January 11, 2024

Top 20 Jersey City Breakfast Spots

Jumpstart your day in Jersey City! Enjoy epic pancakes, invigorating coffee, hearty bagels, and more at the city's top breakfast spots.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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New Jersey
Top 20 Jersey City Breakfast Spots
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Jersey City's breakfast spots toss the "boring breakfast" rulebook right into the Hudson. Let's give a sunrise salute to the best Jersey City eateries that can put a morning smile on even the sleepiest of faces.

Hybrid Coffee & Kitchen

398 Manila Ave, Jersey City

(201) 993-9028

Reviewed by:

Dayni Greene

As someone who enjoys discovering cozy spots for breakfast, Hybrid Coffee & Kitchen in Jersey City has thoroughly impressed me. The food and coffee are simply exceptional, and the interior design adds to a great atmosphere, whether you're there to hang out, study, or just enjoy a relaxing moment. The staff stands out for their friendliness and dedication to serving customers well, preparing each menu item freshly upon order. It's evident that the owner and staff care deeply about their craft, with standout offerings like the iced maple latte and the delicious ube babka. Both the dine-in and take-out experiences are top-notch. During a weekend brunch visit, despite a slight crowd, the space was welcoming, and I easily found a spot for two. The menu featured standard brunch delights like acai bowls, waffles, and eggs, all served in a cute and pleasing environment perfect for catching up with friends or savoring a quality cup of coffee. This place really hits the mark for one of the best breakfast venues. If possible, I'd rate it more than 5 stars for its phenomenal food, stellar service, and the evident passion of the owner for both his team and patrons. Highly recommended!

Cafe Alyce / Bar Alyce

641 Montgomery St, Jersey City

(201) 434-9583

Reviewed by:

Joel Baranowski

My visit to Cafe Alyce / Bar Alyce for breakfast in Jersey City was outstanding, and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed. The cafe itself is incredibly charming, making for a perfect brunch spot that I was lucky enough to stumble upon. From the moment I entered, the co-founder's warm welcome signaled a great start to my experience. Despite not having a reservation, they managed to fit us in, and I was grateful for the careful management that ensured a comfortable flow of service. A short wait was no issue, as the bar area provided a pleasant place to bide the time. The food itself was a highlight. Everything from the NJ farmer dish, pastrami sandwich, mojo chicken, egg and cheese sandwich, to the homemade biscuit, hit the mark for flavor and freshness. The breakfast burrito, biscuits and gravy my family tried were equally scrumptious and I found the shakshuka and samosas to be stellar choices. On another occasion, I popped in for drinks and found the bar atmosphere just as inviting. I'm eager to return for dinner, having had such great experiences at breakfast and brunch. The food is a testament to skilled cooking and the dog-friendly outdoor seating is a delightful touch. The establishment has been an excellent addition to the neighborhood, offering up not only a fantastic brunch but now a tantalizing dinner menu and a well-curated cocktail selection. My favorites are numerous, including the Peanut salad, Tenga, Short Rib, and Tuna. The cocktails, particularly the 1894 and the Milk punch, have been memorable. In my opinion, Cafe Alyce / Bar Alyce is an exceptional choice for anyone looking to enjoy a meal in Jersey City. The prices are reasonable, the food is consistently delectable, and the staff goes out of their way to make both humans and pets feel welcome. It's a place I wholeheartedly recommend and one I plan to visit again and again.

sam a.m.

112 Morris St, Jersey City

(201) 432-2233

Reviewed by:

Jayshreebahen Arias

I had a wonderful experience at sam a.m. in Jersey City for breakfast. It's such a nice local spot with a chill and laid-back atmosphere. The owner's really cool and makes an effort to check on you, and the service is friendly and welcoming. I chose the avocado toast, which was simple yet fantastic, not over-salted and just perfect in flavor. My friend had the weekender and we both left feeling super full and satisfied. This place is so tranquil and relaxing, with exceptional service. Even though the vegetarian options are limited, the quality and taste of the food are top-notch. I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was when we arrived early for breakfast. Everything from the food to the coffee was amazing, and our server was cool and funny. We also shared the pimento and the eggs were perfect. The sauce with it was so good it felt like it deserved its own spot on the menu. The atmosphere is inviting, with decor that's tasteful yet has a sense of humor. We enjoyed our time there so much that we're definitely going back. I had the BLT with egg, the green goddess sandwich, and berry limeade – all of which were just perfect. The bread was fresh, and the berry limeade was so refreshing I had to grab a second one for my walk home. The owner's presence adds to the place, always engaging and talking to customers. It's great to have such a spot in our neighborhood.

Cafe Peanut

586 Newark Ave, Jersey City

(201) 721-6270

Reviewed by:

Ibrahim Thatiam

Stepping into Cafe Peanut for breakfast was a real treat. The autumn-themed decor and intricate designs immediately caught my eye, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. It's no wonder this place was recognized as one of New Jersey's top 15 restaurants by The Times. The menu offers a great selection of beverages and breads. During my visit, I was particularly impressed with their cappuccino with coconut milk and the smashed avocado toast. The complimentary pretzels that came with the coffee were a delightful bonus. The store owner exudes kindness and creates a very friendly environment. The cafe also features a cozy lounge area with a mini coffee table, perfect for reading, working, or just unwinding from the daily grind. On Sundays, the cafe brings in another layer of charm with live guitar music, and on Saturdays, they feature live bands, which really elevates the dining experience. A shoutout goes to the barista, Ilya, whose exceptional service and coffee-making skills contribute to the cafe's welcoming vibe. That said, it's worth noting that food service ends at 11 am; luckily, I managed to place my order just in time. While the chicken bacon omelet was a bit dry and could use some improvement, the overall experience didn't disappoint. The cafe's ambiance, accentuated with plants and a vintage feel, aligns perfectly with my personal taste. Despite it seeming like a quieter day, the service was a tad slow due to the limited staff, which led to a minor hiccup with one of our drink orders being forgotten. The avocado madness I opted for was quite satisfying, though I can't recall what my friends ordered, they also enjoyed their meals and commented on the decent quality. While I'm still weighing up the value for money aspect, visiting Cafe Peanut was definitely a pleasant experience worth trying.

Crepe Guru

110 Bright St, Jersey City

(201) 428-9383

Reviewed by:

Pedro Hamilton Caldera

After a fun trip to the Liberty Science Center with the kids, I decided to grab breakfast at Crepe Guru in Jersey City, and let me tell you, it was a fantastic choice. We had quite the spread, including Pizza, Chicken Northwest, Brownie, and Strawberry Cheesecake crepes, and every single one was delicious. It was great having the place to ourselves, creating a cozy and relaxed start to our day. This wasn't my first time here, and I've become a bit of a regular because they truly offer a wonderful selection of crepes. I've had the Nutella and the tiramisu crepes before, both of which were a delight, served with ice cream and whipped cream that just took them over the top. Although I haven't tried the savory crepes yet, I’ve heard they're just as fulfilling and tasty as their sweet counterparts. The atmosphere at Crepe Guru is intimate, with a good selection of music, and while seating is somewhat limited, they compensate with their outdoor table which is nice on a sunny day. It's important to note that they don't take cards, so make sure to bring your digital wallet ready with Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal. Their late operating hours are a bonus for any late-night cravings, and despite the 40-minute drive for me, it's become a no-brainer for when I want incredible crepes at prices that are hard to beat. I’m all for supporting Crepe Guru. On top of the food, the customer service here has been consistently impressive. In one instance, after placing an order, I realized that I chose the wrong crepe. A quick call to the staff, and not only did they allow me to switch it without any additional charge, but they also let me keep the original order at no extra cost. That kind of service is what seals the deal for me. The crepes themselves are generous in size, and some of my favorites have been the Dynamite, the Buffalo, and the Chipotle. Looks like Crepe Guru has secured its spot as a staple in my neighborhood for both savory and sweet cravings. Highly recommend checking them out if you're in the area; they’ve gained a customer for life here.

The Cliff

38 Congress St, Jersey City

(201) 626-4046

Reviewed by:

Anu Sabhan

I've been to The Cliff in Jersey City for breakfast, and I must say, the ambiance is absolutely amazing. It's the kind of place that offers good food options and has a wonderfully homey atmosphere that makes you feel right at ease. I tried their coffee and French toast and both were pretty good, just a heads up though, the French toast can be quite filling! During my visit, I didn't get the tacos which I felt were just ok. However, the breakfast burrito really hit the spot – even without any meat, the ingredients were hearty and satisfying. The fruit served on the side was fresh, and the coffee paired perfectly with the meal. I also had a chance to try the truffle fries, which were seasoned beautifully, and the cod burger didn’t disappoint either. Not to forget, the strawberry smoothie was a delight, with just the right amount of sweetness. Throughout my visit, the staff was really welcoming and prompt with their service, which added to the overall pleasant experience. I would definitely come back again, especially for brunch. On a previous visit back in 2021, although I don't recall all the details of my order, my grilled cheese and cold coffee were memorable, and the staff was friendly as ever. It was a fantastic spot to enjoy a Sunday morning with friends. The food was quite good, and the vibe was just perfect for a casual breakfast outing.

City Cafe & Grill

2800 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City

(201) 267-6799

Reviewed by:

Neva Pena

Definitely make time to check out City Cafe & Grill for breakfast when you're in Jersey City! The quality of the food here never disappoints – it's always fresh and delicious. It's become a weekly stop for me because I can't resist their offerings. If you're a fan of Moroccan mint tea, you'll love how fresh and flavorful it is here. This cafe has such a bright and cheerful vibe, perfect for enjoying a leisurely breakfast. Their baked goods are top-notch, yet the prices are incredibly fair. Take the pain au chocolate, for example – it's outstanding and only costs $3, which is a steal! The white chocolate mocha is another treat that's simply delightful, and you'll pay less than you would at big-chain coffee shops. Just a heads-up, you might need a bit of patience since there was only one person working when we visited, but I assure you, the wait is worth it. It's the ideal spot to unwind and watch the world go by through the windows. For those who are health-conscious, you'll appreciate the healthy food options. And you absolutely must try the Salmon Garden! If you're looking for a great place to study, you'll find this spot checks all the boxes, plus they offer fantastic healthy choices to keep your energy up. And here's a little tip – don't leave without trying their real fruit smoothies. They're refreshing and a perfect complement to any meal or study session.

Cafe Dolma

270 Grand St, Jersey City

(201) 433-6391

Reviewed by:

Ronald Russom

Came by Cafe Dolma for breakfast this morning with the kids, and I have to say, it was a delightful experience. Mike, who I believe is the owner, along with his team, were incredibly kind and patient. As any parent knows, dining out with little ones can be challenging, but the staff here made sure we felt comfortable and well taken care of. Though we had a short wait to be seated due to our party size, once we were inside, the service was prompt, and the food arrived quickly. It's clear they know how to manage their service to keep customers satisfied. The food, let me tell you, was absolutely delicious. We all practically inhaled our meals, they were that good. I'm already planning to come back for a Sunday brunch date, maybe next time without the kids, to enjoy the atmosphere a bit more. I overheard chatter about another location being opened in an old ice cream shop, which definitely piqued my interest. The ambiance of Cafe Dolma is quaint and charming, with a cozy feel that I appreciated. It's a tiny space, but it has character. The outdoor patio was a perfect spot for our family, although I noticed that the indoor seating seemed ideal for couples. The menu offerings were a hit with everyone. My wife enjoyed her avocado toast, and while I personally found it a bit oily, the flavor was definitely there. The highlight for me was the “Çılbır,” a dish of eggs in yogurt with red pepper sauce; it brought back memories of my childhood. All in all, my takeaway from Cafe Dolma is positive. The delicious food and good service outweigh the somewhat cramped space. It's a gem in Jersey City for a family breakfast or a casual brunch date, and I would give it a solid five-star rating for sure.

Gussy's Cafe

292 Newark Ave, Jersey City

(201) 267-6804

Reviewed by:

Jose Klotz-Johnson

Visited Gussy's Cafe in Jersey City for breakfast and I must say, I was very pleased with both the service and the food—10/10 all around. The atmosphere is welcoming, making it a great spot to work with a nice beverage or to enjoy a quick bite. I was initially skeptical about their coffee as I've found that places good at breakfast don't always nail the coffee game, but Gussy's totally exceeded my expectations. The coffee was delicious! The food here is absolutely amazing too. I'll definitely be recommending this place to my friends and plan to revisit with them soon. Now, a heads up about the outdoor seating; it's not quite up to par with the indoor experience. The outdoor tables could use some shade and better service as the food quality, service, and overall enjoyability take a hit out there. You get your food in to-go boxes with plastic cutlery—a stark contrast to the indoor service. So, if you're considering visiting, my suggestion would be to sit inside to fully enjoy the courteous, friendly, and diligent staff in the clean and well-maintained cafe. The food, while slightly pricey for what you get—the pancakes and bacon in particular—was satisfactory overall. The whole toast, the coffee, and the lavender milk tea were particularly good. If you're after a pleasant breakfast experience in Jersey City, Gussy's Cafe is definitely worth a try—just make sure to grab a seat inside.

Buddy's JC

247 Washington St, Jersey City

(201) 432-2600

Reviewed by:

Tye Pool

I'm thrilled to share my thoughts on Buddy's JC, my go-to spot for brunch in Jersey City. The chicken and waffles keep me coming back, and the fries and drinks are just as delightful. The passion fruit margarita is a personal favorite. My husband swears by their burger, and the service is consistently top-notch without the long wait. It's also the perfect place to catch a game. The breakfast menu is impressive – I enjoyed the Chorizo Guacamole Benedict immensely, although I think the Crab Cake Benedict could use a bit more seasoning to truly shine. On the sweet side, the French Toast Sticks with fruit are a must-try. The customer service is on point, and we were served promptly without unnecessary delays. For those keen on following my local food adventures, check out my guide profile for more reviews. My first visit to Buddy's took me by surprise – it's definitely a contender for the best brunch in JC. The decor gives off warm, festive vibes, and the staff is friendly and quick, even if a tad busy during the brunch peak hours. The Spiced French Toast Sticks were a universal hit at our table. On another note, the pancakes and chicken sandwich are worth a try, although the hangover burger might not be for everyone. Same goes for the chicken and waffles – they're tasty but could be perfected with some tweaks to the chicken's moisture and the waffle's texture. All in all, a fantastic brunch venue that I can't wait to return to. Solid 4/5 for Buddy's JC.

O Kafe

230 Pavonia Ave, Jersey City

(201) 420-0557

Reviewed by:

Riley Lester

As a local on the hunt for a cozy breakfast spot in Jersey City, stumbling upon O Kafe was a delightful surprise. This cute neighborhood coffee shop caught my eye with its inviting atmosphere and a tempting array of baked goods. The coffee here didn't disappoint; it was rich and hit the spot, while the service was commendably quick, making my experience smooth and hassle-free. Sampling the croissant felt like a little morning indulgence; it was the epitome of what a croissant should be – flaky on the outside and deliciously buttery on the inside. The muffin was another treat, staying true to its promise of moistness and flavor. It's easy to recommend O Kafe for anyone in the area, thanks to its convenience and the quality of food and drink. However, there was just one hiccup – the cups and lids seemed to have a small issue with leaking. Despite taking the usual precaution to check the lid alignment, I still found coffee drops escaping onto my sweater, which was a bit of a setback. On a brighter note, the London fog with oat milk was a highlight, offering a comforting warmth and perfectly balanced taste. My husband's decaf latte was just as impressive, rounding off our drinks selection nicely. The decor inside is charming, adding to the welcoming vibe of the café, and it's matched by good service. All in all, the experience and offerings here earn a solid thumbs up. The cold brew is notably good, and when it comes to something heartier, the bacon, egg, and cheese options do not disappoint and are priced fairly. For those looking for a reliable café in Jersey City, O Kafe is definitely worth checking out.

Tommy's Family Restaurant

349 Central Ave, Jersey City

(201) 217-1211

Reviewed by:

Prado Joy

As someone who truly appreciates the charm and sincerity of family-owned restaurants, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of breakfast at Tommy's Family Restaurant in Jersey City. The speed and care put into preparing the meals were evident, and my corned beef hash with two eggs was exactly what I needed to start my day. I particularly enjoyed the balance of flavors in the hash, with the small potato cubes cutting through the saltiness nicely. When it comes to aesthetics, you can sense that the place has seen better days, but this doesn't take away from the experience – it adds character. However, I must admit that the coffee could use some improvement; it was a bit on the watery side for my taste. Parking was a breeze with free street spots available before 9 a.m., and walking into the diner, you're greeted by that quintessential mom-and-pop atmosphere. The server was a breath of fresh air: friendly and full of energy. Our breakfast arrived in record time – less than five minutes – and everything on the plate was delicious. I went for an unsweetened iced tea, which was refreshing, while my sister complimented the coffee, calling it some of the best she's had. The prices were very reasonable, and honestly, the experience was so good I'm already planning a return visit tomorrow before heading home. To my surprise, on a little adventure away from Manhattan with my boyfriend, we stumbled upon this gem. It might need a bit of sprucing up, but that doesn't detract from the fact that Tommy's is an excellent spot for a hearty meal served with care.

City Diner

31 Montgomery St, Jersey City

(201) 721-5331

Reviewed by:

Schlenka Goodrich

As a frequent patron of City Diner for breakfast in Jersey City, I'm always delighted by the vibrant atmosphere that greets me upon every visit. It's a place that my friends and I find ourselves returning to, no matter the wait, because the food is consistently fresh and delicious. The service generally meets expectations, and while the servers have their busy moments, there's this one server who always goes above and beyond. She's such a kind and friendly presence, and her service truly enhances the experience. On one particular visit, I was astounded by the quality of both food and service. Working next door, I decided to pop in for lunch during a weekday and was promptly seated, with my order taken quickly. The 2 egg platter was cooked to perfection, the home fries were well-seasoned, and the French onion soup had just the right balance of flavors without being overly salty. The staff was positive and efficient, making the meal even more enjoyable. The diner's warm ambiance adds to its charm, and it's a place I definitely plan to frequent for more tasty meals. Remarkably, they were even open on Christmas Day, and the service was nothing short of excellent. Our waiter was attentive, and our breakfast was served surprisingly fast, proving that even simple dishes were prepared with care. However, on a recent visit from Puerto Rico, the service I received varied over four consecutive days. While the food remained excellent and the atmosphere welcoming, one particular server with braids and tattoos seemed irritable, especially after a minor complaint about cheese. His behavior was a stark contrast to the usually pleasant staff and unfortunately dampened the dining experience that day. Despite this incident, the quality of the diner keeps me coming back. Overall, City Diner has proven to be a reliable choice for a satisfying breakfast.

Miss America Diner

322 West Side Ave, Jersey City

(201) 333-5468

Reviewed by:

Dru Goubaa

Wow! Miss America Diner is an absolute gem for breakfast in Jersey City. The vibe here is top-notch, with an atmosphere that wraps you in a warm embrace the moment you step in. It's clear this spot is a cornerstone of the community; the staff are on a first-name basis with patrons, adding to the homey feel. Suzy stood out with her kindness and sense of humor. The menu is extensive and caters to all tastes, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that hit the spot. The food? Well, it couldn't have been better. My french toast was delightful, though I couldn't help eyeing the blueberry pancakes from the next table – they looked absolutely scrumptious. But it wasn’t just the main dishes that impressed; the homemade potato salad was, hands down, the best I've ever tasted. The servers here operate like a well-oiled machine – efficient but with a genuine friendliness that makes you feel right at home. They even took the time to learn my name, making my meal feel personal and appreciated. This place checks every box for what a diner should be and then some. It's a beautiful spot with food that's a cut above. I’m excited to make another visit, and next time, those pancakes are definitely on my order! A classic New Jersey diner through and through.

Life Pancake Company

426 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

(201) 433-0471

Reviewed by:

Janari Sánchez

Came to Life Pancake Company with high hopes for a delicious pancake breakfast in Jersey City, and overall, it didn't disappoint. The place had a festive atmosphere, complete with cheerful holiday tunes that contributed to a welcoming environment. Service was friendly and prompt, which is always a plus. We decided on the Fresh Fruit Pancakes without Bananas, which looked stunning when they arrived, although the texture wasn't quite what we expected, feeling a bit too gummy for our taste. However, the Venice Panini with curly fries was an absolute hit, packed with flavor and cooked to perfection. While the pancakes weren't the fluffiest, the options like the showstopper and buckwheat blueberry were good enough to satisfy that diner-style craving. The eggs benedict was decent, rounding out a fairly diverse menu that seems to have something for everyone. There was a bit of a hiccup with the service during this visit. Our waiter wasn't as attentive as we hoped, and there was a mix-up with an order, but that won't deter us from coming back. The pancake wrap original was delightful, and though the peanut butter and banana smoothie didn't hit the mark, it wouldn't keep us away. Brunch was another great experience here, with the steak and eggs and an omelette that didn't disappoint. The short stack of pancakes was definitely a highlight, too. It's a huge bonus that they offer free parking and cater to dietary needs with a gluten-free option for just a small additional charge. Despite the minor issues on this visit, the positives outweigh the negatives. Looking forward to returning for another hearty meal and hoping for an even better experience next time. Would recommend this spot to others for a solid brunch option in the area.

Beechwood Cafe

290 Grove St, Jersey City

(201) 985-2811

Reviewed by:

Louis Stoner

Beechwood Cafe is definitely a cool place to grab breakfast in Jersey City. The food here is excellent, and the service is great with a nice atmosphere. Getting here early on a weekday, around 8:30 AM, there wasn't much of a crowd, which was a plus. The mixed berry pancakes I had were fantastic. The berry compote was flavorful without being too sweet, and the maple syrup had a delightful caramel-like taste. My wife's choice, the Santa Fe burrito, was packed with flavor and a decent portion size. Based on this experience, I'd go back in a heartbeat – it's a great stop. On a separate visit for brunch, we sat outside. The French Toast was superb, soft with custard inside, and presented beautifully. The Southern Pepper Egg Croissant hit the spot – very soft and tasty. The California omelette was decent, though I wished for a bit more flavor. The Almond croissant was just average; it was stretchy, lacking in filling, and the appearance was underwhelming. But the hot white rose tea was amazing and definitely hit the spot. They included the tips in the bill, which was convenient as we were a table of five. Even though some dishes didn't fully meet expectations, the overall experience was excellent. It continues to be a solid spot for breakfast or brunch. However, there was a major letdown with the coffee service – cold coffee accompanied by cold milk is a no-go, and reheating it rather than providing a fresh cup was disappointing. The French toast also seemed to miss the mark, coming across as a mere piece of bread. Despite these shortcomings, this place is still a great brunch spot with tasty and fresh food, and the service is extremely helpful and kind. It's definitely worth a visit.

B18 Coffee Kitchen

18 Park View Ave, Jersey City

(201) 433-4447

Reviewed by:

Francisco Marie

I stumbled upon B18 Coffee Kitchen in Jersey City and it quickly became a favorite spot of mine for breakfast. The cozy atmosphere is very welcoming, with comfortable seating and soothing lighting that makes you feel right at home. The menu, especially the burgers, is outstanding - each bite is a burst of flavor, with juicy patties and top-notch toppings that really elevate the experience. I'm also a fan of their sandwiches, which offer a great variety to suit anyone's preferences. The coffee here is a highlight for me. It's clear that they take their brewing seriously, with each cup I've had being rich and full-bodied. And you can't talk about this place without mentioning their pastries, which are fresh from the oven and dangerously good. The staff deserves a shoutout for their friendly and attentive service. They make sure that every visit is a pleasant one, whether you're dropping by for a quick meal or settling in for a more leisurely encounter. I find myself constantly recommending this café to friends and anyone looking for a place that combines a charming vibe with food and drinks that are consistently impressive. Whether it's for a hearty burger or a gourmet sandwich, in my book, B18 Coffee Kitchen is the spot to be.

Short Grain

183 Montgomery St, Jersey City

(201) 333-2810

Reviewed by:

Carl Konczewski

I'm totally charmed by Short Grain – this quaint Asian cafe tucked away in Jersey City. For breakfast, I went with the pork belly bahn mi which, despite wishing for a touch more radish, was packed with great flavors. I couldn't resist the berry short cakes either, and they were absolutely delightful! To wash it all down, I had their Vietnamese coffee, which hit the spot perfectly. The place has outdoor seating, which adds to its appeal. The menu might be concise, but it has something for everyone, including gluten-free and vegan options. The sesame tofu salad bowl I chose was tasty and quite filling for a lighter brunch option. Next time I've got my eye on their bubble tea. Admittedly, there was a bit of a wait to place an order, likely due to a staffing pinch and the rush of Sunday brunch time. But it was worth it. My companions, who aren't vegan, dug into pancakes, avocado toast, and eggs, and they were thrilled with their meals. They found it simpler to order takeout online and eat at the table, given the business of the place. Short Grain has a cozy, hole-in-the-wall vibe with a small but mighty menu. Their avocado toast, especially with an egg on top, is a must-try. The hotcakes also come highly recommended. While I've yet to try the boba, the coffee is definitely a strong suit of theirs. All in all, it's a great little spot for a satisfying cafe experience!


70 Hudson St, Jersey City

(201) 360-2820

Reviewed by:

Briana Clarke

After several visits to Maman in Jersey City for breakfast, I've come to appreciate the cozy ambiance and the delightful coffee offerings. As a parent, I find the kid-friendly atmosphere particularly appealing—there's no shortage of toddlers and strollers around, making it a comfortable spot for families on a busy Saturday morning. The coffee they serve is nothing short of excellent, with a nice variety of drinks that cater to different tastes. And while the food may seem a tad overpriced, the presentation and flavor do hold their own. The pastries are certainly worth a mention, with the kouign maman and a selection of croissants presenting a delicious if somewhat unexpected texture. The space itself is beautifully decorated, making you feel at home the moment you walk in. There's a sign indicating that laptops are not welcome, but I've noticed this isn't strictly enforced, which is great for those who need to do some work over breakfast. I've experienced some challenges with service, such as a mix-up with an omelet order and occasional slow table service, which suggests there may be room for staff training and improvement. Nonetheless, the overall atmosphere and quality offerings keep me coming back. Next time, though, I might just grab my coffee to go and enjoy the taste of Maman without the wait.


213 Newark Ave, Jersey City

(201) 433-3388

Reviewed by:

Dahlia Osiagwu

I stopped by INTERNATIONAL BAGEL & CAFE for a quick breakfast and was really impressed with the quality of the bagel with cream cheese and jelly. It's become a local spot for me, with its great prices and a wonderfully cozy vibe. The staff here are always warm, especially the man who works the morning shift; he's friendly, attentive, and clearly puts in a lot of effort to ensure everyone is taken care of. The owner, too, is polite and efficient, making sure that everything runs smoothly. I have to mention the affordability, which is surprising for Jersey City, and the quality of the food is consistently good. Although I'm not usually one for bagels, I do love their rolls – especially the taylor ham, egg, and cheese. Whether I order in person or for pick-up, I've never had a problem. Small businesses that show they care about what they do really draw me in, and this place has won me over. It's always my go-to for a satisfying breakfast or lunch during workdays. On a busy Sunday morning, when other places had long lines or were closed, this café was the perfect spot for a quick bagel with flavored cream cheese and coffee. Even though the bagels weren't the freshest that day, and they could have been more generous with the cream cheese, the coffee was hot and serviceable. I'd definitely come back for that delicious and affordable cup of joe. My experiences here have been mostly positive – there's something special about finding a good, no-frills breakfast sandwich that you can rely on. However, I've had the odd mishap, like the occasional eggshell in my sandwich. Although there was a bit of a mix-up with the staff over it, it's not enough to overshadow all the good breakfasts I've had here. It's a spot worth visiting for those who appreciate good food at good prices, despite one or two hiccups along the way.

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