September 12, 2023

The Top 20 Brunch Spots in Huntsville

Discover the best brunch spots in Huntsville! Whether you're craving heartwarming classics or innovative meals, our list offers a variety of restaurants serving scrumptious brunch options. Experience Huntsville's vibrant culinary scene today!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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The Top 20 Brunch Spots in Huntsville
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Whether you're a local or just visiting Huntsville for the first time, finding the perfect brunch spot is essential. Huntsville, known for its blend of southern charm and innovative atmosphere, offers a plethora of brunch options that cater to diverse taste buds. From traditional southern biscuits and gravy to modern avocado toast, these top-rated brunch places in Huntsville serve mouthwatering food to start your day right. Enjoy the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch dishes at these inviting eateries, each offering a unique brunch experience that is quintessentially Huntsville.

Good Company Cafe

7500 Memorial Pkwy SW #123, Huntsville

(256) 881-0044

Reviewed by:

Patricia Price

Patricia Price really enjoyed her second visit to Good Company Cafe in Huntsville for brunch. She is particularly fond of the Dad's egg sandwich and the flavorful cheese grits. She appreciates the friendly staff and recommends the place to others. Patricia and her friends enjoy the variety of food and drinks, including Mimosas, coffee, and brunch on the weekends. They also enjoy the different seating options which include indoor, outdoor, and a covered hallway. Despite suggesting a rearrangement of the furniture for better accessibility, she loves the atmosphere and always takes dessert home, with the Strawberry Pretzel salad being her favorite. The muffuletta sandwich with a mimosa was also excellent. Additionally, she had a delightful sandwich special called Hawt John and a yummy blueberry scone. She found that the food was fresh and the service was both friendly and efficient.


201 Jefferson St N Suite I, Huntsville

(256) 517-8755

Reviewed by:

Jason Stephen

As a foodie, MELT in Huntsville has left a lasting impression on me. With its tempting range of sandwiches and the addition of refreshing drinks from the full bar, it's the perfect spot for a downtown brunch. Their Cajun Chicken Sandwich and chicken pesto are definitely worth trying. The cozy ambiance, with natural light and yard games, sets a laid-back and friendly atmosphere. The Strawberry Garden Salad with Chicken was amazing, while my husband thoroughly enjoyed the Chicken and Waffles with a well-priced mimosa. Service could have been a tad better, but our server Belle and the hostess were incredibly friendly and helpful. Don't miss out on the Mac and Cheese egg roll – it was a game changer! The club sandwich also deserves a special mention. Not only is the food fantastic, but they're also very mindful about allergens and food issues, which I really appreciate. Our server Lauren K was attentive and made our visit even more enjoyable. In short, MELT offers great food, a comfy setting, and fair prices. Looking forward to trying their dinner and enjoying the live music and happy hour drinks next time!

Southern Egg Cafe

7900 Bailey Cove Rd SE Suite D3, Huntsville

(256) 715-0789

Reviewed by:

Yuri Celestin

Southern Egg Cafe is a charming, unassuming eatery that offers some of the best breakfasts in Huntsville. The menu is simple, but every dish is made to order and cooked to perfection, whether it's eggs over easy, pancakes, or an egg sandwich on a biscuit. The portions are generous and the prices are affordable, with a variety of options to suit different tastes and dietary preferences. The staff is friendly and attentive, offering a warm and welcoming environment that makes you feel like family. Despite its location in a strip mall and its relatively small size, this cafe is a hidden gem that is well worth a visit. Highly recommended!

The Poppy and Parliament

117 North Side Square, Huntsville

(256) 715-7152

Reviewed by:

David Littleton

The Poppy and Parliament is a must-visit for a delightful brunch in Huntsville. Its excellent food, attentive service and unique atmosphere create an exceptional dining experience. The vast menu selections cater to those with adventurous palates. Although the wait time was longer than usual, the delicious dishes and thoughtful service compensated for it. Our server Carl made the experience even more enjoyable. The venue added extras like serving iced tea in a glass canteen with a jar of simple syrup, adding an extra touch of character. They also have a shop on the second floor which I look forward to exploring on my next visit. Enjoying the food on their patio under perfect weather conditions was truly delightful. The fish and chips were served traditionally and were exceptional. Despite a minor reservation about the mashed citrus taste peas, the overall experience was highly satisfying and we are excited to return soon. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind brunch experience at The Poppy and Parliament.

Metro Diner

975 Airport Rd SW Suite 20 - 22, Huntsville

(256) 333-4974

Reviewed by:

Celine Pamphile

Celine Pamphile highly recommends Metro Diner for brunch. During her visit to the Airport Road location in Huntsville, she enjoyed the large servings of pancakes and waffles, the crispy bacon, and the excellent house fresh pot pie. She also had a great experience with the service, particularly with her waitress Tammy. The place was always busy but the wait was never long. She enjoyed the fried chicken strips on biscuits with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, and her wife loved the Croissant French toast. The restaurant was also clean and welcoming. Celine did encounter an issue with some raw French toast, but overall she was highly satisfied and plans to return.

1892 East Restaurant & Tavern

720 Pratt Ave NE, Huntsville

(256) 489-1242

Reviewed by:

Scott Pérez

Scott Pérez highly praises 1892 East Restaurant & Tavern for brunch, commending its excellent service, cozy atmosphere, and wide variety of drinks. He was particularly taken by the beef tenderloin, which was tender and bursting with flavor. Despite his initial skepticism, he was impressed by the panko fried green tomatoes combined with onion jam - a combination so good he intends to recreate it at home. While the shrimp was nothing out of the ordinary, it was perfectly cooked and complimented well by the delicious polenta. He also recommends the tenderloin and potato croquettes, as well as the salmon and pan-seared trout. His server Micah left a positive impression, and he plans on requesting him for future visits. He also notes a commendable martini list, with his current favorite being the Elderberry. In conclusion, he rates it a perfect 5.0 for its friendly service, clear food descriptions, and great taste. He considers 1892 East an underrated gem in Huntsville's Five Points area.

Blue Plate Cafe

3210 Governors Dr SW, Huntsville

(256) 533-8808

Reviewed by:

Jean Lavayen Corzo

A visit to the Blue Plate Cafe is a must when in Huntsville. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this delightful cafe offers a welcoming atmosphere, exceptional service, and scrumptious food at reasonable prices. Especially noteworthy are their omelets and an assortment of sides that never fail to impress. The cafe is very family-friendly, making it a safe choice for those dining with children. And don't forget to try their blueberry cobbler dessert - it's not to be missed! Blue Plate Cafe is definitely deserving of its reputation as one of Huntsville's best. Highly recommend it!

City Cafe Diner

2003 Drake Ave SW, Huntsville

(256) 715-1863

Reviewed by:

Justin Chacon

City Cafe Diner in Huntsville is an extraordinary spot for brunch. The food was served promptly, the server was friendly, and a diverse selection of dishes is available. While my dish was slightly dry, it did not dismiss the overall quality of their cuisine. The cakes and pies looked delectable and the menu was extensive. We appreciated the lively atmosphere, especially after church, and the restaurant was bustling, indicating its popularity. The Greek sampler with lemon soup was exceptional and the portions substantial, providing excellent value for money. The Meat Lovers Omelet and Alabama Burger come highly recommended and the Gyros are tender and flavorful. A must-try is their cheesecake, which is simply sublime. The staff is hospitable and the welcoming ambiance enhances the dining experience. Overall, City Cafe Diner offers a delightful brunch experience that will leave you wanting to return.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

2722 Carl T Jones Dr SE Ste D, Huntsville

(256) 883-2915

Reviewed by:

Brian Sesay

Brian Sesay gives a highly positive review of his brunch experience at Another Broken Egg Cafe in Huntsville. He praises the great service, good food, and coffee, specifically mentioning the Southwest Scrambler, Street Corn Scrambler, and Blueberry Pancakes dishes. He appreciated the generous portions, decent prices, and staff's knowledge of the menu. Brian highlights his server, Lisa, for her positivity, friendly demeanor, and engaging storytelling. He also commends Karen, another server, for being attentive during his boyfriend's birthday celebration. Brian commends both the kitchen staff and the bartender for the amazing food and drinks. He describes the overall experience as the best he's had in years and promises to return.

Bubby's Diner

8412 Whitesburg Dr SE, Huntsville

(256) 513-8080

Reviewed by:

Belinda Salazar

Bubby's Diner is a solid choice for a family brunch outing in Huntsville. The wide variety of food choices ensure there's something for everyone, albeit the food quality varies. Standouts for me were the unique donut burger and the deep-fried banana pudding dessert, which were delightful experiments in flavor. My family seemed to enjoy their meals too, especially the catfish po-boy and peach cobbler. Service was quick and friendly, which is always a plus. The price was affordable and the atmosphere was cozy. The milkshakes were a delight and very well priced. We appreciated the prompt service and our great waitress. While not every dish was to our liking, there were enough highs to justify a return visit in the future. In spite of some minor drawbacks, Bubby's Diner is worth a visit when in Huntsville, if not for their unique menu items or their delectable milkshakes.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

300 Pelham Ave SW a1, Huntsville

(256) 836-7229

Reviewed by:

Stone Fowler

In my recent visit to Another Broken Egg Cafe in Huntsville, I was blown away by the quality of the food and service. The pancakes were the perfect texture while the waffles boasted a crispy exterior and tender interior. The quick, efficient service coupled with the inviting atmosphere made for a fantastic brunch experience. Even though this establishment tends to be crowded, the staff managed to seat my party of 5 immediately. The drinks were consistently refilled and the food was served promptly. The portion sizes were very generous, enabling me to take some home for later enjoyment. Every staff member, from the hostess to the bussers, were outstandingly attentive and kind. I particularly enjoyed the hash brown Benedict, vanilla iced coffee and the uniquely delightful cookie dough waffle. The cafe boasts a convenient location with sufficient parking, indoors is comfortably air-conditioned and the patio is nicely shaded. The best part of my visit, however, was the remarkable customer service. Despite the bustling environment, the bartender was extremely attentive to everyone at the bar. Regardless of the state I'm in, Another Broken Egg Cafe never disappoints with its exceptional food and service. I highly recommend this brunch spot!

Commerce Kitchen

300 Franklin St SE, Huntsville

(256) 382-6622

Reviewed by:

Elmer Amilcar Stern Fershtman

Commerce Kitchen in Huntsville is truly a gem. Their service is outstanding and the food is simply divine. My personal favorite was the Ahi salad, oysters, and tacos. The burger we ordered was thoughtfully served on two plates, sliced in half, showing their attention to detail. Also, the location is charming. The restaurant decor is a pleasant blend of classic southern style and hospitality. While the pork chop could use a sauce, the braised beef ravioli were absolutely delightful. The chicken bites were perfectly balanced - a combination of salty, hot, and sweet. Their shrimp and grits and steak dishes were incredibly scrumptious, as were the crab cakes. Make sure to try the chocolate torte and lemon drop martini, they perfectly complete the meal. The shrimp and grits were so irresistible, I couldn't resist a single moment before diving into my plate. Though the serving size was slightly smaller than my liking, this gave me an excuse to satisfy my sweet tooth with their delicious orange marmalade bread pudding. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Commerce Kitchen for an enjoyable and memorable dining experience. The food, the service, and the ambiance are all top-notch.

The Standard Social Market

127 Holmes Ave NW Ste 102, Huntsville

(256) 270-7268

Reviewed by:

Teresa Buckingham

Teresa Buckingham found her brunch experience at The Standard Social Market in Huntsville to be delightful. She was taken by the restaurant's unique atmosphere, offering a combination of market, bar, coffee lounge, and restaurant. Despite a full house, she received excellent and patient service from the friendly staff. The menu, though not extensive, was welcome as it minimized overwhelming choices. The hazelnut latte was perfect, not overly sweet and served at the right temperature. A hiccup with the fried green tomatoes was swiftly rectified by the attentive waitress and Teresa found the pimento cheese, shrimp and grits to be fantastic. The quality and quantity of the food justified the prices, which were in line with other local establishments. Teresa especially enjoyed the biscuits and gravy and plans to return to try more menu items. Apart from a somewhat small table and a draft, she found the experience highly enjoyable and recommends The Standard Social Market as a brunch spot in Huntsville.

Grille on Main

445 Providence Main St NW STE 101, Huntsville

(256) 829-5858

Reviewed by:

Gabriela Carter

Grille on Main offers a fabulous brunch experience in Huntsville's upcoming neighborhood. Even though the area is still under construction, the inviting and cozy ambiance within the restaurant was immediate. The professional, attentive service, coupled with an excellent and creative food menu filled with fresh, delicious dishes, made my visit remarkable. Going the extra mile, they also cater to food sensitivities with a dedicated GF menu. Recommendations? The brown sugar crusted salmon and crab nachos, for sure. Despite being short staffed, my server/bartender, Nick, ensured I had an excellent customer experience. He was knowledgeable, making great food and drink suggestions, and ensured there were no lapses in service. The vanilla French toast, creamy grits, and sausage were outstanding. With prompt service, delicious food, and a great ambiance, I highly recommend Grille on Main- the perfect spot for any special occasion. Get there early, secure a good parking spot and enjoy a hot, savoring meal. Five stars for sure!

Rhythm on Monroe

700 Monroe St SW, Huntsville

(256) 551-2311

Reviewed by:

Clarence Newman

Rhythm on Monroe has truly impressed me with its excellent food, service, and atmosphere. Even during busy times, their service is speedy and efficient, and the live music adds a delightful touch to the overall dining experience. The menu offers a wide range of dishes, and I absolutely loved their crab dip and blueberry bread pudding. Even though it wasn't crowded when I visited, I would still recommend making reservations for events at the VBC. This place is perfect for anything from a relaxed date night to a business outing. I will definitely be coming back.


3001 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville

(256) 288-0070

Reviewed by:

Zachary Geraci

I, Zachary Geraci, had an extraordinary experience at IHOP in Huntsville. Their staff went above and beyond to ensure that my post-procedure brunch was comfortable and enjoyable. The food, particularly the cheese hash browns, bacon and new French toast selections, was outstanding. Despite living three hours away, I'll definitely be making a return visit and would heartily recommend this IHOP to anyone, thanks to the friendliness and efficiency of the servers. Just a note, I would suggest moving the smoking section away from the front door!

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

2001 Drake Ave SW, Huntsville

(256) 881-4177

Reviewed by:

Tatyana Amador

My recent visit to the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Huntsville for brunch was not an entirely pleasant experience due to long waiting times and some mishaps with the ordering process. However, the kindness and effort of the staff members was commendable. The ambiance and layout of the store maintained its traditional charm, which I have always appreciated. As for the food, it was good overall. My kids enjoyed their pancakes, and I found the chicken and dumplings as well as the pork chops delicious. Despite the slower service, the quality of the food was consistent. Hence, I would highly recommend a visit to this location once the issue with the waiting times has been resolved.


106 Jefferson St S, Huntsville

(256) 361-0090

Reviewed by:

Aaliyah Thomas

Revivalist in Huntsville is a fantastic brunch spot with top-notch service, a wonderful ambiance, and high-quality food. The staff is knowledgeable and gave us the perfect amount of time to order, eat, and pay. With ample breakfast drink options, I enjoyed the avocado toast with scrambled eggs while my husband loved the French toast. We appreciated the accommodating nature of the management, who went above and beyond to ensure our comfort, even with two young children in tow. The steak frites was simply phenomenal and the recommended Chardonnay paired beautifully with the halibut. While we didn't try the crème brûlée, we heard rave reviews and look forward to trying it on our next visit. Two minor issues were the lack of complimentary snacks while waiting for our entrees and the unexpected valet parking fee. Overall, Revivalist delivered a positive and enjoyable dining experience that we are eager to repeat soon.

Humphrey's Bar and Grill

103 Washington St NE, Huntsville

(256) 704-5555

Reviewed by:

Monica Oben

I recently visited Humphrey's Bar and Grill for brunch and was thoroughly impressed by their gorgeous courtyard and delicious food, particularly their world-class smoked wings. The staff were incredibly friendly and the live music added a wonderful touch to the dining experience. I attended a 'Working Women's Wednesdays' gathering here and was blown away by the staff's attentiveness and dedication to ensuring everyone enjoyed their experience. Despite a surcharge for credit card payments that wasn't mentioned on the menu, I found the overall experience to be excellent and worth the money. I hear there's new management in place and I look forward to seeing the improvements they'll bring. Highly recommended.


5 Tranquility Base, Huntsville

(256) 830-2222

Reviewed by:

Carter Lacaille

Seasons in Huntsville offered a delightful experience for brunch. The $10 Buffalo and BBQ bourbon wings were pleasantly mild and delicious. Despite a slower service and less appealing drinks, the beautiful interior and courteous staff more than made up for this. The celebration of our 11th anniversary here was memorable, making it the best restaurant we've ever been to. The unique atmosphere and phenomenal food earned it more than a 5-star rating from us. The breakfast buffet left a very positive impression, particularly the sausage gravy. Although they were out of biscuits, the gravy over potatoes was still enjoyable. Although the restaurant's name has recently changed to Southern Chop, the quality of the experience remains. We eagerly anticipate our next visit.

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