October 26, 2023

Best Brunch Spots in Kansas City, MO [2023]

Discover the best brunch spots in Kansas City, MO with our guide. From classic breakfast dishes to unique creations, explore a diverse range of options to satisfy every taste bud.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Best Brunch Spots in Kansas City, MO [2023]
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Kansas City, MO is a city that prides itself on its rich culinary scene, and the brunch options in the city are no exception. Whether you're a local or just visiting, the city has some fantastic brunch spots that will leave you feeling satisfied and impressed. From classic breakfast dishes to unique creations, Kansas City offers a diverse range of brunch options to satisfy every taste bud. In this guide, we will explore some of the best brunch spots in Kansas City, to help you find the perfect place to start your day off right. Whether you're in the mood for pancakes, eggs benedict, or something a little more adventurous, Kansas City has got you covered.


2601 Holmes St, Kansas City

(816) 421-2807

Reviewed by:

Nancy Kerchner

I had a fantastic experience at Succotash for brunch while visiting Kansas City. The unique and eclectic atmosphere immediately caught my eye and the menu did not disappoint. Everything I tried – from the food to the coffee and juices – was top-notch in taste. The staff was also very welcoming and friendly, which added to the enjoyable atmosphere. What really made Succotash stand out for me was its variety. It even had a fun drink called the Little Richard, which is Mexican Coke with a shot of espresso, that you should definitely try. Finding a restaurant in Kansas City that welcomes dogs on their patio and offers tasty vegan options can be quite a challenge, but Succotash offered just that. Their vegan pancakes and hash were so delicious that I don't think I'll ever forget them. Even when it came to service, Succotash was quick and efficient, making the dining experience more pleasant. The gluten-free options also impressed me. They offer gluten-free toast and pancakes, which tasted amazing with bacon. The chunky gravy on the homemade biscuit was another highlight that even my husband enjoyed. For those up early for Sunday breakfast, Succotash opens early and serves a gigantic pancake breakfast that is sure to satisfy your appetite. They even served the food really quickly. Another must-try is the immune booster drink – it was incredibly refreshing! All in all, my visit to Succotash for brunch was well worth the drive. The location is also very convenient for anyone visiting downtown. I highly recommend Succotash for anyone in the KC area looking for a delicious, varied brunch with a welcoming atmosphere.

Westport Cafe

419 Westport Rd, Kansas City

(816) 931-4740

Reviewed by:

Jill Jones

I had an exquisite experience at Westport Cafe in Kansas City - it's a French restaurant that surpassed my expectations. I initially dined there on a Saturday night, and I was blown away by the fresh, locally sourced foods prepared with a delightful French flair. I even had the opportunity to try olives from Nice for the first time which were simply divine. I was so enthralled by my dinner experience that I made a reservation for brunch the next day - a must, as they are quite popular. Their Croque madame is truly impressive. I can confidently say that if you've never been there, it's well worth a visit. I'd even go so far as to rate it 6 stars if I could! The atmosphere was charming and the food presentation was very pleasing. Our waiter, John, deserves special mention for his excellent service and deep understanding of the menu. It was clear that he enjoyed providing top-notch service. The restaurant also offers a happy hour with delicious food at lower prices. I heard that the Chef continually creates new menu items creatively which makes me excited to return. I dined again on a Tuesday night and even though it was packed, the staff still maintained their high standards of service. The bartender was very friendly without being intrusive. I ordered a cocktail named 'Birth of a Flower' and pork belly (porc au citron), both of which were sublime. The profiteroles were good, albeit a bit dry. However, the general atmosphere of Westport area compensated for this minor imperfection, with its lively vibes and the wide array of other bars and restaurants. The laid-back atmosphere of the cafe is just as charming during brunch, with a wonderful array of food and drink options. I tried the quiche Lorraine with an arugula salad, and the lemon truffle vinaigrette was a standout. The apple beignets with a delightful berry jam made for a great side. My friend had a breakfast burrito and we both enjoyed our freshly made bloody Marys. Overall, Westport Cafe is a place I highly recommend for its cozy atmosphere, delightful food, and excellent service. I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit!

Happy Gillis

549 Gillis St, Kansas City

(816) 471-3663

Reviewed by:

Van Ramos Colon

Happy Gillis is an absolute gem that I discovered on a whim. The atmosphere is calm and cozy, a perfect place for a Sunday brunch. I had the biscuits and gravy, which were honestly the best I've ever had. I followed a fellow patron's recommendation and tried half mushroom and half sausage gravy, a choice I was extremely satisfied with. I also had a taste of their breakfast burrito which was filled with butternut squash and black beans, a delightful alternative to the usual meat fillings. The bacon was also remarkably thick; their attention to quality is clear. Despite the small size of the cafe, the place was bustling with patrons when I visited on a Saturday afternoon. The seating may be a bit limited, but the food and experience are absolutely worth the short wait. You'll have to order at the counter before finding a seat, so there's a bit of luck involved in getting seated quickly. They offer a somewhat limited brunch menu and drink list, but the options are all enticing. And did I mention their biscuits and gravy? Unforgettable! The biscuit was soft and fluffy, and the gravy was full of flavor, an impeccable combination. I even tried their mimosa, which was a refreshing companion to the meal. From now on, anyone coming to KC with me has to experience this place. I was invited to brunch by friends at Happy Gillis and couldn't have been happier with the experience. The place, although small, is bursting with character. The smoked salmon toast and biscuits and gravy my friend ordered were remarkable. Their portion sizes are generous, and the staff is friendly and enthusiastic. I can't recommend Happy Gillis enough!

Room 39

1719 W 39th St, Kansas City

(816) 753-3939

Reviewed by:

Jaiquan Mandujano

I recently had a fantastic brunch experience at Room 39 in Kansas City. Though a majority of our large party was late, the staff was very friendly and accommodating. They even allowed us to stay after closing without rushing us out. The location on 39th Street perfectly blends upscale dining with a bohemian vibe. One thing to note is that the menu changes frequently, but I've never had a bad meal here. The asparagus tempura and grilled shrimp were delicious, and the cocktails were top-notch. The place does get a bit noisy at peak times, but you can avoid this by making a reservation at a quieter time. The food and service definitely make up for any noise. I was a bit let down by the atmosphere, and the bread pudding left a bit to be desired, but the dishes like the goat cheese gnocchi and duck were exceptional. The brunch was the best meal I've had in Missouri. The Belgian waffles, salmon and eggs, and croque madame were all fantastic. The organic hot tea and fresh squeezed lemonade were also big hits. And the fact that they source their ingredients from local farms is a huge plus. The dining area is in a funky old building, and while there was one piece of art that was a bit out of place for family dining, overall the experience was great. I would definitely recommend Room 39 for brunch when you're in Kansas City.


5107 Main St, Kansas City

(816) 561-0116

Reviewed by:

Donna Anthony

I found eggtc. to be a satisfactory choice for brunch in Kansas City. The highlight for me was their potatoes and hash browns, quite a delight! The food overall was okay, neither terrible nor outstanding. The location was bustling, which I actually found enjoyable. There was a good variety to choose from the menu and the staff was friendly and polite. One server, Uttam, was particularly helpful and made our food choice easier. I had a fantastic omelette and classic breakfast and the crepes were also quite good. The customer service was professional and added to the overall pleasant experience. Apart from the food, the drive to the restaurant offered beautiful scenery and reasonable prices for the dishes. After your meal, there are nearby trails and parks for a refreshing post-meal walk. I would recommend eggtc. for a decent brunch experience in Kansas City.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

4144 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City

(816) 601-3500

Reviewed by:

Sarha Msfree

I'm a big fan of Snooze, an A.M. Eatery! Their vegetarian and vegan options are wonderful. I had a light yet satisfying veggies omelet with feta cheese and avocado. The spicy pork belly and special bacon really hit the spot. The staff was attentive, although parking can be a bit tricky during high traffic times. The breakfast and coffee were fantastic - even the decaf was impressive. All the classic breakfast items - pancakes, bennys, hashbrowns, eggs - are delicious! My only critique is that the fried rice portions could be larger for the price. Service was good, but the server didn't check back often. The dining area and bathrooms were clean, which is always a plus. The atmosphere was amazing, with good music playing continuously and a Jetsons-vibe to the furniture. More than the delicious, creative food, it was the people working there that impressed me. Even though they were constantly busy, they were cool, hard working, friendly, and seemed to really enjoy their jobs. Their positive energy made me feel right at home. The breakfast tacos I ordered, complemented by the side of salsa, were simply amazing. Coupled with a nice latte with my added dandyblend and pure cacao, I was set for my day. All in all, Snooze is a fantastic place for breakfast in Kansas City - the food is amazing, the ambiance is great, and the staff is phenomenal. Can't wait to go back!

Gram & Dun

600 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City

(816) 389-2900

Reviewed by:

Jonathan Thomas

I had a fantastic brunch experience at Gram & Dun in Kansas City. The spot had a welcoming and warm atmosphere with a superb setting, both indoor and outdoor. My visit was marked by great service and delicious food. In particular, the 76ers sushi roll and the salmon salad were amazing. The gluten-free options are somewhat limited, but the quality of the meals make up for it. I particularly enjoyed the distinct southern soul of this upscale restaurant. There were some slight issues with slow service and high room temperature, but considering we were there at peak hours, it was understandable. Outside these minor inconveniences, the scenic view of Ward Pkwy from the huge windows was quite breathtaking. It was my first time having brunch there and within ten minutes, I was already considering making it a regular spot. Our server, Heather, was exceptional. She was friendly, accurate, and attentive. I also loved the cocktails, especially the Smoking Gun with its unique smoked ice cube trimmed with rosemary. The food was outstanding. I had the Asian pig wings, fried oysters, breakfast skillet, shrimp and grits, crab cake Benedict, beignets, and mascarpone-stuffed French toast among other delicious meals. The creativity with the sauces on each dish was quite impressive. I would recommend Gram & Dun to anyone who loves good food in a welcoming setting. I can't wait for my next visit.

Grand Street Cafe

4740 Grand Ave, Kansas City

(816) 561-8000

Reviewed by:

Dave Palma

I absolutely love visiting Grand Street Cafe for business or a quick lunch during weekdays! The ambiance is delightful and the prices are pretty reasonable. One of the perks of its location is that there's always ample parking space, making it very convenient. Some of my favorite dishes to order include Bill’s chicken salad, Deviled bacon eggs, and the Phyllo brownie! The food is always fantastic and the service is top-notch. The interiors are tastefully done and the parking is easy to find. Recently, my wife and I decided to host our wedding reception at Grand Street Cafe. To say that it was an unforgettable experience would be an understatement. The venue's aesthetics are appealing, the food is out of this world and every member of the team we collaborated with was simply amazing. Our event coordinator, Chelsea, was extremely professional, responsive, and accommodating, making the whole process a breeze. Sean, another team member, was incredibly kind and went above and beyond for us, making us feel truly special. Every server and bartender at the venue mirrored the same level of professionalism and attentiveness, resulting in a highly impressed guest list. In short, Grand Street Cafe offers a beautiful event space with a top-notch staff that makes every experience special. Whether it’s for brunch, a business meet or a big event like a wedding reception, it's worth every penny. Last but not least, lunch on the patio is an absolute treat. The restaurant, in all its aspects, is incredibly well done. I can't recommend it enough!

First Watch

409 Armour Rd, North Kansas City

(816) 842-7300

Reviewed by:

Adrian Gustó

First Watch in Kansas City is a top-notch brunch spot that I can't get enough of. Their coffee is just right - served in a comfortably sized mug with a carafe right on the table for convenient refills. The food is always delicious, colorful, and satisfying. The menu offers so much variety that you can order anything, and it's guaranteed to be a fantastic meal. The place can get busy on weekends, so it's best to get there before 8am if you don't want to wait. But even if you do end up waiting, the exceptional food at an affordable price point makes it totally worth it. During my first visit, the place was packed but the service was quick and the food was incredible. On my second visit, the service was a tad slow but the food remained amazing. Also, the staff didn't seem to mind us lingering around after our meal which was nice. Overall, it's a solid four-star establishment for me. If you are ever in Missouri, I highly recommend you to try it out. Their breakfast food is good and the staff are friendly. There's just a minor issue with the waitstaff not being very attentive to our coffee refills and condiments, but it's a minor setback in an otherwise perfect brunch experience.

First Watch

1022 Westport Rd, Kansas City

(816) 931-1054

Reviewed by:

Ineta Helen

My first experience at First Watch in Kansas City was delightful. I was impressed by the location and the manager, Sunny, was truly exceptional. The food and drinks were wonderful, so much so, I ordered extra to take home. I did feel a bit rushed when the waiter brought our receipt shortly after we received our food, but overall, the experience was enjoyable. I had the french toast and seasoned potatoes for breakfast, which were delicious. Despite its popularity, I didn't experience any wait time upon my arrival. However, the dining area was quite noisy. So, if you're not a fan of loud environments, they have a lovely patio for outdoor dining. Our server, Niqky, efficiently managed the bustling space. The atmosphere was incredible. On the downside, the iced coffee seemed a bit pricey for $20. It had been quite a while since my last visit to First Watch, and I regretted the absence once I saw the completely revamped menu. My son-in-law, an avid fan of this place, insisted on dining here and I am glad we did. The food was excellent and I'm definitely planning on returning soon.

The Farmhouse

300 Delaware St, Kansas City

(816) 569-6032

Reviewed by:

Abhinav Wang

I recently had brunch at The Farmhouse in Kansas City and it was an absolute delight. Opting for a cranberry mimosa to start, I was pleased to be served with an option of mushroom gravy alongside my biscuits and hash - a unique touch that I appreciated greatly. Additionally, my partner's toast, which she kindly shared, was delicious. The charm and rustic atmosphere of the restaurant greatly added to our experience. Nestled within an old building with high ceilings, the bohemian decor was refreshing. The service was excellent, despite the overwhelming noise caused by active conversations from the bustling crowd around us. The Farmhouse is exclusively open for brunch, making it hard to avoid the crowds. However, if not for that, I would be a frequent visitor. Despite the overwhelming noise, the good food and the pleasant staff make it worth the visit. Some may find the food combinations interesting, but they were delightful to me. I wouldn't recommend bringing children here due to the noise levels, but for everyone else, it's an absolute must-try. The farm to table concept is impressive and adds a certain freshness to the food. Our weekday brunch was phenomenal and the cocktails were delightful. Although the service and food weren't fast — expected, given that the place was bustling and the food was farm-fresh — the staff communicated effectively and their friendliness was notable. The homemade ketchup and jelly were wonderful surprises that left us impressed. The limited menu should not deter potential diners. The flavors were on point, with dishes such as Hollandaise, chili Beef Omelette, and potatoes standing out. Also, their poppyseed coffee cake with sweet butter frosting was particularly tasty. Don't forget to try their French press coffee! Location-wise, it's ideally situated and easily accessible via a streetcar from downtown, taking less than a 10 minutes ride. In conclusion, I'd highly recommend The Farmhouse for brunch. The combination of scrumptious food, warm service, and an inviting atmosphere makes it definitely worth a visit.

Rye Plaza

4646 Mill Creek Pkwy, Kansas City

(816) 541-3382

Reviewed by:

Myrie Lage

My partner and I recently enjoyed a delightful brunch at Rye Plaza in Kansas City. The restaurant offered a select VerizonUp menu which was quite tasteful. We opted for the hanger steak and a couple of desserts - lemon pie and banana cream pie. While the steak was somewhat lacking in flavor and the desserts didn't quite hit the mark, the burnt ends we ordered from their regular menu were superb and a must-try! As a cocktail enthusiast, I sampled the Old Fashioned and the "Barrel Aged Old Square" - which were quite enjoyable although not the best I've tasted in KC. Despite the mixed experience with food and drink, the customer service proved to be excellent. Our waitress and the hostesses were very friendly and attentive, ensuring our needs were met. Rye Plaza's fried chicken deserves a special shout out - full of flavor and possibly the best I’ve ever had. If you like your steak well done like me, you'll appreciate that this place knows how to keep it juicy and flavorful. An additional factor that impressed me was their commitment to sourcing from local farmers. The cozy atmosphere and great service rounded off our dining experience quite well. The only minor downside was the dim lighting making it somewhat challenging to read the menu - a slightly inconvenient issue for my elderly parents. Nevertheless, I would wholeheartedly recommend Rye Plaza if you're in the area, craving good food and drinks. Their fried chicken is particularly remarkable, and the service from Arika was top-notch. I'm looking forward to recommending this place to others.

City Diner

301 Grand Blvd, Kansas City

(816) 471-5121

Reviewed by:

Jen Maimuna

I recently had brunch at City Diner in Kansas City and was pleasantly surprised at my experience. Although the diner could use a bit of a clean and the service was a touch slow, the taste and quality of the food more than made up for it. I ordered the #1 breakfast which included scrambled eggs, ham, country sausage, and hash browns. While the hash browns were somewhat oily, the rest of the meal was cooked to perfection and enjoyable. We also tried the biscuits and gravy - while the biscuits were delightfully fluffy, the gravy fell short of expectations, tasting more like prepackaged fare. The real standout, however, were the buttermilk pancakes. They were mouth-wateringly delicious and very generously portioned. A short stack was more than enough for two people to share, making them a great value for the price. Despite being busy, the staff maintained a friendly demeanor and kept our drink refills prompt. This combined with the quality of the food ensures that I’ll be returning the next time I'm in town. Vibes from this small, 30-capacity diner were warm and welcoming, with some of the best breakfast food I've ever tasted. Can't wait to return!

Denver Biscuit Company

4144 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City

(816) 800-7816

Reviewed by:

Sara Door

I had an absolutely fantastic brunch experience at Denver Biscuit Company in Kansas City. The atmosphere was lively and inviting, both indoors and on their patio. The food was out of this world - I enjoyed the Lola, while my partner had the Shrimp and Grits, which was spicy but incredibly tasty. Their drinks were excellent, and the staff were just amazing - friendly, efficient, and truly embodied great customer service. There's ample parking too, both in a lot and on the street. This was my first visit, but it certainly won't be my last. The staff made us feel so welcomed and the food actually looked better in real life than in the photos online - a true feast for the eyes and the belly! I went with the sully fries topped with fried chicken, a sunny side egg and mushroom gravy - absolutely divine! I enjoyed a laid-back seating at the bar and must commend the service, right up to the management - top-notch all the way. This location also boasts plenty of seating and even has board games on offer. We had a fun game of Candy Land after our meal, and the best part was there was no rush despite the place not being overly busy. A definite must-visit for anyone in KC looking for a great brunch spot. Without a doubt, the Denver Biscuit Company exceeded my expectations!

The American Reserve

1111 Grand Blvd, Kansas City

(816) 298-7700

Reviewed by:

Jonathan De Lima

I recently had the pleasure of dining at The American Reserve in Kansas City for a special occasion. Located in the beautiful Ambassador Hotel downtown, the restaurant boasts a classy, quiet ambiance, perfect for an intimate dinner. We indulged in the Shrimp and Grits and the Double cut Pork Chop with Four Cheese Campanella. Our waitress was extremely attentive, even when faced with a minor issue of undercooked pork chop. She quickly rectified the situation and made sure our experience was not affected. Their Caesar salad is a must-try for every salad lover. The house-made Caesar dressing makes it even more delicious. Undoubtedly, the size of the shrimp in the shrimp cocktail caught our attention - they were the biggest I had ever seen and delicious to boot. Props to the bartender, Claire, who made sure our cocktails were generously poured. We found the wine selection satisfactory and the staff friendly and efficient. I consider this to be an ideal place to dine, especially before catching a show at the T-Mobile nearby. Its laid back vibes were a surprise, given the upscale facade. The food, though slightly on the higher end pricewise, was worth every penny owing to the quality and quantity. The Winter Mule is a recommended cocktail choice but be prepared to shell out $16 for it. We ended up dining here for Christmas due to an unexpected flight delay and I must say it was a great choice. The restaurant lived up to its upscale appeal and our waitress did a commendable job despite being short staffed. All in all, I highly recommend The American Reserve for an enjoyable dining experience in Kansas City.


100 E 7 St, Kansas City

(816) 474-8333

Reviewed by:

Perfecto Mclaughlin

I popped into Homesteader for a last-minute brunch on a Saturday, expecting a long wait time due to its popularity. I was pleased when we were seated in just 25 minutes, despite the initial 45-minute prediction. Our server, Angie, was exceptional in every way. She was efficient, friendly, and especially patient with my notoriously picky husband. I ordered the Chicken and Waffles, specifically requesting them to be served hot, and they certainly met my request. The waffles were a standout, truly amazing. The chicken was slightly bland and hard, but I suspect this was due to my request for the aioli sauce on the side, which was seasoned well. Despite the chicken, I would order this dish again for the waffles alone. My husband had the Farmer's Breakfast and to my surprise, had no complaints. This was a refreshing change since he usually has something to critique. The food and service at Homesteader left us satisfied and impressed. It's evident this is a much-loved local spot for brunch. Though we felt the portions could be a bit larger, compared to other brunch spots we've visited, the overall experience at Homesteader was positive. I also had the opportunity to dine with a supporter of small businesses, who was a fan of the chocolate-filled beignets. Our visit to Homesteader was a pleasant one and I'd recommend it if you're looking for a great brunch place in Kansas City.

Blvd Tavern

320 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City

(816) 421-1023

Reviewed by:

Ron Paul

I recently enjoyed a delightful brunch at Blvd Tavern in Kansas City with some friends. The outdoor dining area provided a hidden, alley-like charm that added to the overall experience. Our server was incredibly patient and attentive as we took our time deciding our orders. For starters, we had the fried cheese, curds, and a scrumptious cinnamon roll with orange frosting. We were all very satisfied with our entrees, which included a tasty veggie burger with fries, steak and eggs, chicken-n-biscuit, and smoked salmon Benedict. The meals were flavorful and filling; no one left the table hungry. I was also impressed with the management. Derrick, the manager, was personable and helpful, ensuring that we felt welcomed. The establishment had a friendly atmosphere, and every staff member was accommodating. The drink options were also excellent. We particularly enjoyed the mimosas, which were delicious and generously refilled. Among the breakfast items, the shrimp and grits, chicken and biscuit, and the steak and eggs were standouts. They also served an amazing Bourbon maple syrup that complemented the dishes perfectly. Parking was not an issue, adding to the hassle-free experience. Overall, Blvd Tavern strikes a good balance with a non-overwhelming menu and decent food options. It was such a great experience that we're already looking forward to our next visit. If you're on the hunt for a new brunch spot in Kansas City, Blvd Tavern is definitely worth checking out.

Harvey's at Union Station

30 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City

(816) 460-2274

Reviewed by:

Kamila Fernandez

During our visit to Harvey's at Union Station, we were pleasantly surprised. Initially, we anticipated an average airport-style restaurant, but it far exceeded our expectations with excellent food and service. The setting within the station also adds to the overall charming atmosphere. I highly recommend their "pick 2" option, which allows you to choose any two of a half sandwich, soup, or salad. We chose Harvey's for a brunch celebrating our 25th Anniversary with our children. Despite an initial hiccup with needing to change tables due to inappropriate language from a neighboring diner, our issue was resolved swiftly. The staff was very apologetic and promptly accommodated us elsewhere, allowing us to enjoy the buffet peacefully. One important note is that the dining experience at Harvey's is not cheap. Keep that in mind if you're on a budget. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are eager to return. My husband is a frequent visitor for lunch - at least twice a week, and has always enjoyed his meals there. He even surprised me with a Mother’s Day reservation and the buffet was top-notch! One caveat from a different experience, we visited Harvey's for breakfast before a trip to Science City and they seemed unprepared for early guests. Our food orders were delayed and some dishes like the chicken and waffles and biscuits and gravy were not up to par. Despite this one-off experience, we've had numerous satisfying meals here and will certainly be back.

blue bird bistro

1700 Summit St, Kansas City

(816) 221-7559

Reviewed by:

Osiel Kromah

I recently had brunch at Blue Bird Bistro in Kansas City and I was genuinely delighted by the experience. Right away, I was welcomed by their warm and friendly service which immediately made me feel comfortable. Their menu was impressively diverse, offering a range of dishes made from the freshest ingredients. Each dish was full of flavor and the cocktails were artfully created and immensely enjoyable. The best way to describe my experience would be comparing it to the film Ratatouille, specifically the scene where the food critic tastes a dish that takes him back to his childhood memories. From the slightly sweet and mildly sour fried green tomatoes to a chicken dish that was so aromatic, my taste buds were tantalized even before I took a bite. I must point out that one or two items, such as the fish and meat loaf, could use a bit more seasoning. However, this minor setback would definitely not deter me from coming back when I'm in town. As a cozy and charming cafe, Blue Bird Bistro serves really great food. If I were a local, I would certainly frequent it. Special mention should be made of the host/server, Calista, whose cheerful demeanor added a bright spot to my day. I really hope that she gets recognized for her excellent service. So, to summarize, Blue Bird Bistro offers a lovely dining experience with its friendly service, tasty food, and pleasant atmosphere.

The Big Biscuit

4039 Mill St, Kansas City

(816) 886-9300

Reviewed by:

Juan Libran

The Big Biscuit offers a hearty brunch experience that can't be missed in Kansas City. You really get your money's worth with the generous portion sizes - the full order of biscuits and gravy was a standout, and the potatoes and scrambled eggs were exactly what you'd hope for. The egg white omelet was delicious, though it did come with quite a bit of butter - a good tip would be to request low or no butter if you're keeping an eye on your fat intake. A particular highlight for me was that coffee was served with a carafe at the table - a thoughtful touch that meant I could top up my cup as many times as I wanted without having to ask for a refill. This was my second time visiting The Big Biscuit while in KC and I wasn't disappointed - huge portions of mouth-watering food and a team of courteous servers. Everything I tried was delicious, but the biscuits were the star of the show. There was a small hiccup with the server, but once that was sorted out the service was prompt and attentive. I was in Kansas City for three days and chose to have breakfast here twice - that should tell you something! The food is fantastic, the portions plentiful, easy to find location, ample parking, and a team of friendly staff who make you feel right at home. The food was so good it had me considering moving to KC! In a nutshell, The Big Biscuit is an excellent choice for a satisfying, delicious brunch.

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