September 12, 2023

Irvine's Indulgences: Best Brunch Spots in Town

Discover the ultimate brunch spots in Irvine, California, as we take you on a culinary journey through trendy cafes, rustic bistros, and chic brunch spots, catering to all tastes and dietary needs. From classic brunch staples to innovative fusion dishes, there's a bite for everyone in this gastronomical paradise!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Irvine's Indulgences: Best Brunch Spots in Town
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Irvine, the vibrant heart of Orange County, is not just a hub of innovative tech and business giants; it's also a culinary paradise that perfectly captures the melting pot of Californian cuisine. This city can lure anyone into the habit of brunching, thanks to its delightful mix of trendy cafes, rustic bistros, and chic brunch spots. From quintessential avocado toasts and açai bowls to creative fusion dishes and all-you-can-eat brunch buffets, Irvine offers a multitude of experiences to satiate your mid-morning cravings. This blog post will guide you to some of the best brunch places in Irvine that cater to all palettes and dietary preferences. So whether you're a vegan, a sweet tooth, a health freak, or someone who simply loves to brunch, buckle up for a gastronomical tour of this sun-kissed city!

Cafe Bistro

800 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine

(949) 255-2800

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I recently had a wonderful brunch experience at Cafe Bistro in Nordstrom at The Spectrum in Irvine. Everything from the pizza and salad to the French dip surpassed my expectations. The staff were exceptional, particularly our waiter, Florentino Jimenez, who was friendly and professional. We enjoyed a refreshing Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad and a mouthwatering Cafe Bistro Burger. The seating arrangement was unique and at first somewhat off-putting, but overall, it did not affect our experience negatively. The best part was receiving a thank you card from Florentino; a heartwarming gesture that made our visit extra special. The quality of food, excellent service, and reasonable pricing compared to other restaurants at The Spectrum make Cafe Bistro a standout. Notable mention goes to steak which was a 5-star dish. In a nutshell, it is one of the best brunch spots that I have ever visited and I highly recommend it.

Everyday Eatery

6634 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine

(949) 418-7172

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Everyday Eatery in Irvine is an excellent spot for brunch! The food is delicious and prepared with high-quality ingredients, evident in dishes such as the berries and cream French toast and the bacon and egg breakfast sandwich. Their iced vanilla coffee is also top-notch. While it can get quite busy and loud, the friendly staff and fresh food make up for it. We particularly loved their Bacon and Fried Egg Sandwich on Brioche and Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes with Housemade Honeycomb Butter. The restaurant also offers options like ordering ahead online and outdoor seating. In summary, Everyday Eatery has a relaxed atmosphere, fantastic food and staff, making it a brilliant brunch spot in Irvine.

Andrei's Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails

2607 Main St, Irvine

(949) 387-8887

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Andrei's Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails in Irvine surpasses expectations with its Michelin level food, top-notch service, and inviting ambiance. Despite a limited vegetarian menu, the dishes we relished, including artichoke fondue, beets & blue salad, and a uniquely savory baked eggplant, were among the best we've had. The delectable desserts were the perfect cherry on top. Suitable for couples, families, or groups of friends, Andrei's offers a memorable dining experience complete with friendly and competent management. I can't wait to return and try out even more of their offerings. Andrei's has become our go-to dining destination, the first place we think of when we want a great meal. The only downside is they're not open on Sundays and after 5 PM on other days. But trust me, you will not be disappointed with Andrei's.

W Cafe & Restaurant

16205 Sand Canyon Ave Ste 110, Irvine

(949) 336-4596

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W Cafe & Restaurant in Irvine is a phenomenal brunch spot, serving up a blend of health and freshness that is hard to resist. With a hardworking and friendly staff, they ensure every meal is prepared to perfection. Their hot chocolate is a creamy dream, and their salmon sandwich and lamb burger are not to be missed. The cafe is perfectly situated amongst the Hoag medical business offices, making it a convenient quick bite for both doctors and patients. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating, catering to your seating preferences. While they might have a bit of a wait during peak lunch hours, the terrific food and pleasing ambiance are certainly worth it. The pancake combo is a delight, especially when you substitute the bacon for bananas. Despite experiencing mildly slow service on my visit, I am willing to give them another shot purely because of their delectable food. The fresh fruit salad and Mongo smoothie are a great combo. With free and convenient car parking, the location is easy to access. Overall, W Cafe & Restaurant offers a truly unmatchable brunch experience in Irvine. I appreciate their commitment to quality and look forward to my next visit!

The Grille

300 Spectrum Center Dr #150, Irvine

(949) 727-4277

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My visit to The Grille in Irvine proved to be a memorable one. Even though it was crowded, the wait was absolutely worth it. I ordered a chicken breast burger with French fries and both were delicious, with the chicken being juicy and the fries crisp. The breakfast menu also piqued my interest and will definitely be something I try in the near future. I was particularly impressed with the staff who were friendly and efficient. The ambience was bolstered by the live soccer games being broadcasted. From my repeated visits to The Grille, it is evident that their menu variety and all-day breakfast options, coupled with their consistently great service, make it a perfect spot for brunch, especially for those who work nearby. Not to mention, the value for money is excellent. In summary, The Grille in Irvine provides fresh, delicious food at a good price, served by friendly staff in a vibrant atmosphere. It's the best food option in the area and a spot I can't recommend enough.

Burnt Crumbs Irvine

8549 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine

(949) 502-5998

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In my recent visit to Burnt Crumbs Irvine, I was blown away by the exceptional quality of their brunch items. Their soufflé pancakes turned out to be a delightful treat, being both light and moist. Enhanced by the strawberry puree and cream, they were a thorough delight to the palate. I also sampled the breakfast fried rice and the carne asada breakfast burrito, both of which were enjoyable. The restaurant’s ambiance only added to the whole experience; it’s an enjoyable place to hang out with family over the weekends. I’ve been visiting this place religiously every week for months and I must say, the quality of the food remains consistently top-notch. The staff here are well-informed and helpful, making the dining experience even more satisfying. With the added bonus of morning beer on tap, Burnt Crumbs Irvine is a must-visit location for a memorable brunch in OC. I'd give it a solid 3.5-4 stars and would recommend anyone to at least give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

90 Pacifica Restaurant & Bar

90 Pacifica, Irvine

(949) 471-8623

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90 Pacifica Restaurant & Bar in Irvine is a gem that offers an amazing brunch experience. Its offerings range from a generous burger to tasty fish tacos with fresh mango salsa. Some items like the Macadamia Ahi and cheesecake might be just okay but the sliders, club sandwich, and guava sorbet are truly outstanding. The prices may lean towards the higher end but the quality of the food and exceptional service more than make up for it. Special mention must go to our server Deanne, who provided the most wonderful service. The overall vibe is laid back and the staff are incredibly friendly, contributing to a homely atmosphere. Just a heads up though, the pizza may not be a hit with everyone. In conclusion, 90 Pacifica Restaurant & Bar is a perfect place for brunch if you appreciate well-executed 'simple' food and fantastic service.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

13290 Jamboree Rd, Irvine

(714) 731-9700

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The Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar in Irvine offers an exceptional brunch experience. With a vast menu ranging from comfort food to exotic delights, and an impressive selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, there is truly something to suit every palate. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and highly attentive. The highlight for pet owners is their dog-friendly menu. The restaurant also offers outdoor seating and play areas for kids and dogs. While some dishes may not stand out as extraordinary, the overall quality and the reasonable pricing make this spot a must-visit. Special shout-out to their roasted brussel sprouts - a delightful surprise on the menu.

Avocado Cafe

6060 Scholarship, Irvine

(949) 752-0523

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I recently had the opportunity to visit Avocado Cafe for brunch in the bustling city of Irvine. While my experience started on a sour note with the acai bowl's unfortunate packaging mishap, the cafe's other offerings managed to lift my spirits. The breakfast burrito and Cuban sandwich were satisfying and I appreciated the convenience of the location, despite its slightly steep price tag. I'll chalk that up to high rent and my desire to support local, small businesses. I loved their avocado toast - loaded with ripe avocado and topped with a medley of vegetables that added an excellent crunch. On the other hand, their chicken toast, though reasonably good, left me wanting for more as the deli-style chicken felt somewhat overpowering. The ambiance of the cafe was relaxed and enjoyable, and I was impressed by the swift service. And now let's talk about their coffee - it is simply the best! Freshly ground and so gratifying, I would willingly go out of my way to get it. They also offer lots of patio seating which adds to the overall charm. On the whole, Avocado Cafe, with its delightful offerings and commendable coffee, is definitely a brunch spot I'll be returning to. However, I do fervently wish that they improve their to-go bowl containers. Looking forward to trying more from their menu on my next visit!

Poached Neighborhood Kitchen

17595 Harvard Ave A, Irvine

(949) 860-1573

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My visit to Poached Neighborhood Kitchen for brunch left an impression on me. Despite the slightly long waiting line, they have an efficient system that clears it up quickly. While some dishes could use improvement, like the pancakes, the highlight for me was undoubtedly the short rib omelette. Absolutely scrumptious! I also appreciated their quick service and the speed with which the food came out. They've nailed the eggs Benedict and the Salmon Benedict was also a hit in our group. The coffee could do with more creamer options but nevertheless, it's a place I'd return to, no doubt about that. Despite the space being a bit tight and crowded, it's a testament to the delectable food they serve. The team at Poached Neighborhood Kitchen in Irvine is doing a fantastic job, ensuring both quality food and exceptional service. I'm looking forward to my next brunch here.

Mimi's Cafe

4030 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine

(949) 559-8840

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting Mimi's Cafe in Irvine for a late lunch. The restaurant wasn’t crowded at the time, which offered a more relaxed dining experience. The food, I have to say, was simply delightful. From the scrumptious T-Bone steak to my kid's newly discovered favorite, the lava cake - everything was presented beautifully and tasted fantastic. Soledad, our server, was attentive and handled our special requests with utmost professionalism. Though the French Onion Soup did not quite live up to East Coast standards, it was still satisfactory. The tuna melt and fries were delicious as well, making for a well-rounded meal. The highlight of our visit, though, was breakfast. The Savory Breakfast Bowl, a drool-worthy combination of quinoa/brown rice, garlic sautéed spinach, poached eggs, and sliced avocado, was an absolute winner, as was the Kids Egg and Bacon. Our server was kind, efficient, and added to the overall excellent experience. It's worth noting that the ambience could be improved. The interior needs a good clean and the benches in the booths require repairs. That being said, Mimi's Cafe still exudes a charm that's hard to resist. It's the perfect place for families, complete with reading rewards for the little ones and the occasional heartwarming sight of grandparents and their grandkids enjoying a meal together. In conclusion, Mimi's Cafe in Irvine is a must-visit. It's a classic brunch spot with a warm, welcoming vibe and delicious food. Whether it's for Mother’s Day or just a regular day, Mimi's Cafe delivers. And if you visit, the Savory Breakfast Bowl is a must-try. Bon appétit!

Bosscat Kitchen & Libations

18169 Von Karman Ave, Irvine

(949) 333-0917

Reviewed by:

Bosscat Kitchen & Libations in Irvine offers an excellent dining experience with its interesting twist on comfort food and well-stocked bar. The staff is courteous and attentive, providing top-notch service. Standout dishes include the Portabella quinoa burger and the Nashville chicken and cheese dip appetizer. Although the place can get busy during peak hours, it remains a go-to spot for a nice dinner or brunch. One minor drawback might be a slightly slow service during busy hours, but the overall quality of food, drinks, and environment more than compensates for it. With its great atmosphere and delicious food, Bosscat Kitchen & Libations is definitely worth revisiting.

Stacks Pancake House

14421 Culver Dr, Irvine

(949) 679-1233

Reviewed by:

Stacks Pancake House in Irvine is a refreshing brunch spot nestled right in the heart of a bustling shopping center. With their diverse menu inspired by Hawaiian classics and delectable pancake varieties, this place serves up casual brunch food with a delightful, tropical twist. Their Blueberry pancakes and omelettes are a dream- soft, fluffy, and incredibly tasty. The Loco Moco, a personal favorite, is handled well, despite the patties turning out a tad overcooked at times. If you're in the mood for something unique, the Ube pancake with its exotic purple hue and coconut topping is a must-try - don't forget the delightful coconut syrup to go with it! The corned beef hash and Kalbi plate stand out as well, offering a savory balance amidst the predominantly sweet dishes. Their Nutella Banana French toast is as decadent as it sounds, a real treat for those with a sweet tooth. The Hibachi meats are a fun nod to Benihana-style dining, and the Kalua Pig Benedict is a savory masterpiece. The ambiance is as casual as it gets, with friendly workers adding to the overall enjoyable dining experience. The ordering process is relatively smooth and efficient, and the turnover time is quite reasonable. Despite the slight let down of the overly sweet strawberry crepe, the overall dining experience at Stacks Pancake House was memorable. The food was consistently good and the prices are reasonable for the area. It's ideal for early risers or weekday brunch-goers to avoid the weekend crowd. Stacks Pancake House is your ticket to a hearty, satisfying brunch with some interesting Asian flair. I highly recommend it and look forward to trying their waffles on my next visit.

Breakfast Republic

4213 Campus Dr Suite P166B, Irvine

(949) 379-7177

Reviewed by:

My brunch experience at Breakfast Republic in Irvine was, generally speaking, outstanding. The food was distinctly unique, particularly the gluten-free turkey meatloaf hash paired with eggs over medium. This dish was not only appetizing, but also very satisfying considering its freshness. Their hot chocolate, topped with added marshmallows and extra whipped cream, was another major highlight. The staff were notably friendly, making the vibrant spot more inviting. The outdoor seating option was massive and is worth mentioning too. My recommendations would be the Jurassic Bloody Mary, the House Coffee Cake and the extravagant Banana Split French Toast. It's advisable to visit on a weekday post 1pm to dodge the crowd and enjoy your meal peacefully. However, some minor downsides included a discrepancy in the egg portion size, a slightly overpriced cappuccino, and an unmentioned 4% surcharge on the bill. Also, my experience this particular time was not perfect as our drinks were forgotten, the food was cold and the customer service left something to be desired. But overall, I believe Breakfast Republic is and remains a must-try brunch spot in Irvine.

Heirloom Farmhouse Kitchen

7905 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine

(949) 880-2420

Reviewed by:

The Heirloom Farmhouse Kitchen in Irvine offers a fantastic brunch experience. Though there may be a slight wait at times, the food is well worth it. From the well-executed beef dishes to the surprisingly satisfying roasted cauliflower, the menu is diverse and delicious. The Ahi Bowl, despite being a bit pricey, is a memorable dish that I highly recommend. The atmosphere is friendly, cozy and even offers outdoor seating. Despite being a part of the Mariott Hotel, the restaurant creates its own unique, relaxing environment that feels like a vacation from city life. The service is friendly and accommodating, and the extensive bar and lounge area are enjoyable perks. The standout dish has to be the Brussels sprouts - simply the best I've ever had. Parking can be a bit tricky due to the valet service, but it shouldn't deter anyone from experiencing this gem of a restaurant. The Heirloom Farmhouse Kitchen encompasses excellent food, a great atmosphere, and an overall delightful brunch experience.


14962 Sand Canyon Ave, Irvine

(949) 786-2600

Reviewed by:

Denny's in Irvine stands out as an exceptional brunch spot with its outstanding customer service, stellar food, and homey atmosphere. Their Fried Cheese Melt is a must-try, and the hospitable and efficient staff ensures a fantastic dining experience. Despite its location, this Denny's outdoes its competition and offers a unique, family-owned feel that distinguishes it from typical chain restaurants. From its speedy service to its delicious food, and the wonderfully attentive and welcoming staff, this Denny's guarantees a satisfying, home-like brunch experience that won't break the bank. Especially commendable is our server, Tony, whose upbeat and welcoming demeanor added to our great experience. Highly recommended for a delightful brunch in Irvine.

Pandor Artisan Bakery and Café

13124 Jamboree Rd, Irvine

(949) 535-0777

Reviewed by:

My visit to Pandor Artisan Bakery and Café in Irvine was an experience worth repeating. The charm of this French boulangerie is perfectly captured in its delectable food and remarkable service. The large portions make it perfect for sharing and leave room for sampling their tantalizing desserts. The clean environment and swift service only added to the enjoyment of my visit. While the café latte with hazelnut was a bit pricey, the taste more than justified the cost. The Farmer's Omelet was a personal favorite, although I wished for more goat cheese, the quality of the ingredients was evident in every bite. The staff was attentive, welcoming, and considerate which enhanced the overall dining experience. The highlight of my second visit was the Quiche Florentine, proving that this café continues to improve. In conclusion, if you're seeking fresh homemade artisan breads and desserts, Pandor should be on top of your list. It may not be Paris, but it's the best French style café in town. I highly recommend it!

The Bistro – Eat. Drink. Connect.®

2701 Main St, Irvine

(949) 757-1200

Reviewed by:

As a seasoned brunch enthusiast, I frequently find myself hunting for the best brunch spots, and The Bistro - Eat. Drink. Connect.® in Irvine, left a remarkable impression. The ambiance was warm and inviting, perfectly complementing the intimate dining experience the place aims to create. The food was truly delightful, if not slightly more expensive than comparable spots. I indulged in the avocado toast which, I must confess, was worth its somewhat bougie price tag. The avocado was ripe and creamy, spread generously over a perfectly toasted slice of artisan bread. The quality of the ingredients was evident in the taste, with every bite offering a delicious harmony of flavors and textures. Beyond the great food, The Bistro also offers an extensive array of beverage options. As someone who appreciates a good drink to supplement my brunch affair, the selection was impressive. Speaking of the service, it was absolutely professional and attentive. The staff were friendly and accommodating, ensuring all my needs were met in a timely and efficient manner. In terms of location, The Bistro is conveniently situated. It's located in the heart of Irvine, making it a highly-accessible option for both locals and visitors alike. Overall, while it might be a little tough on your wallet, The Bistro – Eat. Drink. Connect® provides a dining experience that justifies every penny. It is charming, sophisticated, and absolutely worth the visit if you're in town. It's a fantastic addition to Irvine’s vibrant brunch scene offering a great combination of atmosphere, food, and service.


18542 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine

(949) 474-4467

Reviewed by:

My out-of-the-gate introduction to the West Coast IHOP in Irvine was a delightful surprise. A world apart from my past experiences, this restaurant shone brightly with its incredibly welcoming and friendly staff, enticing menu options, and efficient service. The pancake combo was a delicious, hearty start to my day, and the two-story layout offers plenty of space for diners. Despite the slightly higher price tag attached to the breakfast, the overall quality of the service and food make it a worthy expenditure. Airports can indeed be stressful places, but the IHOP in Irvine truly provides a culinary oasis amidst all the chaos.

Aloha stacks

6380 Irvine Blvd, Irvine

(949) 418-8482

Reviewed by:

Aloha Stacks in Irvine has quickly become one of my favorite brunch spots. The staff were friendly and efficient, ensuring that my food arrived promptly. I was particularly impressed with the strawberry waffles and Island Chilaquiles, both of which were exceptionally delicious. Another highlight was the perfectly cooked home-fried potatoes - crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. While the spicy chicken bacon waffle and kalua pork burger left a little to be desired, they did not detract from the overall positive experience. The strawberries and cream Belgium waffle were also a standout dish, and the generous portion sizes ensure you won't leave hungry. The POG juice comes highly recommended as well. In all, Aloha Stacks has made a fine addition to the local dining scene, offering a diverse menu that caters for all tastes. I look forward to returning soon.

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