March 8, 2024

Killeen Time with Killer Brunches! Best Brunch Spots in Killeen

Feast your eyes (and stomach) on Killeen's top brunch spots! From drool-worthy pancakes to the ultimate eggs benedict, we've got your cravings covered.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Killeen Time with Killer Brunches! Best Brunch Spots in Killeen
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Whether you're in the mood for fluffy, sky-high pancakes, eggs Benedicts that redefine your brunch standards, or tacos that bring a piece of the Lone Star state to your taste buds, Killeen's culinary craftsmen and women are serving up morning memories.

Big Brew Little Brew

410 W Veterans Memorial Blvd, Killeen

(254) 423-1689

Reviewed by:

Clarnisha Liviero

Stepping into Big Brew Little Brew for brunch was an experience that immediately made me wonder why it took me so long to discover this gem in Killeen. The atmosphere is the epitome of relaxation, perfectly suited for savoring a cup of coffee alongside one of their scrumptiously fresh pastries. Among the must-tries is the Chocolate Banana Bread, which strikes a delightful balance of flavors without being overly sweet, and the Churro Bars that simply redefine tastiness. Their coffee selection and natural teas stand out as well, inviting you to indulge in the cozy warmth of their beverages. Honestly, it's a place that leaves you wanting more; a sentiment of slight guilt washed over me for not having known about this establishment earlier. The menu is nothing short of outstanding, though a small word of advice: enjoy your meal promptly to savor its warmth. This coffee place has quickly climbed to the top of my favorites list in Killeen. Having supported small businesses from California to Virginia, especially smaller coffee shops, this one distinguishes itself as the best. The bakery treats are unbelievably good, enhancing the coffee shop experience even further. The lattes are incredibly smooth and satisfying, a perfect companion to the breakfast options that are fresh, delicious, and presented with care. How I wish my home was closer, instead of being in NY, so I could frequent this place more often. It's an ideal spot for those in search of a quiet place with soothing background music, delicious breakfast, and exceptional lattes. The staff complements the experience with their pleasant and helpful demeanor, truly making the experience memorable. If you're around and looking for a spot to enjoy a tasty breakfast with a nice latte, this is the place to be.

Galaxy B&G

104 W Veterans Memorial Blvd, Killeen

(254) 213-9888

Reviewed by:

Victor Williams

Stopped in on a Sunday for lunch, and I must say, Galaxy B&G in Killeen offers a really pleasant vibe. It's an ideal spot for hanging out with some friends. They boast a pretty extensive menu, and honestly, everything on it looked tempting. Decided to try the Galactic Madness, which is essentially a cheeseburger but with grilled cheese buns, and the Outer Rim, a tasty twist on the classic cheeseburger wrapped in a quesadilla. Both options were absolutely delicious. The fries, sprinkled with just the right amount of salt and pepper, were spot on, and the onion rings were a delightful surprise in terms of how good they were. I'm definitely planning to come back, especially to dig into their breakfast offerings and the endless cereal bar, which caught my eye. The spot is decked out with a lot of retro arcade games and consoles available for play, and they have a ton of collectibles for sale, adding to its unique charm. It’s the ideal spot for anyone looking to enjoy some good food that’s great value for money. Even though the place is brimming with Star Wars memorabilia, and I'm not particularly a fan, it didn't at all detract from the dining experience. The burgers, while essentially your basic fare, were dressed up impressively and prepared just the way you might like them. For those looking for healthier options, they do offer a salad or two, and a bonus is the breakfast served all day. By the time we were leaving, the place had attracted a pretty large crowd, which speaks volumes. It’s simple, not fancy, but the service is excellent. And if you're a cereal enthusiast, the all-you-can-eat cereal bar for $6 is a dream come true, offering pretty much any flavor you could imagine. Despite the exterior and the initial impression upon walking in, it’s a place well worth staying for the food. It’s a super chill place to enjoy some delicious, creatively crafted food options. The experience is one of a kind, and I highly recommend taking the time to wander around the arcade rooms, take in all the memorabilia, or even just grab something to go. The place doesn’t just stop at great food. Tom, our server, was amazing, enhancing our dining experience with his attentive service. We enjoyed the delicious, unique food, large portions, and the great atmosphere filled with art, memorabilia, and collectibles—all for sale. Plus, the classic arcade cabinets are free to play. A minor note, the pool cues could do with some maintenance, but that's a small blip in an otherwise perfect visit.

The Waffle Den

4011 E Stan Schlueter Loop, Killeen

(254) 368-1238

Reviewed by:

Danclex Hernandez Jr

Definitely worth the 50-minute drive just to get these delicious waffles, which are unquestionably the best around! Everyone needs to make a stop at this place and try EVERYTHING ON THE MENU! 💛🧇😋 Over the years, my experiences at Waffle Den have varied. Since the days of their Jasper and Harker Heights locations, I've been a loyal customer. While the service can sometimes be unpredictable and the lines lengthy, it's one of those local gems where a little patience goes a long way. I can confidently say I've never been disappointed by their waffles, having sampled quite a range from their offerings. When I first tried them, I was absolutely hooked for months. My experiences with the chicken have been mixed, but overall, it's definitely worth giving a shot. The owner, Ben, is a genuinely nice guy who's always been pleasant on the occasions I've seen him. On a recent visit to Killeen from SC, I had the pleasure of enjoying their breakfast twice. The red velvet, cookies and cream, and butter pecan waffles were all phenomenal. I'd definitely come back again. Since there's no dine-in option, it's essential to get in line early. But it's totally worth it, as any of their flavored waffles might just be the best waffles you'll ever taste. The chicken is pretty great too, not to mention everything is very reasonably priced. I've particularly enjoyed the apple, strawberry, and cinnamon waffles, and yet, there's still more for me to try. The only drawback is that it's only a drive-thru, so there isn't much in terms of atmosphere. But for those incredible flavors, it's a compromise I'm willing to make any day.

La Loteria Diner & Parlay

3300 Florence Rd, Killeen

(254) 245-8180

Reviewed by:

Katch Lewis

Went to La Loteria Diner & Parlay for brunch after my gym session, opting for something different as Ihop and other local diners were bustling due to it being Veterans Weekend. No regrets about my choice - from the moment I walked in, the owner and waitress greeted me with such warmth and friendliness. The food was absolutely delicious. It's clear they're just starting up, but the quality and portion sizes exceeded my expectations, leaving me more than satisfied. I'm already planning my next visit! My hope is that this place continues to grow and succeed because they truly deserve it. Also, a special shout-out to the cucumber lemonade they serve – it was refreshing, 100% natural, and just incredible. It's a quaint diner, but don't let the size fool you. They prepare all their food fresh upon order, giving it that homemade vibe with the luxury of being in a restaurant setting. They offer a variety of options, ensuring there's something for everyone. Although I noticed some online comments about discrepancies between menu pictures and what's served, my personal experience was top-notch. The quality of the food and the service were both great on my visit. However, it's worth mentioning to be specific with your order since everything is charged as a full meal, which might not be everyone's preference. The first impression of La Loteria Diner & Parlay was genuinely positive, marking the beginning of many future visits. The diner's exterior and the chance to sit on old-fashioned stools while watching the cooking process added to the overall authentic experience. The staff was accommodating and friendly throughout my stay. All in all, if you're looking for a place that gets both the ambiance and the food right, this diner is a solid choice.

Waffle Bear & Cafe Latino

307 N 8th St #307, Killeen

(254) 768-0066

Reviewed by:

Abdulrehman Villas Boas

Last week, we decided to try Waffle Bear for brunch and it was a fantastic decision. The food is exceptional. Highly recommend the pork chops and papusas, among everything else we tried. The staff couldn't have been more welcoming, making the whole experience truly memorable. It's a bit of a hidden spot, but it's one you definitely don't want to overlook. The eggs could have done with a bit more cooking, but they were still tasty. The bear-themed decor added a fun touch to the ambiance. The person in charge was incredibly amiable and managed everything solo. A minor hiccup was the discrepancy between the menu and what was served; it was mentioned that an item came with four tenders, but we were informed it now comes with three, and the menu had yet to be updated. It's also worth noting to disregard the Google menu and only consider the restaurant's in-house menu. Our encounter here was nothing short of welcoming. The place operates mainly on counter service, but since it wasn't too crowded, we were seated and handed menus. We received excellent service, especially from Darrin, and the food was sublime. The waffle came out perfect, as did the eggs and grits. My favorites were Cheech or Closing time. The portions are generous, and the service is swift. The waffle bear theme of the restaurant is absolutely charming. We ordered the other Cheech, Omar, and the Blondie v2.0, and were impressed by the size of the servings. The waffles were airy, fluffy, and generously topped. This place has truly mastered the art of making waffles.

Hangover Bar & Grill

104 W Elms Rd #200, Killeen

(254) 768-0069

Reviewed by:

Angel Daniel

First time at Hangover Bar & Grill for brunch and it didn't disappoint! The moment I walked in, the energy of the place was contagious. Julliana, the bartender, truly stood out with her fantastic personality and prompt service, making sure my drinks were always topped up. Highly recommend her service if you find yourself there! Although it seemed like there wasn't enough staff to handle the busy brunch crowd, and waiting over an hour just to catch a bartender's attention was a bit of a letdown, Julliana made up for it once she managed to take my order. A small tip for future visitors: parking can be quite a challenge, so consider carpooling. It's also wise to check with security on where to park to avoid any unwanted surprises. Despite these minor inconveniences, the food and drinks at Hangover Bar & Grill were definitely highlights. The mimosas were some of the best I've had, and the food matched up in quality. They also have a variety of games to keep you entertained, from testing your strength to living out your NBA dreams. This place transforms as the evening progresses, with the music and crowd creating a lively atmosphere that's more club than bar and grill, making it a bit challenging to watch a game. But if you're in it for the energy and vibe, this is the spot. Just a heads up, there might be a slight price change depending on when you visit, so plan accordingly. All in all, Hangover Bar & Grill is a great spot for brunch in Killeen, especially if you're looking for good food, great drinks, and a lively atmosphere. Just remember to prepare for the parking situation and perhaps visit a bit earlier if you prefer a more laid-back vibe.

Geechie's Southern Style Restaurant

2904 E Stan Schlueter Loop Ste 303, Killeen

(254) 616-2444

Reviewed by:

James Cobos

My visit to Geechie's Southern Style Restaurant for brunch in Killeen was an absolute treat. The moment I walked in, the bustling atmosphere and packed setting told me I was in for some genuinely good service and delicious food. The fries caught my attention first—they were seasoned to perfection, a clear indicator of the skilled hands in the kitchen. The variety of dishes on offer was impressive. From the candied yams and collard greens to the green beans and that unforgettable mac & cheese, every bite felt like a warm embrace of southern hospitality. It's worth noting that this gem of a place is veteran-owned, which added a layer of respect and appreciation for me. Service was exceptional throughout our stay, making the experience even more enjoyable. The ambiance struck a perfect balance, cozy and inviting, making me feel right at home. It was my first time here, but the food, particularly those standout candied yams, left a lasting impression. Opting for the Geechie basket, I was treated to an incredible mix of catfish, shrimp, chicken, and hush puppies, and swapping fries for yams turned out to be a great decision, especially after seeing the anticipation for them. The journey was well worth it, coming from two hours away to satisfy a craving for authentic southern-style food. The staff was accommodating, answering questions with ease and making recommendations that didn't disappoint. The flavors were spot on—rich, hearty, and satisfying. It felt like a slice of home away from home, a sentiment echoed by everyone at the table. For anyone with a deep appreciation for well-seasoned and heartily prepared meals, Geechie's Southern Style Restaurant is a must-visit. It's a place where the food speaks volumes about the love and tradition behind it, promising a delightful experience with every visit. Definitely looking forward to my next meal here.

Brick and Forge Taproom

2901 E Central Texas Expy, Killeen

(254) 833-5061

Reviewed by:

Amia Alain

Discovering Brick and Forge Taproom for brunch in Killeen was a delightful experience. My first visit there was unforgettable, thanks to our server, Cole, who was incredibly attentive and ensured we had an amazing time. The salmon with bourbon glaze was a standout dish for me - perfectly cooked and bursting with flavor. My wife was equally impressed by her boneless wings smothered in Garlic Parmesan sauce. We both were amazed by the mozzarella sticks, hands down the best we've ever tasted, and we consider ourselves connoisseurs of mozzarella sticks! Since moving to Killeen in July due to my husband’s military assignment, we've been on the lookout for our go-to spots, and Brick and Forge Taproom has quickly become a favorite. Our first visit was to celebrate my husband's birthday, and we returned for what became our "Christmas dinner." The menu always impresses us with its variety and the quality of the food. On our most recent visit, there was no host when we arrived just before noon, but Mike Sayles, a waiter who was just coming on shift, promptly seated us. The place wasn’t crowded, which was a plus for us. Mike took care of us during our meal, providing excellent service that was both accommodating and friendly. From the cold beer to the tasty kickin' shrimp tacos and the spinach avocado salad, everything was spot on. The avocado ranch dip was a hit. We also enjoyed the fried catfish and the chicken fried steak, though the coleslaw was the only item that didn’t quite meet our expectations. The service from start to finish was exceptional, making our dining experience memorable. The swift service, the delicious food, and the welcoming atmosphere at Brick and Forge Taproom have definitely made us regulars.

Jimmy's Egg - Killeen

1103 W Stan Schlueter Loop Building B Suite 100, Killeen

(254) 432-4200

Reviewed by:

Phillip Ardon

Had a fantastic experience at Jimmy's Egg in Killeen for brunch. Decided to give it another try while waiting for the dogs to get groomed. The place was buzzing, so ended up grabbing a couple of bar seats, which provided an interesting view of the kitchen hustle. Opted for the Veggie Benedict first - the caramelized onions added such a delightful flavor, and the hash was perfectly crispy. (The ketchup smile in the photo was just a bit of fun, not part of the meal.) It was a satisfyingly large portion too. Service was friendly and swift, with prices that didn't break the bank. It's easy to see why this could become a favorite spot for breakfast. Then went for the meat-lover's omelet with a side of mini buttermilk pancakes and country potatoes. My partner chose the country fried steak with bacon, hash browns, and eggs. The omelet was delicious, though I paused to snap a photo, so it looks smaller than when it first arrived. Everything tasted great; the chicken fried steak was decent, though there was a slight wait for the pancakes due to a busy kitchen - something overheard thanks to our seating choice. Despite this, the overall service didn't falter and remained impressive throughout our meal. The atmosphere was welcoming from the moment we walked in, managing to get seated immediately despite the full dining area. The server, Kathleen, greeted us promptly and ensured our visit was memorable despite the bustling environment. The food, from presentation to flavor, was spot on without being greasy or excessively seasoned. It’s rare for anything to get a perfect score from me, but Jimmy's Egg truly stands out as a gem for a hearty and enjoyable brunch. Definitely planning on returning and would recommend it to anyone looking for quality food and service. This place earns a rare commendation with ease.

Taqueria Mexico Restaurant

1915 E Veterans Memorial Blvd, Killeen

(254) 618-5052

Reviewed by:

Ruben Caal Caal

Great food and you definitely get your money's worth with the big portions. The place has a charming vintage local vibe that makes it quite cozy. The staff, especially the waitress, are always friendly and attentive, making it a lovely dining experience every time. It's become my go-to spot for Mexican food - a true gem in the local dining scene. While I admit there have been rare occasions when the food wasn't as fresh, those instances are few and far between. Mostly, the meals are spot on, letting you know you're eating at a genuinely good Mexican restaurant. It's always a good sign when you see actual Mexicans dining there, reinforcing its authenticity. Although service can sometimes feel like an afterthought, it oddly fits the casual, laid-back atmosphere of the place. The morning crew shines brighter, showing exceptional dedication, though I've noticed the evening staff is really stepping up their game as well. The atmosphere is second to none, particularly with staff like Briana, who goes above and beyond to ensure customers are well taken care of. Loe, the supervisor, does an excellent job keeping everything running smoothly. Finding out they have karaoke was a pleasant surprise, cementing my decision to become a regular. This place has earned a solid 5-star rating from me. It stands out among the numerous taco joints in the area, drawing me in with its inviting photos and promising menu. Although the pricing seems steep for what you get - $9.99 for 4 tacos without any sides like avocado and a total bill of $21 for a meal that turned out to be disappointing - the overall ambiance and most experiences here have been positive. The tacos and accompanying beans were unfortunately forgettable during my last visit, and the michelada left much to be desired. Despite these hiccups, the heart of Taqueria Mexico Restaurant lies in its authentic vibe and generally good food. However, based on my last experience, I would cautiously advise potential patrons to consider their options.

Henderson's Family Restaurant

415 E Avenue A, Killeen

(254) 554-8505

Reviewed by:

Anna Ryan

Absolutely adore Henderson's Family Restaurant for brunch in Killeen. It's unpretentious, which is perfect for me. The food is consistently good, and the staff are genuinely friendly. It comes highly recommended from someone who appreciates a hearty brunch. They serve breakfast all day, which is a huge plus, and their daily specials are always worth checking out. Every dish I've tried has been a hit, showcasing the homemade quality that sets them apart. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, complemented by a waitstaff that knows how to add a good laugh to your meal. Service is top-notch - a shoutout to Vacey, our amazing waitress, who made our experience even better. Their handbreaded chicken fried steak is a must-try; it's delicious and reasonably priced, though it was so good that I forgot to take a picture before it was all gone. The eggs and French toast are also fantastic, although the coffee is average. But the no-wait experience on a Sunday morning was a standout. Whether it's takeout or dining in, their breakfast never disappoints. While they've shifted their closing times earlier, making dinner options not as relevant for me, breakfast at Henderson's is where it's truly at. You simply can't go wrong choosing to start your day here.

Rosa's Café & Tortilla Factory

1110 E Central Texas Expy, Killeen

(254) 526-6121

Reviewed by:

Devin Castro

Every visit to Rosa's Café & Tortilla Factory for brunch in Killeen has been a delightful experience. Food is consistently delicious. We always opt for the fajita fiesta and tamales, which are not only scrumptious but also provide ample portions for both the family dinner and lunch the next day. The fresh tortillas? Simply out of this world. Never leaving without grabbing some sopapillas for dessert! On my latest visit, there was a mix-up with my order at the food counter (not exactly sure of its official name, but it's the one with the TV displaying order numbers). The staff, particularly Elisa (hope I got her name right), was incredibly helpful. They went above and beyond to correct my order and ensure it was exactly how I wanted it, even going back to the cash register to rectify my mistake. It was an eye-opener realizing that an order mistake could be fixed with such ease. Huge thanks to the team for their assistance! Returning is a no-brainer, thanks to the friendly and welcoming staff, fantastic food, and the cleanliness of the establishment — spotless floors and bathrooms included. On a side note, all the dishes mentioned come highly recommended from previous visits. The flour tortillas are a personal favorite, always delightful with the Fajita dishes. Although the service at the cashier is commendable, there was a slight wait for the tortillas during my last visit, about 12 minutes, and I had to remind the staff. Still, the overall atmosphere and service were excellent. The food quality is solid for a Tex-Mex place, with fast service and a nicely laid-back atmosphere. The décor is very pleasing too. While the food is tasty and fresh, a minor tweak like cutting the meat on the nachos smaller would make it even better. The self-serve salsa bar is a nice touch! Overall, despite it not being the absolute best in town and slightly pricier, the experience is worth it for those delicious flour tortillas and the efficiency of service. Both my wife and I enjoyed our meals thoroughly. Would definitely recommend giving it a try!

Taquerias Mexico

3007 W Stan Schlueter Loop, Killeen

(254) 213-3337

Reviewed by:

Maria Elizabeth Balogh

First time going since it was close to home and it turned out to be a delightful surprise. The server was really attentive, ensuring we had everything we needed, which made us feel quite special. The food overall was fantastic, but what really stood out were the charro beans - they were just exceptional! Then there was the mango margarita, or maybe it was pineapple, it's a bit fuzzy now because I probably enjoyed it a little too quickly, but it was delicious nonetheless. The atmosphere of the place added so much to our experience. It's vibrant, filled with beautiful colors that just make you happy to be there. Our waitress was incredibly sweet, going out of her way to help us navigate through the menu. The chips and salsa they served right at the start were a treat, especially because they used corn chips and the salsa had the perfect amount of heat to it. I decided to go with the chicken and shrimp fajitas, and I was not disappointed. The seasoning was spot on, and the portions were so generous that one could easily feed two people. It's also worth mentioning they have a drive-thru, which is quite convenient and something I found particularly interesting. However, it wasn't all perfect. There were a few hiccups with our meal. My Chili Relleno was unfortunately soggy and a bit too cold for my liking, which was disappointing. Then there were the refried beans, which were thinner than I prefer. My daughter and husband found their dishes to be okay, but nothing that truly impressed us. They were served a bit cool as well. On a different note, the service remained top-notch throughout. Our waitress truly went above and beyond, making sure we were taken care of. It's just a shame about the added fee for using a credit or debit card - it's not something I've encountered before, and it's made me think twice about returning. If I do decide to come back, I'll be sure to bring cash to avoid any extra charges. Despite the few letdowns, the positives definitely made our visit a memorable one, and I'm glad we gave it a try.

Backporch Drafthouse

3100 E Central Texas Expy, Killeen

(254) 833-5059

Reviewed by:

Keith Garcia

Had a last-minute dinner decision and decided to revisit Backporch Drafthouse, a place that's fast becoming a favorite spot in town for me. Walking into the Killeen location, the interior design struck a different chord from the Temple spot, yet it instantly felt comfortable, a good sign of things to come. Previously, I had tried The Big Daddy Burger but missed out on the bacon jam. Luckily, this time around, I got the full experience, along with some loaded french fries – definitely good stuff! Though the fries were rich, perhaps a dash of sour cream could have added the perfect touch. The chicken tenders didn't disappoint either; they were pretty large and I'm already planning the leftover sandwich. The Farm To Market salad was a visual and flavorful treat, adhering to the true essence of freshness. Service was top-notch, adding to the pleasant dining experience. Opting for the brunch menu, I chose the chicken and biscuits with gravy, an American classic that was executed perfectly here. The biscuit, the gravy, and the chicken all came together in a harmony of flavors that's hard to forget. And, of course, bacon made its glorious presence felt, silently elevating everything it accompanied. Stopped in for just a quick bite and a beer, but this place never fails to impress with its consistent quality in food, drink, and service – all outstanding. It's places like this that make dining out a complete joy. And, if you're ever there, don't skip on the Perfect Margarita. It's a game changer, truly!

Hallmark Restaurant

4402 E Central Texas Expy, Killeen

(254) 526-6050

Reviewed by:

Heather Muhammad

My visit to Hallmark Restaurant for brunch in Killeen was an experience I'm eager to share. One highlight was the all-you-can-eat catfish dinner available on Fridays. It was deliciously seasoned and, at $16.99, included fillets, beans, coleslaw, fries, hush puppies, and a drink—definitely a steal. Also, the meatloaf special caught my attention; it was very tasty and came with two sides and a drink for just $12.99. But, the most impressive part of my meal was the 'Texas-sized' chicken-fried steak. It was the largest I've ever seen and did not disappoint in flavor. During my visit, which happened around noon, the restaurant was bustling with the lunch crowd. This meant that the friendly waiter was quite busy, which slightly delayed drink refills. However, the kitchen was on top of things, sending out food quickly. For the quality and quantity of food provided, spending about $12-15 per person, including drinks and sides, felt reasonable. Despite the busy atmosphere, the service was excellent, leaving me quite satisfied with my meal. The variety on their menu was just right, and trying the catfish, jumbo butterfly shrimp, green beans, french fries, and a salad was a delight. The catfish, sold by the pound with roughly nine fillets, alongside six butterfly shrimp and two sides, made for a filling meal. It was my first visit to Hallmark, based on what I'd heard, and it didn't disappoint. The service stood out, making the whole experience even more enjoyable. We ordered 2 lbs of catfish and two of the shrimp meals, which was more than enough for three people, with leftovers for dinner and lunch the next day. The quality of the meal and the service ensured I would be planning another visit. It was undoubtedly a very enjoyable experience, from the welcoming atmosphere to the delicious, hearty meals.


700 W Central Texas Expy, Killeen

(254) 526-4467

Reviewed by:

Emerald Lorenzo

Brought my dad here for some daddy-daughter bestie time, choosing IHOP in Killeen for brunch, and truly, the experience was spot on. We arrived around 10 am and were immediately seated in a cozy booth, diving straight into the breakfast menu. Both of us decided to try the pumpkin pancakes for the first time, intrigued by the seasonal flavor. Our meals arrived in a reasonable timeframe. Although we would've preferred our food a tad hotter, everything was still enjoyable. The pumpkin pancakes, in particular, were a highlight. The flavor was balanced perfectly—not too overpowering but just enough to bring out that comforting pumpkin taste we were looking for. Our waitress was fantastic, enhancing our experience with her attentive service. A special shout-out for having flavored creamer, a small touch that made a big difference for me. Reflecting on previous visits to other IHOP locations that might not have hit the mark, this visit completely turned my perspective around. The staff, including a very professional server named John, if I remember correctly, and even a manager checking in on us, showed a level of care and attention to detail that stood out. While the eggs were a bit underdone for my liking, I realized I should have specified how I wanted them cooked. This is something I’ll remember for next time because, after this visit, there will definitely be a next time. Observing the kitchen staff, it was clear they prioritized speed and accuracy, a dedication that didn’t go unnoticed. Admittedly, there were a few minor hiccups, such as a slight wait to be greeted and seated, and a bit of a delay in receiving our orders. Nonetheless, these moments were minor in the grand scheme of things and didn't detract significantly from the overall positive experience. Even though it's not my usual habit to write reviews for chain restaurants, given their consistency, this particular visit to IHOP in Killeen was too good not to share. From the delicious pumpkin pancakes to the commendable service, it looks like we've found our new favorite breakfast spot in town. And a note to myself for the future: always check to-go orders before leaving. This small step will ensure the quality of takeout matches the dine-in experience we enjoyed so much.

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