February 1, 2024

Indulge in Indianapolis: Top Brunch Spots for the Ultimate Weekend Feast

Discover the best brunch spots in Indianapolis with our curated list of the top eateries, offering scrumptious menus and unforgettable experiences for weekend foodies in the Circle City.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Indulge in Indianapolis: Top Brunch Spots for the Ultimate Weekend Feast
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From mouthwatering stacks of pancakes to savory eggs benedict, these Indianapolis brunch hotspots offer a variety of flavors and styles to satisfy any palate. Get ready to embark on a delectable journey through the Circle City, as we introduce you to the must-visit brunch destinations in town!

A2Z Cafe

4705 E 96th St #35, Indianapolis

(317) 569-9349

Reviewed by:

Maria Smarjesse

Stopped by A2Z Cafe for brunch and it was a delightful experience from start to finish. Opted for the steak salad and decided to add gyro meat along with extra avocado - the quality was top-notch. Not only was the food excellent, but the service was also commendable. Our server, alongside the owner Gina, went out of their way to ensure our visit was enjoyable. Gina’s friendliness added a lovely personal touch to our meal. Initially, there was a thought to visit Cafe Patachou, but choosing A2Z Cafe proved to be the right decision given the wide array of options available, perfectly catering to my keto diet needs. My husband was particularly pleased with his french toast accompanied by hot and crispy bacon and potatoes, and fluffy eggs. It's a rarity to find such quality food paired with wonderful service. The ambiance of the cafe, with its unique Hawaiian theme and decor, made the dining experience even more special. This local gem deserves all the support for its ambiance, diverse menu, and excellent service. On this visit, the family joined, and everyone found something to love, from fried biscuits with apple butter to country fried steak and eggs, and even the firecracker chicken with coconut rice was a hit. Despite being busy, the service was efficient and the food, consistently great. The coconut rice was a personal favorite, adding a unique touch to the meal. A2Z Cafe stands as a northside staple, embracing a wide range of offerings that cater to various tastes. The honey firecracker chicken and fried biscuits remain a staple choice, but the peaches and cream Belgian waffle was a delightful discovery this time. Despite the bustling atmosphere, the staff is incredibly friendly, managing to provide timely service. The hands-on approach of the owners, actively engaging and conversing with customers, fosters a cozy, small-town feel within the city. Absolutely adore this place for its delicious and unique offerings, warm atmosphere, and exemplary service.

Cafe Patachou

4901 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis

(317) 925-2823

Reviewed by:

Sherri Chenevert

Absolutely love everything about this place! The food was delicious, service fast and friendly, and the atmosphere relaxed. Opted for the avocado toast with coffee, and one of the omelettes made with goat cheese along with an Earl Grey tea. Passing through town and not familiar with breakfast options, this place was chosen based on reviews, and it certainly did not disappoint. Despite a slight 15-minute wait to be seated on a weekday morning, the wait went by quickly thanks to a short stroll down the block before receiving a text that a table was ready. The atmosphere here is both friendly and relaxed, with coffee set up for self-service, making for a nice touch. The food arrived rather quickly, and every dish that passed by looked equally delicious and well plated. It's rare for me to finish a full portion, but not a single bite was left on my plate this time. Definitely would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good brunch spot. Having had both business and personal brunches here, the service has always been good and the food excellent, albeit a bit on the pricier side. For example, a slice of smoked salmon side was $6 but absolutely yummy. The ambiance can get a little loud but maintains a positive vibe. Cafe Patachou presents itself as a modern, trendy cafe with multiple locations. Specifically, the cafe on Philadelphia is very clean and can get quite busy. While the menu selection is modest, the service and food quality are commendable. Prices tend to be a bit high, but for a popular spot that pleases both visually and palatably, Cafe Patachou is well worth it. The service, food, drinks, and atmosphere were simply amazing during this visit. Ordered a mocha and vanilla latte, Belgian waffle, everything bagel with salmon, and bacon - everything was absolutely delicious and the service was spot on. Highly recommend this spot for anyone seeking a delightful brunch experience!

Café Patachou

225 W Washington St, Indianapolis

(317) 632-0765

Reviewed by:

Paulino Rama

There's been a lot of buzz around Café Patachou, and I'd been eager to check it out for a while. When we walked in around 12:45 PM on a Wednesday, the place was bustling, yet we were seated immediately without a wait. The waitress who attended to us was incredibly friendly and attentive, contributing to the vibrant and cozy atmosphere of the cafe. For my meal, I opted for "The Omelette You Can't Refuse," featuring bacon, potatoes, sour cream, and white cheddar, paired with a side of sourdough toast. The omelette was nothing short of spectacular – the bacon was perfectly crispy, the potatoes were delightful, and the combination of flavors was just exceptional. Not to mention, the sourdough toast was wonderfully buttery and a pleasure to eat. My experience at Café Patachou was thoroughly enjoyable, making it a top recommendation for anyone looking for a fantastic brunch spot in Downtown Indianapolis. I was also impressed by how well they managed our large group, ensuring a smooth experience with quick and delicious food delivery. On a subsequent visit for breakfast, the turkey chili and salad, as well as the ricotta scrambled eggs on toast and cider donut, were all standout dishes. The kids in our group were particularly thrilled with their waffle and fruit cup plate, especially enjoying the novelty of their own little syrup container. Although my vegan omelet didn't quite hit the mark for me, feeling more like a salad than a traditional egg dish, the service remained impeccable throughout our visit, even as the café got crowded. My friends, none of whom are vegan, had no complaints about their meals, which speaks volumes about the quality and variety of the menu options. Café Patachou has definitely lived up to its reputation, and I look forward to returning whenever I'm in the neighborhood. It's a gem of a spot that promises a delightful dining experience for both first-timers and regulars alike.

Art's Skillet

9976 E Washington St, Indianapolis

(463) 221-2178

Reviewed by:

Jo-Ann Tuladhar

Stopped by Art's Skillet today at 11AM for my second visit at this location. It's clear this diner is a favorite among locals, bustling with a steady stream of patrons coming in for meals or picking up carryout orders. Today, I joined my son and his work buddy for a late breakfast or early lunch, depending on how you look at it. My previous visit had me indulging in the "Navy Seal's Skillet" – a hearty combination of bacon, sausage, ham, skillet potatoes, fresh eggs, cheese with peppers and onions, all generously topped with gravy, and paired with scrambled eggs and some sourdough toast on the side. Not to forget the piping hot coffee which, frankly, was quite delicious. The meal was an absolute bargain at $11.98, incredibly filling, and just the kind of breakfast that keeps you going for the rest of the day. Today, we ventured a bit across the menu. My son opted for the "Ham & Cheese Omelette" along with a half order of biscuits and gravy, toast, and orange juice. His friend and I decided on the Cheese Burger and French fries - a classic choice. Accompanied by a Pepsi for me and milk for him, our meal was comfortably priced at $48.76 before tip. Considering the portion sizes and the quality, it's evident that a meal here is both affordable and satisfying, especially given the current economy. The diner itself boasts ample seating options, including tables, booths, and diner seating, ensuring comfort even when it's packed. They've also got some outdoor patio seating, which is a nice touch for those who prefer dining al fresco. What keeps bringing me back, though, is not just the food but the atmosphere and service. The wait staff are excellent, always ready to go above and beyond to address any issues. And there's something special about the place when Art is around - the food just seems even better. In summary, Art's Skillet offers classic American diner-style food with breakfast available all day, along with a selection of dishes from other cultures. It's a cozy spot that doesn't make you feel cramped, even when it's busy, and the staff make you feel right at home. Definitely a place I'd recommend to anyone looking for good food at great prices, with service to match. A true gem in Indianapolis for brunch.

Good Morning Mama's

1001 E 54th St, Indianapolis

(317) 255-3800

Reviewed by:

Eva Edwards

First time visiting Good Morning Mama's for brunch and I have to say, my experience was incredibly satisfying. The food was absolutely delicious. We opted for the outdoor seating and it was such a lovely atmosphere to enjoy a meal in; the area is well shaded and beautifully arranged, making for a pleasant dining experience. To top it off, the service was quick and our server was very friendly, which always makes a difference. The breakfast menu seemed like it had options to satisfy anyone's palate. I decided on the papa corn beef eggs with sourdough toast and couldn't resist adding the cheesy grits to my order. The portions were so generous that I ended up taking home half of the hash, toast, and grits. Even the coffee was good, which isn't always a given at brunch spots. All the wait staff were very friendly and welcoming. A little tip for breakfast enthusiasts: show up around 8:45 am. We were seated immediately, which was a great start to the meal. However, not everything was to my taste. We initially ordered special mimosas which, unfortunately, came premixed and were flat. We decided to swap them for a bottle of champagne and OJ, which was a better fit for our brunch vibes. The food arrived quickly, which was appreciated, but flavor, taste, and texture didn't quite hit the mark for me. The grits tasted a bit stale and the eggs, although well-cooked, were lacking in flavor. The corned beef hash wasn't exactly what I was expecting but it was okay. The standout for me was the Java French toast and the biscuit – although not the best French toast I've ever had, it was the highlight of my meal. The service and the atmosphere were the redeeming qualities of Good Morning Mama's. It's a super cute place and the staff really do make an effort to ensure you have a good experience. My date's food looked good – the French toast was cooked perfectly and the biscuits and gravy were very tasty, just needed a bit of salt and pepper, but that was an easy fix. The fried biscuits were excellent, though we did miss the apple butter. In summary, while not every dish was to my personal liking, the positives such as the service, atmosphere, and certain menu items like the Java French toast make Good Morning Mama's a place worth visiting for brunch in Indianapolis. It might not have fully lived up to my expectations food-wise, but the overall experience was still very enjoyable.

Yolk - City Way

220 E South St, Indianapolis

(317) 632-9655

Reviewed by:

Charlie Shamoon

We were in Indy for the weekend and decided to swing by Yolk - City Way for brunch. Right from the start, the experience was outstanding. We kicked off with two lattes, a snickerdoodle latte and a peanut butter latte, while our child enjoyed a strawberry lemonade. For my meal, I chose the Yolk All Star breakfast, complete with a single crepe and a cinnamon French toast, while my other half went for the Yolk Berry Bliss. Our child was delighted with the Nutty Monkey Pancakes. It's an absolute must-visit if you're ever in Indianapolis! The service was top-notch, the food was incredible, and the atmosphere was welcoming. This place deserves 5 stars without a doubt. It's the best breakfast we've ever had, making it the perfect start to a day, especially with a national cheer competition on our agenda. The pancakes were exceptional, which says a lot since I'm usually not a fan. The herbal peppermint tea provided a refreshing zing, and the California omelette, packed with fresh ingredients, did not disappoint. The staff were incredibly friendly, contributing to a memorable dining experience. We were pleasantly surprised by the absence of a wait and our waiter, James, who impressed us with his politeness, attentiveness, and menu knowledge. Though we didn't manage to capture a photo of the fresh OJ and strawberry OJ we ordered, they were delightful. Despite the goat cheese in the grilled cheese being a bit strong for our taste, the chef's creativity and the menu's variety were commendable. The indoor and outdoor seating options were comfortable, and the restaurant's downtown location made parking convenient and affordable. This place is a solid 10/10, highly recommended. The military discount was an appreciated bonus, making it even more tempting to leave a generous tip. Seriously, every city needs a Yolk!

First Watch

3309 E 86th St, Indianapolis

(317) 643-9792

Reviewed by:

Becky Monge

I had a fantastic experience at First Watch for brunch in Indianapolis. The food and service were both top-notch. I decided to try the Sunny Seoul Hash with scrambled eggs, and it was not only tasty but the portion size was just right. The wait staff was incredibly attentive and welcoming, which contributed to an overall A+ experience. It's worth noting that my visit wasn't during a peak time, so I can't say how the experience might change during the busier Sunday morning brunch rush, but based on my visit, I have high hopes. It was my first visit to this location, and I was impressed by the variety of breakfast options available. The ginger donuts were a standout – hot, soft, and utterly delicious. Similarly, the French toast did not disappoint, and they also offered a great selection of fresh beverages and cold coffee options. I'm certainly planning to return. This location stands out as one of the best First Watch spots I've visited across the country. I couldn't resist ordering my menu favorite, The Chickichanga, and it was as delicious as ever. The savory flavors, paired with wonderful potatoes and a cup of fresh fruit, left me thoroughly satisfied. And the fresh-squeezed orange juice? Absolutely awesome. On a different note, I once made an extra effort to visit First Watch and ordered my meal online. Unfortunately, this time, my experience wasn't as great. My burrito was burnt, the potatoes were somewhat hard, and my waffle was a bit underwhelming. Given the distance I had traveled and the time constraints that morning, I wasn't able to address these issues on-site. The only saving grace was the million-dollar bacon, which lived up to its name. Despite spending over $40, including a tip, that visit was disappointing. However, one off experience won't deter me from visiting again, given the many positive aspects I've enjoyed during other visits.

Wild Eggs

314 N Delaware St, Indianapolis

(317) 744-8283

Reviewed by:

Danyelle Ventura

My brunch experience at Wild Eggs in Indianapolis turned out to be a delightful adventure. Sitting at the bar initially gave me the impression that I might be overlooked, but then a kind server with cornrows and braids quickly noticed me. She was attentive, ensuring I was well taken care of throughout my visit. My meal, consisting of scrambled eggs with sausage, cheese, bacon, a strawberry lemonade mimosa, and French toast, was splendid thanks to her service. The ambiance of Wild Eggs is cheerful, decorated with an engaging "egg" theme, and offers a variety of seating options which I found quite appealing. The menu is impressively extensive, featuring a vast array of both sweet and savory breakfast dishes. I opted for the California Bennie with a few personal tweaks, and it was delicious and satisfying. It's evident that they cater to different tastes by providing a specialty menu alongside the regular one. Though it was my third visit to a Wild Eggs location, it was my first time at this particular site. The service was prompt upon our arrival, and our server was fantastic in addressing all our menu queries and allowing us ample time to savor our meal without feeling rushed. Despite a couple of minor setbacks such as the unavailability of certain items and a wait for hot coffee, the quality of service remained unaffected. The food quality was consistent with what I have come to expect from Wild Eggs, making it an enjoyable meal in a comfortable setting. Wild Eggs has certainly secured its spot among my top three breakfast destinations in Indianapolis. The opportunity to enjoy a quality meal in a welcoming environment, complemented by excellent service, makes it a place I look forward to revisiting. It's a testament to the fact that great service can elevate the dining experience, making it memorable.

Garden Table

342 Massachusetts Ave # 100, Indianapolis

(317) 638-0321

Reviewed by:

Gabino Toledo

Garden Table has become my go-to spot for brunch in Indianapolis, especially since finding tasty options that are egg-free can be quite a challenge. The menu here, however, is a treasure trove for someone with my dietary restrictions. The chilaquiles and the mushroom sandwich have quickly become my absolute favorites, each dish leaving me wanting more every single time. Every visit to the restaurant is a pleasant experience. The ambiance is welcoming, making it the perfect spot for a relaxed meal. Even when opting for takeout, the food maintains its high quality, although I've noticed the process could be a bit smoother with a more attentive hostess service. Despite this minor hiccup in service, the food quality and the delightful espresso always make up for it. The smoked salmon hash and the daysleeper latte are must-tries, and the buy-one-get-one-free deal on the Garden gate juices is an unbeatable offer. The veggie quiche, accompanied by the irresistible cinnamon sugar bites, is another combination I'd highly recommend. The cauliflower grilled cheese and avocado toast are dishes that showcase the restaurant's ability to serve up delicious and satisfying meals, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences, including vegetarians like myself. The vegan banh mi, paired with the brussel sprout and sweet potato hash and fresh fruit, is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to freshness and flavor. The atmosphere in Garden Table adds to its charm, with pothos plants creating a cozy and inviting environment, and the staff always being friendly and helpful. It's clear why it's among the most popular brunch spots on Mass Avenue, offering a consistently good experience, whether it's a bustling Sunday brunch or a quieter weekday visit. Reservation-wise, securing a spot for Sunday brunch requires some planning, but it's well worth the effort. While there has been a rare miss in the quality of the food on a second visit, the overall experience remains overwhelmingly positive. In summary, Garden Table stands out not only for its unique and allergy-friendly menu but also for its vibrant atmosphere and exemplary service. It's a place I find myself returning to time and again, eager to explore more of what they have to offer.

Hotcakes Emporium

6845 Bluff Rd, Indianapolis

(317) 889-2253

Reviewed by:

Jonathan Mixon

Stopped in before our long drive back to Alabama. The waitress was notably impressive, especially considering we had a large party of 14 and a baby to accommodate. There was a good selection of food available, although I would have appreciated seeing healthier options like egg whites or turkey alternatives for sausage and bacon. Despite this, the breakfast experience was very fulfilling. The French toast particularly stood out for its taste and presentation. Even with a bustling crowd, the service remained impeccable. The staff were exceptionally attentive, ensuring our dining experience was pleasant from start to finish. It's clear why this place is always busy - the food is simply exceptional. I had one of the best omelettes at Hotcakes, though I noticed the service was slightly slow and the hash browns could have been better. However, these were minor issues in an otherwise great dining experience. Parking was easy to find, which is always a plus. I definitely plan to return. This is a pretty good breakfast spot with fast service and an excellent staff.

First Watch

143 N Illinois St, Indianapolis

(317) 423-2212

Reviewed by:

Jennifer Amedee

That thick French toast! The ambiance and décor immediately caught my attention with its rustic charm, making it the perfect spot for a hearty breakfast or brunch. The food certainly lived up to expectations, though the omelette being a fold-over rather than mixed in was a slight letdown. However, the gingerbread spice donuts are an absolute must-try, and the array of juices was impressive. Opting for the Kale Tonic, I found it to be a zesty delight. This place knows how to do mimosas right, paired beautifully with an amazing selection of breakfast items. Opting for the avocado toast with added feta cheese alongside cranberry mimosas turned out to be a great decision. Our server was on the ball, showing extensive knowledge of the menu and ensuring we had everything we needed. The only hiccup was finding parking due to the limited street options, especially on a wet Sunday morning when the place was bustling with fans from the previous night's game. Despite the crowd, I was quickly seated and served a warm mug of coffee, setting a comforting tone for the meal ahead. Understandably, with the rush, there was a slight wait for the meal, but the pleasant demeanor of the hostess and server more than made up for it. The Works Omelet was a highlight, offering a generous serving that hit the spot. Sharing this brunch experience with my sibling, we both agreed that the food was outstanding, hot, and well-portioned, paired with refreshingly good drinks. It was noticeable that our waiter, despite being new to the job, did an excellent job making our visit enjoyable. A minor suggestion would be for a bit more attention to the cleanliness and restocking of the bathroom supplies. Despite this, the overall experience was delightful. It's definitely a place worth coming back to for another wonderful morning.

The Breakfast Co.

7435 W 10th St, Indianapolis

(317) 273-0123

Reviewed by:

Immacula Lee

My boyfriend and I are from out of town and stumbled upon The Breakfast Co. while looking for a place to grab breakfast before exploring Downtown Indianapolis. What a great discovery! The restaurant wasn't crowded, so we were seated immediately and our food arrived quickly. The service was fantastic throughout our visit. We were pleasantly surprised by the affordability. For just about $25, we got two hearty meals and a coffee, including a tip. It's a shame we don't have a place like this back home. Our server, Taylor, ensured our glasses were never empty. We ordered crepes, eggs, and a Polish sausage skillet. Everything was served hot and was absolutely delicious. The ambiance of the place contributed to our pleasant experience, and even the restroom was spotless. Another time, my daughter and I dropped by for brunch and had an equally wonderful experience. The menu offered a lot of great choices. I opted for the Mediterranean skillet with tzatziki sauce, and it didn't disappoint – the food was served hot and fresh. Our server was attentive, even making sure our to-go order was timed perfectly. We found the prices to be very reasonable, the restaurant clean, and the staff friendly and efficient. I also tried their cheeseburger and was pleasantly surprised by the choice of bread, which was toasted to perfection. I'd definitely order it again. Overall, if I find myself in the area again, stopping by The Breakfast Co. for another meal will be a no-brainer. From the service to the food and the atmosphere, everything was top-notch.


534 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis

(317) 986-5131

Reviewed by:

Claudia Balbuena

One of my favorite brunch spots is definitely Milktooth in Indianapolis. It had been a few years since my last visit, and I was thrilled to find that it was just as good, if not better, than I remembered. This place has such a fun vibe and is situated in a charming area, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. The grilled cheese is absolutely to die for, and both the Dutch baby pancakes and waffles are out of this world. My biggest recommendation is to come with a group so you can try as much as possible! On our latest visit, we brought our son along and were delighted to find the food as delicious as ever. It's a great opportunity to try something new, as everything on the menu is top-notch. We've always found the service to be good, even though there's often a wait (a testament to how popular this place is). But trust me, it's worth the wait. When we arrived, we were told the wait would be around 45 minutes to an hour, which seemed long but manageable with the promise of excellent food. They offered us to grab a coffee while we waited, which was a nice touch, although our coffee did end up taking longer than expected. Once we were seated and our food arrived, I have to admit, the coffee was great but the wait had dampened our spirits a bit. We ordered the sourdough waffle, bacon, oysters, latke, grilled cheese sandwich, sweet Dutch pancake, and beignets – all of which were our favorites. However, despite the great food, the overall experience was somewhat marred by the long wait for both our table and our coffee, as well as the high prices, which didn't quite match the level of service we received that day. All in all, while the food at Milktooth can be delightful, my recent visit was a mixed bag. It's a great spot with a fantastic menu, but be prepared for a possible wait and a higher price tag.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

9435 N Meridian St, Indianapolis

(317) 818-1700

Reviewed by:

Dazah Suhibe

Visiting Another Broken Egg Cafe in Indianapolis turned out to be a delightful breakfast experience. The ambiance of the place was quaint and quiet, providing the perfect setting for a leisurely meal. The service truly stood out; with sweet and attentive servers that made the whole dining experience more enjoyable. Starting off with the drinks, the grand mimosas with Grand Mariner were a perfect choice, definitely hitting the spot and elevating the meal to the next level. As for the food, the chicken and waffles were quite good, but it was the cinnamon roll French toast that stole the show with its incredible flavor. The kindness and helpfulness of the staff didn't go unnoticed, especially when getting my order to-go. The apple fritter French toast combo was delightful, and even though the French toast was more sugary than expected, it was still delicious. The chicken sausage and eggs that accompanied it were pretty good, just what you would expect. One of the best parts of this cafe is that breakfast is served anytime, catering to those breakfast cravings at any hour. Adding a half order of pancakes or waffles to any order is a must, and the Lemon Blueberry pancakes I added did not disappoint—they were absolutely delicious. Going to brunch with family there was a treat; the food was very good across the board. However, the Bourbon Banana Pecan Pancakes were the standout dish for me, becoming the superstar of the meal. Overall, visiting Another Broken Egg Cafe was a satisfying experience thanks to incredible service, fantastic food, and a cozy atmosphere. It's a spot that's definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for a quality breakfast or brunch in Indianapolis.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

5025 E 82nd St, Indianapolis

(317) 827-6926

Reviewed by:

Sylvia Gonzales

Brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe in Indianapolis was an outstanding experience. Used to frequent this place a lot and decided to revisit after a while. From the moment we walked in, the vibe was cozy and welcoming, even though there were only a few other tables occupied. Despite a bit of a wait to place our orders and receive our food, the wait was absolutely worth it. Opted for the Floridian, which was a delightful combination of crab and green onions, although the crab had a slightly fishy taste - a minor hiccup in an otherwise delicious meal. The highlight, however, were the beignets served with an exceptionally tasty orange jam that elevated the entire breakfast experience to the next level. After enjoying such a flavorful meal, there was a bit of a delay in receiving the check and processing payment. Understandably, waits can happen anywhere, yet it felt a bit prolonged given the number of guests. Despite this, the quality of the food made up for the waiting time. The entire brunch adventure lasted about an hour and a half, mostly due to waits for service and payment, which was a bit of a letdown. But when it comes to the food itself, it was hard to hold any grudges. The strawberry pound cake French toast and shrimp and grits were standouts, leaving a lasting impression and a craving to return and sample more of the menu. The staff were friendly, adding to the positive atmosphere of the cafe, and even with the waiting time, they managed to keep things moving as efficiently as possible under the circumstances. In conclusion, brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe in Indianapolis was a memorable experience marked by some of the best breakfast dishes ever enjoyed. The combination of delicious food, a cozy atmosphere, and friendly staff makes it a place worth revisiting. Despite the wait times, it's a spot that’s definitely worth the dining experience, and the anticipation for the next visit is already building.

Yolk - IronWorks

2727 E 86th St #150, Indianapolis

(317) 451-9655

Reviewed by:

Chris Watson

My visit to Yolk - IronWorks for brunch was a delightful experience that I'm eager to repeat the next time I'm in Indianapolis. The food was absolutely delicious, with portion sizes that were generously large, making the dishes easily shareable among my group. We got to try a variety of items, each one delighting us in its own way. The eggs Benedict stood out with some of the most delicious skillet potatoes, and the DIY omelet my mother chose was brimming with toppings. My own choice of a kale and goat cheese scramble was excellent, and the pancakes were wonderfully fluffy. Our server Gina provided us with exceptional service, offering helpful recommendations that made our dining experience even more enjoyable. This place was quite busy when we went back for a second visit, but the wait to be seated was short and well worth it. The restaurant offers ample free parking, including handicap spaces right out front, and a choice of seating arrangements from tables and booths to diner counter seating near the kitchen. Despite the restaurant being crowded, the service was quick and attentive. I tried the Country Side Skillet, which was a hearty and flavor-packed dish, while my wife opted for the YOLK ALL-STAR COMBO. She did mention the cheesy grits lacked a bit of flavor, but overall, we were very satisfied with our meals. The atmosphere of the restaurant added to the experience, offering a nice setting with plenty of seating options and good parking availability. On my last visit, I indulged in THE WORKS OMELET, a generous 5-egg omelet packed with a variety of fillings. It was a delightful breakfast, complemented by the superb service we received. The prices were reasonable, making Yolk - IronWorks a place I can highly recommend for anyone looking for a top-notch breakfast experience in Indianapolis. The quality of food and service here made every visit memorable. Even during a busy Sunday rush, the staff was incredibly friendly and worked efficiently to ensure a great dining experience. This has to be one of the best breakfast places I've encountered since arriving in Indiana, and I'm definitely planning on coming back.

Blueberry Hill Pancake House

10289 Washington St, Indianapolis

(317) 358-8401

Reviewed by:

Edmund Cannon

My visit to Blueberry Hill Pancake House was a delightful brunch experience. The food was top-notch, and the cozy atmosphere added to the overall enjoyment. Despite the crowd, the service didn't miss a beat - the servers were friendly, and the warm welcome from the owner as we entered set a pleasant tone for our meal. Highly recommended would be an understatement for Blueberry Hill Pancake House. It's a Triple AAA plus from me. The perfect choice for meeting up with family over breakfast, it left a lasting impression. The service was outstanding and the food, absolutely delightful. On a scale, it easily ranks an 8 out of 10. Special shoutout to Brittany for the excellent service. Though my time in Indy was short, visiting Blueberry Hill was a priority, and it did not disappoint. The pancakes were a perfect balance of fluffy and flavorful without being overly sweet. The bacon was another highlight for me - thick and crispy just the way I like it. While the decor could use a refresh and the coffee wasn't to my liking, these minor points were overshadowed by the friendly service. The food, on the whole, was good - standard but well-prepared. The omelet and hashbrowns hit the spot, although the biscuits and gravy could use improvement. It may not be out of the way or the coziest spot in town, but if you're looking for a solid meal and great service, Blueberry Hill Pancake House is worth a visit if you find yourself in the area.

Yolk - Monument Circle

111 Monument Circle #100 Corner of Pennsylvania &, E Ohio St, Indianapolis

(317) 983-3222

Reviewed by:

June Cockrell

About a month ago, my stepdaughter participated in the Bands of America event at Lucas Oil Stadium. During our stay, my partner and I had some free time between volunteering and attending the competition, so we decided to explore what Indianapolis had to offer. After some shopping at DGX, we were looking for a good place to eat and stumbled upon a brunch restaurant called Yolk. We had seen it around but had never tried it before. My partner opted for a breakfast burrito, while I went for "The Flame" and decided to add an extra egg to it, with mixed berries on the side. We did have to wait a bit for our food, but it was absolutely worth it. The Flame sandwich was spicy in a way that caught me off guard—in the best possible way. It wasn't just about the heat; it was a perfect blend of flavors that left me more than satisfied. I was so impressed that I even let the staff know about my appreciation, mentioning that I was a local guide for Google and wished I could rate them higher than a 5 if possible. The freshness of the berries was the icing on the cake. It's not often that I get to enjoy such a perfect meal that I already know I'll want to experience again the next time we're in town. The only minor inconvenience was their coffee machine being down, so we had to go elsewhere for a drink, but it didn't dampen the experience. I'd recommend Yolk to anyone who loves a spicy breakfast sandwich, but there's more on the menu to enjoy. The pancakes and the option to customize your omelet are great touches. While they don't serve alcohol, making mimosas a no-go, the food, ambiance, and service more than make up for it. The place is vibrant yet not too loud, and our server, Bianca, was fantastic, making us feel right at home. Both our meals were served at the right temperature, with generous portions that justify the prices, which are a bit on the high side but worth it for a special treat. Yolk offers a wonderful dining experience in downtown Indianapolis – amazing breakfast, great coffee, and a lively atmosphere. Just make sure to visit before it closes at 3pm. The price for the coffee might seem a bit much, but with free refills and a meal that leaves you full and satisfied, it's a minor detail. The warm welcome upon entering and the attentive service throughout our visit made it a memorable brunch spot that I highly recommend.

Mother's Table Pancake House

1301 S High School Rd, Indianapolis

(317) 746-6199

Reviewed by:

Andre Mcdonald

Great place for breakfast or brunch, especially if you're on the west side of Indy or near the airport area. The service here is top-notch, with a waitress who was incredibly kind and attentive. Walking in, you get to choose your seat, which adds a nice touch of freedom right from the start. The menu caught my attention for being extensive and filled with pictures, making it a delightful challenge to decide what to order because everything looks tempting. The food didn't disappoint, with everything served fresh and piping hot, especially the coffee – a rare find. The crepes and French toasts were my favorites, though the entire meal was a treat. While the interior could use a bit of an update, it somehow adds to the charm of the place, making the fantastic food and service stand out even more. Even though it might not be a destination spot for everyone, if you find yourself in the area, it's definitely worth a visit. The menu selection is decent, prices are fair, and the food is satisfactory with service to match. The place might look a little worn, but it's part of its character. Had an absolutely wonderful experience here. The food was amazing, matched by equally impressive service. It's a solid 10/10 recommendation from me. Not being local but spending a lot of time here for work, this spot became a delightful discovery one morning for breakfast, leading me to return for lunch. Whether it was a Mexican omelette or a hamburger steak, each visit was a pleasure, thanks to the extensive menu and generous portions. This morning's Mexican skillet for breakfast was outstanding, cementing this place as my go-to restaurant moving forward. And personally, the outdated style? It grows on you, adding to the charm of Mother's Table.

Le Peep Downtown Indy

301 N Illinois St, Indianapolis

(317) 237-3447

Reviewed by:

Gonzalo Hernandez

My visit to Le Peep Downtown Indy for brunch was an overall positive experience. Stopping by one morning during my trip to Indianapolis, I was excited to see a Dutch baby on the menu, which piqued my interest. The food was delicious, showcasing a wide variety on the menu that's always a delight. Although it wasn’t busy, the food did take a while to arrive, but it was well worth the wait. The portions were great, making it the go-to place in town for breakfast. The server was friendly, even though I found myself needing to be a bit proactive in asking for things. It is on the pricier side, but considering the quality and portion size, it felt justified. Despite a mixed service experience, my overall impression remains positive, and I would be willing to return and recommend it for a good brunch spot in Indianapolis.

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