September 12, 2023

Top Brunch Hotspots in Greensboro You Must Try!

Discover the best brunch spots in Greensboro, where breakfast meets lunch in a perfect medley. Enjoy mouthwatering pancakes, French toast, omelettes, and more, in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. No better way to kickstart your weekend!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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North Carolina
Top Brunch Hotspots in Greensboro You Must Try!
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Experience the delight of mid-morning dining at our selection of the best brunch places in Greensboro. The city boasts an amazing array of eateries that offer a refreshing fusion of breakfast and lunch treats. Whether you fancy sweet pancakes, savory eggs benedict, or a hearty steak and eggs, Greensboro's brunch spots will satiate your cravings. From quaint cafés to upscale restaurants, you'll discover a world of flavors, picturesque interiors, and top-notch service. Brace yourself for a memorable culinary journey exploring Greensboro's brunch scene.

The Sage Mule

608 Battleground Ave, Greensboro

(336) 501-0193

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The Sage Mule is a delightful brunch spot in Greensboro with a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff, and a menu packed with diverse, delicious options. Whether you're a local or just passing through, this eatery should be at the top of your list for a memorable breakfast or brunch experience. It's not just about great food here, it's about a genuinely excellent dining experience. From the top-notch service to the creative menu and comforting decor, it's clear The Sage Mule has the right recipe for a perfect brunch. Can't wait for my next visit!

Green Valley Grill

622 Green Valley Rd, Greensboro

(336) 854-2015

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Green Valley Grill, a stellar brunch spot in Greensboro, serves delicious meals worth the visit. From a variety of Mediterranean tapas to the succulent rotisserie chicken salad on a warm croissant, every dish is uniquely tantalizing and praiseworthy. The blue crab dip makes for a fantastic starter, though be prepared for it to arrive a tad hot. Delicious, well-cooked short rib hash provides a hearty meal option with perfectly cooked beef. The quality of the food justifies the price, offering great value for money. Excellent, attentive service amps up the overall dining experience, making it ideal for family outings and special occasions like birthdays. The calm, welcoming atmosphere remains a consistent plus. As a newbie, I was left with a profoundly positive impression, and I look forward to visiting again. Green Valley Grill is undoubtedly a recommendation-worthy brunch spot in Greensboro.

Chez Genèse

616 S Elm St, Greensboro

(336) 663-7399

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Exceptional French cuisine, a charming, bustling atmosphere, and a commendable mission makes Chez Genèse a must-visit spot for brunch in Greensboro. You'll be captivated from the moment you step through the door, from the beautifully plated dishes, delicious espresso with oat milk, to the flavorsome avocado multi-grain toast with feta and honey drizzle. The lemon ricotta pancakes and smoked salmon omelet further showcase the high culinary standards of this place. Surprisingly affordable and with a warm, welcoming vibe, Chez Genèse proves itself to be more than just good intentions; it's truly a gem in the local culinary scene. Do expect it to be busy - it's a popular spot, but the wait is worth it, as is their memorable, superior quality breakfast. I highly recommend Chez Genèse and can't wait to return to try their lunch options!

Print Works Bistro

702 Green Valley Rd, Greensboro

(336) 379-0699

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My experience at Print Works Bistro proves that hospitality and great taste are at the heart of this delightful establishment. Even though our initial seating was delayed, the overall vibe of the bistro and the delectable food made up for it. The shrimp and grits may not have hit the spot for me, but the rest of my party was thoroughly satisfied. The ambiance may lean toward the upscale, but it retains a friendly charm. Our anniversary dinner was a dream — the filet mignon, the ribs, the truffle fries, and the roasted beets and greens salad were divine. Room service was a pleasant surprise as well with quick delivery times and scrumptious food ranging from breakfast offerings like eggs benedict and French toast to indulgent snacks like the truffle fries. The staff's attention to detail, like the unexpected birthday profiteroles, was heartwarming. Furthermore, they managed to impress even when faced with a sizable party for a graduation brunch. In summary, Print Works Bistro offers a sophisticated yet considerate dining experience, something that every brunch lover should experience. Despite minor setbacks, it's a place that will keep me, and undoubtedly many others, coming back for more. The inviting atmosphere, attentive service, and exquisite food give Print Works Bistro an irresistible charm that is hard to ignore.

Scrambled Southern Diner

2417 Spring Garden St, Greensboro

(336) 285-6590

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Scrambled Southern Diner was a delightful brunch experience in Greensboro. From the friendly, swift service, to the delicious and satisfying food, it offered a satisfying and authentic Southern dining experience. The Chicken Little eggs Benedict, cheddar grits, and pancakes were all outstanding, and the homey atmosphere combined with efficient table turnover created a happy and comfortable dining atmosphere. While there was a considerable wait time, the quality of the food and overall experience made it worthwhile. However, reserving your seat in advance is highly recommended due to the diner's popularity. Despite it being slightly darker indoors than preferred and the walking space a bit tight, Scrambled Southern Diner is definitely worth a visit. I look forward to returning to try more items on their menu.

Melt Kitchen and Bar

1941 New Garden Rd #116, Greensboro

(336) 763-5445

Reviewed by:

My experience at Melt Kitchen and Bar for brunch was a generally satisfying one. The variety of dishes we ordered all held their own in terms of flavor and presentation, with the Gouda Cheese Dip standing out in particular. Its large portion was a pleasant surprise. Although the Salmon BLT was a bit cumbersome to eat due to the thick fillet, the alluring flavor of the bacon paired well with it. The Duck Club was satisfactory, however, the accompanying fries fell short in their appeal when they cooled down. Any expectations hinged on the duck fat shouldn't be too high as the result was not as crispy or fragrant as traditionally fried food. Despite the food's occasional misses, the service at Melt Kitchen more than made up for it. The staff was consistently friendly and attentive, their hospitality adding to the overall positive atmosphere. Standout meals were the duck club and the scarlett, both boasting fresh ingredients and beautifully toasted bread. The mac and cheese was a hit, and the beignets made for a delightful end to our meal. Any missteps with seasoning or flavor in certain dishes were minor as the dipping sauces were appetizing and the vegan options diverse. The Grilled Cheese Panini and Pulled Pork with Nachos were hearty and satisfying. Overall, I found Melt Kitchen and Bar to be packed with potential. It's a place that caters to different food preferences and tastes. Despite slight shortcomings in some areas, it's a place I would recommend for brunch thanks to the great service, scrumptious dips, and promising dishes.

Summit Cafe

1050 Summit Ave, Greensboro

(336) 676-6677

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My brunch experience at the Summit Cafe in Greensboro was a surprisingly delightful affair. Though the food was generally average, the shrimp and grits dish was impressively abundant and the eggs and bacon were pleasing. Despite a minor disappointment with the limited and not-so-premium salad dressings, I found the environment to be absolutely fantastic, with tasteful decor and stellar music. The customer service was commendable and I was particularly impressed with the cleanliness of the place. The standout dish for me was the salmon patties, a must-try for anyone who visits. Wholesome, home-cooked food, great service and a comfortable atmosphere will definitely pull me back to this hidden gem. The Summit Cafe may be small in size, but it certainly scores big in terms of quality and warmth. The best meal I've had in a while, and the staff were understanding and patient even when I wasn't at my chattiest. This is a hometown restaurant that won't let you down!

Herbie's Place

3136 Battleground Ave, Greensboro

(336) 288-8896

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Herbie's Place in Greensboro is a local gem that serves up classic diner brunch in a friendly, vibrant setting. Don't let the crowds deter you, their service is outstanding and quick, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The food is a mix bag - while the Hamburger Steak and Eggs might be a bit bland and overcooked, their bacon double cheeseburger is top-notch. They also serve delightful vegetarian options like the tasty veggie omelette. The portions are generous, offering good value for your money. The staff is efficient and attentive, giving the place a warm, welcoming vibe. Sure, the interior could use a bit of a spruce, but you're not there for the decor - you're there for a hearty brunch. Despite the few, minor drawbacks, Herbie's Place still stands as a great brunch spot in Greensboro.

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

1421 Westover Terrace, Greensboro

(336) 370-0707

Reviewed by:

My latest brunch adventure took me to Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen in Greensboro, an establishment with a lot of potential that unfortunately fell a bit short for me. The ambiance was absolutely delightful and the service was commendable. Our waitress was very attentive and ensured our meals arrived in a timely manner. On the flip side, the food left something to be desired. While some dishes were enjoyable, like my dessert, the main courses lacked the expected flavor and finesse. We had a range of dishes from salmon to grits with mushrooms and creole sauce, and they just didn't hit the mark. They lacked the distinct Southern taste I was looking forward to. Another issue worth mentioning was the seating arrangement. Despite previously calling for a birthday reservation hoping for a private or reserved area, we were placed alongside regular diners. There was a reserved and more private area in the restaurant which would have been better suited for the occasion. In spite of these shortcomings, Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen may still be worth a visit as taste is subjective and others might enjoy what they have to offer. While it didn't quite live up to my expectations, the service, ambiance and the novelty of having deviled eggs as a restaurant dish may just draw me back for another try. Jade, one of the wait staff, was particularly noteworthy for her excellent service and we would love to have her serve us again.

‘Cille and ‘Scoe

312 S Elm St, Greensboro

(336) 522-6592

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‘Cille and ‘Scoe in Greensboro provided an excellent brunch experience from start to finish. Despite my shrimp allergy, I was highly satisfied with the steak omelette, and the portions were generous. My group enjoyed the diverse beverage selection and everyone loved their meals. The ambience was vibrant and relaxing, and the outdoor seating was a bonus. We were particularly impressed with the cauliflower, charred wings and Flatbread. The service was warm and friendly, and they have a great beer and cocktail selection. Their unique take on shrimp and grits was simply to die for and their strawberry muffins were sublime. This place is a must-try for everyone and I am definitely coming back for more.

Tex & Shirley’s Family Restaurant

1617 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro

(336) 897-0100

Reviewed by:

Tex & Shirley’s Family Restaurant in Greensboro is the go-to spot for a delightful brunch experience. Despite their hectic hours, the staff promptly seats you and provides top-notch service, catering to individual dietary needs like gluten-sensitivity without any hiccup. The gluten-free pancakes and egg whites are to die for. While the orange juice per cup rationale is standard, the freshness of their squeezed oranges adds an unexpected twist. The food and service stand out, even amidst the bustling ambience. You cannot miss the cheddar grits from their updated menu – they are a delicious upgrade from the old ones. The rejuvenated, hip interior style only adds to the charm. Although the portions may be smaller than expected, the reasonable pricing and delectable flavors compensate for it. The warm greeting as you walk in and the friendly family atmosphere that pervades the space are just the cherries on top. Undoubtedly, Tex & Shirley’s is a must-visit establishment, especially if you cherish memorable brunch experiences.

Dame's Chicken & Waffles

301 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Greensboro

(336) 275-7333

Reviewed by:

Overall, while my experience at Dame's Chicken & Waffles for brunch had its ups and downs, I can firmly say that it was worthwhile. The staff offered a friendly and attentive service right from the moment we entered the restaurant. Despite some disappointments with food items like the waffle, chicken, and mac & cheese, the flavorful shrimp and grits stood out as the highlight of the meal. Timing for serving the orders was impressive, even if the food's temperature could have been hotter. Additionally, there were some issues related to parking, indoor waiting area and seatings, which I hope will be improved in the future. Still, the delicious Pink Lover Mimosa added a refreshing note to the experience. Despite all these, I am eager to revisit Dame's outside of a major city event, hoping for an even better experience and to explore more of their menu.

Carolina's Diner

5605 W Friendly Ave E, Greensboro

(336) 297-9363

Reviewed by:

My brunch experience at Carolina's Diner in Greensboro was one for the books. I found myself seated comfortably at the breakfast bar on a less crowded Monday, enjoying their signature dish, the Dinermite Country. The homemade sausage gravy, a huge biscuit, bacon, eggs, sausage links, and grits served with a constant supply of sweet tea, made me feel like I was at a family gathering. The staff is very warm and welcoming, creating a friendly atmosphere. Despite a mix-up with my Bologna order, which seemed to be rushed and not cooked as requested, the overall service and food experience was satisfying. Savannah, our server, was particularly delightful and attentive. However, I had a less pleasant experience with a missing bacon issue on my bacon smash burgers, where the manager rather unprofessionally suggested we were at fault. Despite this one-off incident, Carolina's Diner remains a great place to enjoy a hearty meal.

Mimi's Cafe

3322 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro

(336) 852-7811

Reviewed by:

Mimi's Cafe in Greensboro is an excellent spot for brunch, offering delicious food options, generous portions, and top-notch service. The bar, serving a selection of juices and champagne, is a nice touch to the overall dining experience. The chicken and waffles were a hit, with the waffles being light and fluffy and the chicken seasoned to perfection. This spot is also family-friendly, making it a great choice for everyone. The only minor letdown was the triple berry juice in the mimosa flight, which tasted a bit off, but the mango and classic orange juice redeemed the experience. The quiche Lorraine, despite being rewarmed, was delectable with its fantastic crust and fluffy middle. Highly recommended for a delightful brunch, I look forward to returning to Mimi's Cafe!

Best Diner

5339 W Market St, Greensboro

(336) 632-4400

Reviewed by:

Best Diner in Greensboro offers an incredible brunch experience. Their menu caters to a wide array of preferences including turkey sausage for non-pork eaters and dishes for those who prefer lunch over breakfast. The food, especially the strawberry waffle and biscuits & gravy, is delicious and pocket-friendly. Although it can get busy, the staff works tirelessly to maintain cleanliness and service with a smile. The comfortable and clean environment makes it a perfect spot for gatherings. The exceptional service, with staff treating customers like family, adds to its appeal. Despite a hectic atmosphere at times, the overall experience, food quality and value make a visit worthwhile. It stands as a charming traditional diner that has mastered the art of good food and heartwarming hospitality.

Jake's Diner

4220 W Wendover Ave, Greensboro

(336) 297-4141

Reviewed by:

Despite its rough exterior, Jake's Diner in Greensboro offers an impressive selection of food options, daily specials, and commendable service. While some may find their omelets on the bland side, their sausage dog deserves a special shoutout. Although the decor needs a bit of sprucing up, the lively ambiance, effervescent server, and swift service make up for it. The diner may get busy but the wait isn't too long. A few minor hiccups occurred, such as forgotten utensils and delayed toast, but the thick, delightful waffles made up for these. Jake's Diner is a typical diner, not a gourmet restaurant, but it does its job well, and I'm looking forward to revisiting.

Luxe Soulfood & Cocktails

403 N Elm St, Greensboro

(336) 617-4041

Reviewed by:

Luxe Soulfood & Cocktails in Greensboro truly surpassed my expectations when I went for brunch recently. Despite a minor confusion about the seating time, our hosts were incredibly gracious and accommodating. The service from Tee, Deasia, and our waitress Ashley, was exemplary. They crafted a comforting and peaceful ambiance, ensuring our dining experience was as enjoyable as possible. The food, boasting soulful classics like catfish nuggets, yams, and irresistibly creamy mac & cheese, was authentically delicious and fresh. Marcus and Mercedes also deserve a special mention for their excellent service. This place is an unexpected gem in the heart of Greensboro, and I cannot recommend it enough for a satisfying and delightful brunch. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

First Watch

4520 W Wendover Ave Ste 101, Greensboro

(336) 331-9955

Reviewed by:

First Watch in Greensboro offers an amazing brunch experience. The availability of an online feature to grab a place in line is smart and very helpful, especially during busy hours. Despite the waiting time, the hospitality is commendable as they offer coffee while you wait. The service is prompt and the food is delicious, with a variety in the menu that satisfies different tastes. The restaurant stands out with its quality service and food availability, even in these challenging times. If you live in Greensboro and haven't tried it yet, I strongly recommend you to visit. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fresh ingredients and the mouth-watering dishes. The wait times might be high on weekends, but it's worth it. A reservation is highly recommended. So, just go for it and enjoy the delightful brunch at First Watch.

Greensboro Drag Brunch

2901 Spring Garden St, Greensboro

(336) 617-8571

Reviewed by:

I recently attended the Greensboro Drag Brunch and I must admit, it was an explosion of color, fun, and flavor like no other brunch experience I've had in the city. For a brunch that serves more than just scrumptious food and refreshing mimosas, Greensboro Drag Brunch is definitely your best bet. Upon walking into the venue, the vibrant atmosphere hits you right away. The restaurant was bustling with laughter and the sound of clinking glasses, setting the tone for a genuinely enjoyable afternoon. It wasn't just a brunch, it was an event, and one that was artfully decorated and thoughtfully coordinated. The highlight and undoubtedly the heart of the Greensboro Drag Brunch, of course, is the drag queens, who are top-notch performers. Every moment was filled with flamboyant performances so lively that they made the pancakes seem plain in comparison! Each performer was interactive, allowing the audience to truly feel a part of the fun-filled spectacle. They were talented, funny, and all embodied a sassy charisma that left everyone in the room smiling from ear to ear. Now, let's talk about the food. The brunch selection was the right kind of decadent. From the perfectly fluffy pancakes to the delectable avocado toast, each dish tasted just as good as it looked, and they all looked pretty fantastic. The menu was diverse, catering to a variety of dietary preferences without compromising the flavor at all. The bottomless mimosas were the proverbial cherry on top. They were freshly made, just the right amount of sweet and tart, and kept flowing throughout the brunch. The friendly and attentive staff ensured that my glass was never empty, creating a truly indulgent brunch experience. Moreover, the efficiency and warmth the staff showed only added to the overall pleasant ambiance. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with friendly smiles and the service throughout was top-notch, making the entire experience smooth and enjoyable. I'll sum up my experience by saying that the Greensboro Drag Brunch is more than just food and drinks on a Sunday – it’s a sensory experience! It is a place to enjoy a fantastic performance, hearty laughter, and delectable food and drink with friends and family. It's a brunch that will leave you looking forward to the next Sunday, just to do it all over again! In conclusion, Greensboro Drag Brunch is a must-visit in Greensboro. It’s one of those places where the food is impeccable, the mimosas are flowing, and the entertainment is top notch. For someone looking for an unforgettable brunch, I couldn't recommend Greensboro Drag Brunch more highly. So get your Sunday best ready to be dazzled by what Greensboro has to offer, and I guarantee you'll leave with your belly and heart full!

EdibleArt Pop-Ups

3205 Center St, Greensboro

(336) 601-3978

Reviewed by:

I had the absolute delight of experiencing EdibleArt Pop-Ups for brunch in Greensboro, and I must say, it was a brunch experience like no other. From the moment I entered the pop-up location, I was captivated by the uniqueness of the setup - a perfect blend of creativity and culinary expertise. The atmosphere carried an air of excitement and intrigue, an experience shared by patrons eagerly waiting to see what the gourmet menu had in store for them. Let's talk about the food. Each dish was an exquisite piece of art, an amalgamation of flavors and textures that enthralled the senses. The menu was a perfect blend of traditional brunch favorites and innovative creations that managed to break the mold. From perfectly poached eggs with a runny middle expertly balanced on a crisp piece of artisanal bread to a unique rendition of Belgium waffles with berry compote and infused maple syrup, it was clear: the food was the star of the show. But what sets EdibleArt Pop-Ups apart from other brunch spots is the changing menu and location. The uncertainty and the anticipation of what might be on offer next time is thrilling. The element of surprise sets them apart and makes each visit a unique experience. Service was impeccable. The staff were friendly, accommodating, and well-versed with the menu. They were more than happy to discuss the dishes and even provide recommendations. And then there were the drinks. EdibleArt Pop-Ups showcased an impressive selection of drinks, including perfectly brewed coffees, freshly squeezed juices, and a variety of craft cocktails. My favorite was a chilled bellini, accentuated with a hint of fresh, local peaches. In conclusion, the EdibleArt Pop-Ups brunch experience in Greensboro is one not to be missed. It's an adventure in taste and aesthetics, a brunch that truly delights and surprises. This pop-up phenomenon presents an exciting twist to your regular brunch scene, making it an essential visit for brunch enthusiasts. As a brunch connoisseur myself, I left impressed and excited for the next culinary wonder EdibleArt Pop-Ups will bring to the table!

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