January 27, 2024

Brunching in Hialeah: Discover the Best Spots!

Craving brunch in Hialeah? Think crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes, and the perfect eggs!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Brunching in Hialeah: Discover the Best Spots!
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In Hialeah, every bite is a homage to the city's diverse palate, where traditional meets trendy and every sip is a testament to the city's spirited vibe.

Best Breakfast 2 Go

3438 W 92nd Pl, Hialeah

Reviewed by:

Adolfo Booher

Brunch at Best Breakfast 2 Go in Hialeah was an experience that exceeded my expectations. As someone who genuinely appreciates a hearty meal to kickstart the day, finding a spot that delivers on quality, taste, and service is a real treasure. From the moment I walked in, the warm and welcoming atmosphere set the right tone for what was to come. The menu selection was impressive, offering a variety of dishes that cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet like pancakes or waffles, or crave a savory option like an omelet or breakfast sandwich, they have it all. What stood out to me was not just the quality of the ingredients used but also the care put into preparing each dish.The service was another aspect that made my visit memorable. Staff were friendly and attentive, ensuring that my order was taken promptly and any questions I had about the menu were answered thoroughly. It's clear that customer satisfaction is a priority here.One of the highlights of my brunch experience was the coffee. It was rich, flavorful, and the perfect complement to my meal. It's not often that you find a place that pays such close attention to their beverage selection, and Best Breakfast 2 Go definitely impressed me in this aspect.Overall, my brunch at Best Breakfast 2 Go was delightful. It's the combination of delicious food, exceptional service, and a cozy atmosphere that makes this place stand out. I left feeling satisfied and already planning my next visit. If you're in Hialeah and looking for a spot to enjoy a fantastic brunch, Best Breakfast 2 Go should undoubtedly be on your list.

Belly Fuel Restaurant

9101 W Okeechobee Rd, Hialeah Gardens

(786) 433-3060

Reviewed by:

Assetou Crosby

I stumbled upon Belly Fuel Restaurant for brunch in Hialeah, and what a find it was! The cozy vibe of the place immediately drew me in, and the variety of food available was impressive. Initially set on getting breakfast, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had lunch options ready by 10:30 am. The steak tuna, rice, beans, and tostones I opted for were absolutely delicious. Tucked away near Walmart and somewhat hidden behind trucks from another entrance, this spot is definitely a hidden gem. Their roast pork was the best I've ever had, bringing back memories of home-cooked, wood-roasted pork. The owners are incredibly friendly, and every dish seemed to carry that comforting, homemade quality, just like grandma used to make. I can wholeheartedly recommend this place, guaranteeing you'll enjoy your meal just as much as I did, with no regrets! The Google ratings led me here, and they didn't steer me wrong. The coffee was outstanding, complementing the beautifully prepared and tasty food. The staff's friendliness and the swift service enhanced the dining experience significantly. Despite the minor hiccup with the French toast being a bit burnt on top and undercooked in the middle, the overall experience was fantastic. The wait staff's kindness and the quality of the coffee certainly made up for it. This place deserves all the love and support. So, don't hesitate to give Belly Fuel Restaurant a try for your next brunch outing in Hialeah.


8200 Hialeah Gardens Blvd Unit #9, Hialeah

(786) 863-1483

Reviewed by:

Myra Clark

My all-time favorite place! I live and die here ❤️. The environment is incredibly welcoming, and they serve the yummiest waffles and the greatest refreshers - they never disappoint! From the moment I walked into Oye Hialeah, I knew it was going to be a place I loved. The owners invest a lot of effort to make it feel like a second home for everyone who visits. I've tried other Healthy Nutrition bars, but this one is by far the best. They offer a tremendous variety of shakes, refreshers, waffles, donuts - you name it. I definitely recommend it to everyone. I had an amazing experience here. The owners are fantastic; they make the restaurant feel so comfortable and welcoming. My coffee drink was delicious. I truly appreciated the welcoming vibe and the conversation. If you haven't visited yet, you must go! It's important to support local businesses. This is probably the best spot I have ever been to. Since their opening, I've been going here at least twice a week. I've formed an amazing bond and family-like relationship with Denise and Bryon. But they offer more than just great quality products; they provide health/nutrition information, amazing customer service, a welcoming environment, and so much more. This place has become my safe haven where I can disconnect and absorb all types of positive energies. They've created a spot in Hialeah where you don't just come to consume healthy products but also feel right at home. This business and the amazing people behind it deserve all the recognition in the world. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! So, know that any negative comment likely comes from a place of bitterness because they are AWESOME.

La Fresa Francesa

59 W 3rd St, Hialeah

(786) 717-6886

Reviewed by:

Omero Axelrad

My visit to La Fresa Francesa for brunch was definitely a highlight. Touted as one of the best French restaurants in Miami, it lived up to the hype with some room for improvement. Let's talk about the food: the onion soup was excellent, despite the cheese being slightly burnt, it was the best I've had in South Florida. The escargots were good, and the hanger steak was incredible, landing in my top three steaks in Miami. The Croque Madame was okay, and the fries were excellent. However, it's worth noting that the place is on the expensive side; paying $14 for soup was a first for me. The ambiance of La Fresa Francesa adds to its charm, making you feel as if you've stepped out of Hialeah and into a quaint spot in Paris. The waitstaff was excellent, providing great recommendations and making the dining experience even more delightful. Although there was a slight delay in getting our order due to a kitchen mishap, the bacon-wrapped dates we started with were amazing. For the main course, my croquette Monsieur sandwich was good, and although Luciana's brie and pear jam sandwich felt a bit lacking, the overall experience was positive. The salted butter crepe we had for dessert was outstanding, definitely encouraging a return visit. The addition of French music played in the background truly added to the immersive experience, transforming it into a hidden gem within Hialeah. The service was very attentive throughout our stay, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Despite the minor setbacks, the quality of the food and the overall atmosphere make La Fresa Francesa a must-try for anyone in search of excellent French cuisine in the heart of Hialeah. Would definitely come back.

La Viña Aragon

8155 W 8th Ave, Hialeah

(305) 825-8517

Reviewed by:

Margarita Eidelys

Honestly, I'm puzzled by anyone claiming they've had to wait at La Viña Aragon Restaurant y Cafeteria. Over the 20 years I've been dining here, sometimes even daily, I've never once had to wait for a table. Regardless of how busy they might appear, there's always a spot ready, the service is lightning fast, and the food is nothing short of spectacular. In my opinion, this place serves up the best authentic Cuban food in Miami. It's not just about the food either; the little things, like how clean the bathroom is, really set it apart for me – it's a small detail that speaks volumes about their overall cleanliness and care. The restaurant is cozy, offering the best authentic Cuban cuisine that I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. I've captured some photos of the delicious dishes I've enjoyed there, which I think speak for themselves. It's truly the go-to spot for fantastic, affordably priced Cuban food that epitomizes what Miami's Cuban cuisine is all about: great quality, unbeatable prices, and utter deliciousness. Do keep in mind that they only accept cash, but there's no need to worry - there's a supermarket next door with an ATM. For anyone in a rush, calling your order in is a great option. Just remember, they're closed on Sundays, so plan your visits accordingly. Despite the sheer amount of food that packs a flavorful punch, I did find the plantain soup a tad greasy for my taste. And yes, it can get very busy during lunch hours, potentially leading to some wait time – a small compromise for the quality of the food. My experience with the ox tail lunch was a bit disappointing as it lacked flavor, and there were moments when service could have been more attentive, especially with refilling water. Nonetheless, the overall experience at La Viña Aragon Restaurant y Cafeteria is unparalleled when it comes to authentic Cuban cuisine in Miami. It's a testament to the vibrant, rich flavors of Cuban cooking, served in a welcoming atmosphere that'll have anyone coming back for more.

El Patio Live Restaurante

1675 W 49th St unit 1574, Hialeah

(786) 558-5535

Reviewed by:

Ruby Wall

Waooooo, that's definitely the first word that comes to mind when reflecting on my experience at El Patio Live Restaurante for brunch. The combination of food, presentation, service, and ambiance seamlessly blend together to ensure every guest enjoys a memorable dining experience. A special shoutout to Robertico for his genuine humility and for making the effort to personally greet customers at their tables. This place comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a great dining spot. Upon entering, the hostess was prompt in greeting and seating us. The cleanliness and organization of both the table and the overall restaurant immediately stood out. Although there were some limitations in menu flexibility, such as not being able to pair certain sides with specific dishes, the friendly service from our server more than made up for it. He was attentive, frequently checking in on us throughout our meal. While the food was fairly standard, the atmosphere was exceptional, making the overall experience enjoyable. The Medio Dia Croquetas were a delightful start to the meal, perfectly complemented by their sauce. The Patio Chicken sandwich was notably large, juicy, and packed with flavor, while the El Moreno sandwich did not disappoint either. Dessert was a highlight, with the flan and its unique guava/strawberry syrup standing out as a must-try. Although it was too early for us to explore the full bar, it's worth noting for future visits. The pricing, particularly the $25 per person standard breakfast, seemed a bit steep, though the rest of the menu appeared reasonable considering current market rates. Our waiter, Rafael, brought a fantastic energy to our table; he was quick, funny, and genuinely contributed to the positive vibes of our dining experience. The food was exceptionally delicious, the lemonade refreshingly perfect for the hot day, and if I were a local, this spot would become a regular Sunday haunt for me. There's a certain charm and good vibe that this place exudes, making it a standout choice in Miami for brunch.

90 Millas Restaurante & Cafe

5904 W 20th Ave, Hialeah

(305) 457-1455

Reviewed by:

Ashish Hillman

Had an excellent dinner time at 90 Millas Restaurante & Cafe! The food and service were great, but what really caught me by surprise was the ambiance. They had a fantastic live singer that added so much to the experience. The food was top-notch in taste, portion, and presentation. I was impressed by the variety and daily specials they offered, providing great value. The waitresses were informed, friendly, and knowledgeable, making our dining experience even more enjoyable. What stood out was the personal touch from the owner, who came to our table to ensure everything was to our liking. Opted for the Milanesa de Pescado (Fish), and it was absolutely delicious. To wrap up the meal, a great Cuban coffee was the cherry on top. It's a new restaurant that offers night entertainment in a really good location. Everything we ordered was well seasoned, served in generous portions, and presented beautifully. Our server was incredibly kind and even suggested some delicious desserts, which did not disappoint. The fresh food truly speaks for itself. Despite not being a big fish eater, the Milanesa de Pescado was fresh and utterly delightful. My friend, who isn’t from Florida, also deeply enjoyed the food, making it a memorable experience for both of us. If you're looking for a place with excellent dinner options, fresh food, and a lively atmosphere, I definitely recommend giving 90 Millas Restaurante & Cafe a try. It's a regret that it took me so long to visit, but now that I have, it's definitely going to be a regular spot for me.

Cafe N' Clave

524 W 27th St, Hialeah

(786) 505-9605

Reviewed by:

Lance Michelle Del Frate

Finding a good spot for brunch in Hialeah led me to discover Cafe N' Clave, and it did not disappoint. The place is ideal for a quick lunch, offering cold beers and food specials that are surprisingly inexpensive. While there might be room for improvement in the service department, it's fair to say that the quality of the food and the overall good pricing more than make up for it. The delicious offerings here keep me coming back. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the service has a personal touch which makes the dining experience very enjoyable. It's not often you find places where the prices don't make you double-check your bank account, and Cafe N' Clave sits comfortably in that sweet spot of value for money. Yes, parking can be a bit of a challenge, but that's a small price to pay for what awaits inside. It's more than just a lunch spot; it's a place that welcomes you warmly each visit. The exceptional service stands out, making each meal here memorable. What adds to the charm of this café is Nadia, the owner. Her friendliness and willingness to go the extra mile for her guests are remarkable. She even took the time to show us the space available for rent for parties and reunions, which speaks volumes about the versatility of Cafe N' Clave. In sum, for those looking for a nice little spot in Hialeah for a satisfying meal without breaking the bank, this café comes highly recommended. The combination of delicious food, amiable service, and the welcoming vibe provided by Nadia and her team make Cafe N' Clave a must-visit.

Trigo Cafe Tapas Wine

839 W 49th St, Hialeah

(786) 616-8952

Reviewed by:

Adam Alex

Had the chance to check out Trigo Cafe Tapas Wine for brunch in Hialeah, and wow, was it an experience to remember! First off, the shakes here are incredible - best in Hialeah, without a doubt. The "Trigo" shake lived up to its name, and finding out they offer dairy-free options was a cherry on top. The breakfast menu is anything but ordinary, and the lunch selections are just as unique. This place is a hidden gem in Hialeah, and the pictures barely do it justice. While there, treated myself to chicken and waffles, and croquetas. The vibe of the place is just so welcoming and comforting. It's small and quaint, which adds to its charm, really giving off that local, family-owned feel. Had the pleasure of meeting the owner too – what a fantastic guy! He's a true wine enthusiast and shared some insights on a wine we were curious about. His passion for ensuring guests have a great experience shone through, making the visit even more special. We indulged in a variety of dishes - the manchego croquettes, garbanzos fritos, and pork belly for starters were a hit. For the main course, the pan con lechon accompanied by fries was out of this world. And for dessert, the almond tart with leche condensada and blueberries, named the Tarta, was simply divine. Couldn't leave without trying the cafecito Bombom as well, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Every bite and sip were delightful. Honestly, can't recommend this place enough. The food is exquisite, and the atmosphere just makes you want to stay longer. It's clear they prioritize quality and customer service, making sure everyone leaves with a smile. Definitely planning to come back soon!

Ruta 75

8200 W 33rd Ave bay #3, Hialeah

(786) 332-4419

Reviewed by:

Chrissy Hammond

Ruta 75 has been an absolute delight for those of us craving authentic flavors! The food was beyond delicious, delivering an experience that truly resonates with genuine authenticity. Each dish I've tried has boasted incredible taste and authenticity, solidifying Ruta 75 as a top destination for anyone seeking real culinary experiences. It's worth noting that this place was recommended, but it didn't meet my expectations at all. Disappointingly, I even found myself boxing up my meal to give away, having expected much more based on recommendations. Despite having tried many Colombian restaurants in the area, Ruta 75 didn't quite hit the mark for me. However, having been a patron for about a year and a half, I've probably sampled every dish on their menu. The food here really is "So Good," with decent portions, on-point service, and unparalleled freshness. Whether it's fish, chicken, steak, or breakfast, there's something for every preference. Now, I even bring my customers here to give them a taste of this gem. A shout-out to Royce, our server, who always makes the experience even better. It's a statement when someone says it's the BEST COLOMBIAN FOOD, and they're not even Colombian. Moreover, with our Drone Training School nearby, we often come here to grab breakfast and lunch. The staff is incredibly nice and friendly, the food delicious, and the serving sizes are very generous. Plus, the convenience of being able to order food for delivery when we can't make it out is a lifesaver. In sum, Ruta 75 has proven to be a staple for both business and pleasure, blending delightful dishes with a welcoming atmosphere. It's a must-visit for anyone looking for delicious, authentic cuisine in the area.

Mangu Cafe Restaurant

2007 W 62nd St, Hialeah

(305) 828-3296

Reviewed by:

Olivia Santiago

If you're a fan of Dominican cuisine, Mangu Cafe Restaurant in Hialeah is a must-visit! This place truly lives up to its name, especially with the chef's expertise in crafting the perfect mashed boiled plantains (mangu). What really stood out was the lime juice - incredibly refreshing and made from natural, organic ingredients. The entire menu is worth trying; every dish is a delight. During a visit, had the chance to meet the owner, who was super friendly and down-to-earth. Came here for brunch and it was an exceptional experience. The Mangu, Sopa de Pollo (Chicken Soup), and Dominican cake were all outstanding. Would definitely recommend this spot to anyone looking for quality Dominican food. The restaurant itself is clean and has a great atmosphere, making it all the more enjoyable. However, it's worth noting to be mindful when paying, particularly with the staff handling payments. There was a minor hiccup with change being omitted, which seemed unintentional but occurred more than once. Despite this, the food quality and dining experience remain unmatched. Also had the chance to order through Uber Eats and was frankly surprised by the quality, taste, and presentation of the food delivered. The chicken soup is possibly the best I've ever had, and the Mofongo, as well as the platter filled with sausages, beef, chicken, plantains, and cheese, were generous enough for two with leftovers for the next day. Definitely planning to visit in person for another meal. Just a tip for anyone craving the chicken soup at the restaurant, it's prepared fresh so expect at least a 30-minute wait, especially if you don't visit on Mondays. Overall, this place is a gem for authentic Dominican cuisine. Thank you, Mangu Cafe Restaurant, for the amazing food and experience!

Maruchi Restaurant

92 E 8th St, Hialeah

(305) 805-9302

Reviewed by:

Sandra Koroma

This is probably the best value breakfast in Miami. Enjoyed eggs, bacon, potatos, and cafe de leche all for $6! The coffee was absolutely amazing. It's a heartfelt love for the place right from the first visit and not a bit of disappointment in sight. The service was exceptional. A kind young lady behind the counter took the time to explain every dish, which made the visit even more delightful. Also had their Cuban coffee, and it was to die for. The price? So affordable, and the portions are generous enough to leave you more than satisfied. The interior is clean, and it's great they sell some of their homemade items in to-go boxes, along with wine and other goodies. Definitely making a point to return next time around. A little tip for future visitors: don't worry if the parking lot seems full, the line inside moves quickly, and the service is always with a smile. The food is simply DELICIOUS and definitely worth every penny. You're greeted with good-sized portions and a great variety of choices. Just simple Cuban home cooking that doesn't need any frills to impress. Great flavor, large portions, and very reasonable prices. The moros were flavorful and cooked to perfection, and the roasted pork was seasoned just right, served with pickled red onions. It's guaranteed to be a must-stop spot every time when back in the hometown.

The Original Ranch House Restaurant

1548 W 84th St, Hialeah

(305) 821-8200

Reviewed by:

Toby Butrus

My visit to The Original Ranch House Restaurant for brunch in Hialeah was a genuinely positive experience. Upon arrival, the staff was very welcoming, setting a warm tone for the meal. The menu offered a wide variety of choices, making it a bit challenging to decide, but that's hardly a negative in my book. Despite some minor hiccups with my order, such as the hamburger lacking seasoning and being served upside down, the overall meal quality was good. The fries were hot, and although the open-face turkey wasn't to my liking due to the subpar meat, the gravy had a tasty, albeit slightly salty, flavor. A highlight was the mashed potatoes, which appeared homemade and were flavorful. Unfortunately, the corn was served cold, and there was a small misunderstanding with a bottled water charge. However, these issues were minor in the context of the overall experience. The diner was decorated for Halloween, adding a festive touch to the ambiance. For the main part of our brunch, the waffles, coffee, eggs, and juice shake all stood out, the food quality being consistently excellent across multiple visits. The restaurant's cleanliness, including the bathrooms and kitchen, was impeccable, and the service was notably stellar. Our server was exceptionally kind and well-versed in the menu, enhancing our dining experience. The atmosphere of the restaurant had a unique charm, blending diner vibes with a Cuban twist, which I found refreshing. The entertainment at the entrance, featuring an artist performing American classics, was a delightful surprise. My choice of the Florentine Eggs Benny was quickly served, hot, and delicious, although the poached eggs were slightly overdone for my taste. The shakes were another highlight, tasting remarkably fresh. Despite these minor details, the exceptional service, the clean and inviting atmosphere, and the overall quality and taste of the food solidify my intention to return. It's become the best dining spot I've discovered in the area, offering a reliably excellent dining experience each time.

Molina's Ranch Restaurant

4090 E 8th Ave, Hialeah

(305) 693-4440

Reviewed by:

Lindsey Manna

Molina's Ranch Restaurant has been a staple for authentic Cuban food in my life for over 20 years, even before they moved across the street. The consistency in the quality of their dishes and the efficiency of their service never ceases to impress. Though I've noticed a rise in their prices compared to other Cuban eateries, the superb dining experience they offer makes it worth every penny. The menu is nothing short of amazing. On my visits, I've indulged in their fried pork chunks, accompanied by sides of plantains, beans and rice, and yucca, with fried plantains also making a delightful appetizer. The flavors in every dish are rich and authentically Cuban, satisfying the palate immensely. This restaurant is a haven for anyone craving genuine Cuban cuisine in Hialeah. From the plantain chips to the ropa vieja, churrasco, and bistec, everything served is fresh and bursting with flavor. Although some dishes can be a bit oily, the overall quality and taste are impeccable. The atmosphere here is always vibrant, often packed, which speaks volumes about its popularity and the quality of food. It's a place where the dishes remind you of home-cooked meals, full of love and tradition. The cleanliness of the restaurant and the attentiveness of the staff add to the overall wonderful dining experience. Molina's Ranch Restaurant is more than just a dining spot; it's a culinary journey through Cuba's best, right in the heart of Hialeah. The ropa vieja, especially, is unmatched, and the commitment to maintaining a welcoming and efficient service makes every visit memorable. For anyone in the area or those willing to make the trip, this place is a must-visit for an unbeatable taste of Cuban cuisine.

Epicentro Cafe 24 Horas

4197 E 4th Ave, Hialeah

(305) 681-4449

Reviewed by:

Adjudant Jafari Bidgoli

Having the opportunity to enjoy a good Cuban meal is always a delight, even if sometimes the names of the dishes escape me 😅. The staff here are incredibly kind, adding to the overall experience by making sure you're well-fed with ample portions of classic Cuban cuisine, all at a very reasonable price. Although I live quite a distance away, a six-hour drive to be exact, the journey back home is always an excuse to stop by Epicentro Cafe 24 Horas for my must-have pan con bistec loaded with patitas, cebolla, and mayonesa. And of course, a meal wouldn't be complete without a Jupiña to wash it all down. The charm of this place is hard to pinpoint, especially when the dishes feel so familiar and comforting, it's easy to jest about it being akin to a simple tomato lettuce onion sandwich – all in good humor, of course 🤣🤣. Despite the jest, this is hands down the spot for an authentic pan con bistec. Their round-the-clock service is a blessing for anyone craving a late-night or early-morning bite, and when it comes to batidos, they truly serve the best in town. It's definitely a place I recommend checking out, whether you're a local or just passing through.

Día y Noche Café

2750 W 68th St #114, Hialeah

(786) 615-9992

Reviewed by:

Tracey Zantor

Brunch at Día y Noche Café in Hialeah was an unforgettable experience, but not for the reasons one might hope. Deciding to try out their Milanesa de res with white rice and tostones, expectations were high. Unfortunately, while the white rice and tostones met expectations, the steak left a lot to be desired, being tougher than anticipated. This resulted in quite the disappointment, especially considering the anticipation for a savory meal. A colleague had opted for the filetillo de pollo with rice and mashed potatoes, only to receive sweet plantains instead of the mashed potatoes that were ordered. This mix-up could have been overlooked had the rest of the experience been satisfactory. However, when an attempt was made to address these issues and seek a possible refund, the absence of a manager further complicated the situation. Efforts to communicate the concerns were met with promises of a callback from the manager which, while prompt, resulted in a less-than-ideal solution that involved returning the food, an impractical request given the distance from the establishment. Furthermore, additional orders including a café con leche that was more leche than café, a cold empanada, and a tostada that was far from toasted, exacerbated the already disappointing experience. These culinary mishaps culminated in a less than stellar experience, leading to an entire meal being discarded. The expectation of a delicious Cuban meal, especially from a place with such cultural roots, was met with disillusionment. The suggestion that perhaps a reevaluation of the culinary team or offerings might be in order is made with the hope that future patrons will have a more enjoyable experience. This visit to Día y Noche Café was unfortunately memorable for all the wrong reasons, suggesting that seeking out alternative dining options might be advisable.

Yoyito Cafe Restaurant

495 E 49th St, Hialeah

(305) 953-0701

Reviewed by:

Steven Gonzales Clemente

Woke up this morning with a massive craving for a Cuban-style breakfast sandwich and stumbled upon Yoyito. Let me tell you, it was nothing short of excellent. You could catch the aroma of authentic Cuban cuisine wafting through the air right from the parking lot, setting the stage for a promising experience. And it didn't disappoint – from the get-go, the people were welcoming, and the service was on point. It's definitely a place to visit if you're in the mood for a taste of Cuba. The breakfast sandwich was a standout, hitting all the right notes. You know you're in for a treat when the flavors transport you, and that's exactly what happened. The atmosphere of Yoyito Cafe Restaurant added to the brunch experience, making it feel like a little getaway. It's one of those must-visit spots that captures the essence of Hialeah's vibrant food scene. Loved every bit of it and can't wait to go back for more.


1645 W 49th St, Hialeah

(305) 827-4481

Reviewed by:

Carol James

Randomly decided to go to IHOP for brunch in Hialeah with my fiance since his parents were in town, and they could watch the kids for us. The moment we walked in, we were greeted with a smile by someone who had served us before: Roberto. Knowing we were in good hands, I went with his recommendations for most of our order. I started off with a vanilla iced coffee topped with whipped cream and Oreo crumbles - it was divine! For appetizers, we opted for the chicken quesadilla and shrimp, both of which were served quickly, hot, and were absolutely delicious. For my entrée, I chose the turkey club but added two fried over-easy eggs, which went perfectly with the bacon and avocado. My fiance went for his usual Philly cheesesteak but with added sautéed mushrooms. However, the real highlight was the Oreo waffles - they were so irresistible that I had to order some to go. Roberto, outstanding as ever, packaged my leftovers beautifully, even crafting a little aluminum foil swan for me. It was clear he was the star of the floor, deserving of a raise for his excellent work. This experience was a perfect end to our night, and I'm so thankful for the hospitality we received, particularly from Roberto. It's certainly made IHOP my go-to spot for any occasion. The service is always friendly, efficient, and courteous, making every visit memorable. Additionally, the quick seating despite the holiday rush and the impeccable service from Diana added to the pleasant experience. The sirloin tips were cooked to perfection, and the seasonal French toast offered during the holidays was a delight, especially with its fresh, warm and fluffy texture. Christmas Eve at this location turned out to be a breeze with great service from Sandra and even better food, like the steak omelette and the French toast that didn't skimp on quality or flavor. Definitely looking forward to coming back and making more holiday memories here.

Latin Cafe 2000

1192 W 49th St, Hialeah

(305) 820-1919

Reviewed by:

Megan Carvalho

I don't normally eat at Latin/Cuban/Spanish restaurants because my friends and family spoiled me with the authentic foods. But when my husband suggested we try this restaurant, I was a bit skeptical. Nevertheless, I agreed. I mentioned that if the place looked unkept in front or around the car park, I wouldn't eat there. To my surprise, the car park, the takeout area outside, and the dining area were really clean and inviting. We were greeted by a really nice young lady. I don't speak Spanish, but my husband does. We got seated inside, which was really clean and nice. It was noticeable that the workers were diligent, ensuring guests were comfortable, wiping tables, and sweeping, rather than standing around chatting. Our server was a really nice lady who explained everything in English for me. She recommended what was popular and even taught me how to say what I wanted in Spanish, which was a lovely touch. Oh, the food was fantastic. The beef empanadas were seasoned and tasty. The fried pork skins were out of this world. It was my first time trying a Latin/Cuban sandwich, and it was amazing. My husband had this huge egg omelet tostito filled with veggies and meat, which looked incredibly appetizing. Even the toilets were clean and nice, which added to the overall positive experience. Overall, this place surpassed my expectations, and I'm definitely going back the next time I'm in the area. Their ability to provide such solid authentic Latin food, like the croquetas de jamon and cafecito, at great prices, especially when everything else is inflating, is commendable. We came here for breakfast and ordered the traditional with bacon, house potatoes, coffee, and orange juice. The portions were large, and the service was great. The staff was friendly, the restaurant clean, and it had a great ambiance. Definitely recommend it for anyone looking for value without compromising on taste or quality. Parking available right in front of the restaurant is also a huge plus.


1000 W 49th St, Hialeah

(305) 558-3411

Reviewed by:

Tala Saintil

The food at Denny's in Hialeah is always a hit for brunch. The service is something worth mentioning too. Even though there was a small mishap with the way menus were given to us, the overall experience was great. It was disappointing to see that kids no longer get crayons for their worksheets, leaving my son a bit bored until his meal arrived. Also, the hot chocolate could have been better, as it was watery and not well-mixed. Despite these minor issues, my love for this Denny's location remains unchanged. Our server, Elsa, along with the new manager, Alma, who was previously a server here, have always ensured we had a pleasant experience. Their service really stands out, making any small inconvenience seem insignificant. The food here, especially the tacos, is something I'd recommend everyone to try. It's the best you'll find in the area, located conveniently at Hialeah on 49th street and W 10th Ave. The service is not just good; it's exceptional. Ms. Paz (I believe her name might be Diana) was our server on our last visit, and her cheerful attitude made our meal even more enjoyable. I frequent this Denny's often and have no plans to stop. The combination of tasty food and excellent service makes it a highly recommended place for anyone looking for a good meal in a friendly atmosphere.

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