January 29, 2024

Ultimate Brunch Spots in Knoxville

Discover Knoxville's top brunch spots in our ultimate guide to where pancakes and poached eggs are taken seriously. Dive in!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Ultimate Brunch Spots in Knoxville
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In Knoxville, or as we fondly dub it, "Brunchville," every corner, nook, and cranny hides a brunch spot that promises to kick-start your day with a symphony of flavors.

Nick & J's Cafe

1526 Lovell Rd, Knoxville

(865) 766-5453

Reviewed by:

Yobany Morgan

This place really takes me back to the cozy feel of an old waffle house, with that unbeatable mom and pop vibe that's becoming so rare these days. The moment we walked in, the atmosphere made us feel right at home. We were greeted by our waitress, Alicia, who was nothing short of fantastic. She recommended the French toast, and let me tell you, it was a solid 5 out of 5! I decided to give the griddle biscuits a try, although they turned out to be a bit too much for my personal taste. I've got to say, I know quite a few people who would go crazy for them. But if I had to do it over, I'd probably go for biscuits with a side of gravy and eggs and bacon instead. The reason being, the biscuits are cooked on the grill, so they come out flatter and not as fluffy as I usually like them. However, it's all about personal preference, and if you're into fluffier biscuits, just give your waitress a heads up and she'll have you covered. Despite my minor critique on the biscuits, this place is definitely worth coming back to whenever I'm in the area. The only reason I'm giving the atmosphere a 4 out of 5 is that I didn't get the chance to explore the entire place, and the noise level was a bit more than I was looking for today. But don't get me wrong, the lively vibe is perfect for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of a waffle house style environment. My wife opted for a ham and cheese omelet and was just as satisfied, with neither of us leaving hungry. Looking beyond my personal taste in biscuits, everything from the sandwiches and burgers to the fries and onion rings were top-notch. It's clear why this place comes highly recommended. As a final note, the welcoming atmosphere, combined with great service and reasonable prices, really makes Nick & J's Cafe stand out. It's the kind of place that leaves a lasting impression, promising good food and good times. Can't wait to visit again the next time we're in the area. A big thank you to Nick & J's Cafe for such a memorable brunch experience!

Pete's Coffee Shop

540 Union Ave, Knoxville

(865) 523-2860

Reviewed by:

Lee Ramos

Stopped by Pete's Coffee Shop for brunch while in Knoxville and was absolutely impressed with the experience. Was bracing for a long wait but was pleasantly surprised to be done with breakfast and heading out the door in just 16 minutes. The server was incredible, always wearing a smile and making the dining experience feel so welcoming. The food arrived super fast and tasted just like homemade meals, easily some of the best food experienced. The prices were surprisingly good too, which was a nice bonus. This place is the perfect pick for anyone in search of a clean, family-friendly restaurant that radiates an old-school diner vibe, complete with friendly faces and flavorful food. What stood out was how quickly the food was served after ordering – it barely took 3 minutes! Even when a large party arrived, the attentive service didn't waver, and it was evident that the staff knew their regulars well, creating a warm and welcoming environment. Being in Knoxville for an event, finding Pete's turned the breakfast experience into a highlight of the trip. Owning two restaurants back in Naples FL, I can confidently say Pete's Coffee Shop stands out as outstanding. The breakfast bowl was so delightful that I was compelled to grab a BLT to-go for lunch. It's a fantastic spot near downtown, offering a friendly atmosphere, great service, and excellent food. For anyone visiting Knoxville, dropping by Pete's for some southern hospitality is a must.

The French Market Creperie Downtown

412 Clinch Ave, Knoxville

(865) 540-4372

Reviewed by:

Genya Williams

We've had the pleasure of visiting both the downtown Knoxville and Farragut locations of The French Market Creperie for brunch, and every visit has been a delightful experience. The consistency in the quality of both food and service is something to commend. One of our all-time favorite dishes is the roast beef & Swiss on a croissant - the horseradish gives it that extra kick that makes it an unforgettable sandwich. The crepes, without a doubt, are a standout. Regardless of what filling you choose, they always arrive fresh, well-prepared, and are packed with flavor. It's quite rare to find a spot outside of Europe that nails the essence of a good crepe, but this place does it with flair. The menu offers a wide variety, including some very tempting daily specials, ensuring that there's something for every palate. What really ties the dining experience together is the exceptional service. The staff is always welcoming and attentive, making each visit more enjoyable. The ambiance of the place is equally charming with its fun decor and self-seating arrangement, creating a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere. Though it’s worth noting that some of the items, particularly outside of the crepe selection, can feel a bit overpriced for what they offer in terms of size and flavor. However, the crepes themselves are a must-try. The caramel cinnamon banana crepe, for example, is sheer perfection on a plate. It's meticulously prepared and delivers on both taste and presentation. While the items in the “shop” area seem a tad overpriced - a simple ballcap priced at over $30 was a bit much for me - it doesn't detract from the overall positive experience of the café. It's definitely worth visiting for its delightful crepes and the inviting atmosphere. Just maybe steer clear of the sandwiches and save some room for their exquisite strawberry cream crepe or a perfectly cooked omelet, and you're sure to have a pleasant brunch experience. The coffee's not bad either, rounding off what is generally a very satisfying meal. So, if you're in the mood for a slice of Europe in Knoxville, The French Market Creperie Downtown should definitely be on your brunch list.

Rami's Cafe

3553 N Broadway, Knoxville

(865) 801-9067

Reviewed by:

Samantha Thompson

Well, our brunch bunch was at it again this Saturday, and let me tell you, it was our very first time trying out Rami's Cafe in Knoxville – absolutely no regrets there! Here’s what stood out: 1. The service was impeccable! Right off the bat, our server discovered it was a birthday celebration in our group and sweetly covered his breakfast. Everyone felt incredibly welcomed. 2. As for the food, it couldn't have been better. The ham and cheese omelette, along with the biscuits and gravy, were devoured without a trace left behind. Hunger might be to blame, but quality deserves credit too. The BLTs and pancakes ordered by my friends received equal praise. So, it’s safe to say, the menu didn't let us down. 3. The ease of access was another highlight – we walked in and were seated immediately, no waiting around. If there was one thing that could see improvement, it would be the unsweet tea. It was a bit on the watery side, lacking that strong tea flavor. Tip for future visitors – there's parking at the back, just make your way to the front to enter. Your GPS should guide you perfectly. Definitely counting the days until we return! Between the exceptional service and the delightful food, Rami's nailed it on making a Saturday brunch special. After a hike nearby, nothing could beat stopping by this charming diner for a hearty meal. The patty melts we had were out of this world, layering flavor in each bite with the marbled rye, lettuce, tomato, and mayo combo. Having driven past for years without stopping, I’m glad that finally changed. In just one week, I found myself going back for both lunch and breakfast, enjoying everything from their lunch special spaghetti to a breakfast with hearty ham. Both the friendly staff and the tasty meals have made Rami's a must-visit local gem in Knoxville for an enjoyable breakfast, lunch, or brunch.

Sami's Cafe

9700 Kingston Pike #5, Knoxville

(865) 531-7900

Reviewed by:

Ronnie Acevedo Velez

Had the pleasure of dining at Sammie's Cafe for brunch, and it was a truly delightful experience. The cozy and friendly atmosphere was inviting, creating the perfect backdrop for a relaxed meal. Choosing the cheeseburger was a fantastic decision – served on toast with just the right amount of cheese, it brought a new twist to a familiar favorite. The side of mac and cheese was a perfect complement, showcasing the chef's commitment to quality with every bite. My wife went with the Sammie sandwich accompanied by fries, both of which were outstanding. The sandwich offered a well-balanced mix of flavors, and the fries were crispy and perfectly seasoned. It's clear that the menu has been thoughtfully put together to appeal to a variety of tastes while ensuring everything is top-notch. The pricing at Sammie's Cafe is remarkably reasonable, especially given the high quality of food and the inviting atmosphere. It's a breath of fresh air to find a place that offers such great value for money, without compromising on flavor. The staff deserves a round of applause for their friendliness and attentiveness, which added an extra layer of warmth to the meal. It's obvious that there's a strong sense of pride in providing excellent service and making guests feel truly welcome. Sammie's Cafe exceeded my expectations in every way. Whether you’re into innovative takes on classics or just in search of a pleasant spot with scrumptious eats, this cafe is a must-visit. Left feeling satisfied in both palate and pocket, and would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a memorable dining experience. And don't miss out on the chicken and dumplings on Wednesdays – they're outstanding. Found near Allstate on Kingston Pike, it's a gem worth checking out. Despite it being busy, the customer service was commendable, making the visit worthwhile. My first visit was impressive, with delicious offerings from grits and biscuits to bacon, egg, and French toast. While the place was crowded, the service didn't falter, and prices for the food felt fair. Just a heads up, beverages like coffee and coke might add a bit to your bill, but in my book, it's all part of the experience.

Colonel's Cafe

4807 Newcom Ave, Knoxville

(865) 588-8481

Reviewed by:

Robert Gomez

Found my new diner home! This place, a bit out of my usual path, has quickly become my favorite. What sets it apart are the Mediterranean flair options in the breakfast and lunch specials, which are a nice twist from your standard diner fare. The kindness of the staff and the owner really makes you feel welcome, like you're part of the family. The Colonel's Potatoes are a must-try — absolutely amazing. It's been challenging to find good vegetarian options for breakfast, but this cafe offers several delicious choices. Service was top-notch during our visit. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast, with the Colonel's Potatoes deserving a special shout-out for their excellence. Exploring new breakfast spots is something we love, and it's surprising that it took us so long to discover this gem. It's pretty cozy, so arriving early is advisable if you're aiming for a table. The atmosphere is very homey, filled with good people. Everything we tried was delicious and came at a very reasonable price. The pancakes, in particular, were super good and fluffy. Definitely planning to return! It was an overall great experience, and it's clear this place has earned its spot as our new go-to diner.

Cafe 4

4 Market Square, Knoxville

(865) 544-4144

Reviewed by:

Brandon Arab

Food was incredible! Got the short rib over grits and collard greens with the egg on top and it was truly one of the best meals ever. Our server Ashley L was incredibly kind and welcoming, providing great area tips since it was a visit to the area. Chose the mezz at Cafe Four for a "Welcome Wedding party" for guests on Thursday before a weekend wedding. The service and food were outstanding. Tyler and Matt took care of our guests with impeccable service, and the food selections were perfect for our lite fare dinner party. Monica and Brittany were a delight to work with in scheduling and ensuring everything was in place for a successful party. Thanks to everyone involved! Would definitely recommend Cafe Four for special events. Abby was our server and was phenomenal. Very knowledgeable about the menu and provided top-notch recommendations that were thoroughly enjoyed. This place is a gem and is definitely on the list for a return visit. The food and service are some of the best ever experienced. Our waitress Hayley G was kind, fun to chat with, and offered great recommendations for food substitutes and drink options. Had the Grilled Salmon with a substitute of Brussels sprouts for the potato fingers – a delicious meal! Will definitely be coming back here next time in town. A huge thank you to everyone!

First Watch

5144 N Broadway St, Knoxville

(865) 282-3208

Reviewed by:

Paolita Ngiraiwet

So, on my latest brunch outing, I decided to check out First Watch in Knoxville, and let me just dive into the experience. First off, they do online waiting, which is a heads-up for anyone planning to visit. This wasn't my first rodeo with First Watch, but it was indeed my inaugural visit to the Knoxville location. The quality of food remained impressive, consistent with my previous encounters. Though I must note, the service didn't match up to the warmth and promptness I'd experienced before. It wasn't that the staff was rude, but the attentiveness and friendliness left a bit to be desired. Now, onto the dishes I tried. The Steak & Bacon Burrito caught my eye, and it was a hefty serving, more steak than bacon, but nonetheless satisfying. The presentation was commendable, though I found the pickled onions a bit out of place for my taste. As for the Gravy and Biscuits, the biscuits themselves were decent - not exceptional but not disappointing either. The gravy, on the other hand, was a mixed bag for me. The sage was a tad overpowering in the sausage, and the gravy veered towards being both overly sweet and salty for my liking. A commendable attempt, but not quite hitting the mark of true southern pepper gravy. The Ginger Donuts were a delightful surprise, soft, sweet, and the dipping sauces were a treat. These definitely stole the show for me. I also appreciated discovering their kid-friendly meal options, ranging from pancakes to grilled cheese, all under $8. The Belgian waffle option, complete with fruit and bacon, seemed particularly appealing. Service-wise, while there was a slight wish for a to-go drink offer that was overlooked, the overall experience was positive. The standout dishes for me were the Million Dollar Bacon and the Farm Stand Breakfast Tacos - both were simply delicious. On my entry, the wait time was about 15 minutes for a table, which wasn’t too bad. My choice of breakfast tostadas were good, though I felt they could've been generous with the special toppings. All in all, my brunch at First Watch was a pleasant experience with great food and service that, although had room for improvement, didn't detract from the enjoyable meal. Definitely a spot worth revisiting for anyone in Knoxville looking for a solid brunch option.

Scrambled Jake's Breakfast Company

7428 S Northshore Dr, Knoxville

(865) 540-6199

Reviewed by:

Jorge Elser

I'm a big breakfast enthusiast and while visiting Knoxville, I was on the hunt for the best brunch spot. Scrambled Jake's Breakfast Company came highly recommended, and it lived up to the hype. The coffee was fantastic, starting the meal on a high note. The blueberry pancake was a standout, loaded with berries and cooked to perfection. The omelette and over-medium eggs were possibly the best I've ever had, and the potatoes were a delightful addition to the meal. I regretfully had to skip the fresh-squeezed OJ due to lack of space, but that just means I have to go back! This place has shot up to the top of my breakfast favorites list. The speedy service ensured our delicious food was quickly on the table, allowing us to savor every bite. The only snag we hit was finding parking, but it was a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. The pancakes were fluffy and satisfying, though I wouldn't have minded a few more chocolate chips. The massive cinnamon roll was a highlight, its glaze perfectly sweet, ending the meal on a high note. While the cinnamon rolls were a bit on the dry side and the pancakes could use a bit more excitement, the egg dishes were top-notch. Any scrambler, omelet, or side of grits would be my recommendation to anyone visiting. The service was efficient once we got seated, snagging first-come, first-serve barstools. It's a good idea to book in advance as this place fills up fast. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming, making it a perfect spot for brunch with friends or family. Although the meal was a bit pricey, it was well worth the experience. The restaurant was bustling, even at 10:30 am on a Sunday, which speaks volumes about its popularity. In summary, despite a few minor critiques, Scrambled Jake's Breakfast Company offered a wonderful dining experience with tasty food and a great ambiance. It's a must-visit spot in Knoxville for anyone looking for a quality brunch.

First Watch

6474 Kingston Pike, Knoxville

(865) 249-8795

Reviewed by:

Ana Miranda

It’s no secret that finding a good breakfast spot can be quite the mission, but this place, First Watch, is truly a gem in Knoxville. The food is always tasty and flavorful, and the service is impressively quick, which is a must for me. Their coffee? Decent, and that says a lot coming from someone who takes their morning brew seriously. On a particular day that stands out, we found ourselves without power at home and decided to seek refuge here. It turned out to be a silver lining, providing a cozy spot for us to regroup and enjoy a meal. It easily became our best breakfast experience in Knoxville. We were a party of six, including two little ones, and everyone left feeling content— a rarity when dining out with a group. Our meals were served swiftly, and everything came out just as we ordered. A solid three-fourths of us were beyond pleased with our choices. One slight hiccup was the absence of a designated waiter for our table, which led to a bit of a mix-up when trying to get our check. Initially, we felt overlooked, then received the wrong bill before finally getting the correct one. Wrapping up our visit involved a longer than expected wait at checkout, but it was a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. Despite this, my fondness for First Watch has only grown. Their Honey nut salad has become something of an obsession for me. It might sound silly, but it's the truth. Every visit tempts me to try something new from the menu, but I can't seem to order anything but that salad—it's just that good. Plus, this is the only spot I've felt comfortable dining alone since becoming a widow, which makes it all the more special to me. The inviting atmosphere and delicious food make it a place where I can genuinely relax and enjoy my meal. It's safe to say, First Watch holds a special place in my heart.

Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar

1 Market Square, Knoxville

(865) 522-0004

Reviewed by:

Katie Simpson

Amazing food! Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious. I was so impressed that I tipped out the kitchen staff! A special shout out to our server, Ash. She was fantastic and very helpful in sharing her favorite dishes. Also, as someone who insists on having hot food that's almost too hot to handle delivered to the table, I really appreciated the dedicated food expediter/runners. Their prompt delivery of food from the kitchen was just perfect. I'll definitely be back very soon. If you're considering this place, don't hesitate. It's a standout in downtown Knoxville. The food was fresh and served in a timely manner. The portions were just right, and the flavors were wonderful. The stone grind grits are a must-try. Our server was prompt, friendly, and attentive. Do be prepared for a wait time and dress warmly in the winter months, as there's no waiting area. They also offer a military discount upon request, which is a nice touch. This is a fantastic place to dine in downtown Knoxville, without a doubt. The seating includes inside & outside options, with high top tables available in the bar area. Arriving at 1 pm on a Friday, it was packed, offering a great opportunity for people watching, along with enjoying the delicious food and beverages from their full bar. The location, right on the pedestrian mall downtown, makes it a great spot anytime. I had a wonderful experience here. The Sriracha Honey Chicken & Waffles are incredible, and their biscuits are to die for. I will definitely be back. Overall, it was a positive dining experience.

The Plaid Apron

1210 Kenesaw Ave, Knoxville

(865) 247-4640

Reviewed by:

Otter Camacho

Sunday brunch at The Plaid Apron is always a delightful experience, bringing back many cherished memories created around the welcoming tables of this exceptional establishment. Known for its commitment to local ingredients and a menu that elevates the typical brunch fare found in Knoxville, it holds a special place in my heart. After a long hiatus, the decision to return was spurred by a longing for a change from our usual Sunday dining routine. And, oh, what a wonderful decision that was! Today's brunch was a testament to the creativity and quality that The Plaid Apron prides itself on. My appeal to the lovely folks behind this culinary gem, Drew & Bonnie, is to consider adding a beautifully plated Southern breakfast—combining eggs, bacon, grits, sourdough toast & jam, and during the summer months, a slice of heirloom tomato—to the menu. Today, I opted for these items a la carte, yearning for a breakfast sandwich that, unfortunately, wasn't an option. The outcome was a visually appealing and utterly satisfying meal that even caught the eye of the service staff. Moreover, a special shout-out to Sarah, our server, whose attentiveness and effort made our brunch experience even better. It's service like hers that reinforces my admiration for The Plaid Apron. In conclusion, revisiting The Plaid Apron for brunch was like rekindling an old friendship. The food, the service, and the ambiance were as wonderful as I remembered. The Plaid Apron remains a standout for brunch in Knoxville, providing a farm-to-table experience that is hard to beat. The quality of the food, from the perfectly cooked salmon to the inventive drink menu, makes every visit memorable. They also do a commendable job accommodating food allergies, making sure everyone at the table enjoys their meal worry-free. Looking forward to my next visit, possibly for dinner, to indulge in more of their culinary delights.

Maple Street Biscuit Company

9314 Kingston Pike #112, Knoxville

(865) 247-6793

Reviewed by:

Marfo Martinez

Brunch at Maple Street Biscuit Company in Knoxville was an absolute treat. Despite previous visits having a bit of a mix-up with orders, such as the Sweet Grace not arriving as I'd like it, this trip was a delightful exception. Yes, there have been moments where the communication between cooks and the person taking the order could use improvement, especially when it came to ensuring my meal was just how I wanted it - warm, with all the delightful extras like powdered sugar, whip cream, and syrup. And yes, I've encountered issues like a not-so-hot toffee caramel coffee that didn't hit the mark. But, the overall experience has always been one of satisfaction, especially with the food's quality. This visit was special. Despite it being incredibly busy, the service remained friendly, and our food was served promptly. We indulged in the Five and Dime - a masterpiece of a homemade biscuit piled with chicken, bacon, cheese, egg, and delectable gravy. It's easily one of the best breakfasts around, worth every penny of the indulgence. The ambiance of the place was also welcoming, with cleanliness noticeable everywhere from the dining area to the restrooms. The assortment of flavors, especially the slight spiciness of the chicken and the richness of the sausage gravy, added a unique touch to our meal. Though the spice level was perfect for me, it's something for those with milder preferences to consider. The chicken and waffles, along with the country fried steak biscuit smothered in sausage gravy, were standout dishes, showcasing an innovative Cajun-Louisiana twist that's both flavorful and memorable. Yes, there's room for improvement, especially in ensuring orders are delivered exactly as requested and in training new staff to keep up with the bustling demand. But the quality of the food, the warm and friendly service, and the clean and inviting atmosphere more than make up for these minor hiccups. It's a place I'd return to without hesitation and I'm already looking forward to my next visit, eager to explore more of their delicious menu. A Maple Street Biscuit Company in East Knox would be a dream come true, bringing this gem closer to more brunch enthusiasts.

Frothy Monkey

419 S Gay St, Knoxville

(865) 888-6090

Reviewed by:

Andrew Patel

Love this place for serving breakfast late, as it's a real treat for us who sometimes miss the early morning wakeup call but still crave that breakfast taste! It's a charming spot with an intriguing menu that caught my eye. The service we received was quite satisfactory, and the local art displayed all around added a nice touch to the ambiance. The food was generally good, though it fell short on flavor, requiring a bit of DIY seasoning at the table to enhance the taste. Dropped by on a Thursday around 11:30am for a bit of a weekday brunch indulgence. Unfortunately, they were out of prosecco, which meant no mimosas for us. It was disappointing, especially since they didn't make an effort to restock, considering there's a wine and spirits shop just a short walk away. I opted for The Be Hive Hash, and while it was flavorful, particularly the vegan sausage, the portion size left a bit to be desired, especially the hard butternut squash and kale. My friend's choice was the French toast, which was served with spiced cold apples - an unexpected twist - and eggs that weren't scrambled as expected. The exact cost slips my mind, but reflecting on the whole experience, it didn't quite seem to match up in terms of value. Despite this, the coffee here was a standout feature, truly excellent and a reminder that though it appears more restaurant than coffee shop these days, they haven't lost their touch in brewing a great cup. The place isn’t the quietest, so maybe not ideal for studying, but it’s quite spacious. Discovering this spot was a delight - walking in without a wait on a bustling Saturday morning, with a sizeable group and a baby in tow, was a pleasant surprise. The Broadbent omelette I ordered was delightful, especially with the substitution of feta for cheddar, paired with homemade sourdough toast and strawberry jelly. The Havana latte was another high point, warmly recommended by the server and truly tasted like Christmas in a cup. Everyone in my group thoroughly enjoyed their drinks, from cappuccinos to specialty lattes. Facing a bit of a parking challenge due to a downtown event wasn't too much of an issue as the weather was agreeable for a short walk. Despite a slightly slower service, likely because our server was also managing the bar, it was all smiles with friendly and welcoming service throughout our visit. Definitely planning a return trip here – it's absolutely worth any potential wait, and the pricing felt fair for the quality and service provided.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

5001 Central Ave Pike, Knoxville

(865) 688-7396

Reviewed by:

Lynn Mcgraw

Visited Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Knoxville for brunch and had an amazing experience. The server, Amanda, was fantastic, setting the tone for a cozy and welcoming meal. The decor of the place brought back so many memories, especially with the Christmas and Halloween decorations on display. It felt like stepping into a comfortable, nostalgic world filled with awesome candy selections. The cleanliness of the restrooms was noticeable, which is always a plus. The food arrived all at once, which was great as everything was hot, fresh, and absolutely delicious. We decided to try the DoorDash delivery for breakfast too and were not disappointed. The Momma’s pancake breakfast with blueberry pancakes was a highlight, and the build-your-own homestyle breakfast options like grits, fried apples, biscuits, and gravy meant we had plenty for the next day as well. Our dasher, Mollie, was friendly and presented herself in a neat and clean manner, adding to the positive experience. It’s hard to beat Cracker Barrel for a hearty meal and I’m all for supporting Tennessee businesses. Enjoying the most delicious pork chops served by Emily every Saturday has become a ritual. Her dedication and the way she makes everyone feel at home deserve recognition. The exceptional service extended to finding ways to make our bill cheaper, which was a delightful surprise. However, after receiving my bill, I noticed an extra charge of $1.99 for a loaded baked potato. Upon discussing this with the manager, it was clarified that there’s a full charge regardless of how the baked potato is prepared. Despite this minor hiccup, the overall experience at Cracker Barrel was fantastic, truly making it a hard place to beat for a satisfying meal.

Ruby Sunshine

37 Market Square, Knoxville

(865) 830-3020

Reviewed by:

Fura Elmuradi

My 18-month-old son and I had his very first French Toast here, and choosing the French Toast Bites with bacon was a great decision! Our server, Prescott, was absolutely amazing. It's not often you get quality, attentive service in a restaurant anymore, but she was an absolute joy! We also had an omelet with fresh fruit, which was delicious as well. Having ordered takeout from here a few times when we were staying at the NICU and finding it yummy, we were excited to come and have a sit-down meal. My husband loves the Chicken St. Charles Benedict and gets it every time. A side of the pork tasso cream sauce to dip your fries or breakfast potatoes in is a must! On our way to Chattanooga, it was a great find. I ordered the Nola coffee (iced coffee with light creamer) with St Charles Bennie. The eggs Benedict are phenomenal, with perfect flavor, texture, and presentation. The biscuit is fresh, and the creamy sauce is a kicker! The portions are generous, and I was only able to eat half of my food. My husband got the southern breakfast but ended up eating my half since it was so good. Thank you all for such a memorable brunch experience!

The Drawing Room

531 Henley St, Knoxville

(865) 232-1800

Reviewed by:

Payton Patel

My visit to The Drawing Room for brunch in Knoxville was a delightful experience. Upon entering, the ambiance was inviting, which set the stage for a memorable meal. Although one of our dishes, the roasted vegetables, was unfortunately too salty to enjoy, the rest of the meal more than made up for it. The French fries were a standout, arriving nicely crispy and hot. Despite finding the pricing on the higher side for some dishes, the quality of the food and the exceptional cocktails justified it. Speaking of cocktails, the Old Fashioned here is a must-try. It's the best version of the drink I've ever had, hands down. This, coupled with the stunning view of the World's Fair park, makes for an unbeatable dining experience. Despite it being a busy period due to UT's graduation weekend, the service didn't skip a beat. They managed to be attentive and efficient, which was impressive. However, the highlight of my visit was the customer service, particularly by a staff member named Josh. From the moment we walked in, he made us feel incredibly welcome, as if he had been waiting just for us. His level of service was exceptional and truly made our visit memorable. Besides the impeccable service, the food recommendations he made were spot on. The burger, a hidden menu item, was amazing, as were the tenderloin tips and crab cake. For anyone planning a visit, I highly recommend asking for Josh. His service will undoubtedly elevate your dining experience. While we only had drinks this time, the overall experience has me eager to return for dinner. Based on this visit, The Drawing Room is a place I look forward to revisiting and exploring more of their menu.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

1510 Cracker Barrel Ln, Knoxville

(865) 522-8232

Reviewed by:

Sydney Mendoza

For my first time at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Knoxville, I was truly impressed. This spot is conveniently located near our accommodation, making it an easy choice for brunch. The menu offerings did not disappoint, especially the grits, which were cooked to perfection – a real treat for a grits enthusiast like myself. Our dining experience was enhanced by our waitress Cassidy, who was exceptionally friendly and took the time to chat with us, ensuring our visit was memorable. The overall atmosphere at both the restaurant and the store was welcoming, with everyone being helpful and pleasant. As we're planning to move to this wonderful town, it's reassuring to know we'll have a go-to spot for a great meal. The lemon peppered trout, alongside carrots, coleslaw, and cornbread muffins, was an absolute delight. Although they were out of their new fall cheddar broccoli casserole side, everything else about the meal was spot on. As a truck driver, finding good, wholesome food instead of the usual truck stop fare is a real win. Opting for sides like string beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and gravy with biscuits was a satisfying choice. It's a reminder of how important it is to find quality meals on the road, and Cracker Barrel delivered on that. Despite a small hiccup with seating and a somewhat delayed service initially, the staff made sure to rectify the situation swiftly. It shows the dedication to customer service, making sure that every visit, regardless of the small setbacks, ends on a positive note. So, to fellow drivers and locals alike, remember that this Cracker Barrel in Knoxville is a reliable spot for a good meal in a friendly setting. It's places like these that make a town feel like home.

Mimi's Cafe

10945 Parkside Dr, Knoxville

(865) 675-1362

Reviewed by:

Beth Thornhill

Had a wonderful breakfast at Mimi's Cafe in Knoxville. The experience was delightful from the moment we walked in. There was very little wait for a table, which was perfect as we arrived just before the usual Sunday brunch crowd. The roasted potatoes caught my eye immediately - they were perfectly seasoned with a hint of Cajun that added just the right amount of kick. The eggs were fluffy and cooked just the way I like them, and the ham was absolutely delicious. One of the highlights was their blueberry muffins. They arrived warm, filled with juicy blueberries, making every bite a heavenly experience. My husband was equally pleased with his choice of eggs Benedict, praising the dish's flavors and presentation. The service had its moments. Initially, there was a slight delay in taking our orders, and we had a small hiccup regarding an avocado add-on, which was resolved after a bit of back-and-forth. Despite these small issues, the food quality and the overall experience weren't overshadowed. The additional avocado sides provided were much appreciated, and our waitress's effort to rectify the situation did not go unnoticed. Aside from the savory dishes, the avocado toast was fresh and a delight on the palate, and the corned beef hash Benedict was an excellent combination, bursting with flavor. Also worth mentioning are the bacon and eggs with a side of bran muffin, which was a perfect balance of taste and texture. The ambiance of the cafe was inviting, with a clean and fresh atmosphere that made the dining experience even more enjoyable. It's worth noting the commendable service provided by Orlando, our server who ensured our drinks were always topped off and checked in at just the right times without being intrusive. The French dip sandwich was another hit, and deciding to take dessert to go capped off a delightful brunch. Overall, Mimi's Cafe in Knoxville provided a memorable brunch experience filled with delicious food and attentive service. It's a place I'd happily recommend and return to for another satisfying meal.

The Firefly/ Marble City Kitchen

501 W Church Ave, Knoxville

(865) 523-2300

Reviewed by:

Queliane Redden

Brunch at The Firefly/Marble City Kitchen in Knoxville was a delightful experience that truly impressed. The burger was absolutely on point, though I do wish, as with all restaurants, that the kitchen would let it rest for a bit before serving it on the bun to prevent the grease from soaking through. Nonetheless, the meal kicked off to a great start. The Brussel sprouts served were simply fire – perfectly cooked and full of flavor. My wife opted for the steak frites, which did not disappoint either. The steak was tender, well-seasoned, and complemented perfectly by the frites. However, I have to note a particular aspect about their drinks that could be improved. If you're charging $15 for an Old Fashioned, especially when the highlight is a barrel select bourbon, it's crucial to use larger ice cubes. The small hotel ice cubes they used watered down the cocktail too quickly, not allowing the chance to truly savor it. A sphere or big block of ice would greatly enhance the high-end cocktail experience. Despite this small gripe, the overall ambiance and service during lunch were commendable. The place was quiet for a downtown area on a Monday lunch hour, which was appreciated. The lunch menu might be a bit limited for some, but it still offered some good light and diet-friendly options. The fried chicken sandwich with honey I had was really good, and the substitute options for the salads were accommodating. My wife enjoyed the K-Town Classic Bacon Burger with sweet potato fries, which she found absolutely delicious. Our service experience was enhanced by our server, Mike, who was fantastic throughout our visit. The value for money was evident as lunch for two came out to less than $40, which was great for the quality of the food we enjoyed. This visit to The Firefly/Marble City Kitchen was certainly a pleasant one, making it a place worth checking out, especially if you're staying in a nearby hotel. The overall solid menu choices, combined with great service, makes it a place I'd recommend and would definitely like to revisit, perhaps to try their lunch specials next time.

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