February 9, 2024

Hunt Down Your Brunch: Huntington Beach's Best Spots!

Dig into Huntington Beach's best brunch spots where the vibes are laid-back and the pancakes are stacked!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Hunt Down Your Brunch: Huntington Beach's Best Spots!
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Strap in (or perhaps more fittingly, flip-flop in) as we take you through the crème de la crème of Huntington Beach's brunch spots, where every bite is a nod to the easy-going, yet unmistakably buzzing vibe of the beach

Steadfast Cafe

17406 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach

(657) 204-9333

Reviewed by:

Julie Skibiel Gossler

This place is absolutely a gem! As a local hairdresser, I hear a lot about where to eat, and Steadfast Cafe came up quite a few times. So, my son and I decided to check it out, and boy, was it worth it! The atmosphere was so welcoming and friendly right from the start. We each opted for a bagel, and you get to pick your flavor, which is a nice touch. I went for the classic eggs and cheese combo, while my son added bacon to his. It was delicious, a real **chef's kiss** moment. They have a great menu, featuring fresh pastries and some of the best drip coffee I've had in a while. Yes, parking can be a bit of a challenge, but believe me, the effort is totally worth it! On my next visit, I decided to try something different. I ordered the honey cinnamon latte, a blueberry muffin, and toast with cream cheese, cucumber, and tomatoes. The staff was as friendly and polite as before, making the whole experience even better. While the muffin wasn't exactly to my taste—being vegan and gluten-free, it was a bit too dry for me—everything else was spectacular. But what really blew me away was the unique experience. The Blue Matcha and Brown Sugar Latte, along with the Mediterranean Toast and Breakfast Sando, were nothing short of amazing. Each bite was a delightful mix of familiar and new flavors, all perfectly balanced. It felt like every dish was a hit, much like a platinum-selling album with one great song after another! To top it all off, the staff, especially Brad, went above and beyond by offering us a complimentary sweet toast that was absolutely delicious. It left such a good impression that we found ourselves back there the very next morning! I can't emphasize enough how much I recommend Steadfast Cafe. It's not often that a place makes such a lasting impression on me. I'm definitely coming back to try more of their menu. If you're looking for an exceptional cafe experience in Huntington Beach, this is the place to go!

The Local Nod Cafe

19079 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach

(714) 831-0014

Reviewed by:

Augusta Leach

I heard this place had amazing food, so I rounded up my friends to meet me in HB for brunch. The menu looked incredible, and I was tempted to try all of their pancakes, but I tend to lean more towards savory breakfast options. We kicked off with coffee, and they served us a French press full of strong but delicious coffee. Though I thought I had ordered chilaquiles, I ended up with Huevos rancheros - a happy accident as they turned out to be phenomenal. I chose the red sauce version, which was nicely spicy, and had my eggs scrambled to avoid runniness. It was perfect. One of my friends went for the chilaquiles and thoroughly enjoyed them, even though they were so spicy she needed a side of sour cream to cool down. Another friend chose an omelette and was equally satisfied with her choice. This is a great little place with a fun vibe and a fantastic menu. I noticed they also offer mimosas and micheladas, so a return visit with friends is definitely in the cards. On previous visits, I've tried a variety of their offerings. Although I was disappointed to see the Baller Benny wasn't available the last couple of times, the Sausage & Grits I had were delicious. The Habanero Mango Bacon didn't have the kick I was expecting, but the Billionaire Bacon was a standout, something I could snack on all day. The orange juice was a refreshing complement to my breakfast. Every time I've been here, whether with my husband, friends, or family, the experience has been wonderful. The service really stands out; you can tell the staff enjoys their work and they consistently go the extra mile. The French press coffee, in particular, is a must-try. It has a unique aroma and flavor that's hard to come by. The food lives up to its reputation. If you're looking for tasty food and exceptional service, The Local Nod is highly recommended. The menu offers so many appealing choices, it's hard to decide. The staff is friendly, helpful, and attentive, creating a great atmosphere. The food is delicious, making it a place worth integrating into your regular routine.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

7511 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach

(657) 722-1520

Reviewed by:

Brenda Jinwen

Received an invite to the pre-opening at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery in Huntington Beach and was thrilled to attend. Upon arrival, we were seated within 10 minutes, a pleasant surprise given the buzz around the opening. The ambiance was vibrant with brightly colored decor, and I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness, including the restrooms. High chairs were readily available, which I appreciated as family-friendly touches are important to me. The staff's outfits added a charming touch to the overall cheerful vibe of the place. Our server, Jenn, was outstanding. She was attentive, answering all our questions, ensuring we were well taken care of, and making the dining experience smooth and enjoyable. We ordered Juan’s breakfast tacos and the OMG French Toast, both of which were delicious. The blackberry mint lemonade was a refreshing choice that I highly recommend. The Bella Bella Benny and the sweet potato pancakes stood out for me, truly embodying the essence of a delightful brunch. However, there was a minor hiccup with the wait time, as my party of 7 experienced a 30-minute delay from our estimated seating time. While I understand wait times are estimates, it was a bit longer than anticipated. The service was decent, though it seemed the staff was in a laid-back mode that morning, which slightly delayed our orders. On a different note, arriving early on a Sunday morning for breakfast proved to be a wise decision to avoid the weekend rush. The place wasn't crowded, and we were seated immediately. This visit allowed for a more intimate service experience as the servers had more bandwidth, a stark contrast to a previous visit to another location where it was bustling. The food remained consistently good, with the classic eggs Benedict and spuds deluxe being our table favorites. Finally, attending the grand opening on a weekday was a strategy to dodge the usual long waits synonymous with other locations. The whimsical, Jetson-like decor added a fun, upbeat atmosphere. The pancake flight offered a chance to sample different flavors, though the pumpkin variant was too sweet for my liking. The Benny Duo, featuring Chile Verde and Pork Belly Habanero, was a flavorful journey worth taking. While the prices were on the higher end and I'd likely reconsider waiting during busy times, Snooze delivered a solid brunch experience with great food and atmosphere. It’s a fantastic addition to the OC area for those looking to enjoy an early meal. Make sure to arrive early to beat the crowd!

602 Coffee House

602 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach

Reviewed by:

Gabby Louizos

My brunch experience at 602 Coffee House in Huntington Beach was absolutely delightful. Located conveniently next to Sanchoz Tacos and close to the main street but towards the PCH side, this charming spot quickly became a favorite of mine. During my visit, I decided to try the house special charcoal latte, which was nothing short of delicious. To complement my beverage, I opted for a caramel macchiato and one of their bagel sandwiches, and I must say, these are probably the best bagel sandwiches you'll find in Huntington Beach! The love for 602 Coffee House grows with every visit. Although I've primarily focused on their coffee offerings in the past, which have always been consistently great, this time I went for the hot caramel coconut latte. It was wonderful and the perfect pick-me-up before a leisurely walk on the beach. Despite having read some mixed reviews, my experience has always been positive. For instance, the açaí bowls and bagels are always a hit, not to mention the dog-friendly atmosphere, which is a huge plus for me. One standout option that has captured my heart is the iced Strawberry Matcha with almond milk. It's refreshing, flavorful, and an absolute must-try for anyone visiting. In conclusion, 602 Coffee House has proven to be a reliable spot for a delicious brunch in Huntington Beach. Whether it's for their exceptional coffee, delicious bagel sandwiches, or the welcoming atmosphere, it's a place I love stopping by whenever I'm in the area. It truly stands out as a go-to spot, and I always look forward to my next visit.

Park Bench Cafe

17732 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach

(714) 842-0775

Reviewed by:

Carlosytere Russell

Brunch at Park Bench Cafe in Huntington Beach is really a treat, especially for someone who appreciates not just good food but also a fantastic atmosphere. What stands out immediately is how dog-friendly this place is. It's such a joy to find a spot that not only serves great food but also welcomes our furry friends with open arms. The outdoor setting in the park, with ample shade and benches, adds a unique charm to the dining experience. Despite being told upon arrival that the wait might be around 40-45 minutes for a table for two, it pleasantly turned out to be just about 20-30 minutes. The wait was hardly a bother, given the lovely, short paved path around the park that offers a nice stroll and benches for sitting. When it comes to food, the Country Fried Steak was okay, but the Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Cinnamon Roll pancakes were out of this world. Although the price for a "short stack" of pancakes seemed a bit steep at $13, they were worth the indulgence. The Morning Cristo with Raspberry Jam caught my fancy with its delightful taste, although the Cheesy Home Fries weren't to my liking, giving off a somewhat chemical taste, but my husband seemed to enjoy them. The Fresh Fruit Bowl was another highlight, generously portioned and fairly priced at $5.50, making it an absolute delight. Our dog was equally pampered here, appreciating his chicken and the thoughtful provision of ice water for pets. It's rare and wonderful to find a place that not just tolerates but actually caters to our four-legged companions. Admittedly, the total bill felt a little steep for two people and a dog at $82, considering some of the dishes’ quality. This certainly could be an area for improvement, along with a transition to more eco-friendly packaging and utensils, which would significantly enhance the dining experience. Parking on a Sunday noon proved to be a bit of a challenge, requiring a short wait, but this was a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. Despite these small critiques, the overall experience was very positive, with standout dishes like the French toast cinnamon rolls, and an unbeatable atmosphere that combines the beauty of dining in a park with great views. It’s a perfect spot for a post-baseball game meal or just a leisurely brunch in the company of loved ones and furry friends. Definitely a place to recommend for anyone looking for good food and a great time outdoors.

Sugar Shack Cafe

213 Main St, Huntington Beach

(714) 536-0355

Reviewed by:

Jose Transportatio

Had a fantastic time at Sugar Shack Cafe for brunch while in Huntington Beach. It's an excellent spot for a hearty breakfast that really hits the spot, especially before a bike ride home. The fresh toast comes highly recommended by my wife, and I have to agree, it's top-notch. Prior to our visit, I called to inquire about gluten-free options and was met with very helpful service. Our experiences at the cafe were nothing short of excellent, with each visit somehow topping the last. Despite it being busy, our server Julia managed everything with ease, providing friendly and efficient service. We also had the chance to be served by Ryan, whom I believe is the owner or manager. He, along with his wife, made us feel extremely welcomed with their warmth and exceptional service. The food itself was incredible. The coffee tasted great, the bacon was crispy to perfection, and the eggs were wonderfully fluffy. The hash browns stood out as well, being crispy without being greasy. One of the highlights was definitely the eggs Benedict, served hot with a smooth, perfectly balanced Hollandaise sauce, tasty ham, and a nice English muffin. It's hard to find a place that serves eggs Benedict this well. Another big plus for us was the cafe's early opening time at 6 AM, and the cozy ambiance, decorated with surf photos, made for a very comfortable dining experience. The option to eat outside is a nice touch too. The overall breakfast experience here is exactly what one looks for, and it's a business I’m more than happy to support and recommend to others. Even on a busy weekday, the process from being seated to enjoying the meal went smoothly. While the veggie sausage wasn't to my liking, the pancakes, eggs, and pork sausage were delicious. Despite some critiques regarding food selection, portions, and clean cups, the positives far outweigh these aspects for me. The Sugar Shack Cafe is definitely a place worth visiting for anyone looking for quality breakfast in Huntington Beach.


21500 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach

(714) 845-4776

Reviewed by:

Kristen Copeland-Murphy

We came to Watertable for brunch in Huntington Beach and it was a delightful experience from start to finish. The venue's ambiance and the attentive staff set a positive tone for the meal. The outdoor dining option added a fresh, cozy aspect to the experience, with outdoor heaters available to ensure comfort. For brunch, the choice of dishes was impressive. The Scallops & Sea Bass came highly recommended and did not disappoint. The scallops were perfectly cooked, and the sea bass was flaky and tender, although it could use a bit less salt. The creamer potato cakes were a table favorite, offering a satisfying start to the meal. Although the shishito peppers were a pleasant surprise with crispy prosciutto on top, adding a nice crunch to each bite. While the main courses were enjoyable, it was evident that the team at Watertable puts a lot of effort into their appetizers, which were the highlight of the meal for me. Beyond seafood, the menu also boasted a great hamburger, showcasing the kitchen's versatility and understanding of classic, comforting flavors. The venue itself, nestled in the Hyatt Regency, boasted a coastal-cool vibe that made our brunch feel special — an ideal setting for both family meals and business dinners. We had a private room for our gathering, but the spacious layout meant that indoor and outdoor seating arrangements were ample and inviting. Although some dishes like the Chilean sea bass and the signature Six Degrees of Chocolate dessert could use a bit of tweaking to reach perfection, the overall dining experience at Watertable was memorable. The balance of flavors, presentation, and service came together to create an enjoyable meal. It's clear that with a few adjustments, Watertable could elevate its culinary offerings to match the excellence of its setting and service. Certainly, I would recommend Watertable for anyone looking for a brunch spot in Huntington Beach that combines good food, great ambiance, and attentive service. Whether for a casual meal or a special occasion, it's a place that promises a pleasant dining experience by the coast.

Duke's Huntington Beach

317 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach

(714) 374-6446

Reviewed by:

David Milliken

My wife and I had an outstanding dinner at Duke’s in Huntington Beach that truly exceeded our expectations in every possible way. The service we received from our server, Michael, was top-notch and one of the best experiences we've ever had. He was knowledgeable, personable, and really made us feel welcomed and taken care of by accommodating our requests with a smile. The food was absolutely amazing. We were there on a Thursday night and decided to go for the surf and turf options, choosing the New York Steak and Lobster Tail. We even substituted the scallion fried rice for the regular side dish, and let me tell you, each dish was a hit. The steak was cooked perfectly to our liking, medium well, and the lobster tail was a good size, very succulent. The scallion fried rice was unexpectedly delightful. We started off with a shrimp cocktail appetizer which was impressive not only in size but also in flavor. The slaw served alongside was so good that we were brought some more with our entrees. To top it off, they recognized our special wedding anniversary with a signature Hula Pie, an absolute must-try! The ambiance, with its excellent ocean and pier views and just the right touch of Hawaiian theme, added to the wonderful experience. The attention to detail, such as not charging a split plate fee, including a side dish with the entrees, and the warm greetings from every staff member, really stood out and made our day significantly better after an otherwise challenging day. In all, the entire dining experience at Duke's was memorable and turned our day around completely. The only small disappointment was the Mac salad which didn't live up to everything else on the menu. But everything else, including the ahi tuna bowl, mahi tacos, burgers, and, of course, the Hula Pie, were delicious. The view of the pier from our table was beautiful, making our last lunch of vacation truly special. Duke's Huntington Beach is highly recommended for an unforgettable dining experience.

Red Table Restaurant

16821 Algonquin St #105, Huntington Beach

(714) 846-4700

Reviewed by:

Omar Davis

Love this place! Came here and caught the end of happy hour, where we got to try a few items off that menu. Ordered the truffle fries, orange chicken, coconut shrimp, and poke. And of course, the deviled eggs off the regular menu. Everything was amazing! The deviled eggs and poke were my favorites. For dessert, we had a delicious smoked Woodford old fashioned served by our new favorite bartender, Nick. The food is outstanding. The cooks should get more credit. Without those cooks, this place wouldn't be what it is. Some servers come off as insincere. It feels like they just put on an act. Whenever I go for a pickup, they can be rude, asking if I'm from DoorDash. Spending over $40 per plate, a little more hospitality would be appreciated. However, this place truly is one of the best-kept secrets in Huntington Beach. We were greeted immediately by a really cool host named Mario, who made us feel right at home. The bartender, Ava, had a fantastic sense of humor. It was pretty much guaranteed that whatever she suggested would be perfect. So, started with the chicken lettuce wraps, opting for them warm, and for the entree, the beef stroganoff, which was incredible, melting in my mouth. The wine selection is incredible, and Half off wine Wednesdays is a steal. The beef stroganoff in particular was fantastic, not the cheapest item on the menu, but well worth every penny for its flavor and how the meat just melts in your mouth. This place is a win all around! The service was excellent, greeted immediately with a smile and a seat. Checked on at the perfect times by the waitress, and the food arrived super quickly after ordering. The Veggie Scramble was mouthwatering. Would recommend this place in a heartbeat. Five stars just isn't enough; there should be 10.

Harbor House Café

16341 CA-1, Sunset Beach

(562) 592-5404

Reviewed by:

Carrie Son

Harbor House Café in Huntington Beach has become a bit of a ritual for brunch, and for good reason. It's got that classic diner feel – a no-frills spot that locals, including myself, have come to adore. While it's true the coffee might not win any awards and the service can be hit or miss, depending on how busy they are, the overall vibe and the quality of the food more than make up for it. It's all about managing expectations here; if you're after avant-garde cuisine, this might not be your jam. But if a solid, dependable diner experience is what you're after, you're in for a treat. During our numerous visits, the breakfast sandwich and breakfast burrito with hash browns have consistently hit the spot. It's comforting to know that if you're in the area, especially near Sunset Beach, and you find Harbor House without its usual line out the door, it's a must-stop. The diner's charm isn't just in its food – though the patty melt and omelets, which are generously portioned, are personal favorites – but also in its ambiance. Despite the lack of space and the sometimes challenging parking, it's the kind of place that feels welcoming, like a community hub. On a recent visit, we were seated outside, a setup that, despite its simplicity, adds to the charm of dining here. As for the food specifics, the beef dip with onion rings and a chocolate shake I ordered did not disappoint. The beef was tender and flavorful, making for a satisfying meal, although the onion rings could have packed a bit more punch. The shakes, served in the traditional metal mixing container, were a delightful nod to nostalgia, with the small size being just right for a sweet finish. The staff deserves a mention too – always polite and friendly, making sure that everything is to your liking without being intrusive. It's this kind of attention to customer satisfaction that keeps me coming back. Situated a mere two-minute walk from the beach, Harbor House Café embodies that quintessential American diner experience. It's a place grounded in simplicity, from its menu to its décor, serving up comfort food that feels both familiar and satisfying. It may not be my first visit, but it certainly won't be my last to this beachside gem.

The Hangout Restaurant & Beach Bar

16490 Bolsa Chica St, Huntington Beach

(657) 204-9306

Reviewed by:

Christopher Roden

Had an absolutely fun time at The Hangout Restaurant & Beach Bar for brunch in Huntington Beach. It's all about casual dining here, but that doesn't mean they compromise on quality. The food is really good and the service matches up. Even though it's located in a nice spot, parking can be a bit of a chore, but there's additional parking at the back, so that's a tip worth remembering. This place is a small, casual diner but surprisingly impressive. Tried the fish & chips which was good, but my friend's fish tacos were even better. Depending on the day, parking can be challenging but don't let that deter you. There's a reason this place was packed on a Friday. It's a great find for fun dining; I say "fun" because the menu is filled with all those comforting foods ideal for hanging out with friends. They serve the biggest sandwich I've ever seen, and every dish is delicious, well-prepared, and served promptly. We kicked things off with some appetizers including Fried Pickles, Tempura Zucchini, and Bacon Mac & Cheese Balls - all of which were tasty and perfect for sharing. For lunch, we all tried different things, and it was like having a bird's eye view of the menu. The Double Bypass burger is the tallest I've ever encountered and it garnered rave reviews. The Reuben was declared the best ever tasted, the Maine Lobster Roll was full of succulent lobster accompanied by plenty of fries, the bacon cheeseburger was tasty and cooked just right, and the BLAT wrap was a hit. We had absolutely no room for dessert after that feast. The neat thing here is the specials - like the meatloaf sandwich deal on Mondays and an irresistible fish and chips offer on Wednesdays. Heard they have great specials throughout the weekdays, though I'm not too sure about the weekends. Absolutely recommend giving them a try. It's a place that's hard not to go back to, especially with those mouthwatering dishes and welcoming servers.

Cafe Cup

5930 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach

(714) 840-8991

Reviewed by:

Olga Lidia Ardaya

Had a fantastic brunch at Cafe Cup in Huntington Beach! They truly have excellent vegetarian options, and the pesto bagel is the best. Definitely planning to dine in again pretty soon. The respect for good ingredients and the value for the price is highly notable here. Need to give a separate mention for the fries - they are crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, and most importantly, they taste like real potatoes! This place is easily the best breakfast/brunch spot around. Though, it might not be recommended for those who need to work after eating because of the hearty and satisfying portions. It's a great hole in the wall! The chicken chili verde omelette is a must-try, and it’s only $12.50! Just remember, it is cash only, so bring cash to avoid the ATM fee. My husband absolutely loved Cafe Cup, and it's easy to see why. The staff is friendly and very attentive, creating an enjoyable dining experience. It's evident they enjoy their jobs, work together, and genuinely care about what they are doing. The food is always fresh and well-prepared, with never a complaint or issue. You'll find fresh cut fruit, great portions, local eggs, and even vegan meat options. Usually, I'm not a big fan of home-style potatoes, but these were great. I ended up ordering a side of refried beans every time we visited during our week in OC, and they were really good. They offer regular and fruit syrup for your pancakes, with specialty flavors like pumpkin pancakes. And with three kinds of fresh salsa plus Tapatio and Cholula on the table, they're definitely doing it right. And let's not forget about the coffee, along with the Italian Espresso and Cappuccino machine. Perfect. Sadly, I was always so quick to dig in that I don't have great pictures. The burrito, their mini burro with eggs, potatoes, choice of meat with a side of usually potatoes (but I chose the beans), is so great and very reasonably priced. They definitely have huge regular portions if you're so inclined. My husband enjoyed the steel-cut oatmeal, the pancakes, and a few other options on our many morning trips. But unfortunately, we often forgot it's cash only. So, remember: CASH ONLY. There's an ATM available. I forgot more than once and was only a $2 fee, which isn't too bad.

Mama's on 39

21022 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach

(714) 374-1166

Reviewed by:

Dylan Griffin

Mama's on 39 is a standout spot in Huntington Beach for brunch, and it's clear why it's so beloved. The place has the vibe of a large restaurant and sports bar combo, making it a hit for both food lovers and sports fans. It's always bustling, a testament to its popularity, which means a wait is almost guaranteed during peak hours. Despite the busy atmosphere, the quality of the food remains top-notch. On my last visit, the steak sandwich was delicious, and my wife was equally pleased with her fish sandwich. The option between regular fries and tater tots is a nice touch. We were a large group of 10, and even with the restaurant at its busiest, our service was exceptional. The portions are generous, ensuring no one leaves hungry, and the ambiance is just right with good music setting the scene. The drinks are another highlight - they truly know how to mix a good cocktail. One thing that always stands out at Mama's is the diverse menu. From the tomato bisque with grilled cheese to the Korean BBQ tots and the chicken and waffles, every dish is a win. And you can't go wrong with the bottomless mimosas - they're a game-changer. Timing your visit can make a difference, as the place fills up fast. But once you're in, the array of TVs, the central bar, and the friendly service make it worth the wait. It's the perfect place for brunch, but also an excellent choice for cocktails and sports viewing. There's a genuine sense of community here, and the staff goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. Mama's on 39 has definitely earned its spot as a go-to destination in Huntington Beach. With its great food, vibrant atmosphere, and attentive service, it's clear why it's a favorite among locals and visitors alike. It's a place I'll keep coming back to, for the food, the drinks, and the overall experience.

Kathy May's Lakeview Cafe

6622 Lakeview Dr, Huntington Beach

(714) 842-7700

Reviewed by:

Sadia Ellis

Visited Kathy May's Lakeview Cafe for brunch and the experience was pleasantly enjoyable. The staff was super cool, especially a brunette server who managed to maintain a sweet and positive attitude despite being busy. The vibe at the cafe is mellow, and unlike other places, there's no rush to hand you the bill, which is much appreciated. Although the service can be a tad slow, the stunning view more than compensates for the wait. It's worth noting that there were a couple of minor hiccups, like a mix-up in seating and a side dish that arrived late due to miscommunication, but those were easily overlooked thanks to the overall positive experience. A highlight for me was the cafe's pet-friendly policy, a big plus since we could bring our dog along after a morning hike. The cafe requires waiting to be seated, which is managed efficiently even on a not-so-busy Monday morning. The patio offers a gorgeous lake view, adding to the dining experience, though the indoor seating option is also available for those who prefer it. The food, while good, didn't particularly stand out for me. I tried the southwest omelette, which was alright, though the distribution of chile could have been better. The pricing for extras like avocado and bacon felt a bit high, reflecting the unfortunate reality of inflation. However, the potatoes and English muffin served alongside were tasty. Despite the food being average, the service and the atmosphere made up for it. The fried zucchini appetizer we tried was delightful, and I’m looking forward to coming back to try the cinnamon roll. Overall, it was a nice time with friends in a relaxing setting, and I'd recommend giving it a try for a nice brunch experience.

Milk & Honey

438 Main St Suite 110, Huntington Beach

(714) 536-8400

Reviewed by:

Di Massengill

Found this cool spot on Main Street, just a bit north of the bustling core near PCH, and decided to give it a try for brunch. Milk & Honey has this laid-back vibe that immediately caught my attention. Started off with a coconut matcha. Although I was looking forward to a mix of coconut and matcha flavors, the coconut was a bit on the lighter side for me. Still, it was a good drink, especially since the staff was accommodating enough to adjust the sweetness to my liking. The staff really stood out with their friendliness and knowledge, taking their time to explain the various drink options and offering recommendations based on what you might like. That kind of service adds a lot to the experience. On this visit, it was post-dog beach jaunt and the craving for something delicious yet local was real. The drinks Tiffany whipped up were fantastic, not to mention the bacon, egg & cheese croissant Annika made which were just the perfect way to start the day. Went for a French Toast Shaken Espresso and my significant other got a Matcha Latte — both were delicious and hit the spot perfectly. Milk & Honey isn't just great for their coffee, though that alone would be enough to bring me back. They offer a whole range of options on the menu. The banana bread and bagel-and-egg sandwiches are not only sizable but also affordable, making this place a real gem for anyone looking to enjoy a good meal without breaking the bank. The ambiance here is just as inviting, nestled in a quieter, more peaceful part of Main Street. It's a refreshing change from the often over-the-top noise of HB. The staff, Haley, Tara, and everyone else, really make the place shine with their expertise, funky vibes, and welcoming smiles. All in all, Milk & Honey is a sweet discovery. Whether you're out early for a coffee run or looking for a quality brunch spot, this place has got you covered. Definitely worth checking out for yourself!

Woody's Diner

10136 Adams Ave, Huntington Beach

(714) 965-4555

Reviewed by:

Rachida Sehgal

When I first set foot in Woody's Diner for brunch in Huntington Beach, I was expecting a typical diner experience. To my pleasant surprise, it was anything but ordinary. The food was outstanding, with the beers perfectly poured, and the staff exceeded all expectations. There was something special about the Spinach Avocado Tuna Wrap, Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich with coleslaw, beer fries, and beef vegetable soup that made me want to come back for more. Being a fan of their breakfast as well, I found their service to be attentive despite the occasional wait, which was manageable thanks to the bar seating option. It was exciting to see new items added to their menu, offering a variety to choose from. The diner's general ambiance and food always met my early cravings without being too heavy on the wallet. Plus, the pet-friendly outdoor seating was a nice touch. However, my admiration took a hit when I noticed a 3% CDC PPE charge added to the bill unexpectedly. It was a bit disheartening, especially since the diner had been operational throughout various restrictions and decided to implement this charge when things were starting to normalize. In all my visits, the place exuded a great vibe, celebrating freedom which I thoroughly appreciated. The breakfast options were not only healthy but also affordable, especially the kids' menu. Yet, there was a decline in the quality of food and service over time. What used to be lively and welcoming started feeling dull and unwelcoming. An unfortunate experience with an undercooked veggie omelette and a bland 2-egg breakfast left much to be desired. The interaction with the staff, particularly the bartender/manager, was far from pleasant. Despite our constructive feedback, the response was far from professional, showing a lack of interest in customer satisfaction. As much as Woody's Diner had been a favored spot for its food and ambiance, the recent experiences revealed a significant downfall in both food quality and customer service. It was disappointing to witness such a change in a place that once felt like a community hub. Moving forward, it seems more likely to stick with other local spots that consistently value and respect their customers. It's unfortunate to see such potential overshadowed by these issues, marking a regrettable shift in the overall experience at this Huntington Beach diner.

Harry's Cafe

6041 Bolsa Ave, Huntington Beach

(714) 898-1699

Reviewed by:

Lacey Blancas

Great service and good food are what you can expect at Harry's Cafe in Huntington Beach. On my visit, I decided to go with a cheeseburger – yes, I know, pretty basic – but it was absolutely delicious. The staff there is friendly and kind, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. I'm definitely planning to return to try other items on the menu. It's a great place to grab a nice bite to eat, with a variety of options like pancakes, eggs, burgers, steaks, pasta, pizza, chicken, and tacos. What's really appealing are the reasonable prices, the tasty food, and the fact that it offers a sit-down dining experience without the need to dress up. It's perfect for a casual meal, or you can just grab something to go. On a different note, the breakfast burrito with bacon I ordered was outstanding. I asked for the bacon to be well done and crispy, with easy onions, and it didn't disappoint. It was delicious and very filling, with a good amount of potatoes. Both the red and green salsa that came with it were good too. The cafe itself is a little gem in Huntington Beach, with excellent service, food, and a clean atmosphere. The Pastrami sandwich I tried was fresh, juicy, and everything you'd want in a Pastrami. It was so good, it had me reminiscing about the good old days just by biting into that sandwich. The soup of the day, chicken noodles with plenty of veggies, tasted like it was made fresh, just how you would want it, and served hot. One of the things I particularly enjoyed was the wall painting of the pier, which, along with the friendly attitudes of the workers, welcomed us warmly. Their smiles truly made a difference. I will definitely be back to Harry's Cafe and recommend it to anyone looking for a satisfying meal in a pleasant setting.


16572 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach

(714) 841-1919

Reviewed by:

Teresa Clear

Brunch at Norm's in Huntington Beach was a delightful experience. Situated in a good location with friendly service, the food arrived remarkably fast. Opting for a bacon cheeseburger, I was impressed by the size of the sandwich - the hamburger patty seemed about a quarter pound. Despite it being the holiday season and the place being quite busy, the atmosphere remained pleasant and not overly crowded. Norm's maintains a consistent quality across their locations in Southern California, and this one is no exception. One standout addition to their menu is the Mac and Cheese dinner under the Pasta section. It's a heavenly blend of creamy white cheddar sauce, perfectly cooked double twist macaroni, all topped with a sprinkle of cheddar and accompanied by a giant piece of garlic toast. For anyone with a soft spot for comfort food, this is a must-try. Having grown up in Los Angeles, I've always known Norm's for their great food. Despite the bustling environment, the vibe was far from stressful. The staff was exceptionally welcoming, making the dining experience even more pleasurable. During the visit, I even struck up a conversation with someone who turned out to be a great storyteller, adding a nice touch to the overall meal. In exciting news for diners, Norm's has resumed operating 24/7, providing round-the-clock service. The menu refresh includes items like homemade beef chili, available by the bowl or atop chili cheese fries - a delicious option for chili lovers. For breakfast enthusiasts, Norm's continues to excel with generous portions and endless coffee refills. I sampled their new breakfast sandwich served on a brioche bun, which comes with a choice of tater tots or fries. True to form, the portion was more than I could finish, ensuring I left with a take-home container once again. For anyone looking for a dependable brunch spot with a variety of satisfying options, the Huntington Beach Norm's is highly recommended. The combination of hearty meals, inviting ambiance, and friendly faces makes it a standout choice.


18782 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach

(714) 962-4400

Reviewed by:

Henry Richards

I went in yesterday morning during a rain storm. Knowing my current diet limits me to no meat, bread, or sugar, I had to pick my meal carefully. Luckily, the moment I walked in, the welcoming staff had me seated promptly, which was a great start to the experience. For my meal, I ordered black coffee, potatoes with avocado, fresh fruit, and Impossible sausage patties, and let me tell you, it was superb. Every bite was delicious and exactly what I was looking for. I also need to highlight how wonderful the staff was throughout my visit. They were super helpful and attentive, making sure my dining experience was nothing short of excellent. Plus, the cleanliness of the place really stood out to me, making for a very pleasant environment. Should I find myself in the area again, I wouldn't hesitate to stop by. It was like enjoying breakfast for dinner! To top it off, the blueberry pancakes were incredibly tasty, definitely on my reorder list. I even grabbed a vegetarian omelet to go for my husband, and he mentioned it was the best he's ever had. Despite some past experiences elsewhere where the food didn't live up to expectations, this visit was a positive turnaround with no complaints on my end. The only hiccup was the coffee initially not being to my liking, but the server was quick to address it. Even with a slight miss on the hashbrowns not being as crispy as I'd hoped, the overall service and friendliness more than made up for it. Next time, it’s this place over Denny's for sure.

Brunch N' Vibes

6815 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach

(714) 726-6221

Reviewed by:

Pedro Nicholas

We went to Brunch N' Vibes for their Wednesday happy hour and it did not disappoint. The plate presentation was on point, and the flavors were exceptional. It was a nice change not to see the usual rice and beans that many Mexican restaurants offer, although I believe they were available. The highlight of our visit was when the owners, Diana and Raymund, personally came out to meet us and serve our meal. We're definitely planning on going back as often as we can to try the entire menu before the rest of Huntington Beach catches on to this gem. The breakfast here was the best I've ever had, hands down! I've even found myself wishing they'd open a location in Vegas. On top of the incredible food, the artwork around the restaurant added a really cool vibe.

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