It's a place where a return visit is already on the cards. The interior, inviting and well arranged, although a tad more space between some tables would enhance the dining experience further. The hummingbird omelette ordered was nothing short of excellent, with the chicken bacon ranch omelette also getting high marks. The interaction with another server during meal delivery added a quirky touch, though a clearer announcement of the dishes would have been appreciated. Jarod, another server, was wonderfully courteous, ensuring coffee was always topped up and providing spot-on menu recommendations. Getting insights into the chef and the kitchen team added a nice personal touch to the dining experience. Returning for another meal confirmed the consistent quality, with the omelets, waffles, and eggs being perfectly portioned and flavorsome. The outdoor seating added to the charm, making it a great spot on Bridge St, nestled among bars and pubs in a lovely walking area. The breakfast potatoes deserve a special mention - easily the best in the city. The seasonal drinks were a wonderful complement to the meals. Morning Belle has established itself as a must-visit for breakfast in Grand Rapids, thanks to its fantastic food, lovely atmosphere, and genuinely caring staff. Without a doubt, there are many more visits ahead.

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