September 12, 2023

Uncovering the Top 20 Brunch Spots in Jersey City

Explore the best brunch spots in Jersey City! From mouth-watering pancakes to savory omelettes, our curated list includes eateries serving the freshest ingredients and inventive menus. Discover your new favorite place to enjoy a leisurely brunch today!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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New Jersey
Uncovering the Top 20 Brunch Spots in Jersey City
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Get ready to start your day off right with our guide to the best brunch spots in Jersey City. This bustling metropolis in New Jersey offers a plethora of delightful venues that serve up brunch fare that is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. From chic and sophisticated eateries featuring gourmet dishes, to cozy, home-style cafes with hearty classics, Jersey City's brunch scene will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey! Leave your traditional breakfast routine behind and step into the world of mimosas, avocado toasts, eggs benedict, and much more.

Cafe Alyce

641 Montgomery St, Jersey City

(201) 434-9583

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Cafe Alyce in Jersey City is an intimate brunch spot serving up exceptional service, quality food, and a passionate backstory. The diverse and creative menu, inspired by the community of Jersey City, offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes including Duck Confit Spring Rolls, Biscuits & Gravy, and a Bulgogi Beef Breakfast Skillet. The freshly prepared food, friendly staff, and complimentary coffee and water create an incredible experience. Despite the busy street parking, it's absolutely worth a visit. With fine dining like this, Jersey City is rapidly becoming a must-visit foodie destination. So if you're in the area and haven't tried Cafe Alyce yet, what are you waiting for?

sam a.m.

112 Morris St, Jersey City

(201) 432-2233

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From the atmosphere to the food, sam a.m. in Jersey City definitely wowed me. The environment is tasteful yet humorously decorated, providing a great ambiance. The food, specifically the avocado toast and pimento, was outstanding. The simplicity of the avocado toast was refreshing, while the pimento--particularly the sauce--was stellar. This destination also offered excellent drinks, such as the Honey Badger Latte, and brilliant daily specials. The service was friendly and attentive, and the overall experience was one I hope to repeat soon. A highly recommended spot for brunch.

Cafe Dolma

270 Grand St, Jersey City

(201) 433-6391

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We had a wonderful brunch experience at Cafe Dolma in Jersey City. This charming Turkish spot really hit the mark with its delightful food and excellent service, despite the tight space. Their "Çılbır," traditional Turkish poached eggs in yogurt, was a standout dish for us, adding a touch of nostalgia to the meal. It was expertly prepared by the French chef and took the dish to the next level. The avocado toast was a hit with my wife and I would highly recommend the chocolate croissant, egg sandwich, and brioche French toast. The small details, like being immediately served water upon seating, added to our overall positive experience. This establishment has set a new standard for our brunch outings. However, future patrons should note that the indoor dining space is quite small, which might affect the comfort level of some. Despite this minor drawback, Cafe Dolma stands out as a brunch hotspot in Jersey City.

Satis Bistro

212 Washington St, Jersey City

(201) 435-5151

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Satis Bistro is a delightful spot nestled in downtown Jersey City. It's ideal for brunch, especially on Sundays. The food is fantastic, with a variety of options from enticing avocado toast to the green Goddess Salad that is nothing short of divine. The mimosas are a fruity delight, adding a refreshing touch to the meal. Satis Bistro also offers a perfect ambiance for a date night; the music isn't overpowering and the setting is intimate, with an additional outdoor seating choice. Cleanliness and decor add to the comfortable vibe and despite its popularity, it doesn't feel overcrowded. The service is swift and the staff are pleasant and attentive. Their strawberry gelato was a delicious treat and it's admirable that they cater to all dietary preferences with vegan options available. I did find the short rib bolognese a bit underwhelming, but the duck breast was cooked well. The atmosphere is very romantic, perfect for special nights. The service is quick and the food and drink options are varied. The appetizers were memorable, particularly the grilled cauliflower, crispy brussel sprouts, and argula salad. The main dishes were generally great, though I found the fish in the special could have been cooked a bit longer. Overall, I would highly recommend Satis Bistro and wouldn't hesitate to revisit if I find myself in Jersey City again.

Mathews Food and Drink

351 Grove St, Jersey City

(201) 333-1258

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My first brunch experience at Mathews Food and Drink in Jersey City was an absolute delight. The chicken and waffles, a crowd favorite, were immensely enjoyed by my friends. The textures of the juicy chicken, the fluffy waffles, and the hot honey all worked together to create an inimitable flavor profile. I treated myself to the equally scrumptious chicken sandwich which I found irresistible. The ambience of the place, with its classic American vibe, added considerably to the experience. The service was excellent and the locale offers great possibilities for an extended day-around-town. For those who relish comfort food, this place has got you covered! Though the menu is slightly limited, every dish we tried, including the Southern Fried Shrimp, Deviled Eggs, and the Hot Honey Chicken sandwich, was delightful. The only aspect that needs improvement in my opinion is the mocktails - they didn't quite match up to the fantastic reputation of Mathews. In conclusion, Mathews Food and Drink is a fantastic spot for brunch in Jersey City. With an excellent menu, lovely ambiance, and great location, it is a place I'll visit again and recommend to others. However, it's worth noting that it's a bit pricey and the mocktails could use some work. The positives though, far outweigh these minor issues, making it a must-visit spot in the area.


4 Path Plaza, Jersey City

(201) 222-1600

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My experience at Emma's for brunch in Jersey City was absolutely delightful. Our waitress, Michelle, was an absolute gem, making sure our meals were prepared to our exact preferences. Both the Emma burger and the JSQ burger were cooked to perfection, and the flourless chocolate cake was a decadent treat. The honey hot sauce wings, fried chicken and catfish meals were all standout dishes that are not to be missed. Although the drinks could have been a tad sweeter for my liking, they complemented the food well. The Cobb salad and western omelette also proved to be delicious choices. Despite the canned mimosas having an odd flavor, our overall dining experience was not overshadowed by this. The Guinness was poured perfectly and the service from Joslyn was appreciated greatly. The cozy environment combined with the flavorful Mac and cheese made for a memorable evening. While parking in the area can be a challenge, it's a small price to pay for such a fantastic brunch. I would absolutely recommend Emma's and plan on returning in the future.

Buddy's JC

247 Washington St, Jersey City

(201) 432-2600

Reviewed by:

In conclusion, Buddy's JC in Jersey City is a fantastic brunch spot that consistently delivers on service, food, and atmosphere. Despite the hustle and bustle, the staff maintains a friendly, attentive approach and prompt table turnover ensures a reasonable waiting time. A myriad of delicious dishes are available, but the standout for us were the cereal pancakes. Other great options include the breakfast wrap, eggs Benedict, creamy Mac and cheese, and deep-fried pickles with ranch. For those with a sweet tooth, the spiced French toast with an assortment of syrups is a must-try. A minor critique would be the slightly sweet bias on their breakfast menu, but overall, Buddy's JC is a gem that continues to shine. It's a cozy, wonderful, and delicious restaurant that's well worth a visit.

The Cliff

38 Congress St, Jersey City

(201) 626-4046

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If you are looking for a delightful brunch experience in Jersey City, I highly recommend The Cliff. This gem of a restaurant offers an eclectic menu with something to delight every palate. My recent visit was a parade of flavorful dishes, starting with their well-seasoned truffle fries. The perfect balance of savory and salty, these are not your average fries. Next was the cod burger, a succulent and fragrant delight that melted in my mouth, bursting with flavors. The strawberry smoothie offered the perfect refreshing counterpoint, not too sweet, but just right. The ambiance of The Cliff adds to its appeal. Its cozy, calming, and welcoming atmosphere makes it a great place to unwind and enjoy your meal. The staff is amiable and attentive, ensuring a smooth dining experience. What took me back to my previous memories at The Cliff was when I visited them back in 2021 for breakfast. The grilled cheese and cold coffee were as memorable as the friendliness of the staff. The French toast was a gastronomic masterpiece, savory yet sweet, that stole my heart. Honestly, everything on their menu seems to have a special touch, even the ketchup and syrup have a unique taste. Its location is a bonus, situated conveniently next to the lightrail, making it easily accessible. Whether you choose to enjoy your meal indoors in their cozy seating area or outdoors soaking up the vibe, The Cliff does not disappoint. In sum, The Cliff, with its delicious culinary offerings, cheerful ambiance, and friendly staff, offers an unparalleled brunch experience. It's a place I enjoy returning to, especially when I have some free time for a leisurely lunch. Their Cobb salad is a must-try! I look forward to many more brunches at The Cliff.

Skinner's Loft

146 Newark Ave, Jersey City

(201) 915-0600

Reviewed by:

Skinner's Loft is a fantastic brunch spot in Jersey City with a warm, eclectic, and homey vibe. The rooftop garden used for drinks adds a unique touch. The service was great, and the food was top-notch with wonderfully balanced drinks. The menu is diverse and interesting - highlights include the well-seasoned steak fries and delicious truffle mayonnaise, even if the sliders were a bit on the greasy side. Impressive service from our server Abdul and the warm welcome from hostess Natalia made the experience even better. Despite the reservation system not being my preference, I definitely plan to return. This hidden gem that's been around for 15 years is definitely worth a visit!

The Kitchen Step

500 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

(201) 721-6115

Reviewed by:

The Kitchen Step in Jersey City is an absolute must-visit for brunch. Their scrumptious eggs Benedict, delectable veggie burger and crisp fries were some standout dishes. The friendly staff adds to the pleasant experience and they have a well-stocked bar featuring a noteworthy selection of cocktails like the tequila espresso martini. While a bit on the expensive side, the cost is absolutely worth it for the quality of their food, particularly the perfectly cooked burgers. Despite the restaurant being crowded and slightly noisy, the overall vibe was still enjoyable. And even though the service could use a little work, their efficiency and kindness more than made up for it. One thing that definitely deserves a mention is their mouth-watering wings and zucchini fries. All in all, The Kitchen Step is an excellent brunch spot that I would highly recommend and will definitely visit again!

The Hamilton Inn

708 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

(201) 839-5818

Reviewed by:

I had a lovely brunch at The Hamilton Inn, Jersey City. I enjoyed some delicious pierogies that served as a meal itself. The unique flavor combinations and top-notch pastry truly set them apart from the usual fare. The restaurant itself is cozy yet has a bit of an upscale feel, perfectly complemented by the old-school decor. The staff is very friendly, and their service is commendable. Despite some hiccups with food choices and seating, it was a largely positive experience. I did notice that there was some playful wrestling at the service station, but it was more amusing than disruptive. Overall, I look forward to coming back to this beautiful brunch place to explore more of their fantastic menu. I would definitely give them another shot!

City Diner

31 Montgomery St, Jersey City

(201) 721-5331

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City Diner in Jersey City is a standout establishment, ideal for casual family dining or even a unique cocktail experience. They offer a diverse menu, with exceptional all-day breakfast options featuring generous portions and high-quality ingredients - the homemade corned beef hash and the delightful strawberry banana waffles being a particular highlight. Other favorites include the delicious home fries, perfectly cooked turkey bacon, and an impressive dinner selection of house-made fries, chips, and fresh Cobb salad. The service is friendly and attentive, the atmosphere enhanced by upbeat background music, and I find the price range reasonable. I appreciate the attention to detail and warmly recommend City Diner to anyone seeking a quintessential diner experience in Jersey City. Though the space might get a bit crowded during the weekends and parking could be a challenge, it is ultimately worth it. I rate it 20 out of 10 and eagerly anticipate my next visit.

Amelia's Bistro

187 Warren St, Jersey City

(201) 332-2200

Reviewed by:

Despite some initial hiccups with service and mixed feelings about the starters, my dining experience at Amelia's Bistro turned out to be quite delightful. The seafood platter, pasta, and salads were incredibly fresh and impressed us with their flavors. The sheer quality of their new dinner menu on Mother's Day left us stunned. The chickpea mash, calamari, mussels, salmon, foraged mushroom salad, Chilean sea bass, and orange cheesecake each added an exciting element to our meal. Even though the restaurant is primarily known for its brunch, the dinner exceeded our expectations, making us eager to return. The outdoor seating was also a great choice on our part, offering a slight reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the busy kitchen. Lastly, our Mother's Day dinner was made extra-special by the attentive and personable staff. The chicken and short ribs our group ordered were highly recommended. Despite early shortcomings, Amelia's Bistro won me over and I would highly suggest this establishment for a memorable seafood experience.


264 Grove St, Jersey City

(201) 333-0170

Reviewed by:

If you're in Jersey City, Frankie's is an absolute must for brunch. It boasts an inviting decor, with pink walls and interesting art, and an ever-changing menu that always keeps you coming back for more. From their filling Full English breakfast to their surprisingly delectable, warm donuts served with chocolate sauce, the food here is consistently delicious. The drinks, like the tumeric latte and the CBD infused juice, complement the meals perfectly. I can't stress enough the amazing vibes. It’s not just the food and drinks that make Frankie’s stand out – the staff is some of the best I've encountered. Frankie is my absolute favorite place, and I’m already craving another visit. Try it for yourself, and you won't be disappointed.

Fire & Oak

479 Washington Blvd, Jersey City

(201) 610-9610

Reviewed by:

Dining at Fire & Oak for my wife's birthday brunch was an exceptional experience. Between our 20 guests, we sampled a variety of appetizers, drinks, and main courses, all of which were superb. The management and staff ensured the evening went smoothly, proving that their service is truly top-notch. Despite its upscale atmosphere, Fire & Oak offers a wide range of food choices that are nothing short of exceptional. Happy hour is an event we won't miss. While it does get crowded and may have long wait times without a reservation, it's certainly worth a visit. Even though the bathroom is located in the hotel, it didn't dampen our great time. Many families were present, suggesting it's a popular choice for family gatherings. However, be prepared for potential missteps, such as a mix-up on a birthday cake. Despite the higher price range, it's a great place to dine for special occasions. In summary, Fire & Oak is a must-visit for a hearty, unforgettable brunch experience in Jersey City.

Life Pancake Company

426 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

(201) 433-0471

Reviewed by:

The Life Pancake Company in Jersey City is a delightful place for a satisfying brunch. Their waffle breakfast sandwich, omelette, and Nutella pancakes are scrumptious. The staff, especially our waitress, was very attentive, ensuring our cups were always filled with coffee. We also enjoyed the Country Fresh Eggs with Grilled Chicken and the chocolate-chip waffle. Their menu is indeed diverse and tempting, so we plan to visit again to try more dishes. The decor is pleasing and they have sufficient seating. They also have a bar, which could be a great addition to the brunch. The service could do with some improvement, but it's not a dealbreaker. Some may find their prices a bit high, but they offer parking at the back, which is convenient. We visited on New Year's day and despite the crowd, we were seated promptly, and our food was served in a timely manner. The home fries, bacon, sausage, eggs, and the Grilled Pork Chop made for a hearty meal. Most notably, the banana walnut pancakes did not disappoint. Overall, we had a great experience and will definitely visit again.

Jersey Social

837 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

(201) 222-7447

Reviewed by:

My experience at Jersey Social for brunch was absolutely delightful. The service was top-notch with attentive and friendly staff members. The food was mostly very satisfying, with just a small disappointment in the overly salty batter of the Chicken & Waffle. However, the soy garlic chicken wings and cheesecake were nothing short of amazing, as was the Connecticut style lobster roll. The standout though was easily the espresso martini during Happy Hour - a bargain at just $8, and one of the best I've ever had. The casual yet inviting ambiance of this bar and grill is perfect for catching up with friends. Overall, the affordability, quality of food and drink, and excellent service make Jersey Social a spot I can't wait to return to for brunch.

Beechwood Cafe

290 Grove St, Jersey City

(201) 985-2811

Reviewed by:

I recently had brunch at Beechwood Cafe in Jersey City and found it to be a delightful experience. From the exceptional taste and presentation of the French toast and the soft, tasty Southern Pepper Egg Croissant, to the amazing hot white rose tea that really hit the spot. Although the California omelette lacked a bit in flavor and the almond croissant needed more filling, overall the food was delicious, with plenty on the menu to choose from, including vegetarian options. But what made the experience truly memorable was the friendly service and the lively atmosphere. The cafe had a quick turnaround on orders which was impressive given that it was bustling with patrons. I was also pleased to find that the service charge was included in the bill. I highly recommend Beechwood Cafe to anyone looking for a quality brunch experience in Jersey City. The location is incredibly convenient, especially if staying nearby. I had breakfast here three times during my stay and each time left satisfied and eager to return. I can confidently say that Beechwood Cafe is one of those places you'll want to come back to again and again.

Short Grain

183 Montgomery St, Jersey City

(201) 333-2810

Reviewed by:

Brunch at Short Grain in Jersey City was a delightful experience that catered to a variety of dietary restrictions, including vegan and gluten-free. Although the wait time and understaffing were drawbacks, the food made up for it. The sesame tofu salad bowl was delicious and the perfect light brunch choice. The non-vegan options, such as pancakes and avocado toast, were also highly enjoyed by my companions. The take-out process was handy, albeit slightly confusing. While some improvements could be made in customer service and consistency of boba availability in the bubble tea, the fresh ingredients and inviting atmosphere made for an overall enjoyable brunch experience in the heart of downtown. I see great potential for this place to thrive if the staff show a little more consideration for their customers and overall place.

Lokal Eatery & Bar

2 2nd St, Jersey City

(201) 222-6800

Reviewed by:

I had a fantastic time at Lokal Eatery & Bar in Jersey City. The Happy Hour specials were a delight - I particularly enjoyed the $1 Oysters and the 3-for-$30 appetizers. The standout dishes were the Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes Bravas, both significantly enhanced by a delightful aioli sauce. The patio seating offered a stunning view which only added to the overall experience. The staff is polite, attentive, and professional. I've also been here for a wedding reception and was equally impressed. The venue is beautiful, and the buffet steak was one of the best I've ever had. With a wide variety of delicious options, without breaking the bank, I give Lokal Eatery & Bar my highest recommendation. I plan on returning and encourage others to do the same.

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